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In case you missed it...

Pete let everyone know that his mom is in town and he does NOT smoke but if he DID smoke he would not be smoking around her. :) He mentioned that he's getting his daughter tested in about 2 weeks. (Pete and his wife think their daughter may have some sensory issues, I think...) Rosie's teeth and mouth are sore from the dentist and her dentist told her she needs to massage them and she said she's OCD and probably going to over-massage them now. (Rosie is getting new crowns and it's been quite a long, painful process.) She said she feels badly complaining and knows there are worse things. She's thinking of taking a Xanax next time before she goes.

Rosie talked about how she has no way to help her kids with math because she still doesn't understand it well and it's very difficult. Rosie said she recently saw Temple Grandin in a documentary saying that there are some children (especially visual learners) that should not even take Algebra, they should go right to Geometry. Rosie's dad was an electrical engineer and a math nerd and would get so upset with Rosie as a child cause she couldn't get it when they would do homework together.

Janette told her story about when she went to Rwanda with Medical Missions For Children. Janette went to the Congo with AmeriCares and the woman that she met through AmeriCares left and went to MMFC and Janette and her boyfriend followed! Janette said that MMFC is a very small organization with little money and little funding but every penny they do have goes into the missions. MMFC just returned from a trip last week and did 77 cleft lip surgeries in Rwanda! The time Janette went with the organization they had 1 surgeon and they did 48 surgeries in 10 days. Janette said they help adults and children, anyone who needs a cleft lip surgery. Janette talked about how they find their patients, how the transformation to their physical appearance is immediate, and how she helped change their lives and they changed hers. You can see Janette's videos of her journey at maxmouth.com. Rosie said she just watched them and they're pretty amazing. Rosie asked Janette if she ever imagined she would be doing this and Janette said no. She said it isn't depressing, the work helps people and that's what keeps her doing it. It's about helping people, one person at a time.

You can donate to MMFC HERE! You can visit their website HERE. Or become a fan on Facebook HERE! You can also become a fan of Janette's other charity who supports MMFC The Bridge Foundation HERE!

Rosie then introduced the talented Robin Quivers! Robin is a radio personality most known for being the news anchor and co-host of The Howard Stern Show! Rosie asked Robin how and why she joined the Air Force. Robin was a nurse and said she thought she'd join the military to see the world but they only sent her to Ohio! Robin said she had always wanted to be a doctor since she was a little girl but after she went to a pre-nursing program in high school and thought she'd be a nurse and work her way through medical school. However, after working in medicine for a while, she decided she didn't want to be a shithead (a doctor). She said many of the doctors she worked with had a God complex and looked down on everyone.

Robin went to a broadcasting school after deciding that she wanted to change careers and was put on a morning radio show that was getting a new morning DJ (Howard Stern!). Robin said she didn't even want to do the news for him in the beginning and she turned them down several times until the day she listened to a tape of Howard and everything changed. She said in the tape Howard was interviewing a a prostitute like she had any other profession. Classic Howard. She said the tape blew her mind and she had to meet him. When she saw the promotional pictures of him she wondered how she could work with such a good looking man but then she heard he was married so she knew they would be able to work together. She said the first day she was on air with Howard he started talking to her right away. Howard was doing a show about teaching men how to pick up women. Robin walked in to do the news and he told Robin that a guy should wear tight pants to pick up women because this man wears tight pants and had slept with over 45,000 women! Robin said, "If he had sex with 45,000 women, when did he have time to put on pants?" From that moment on Howard loved her and the rest is radio history!

Rosie complimented Robin on how fantastic she looks! Robin has reportedly lost between 60-70 pounds! Robin said she had been a very active and energetic person most of her life and then it was getting hard to be her. So she fought to have a healthier life. Robin started fasting doing the Master Cleanser and felt a little better from it. However, when she was not on the Master Cleanse she went back to her old ways of eating and gained back the weight. But what it showed her was that something about the food she was eating was making her crazy and making her not feel well because all of her aches and pains would go away when she was on the diet. Robin ran into the people that wrote the book 21 pounds in 21 days and that diet taught her about nutrition and digestion. Robin says that it was the education that cured her. Robin said it allowed her to have complete and utter sanity around food. And she's been able to keep it off! FANTASTIC!

Rosie and Robin talked for a while about actress Gabourey Sidibe and her struggles with weight. Rosie and Robin both have a lot of sympathy and compassion for her. Robin talked about how it's such a horrible departure when you can't buy clothes where everyone else does. Rosie said if it was heroin she was addicted to or a different drug, people wouldn't be acting as accepting. Robin said that Gabourey is just a kid and worries for her because when you're heavy so young the consequences are greater. Rosie talked about how much crap Howard got for what he said about Gabourey and because he says it in such a "no B.S. kind of way." Robin talked about when Oprah asked Gabourey at the Oscars where she learns her despair and Robin said "Look at her! There's despair there. It's written all over her."

Robin and Rosie talked about Robin's foundation the 15 Foundation. Robin said she has always admired Rosie for her foundation Rosie's Broadway Kids and wanted to do something too to give back. The 15 Foundation was "formed in an effort to make a difference and help support effective, project driven charities that are really making a difference. The mission of the 15 Foundation is to identify and support these groups and the great work they do." [source: 15foundation.org] The 15 Foundation was founded by Robin and her artist friend Brendan Murphy. Robin has also been a longtime contributor to the United Nations and supports the movement The Girl-Fund that works to better the lives of adolescent girls around the world. You can get more information about the 15 Foundation kickoff event on March 25th, in Miami Beach HERE! Rosie closed the interview by saying she was going to make a donation to Robin's charity and Robin asked that listeners go the the website and learn more about how you can help.

There then was a great board game debate where they listed off and discussed every board game ever known to mankind. I started writing it down and then just gave up. The funniest part of the conversation was when Rosie asked Janette what her favorite board game was and she said she "would rather put a knitting needle in her eye" than play a board game. She finds them incredibly boring and said she generally doesn't enjoy fun. She and her sister didn't have any games as a kid and used to play orphanage and they would take turns yelling at each other! LOL!!!

Rosie asked the staff if she's a hoarder. Recently Tracy, Rosie's new girlfriend, asked Rosie when she began hoarding. Rosie said she wasn't a hoarder and Tracy said all hoarders say they don't hoard! Tracy has been organizing and cleaning out Rosie's craft room (and it must be pretty bad!). This started a great debate about the definition of hoarding vs. collecting. Bobby (emphatically) said it's only hoarding if it interferes with your life. Janette said "he dost protest too much!" LOL Bobby has a mean blue delft collection and Rosie once had a crazy big McDonald's toy collection on her show. Bobby proposed that they have a psychologist come to the studio to discuss the differences. Rosie said she felt bad when she was accused of being a hoarder and Jeannie said she's not a hoarder because it stops at her craft house. That made Ro feel better.

