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Bobby began the opening by singing the theme song! He did a fantastic job!

Pete said yesterday was "Star Wars Day" because it was May 4th. As in MAY THE FOURTH be with you. Get it? Speaking of Star Wars Rosie read from Carrie Fisher's blog that she thought was really funny. Rosie mentioned and recommended her one-woman show Wishful Drinking based on her book. Carrie did NOT get a Tony Nomination and she wrote about it on her blog. Rosie read from her blog post. Rosie absolutely loves the post and loves Carrie. Janette pointed out that there are always brilliant people who don't get nominated so Carrie shouldn't feel badly about it. Rosie praised Carrie for her honesty and called her show beautiful. She ended the discussion expressing that she wished she had a Tony to send her but she doesn't.

Rosie spent last night watching Glee and American Idol. Crystal didn't do so well and Rosie thought she sort of talked back to the judges which usually doesn't bode well for contestants when it comes to America voting. She's hoping that "the skinny boy" or Casey will be chosen to go home and not Crystal. Janette didn't think Crystal will be kicked off but thinks her chances of winning are now slimmer. Rosie and Janette thought the judges were so mean to the "skinny little 17 year old kid." Bobby thinks Crystal sang the song for herself and not in order to please the audience and thinks that people may have perceived this as obnoxious. Rosie thinks Crystal's a real artist and admires that she won't compromise. Janette and Pete talked about how they think that Crystal has lost weight since she's been on the show. When Rosie was on Star Search, she was there for 13 weeks and lost weight because she said she didn't have any money to eat. The took several callers on American Idol. One listener named Janet called in and Rosie said "Dammit, Janet" from Rocky Horror Picture Show to the caller. Both Rosie and Janette talked about their love of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rosie said her kids saw the movie Hard Days Night for school and came home and told her "that was the worst movie in the world" and compared to to Rocky Horror Picture Show and how it didn't make any sense.

The staff discussed Glee and how it was not their favorite episode ever. They all loved the Madonna one so much. Their comments were that the plot line was strange and while they loved the "Ice Ice Baby" song they sang but didn't especially like the "Run Joey Run" song (me either). Janette wondered where did the Glee club all of the sudden all want to become "hos" and why all the sudden did they want to be rebellious and put their club at risk. No one in the studio understood the "Glist" storyline. Rosie thought Molly Shannon should have been utilized more. A listener called in and alerted Rosie to the fact that the housekeeper from Different Strokes had a cameo in the episode. They took many callers to discuss last night's episode of Glee. The general fear was that celebrities are going to take over the show with cameos. Rosie knew the show wasn't good because her kids were asking her WAY too many questions about the plot line and the constant music videos with Jane Lynch. Rosie talked to one caller about how she played Cat In The Hat in Seussical. She said the loved the message of the show, the songs and said it was a beautiful show.

James joined Rosie for a discussion about George Alan Rekers being caught with male escort. George Rekers is a Co-founder of the Family Research Council (although his name has since been removed from that website since the story broke) along with James Dobson. He has written Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity and is a member of the American College of Pediatricians that believes you can "turn gay people straight." Basically, his entire career has been based on the fact that if you're a gay person you're inherently mentally ill or psychologically damaged by nature. Rosie said she can't stand it when people who scream the most in protest of gay people turn out to be TOTALLY GAY. Rekers went on Rentboy.com (disclaimer you must be over 18 or older to go on that site) and "rented" a 20 year old bisexual Puerto Rican boy whose profile says he "can and will do anything you ask him within reason." George claims that he hired this "boy" because he just had surgery and needed someone to carry his baggage for him. Riiiiight. And my husband orders Playboy because he likes the articles. Mmmm hmmm. George was photographed coming back to Miami pushing the his own luggage NOT the rentboy that he hired. A listener called in who felt badly for George because he's so ashamed of his own sexuality that he goes to all crazy lengths to hide it. But Rosie and Janette did not feel bad for him because he has based his career and his livelihood by encouraging others to hate themselves for who they are. AMEN. James and Rosie talked about how the organizations he founded are now pretending like they never knew him because he's gotten caught being gay. Rosie asked if they could try to get the rentboy guy on the show because she wanted to talk to him. She also said that she has some rich gay male friends who get these sorts of "services" and sees it as part of the rich gay male culture. Rosie thinks it's dangerous however. Rosie ended the discussion hoping that George is soaking in some of the self-hatred that he's taught others to feel all his career. Rosie took MANY callers on the topic. Rosie also found it very interesting when a caller told her that George was very good friends with Ted Haggard. Innnnnnteresting. At some point Rosie said she met James Dobson in 1996 and refused to take a picture with him but did shake his hand. She said this was before she came out publicly.

