11-30-10 The Pedometer Results, the Hamster Saga and Jeannie Punches a Guy on 7th Ave

In case you missed it...

Today's broadcast started with Deirdre and Rosie talking about last night's Skating with the Stars.  Deirdre didn't enjoy it and Rosie thought it was a dangerous concept to have people skate who are not professional skaters.  Jeannie said she's a good 80's style roller-skater but not a good ice-skater.  Rosie said she tried roller-blading once.  She went about 300 yards and thought the blades were so painfully uncomfortable she never did it again.   Deirdre said she wished they would bring back Battle of the Network Stars

Everyone in the studio wore a pedometer yesterday so it was then time to reveal their results.  Each member of the studio was supposed to do nothing out of the ordinary and record the number of steps they took on a typical day.  There was some debate over the accuracy of the pedometers but in the end, everyone read their numbers.  Jeannie had 2500 (though she thought her flub bounced while she was riding in the car and made the pedometer think she was taking more steps than she did).  Rosie had 1790.  Pete had 4300 steps.  Deirdre wears a pedometer daily and said  she gets around 9000 a day.  Bobby got 8901 steps.  Janette's read 9950.  And Shoshana's read 10,760 steps.  Pete claimed Shoshana was cheating and Shoshana defended herself and said she was merely showing Vivi how the pedometer works.  Lou had almost the same as Rosie, about 2000 steps.  Brendan's read 5810 steps.  James had 8167 but he thought the pedometer didn't register his running because he forgot to switch it to the aerobic setting.  Rosie said wearing a pedometer made her more motivated to move.  For example, when she was cold and wanted a sweatshirt she got up and got it herself instead of asking one of the kids to get one for her.  Janette agreed and thought the pedometer gave her an awareness of how much she moves.

Deirdre bought and wore some Reebok Easy Tone sneakers yesterday and said her butt and her thighs are sore today.  Bobby agreed that those shoes help with toning while you walk.  Janette wears the shoes and thinks they're really comfortable.  Jeannie and Rosie both thought they sounded like a great idea and said they were going to get some for themselves.  The staff agreed to record how many steps they took daily in an effort to move more and Pete said he was going to make a spreadsheet for the studio showing everyone's progress.   

Yesterday was Rosie's daughter Vivi's 8th birthday.  Each of Rosie's kids get to pick out a pet when they turn 8 years old.  Blake picked a snake (which escaped and then died) and then a lizard for his 8th birthday.  Vivi wanted an all-white girl hamster.  They went through a lot to try to find the right hamster for Vivi and Rosie bought a Habitrail online for the hamster.  After they got the hamster home Tracy (Rosie's girlfriend) tried to put the hamster into the habitat they purchased for it.  She couldn't get it in there and Rosie's driver Stanley finally got it in.  Rosie thought the hamster looked like it was too big for the contraption and as she watched it go down one of the tubes she realized it was stuck!  Pete said he could hear the hamster squealing from the other room!  They panicked and Pete rushed to take apart the cage as fast as possible (the thing that took Tracy hours to put together).  He broke it open and held the tube upside down over the main cage area as the hamster was pooping everywhere.  Rosie said it was terrifying but the hamster is alive and all is well.  Pete then went to the pet store to purchase the correct size tubes for the hamster.  Rosie said she's since learned hamsters don't like crawling down the tubes, only gerbils like the tubes.  Rosie took some calls from listeners with their recommendations about hamsters and the appropriate habitats.  One caller told her the metal cages are bad, one caller told her hamsters don't make good pets because they bite and one caller talked to her about the plastic ball that hamsters can play inside.  Rosie said in the end, Vivi is happy and that's all that matters.  She said Vivi sits and stares at the hamster giving Rosie constant updates about what her new hamster is doing.  Mostly, Rosie's glad Vivi didn't choose to get another dog because her dog Missy still poops and pees all over the house.  She then wondered if it was too late to get a 3 year old Chihuahua potty-trained. 

Rosie then declared her love of fabric band aids (also known as flexible band aids).  She said they don't come off and she thinks they're amazing.  She just recently found them after a makeup artist gave her one as she was getting her makeup done for the show Who Do You Think You Are.  Rosie was shocked with how much she loved them and Jeannie laughed at her.  Pete googled them and said they're about twice as expensive as regular band aids but Rosie thinks they're worth it.   

Rosie said when she was watching Skating With The Stars she was shocked to find out that Dick Buttons was still alive.  Rosie's mom hated him because her mom was a big fan of some ice-skaters who lived in her area growing up and she thought Dick always jinxed them into messing up during his commentating.  Rosie then commented how she doesn't understand why anyone would name their child Dick.  She said her best friend Jackie's father was named Richard and her father was the only one who insisted on calling him Dick.  It horrified Rosie every time.  Rosie said Dick Clark has restaurants in airports and whenever she sees them she thinks of penises.  

Jeannie then shared a really funny story about a guy she met on the streets of New York City.  About five months ago the Rosie Radio staff recorded a show from the Manhattan Sirius Studios.  Jeannie took the train to the city that day.  After the broadcast she was walking back to the train station and she ran into a really cute African American guy selling his music CD.  She and the guy struck up a conversation and he told her all about his love of jazz and they shared their mutual love of the saxophone.  She has a soft spot for struggling musicians so she decided to purchase his CD.  A few days later she put in her new jazz CD and what she heard was nothing that sounded like jazz at all! It was rap filled with curse words and gangster talk.  The lyrics consisted of words like fuck, cocaine, the n word, and "mama's got a donkey in the kitchen."  Jeannie was horrified and felt totally duped!  A few weeks ago they were back at the NYC Sirius studios and again Jeannie took the train to the show.  On her walk back to the train station she saw the same guy standing on the corner of 7th Avenue!  She went up to him and "lost her mind on him."  She yelled at him for duping her and said she bet he saw this chubby white suburban mom and thought he could take her for her $10 by telling her it was a jazz CD!  While she was yelling at him she was punching him in the arm and his friends were all rolling all over the ground laughing at the scene.  She didn't ask for a refund because she still liked him because he was so personable and adorable.  They played clips of the CD on the air and Brendan analyzed the lyrics and said his message (in the song they played on air) was actually a positive anti-gangster message. 

Over the break Rosie said she read Ricky Martin's book Me and she loved it.  She said she would read some of her favorite excerpts from it on tomorrow's show and said she would like to have him on as a guest.   Also on her break, she saw a man at the airport bookstore asking the sales associate why they didn't carry his book.  She said the man was very handsome and spoke with an African accent.  She and the man struck up a conversation and he told her all about the book he had written about his life.  This man had lost his brother and his sister to AIDS and raised their 9 children combined and the book is his story.  He gave Rosie his only copy that he uses to travel the world telling his story.  Rosie said she's going to read it and would like to have him on as a guest. 

Rosie said her recent interactions with strangers made her realize that the more famous you become the less you get to interact with everyday people.  For example, when you're famous if you go to the airport they have special services that will walk you through the airport and the airport lines.  She used to use them but she doesn't anymore.  After her show ended she chose not to use special services and she would hear the security personnel talking on their radios noticing she was walking alone and then someone would approach her and offer to escort her.  She doesn't get that anymore.  Later on the plane she was telling this to a housewife she was sitting next to and the woman asked if Rosie misses that treatment.  She said she did not because it was very isolating.  The first time Rosie ever sat in first class she saw Peter Frampton, Meryl Streep and Christopher Reeve!  Janette, who has witnessed Rosie's fame when she was super famous, said she sees how being super famous can be very isolating. 

Rosie said that was why she wondered, when she heard of his engagement, why anyone would ever marry Prince William.  She said she wondered who in their right mind would choose to join that madness and lose your life of being your own.  Rosie said at least with fame (as opposed to royalty), there's a time limit.  She briefly mentioned Leslie Nielsen who died Sunday at 84 years of age.  Rosie said in 1986 she got an award and donated it back for charity.  Leslie bid on it and mailed it back to her.  She thought it was such a sweet gesture and didn't have the heart to tell him the award (which was made of all glass) broke to pieces in the mail.  She said he was a lovely, funny guy and that 84 is a long life.  Janette, who admittedly is not good with death and doesn't want to die, thought it sounded far too young.  Shoshana deals with old people in her life on a regular basis and said she doesn't want to be old for very long because she thinks it looks like a horrible experience.  Jeannie, who watched her father struggle with a terminal illness, said when you're actually faced with death your perspective about growing older changes entirely.  The staff all agreed that none of them feel as old as they are and they talked about how it feels to watch themselves getting older when they don't feel  any older.   

After Rosie went through the airport screening she heard one of the TSA employee say to another TSA employee, "Doesn't that look like an old Rosie O'Donnell?"  And she agreed.  She does look like an old Rosie O'Donnell.  Rosie said because her show went off the air 10 years ago, there's an age group of people that have no idea that she's famous in any capacity.  She said it used to be moms explaining to their children in strollers who she was and now those kids are all grown up.  Jeannie said League of Their Own was on over the weekend and her 5 year-old son Ryan, who has no idea Rosie was ever famous, still can't understand why Rosie is on TV in a movie.  Shoshana told Rosie she watched Exit To Eden over the break!  Rosie wanted to know why on Earth Shoshana would watch that!  Shoshana said she thought it was very funny (not because of the movie but because she now knows Rosie so well).  Rosie said there was no need to sit through the entire performance.