Rosie then introduced writer and comedian Carol Leifer! They talked about being proud of their age rather than ashamed of it. Carol was married to a man and called herself a "late breaking les." She talked about how she had a lesbian fling when she was 40 years old and here she is 14 years later with the same woman! Carol and her partner have an adopted son and 6 rescue dogs. Carol's partner was in real estate but currently stays home with their son. Carol talked with Rosie about how their relationship began and how her partner was uneasy to be with her in the beginning because she didn't want to be a science project for some straight woman. Carol said she was slow to warm but with a little alcohol, it all worked out. HA! Carol said her straight male friends were the most supportive about her being gay and wanted all the details. Her parents were also very supportive, but it was Carol who was a wreck because she thought they were going to be disappointed. She said when she told this to her father he said "Disappointed? I was disappointed when you met that shagetz (referring to Carol's ex-husband)." Carol's current partner is Jewish.

Carol talked about adopting their son when he was 10 months old from Guatemala and how she felt he was truly meant for them. She encouraged women to never let age be a factor in your decision to become a mother. She said it doesn't matter how old you are when you're a mom. She did admit it's a little weird to get AARP and Parent's magazine at the same time however! HA! Rosie and Carol talked about the wonders of becoming a mother and how it changes you forever. You can purchase Carol's book When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win on Amazon!

Carol and Rosie talked some about the Apprentice, and how even though she was the first to be kicked off the show Donald Trump still made a $10,000 donation to her charity The North Shore Animal League. Rosie told the story about how Cyndi called Rosie and asked her to give a donation for the show and how Rosie had to decline because of the feud she has with him. Cyndi truly had no idea they were ever in a feud. Hmmmmm. Carol said she really liked being on the show and has now decided she's going to gain 100 pounds and be on the The Biggest Loser!

Rosie asked Carol about the time she opened for Frank Sinatra and Carol told the story! She was really scared to do it but a good comedian friend of hers told her to walk out on the stage like Mr. Sinatra asked you to open for him personally. She said she did and the crowd was the best audience ever. Carol also said of all the people she has ever worked with, he is the classiest gentleman of them all and it's still one of the most exciting things she's ever done. Carol told Rosie about her worst gig ever which was when she opened for The Beach Boys in 1982. She said it was New Years Eve and no one was policing the room. A table of frat boys sat down right in front of her and were yelling "reefer" at her the entire time and were pulling on her mike cord! And to make matters worse, The Beach Boys were tuning up when she was on stage! Rosie thanked Carol for coming and you can check Carol's website http://www.carolleifer.com/ for upcoming appearances and events!

I would just like to give a big shout-out to all my readers because the Recap Blog hit 100,000 hits today! Thank you to everyone who mentioned it to Rosie and to Rosie herself for posting it on her site. That is a huge milestone for me!
Have a good week Rosie peeps and don't forget to tune to Rosie Radio to hear all the "best of" next week.
Rosie Radio will be back live on air on April 5th

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In case you missed it...

Today Rosie started the show with an enthusiastic spoken word style theme song interpretation. Every day it's something different! It totally makes me laugh. She then played tapes of the the American Idol judges critiquing her.

The Rosie Radio show staff will be on vacation next week (the week of March 29th-April 2nd) AND THAT MEANS SO IS KELLY!!! YAHOO!! Deirdre is renovating her house next week and fixing it up since the rain damage that occurred. Bobby is going down to Miami to see his family and then he's going to Walt Disney World! Bobby said that he and a friend are going to act like big kids running around Disney World having fun and riding the rides. Sounds fantastic to me! Rosie said she didn't go to Disney World until she was 35 years old for the first time and she said she was a little disappointed. Deirdre asked Rosie if she remembers when they did the show from Disney World and of course she does! Rosie found there was a "mildly cult-like atmosphere" amongst the staff members but they were all very nice and accommodating. She mentioned a documentary she had once seen on Walt Disney (perhaps Walt- The Man Behind the Myth?) and Disney's original idea was that the park should be free for children. They mentioned the following story about Disney giving away a ticket to the theme park for one day of volunteerism. Disney recently reached it's goal of giving away 1million free tickets! HERE is an article about that. Rosie seemed to have a problem with how expensive it is to go and how much pressure they put on the families to buy the things in the gift shops by letting you off of the rides right into a gift shop.

A listener called in to tell Rosie that her daughter, who works at Disney World, got colored braces, Disney didn't fire her but they re-wrote the policy because of it. Rosie and the caller discussed the strict appearance standards for the staff. A woman with a family member who has autism called in to discuss how wonderful Disney is when they go. Her nephew is 9 years old and they allow them to skip ahead of the lines. He has no language and she said he giggles, he laughs and it's the best week of his life. Rosie said she's also seen that reaction with kids with autism and dolphins and mentioned a therapy with Dolphins and kids with autism. I found an article about that HERE. She also mentioned a documentary entitled A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism. Rosie ended the call talking about how autism fascinates her. Janette thinks it touches something in Rosie and perhaps, she's a little autistic. Rosie quoted Temple Grandin who says that "If there weren't Autistic people in this world we wouldn't be in the world we're in" and talked about how much she adores Temple. Temple Grandin is going to be on the show the Wednesday they come back from break (April 7th!)!

Rosie said she will be in Miami for Spring Break and she WILL come back with a savage tan. She explained that if you grew up on Long Island, one of the main goals was to have a savage tan. She also said that all the "skin cancer people" yell at her. She said she uses Neutrogena sunscreen so nobody needs to panic. Deirdre said she can't tan because once she gets a taste of it, she gets obsessed with it. On the last vacation Cindy (Berger), Jackie (Rosie's BFF) and Tracy (Rosie's girlfriend) and ALL the kids went down to Miami. All Cindy, Jackie and Rosie wanted to do was lay out and Tracy couldn't understand what was going on! She said it's a Long Island thing. Rosie said she has to bribe her kids to go on the boat with her now because she tends to keep everyone out there for hours. Blake, Rosie's 10 year old, also said he prefers the private plane to JetBlue. And when they were little they always wanted to go on the big plane! Rosie sang "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Here's the Glee version of the song. Just cause it makes me happy...

Janette said she hates flying and she needs a pill to get on a plane now. She said it's the fear of dying that gets her. Rosie said that her girlfriend Tracy is also a little afraid of flying and told a story about when they hit turbulence recently. Rosie said there is no need to be scared unless the flight attendants look scared. Deirdre is afraid of flying too and has to take a Xanax every time she flies. Rosie said that she heard that the good part about dying in a plane crash is that you die quickly. Janette said "that's no comfort! she doesn't want to DIE!" Rosie said "You're gonna." LOL Deirdre told a story about the time she was on tour with Bon Jovi (OMG, don't tell my sister) and the plane had to make a scary emergency landing. Pete said, you mean you were "Living On A Prayer?" ba dump bump. Rosie told a story about how she was headed to Oprah in 1996 and there was such bad turbulence on the plane the flight attendant was crying! They had to make an emergency landing and had to drive 3 hours to make it to Chicago. Another time she was going from LA to Phoenix and the plane dropped hundreds of feet in the air and the airmasks came down! Scary!

Rosie asked the staff if they ever had a dream about being dead? Rosie said she once had a dream she was dead and hovering over her lifeless body in the bed. And in the dream she was thinking "Oh crap, I'm dead!" and then she woke up. Deirdre said she has a lot of birthing dreams. Rosie said she had a dream she gave birth to a Flat Stanley baby and she would keep it in her wallet and then take him out and it would inflate into a real baby. Typing this blog at the OT today. This last sentence made me burst out in hysterical laughter in the waiting room. Thank you very much O'Donnell, now everyone thinks I'm nuts (little do they know, right?). Rosie asked if this show actually has any real content?? Janette said it definitely does. That's coming from Janette, I'm just sayin.

