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Bobby sang along to the Rosie Radio theme song. He's proud that he finally learned the words to the song and it only took him 8 months to learn them! Rosie and Janette can't believe that it's already been 8 months. Time flies when you're having fun, ladies!

Rosie went to the James Taylor Carole King Concert last night and said it was "fan-fricking-tastic!" She said the concert was 2 hours and 40 minutes long and she stayed for the entire thing. Rosie went with her girlfriend Tracy, Jeannie and Jackie and their husbands. Rosie said that Carole looked beautiful and James looked "cute as hell" and they were adorable together. Tracy, Jeannie, Jackie and their husbands were the youngest people at the concert. Rosie called it a "senior citizen prom." And the guy who sat next to Jeannie was a little drunk and was getting a hand job from his girlfriend during the program! Pete said, "You can't rock out with your cock out." Another obscure movie reference by Pete that no one recognized. Pete couldn't recall what movie it was from so I googled the line and it's from American Wedding (the sequel to American Pie). Stiffler says it. Rosie said that she got choked up listening to the music from her youth (the olden days, just kidding!) and said it made her face and embrace her own mortality. Jeannie's husband (who is 10 years younger than Jeannie) didn't know all the songs but still managed to have a good time. Rosie said they went to Gray's Papaya on the way home from the concert.

Rosie is going out to dinner with Robin Quivers tonight! She said that she is proud of herself that she's been off soda for two weeks and can't wait to share her success with Robin (even though she cheated a little she's only had two sodas in two weeks and didn't even finish them because she felt so guilty).

Back to discussing the concert, Rosie said that Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend sat directly in front of her. She said that they came with Cynthia's mom and her mom's much younger boyfriend. Rosie said since Tracy has moved to New York to live with her they see Cynthia and her girlfriend at every event they've attended. Rosie said that Cynthia is lovely and she really enjoys her partner too.

Rosie said that sometimes she gets nervous around famous people. It doesn't happen to her if they're working together in a movie but it will sometimes happen to her in social situations. She calls it an ACM or (Awkward Celebrity Moment). Janette said she has nothing to say to famous people. On The Rosie O'Donnell Show the only celebrity that was really exciting for Janette to meet was William Shatner.

Just then, Rosie's cell phone rang and it was Pearl, Chelsea's best friend, who Rosie adores. Whenever Chelsea and Pearl have a fight, Rosie panics because she wants them to be friends forever like her Jeannie and Jackie. Bobby said that would have bothered him to have his parents all involved in his friendships. Rosie said she adored Pearl from the first moment she met her and the cute way she got excited about a present Rosie had given Chelsea's class. Pearl suggested to Rosie that they create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard under where her mother buried her placenta! Pearl's mother is cool too and does roller derby. Rosie called her "hardcore!" Pearl's mom also makes soap. Pete loves making soap and Bobby loves making soap and putting ice-cubes in it to make the soap with the holes.

Rosie said that yesterday when she was at the dentist her phone started going crazy with every person she knows telling her she had to watch The View! They played the clip. All I have to say is Oh my God, watch it....

I love Kathy Griffin.

Rosie and the crew talked about Hasselbeck's body language and how she was all bitchy, yawning and rude during the segment. Then they replayed exactly what EH actually said back to Kathy which was "I debated in my head whether feeding your curious fire there..." Yes, that's a quote. And Rosie played it again and added "in the institute for studying steel!" LOL!!!! Janette and Rosie agreed that it was either Bill Geddie or a producer at the View named Dusty who was speaking into EH's ear that threw her off. They said that EH couldn't come up with a retort because she was listening in her ear and not paying attention enough to comment back to Kathy.

Theeeeeeeen, Rosie said that "Griffin" called her and said, "Tell me you saw it!!!" Kathy told Rosie that she read on Tori Spelling's Twitter that Tori had to cancel her View appearance so Kathy called them up and told them she was at The Today Show and if they needed someone last minute she could stop by! CLASSIC AND GENIUS. Rosie said that last night was also the premiere episode of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List. Rosie said it is such a funny show and makes her laugh. Janette said that what is so great about Kathy is she is just so herself and she doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks. They also went gaga over Kathy Griffin's bangin' bikini body!