Rosie is excited to go see Donny and Marie perform on Broadway on December 9th!  Jeannie added that December 9th is Donny's birthday. She said she loved him growing up, wore purple socks and was a  member of his fan club.  Jeannie said she was sure she would grow up and marry him.  She didn't ever even want to drink or smoke because he was a Mormon (though Rosie could never recall her ever standing by that promise). 

Rosie wanted to discuss recent findings of a 10 year study done by the Pentagon about the military's Don't As Don't Tell policy.  The study found minimal risk to the military population should gays be allowed to serve openly.  70% of the respondents (who were military members and their families) said lifting the ban would have no impact (or even a positive impact) on the military.  Read the article HERE.  John McCain is leading the opposition against the studies' findings and claiming military recruitment is at his highest levels so since there is no trouble with recruitment, there is no reason to lift the ban.  Rosie doesn't understand the policy and doesn't understand McCain's line of thinking.  Brendan said McCain is catering to his base in Arizona.  Harry Reid, the majority leader in the Senate,  has said there will be a vote on DADT before the end of the year.  Rosie took several callers on the topic.  One caller, whose husband is currently stationed in South Korea, had talked about this topic in length with her husband and he has told her soldiers follow something called a "Soldier's Creed" and that creed is not based on whether someone is gay or straight. She said being gay or straight is not really a big issue for anyone in the Army.  Rosie guessed that the vast majority of people in the Armed Forces don't care about someone's sexuality and thinks it's an absurd law.  One caller felt that DADT has always been a political issue and not a soldier's issue.  One caller thinks McCain is using this issue as a way to rally his base in the state of Arizona.  He said it's embarrassing that we live in the last civilized country to give gay men and women the same civil rights as everyone else.  Rosie wanted to know what these types of discriminatory laws says to our future generations.  One caller, who was a Vietnam Veteran said every gay person he's ever known served in the military and they all fought the same war over in Vietnam for the same cause.  He said if you were in the military and you think you served without homosexuals, you're dreaming.  Rosie wished they could get every gay service member who ever served to come together to show the country that gay men and women have always been in our military and always will be. 

Rosie said she cannot wait to see Spiderman on Broadway even though she's hearing it's having lots of issues.  She said it's normal for Broadway shows to hit snags during previews and thinks it's unfair for bloggers to write reviews of a show that is still in previews.  Bobby said a friend of his texted him from last night's show and said it was curtain time and he and 1000 of the guests were still on the street and hadn't been let into the theater yet.  Rosie said it's supposed to be a great show and she cannot wait to see it.  Bobby agreed.  She said when she saw the piece 60 Minutes did on the show she thought it looked amazing!  (see video below)  Rosie said she thinks director Julie Taymor is a genius.  She said when she saw The Lion King on Broadway she couldn't believe how Julie got the movie's big action scenes to translate onto the Broadway stage! 

Spiderman on Broadway on 60 Minutes

Rosie asked the staff if they've started decorating for Christmas.  Jeannie said her husband starts decorating the day after Thanksgiving every year and loves to do it.  He decorates their entire house and Jeannie loves it.  She said he's great at decorating, cooking and cleaning but she swears he isn't gay.  She's even told him if he was gay she'd be totally fine with it and he swears he's not!  Janette's boyfriend Barry is a "gay straight guy" too and Janette loves it.  Pete wanted to know what about liking to cook and clean makes you gay and Shoshana (Pete's radio wife) said he's a little bit gay too so he should just accept it. 

Rosie's putting her tree up on the 10th of this month.  She's going away this weekend for the show Who Do You Think You Are, then she's home the weekend of the 10th and then she goes away again for the show. And then they will have two weeks off for Christmas.  Rosie said she and her family typically fly to Miami for Christmas so they don't do a lot of decorating around the house at Christmas.  Rosie said Halloween is the big decorating holiday for her.   

Pete doesn't have a tree up yet because he's closing on a new house soon!  He said he loves their new house and is excited to move in.  He said it's old and has a lot of character like stained glass windows and a specially designed backyard for gardening.  Rosie was very excited for them to move into their new home and asked about their new baby.  Pete said baby Ellie is now 7 pounds 1 ounce and getting bigger every day.  

Janette doesn't put up a tree for  Christmas but she does decorate with Christmas decorations all over her home.  She also recommended picking a family that needs gifts for the holiday which she said always makes her feel good.  She ordered some gifts on MadeBySurivors.com too.  She said the items (made by sex trafficking survivors) are very beautiful and very affordable and make you feel good because 100% of the proceeds go to the charity.  Rosie said Ricky Martin's big charitable cause is also helping victims of sex trafficking.  Rosie again recommended Ricky Martin's book Me.  Rosie said she's even mentioned in it because he talks about the time she hosted the Grammy's when he performed! 

Brendan described today's game for the staff - the sandwich ingredient game.  He gave the player the ingredients and they were to guess what sandwich he was describing.   

Pete: fresh tomato, lettuce mayonnaise, bacon - Pete guessed a BLT and was correct.
Janette: beef, melted cheese and onions on a hero -She guessed a Philly Cheese Steak and was correct.
Jeannie: a double decker sandwich with 3 layers of bread, chicken or turkey, bacon and tomato.  She guessed a Club which was correct.
Shoshana: ground beef, onions in tomato sauce,  She guessed a Sloppy Joe which was correct.
Rosie: corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye.  Rosie guessed a Reuben which was correct.

Pete: chicken or turkey and cheese dipped in a beaten egg and grilled until golden.  It was a Monte Cristo but he didn't know it so he was out. 
Janette: roast beef on baguette with juices on the side.  It was a French Dip but she didn't know it so she was out. 
Jeannie: hamburger with grilled onions, cheddar or Swiss cheese, two slices of rye with butter.  She guessed a Patty Melt and was correct. 
Shoshana: ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on crusty, white bread.  It was a Cuban but she didn't guess it so she was out. 
Rosie: fried meat or seafood (such as oysters or shrimp), lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and optional pickles and onions on french bread.  She guessed a Po Boy and was correct.

Jeannie: shaved, spit-roasted lamb, chicken or beef in pita with lettuce, tomatoes and Tahini sauce.  It was a Shawarma or Souvlaki but she didn't know it. 
Rosie: (for the win) every deli meat left available, three cheeses, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and onions.  It was a Dagwood but she didn't know it.  On to Round Four!

Jeannie: sliced Genoa salami, ham, provolone cheese, olive salad, layered on crusty bread.  She had no idea.  It's called a Muffaletta. 
Rosie: ham and cheese, typically Gruyere on grilled bread topped with a poached or fried egg.  It's called a Croque Madame but she didn't know it.  On to Round Five!

Jeannie: an open faced sandwich with turkey and tomato covered Mornay sauce, American cheese sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and broiled.  It's called a Hot Brown but neither Jeannie or Rosie knew it so the game was called a tie!
Rosie closed the show.

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11-29-10 The Pedometer Promise, the Holiday Craft-Off and Patty Duke

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about what they did over Thanksgiving break! Rosie saw the new movie Burlesque and was beside herself that Bobby hadn't seen it yet!  Rosie called it "so much fun" and said Cher was adorable in it.  She said Cher has never been funnier and she also liked Christina Aguilera and Stanley Tucci in the film.  Bobby said he was waiting to see it with a friend and said he'd see it soon.  Rosie told Bobby he'd better see it soon or she was revoking his "Cher card."

Rosie was traveling in Utah over break visiting family so she said she watched a lot of movies on PPV.  One of the movies she saw was Devil by M. Night Shyamaylan. Rosie described the plot of the movie to the members of the staff.  Watch the trailer below:

the trailer for Devil

On her way back to New York Rosie, went to a bar to have a drink before it was time to leave for the airport.  A man sat down next to her and they started talking. He didn't recognize that she was famous but said he understood what it felt like to be recognized.  Turns out the man she was speaking with was Charles Manson's 50 year old son.  Rosie spoke to him for a while and thought he led a fascinating life.  Later she had her girlfriend Tracy google him to verify his story but Tracy couldn't really find anything about a 50 year old son of Charles Manson's.  His name was Micheal and he told Rosie he was only 6 years old when the Charles Manson murders happened and that he was taken away and raised by family. 

Janette seemed more interested in the fact that a man sat down next to Rosie at a bar to strike up conversation than who the man was.  She was SURE the guy was probably hitting on Rosie!  Rosie said the thought never even crossed her mind and she laughed at Janette for even thinking it.  Rosie isn't 100% sure that the man's story is true but said she thought if it was it would make a great book. 