Bobby and Pete talked about how on April 3rd the Apple IPad comes out. Rosie asked "What's the big whoop about the Ipad?" They explained it is the "Apple version of Kindle" with so much more. You can read more about the Apple Ipad HERE. Deirdre said her friend experienced 3DTV. And Rosie talked about how technology frustrates her. Timmy (Rosie's younger brother) got her a new Blu-ray DVD player and it wasn't compatible with her TV. Rosie imitated how she yelled at all her assistants because she just wanted to watch a DVD with her kids and didn't understand why it had to be so hard!

They tried to play the Rhoda theme song since Valerie Harper was in the studio but that started a heated debate about the theme song. It turns out it differed from year to year. Here is the first season's theme song.

Pete and Rosie then discussed how the Pope may have to resign. They discussed the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic church and how this Pope moved the pedophile priests around without notifying their next parishes, asking for their resignations, or reporting them to the police. Janette said what is really sad is there are a "whole crap-load of people who will defend him" and what he has done is "indefensible, inexcusable and gives that religion a bad name." Pete read from an article about the situation.

Valerie Harper was in the studio today! Valerie is currently starring in Looped on Broadway and getting great reviews! Looped "takes place in the summer of 1965, when an inebriated Tallulah Bankhead stumbles into a sound studio to rerecord (or ‘loop’) one line of dialogue for her last movie --Die, Die, My Darling. Ms. Bankhead was known for her wild partying and convention-defying exploits that surpassed even today’s celebrity bad girls. Given her intoxicated state and inability to loop the line properly, what ensues is an uproarious showdown between an uptight film editor, Danny Miller,
and the outrageous legend." [source: loopedonbroadway.com]

Rosie and Valerie talked about the play, the actors, and the life and stories of Tallulah Bankhead. Valerie complimented Rosie for her brilliant performance in Fiddler on the Roof. They laughed about the time that Valerie came to see Rosie in the play and Rosie told the front desk, "If you take her (Valerie's) money (for the tickets), I'm quitting." Rosie talked about what a fabulous time she had in the play and how being on Broadway was everything she dreamed it would be.

Valerie's and her husband, who is producing the play, were originally sent the script from it's playwright Matthew Lombardo. They fell in love with it right away. They first performed it at the Pasadena playhouse, then in West Palm Beach and then they moved it to Washington D.C. - each time tweaking it along the way. Rosie said the play is getting stellar reviews and it's a "not to miss night of theater." Valerie's hope is that audience members go home with sore ribs from laughing so much. She said the true message of the play is about being yourself and about not living life having to hide who you truly are.
Valerie and Rosie talked about many topics including gay marriage, feminism and women's equality. Valerie said she started out wanting to be a ballet dancer and then she did the play Little Abner in 1959. She said it was the first Broadway show to go to Vegas and she remembers traveling with the cast out to Vegas on a train. She was intrigued by acting and changed her goals from ballet dancer to actor. She then did 5 more Broadway shows. Valerie is very well known for her role of Rhoda on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spinoff Rhoda. Rosie and Valerie talked about how they love the art of improvisation and how practicing it allows you to seem more spontaneous when working with a script. Rosie asked Valerie if she's ever seen Curb Your Enthusiasm and they both agreed on how brilliant Larry David is.

Rosie and Valerie made plans to go to Joe Allen's for the Cajun Chicken Sandwich (Rosie's fave!) when she comes back from vacation and she comes to see Valerie in the show. Rosie and Valerie then took callers who were HUGE fans of Rhoda. One caller was such a fan he dressed like Rhoda the day he came out to his parents! They gave both callers tickets and backstage passes to the show! Valerie talked about the magic of live theater and how the audience is different every night. They also talked about the importance of having an expressive face when you're an actress and how too many actresses today are having plastic surgery.

Rosie closed the show singing Together (Wherever We Go) from the musical Gypsy! A Broadway sendoff for a Broadway inspired show! Fantastic!

Valerie as Tallulah in Looped!
and that's what you missed - kw


In case you missed it...

Rosie opened the show today talking about the health care reform bill that passed and the violent protests. I found some articles on the violence including an article on rocks that were thrown at the Democratic Headquarters, a call on twitter for the President's assassination, and Teabaggers threatening gun violence. Brendan, Bobby and Rosie talked about the negative statements that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have said that practically incite the violence. Brendan and Rosie discussed Palin's twitter statement that said "Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!" with a link to a map that encourages Americans to "target" those congress members that voted for the health care reform with SNIPER TARGET images placed over their districts. (see right)

They also discussed Rachel Maddow's show from last night discussing how right-wing extremists are inciting violence. Watch Rachel discuss it in her own words in the video below...

Brendan said he tried to watch Glenn Beck last night but said he's frightening and he had to turn it off. Rosie took several callers including...an emergency room nurse who's upset because people without health care take up the emergency room space for patients who are seriously ill and a caller who doesn't even believe the government should tell her she should wear a seatbelt, let alone that she has to have health insurance. This caller didn't believe that since she makes too much for medicaid now the new bill will allow her to be covered. Rosie asked her how much her salary was and according to the new bill she now qualifies for medicaid. The caller didn't believe it. (Kelly bangs head against wall and loses consciousness briefly.) Rosie pleaded with her to believe it. Rosie announced she was going to go to commercial and come back with charts, sheets, facts and numbers and it was going to be like the Elisabeth Hasselbeck hour. Janette suggested calling the Institute For Studying Steel to see if they have any expertise in the subject of health care reform.

After the commercial break, Rosie listed the facts of the health care reform bill including that right now over 32 million Americans do not have health insurance. When ranking the world health systems by country the United States of America is ranked 37th in the world (after many countries including Costa Rica, Chile, Finland, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Japan etc.). Rosie read some items from the bill that stated if you make less than $30,000 a year you get expanded medicaid and if you make less than $80,000 a year you get tax breaks for health insurance. Also, you can no longer be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition. She said loudly, "It's a good thing people! Don't be so afraid of change!"

Rosie was frustrated over people that maintain there is a "left-wing media bias." She called it a fallacy. She believes there is a much greater right-wing media bias out there driving today's news because no one is even covering the violent protests that have occurred recently over this health care reform bill. Rosie took several more callers with health insurance stories to share. Janette and Rosie expressed their frustrations over how many of the protesters of the bill don't even know why they're angry, but they're just angry.

Rosie stated how much she LOVES Crystal Bowersox. Bobby said that Crystal is in a competition all by herself and she should just go make a record now and let the others compete.

Crystal sings Janis Joplin's Me and Bobby McGee

Rosie said she also liked Casey James who sang Huey Lewis' The Power of Love. She described him as "the one that Kara sexually molested." She also said that Ryan Seacrest looks like a 7th grader next to him.