Rosie said that there is a rumor that nude photos of Betty White have surfaced. Yes, I just had to google the words "pictures of Betty White naked" in order to find that link. I'm going to Hell. They're from when she was younger and married to Alan Ludden. They were her private photos and got left behind when she moved and someone has found them and is selling them to the tabloids. Rosie attempted to make a couple jokes about this and said she's not much of a joke teller. Then Rosie tried to tell a joke that David Bowie once told her.

Rosie said that she didn't see it but she heard that President Obama's address to the nation was heavy on hope but didn't have a lot of facts about how we are going to solve the oil crisis in the Gulf.

Rosie then introduced David Mizejewski who was down at the site of the oil spill and called in to Rosie Radio to update everyone on what he was witnessing. David used to be the host of Animal Planet's Backyard Habitat, a show that Rosie loved but was sadly cancelled. Rosie told David that she wanted him to come and "do that" to her backyard and David said he still would. He and Rosie talked about her chickens and the growing trend of eating locally grown meat and vegetables and how it's better for our environment. David said the biggest thing we can do for our environment is to let our Senators know that it's time for change. He said that if we don't do it now, we will never get enough political will to make change.

Rosie asked David if he is concerned about the physical side effects of going down to the Gulf and if he had experienced any so far. David said that the fumes are getting to him and even though he's not physically coming in contact with the oil, he's still getting light-headed and nauseous. He said the ill effects just makes him think about the animals that are having to swim through the oil and fly and breathe in the polluted air.

David's team was already in the Gulf area before the oil spill and now he's really trying to get the word out about what's going on down there. He said they have created The Gulf Coast Surveillance Team Project to try to give everyone a way they can help. David explained that in order to rescue the wildlife you have to have specialized training. Even David can't just go out and rescue the oil covered animals because you have to have HAZMAT training. He said a way that everyday people can help is to look for and identify oiled and distressed wildlife and then report it back to a team of experts via GPS. He recommended anyone interested in volunteering to go to their website: www.nwf.org/oilspill.

David said he has heard powerful stories from fisherman who can no longer fish who have seen dead sea animals floating on the surface of the water. He said they can't be sure that it's because of the oil but the fisherman have told them they have never seen it before. Another fisherman said to him that there are 2 big industries down in the Gulf - Fishing and Oil Drilling. And one just killed the other.

David said that 21 years after the Exxon Valdez, the ecosystems of Alaska that were effected and the fisherman that were effected, still have not fully recovered. And there is so much about the use of the chemical dispersants that we just don't know. The dispersants used to break up the oil is good because that thick oil can have a hugely negative impact on wildlife but on the flip-side when you use the dispersants, the oil mixes with water and it sends the oil down into the water column. This means the oil can effect even more species that live under the water. David and Rosie talked about how BP did not give access to the HD camera footage until recently, when they had access to it. And David said that the President of National Wildlife Federation has called this is a crime and thinks we shouldn't be allowing the criminal to run the cleanup. They also discussed that we need to stop letting regulators to be in bed with the people that they're regulating.

David told stories of seeing the dispersed oil spill and said it is like looking at raw sewage floating in the ocean. He said the spill went from horizon to horizon and as far as the eye can see. David doesn't see how any animal that swims through that mess and breathes with gills could possibly survive it.

Rosie asked David if there was any chance that we would have some extinction of species due to this oil spill. David said that generally speaking, probably not but there are five endangered sea turtle species that live in the gulf. He said that over 400 of them have been found, most of which are dead. They've also found over 1300 birds dead or barely alive. He said what they are doing right now is just triage but we need to think what is going to stop the next oil spill. He said we need to have political will to pass energy regulation and call for corporate responsibility. As far as what listeners can do to help you can get information on how to sign up to become a volunteer to spot the wildlife on the website. He said they also need donations to support what they are doing down in the Gulf. If people would like to give money they can text WILDLIFE to 20222 and $10 will go to The National Wildlife Federation. David said that half of all of the shrimp we eat and 1/3 of all of the Seafood we eat is from the Gulf. Lastly, David ended the interview saying that people and nature are connected. The fish in the Gulf are just as important to the fisherman as they are to the Pelicans. This disaster shows how connected to nature we all are.