Rosie then told a story of a con-artist named Michael De Medici who she once met. Rosie said she was at Jane Fonda's for a charity event and there was a guy there with a crazy haircut who was very skinny and loud and bid a large amount of money to Jane's charity.  When Rosie questioned who he was to Jane she said he was a very large donor to her charity and called him a "trust fund kid."  Months later he got invited to Rosie's charity event where he made a scene bidding on every item.  At the end of the evening he had pledged to donate $50,000.  At the event that night he offered to take Rosie and Kelli to Jane's birthday party on his private jet!  Both Rosie and Kelli went with him but the longer they were with him the more sure they were that something seemed "off."  Rosie said many things seemed "off" about him but one of the biggest things was how he bragged about his money and the things he owned.  She said most of the people she knows who have money don't do that.   Rosie emailed Bobby from the private jet and asked him to look into Michael and also said if she turns out missing he should know who she was with!

It turned out Rosie's instincts were correct and he was in fact a con-artist!  The person who commissioned the Mona Lisa was a De Medici and that's how this guy got his notoriety.  She said it's like saying you're a Rockefeller.  After Jane's birthday party Rosie was sure (in her gut) that this guy was a fake so she and her brother Eddie started investigating him.  And they found out he was a fake and he also went by the name Michael Manos.  Pete googled him during Rosie's story and read off for the listeners where he is today.  And here's another really interesting article I found about him.  It's no surprise that this "Michael" never followed through with the money he pledged in donations at the charity events.  Pete said he's in jail in Poughkeepsie and Rosie thought they should go there and interview him for the radio show!  She said she was curious to know how he came to be a con-artist in the first place.   Bobby compared the story to the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and said in the film the con-artists get a high from almost getting caught all the time. 

Janette was still stuck on the fact that a man came up to Rosie in a bar and was sure he was hitting on her.  Rosie laughed hysterically! She said if that were true why would he tell her he was the son of a famous murderer?!  Janette said she once dated a guy who, on the first date, told her all about his ties to the mafia!!   Rosie ended the conversation saying she thinks it's shocking Janette is still alive with all the shady characters she's dated in the past. Janette agreed. 

Rosie said now that Thanksgiving is over they're all going to partake in the Pedometer Promise.  They explained to Jeannie, who wasn't at the show at the end of the week before Thanksgiving, that many listeners called into the show to express their concerns about the way the staff talks about/obsesses over food.  One caller went so far as to say that Pete and Bobby enable Rosie's bad eating habits.  So, in an effort to get healthier, the entire staff has agreed to wear a pedometer today to measure a baseline of how much they walk in a single day.  The goal is that they would know what is a normal day of walking for each of them and work to increase it.  On tomorrow's show each staff member is going to reveal how many steps they took.  Bobby, who has lost over 100 pounds, wears a pedometer daily anyway and said the recommended daily steps is 10,000 steps a day.   Bobby said he typically gets 8-10,000 steps in a day.  Bobby said he wears his pedometer on his underwear and Rosie revealed she doesn't wear underwear unless she's going to the doctor.  After Kelli gave birth to Vivi Rosie got up in the middle of the night to attend to one of the kids and threw on a pair of Kelli's underwear.  She thought they were the most comfortable underwear she had ever worn.  Turns out they were Kelli's maternity underwear!  Jeannie once found her kids using her maternity underwear as parachutes for their toys down the steps! 

Rosie said her youngest daughter Vivi is 8 years old today!  Rosie's kids are all allowed to pick out a pet as a gift for their 8th birthday and Vivi picked a hamster.  Rosie was happy Vivi didn't choose to get a dog but isn't sure this won't end in tragedy either (as in the hamster escaping or dying soon).  Rosie said she ordered Habitrail Hamster Cage online and that Tracy spent hours yesterday trying to put it together and making sure the hamster couldn't escape.  Bobby remembered the time Rosie had a Habitrail desk on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and the hamster got out!  Rosie said she gives the hamster four days before it escapes. She is not a fan of hamsters and talked about the struggles trying to find the exact one Vivi wanted.

Rosie's long-haired Chihuahua Missy stayed with Bobby and his Chihuahua Abby while she was away on vacation.  Since Rosie's dog Missy has been known to pee anywhere she pleases, Bobby said he covered his carpeting, sofa and chair with drop-cloths in preparation for her visit.  He also put down pee pads everywhere.  Bobby said Missy peed or pooped "near" the pee pads but never quite made it to them.  But mostly Missy (who is much smaller than Abby) terrorized Abby all weekend.  Janette said her cat Beastly once beat up a German Shepherd.  Bobby took good care of Missy though and even bought her a little pink sweater to wear!

Rosie wanted Pete to explain what Wiki Leaks is to her because she has been hearing so much about it on the news.  Pete did.  He said the term "wiki" is an Internet term for information that different people can contribute to.   Wiki Leaks slogan is "We open governments" and their goal is to put out information that the they feel the public needs to know about government.  He said the site is not limited to the Iraq and Afghanistan war. They've recently gotten a lot of information from a disgruntled officer named Bradley Manning who was privy to classified information.  It's so much information that they're releasing it in chunks.  The man who runs Wiki Leaks is Australian and the U.S. government is saying it endangers American interests.  Here's a good article from CNN I found that explains Wiki Leaks if you'd like to read more.

Rosie said she saw the documentary with Joaquin Phoenix this weekend too.  Brendan was the only other member of the studio who has also seen it so he and Rosie talked about the film.  Overall Brendan said he thought it was a weird movie and a huge piece of performance art. He did not buy that any of it was real and thought it was all acting.  Rosie said the documentary reminded her of the Bravo reality series Hey Paula and how Paula thought she could do a reality show and not have it be obvious that she had a substance abuse problem.  Rosie thought it was an interesting documentary but didn't think it was meant to be an act in the beginning. She thinks he had a little "break" from reality and then he sobered up and watched it and changed his mind about how he wanted it presented. Brendan got an "Andy Kaufman" feel from watching it.  Overall Brendan thought it seemed too weird to be fiction and Rosie thought it was sad.  Rosie said she thought it reminded her of everyone she's ever known who thought there was to be a destination feeling after a certain level of success and what happens to you when you realize success isn't what you thought it would be.  She wondered if it was like that with every profession including the acting/entertainment industry.

Bobby announced the Rosie's Holiday Craft-Off!  Bobby and Rosie then described the craft decorating contest they were going to have amongst the Sirius stations and listeners at home!  Bobby created a craft box filled with items and said each entry has to use a piece of every item from the box.  They're allowed to add anything they want to the box but they must use some of everything they've been given.  Bobby said they'll put a complete list of the items up on Rosie.com and any listeners who want to participate can go out and purchase the items from the box and enter their own craft!  The craft must be completed and photographed by Monday, Dec 6th, and starting Wednesday, December 8th, listeners can start voting for their favorites.  Many Sirius DJs and Producers have already signed up to participate and Rosie hopes that even more will enter.  Bobby said there will be two chances to win: the popular vote and Rosie's choice.  Rosie thinks it will be fun and already has an idea for her own craft!  Janette seemed stumped by the challenge and couldn't think of any ideas to do with the items.  Bobby suggested she pour everything out on the table and stare at it and said the idea will come to her.  She didn't buy it.  Rosie said that theory only works for him because he's "McGayver" and could make a chandelier out of dental floss and a paperclip.    

Rosie then spoke to Patty Duke who was calling in from Idaho where she lives.  Rosie, who was just in Utah, and Patty talked about the different pace in that part of the country as opposed to New York.  They talked about family, home and generally caught up with each others lives during the interview.  Rosie asked Patty about her kids including her son Sean Astin

Patty said she'll be 64 years old on December 14th and she's lucky to have made it past 21 years of age due to her bipolar disorder.  Rosie asked Patty how her illness manifested itself and Patty said she spent money she didn't have on things she didn't need, she married someone she didn't know and as the years went on her rage became more and more apparent.  Rosie, who suffers from depression, will tell her kids that she needs her medication to help her engine run.  She said just like a car, if you don't put enough oil in a car it seizes up on you.  And her body doesn't have enough oil to keep the car running on it's own so she takes medication for that.  Patty loved the explanation.           
(photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Patty told Rosie she wished they could act together one day.  Rosie said she's watched everything Patty's ever done and said she'd be intimidated but she'd love to work with her.  Rosie and Patty talked about celebrity life and being in entertainment.  Patty said people have asked her in the past if she's sorry she went into showbiz and Patty doesn't feel show-business made her life terrible.  She said showbiz was her savior and it has always been a blessing.

Patty has done over 100 TV movies and is in another one that airs tonight at 9pm on Lifetime called Unanswered Prayers based on the Garth Brooks song.  Patty is excited for it and said it's a wonderful cast though she's not sure she can bring herself to watch herself on TV tonight.  Rosie and Patty talked about aging and how our outside images and how we think we look don't always match.  After Rosie left The Rosie O'Donnell Show she was so used to seeing an airbrushed image of herself she almost forgot what she really looked like (without all the makeup) she took a photo of herself without makeup on every day for a year.  Patty said she's realized she's a "spitting image" of her mother now. Rosie said she was too when she was around 38 years old and now as she sees herself aging it seems like a surprise to her because she never thought she would live to see the day.  