Casey James singing The Power of Love

Rosie and Bobby were very impressed by Miley Cyrus in last night's episode and Rosie said she would like to have her on the radio show (and that her kids really want to meet her). She also said how much she loves her show Hannah Montana that she watches with her kids every evening. Blakey, Rosie's youngest son, still loves Didi Benami. Rosie said that they are remaking Star Search, the talent search competition show that ran from 1983-1995 and they asked Rosie to host it yet she declined. Rosie thinks that Star Search redone is not going to work. She does like the Idol, however. Rosie said she loved how Simon was back to his mean ways again and they played the negative Simon comments from last night's episode. Ellen misquoted the Broadway musical "Oliver" and said "I will quote Oliver and say 'More Please' " in reference to one of the contestants whom she enjoyed. This error made Rosie and Bobby cringe because that is NOT the infamous quote from the musical. The actual quote is "Please sir, I want some more" which Rosie and Bobby recited together in unison. They were so offended! It was really funny. Rosie and Bobby said it's like quoting the musical Evita and saying "Don't laugh at me Chile" or quoting the Broadway musical Annie and saying "The sun will come out on Thursday.

The scene from Oliver the musical.

Rosie said that people keep asking her about the rumors she's coming back to daytime TV and people are acting like it's going to start in just a few months. Rosie reminded her fans and listeners that she is not set to start until Sept./Oct. 2011. She said she needs the next 18 months to figure out what she's going to wear! Rosie said she would love to do it in a Broadway theater and to still prominently feature Broadway shows. Janette said everyone she has ever met has emailed her since of the announcement about Rosie returning to TV.

They talked very briefly about Vice President Joe Biden saying "This is a big fucking deal" to President Obama after he signed the health care reform bill. Rosie said Obama had that "drunk-Uncle-at-the-Communion-look" on his face, like he wanted to say "Shut up, the mike is on, Joe!" Janette said she loves Joe.

After today's show, Rosie said she's going to the dentist again and she's officially over it. She said she almost hemorrhaged to death the last time. She said it was like "the opening of Saving Private Ryan" when she was spitting into the sink and blood and limbs were practically falling out of her mouth. She said they are going to take off the plastic crowns today and put on another plastic set to see if she likes them. Last Wednesday, when she went to the dentist, she was there from 2pm-7:30pm! She said she is in a lot of pain during the dental appointments and her driver Stanley takes her and she cries into her pillow on the way home. She said she feels like the Nana who can pop her teeth out at a party.

Liz Sarnoff who is a staff writer and co-executive producer of the TV show Lost called in to talk to Rosie. Liz is a breast cancer survivor and recently wrote a book entitled "Shit Genes" that has yet to be published. Liz's mother and sister both had breast cancer, too. Liz said the book is about her journey and experience with breast cancer and she named the book "Shit Genes" because of the time that her sister called her and said to her "why do we have to have these shit genes?" Rosie loved the title of the book. Liz is originally from Long Island and Rosie talked with her about the unusually high incidence of cancer in women from Long Island and the possible environmental factors that may have contributed. Liz said she was 41 when she was diagnosed and she chose chemotherapy and radiation as treatment. She said she would recommend women do a lot of research before they just agree to what the doctors insist. She said if she had it to do over again, she may have chosen a different route. She asked women to take the time to say "this is my body and these are my decisions" and see what the alternatives are. Liz and Rosie shared their mothers' stories of battling breast cancer. They also talked about how some women who are afflicted with the disease choose not to be fully informed about their own illness. Rosie talked with Liz about her second mother, Pat Maravel, who also battled breast cancer and eventually died from it. Rosie has since named a building The Maravel Arts Center for her Rosie's Broadway Kids charity. You can read more about her charity HERE and read about Pat Maravel in Rosie's own words HERE. Rosie also talked about her good friend Lori Klinger who often says how battling breast cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to her (in a way) because of the new appreciation for life that it gave her. Rosie thanked Liz for her phone-call and told her good luck with the book!

The staff talked about the BRCA genetic test and whether or not they would ever choose to be tested. Rosie has been asked to have the test but has declined. Shoshana's mother also had breast cancer and doesn't want the test because she doesn't know what she would do with the information. Janette said she would not have the test for the breast cancer gene because she would be too scared with the information and probably overreact and get a preventative double mastectomy.

Rosie told a story about a time during her magazine lawsuit when there was a woman who was a breast cancer survivor who was brought in to talk to her and ended up working for "the other side." Rosie called the woman on the phone regarding the deception and told her it was bad Karma what she did - to bond with her on such a personal level about breast cancer and then betray her in that way. She said she did NOT say that everyone who lies gets breast cancer. Rosie does believe that the emotional is related to the physical. Rosie also believes that if you believe you can make yourself sick, you have to believe you can make yourself well. Janette talked about her own experience of how her thoughts effected her physically when she was having severe ankle pain and couldn't find a cure. During the lawsuit, the woman who betrayed Rosie so badly, had a recurrence.

Rosie said she heard that Kirstie Alley said something mean about Rosie on her new reality TV show because of the time Rosie called her a liar because she said she weighed 175 pounds the day she revealed her weight on the Oprah Winfrey show. (well guess who's not going to be booked on Rosie's new show in 2011?!) Janette said Kirstie better watch it or she'll draw a mustache on her. (I love Janette.) Janette doesn't like people picking on Rosie. (I hear ya, sister!)

Lastly, Rosie told the story about the murderer named Dean Faiello that Bobby once introduced her to! You can read about Dean's crime HERE. Dean represented himself as a dermatologist yet he held neither a medical degree nor a license to practice medicine. He attempted a mole removal on a woman who had a seizure from the medicine he injected into her and she died. He then buried her in his backyard under a cement floor. Apparently, Rosie is mentioned in a book about the murder entitled Under the Knife: A Beautiful Woman, a Phony Doctor, and a Shocking Homicide! (only because of how she took care of Dean's partner who was suffering from a brain tumor, but still...) Dean Faiello is currently serving 20 years in prison for first degree assault! (There are also pictures of Bobby Pearce's apartment in the book!) They discussed the case and how disturbing it was. This man also called Bobby once from jail and Bobby wouldn't take his call. Janette said he wasn't a real murderer cause he lacked intent (Rosie said to ask the victim's family what they think about that logic) and Pete corrected Janette because apparently, he called a doctor when the woman was having the seizure and the doctor told him to take her directly to the ER and he did not. Instead he let her die and then buried her in the backyard. DISTURBING!! Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed! -kw


In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's program announcing that she's happy that it is finally springtime but that she can't stand the rain which prompted Lou to play I Can't Stand The Rain by Tina Turner and Rosie sang along. Deirdre had a major leak in her apartment last night. She said it was raining so she had to sleep on the couch downstairs and because of that was up until 2am. She called Janette right away because this just recently happened to Janette because of the neighbor above her who let her bathtub overflow! Watch Janette's video blog about the flood in her apartment!