Rosie and Janette talked about how brave the people are that go down to the Gulf and how there's a whole new syndrome named TILT (Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance) for the sickness that the people are getting from being exposed to the oil. They discussed Keith Olberman's take on Obama's speech last night (see video below). Rosie thinks we need to see more Leader in Chief and more powerful talk about HOW we're going to get this fixed. Watch below.

Keith Olbermann on the Oil Spill

Rosie took a call from a listener in Louisiana. She said that this oil spill not only effects the fisherman but it also effects the real estate in the area. The caller said that it is a huge resort area down near the Gulf and that the schools depend on that money from the taxes. And she was worried about the health issues that the people in the area are going to face and how they're ever going to get covered for insurance. The caller (and Rosie) think that BP should give the fisherman doing the cleanup health insurance for the rest of their lives. Rosie thinks the U.S. government should seize BP's assets.

The caller was frustrated that BP seems like they have never really tried to stop that oil that is coming out that they have only tried to find ways to capture it so they can sell it. She said it feels like a hurricane that's been hitting them for 6 months. The caller also said that some of the rental companies are filing a class action lawsuit against BP due to loss of business. Rosie said that we need to institute the RICO Act in this case which stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. We used this law in the past to seize the assets of organized crime and Rosie said it should be used in this case too.

They very briefly discussed President Obama's speech last night which Bobby liked because he thought we needed to hear more positivity. Bobby thought the President didn't have enough time to go into great detail about how he was going to fix this in only 17 minutes. He thought the positivity was good. Janette thought the opposite.

Last night while Rosie was at the concert everyone else watched America's Got Talent. Lou, Janette and Bobby liked Chips Cooney the 61-year-old illusionist/comedian. Janette and Rosie knew him when he was a stand-up comedian. They also all like Howie Mandel who is a judge on the show. Rosie said she hated him on Deal or No Deal but she really likes him on this show. Janette said Howie is likable, sweet and genuine and gives everybody a chance. They then discussed a singer that they all loved who was Gabourey Sidibe's mom! You can watch her audition HERE. Rosie and the crew discussed breaking into showbiz and how knowing famous people does not always guarantee fame or a record deal.

Pete said it's been a rough couple of nights with his daughter Irene. He said she's been waking up every couple of hours.

Rosie was at the dentist yesterday and was watching a world cup game. She couldn't believe the sound of the horrible horns! Brendan called it "ear herpes." Pete said we're lucky they're using the big horns. He said the smaller horn sounds like a 3 month old baby screaming. Brendan tweeted recently "Sorry world, your sport sucks." You can follow Brendan on Twitter HERE. I follow him. He's funny!

Then a hoodlum squirrel came to the window who was NOT Rosie's trained squirrel Shady. Pete tried to mark him with the cattle spray but ended up spraying the Ustream Shady camera instead of getting the squirrel. Rosie said this other squirrel was dirty and quick to run away and she called him a hoodlum! She said she told Shady not to hang out with him.


Then Rosie introduced Robin Quivers who was on the phone! Rosie told Robin that she has another dentist appointment today but she promises she is NOT going to miss dinner with her tonight. (Rosie had to cancel their dinner plans the last two times.) Last time Rosie missed dinner she sent a picture of the infected tooth that her dentist extracted from her mouth as proof to Robin for why she had to cancel. Robin told Rosie the proof wasn't necessary, that she would have believed her. lol

Robin has been having a great time starting her foundation 15foundation.org. She said they have a big event at Carolines on June 23rd where they will be featuring many great comedians! Rosie will be there too! Robin said her foundation works with existing non-profits that deal with kids who are in impoverished situations and provide programs that can help change their lives. They've recently partnered with New Jersey seeds that discovers talented urban youth and put them in great school situations and teaches them the social skills to feel comfortable in those situations. She said they are also planning a college mentoring program to help H.S. students apply to college and with their SATs. Robin said she does this because she wished that she had this kind of help when she was younger. She wanted to give kids what she didn't have.
Rosie shared with Robin her big news, that she is off soda! Rosie said that her girlfriend Tracy inspired her to do it. Robin and Rosie talked about eating locally and growing and eating your own vegetables from your garden and how they taste better. Robin said that we should have the same outrage when we see pictures of children smoking as we do when we see a 2 year old eating a chicken nugget. She said what we are feeding our kids is bad for them and we as a country need to realize that. They also talked about how fast food restaurants are so prominent in the poorest neighborhoods. After Robin said her feeling on food changed after she became knowledgeable about food. She said she was really sick and the doctors maintained her and took care of her symptoms but couldn't really help her. It wasn't until she stumbled into fasting that she realized she felt better not eating. It was then that she learned the kind of food that works best for her and her body.