Rosie and Patty briefly talked about plastic surgery and the entertainment industry.  Patty has never had it but she admitted she's thought about it.  She said what keeps her from doing it (amongst other things) is she wouldn't be able to live with a bad plastic surgery job.  Patty just tells herself today that the older she gets the more she's going to get work.  Rosie and Patty talked about the severity of plastic surgery in the industry and the extremes some people go to.

Rosie and Patty ended the interview sharing their mutual love for one another.  Don't forget to watch Patty in Unanswered Prayers tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime!

Unanswered Prayers Trailer

During this game (designed by James, the in-house DJ), Brendan played a clip of a song that was a one-hit-wonder.  The player got 2 points for naming the song and one point for knowing the artist. 

Janette: heard a clip of "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.  She didn't guess either.  0 points
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot.  She didn't guess either for 0 points.
caller: heard a clip of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. She got them both for 3 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "Take On Me" by A-ha. She didn't get either for 0 points.
Rosie: heard a clip of "Nothing Compares To You" by Sinead O'Connor for 3 points. 
Pete: heard a clip of "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners for 3 points.

Janette: heard a clip of "99 Luftballoons" by Nena but didn't get either for 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Play That Funky Music White Boy" by Wild Cherry.  She got 2 points because she knew the song but not the artist.
caller: heard a clip of "Two of Hearts" by Stacey Q.  She got the song but not the artist for 2 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "A Thousand Miles" by Michelle Branch.  She got 3 points because she knew both!
Rosie: heard a clip of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" and got both for 3 points.
Pete: heard a clip of "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant.  He got 2 points because he didn't know the artist.

Janette: heard a clip of "What If God Was One of Us" by Joan Osborne. She didn't know either for 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of "Touch Myself" by the Divinyls  She got 2 points for knowing the song but not the artist.
caller: heard a clip of "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree but she didn't know either for 0 points.
Shoshana: heard a clip of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and knew both for 3 points.
Rosie: heard a clip of "Maniac" by Michael Sembello but she guessed the song was called "Into the Danger Zone" and didn't know the artist.  0 points.
Pete (to win it and beat Rosie!): heard a clip of "Lovefool" by The Cardigans but he didn't get either one correct for 0 points. 

Which meant Shoshana and Rosie tied!!! 

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw

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11-19-10 - A Chat With Jennifer Hutt and Pete's Standup Debut

In case you missed it...

Rosie and Bobby started today's broadcast talking about how Catholic Bishops are holding a conference to find more exorcists.  Bobby wondered why the sudden need and if there is more evil in the world today.  Rosie wanted to know how one becomes an exorcist and it's like having a friend who you didn't know just happened to be a notary too.  This started a whole conversation about what constitutes demonic possession and whether or not any of them believed in it.  Pete and Bobby (the devout staff Catholics) believe in demonic possession and Bobby listed some documented cases he's familiar with.  Janette believes you have to believe in everything (meaning heaven and hell) or nothing and for her it depends on her mood on any given day whether she believes in those things or not.  Jeannie and Rosie don't know if they believe demonic possession or not.  Bobby said you cannot have good without evil and Rosie didn't think that was necessarily true.  Rosie believes that something (call it God if you want) created the Universe and there is an overruling force in the world but that the natural state of being is primarily good.  She and Jeannie both don't think the opposite of good has to exist.   

Rosie wanted to know if Jeannie had seen Lisa Kudrow's latest Web Therapy starring Meryl Streep.  She said Meryl plays a counselor who "ungays men" and "takes the homo out of homosexual."  Rosie had never seen her do a character like that and absolutely loved it.  She told Jeannie (and the listeners) they had to see it and everyone talked about what a nice person Lisa Kudrow is.  

Rosie asked everyone on staff if they were aware that driving while texting is more dangerous than drunk driving.  They discussed why this wold be the case and Rosie wanted to know if there was a way to turn off the text feature while driving the car so she isn't even tempted to look at a text when driving.  Janette remembered the times when we could be out of reach for 45 minutes while driving and it didn't seem  completely paralyzing.  Rosie's remembered her first nice car, a Cadillac Catera, that came with a phone in the car and how she remembered thinking that was the coolest thing in the world.  She ended up giving the car to Jeannie but Jeannie had to sell it because they couldn't afford the upkeep on the car.  Rosie frequently loses calls on her AT&T iPhone and everyone (except Bobby who loves his iPhone) told Rosie how much better Verizon is.  

Rosie said her daughter Vivi asked her if she would play with them in the snow this winter.  She told Rosie all she likes to do is sit by the fire.  Tracy's daughter told Rosie all she likes to do is walk from house to house and then down to the pool to get tan.   Jeannie loves the winter, the snow and the hot chocolate and encouraged Rosie to embrace it.  Rosie said she would try to be different this year.   

Pete read the list of the Top 10 words of 2010 based on trending topics online and words most used in conversation.  They discussed each word and its meaning which you can read in the article.

Rosie and the staff will be off all next week for Thanksgiving break!  The staff discussed their holiday plans.  Everyone joked that Rosie is going to make her famous homemade apple pie and homemade stuffing and cook a big Thanksgiving dinner and then everyone laughed.  Rosie said what she's really going to do is visit people who know how to cook for the holiday.  Jeannie usually goes to her in-laws house for Thanksgiving so she isn't sure what they'll be doing this year because her father-in-law is recovering from a recent heart attack.  She said he's home resting and getting better everyday.  Bobby is doing nothing but watching the parade and taking it easy.  He said he always says he's not going to cook on Thanksgiving and then ends up getting a turkey at the last minute to cook because he loves the smell.  Pete recommended Bobby just cook a turkey breast because it's so much easier.  Pete said his wife's family does Thanksgiving very late in the evening that day and he said he wanted to create a Thanksgiving breakfast tradition of his own.   

Rosie said the other day when she was talking about a blog that was written about her breast cancer scare and how she should lose weight to be a better example to her kids, Jennifer Hutt texted her that she wanted to call in to the show.  So Jennifer was on the phone to talk about the article and her struggles with weight with Rosie and the crew.  You can read Jennifer's blog on weight loss HERE.  And you can catch Jennifer on her show Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel

Firstly, Jennifer told Rosie how happy she is that Rosie got positive news from her recent breast biopsies.  She told Rosie to stop talking about it like she's going to eventually get cancer one day!  She said to her, "It's not like Susan Lucci and the fucking Emmy's Rosie!"  :)  She didn't like the article the woman wrote about Rosie because she said we can't go around telling people what to do with their bodies.  After Jennifer's mom died she gained a lot of weight herself.  In her 20s, she was very thin and she said the attention she got for it made her very uncomfortable, especially from men.  She said the attention was scary and weird and very off-putting.  So she totally understood Rosie when she said losing weight and being seen as sexy made her feel uncomfortable.  Jennifer said her mom was always very concerned with her weight and always was growing up and you can read about that in her blog.

Jennifer lost 65 pounds in a year and a half with Weight Watchers and the lose-it app on her iPhone.  She had to make small achievable goals at first.  Jennifer said her first goal was to not be obese.  She thought that would be enough to make her happy because she was really losing weight for her health.  She then started writing down everything she was eating and got weighed in at Weight Watchers once a week.

Jennifer expressed her frustration with the woman who wrote the article and said the best way to lose weight is different for every person.   She said it's an unbelievably complicated issue and not an easy fix.  Jennifer said her new TV show was a big motivation for her to lose weight and over the summer she really started losing more and more weight.  Rosie told Jennifer what a great job she did and that she really looks like a different person.  She asked Jennifer if she feels like a different person too.  Jennifer said she finally feels like her reflection in the mirror matches what she feels like inside.  She also feels more comfortable and like a self-actualized woman and she didn't have that before. Rosie and Jennifer then talked about how her family has reacted to the weight loss.  Her daughter is uncomfortable with her looking too sexy but her son doesn't really care either way.  Jennifer's husband really likes it that Jennifer has become much freer and doesn't have as many hangups about her body.  Jennifer and her husband workout together too. 

Jennifer said she cannot stand people who lose weight and pretend it's easy, because it's not.  But she said she does feel so much better now that she's lost the weight and said it makes her happier than eating ever made her feel.  She said weight loss doesn't happen in a day and it doesn't happen the same for everyone.  Rosie agreed and said she knows her weight issues are very complicated and connected to a lot of things that have happened to her in her life.  Jennifer recommended Rosie try just writing down everything she eats as a start as she said that might cause a shift in her to want to change her eating more.  She also really likes the Lose-It app on her iPhone.  Jennifer gradually increased her exercise and said it's finally enjoyable for her.   Jennifer told Rosie she needs to get rid of her self-loathing and remember she's a beautiful, talented successful woman who happens to struggle with the one thing in her life.  Rosie told Jennifer she looks wonderful and that she's an inspiration to her.  Jennifer said she takes it one day at a time and that she doesn't feel like she has it conquered but she faces it with vigilance everyday. 