Last night Jeannie, Bobby, Janette and Lou all watched the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars. Jeannie talked about Shannen Doherty and how she cried after the judges were hard on her after her performance. Even though Jeannie kept cringing at how awkward she looked, she felt bad for her. Shannen's father was sitting in the audience and it made Jeannie remember her own father. It is the anniversary of Jeannie's father's death today. Here's a LINK to Shannen's performance. They talked about how Kate (of Jon and Kate Plus 8) looks totally different with her new hair and teeth and new EVERYTHING. Rosie has hated Kate Gosselin since she was on the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 because she was so mean to her husband. She said she's never ever liked her and now she doesn't like her to the 10th power. Janette said Kate BEGGED the audience to call in and vote for her after the performance and that was bad taste. Rosie predicts Kate will be going because America doesn't like her. Bobby said that Aiden Turner is really handsome but he can't move well. Bobby and Jeannie said that Pamela Anderson "oozes sex when she walks." They said she's like pornography on camera. They said that Pamela just rubbed up against her partner and threw her hair around. You can watch Pamela's performance HERE. Janette said she is not a fan of these types of shows but only watched it in the name of Lou. Immediately Lou played the song "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 and Rosie sang along with the words "In the Name of LOU" Sing along, won't you?

Rosie said that her friend Donny Osmond would call her from the parking lot when he was doing DWTS to talk to her about how nervous he was! Awwwww!!!! I have this Donny Osmond super-fan friend who will die when she finds that out. Rosie's all time favorite participant on that show was Cloris Leachman. Rosie really wants to catch up and see last night's episode since she missed it. She said she has to watch American Idol tonight for Crystal! She encouraged everyone to vote for Crystal and not to just assume she's going to win!

Rosie announced that a dead squirrel has been found outside of the house and she thinks Shady (her squirrel friend) may have been more injured than she originally thought. Bobby said he got a good look at the deceased squirrel and said he didn't think it was Shady. Rosie proposed that perhaps Shady (who was very injured when she saw him on Saturday) came up to her over the weekend in order to say goodbye. Oy Vey. Bobby insisted the dead squirrel was NOT Shady! Bobby said he cleaned up the dead squirrel (after he identified the body) and threw him into Rosie's fire pit (so he could be cremated?). Janette said her father used to hunt squirrels and they're very tasty but they give you wind. Rosie got hurt/annoyed at the idea of someone eating her precious friend and corrected Janette and told her her father is dead and to stop talking like he's still around. Jeannie yelled "ROSEANN!!" at Rosie. I love when she calls her Roseann.

Rosie said she went last night to an HBO screening of the documentary A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism which premieres on HBO on April 2nd, 2010. HERE are some pictures from last night's premiere. Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir who created the documentary about her son (previously called The Sunshine Boy), was on the radio show on November 25th. Rosie got Margret in touch with Sheila Nevins and then HBO purchased it. Chelsea, Rosie's oldest daughter, went with Rosie to the event but decided to enter in the back, so she didn't have to be photographed. Rosie said she wore plaid shorts and a cashmere sweater to the event. (see right-->) She also said she did her own hair and makeup (to which Bobby grunted...LOUDLY). Rosie said she didn't want to spend $500 on her hair to go talk about a documentary about Autism. She said the documentary is really amazing and like witnessing a miracle. Kate Winslet, who did the narration for the film, wasn't at the premiere last night because she is going through a divorce. Rosie said the press asked her what the movie was about and why she got involved and she answered all their questions about the film but the only clips they air are the clips about her answering questions about going back to daytime TV and her answering questions about Sandra Bullock's divorce and Kate Winslet's personal life. She said she finds it all very annoying.

Rosie said she thinks (and told the press last night) that Sandra Bullock is an amazing woman, a wonderful person and she hopes she's doing well. She said when the press pressed her again about scoop on Sandra she repeated, "I think Sandra Bullock is an amazing woman, a wonderful person and she hopes she's doing well." And when they asked her about it again she repeated it again. She said NO ONE WOULD STOP until they try to get a clip to use on their show. Rosie talked about the reality of this news being more than a sound bite, that it's actually people's lives. Rosie said when she "came out" in an interview about being gay and Sandra called her just to lend her support. Rosie said she thinks Sandra is fantastic in every way. She then added "it ain't easy."

Rosie said she was also asked if she was concerned at all because Sarah Palin is having trouble selling her T.V. show to a network. And Rosie said she is not worried and she is not gauging her success in television based on Sarah Palin's success. Apparently, the former Alaska governor is joining forces with Mark Burnett to try to sell a reality T.V. series about Alaska. It has been described as "Planet Earth meets Alaska meets her family." Rosie asked why Mark Burnett would do that? Here's a link to an article on the show. She also asked why he would give Trump his own thing (in reference to The Apprentice)? Rosie has heard that her dear friend Cyndi Lauper isn't doing too well on the show. Bobby said that no one is being mean to Cyndi but "she's kind of crazy on the show." Rosie said Cyndi is "not of this world" and that "she's in her own stratosphere." Rosie talked about the time that Cyndi called Rosie and asked her to donate to her charity during the premiere episode of the Apprentice, not knowing that there was ever a Trump/Rosie feud. Rosie told a funny story about when she and Cyndi were on the road together doing the True Colors tour and Cyndi was trying to encourage the audience to get out and vote. She even suggested they go online and vote (for President). When she got backstage Rosie alerted Cyndi to the fact that you cannot vote in the Presidential election online! So, Cyndi came back out and corrected herself but followed that up with the fact that she's a "visionary so it's probably going to happen in the future." Rosie said how much she loves Cyndi, loves her husband and loves their son.

Rosie also said that last night at the documentary premiere, some photographers asked if they could get a photo of Rosie and Chelsea together and Chelsea told them "no." And the photographers put their cameras down and walked away. Rosie said "she has power, that kid" (in reference to Chelsea). Rosie also said she's addicted to Starbuck's Chai-latte. They had one together last night and bonded. So sweet! Chelsea also said she has put the number of the radio show into her cell phone and might call in!

There was some discussion over whether or not Deirdre and Pete are still smoking since they promised to quit in honor of Rosie's birthday on SUNDAY! Pete's wife called in to talk to him about smoking and said "Damn Deirdre." lol Rosie talked to Pete's wife for a while about the smoking thing and told her to feel better (because of the morning sickness she's been experiencing) and if she has twins, she would like one.

Rosie took some callers who disagreed with her stance on health care and Tea Party Patriots. One caller said he was a tea party member because of the financial direction our government is heading. She asked him if he was as upset when we were spending millions of dollars on wars as he is now that we are talking about spending that money on our own citizens for health care. He said he was. The caller said that Tea Partiers stand for responsible spending in government. Rosie challenged the caller as to whether or not he agrees with the group when they say racist and homophobic things? She asked him what it is about health care that is so upsetting that he would stand with people screaming racial epithets. He said it was the abortion language in the bill. Rosie said he is getting misinformation because of Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Brendan, who is an expert on everything, said there is no federal funding for abortion now and there won't be in the current bill. Rosie commented how she really wants the FACTS out there because the distortions that are coming out of the media are really toxic and people are believing things that aren't even happening. Here's a LINK to a quick breakdown of the health care bill.

Rosie took several more callers. One caller will now be covered because of the new health care bill and wasn't before because of a pre-existing condition. One listener called in to tell Rosie that she couldn't even tell her mother that she listened to Rosie. The caller was a Republican from Texas who agrees with Sean Hannity and loves Glenn Beck but also likes to listen to Rosie. The caller, whose name was Kelly and was in her 30s (NO IT WAS NOT ME), really showed her ignorance as to what the health care bill was trying to do for Americans. At some point I blacked out, after banging my head on the wall listening to her. I don't remember all that she said but I will say that Rosie was extremely patient and loving to her. After the phone-call Rosie and Brendan talked about what a terrible job the news media has done in teaching the American public what the country is doing for them.