Rosie joked with Robin about the guys who listen to The Howard Stern Show and make songs about her boobs! Robin laughs at it. She said they used to have song parody contests for everyone on the staff. She said that Robin and Gary got the best songs. Robin's songs get played everyday just before she does the news.

Rosie said she will order something healthy today when they meet for a meal and Robin offered to do all the talking if Rosie's mouth is too sore from the dentist. You can find out more information about Robin's foundation at http://www.15foundation.org/.

Rosie and the crew then talked about the 31 year old man who cut off his own arm in order to save himself. They told the story of this man and his survival and no one in the studio really thought they would have the strength to do what he did. Rosie said that she could understand it if she was out in the elements, like the guy who had his arm crushed by a boulder, but she couldn't imagine doing it in your own home. Bobby thinks he will now keep his cell phone in his pocket all the time now. Janette said that we never really know how we will react to a situation like that until we face it.

Rosie then told a few stories of survival of people that came on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. One woman named Molly, never came on the show but Rosie really wanted her on. This woman swam for 36 hours to save herself from drowning. Rosie said she was obsessed with talking to her. Another woman named Nelly, who appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, survived being trapped in her car drinking rain water and sucking on one mint she had in her purse. Rosie loved those stories.

Rosie told a story of Twin brothers who had a very rough and horrible childhood. When they grew up one brother was on death row and one brother was a successful CEO of a company. The brother in prison said to his brother the CEO, "After all we've been through, how you could become so successful?" And the brother who was the CEO said back to his brother in prison, "After all we've been through, how could you not?" Janette said the single difference between people sometimes is optimism. She said when they study people who have lived a very long time they are all naturally optimistic people. Janette gave everyone permission to order the flowers for her funeral now. :)

Rosie said again how much she enjoyed the new Karate Kid movie. She said Will Smith's son is so stunning and so good in that movie she almost considered calling him! They then had a discussion of 3D movies and no one really likes them. Rosie said that they give her a headache and Pete pointed out that they cost more money to see! Pete said it's the cheap glasses that make the difference. He said he went to a screening of How To Train Your Dragon at Paramount and they had glass glasses. He said it was a BIG DIFFERENCE and it was great! Bobby mentioned the 3D Toy Story ride at Disney. Rosie said that she promised her kids that they will be going to a water park at Disney this summer. She said being famous and fat at a water park is just not something she's looking forward to.

Rosie said that Tracy didn't know her son Archie had Autism until she had him tested after they moved to New York. Deirdre said that she remembers from the Horse Boy Movie when they said if it wasn't for Autism we wouldn't have some of the best inventions we have today. Rosie talked about what a sensitive soul Archie is and how he doesn't like it when people are mean to anyone. He didn't like it when the fans booed at the Umpires at the Yankee game. Rosie also said that Tracy's is much better with Archie than she is. Rosie's still getting used to having a child with Autism around.

Brendan introduced a game for the studio called the "TV theme song game." Here's how it went. They played a very short clip from a TV show theme song and the contestant had to guess the TV show.

Round 1
Rosie: got the Three's Company theme song - she guessed it.
Deirdre: got the Lassie theme song. She didn't get it but Janette stole and got her point.
Bobby: got the Will & Grace theme song. He didn't guess it so he was out.
Pete: got the Growing Pains theme song but didn't guess it so he was out.
Donna (a caller): got the theme song to Maude but she didn't get it so she was out but Rosie still gave her a $50 gift card to Chilis and silly bandz!

Round 2
Rosie: got the I Love Lucy theme song and guessed it!
Janette: got the Gimme a Break theme song and guessed it with a hint (that Rosie was once on that show!)

Round 3
Rosie: got the Dallas theme song but she didn't guess it.
So Janette WON!

And Rosie closed the show saying that Jackie, Jeannie and Tracy think the entire staff who told Rosie that she doesn't dress like a slob is a "suck-up" because they said that she IS. So there.

and that's what you missed -kw


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