Rosie and the staff then discussed the Lose-It iPhone app and how much Janette and Bobby love it!    Bobby explained that you put in what you eat everyday and how it calculates how many calories you've had.  Bobby said he eats almost the same thing everyday in order to lose weight and Janette eats almost no processed food.  Janette's only been using the app for 2 weeks now but she's noticing she is choosing to not eat bad things because she doesn't want to enter it into the app.  They both love the app.  Janette said it's all about facing reality when it comes to weight loss.  

Rosie Radio then played Pete's big standup premiere he did the other day at a Jim Breuer event called Comedy Covers.  During Comedy Covers they perform an impersonation of someone doing a famous comics standup routine such as Sylvester Stallone doing Steven Wright's material or Bobcat Goldthwait doing Bill Hick's material.  Pete did Bob Dylan doing Steve Martin's material.  He said he was nervous but overall he feels good with what he did.  Jeannie was very nervous for Pete because it was his first time doing standup.  Rosie remembered when Jackie and Jeannie used to come see her perform standup in the beginning and put their heads in their hands when she was onstage because they were so nervous for her.  She said it wasn't exactly comforting!  They then played the audio of Pete's 3 minute standup debut! 

Janette said she could imagine doing Rita Rudner's material because she really loves her material.   Rosie said she would do maybe Seinfeld or Jay Leno doing George Burns' material.  Rosie recalled the time George Burns called her when she was asked to perform in Vegas on his 100th birthday.  She told the jokes that George said to her over the phone doing a sweet George Burns impersonation. 
Rosie and Pete briefly discussed how much they like Conan's new late night show.  Pete really likes Conan's style and he loves the bits they do on the show and wished they would do more of them.  Both Rosie and Pete think Conan and Andy Richter make a great team. 

Brendan gave all the players cards with the titles of songs on them.  They had to sing the song on the card without saying the title of the song. During the title, they had to hum the words.   

Rosie hummed "Islands in the Stream" and Jeannie guessed it.
Pete hummed "When I'm 64" and Rosie guessed it.
Janette (kind of) hummed "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.  No one could figure it out and everyone made fun of her for not being able to hum.  They've done this game before and I wish I could share with you that don't have Sirius what it sounds like when Janette tries to hum.  It is the funniest thing I've ever heard.  She cannot hum a tune.   
Jeannie hummed "The Gambler" but she didn't know how it went so she sang clues about playing poker and Rosie guessed it!
Bobby hummed "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" and Pete guessed it.  He didn't hum it though and just gave clues like, "He's a MEAL who once kissed Rosie."  LOL!  Jeannie and Rosie then sang the ENTIRE song and couldn't believe Bobby didn't know it.   

Rosie hummed "I Got A Feeling" and Pete guessed it.
Pete hummed "Livin La Vida Loca" but no one got it.
Janette hummed "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and Pete guessed it. 
Jeannie hummed "Light My Fire" and Rosie got it.
Bobby hummed "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and Jeannie guessed it. 

Rosie hummed "I Got a Friends In Low Places" but no one guessed it. 
Pete hummed "In the Name of Love" but no one guessed it.
Janette hummed "Heart of Rock and Roll" and Bobby guessed it.
Jeannie hummed "Unchained Melody" and Rosie guessed it.
Bobby hummed (kinda because he didn't really know the song at all) "When Doves Cry" but no one could guess it.  Rosie then sang the entire SONG with all the words.

Rosie hummed "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and Jeannie guessed it.
Pete hummed "Losing My Religion" and Rosie guessed it.
Janette hummed "You Shook Me All Night Long" and no one guessed it.
Jeannie hummed "Hotel California" and Rosie guessed it. 
Bobby hummed "Baby Got Back" no one guessed it and then Rosie sang the entire song with all the words. 

Then it was time for Rosie and Jeannie to face-off because they were the top two contestants!   
Brendan had 5 more songs, each worth 2 points.  Pete hummed the songs and they had to go head-to-head guessing.   

1. The first song was "YMCA" and Rosie guessed it first.
2. Then "Like A Virgin" and Rosie got it.
3. Then "Mack the Knife" and Rosie got it.
4. Then "Respect" and Jeannie got it.
5. Lastly "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and Jeannie got it.

Rosie WON the game! 

Pete then played a game with Rosie called "Is it turkey or is it not?"  He gave her 10 items to eat.  Some had turkey in them and some did not (duh!).   

1. The first thing he gave her was turkey pepperoni and she guessed it (and "Hey Mikey, she liked it!")
2. The second thing he gave her was a wrap and she guessed there was turkey in it but it was actually chicken. 
3. The third thing she tried was beef jerky and she guessed turkey but it wasn't.  And she did NOT like it. 
4. The fourth thing she tried was not turkey she was right.  It was Tofu-rkey and after she found out she said "Tofu-ckYou" to Pete and hated it. 
5. Then she tried a roll dipped in a turkey gravy which she guessed correctly. 
6. Then she tried a minestrone soup with sausage and guessed there was no turkey in it. 
7. Then she tried chicken salad and she guessed it right.  There was no turkey in that item. 
8. She then tried turkey bacon and she guessed it right away. 
9. Then she tried turkey sausage and loved it! 
10. And lastly she tried an item that she thought was stuffing with no turkey in it but it was actually Turkey Meatloaf made almost completely out of turkey that James had made. 
Overall she got 7 out of 10 items correct.

Rosie said she read Nora Ephron's latest book entitled I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections.  Rosie loved it.  She said Nora talks about getting older and tells funny stories of not remembering things.  She said it's really funny and insightful.  Nora will be a guest on Rosie Radio after they come back from break!  They talked about how Nora is a very successful screenwriter and about how her mom started drinking to excess while she was growing up. Rosie found that part in the book very interesting and she said you'd never think she was a child of an alcoholic mother.

Rosie was at the dentist when she reading the book and started talking about her dental woes.   Bobby is getting a dental implant soon and Rosie told him what it's all about.   He's recently found out he has an abscess under 4 root canals in his mouth.  Rosie and Bobby then talked about how he didn't go to the dentist for 10 years of his life because of his dentist phobia.  He admitted he is petrified of the dentist.  He hadn't gone to the dentist for an extremely long time and then one day a dentist opened up in his building.  He had a jagged tooth that was bothering him so he decided to to go into the dentist and have it looked at.  The dentist fixed his tooth at no charge and it was such a good experience he decided to go back for a cleaning.  Because he knew Bobby was terrified to go to the dentist the dentist gave him Valium and that got him through it.  He thinks he's so scared of the dentist because he was hurt a lot when he was younger by bad dentists.

Janette needs to have a colonoscopy but has been putting it off for years.  She called it "going up the back door."   She said she hates the human body and is repulsed by it and therefore has been putting off the exam for years.  But Janette promised to make "an appointment for her ass before the end of the calendar year."

Rosie wanted to know if phobias, such as Bobby's dental phobia, count as mental illness.  She recently heard an advertisement for Seroquel the drug that treats bipolar disorder and she could NOT believe the side effects!  She thought they couldn't possibly be true and said if they were she doesn't understand how anyone with bipolar disorder would risk taking it!   She then played the commercial that lists the side-effects and risks.  Some of the of risks were: changes in mood and behavior, thoughts of suicide, SUDDEN DEATH, heart failure, fever, stiff muscles, uncontrollable muscle movements which could become permanent, dizziness, high blood sugar, coma, DEATH (it was listed twice), increase cholesterol, weight gain impaired judgment, trouble swallowing and impaired driving.  There were 21 possible side-effects and the staff played the commercial and stopped it after each one as they got increasingly worse and worse!  Everyone in the studio said they'd rather be bipolar! 

Rosie asked the other staff members what they were thankful for.  Pete said he's thankful for homes since he's about to purchase a new house.  Janette is thankful for her cats and her boyfriend, Barry.  Bobby is thankful for his dog.  Deirdre is thankful for her apartment and her Aunt Steph who saved her life by giving her a place to stay when she really needed it.  Rosie is thankful for all of the crew members and the listeners who give her the opportunity to share her life with them two hours a day.  She told everyone she'd see them in a week (November 29th) and said, "Peace out, we love ya," and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw

thanks for reading everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the U.S.  Rosie Radio will be back on November 29th and so will I!  Me?  I'm thankful for friends and that I have a job that pays right now.  :) xo

11-18-10 - Weight Struggles and Building Seven (Building What?)

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show wishing her brothers, Eddie and Danny, a Happy Birthday!  Danny's birthday was yesterday and Eddie's birthday is tomorrow.  Rosie said the crew of Who Do You Think You Are was in the studio today because they're beginning their journey of looking into her mother's family ancestry.  Rosie thinks it's a really good show and is excited Lisa Kudrow asked her to do it.  She really didn't know if there would even be a good story to tell about her mother's side of the family and is excited to learn more.  All she knows is that they will be traveling around the east coast of the United States and then leaving the country twice.  She ASSUMES she's going to Ireland and possibly Canada but isn't sure.  Rosie's mother was Irish and an only child and Rosie and her brother Ed (who is going on this journey with her) are really hoping they'll go to Ireland as part of it.  She literally won't find out where they're flying to until she arrives at the airport!