Then Larry David called in! Rosie called Larry the funniest comedian in the world. She said when she worked with Larry it was her goal to make him laugh and Larry said because the show is improvised, it's hard not to laugh! Rosie asked Larry what made him think he could do a show that was all improv. Larry said he took an improv class in NY and said he really enjoyed it and it felt natural to him. He wanted to do a show yet didn't want to memorize a script. Rosie asked how Larry got Jeff Garlin involved. Larry said he was thinking about going back to standup and Jeff told him he should film it. He said the show came from the idea of a documentary about going back to standup and he put Jeff as his manager and there was the show! Rosie and Larry talked about Jerry Seinfeld's standup and how much work it is. They both said that they don't have the stomach for it anymore because of how brutal standup is. Larry said he used to go home and cry over it! Larry started doing standup in 1975. He could always make all the comics laugh hysterically but hated the audience, especially when they were rude. He said the audience should watch and be polite and they shouldn't talk and say things. It bothered him. It was during his standup days that he was hanging with Seinfeld. Although they were not in the same circle, they had a good chemistry and they would work on material together.

Seinfeld approached David originally about the idea for the show Seinfeld. Larry said at that point he would have done anything that paid money. And the show Seinfeld was born. I feel somewhat complete now that I know this. Larry did standup from 75-79, then went to LA for a while, then came back to NY and did standup again from 84-89. Rosie and Larry shared some laughs about how scary and horrifying the places are that you have to stay in when you do standup.

Larry and Rosie talked about kids and Larry said he had just dropped his kids off at school. He talked about how stressful the mornings were with them trying to get them to school on time. They both talked about the nightmare of "the school drop off." They then commiserated for a while on being a parent of teens.

Rosie said people still come up to her and tell her how great she was on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry said that he thought she was tremendous on the show. They talked briefly about the radio show too and about Rosie returning to daytime T.V. Rosie asked Larry what he is doing next and he said he's "working on some stuff." He said he's "leaning towards doing another season of Curb." Rosie said if they do another season she's there. Larry said how much he loves fighting with her and would love to have her back! Here's a link to Rosie on Curb if you've never seen it.

Larry on Curb

Rosie talked about what tremendous respect and admiration she has for Larry David. She said he's up there with the best of the best. She admitted she didn't really know him personally before she did the episode of Curb but when her agent asked her to do it, she immediately said YES. She said he can remark about how she's "gay, fat, whatever he wants", she's in.

There was a Shady News Network report where Rosie impersonated Shady the squirrel with a Lauper/Leno voice. Shady reported that he's okay and thanked everyone for their concern!

Then, Peter Lemongello called in and chatted with Rosie and Jeannie! Jeannie had a HUGE crush on Peter, and Rosie used to make fun of her relentlessly about this when they were growing up. They talked about career, marriage, kids, etc. Jeannie told a story about how she once went to see him at a mall where he was signing autographs and she was crying her eyes out. Oh, I've never done that for a celebrity in my life! HA! Jeannie even had his pictures in her locker. Jeannie, Rosie and some of their friends are going to see Peter perform at Westbury on May 7th. He hung up saying how he can't wait to meet them after the show! Jeannie was so excited.

A Peter Lemgello montage

Jeannie said she was going to find her old albums she owns of his because they are probably right where she left them at her mother's house!

Pete announced that today is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! Pete and some of the staff wanted to go after the show. Pete and Rosie debated the Ben and Jerry's ice creams and which were the best. Janette said she wouldn't stand in line for a free cone and she would rather pay double for no lines and no people. And Rosie said she understands why Deirdre and Janette are so close.

They closed the show singing along to Puppy Love!

and that's what you missed! -kw

Rosie talks about her new T.V. Show!

Here's a LINK to the video.


In case you missed it...

Rosie said she had a great weekend laying in the sun trying to get tanner than her longtime friend and tan rival, Jackie! The staff brought in tons of food today in honor of Rosie's birthday this weekend. They were all going to go out after the show today but Rosie doesn't feel like it because it's raining. Rosie saw Shady for a brief moment this weekend but wasn't able to get a picture of him. Shady is Rosie's squirrel that she trained to take food right from her hand and he's been missing since the last major storm. Rosie said that Shady is badly injured but is still alive. She proposed calling the Institute for Studying Squirrels to get advice. HA! She even considered trapping him and taking him to the vet.

Here's the story how Rosie told it. On Thursday night (3/18) Rosie went to dinner with Georgette Mosbacher at Joe Allen's in the theater district. And who did she see when she arrived? Barbara Walters, Cindy Adams, Judge Judy and her husband. She said it was awkward but she stopped and said hello. She said Barbara looked tan, rested and botoxed. Cindy was sitting there with a "stoic look of nothingness" and then there was Judge Judy and her husband who were so sweet to her. Rosie saw it as the perfect opportunity and couldn't pass up the moment. She asked them if they've heard the rumors that she's going back to daytime TV. She said Barbara was like "What?" And Cindy asked why they haven't heard about this anywhere. They asked a lot of questions and Rosie said she was going to take the "Oprah spot" just because she wanted to annoy Barbara and she knew she wanted The View to move into that time slot. HA! Judge Judy pointed out that then they would be against each other in the time slots and Rosie made a joke about how they could blend shows because she's sure she'll have a lawsuit by then. Then she made a joke about how fun she is to work with, "just ask Barbara." To which Barbara replied "I said Congratulations."

Not 10 minutes after they left the restaurant, Rosie's phone started ringing - first her publicist then her agent asking "WHAT DID YOU TELL BARBARA WALTERS?!" Rosie said she thinks Barbara Walters really wants that 4:00pm Oprah time slot on ABC. So, is she really going back to TV? Rosie said she has been enjoying Sirius and it's really fun but with Oprah leaving there's going to be a big opening in daytime. TV Distribution Executives Scott Carlin and Dick Robertson (both of whom helped Rosie launch her first talk show) have formed their own company now and came to her and asked her what she thought about coming back to daytime TV. Rosie said she's had many offers like this, but this time, the timing feels right. She said it's not going to be a re-do of the old show. She said it's going to be more like the radio show - an hour on a topic that she chooses. She said it will be "an hour to sit and chat with one person about one thing" and "not about celebrities promoting stuff." She mentioned the time that Tom Cruise was on her old show and how that was truly genuine for her (her excitement) to meet him the first time, but it could never be the same show today. She said the show has to be something different. So that's the scoop on the poop, people! I'll keep you posted if I find out any more but I do not post rumors...only facts I receive from Rosie herself (which I get from the radio just like you all).

This started a conversation about all the flowers Rosie received from famous people for her birthday! She received flowers from Tom Cruise, Madonna, Clay Aiken, etc. She said her house looked like a funeral parlor. Jeannie and Jackie (Rosie's childhood friends) were so excited they took pictures of the cards sent to her by the famous people. Tom sent Rosie beautiful hydrangeas with 4 dozen white roses. Rosie commented on what a nice guy he is. She said there was a picture of Tom and Katie on HuffPo this weekend and she remarked how truly stunning he is.

