"Google" Pete Mele

Google Pete's real name is Peter Mele. Pete was born in Korea, lived in Indonesia, then lived in Washington D.C., then Malaysia, then moved back to D.C. again and now lives in New York!  Pete went to high school in Washington D.C. and then moved to New York to go to college.  Pete's first language was Bahasa (which is the official language of Indonesia.)  Pete went to International Schools growing up and dated an actual princess of Kuwait until her mother called his mother to say they could have nothing to do with each other. He watched a lot of old movies and old TV shows as a child and they used to watch Star Trek as a family. Pete is a Star Trek fanatic!  Pete likes Star Trek because "they try to create a better world where people can come together and coexist in the world." He admits to being slightly closeted about his love of Star Trek because most people think trekkies are weirdos. He also admits to having never owned a Star Trek uniform but he has owned phasers and Star Trek toys. He and his friend George used to make their own Star Trek movies in his basement.

Pete grew up with his mom, dad and his brother Nicco who is 3 years older than him. Nicco was born in Africa. Pete once told his mom that "when he grows up he wants to marry his brother" because he enjoyed being with him so much. Pete and his mom used to perform as clowns at hospitals and kids' birthday parties. He went to Fordham University in New York and loved it because it was the only theater school that had students working on all aspects of the theater. He knew his wife in college but it wasn't until after they both graduated that they started dating. Pete's wife called Pete and asked him to help her move and it turned out that she was moving into the exact same building that Pete lived in in Harlem! They started dating shortly after and they have now been married for 4 years, have 2 kids together and they have one more on the way!  He was a cabinet maker, then worked for an architect and then his brother Nicco who had been doing Rosie's website design told Pete about a job with Rosie. He started as a receptionist and then he became the "IT guy." Rosie said she needed someone to help with the blog so he did that for a while and then she needed someone to help out on the radio and now he does! 

Rosie gave Pete the nickname "google Pete" because he will frequently google something that Rosie would like more information on while she is on air.  He is also the "go-to-guy" when it comes to computer issues with the radio staff.  Pete is currently a Segment Producer for Rosie Radio and often produces a segment entitled "Today In History with Google Pete."

Fun Facts about Pete:

  • Pete's brother Nicco ran Howard Dean's website which broke all the records internet fundraising. 
  • Pete knows all the words to the Bugsy Malone song You Give A Little Love and will sing it on cue (with dance moves!) when asked.