Someone on Rosie's blog wrote in to her and heard she was coming to Newfoundland as part of the show but the producers have told her that's not true.  Sorry, Newfoundland!  Deidre is totally impressed that Rosie's traveling internationally and willing to do it despite the fact that she doesn't even know where she's going!  Rosie said her mom (who died when she was 10) has always been a mystery to her and she's excited to learn more about her. 

Janette couldn't imagine not knowing your family history and is very familiar with her own.  She said knowing who her ancestors were as a child really helped her because they didn't have any living family. Janette thinks knowing your history gives you continuity in the world and thinks this experience is going to be very interesting for Rosie. 

Rosie read from a blog someone wrote about Rosie's recent breast cancer scare.  Here is a link: Rosie O'Donnell 'All Clear' on About.com: Breast Cancer written by Pam Stephan.  She read it aloud but as she read it she corrected a few errors: she was 10 not a teen when her mother died as it states in the blog, she's past menopause not premenopause as it states and she didn't especially like the comment that she could get a personal trainer if she wanted to(?!).  She read it in its entirety and said she thought it was "really interesting."  Janette spoke to the blogger (via the airwaves) and told her to "shut the frick up and next time she's perfect, give her a call."  Rosie thought what the blogger had to say had some validity.  Bobby didn't think just because the writer is a breast cancer survivor, that gives her the right to tell Rosie how she should live her life.  Rosie said she didn't share her experience with her recent breast cancer scare as a ploy for sympathy, she wrote it because it was a big thing that happened to her and she needed to share it.  She said it's true she needs to up her exercise (which she said she currently does none of) for her health.  And she said it's true she should lose weight.  Bobby thought the tone of the blog wasn't nice and Deirdre said if the blogger wanted to be taken seriously she should have watched her tone so that her point could be better received. 

Rosie talked about her struggle with weight and how in the 1990s she went to a doctor who pointed out to her that she was overweight.  The doctor suggested she eat carrots instead of cookies in order to lose weight.  Rosie couldn't believe the doctor was serious with his super-simplistic advice and she said, "OMG, I've never thought of that!  You just solved obesity in America!"  Her point was it's not that easy to solve the mystery of why some people overeat.  Janette said that just because Rosie's a celebrity doesn't mean she has to be a role model for everyone.  Rosie said the author never actually says that, she said it would be a great legacy to leave her kids.  Rosie didn't think the author was being bitchy but she also thinks people who have never had a weight issue don't really understand it.  Bobby thought the tone was sanctimonious.  The blog kind of hurt Rosie's feelings but she admitted it was accurate.  Deirdre thought it was just plain bitchy.  Rosie said one of the reasons she wrote her blog about her biopsies was because there were 30-40 other women in the waiting room of the hospital (who recognized her) and she wanted to be the one to put the news out there as to why she was getting tests done (rather than someone contacting the press with a "tip").  I just want to say I totally get that.  I can't imagine being a celebrity and not being able to do anything privately.  Everywhere you go, people know you.     

The "she could get a personal trainer" quote really set Janette off.  Rosie too.  She said when she was asked to do A League of Their Own Penny Marshall asked her to lose 20 pounds for the part.  Rosie told Penny if she could lose the weight she would've regardless of the part.  Janette and Rosie then talked about how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.   

Rosie then took a call from Carnie Wilson who was sitting in her driveway listening to Rosie Radio just after taking her daughter to the bus stop.  She loves listening to Rosie's show and told her she thinks she's a wonderful, smart, talented, funny woman who is a role model in every way.  Carnie said for weeks she's been trying to talk herself back into exercising again but hasn't been able to do it.  Rosie told Carnie she felt Dr. Oz was mean to her when Carnie recently did his show.  Carnie said it was a horrible experience for her.  Rosie said she saw a man, who has never had a weight problem of his own, shaming her and not really understanding.  Carnie said she thought the approach Dr. Oz took with her was done for ratings.  She had blood-work done weeks before she was on Dr. Oz and wasn't pre-diabetic with her physician at home.  Carnie and Rosie talked about the frustration they feel because they have the information on how to lose weight yet they can't seem to do it.    Rosie asked Carnie if she regretted getting gastric bypass surgery and Carnie said she didn't at all.  Carnie said she's 42 years-old and has struggled with her weight since she was 4.  At her heaviest she weighed 300 pounds and at her lowest she weighed 146.  Rosie said her goal weight is 175.  Carnie and Rosie talked about how it's hard being overweight and being in the public eye but how the pressure is also on when you're not famous.  They talked about how being fit and thin is a lifestyle and how some people are devoted to exercise.  One of Rosie's best friends, Jackie, runs 6 miles a day and has offered to walk with her but she still doesn't want to do it.  Carnie's been sober for 6 years and has been in 12-step programs for alcohol and for food related issues.  But when she went for food issues she was only able to attend for about a month because she said giving up food would have meant giving up the last thing she had that made herself feel better.  She admitted that food doesn't really help in the end.  Rosie and Carnie ended their phone-call telling the each other one how much they loved and admired each other.  They then both promised to run/walk 20-30 minutes today.   

Rosie took several calls on the topic of weight loss.  One caller's father was very overweight and said it is really hard to be a listener of Rosie Radio and hear the way they talk about food.  He compared it to when he was growing up and his friends used to talk about doing pot and how he had to cut them loose because he knew it wasn't good for him.  He thought Rosie's "crew" was too quick to go on the attack of the blogger and that they were enabling her.  Rosie thanked him for his call and said her kids do like it better when she's more active.  The caller said Pete and Bobby are more invested in her being heavy because it's fun to eat together.  Rosie mentioned the Valerie Bertinelli commercial where she holds a pumpkin that was 40 pounds, the amount of weight she lost.  Rosie said that commercial was a wake up call for her.  The caller thought Rosie should integrate exercise a little at a time and change her diet gradually so it's not a huge change for her.  Another caller talked about how food can be an addiction.  This caller uses shopping as her drug of choice.  Rosie said when she did the Carb-Addicts diet on The Rosie O'Donnell show it was the only time she was ever able to lose a significant amount of weight.  She said she never felt better than when she did that diet but she was frustrated she didn't keep it off.  Janette said that's because white flour and white sugar are very addictive. 

Rosie's friend, Jennifer Hutt, gained a lot of weight after her mom died and was texting her during the show.  Jennifer does the show Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark channel.  Janette said it's a very good show and recommended people watch it.  Rosie said that Jennifer looks great but when Rosie thinks about looking sexy (like Jennifer has become) it makes her feel scared and vulnerable.  When Janette lost a lot of weight she felt great about herself and enjoyed the power of feeling sexy.  Then she was going through difficulties with people at work and that self-hatred and self-loathing made it okay (in her mind) for her to be fat again.  She ended up making her appearance match how she was feeling inside and gaining weight.  She said when she felt hated she wasn't able to be thin.  One caller told Rosie that instead of focusing on the weight or the fat she should try to just feel gratitude towards her body.  She didn't want Rosie to punish or shame herself because shame corrodes that part of us that believes we can change.  She told Rosie to just focus on what she can do today and said that's how she gets through things.  Rosie thanked all the callers for their input and their advice and said she is going to work on changing. 

Rosie then introduced two callers - Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti - who are supporters of Buildingwhat.org.  Rosie read the purpose of "Building What" and how it's an effort led by 9/11 family members to reopen the investigation of what happened to Building 7 on September 11th, 2001.  She read from the website and said Building 7 fell at free fall speed with no resistance from the support structures as if the support structures had been removed.  Rosie read the facts about Building 7 from their website and Pete read the list of the companies that were housed in the building.  Rosie said Building What isn't pointing the finger at any one organization or person for the collapse of the building, they're just saying it defies the laws of physics and too many things have been swept under the table. 

Building What on Geraldo

Rosie first introduced Bob McIlvaine who lost his son Bobby on September 11th.  Bob told Rosie all about his son who graduated from Princeton and then went on to NY to work as the VP of Media Relations for Merrill Lynch.  Merrill Lynch is across the street from the North Tower and his company had a seminar in Tower One that day, but he never showed up.  No one was able to contact him after the first plane hit the towers.  Bob and his family went to NYC immediately after 9/11 and went from hospital to hospital looking for their son.  On Thursday of that week, they got a call that he was found dead.  His body was one of the first 10 bodies that were found at the WTC site.  He said any parent who has lost a child wants to know if their child suffered and how they died.  They didn't know if he jumped from the 106th floor (where the conference was) or how he had died that day.  Four years after his death Bob met with the doctor who examined his son's body and the doctor described Bobby's injuries to him which included post-mortem burns that weren't severe (not more than a sunburn) and his injuries that showed he took a blast to the chest and the face.  The injuries showed he didn't jump from the towers.  Bob said they know the lobby of the WTC was blown out that day and he thinks that was where he most likely died.  Bob has talked to people who were there that day and there could have been an explosion before the first plane hit.  He's also gone to every 9/11 commission meeting and he said they refuse to acknowledge there were any explosions that day even though witnesses have testified otherwise.