Rosie also re-cemented her crowns back in this weekend. Jeannie said they were "hanging out having beers" on Rosie's birthday and her molars came out! On Wednesday, Rosie gets the permanent ones in. Or are these the new temporaries? I'm not sure. She reminded her listeners to "brush and floss people!"

At some point Deirdre being too negative to other staff members came up during the conversation. Rosie said that Deirdre needs to be more positive. Pete said he loves Deirdre as she's his immediate supervisor so..... LOL Pete once gave away the ending of a book to Deirdre and he said she was mean about it. Rosie said she once gave away the Fight Club movie ending on her show. She said she hated that movie and that later she found out that Ed Norton was really mad at her for it. She said she doesn't like those sorts of films where you have to do research afterward in order to "get" them. Except Where the Wild Things Are. That she loved. She also commented that New Moon is now on DVD and how much her 10 year old son, Blake, loves that film series.

The Healthcare Bill passed on Rosie's birthday better than the major invasion of Iraq that happened just days before her birthday in 2003. Rosie asked Brendan about the health care bill and asked him to break it down:
Here's a rundown...
  • It provides health care coverage for 32 million people who are currently uninsured.
  • Households making less than 30K get expanded medicaid, and households making less than $80,000 a year get better tax breaks. (Over 50% of the country falls into that bracket).
  • Insurance companies cannot deny or revoke coverage because of preexisting conditions.
  • Rate hikes will be capped.
  • Children can remain on their parents' insurance until their 26 years old
  • The bill will reduce the deficit by 143 billion in 10 years and 1.3 trillion 10 years after that.
Here's what is NOT in the new health care bill:
  • A public "buy in" option- there is no government run healthcare plan to compete with private insurance.
  • Substantial restrictions on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Something about medicare reimbursement (sorry they were talking fast).
  • Policies for illegals
  • Government funded abortions
Every single Republican was against this bill. Brendan said the Republicans wanted to kill the bill and tie it to the Democratic party in order to sink the party on the cause. The liberal Democrats were originally against the bill but ended up voting for it. They really wanted a public option. You know you're reading this and still thinking, but Rosie is coming back to daytime T.V.????? I had to tell myself to seriously focus during this part.

Jeannie is getting dropped from her car insurance company because her daughter received two moving violations and got into a fender bender during her 6 month probationary period. She had been trying to get her off of her car insurance policy but has heard that she's being booted in June from her insurance company regardless.

Rosie said she and Parker got into a big fight this weekend over homework and he threw his phone and told her to go ahead and ground him. Rosie told him he was being very hurtful and it was her birthday and he acted like he didn't care. Rosie said she knows it could be much worse but is stunned. Deirdre can't believe that that sweet little boy she once knew is acting this way and Janette said "he'll be human again in 5 years."

Rosie then took several callers who discussed life lessons, raising teens, how mean teens are, knowing when to back off when parenting, taking responsibility, and the struggles of being the child of a famous mom.

During the midst of all this Shady returned!! Pete quickly turned on the ShadyCam on ustream and put out some nuts. Here's a screenshot I took during today's program. So excited Shady is okay!!!!

Rosie then introduced stand-up comedian Jessica Kirson! Rosie and Jeannie first saw Jessica when she was on the Rfamily Cruise. They said she was making them laugh so hard they were squeezing their thighs together trying not to pee themselves. Jessica started doing comedy after taking a comedy class. She said she started by doing 5 minutes on stage at Caroline's and said she had to work hard and would go up on stage anywhere she had the chance. Rosie said she recently saw Jessica on Joy Behar's show! Jessica's been on many shows including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Last Comic Standing. Rosie and Jessica discussed the difficulties of going on the Tonight Show and being a gay comedian. Jessica said that now that she's known, she can talk about being gay at clubs. Jessica told a story about the time that Robin Williams saw her perform and was co complimentary of her act and how much it meant to her. Rosie said that Robin also came up to her once after a show! They both talked about how mind blowing it was when someone who's such a role model is so kind to you when you're just starting out.

Jessica did some of her favorite character with Rosie who is a "big black woman." See a short clip below.

Watch Jessica on the Joy Behar Show!

Jessica talked a little about how she filmed a pilot with co-executive producer, Zach Braff. She described it as an improvised talk show with lots of hidden camera stuff. You can visit Jessica's YouTube HERE!

Jessica had some questions for Rosie too! Jessica asked Rosie what her first stand-up show was. Rosie said it was a senior high school follies show. She said she stole most of her material from Saturday Night Live. A comedy club owner was in the audience and said she should come and try stand-up at his club. She did a whole set that she stole from Jerry Seinfeld on The Merv Griffin Show (not knowing at the time that you weren't supposed to do that). When she was 18 years old, Shirley Hemphill saw her perform and said she had to open for her or she wouldn't go on. She got paid $25 a show and the rest is history! Jessica asked Rosie if it was always from people seeing her that she got her big breaks and Rosie said, "Yes." She did stand-up and through that she got the VH1 VJ job and then through the VJ job she got the role in the film League of Their Own. Rosie and Jessica talked about how there weren't a lot of female comedians at the time and that's how Rosie and Janette met and became such great friends! You can see Jessica perform at the next rfamily land vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico (go to R Family vacations for more info) and you can get more information about Jessica and her stand-up gigs on her website JessicaKirson.com. You can follow her on twitter HERE. Rosie and Jessica closed the show.

and that's what you missed. -kw


In case you missed it...

Rosie started the show singing along with the beginning theme song and asking Shoshana what kind of music she listens to on the drive to the studio everyday. Shoshana didn't exactly say but she did say it's not Keisha. They mentioned how bad Keisha was on American Idol. They all commented on how it looked like she was trying to be Lady Gaga. You can watch that Lady Gaga copycat debacle performance HERE. (okay, so yeah I have no opinion on that obviously). Rosie said that years ago Madonna told Rosie about Lady Gaga. Bobby commented what an artist Gaga truly is and Rosie said she doesn't think Gaga realizes how beautiful she actually is. They talked about Lady Gaga's latest video "Telephone" with Beyonce and how amazing it is!! I agree, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Rosie said in 2 days she's going to be 48 years old! Rosie said for her birthday she was going to hang with the kids and Tracy and eat buffalo wings and a Friendly's ice cream cake. She also is hoping her squirrel named Shady, will show up this weekend. She's afraid he's gone and as this is the longest she has ever gone without seeing him. This sparked a debate on the best way to die.  Rosie said she still wants to go to Dave and Busters with the staff. She said sometime in April after work they are going to go. April you say? ;) Then the staff sang Happy Birthday to Rosie!!!

After commercial Rosie introduced Cat Cora to the listening audience. Cat is an amazing chef and she just recently cooked for Barack and Michelle Obama! Rosie asked Cat how she was chosen and Cat said she cooked for them on Greek Independence Day because of her Greek heritage.

Cat is the first female Iron Chef! The Iron Chef is a reality competition cooking show hosted by Alton Brown. Cat has been on The Food Network since 1999. Here's a link to a video of Cat on the Food Network. Rosie admitted that she has never watched a Food Network show. Cat's mother and grandmother taught her how to cook and she was raised learning all about both Greek and Mississippi cuisines. Cat said she was cooking from a very young age and she is one of 3 siblings. Both Cat and her older brother were adopted and her younger brother was a biological child to her parents. She didn't find out she was adopted until she was 6 years old from her brother telling her. He has overheard her parents talking about it and decided to tell her. She said it was a surprise to her!