Lou joined Rosie to discuss last night's Dancing With The Stars. Lou said that Pam stinks and he wasn't surprised that she was voted off. Lou thinks Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke will win because he believes it is fixed and the producers want a "heartwarming ending." Since they're dating, or because they've eluded to it, he thinks this all plays into it. Janette thinks Chad is HOT and didn't know why he is famous for some sport he played but was unsure which one. Bobby loves Niecy Nash. Rosie said she would never do DWTS. She said she doesn't think she could ever do all the complicated dances. Bobby was pleasantly surprised by Pamela Anderson's acting abilities in her dancing and how she "took on" the characters! The staff then talked about what the stars win on DWTS. Rosie said she now understood why Kate Gosselin cried so hard when she went home. They then talked about how Kate (from Jon and Kate plus 8) is going back on T.V with just Kate. They've reached a deal with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor to put the show back on the air. Rosie thinks "that's a nightmare, that whole story."

Then they updated listeners on the oils spill and that the Coast Guard has reported that they've capped one of the three leaks so it now should be easier to fix the other leaks. Reports say that it is currently leaking 10,000 gallons of oil an hour into the ocean. They talked about the Exxon Valdez oil spill that occurred in 1989 and Rosie's friend who went to the site to help clean up the mess. Her friend Susan, now has both uterine and ovarian cancer. She and many of the other people involved in the cleanup have become very sick. Janette said that now, 21 years later, there is still oil on the ground from the Exxon Valdez. In the area hardest hit the fish population has suffered greatly, the divorce rate has risen and so has domestic abuse and suicide. Rosie said that people's natural instinct is to go and help and commented on how dangerous it can be. Janette was exposed to and got a TB infection from a refugee camp she visited. She said will always be positive for TB but that doesn't deter her from her work and her missions to help. Don't forget to join Janette's Facebook group Smile Fix and Medical Missions for Children!

Rosie then introduced Caroline Rhea and interviewed her! I missed the interview and the end of the show, so I apologize. I have it taped though so hopefully I can catch up this weekend and update this blog. Check back later if you're interested!

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  1. Kelly, I think you about covered it all very well! Caroline Rhea was there with Dani Klein, author of the book *Afterbirth* and they are also two of the contributors to the show of the same name (playing at Caroline's in NYC). They told some funny mom stories and Rosie told her "Spring Break on Miami Beach with Louisa" story.

    : ) P

  2. hahahah @ "And my husband orders Playboy because he likes the articles. Mmmm hmmm"

  3. Awww, thanks Petra! I should have called you. My mom was here and I was busy mowing the lawn in the afternoon because it was too beautiful to be inside! :)

    Today is OT and Speech with Thomas so I will probably posting another late blog.

    Christina, on my husband's behalf, he really doesn't subscribe Playboy (although I'm sure he would love to!), it just read better so I wrote that. HA!

  4. Kelly....YOU ARE THE BEST!...love your site and go to it daily after I check Rosie.com. Again...you should get paid with something for your efforts!...enjoy the good weather

  5. lol, Kelly, it totally read better! ;)

  6. Paul from London CanadaMay 6, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    I enjoy all of your Rosie recaps.

  7. Foxnews has zero stories on George Rekers and rentboy.com - so much for fox's "fair and balanced" and I wrote to newsmanager@foxnews.com where you can ask why isn't this story at fauxnews when the story is all over the web and all news sites.