Rosie then introduced Tony Szamboti who read the reports of Building 7 that made him suspicious.  He heard about Building 7 when it fell and was perplexed as to why it fell when it hadn't been hit by a plane.  Tony is a mechanical engineer who works for structures in the Aerospace industry.  He said (many things but I am not a mechanical engineer so I am doing my best listening) that there is a good possibility that the structure went down because of a controlled demolition.  Tony said any engineers he's shown the evidence to shake their heads at what they see.  He said it's not a conspiracy, it's a crime.  Tony explained a controlled demolition and how when a building is built it is built to sustain several levels.  He said buildings don't just fall apart "willy nilly" or by fire.  Tony said fire can't melt steel except in a controlled circumstance such as a blast furnace.  And Rosie and Tony reminded listeners that Building 7 wasn't hit by an airplane.  Tony referenced the recent building fire in Shanghai and how the core and the exterior (even the scaffolding) was still standing after the fire was put out and how that fire was HUGE (unlike the fire in Building 7).  Tony said there is no way Building 7 could have fallen the way it did without demolition devices being involved.  There was also thermite found in the dust between Building 7 and the WTC towers. 

Tony said the goal of Building What is to educate the public so that the city council can have the public's support that will allow them to investigate the cause of Building 7's collapse further.  Rosie and Tony also talked about the early reports of Building 7's collapse by BBC and by CNN

Bob said when Building What was on Geraldo that was the first time they've had any coverage in  mainstream media.  Tony said on any other day, if a building had fallen in this way, defying the laws of physics, it would have been major news for several weeks.

Rosie said she became interested in Building 7 and what happened to it when Bill Geddie (the EP of The View) had booked a guest debunking the conspiracies of what happened on 9/11.  She wanted to look into what "myths" that person was actually debunking.  Rosie thanked both men for calling into the program.  She said for everyone who lost someone on 9/11 and what the country has lost we deserve a full an impartial investigation.  She wished there was some way she could help heal Bob's wound and heal his heart and said she was so sorry for his loss.  Tony said if listeners are interested in helping demand an investigation into what really happened to Building 7 that day they can contribute money to the cause so that they can get more publicity and public support. 

Rosie took several calls from listeners about the Building What campaign.  One caller worked in the WTC at the Securities and Exchange Commission and was there on 9/11.  She talked about how upsetting the calls were to her to imply that someone (other than the terrorists) had something to do with 9/11.  She was in Building 7 that day and said when the second plane hit there was definitely structural damage done.  She said  glass came flying in and the impact of the plane was very powerful even when it didn't hit the building.  She wanted to know who the callers were saying was responsible.  Rosie said the people of Building What aren't proposing they know who made the tower collapse, they're just saying we as Americans are entitled to a new investigation.  And that it's impossible for it to fall the way it did.  Rosie thanked the caller for calling and told her she's happy she made it out alive.  Rosie told the caller it's difficult to imagine that it hasn't yet been fully investigated and said all the people who lost loved ones that day deserve answers.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw

CORRECTION: The other day a listener called in and recommended to Rosie an NBC show about real life Glee clubs. I believe I linked to the wrong show and that this is the one the caller was referring to.   

11-17-10 Rosie Shares her Good News and an Interview with Joe Lovett

In case you missed it...

Rosie and Bobby started today's broadcast talking about last night's Glee with Gwyneth Paltrow.  They both thought she was fantastic.  Rosie's kids recognized Gwyneth as "that girl from the movie Iron Man."  Rosie thought that was funny.  Janette's prediction is that Gwyneth's character will become a recurring role as Mr. Schuester's new girlfriend.  Deirdre didn't really think she'll come back because she's more of a movie actress as opposed to a television actress.  Rosie doesn't think there is as much of a separation for actors and actresses today when it comes to television work versus film work.  Rosie really loves Glee and is excited to see Carol Burnett as Sue Sylvester's mom on next week's episode.

Rosie was happy to announce that her biopsy results came back and she's cancer free!  All the staff brought in treats to celebrate the news with her.  First she got a text from her doctor last night saying her right boob is fine.  Then she texted the doctor back (who is her friend and coauthor of the book Bosum Buddies) and asked her about her left breast, the one she had tested last week.  Then she got the news that that breast was cancer free, too.  Rosie said she's been getting mammograms for 18 years and for 18 years she's gotten the thumbs up that she's okay.  She said she feels very, very lucky.  But either way she knew she'd have to keep going no matter what news she got.  She talked about the women who were waiting with her on the days she was in the waiting room at the hospital and how the chances are some of those women will  not get the good news she did.  She talked about the bonding, unifying and leveling experience that occurs amongst women when they wait in the waiting room together for mammograms.  Janette was so relieved that everything was okay with Rosie and since she had recently gone through a scare of her own, she was sure Rosie would be okay too.  But she was incredibly relieved to find out.  Rosie said had she not done the MRI, they wouldn't have found the spots they found in her breasts because they weren't visible on the mammogram and ultrasounds that were ordered after the fact.  She knows that the MRI was the reason she had to get something tested that wasn't seen in a mammogram but she's still thankful she had it done.  Deirdre wanted to know if any of the technicians acknowledged who she was when they were working with her.  Rosie said they do but they are all so young they aren't really effected by her fame in the same way that other fans might be (or at least they don't act like it). Rosie said one of her breasts got horribly bruised from the biopsy but one didn't at all.  Mostly, she's glad it was nothing and that she's done with that for now.

Rosie wanted to know what the hell happened on Dancing With The Stars last night.  Bobby believed it's a Tea Party conspiracy that Bristol Palin is still on the show.  Brandy got higher scores than Palin by the judges but Palin was the one who got to stay last night. Rosie wanted to know when Bristol Palin became so beloved.  Deirdre read from an article posted on Jezebel.com where they're saying that Palin conservatives are cheating the DWTS voting system and voting multiple times.  The staff talked about how this is the 11th season of DWTS and how it's evolved over the years.  Rosie (again) said she would never do it but when she sees how much weight Kelly Osbourne lost, she realizes it would be a great way for her to lose weight.   Rosie took several calls from listeners.  One caller said he is not in the Tea Party but votes for Bristol on the show.  He said his vote has nothing to do with her mother or the Tea Party, he just liked Bristol and he doesn't think Brandy has a good personality.  He said he's never been able to vote more than 5 times, and he's tried.  One caller believed the voting is rigged and thinks ABC needs to look into it.  He told Rosie about the NBC show Clash of the Choirs - a real life glee club competition starting in January.  Rosie sounded excited about it and said she'd check it out.

Janette got pedometers for everyone on the staff and after Thanksgiving break they're going to all wear them and see who is walking the most.  Rosie is sure she is walking the least out of everyone and honestly thinks she only takes about 48 steps a day.  She's thinking about giving the pedometer to Vivi for the day and cheating.  A listener called in and told Rosie she would love to see her on DWTS!  Rosie said she would be horrible on that show and with the clothing, the high heels, and the anxiety it would just make her cry a lot.  She told the caller to get that thought out of her head and to never bring it up again!  (She then gave the caller a gift and thanked her for calling.)  Pete thought Rosie could rock one of those frilly dresses.  Rosie said she's been asked before to be on the show and her typical response is "laughter almost to the point of almost peeing" and then a resounding "NO."  Bobby was laughing hysterically at even just imagining Rosie's B-Roll footage of her learning the dance with her choreographer.

Rosie asked the staff if they had heard about the controversy surrounding the I heart boobies bracelets.  She read from an article that they're being banned in some schools.  Rosie said the bracelets are really about breast cancer awareness and thinks it's silly that they're banned.  Janette agreed.

Then, all the sudden a rogue squirrel started climbing up the screen on the window of the studio!  It threw the entire show and staff into complete chaos.  Watch the video from the live streaming camera below...

After the chaos of the squirrel gone wild, Rosie asked the staff if they heard about the publicist who was shot on her way home from the Burlesque movie premiere.  You can read about that HERE.  Deirdre, who really knows everyone in show business, was totally shocked when she heard about it.  Rosie thought it was horrible and couldn't think of a reason why someone would shoot this woman's car.

Rosie has had to have talks with her kids lately about dying since her breast cancer scare.  Blake and Rosie were talking about how everyone dies and Blake asked her about accidents and how you know if it's your time to die or not.  Rosie said it's a hard thing to explain to kids and she didn't really have an answer for him.  Janette likes to believe everything happens for a reason but a small part of her wonders if we hold onto that thought process in order to make sense of senseless things that happen.  That's why Janette tries to enjoy every moment that's left.  Rosie mentioned how a simple text of only two words like "no cancer" comes and you can go on with life.  But if the words were different, life would have changed for her instantly and completely.   Rosie then mentioned one of her favorite shows The Big C on Showtime.  She said it's the best drama on TV and Janette agreed.  Rosie thinks it's fantastic acting and loves the storyline.