Click HERE for the recipe of what Cat and Rosie made together!  :)

Rosie asked Cat how her family is with her being gay. She said they grew up across the street from a gay couple in South Jackson, Mississippi and her parents were very liberal and open minded. She was always told that if she was gay, or different in any way, that they would still love her. Cat said she has done a few interviews about the girl in Mississippi who's prom was cancelled because she requested to take her girlfriend. Cat said her first love was a cheerleader and they were a couple living in secret. She said that so many nights she would be devastated, crying over this girl. Rosie said that Tracy went through the same thing but for Rosie, being gay and being out, was not even a concept in her school. There were no role models for being gay at the time. Cat said she went with a boy to the Prom but she was really sad she couldn't go with her girlfriend. She also hates when something reinforces the stereotype of Mississippians being close minded because there are so many good people in Mississippi. Cat mentioned that she is working with some people to do a second chance prom for the school and Rosie offered to help and to go with her! How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about that!

Cat said she loves to cook at home for her kids when she is home. She said she has to travel a lot for her job but is a very involved parent when she is home. The traveling does not put a strain on her relationship because her partner is a stay-at-home mom and they developed their relationship with her travelling.

Cat went back to the story about coming out to her parents. She said one night she had come home from a very bad date with a girl and was hysterically crying and she called her mom at a dinner party and told her she had to come home. Her mom came home and Cat just said it. She told her mom "I'm gay. I'm gay." She was 19 years old and in college at the time. She said it took her parents a while to get used to the idea and that her parents went through stages. They went through the sadness of thinking that they were never going to have grandkids (which Cat and her partner have 4 kids together). Then they went through denial, guilt, fear, and now they're members of PFLAG and want to march on Washington for gay rights!

Cat said she really wanted to talk with Rosie about being famous and having kids. Rosie stressed the importance of talking to your kids about what it's like to have a famous mom and explaining to them that it's part of your job. When someone asks Rosie for an autograph when she's with her kids she will often ask them if it's okay first to give her kids a feeling of empowerment. She also introduces her child to the person to make sure that the kids are noticed too. When you're a celebrity, the kids can often be ignored. Rosie told Cat how much she enjoyed her and thanked Cat for coming and they promised they would be hanging out together! It was a very fun interview!

After commercial Rosie and the staff talked about at what age would they like to die as long as they were healthy. If they could guarantee their health, at what age would they choose to die. I don't know, they were throwing out a bunch of numbers. I think Deirdre said 85. Bobby said he still knows people who are 75 years old and still dancing on Broadway! Deirdre said her mother is unbelievably vibrant and she's in her 70s! People are always commenting on how young Janette looks but she says that doesn't matter to the grim reaper. Janette got botox sometime before they were on the View but after The Rosie O'Donnell Show. She said insurance didn't cover it and she still frowns and it cost her $2000. This sparked a conversation about age-related issues and Janette said her gums are receding but she never leaks pee when she sneezes or laughs. Deirdre is 43 years old and also has never had a pee problem. Rosie said when she sneezes or laughs and is unprepared, she does pee a little! Janette reminded Rosie of the time in July of 2000 when she made her laugh so hard, Rosie had to go get a towel to put down where she was sitting. HA!

Rosie asked if they ever sent the Sybian to the caller named Sugar. Rosie wanted to know how she likes it and hopes she will call into the show. Deirdre said she is scared of it but would try it. Janette said she would not try it. She said 10 years ago she would have but now she's all about dinner and a gift. Janette imitated the sound it makes (bzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!) that she heard when she was having a tour of the Howard Stern studio!

Rosie said that her son Blake once found her "magic wand" and she told him it was a microphone. Then he asked why it moves and she said that's because sometimes the crowd gets crazy! LOL! Rosie said there is no place in her house to hide anything private. She said she's thinking of getting a vault which prompted an entire conversation about the pros and cons of a panic room. Lou went to commercial playing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from the musical Annie and Rosie sang along.

Rosie then interviewed some teenagers from Long Island who are raising money to buy children out of slavery in Ghana. Their charity is called "One is greater than none." You can visit and contribute to their cause on their website HERE. All the girls were friends and in 2007 they had several meetings about wanting to start a charity. They came across the little boy from Ghana that they saw on Oprah and they couldn't forget him. They told themselves even if they were only able to help one child, it would matter. Fisherman come into the villages in Ghana and tell parents that they will pay their kids to fish and in reality the children are forced to do slave labor and the parents are never given any money. The girls said there are thousands of kids in slavery in Ghana. They have raised $120,000 so far! And they have rescued and sponsored 48 kids this way!
They have an American proponent of their charity that provides healthcare for the under-insured and uninsured. Visit their website to find out more information or their facebook page!

Rosie and Angelica, Sammi and Kayla from One Is Greater Than None!

Rosie came back from commercial saying how much she enjoyed her interview with Dr. Drew this week. Deirdre said that he absolutely adored Rosie and feels really connected to her! He said he was blown away by her insight. Rosie said that is because she is insightful! Dr. Drew has a book entitled The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissim is Seducing America where he has a narcissism quiz. Take the Narcissism Test yourself HERE.  Everyone in the studio took it! A score of 15.3 is a typical score for the average person and a 17.8 is the typical average for a celebrity. The highest score you can receive of the narcissism test is 40. Here are the scores of the staff members:
Brendan: 8
James: 23 (Rosie said if she looked like James she would be high in vanity and exhibitionism too!)
Lou: 7
Pete: 17
Janette: 25
Bobby: 22
Deirdre: 18 (Rosie asked if she lied on the test, lol)
Rosie: 29 (the highest of everyone!!!!!!) She admitted she's pretty narcissistic and she's very bossy. James and Janette said they also scored high in the bossy area. Rosie admitted that she does think the world would be better if she ran it! LOL! Janette said she just wanted to know how much the job paid first. They discussed the test, everyone's scores and how they got to them. It was a funny funny bit!

Rosie closed the show discussing with Deirdre who would be on the show next week. (see the sidebar of my blog). Next week Larry David will be on and Deirdre commented how Larry NEVER does talk shows but he loves Rosie! (I didn't think it was possible to love him more and now I do). Rosie talked about the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that she did with Larry David. This is all I could find on YouTube. Bad quality but worth posting because it was so funny!

Part 1 of Rosie on Curb

Part 2 of Rosie on Curb
(really shitty quality but listen to it, its still fricking hilarious)

Another member of the studio (Pete, dude your mom busted you in the comments.  Tell her they're not your cigarettes.) and Deirdre said they will quit smoking for Rosie on her bday (this Sunday!!) Lou said he would quit smoking if she gets him sweet seats to Pearl Jam. He said if they're great seats, the day she hands him the tickets, he will quit. This prompted Rosie to sing along to the Mission Impossible theme music "I will get Lou tickets to Pearl Jam and he will quit smoking."

Rosie asked everyone to say a prayer for Shady's return. Lou went to commercial playing "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam to which Rosie sang along with her own made up words and said "Lou, you want to go to this concert because you want to take a nap."



and that's what you missed! -kw