Rosie, of course, wanted to talk about Barbra Streisand on Oprah yesterday!  Rosie loved it!  Janette said it shocks her that The Way We Were was 1973 and makes her feel old.  Rosie believes it and was watching The World of Jenks recently where they featured the life of a standup comic and said to her that time in her life seems like a lifetime ago.  Rosie thought Streisand sang beautifully and said she has a new book coming out entitled My Passion for Design where all the money goes to the Women's Heart Initiative.   Rosie loved Barbra on Oprah and thought it was serendipitous that she got the text that she was breast cancer free as she was watching Barbra.  She talked about what's been going on with her breast cancer scare in therapy and her fear she's always lived with of dying the same way her mother did.  Rosie wondered if she would have wanted to be a performer if her mother had lived because a large impetus that pushed her to do well was her fear of dying at a young age like her mom.  She definitely saw getting her good news about her cancer scare while watching her hero, Barbra, on Oprah as a gift from her mom. 

Rosie recalled the time Parker said the phrase, "Come on, Bessie," out of nowhere one day when they were playing a Lego soccer game.  "Come on, Bessie" was the phrase her mom always used to say as she was driving their beat-up station wagon up the hill of her development where she grew up.  She said sometimes she even feels someone is sitting on her bed and wonders if that could be her mom.  She and Janette talked about how they'd give anything in the world for just one more day, just one regular ordinary day, with loved ones who have passed.  Rosie said she's interested in finding out more out about her mother and said she will start taping for the the Lisa Kudrow show Who Do You Think You Are? next week and they will be researching her mother's side of the family.  She said for the first week of the show she thinks she will be mostly in the tri-state area but the second week she'll be leaving the country possibly to Canada or Ireland.  She doesn't know if she's excited or what she feels about it at this point.  She said the producers have been researching her family history for the past 6 months and have told her they think this will be a very emotional interview for her.  But once she's done filming she is legally forbidden to talk about it until it airs in September 2011!!!! 

Then all chaos broke out as Boscoe the squirrel scaled the screen during today's show again.

Rosie wanted to discuss her son Parker's grades and his lack of motivation in school.  He was perfectly happy with 3 grades in the 80s and 3 grades in the 60s.  He thinks that's totally fine and acceptable.  Rosie does NOT think it's acceptable and said Parker is extremely unhappy with the ramifications he now has to face because he didn't study enough this semester.  Bobby said he was the same way in school.  Rosie had to fight with Parker to get him out of her bathroom last night and longed for the days they never ever fought.  She said those days have "all gone to shit."   Janette reminded Rosie that this too shall pass and that some day he'll be in his 20s and this will all be over.  Rosie said she's told Parker that the choice is his and he can either make the next three years enjoyable or the most miserable three years of his life.  Rosie also loves Parker's Biology teacher, whose husband just died, and wished Parker wasn't being such a problem for her to have to deal with.  Janette never cared what her grades were in math and said she always regretted it in later life.  She admitted she can barely tell the time on a digital clock and said she's only really mastered it in the last month of working at the studio.  Rosie doesn't see the point in learning algebra or why that would ever be useful in life.  Janette said math is the key to the mysteries of the universe. Rosie wondered if taking his sports away was a good punishment for poor grades and invited listeners to call in with their thoughts.  She also asked how do you motivate a kid to do better in school.

Kids from Bye Bye Birdie

Rosie took some callers on the topics of teens, grades and motivation.  One caller thought taking sports away was a bad idea.  One caller said Rosie should threaten him with got being able to get his drivers permit unless he keeps his grades up.  Rosie thought that was a great idea!  Another caller talked about her teen's frustrating sense of entitlement and likes how the school sets the limits for grades and sports.  One caller talked about the importance of time management with teens and how she gives her children a specific time to get their work done and if they don't she walks them into their class and tells the teacher they didn't finish.  Rosie didn't think walking into school would work with Parker because she said he doesn't have a level of embarrassment and would just think it would be funny.  She vented about how he emails his teachers late at night to try to get out of doing homework, how he's on the list of people that need help at school and doesn't care, and how he's had academic detention for not doing his homework recently.  Rosie seemed frustrated that she can't inspire Parker to want to do better in school.  One caller told Rosie she should let Parker fail and "hit bottom" so the motivation can come from within.

Rosie said part of Parker's consequences of not getting the grades he needs is getting his iPhone taken away until January.  She gave him a "baby phone" that only allows him to call five pre-programmed numbers (Rosie, Kelli, Stanley (their driver), Tanya (their nanny), etc).  She called it an "embarrassing baby phone" but Parker really doesn't seem to care!  It doesn't embarrass him at all!  She called him on his baby phone yesterday to talk to him about his grades and he hung up on her saying he had to start practice.  When he got home later that night, instead of yelling at him she decided to put a big smile on her face and walk up to him and say, "Don't hang up on Mommy again, okay?"  She said she's trying to take a different approach to dealing with him because the screaming isn't fun. 

Rosie then introduced Joe Lovett who directed and starred in the documentary Going Blind a movie that aims to increase public awareness about sight loss.  Rosie saw the film and said she felt like she knew Joe then she realized she worked with him before.  She said it is a beautiful documentary that explains how people prepare when they're losing their sight and how life changes after they do.  She told her listeners it is definitely worth seeing.  Rosie told Joe how much she loved his documentary and how she had never thought about what it would be like to lose her sight.  Joe said people with vision loss are oftentimes living in a world we choose to ignore, almost like a parallel universe.  Joe has glaucoma.  He spoke to Rosie about his glaucoma and how it has changed over the years.  When he was in his 40s he had extraordinarily high pressure in his eyes and his doctor sent him to a specialist.  Shortly thereafter he started to lose his eyesight.  Rosie said the documentary is a fascinating look at what it's like to go blind.  She and Joe talked about the scene in the film where they explain how our brains fill in the gaps for what we no longer see and the time he ran right into a man on the street because he was in his blind-spot.

Rosie asked Joe about what is was like to be the subject of one of his films and how he went about finding other people to be in the documentary.  Joe said optometrists don't want to talk about vision loss because they don't want to upset you so he had to talk to people who had been through it to find out what happened to them.  Joe said he heard the most unbelievable stories and shared a few of them with Rosie.  Joe talked about how going blind is like learning a new language and how 70-80% of people who have had vision loss don't have the skills they need to succeed in the world.   

Joe said they're really encouraging educational institutions, schools and community groups to hold screenings of the film in their own communities to create group discussions about it and to better understand what's involved with eye care and low vision care.  Listeners interesting in seeing the film can go to www.goingblindmovie.com and click on Going Blind and Going Forward to learn more.  He said eventually they would like to have it on Amazon.com for downloading. 

Joe has been participating in electro-brain stimulation by the Human Brain Institute to better the pathways with which your brain creates sight out of the data that your eye sends.  He decided to try it though he wasn't sure it would work.  For two weeks he had electrodes attached to his eyes and he almost immediately noticed changes.  He realized he could read the text on a program at the ballet without his glasses!  He could also see the features of the dancers on the stage and the glare wasn't there when seeing headlights on the street (which is common for people with bad glaucoma).  He doesn't know if the changes are permanent and only time will tell.  Joe said we think of Glaucoma as a benign disease but it's honestly a relentless disease.  Rosie told Joe he's doing a tremendous service with his film and wished him great success.  She offered to do anything she could do to help get the word out on his film.  She thanked him for calling in and recommended listeners go to goingblindmovie.com  for more information.

During today's game, Brendan had a list of the hundred biggest brand names in the world and he went around the room and gave each player a chance to guess one.  Each player got the same number of points where the brand was on the list.  So, the lower the brand was on the list (and the more obscure) the more points the player got.

Pete: guessed McDonald's for 8 points.
Janette: guessed Nabisco, which was not on the list.
Bobby: guessed Hershey which was not on the list.
Shoshana: guessed Apple for 7 points.
Rosie: guessed Ford for 68 points! 

Pete: Nokia, 9 points.
Janette: Nissan, 59 points!
Bobby: IBM, 6 points.
Shoshana: Samsung, 58 points!
Rosie: Honda, 37 points.

Pete: Chevrolet, 69 points!
Janette: Coca Cola for 4 points.
Bobby: Kodak which was not on the list.
Shoshana: Sony which was not on the list.
Rosie: Mercedes for 36 points.

Pete: Volvo which was not on the list.
Janette: Daewu which was not on the list.
Bobby: Disney for 23 points.
Shoshana: Kraft which was not on the list.
Rosie: Gap which was not on the list.

Rosie won with a total of 141 points!!! Brendan listed off some of the other brands on the list which were Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, AT&T, Verizon, Volkswagen, Nike, etc. 

Rosie closed the show wishing that everyone waiting for test results has good news like she did yesterday. 

and that's what you missed -kw