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Pete let everyone know that his mom is in town and he does NOT smoke but if he DID smoke he would not be smoking around her. :) He mentioned that he's getting his daughter tested in about 2 weeks. (Pete and his wife think their daughter may have some sensory issues, I think...) Rosie's teeth and mouth are sore from the dentist and her dentist told her she needs to massage them and she said she's OCD and probably going to over-massage them now. (Rosie is getting new crowns and it's been quite a long, painful process.) She said she feels badly complaining and knows there are worse things. She's thinking of taking a Xanax next time before she goes.

Rosie talked about how she has no way to help her kids with math because she still doesn't understand it well and it's very difficult. Rosie said she recently saw Temple Grandin in a documentary saying that there are some children (especially visual learners) that should not even take Algebra, they should go right to Geometry. Rosie's dad was an electrical engineer and a math nerd and would get so upset with Rosie as a child cause she couldn't get it when they would do homework together.

Janette told her story about when she went to Rwanda with Medical Missions For Children. Janette went to the Congo with AmeriCares and the woman that she met through AmeriCares left and went to MMFC and Janette and her boyfriend followed! Janette said that MMFC is a very small organization with little money and little funding but every penny they do have goes into the missions. MMFC just returned from a trip last week and did 77 cleft lip surgeries in Rwanda! The time Janette went with the organization they had 1 surgeon and they did 48 surgeries in 10 days. Janette said they help adults and children, anyone who needs a cleft lip surgery. Janette talked about how they find their patients, how the transformation to their physical appearance is immediate, and how she helped change their lives and they changed hers. You can see Janette's videos of her journey at maxmouth.com. Rosie said she just watched them and they're pretty amazing. Rosie asked Janette if she ever imagined she would be doing this and Janette said no. She said it isn't depressing, the work helps people and that's what keeps her doing it. It's about helping people, one person at a time.

You can donate to MMFC HERE! You can visit their website HERE. Or become a fan on Facebook HERE! You can also become a fan of Janette's other charity who supports MMFC The Bridge Foundation HERE!

Rosie then introduced the talented Robin Quivers! Robin is a radio personality most known for being the news anchor and co-host of The Howard Stern Show! Rosie asked Robin how and why she joined the Air Force. Robin was a nurse and said she thought she'd join the military to see the world but they only sent her to Ohio! Robin said she had always wanted to be a doctor since she was a little girl but after she went to a pre-nursing program in high school and thought she'd be a nurse and work her way through medical school. However, after working in medicine for a while, she decided she didn't want to be a shithead (a doctor). She said many of the doctors she worked with had a God complex and looked down on everyone.

Robin went to a broadcasting school after deciding that she wanted to change careers and was put on a morning radio show that was getting a new morning DJ (Howard Stern!). Robin said she didn't even want to do the news for him in the beginning and she turned them down several times until the day she listened to a tape of Howard and everything changed. She said in the tape Howard was interviewing a a prostitute like she had any other profession. Classic Howard. She said the tape blew her mind and she had to meet him. When she saw the promotional pictures of him she wondered how she could work with such a good looking man but then she heard he was married so she knew they would be able to work together. She said the first day she was on air with Howard he started talking to her right away. Howard was doing a show about teaching men how to pick up women. Robin walked in to do the news and he told Robin that a guy should wear tight pants to pick up women because this man wears tight pants and had slept with over 45,000 women! Robin said, "If he had sex with 45,000 women, when did he have time to put on pants?" From that moment on Howard loved her and the rest is radio history!

Rosie complimented Robin on how fantastic she looks! Robin has reportedly lost between 60-70 pounds! Robin said she had been a very active and energetic person most of her life and then it was getting hard to be her. So she fought to have a healthier life. Robin started fasting doing the Master Cleanser and felt a little better from it. However, when she was not on the Master Cleanse she went back to her old ways of eating and gained back the weight. But what it showed her was that something about the food she was eating was making her crazy and making her not feel well because all of her aches and pains would go away when she was on the diet. Robin ran into the people that wrote the book 21 pounds in 21 days and that diet taught her about nutrition and digestion. Robin says that it was the education that cured her. Robin said it allowed her to have complete and utter sanity around food. And she's been able to keep it off! FANTASTIC!

Rosie and Robin talked for a while about actress Gabourey Sidibe and her struggles with weight. Rosie and Robin both have a lot of sympathy and compassion for her. Robin talked about how it's such a horrible departure when you can't buy clothes where everyone else does. Rosie said if it was heroin she was addicted to or a different drug, people wouldn't be acting as accepting. Robin said that Gabourey is just a kid and worries for her because when you're heavy so young the consequences are greater. Rosie talked about how much crap Howard got for what he said about Gabourey and because he says it in such a "no B.S. kind of way." Robin talked about when Oprah asked Gabourey at the Oscars where she learns her despair and Robin said "Look at her! There's despair there. It's written all over her."

Robin and Rosie talked about Robin's foundation the 15 Foundation. Robin said she has always admired Rosie for her foundation Rosie's Broadway Kids and wanted to do something too to give back. The 15 Foundation was "formed in an effort to make a difference and help support effective, project driven charities that are really making a difference. The mission of the 15 Foundation is to identify and support these groups and the great work they do." [source: 15foundation.org] The 15 Foundation was founded by Robin and her artist friend Brendan Murphy. Robin has also been a longtime contributor to the United Nations and supports the movement The Girl-Fund that works to better the lives of adolescent girls around the world. You can get more information about the 15 Foundation kickoff event on March 25th, in Miami Beach HERE! Rosie closed the interview by saying she was going to make a donation to Robin's charity and Robin asked that listeners go the the website and learn more about how you can help.

There then was a great board game debate where they listed off and discussed every board game ever known to mankind. I started writing it down and then just gave up. The funniest part of the conversation was when Rosie asked Janette what her favorite board game was and she said she "would rather put a knitting needle in her eye" than play a board game. She finds them incredibly boring and said she generally doesn't enjoy fun. She and her sister didn't have any games as a kid and used to play orphanage and they would take turns yelling at each other! LOL!!!

Rosie asked the staff if she's a hoarder. Recently Tracy, Rosie's new girlfriend, asked Rosie when she began hoarding. Rosie said she wasn't a hoarder and Tracy said all hoarders say they don't hoard! Tracy has been organizing and cleaning out Rosie's craft room (and it must be pretty bad!). This started a great debate about the definition of hoarding vs. collecting. Bobby (emphatically) said it's only hoarding if it interferes with your life. Janette said "he dost protest too much!" LOL Bobby has a mean blue delft collection and Rosie once had a crazy big McDonald's toy collection on her show. Bobby proposed that they have a psychologist come to the studio to discuss the differences. Rosie said she felt bad when she was accused of being a hoarder and Jeannie said she's not a hoarder because it stops at her craft house. That made Ro feel better.

Rosie then introduced writer and comedian Carol Leifer! They talked about being proud of their age rather than ashamed of it. Carol was married to a man and called herself a "late breaking les." She talked about how she had a lesbian fling when she was 40 years old and here she is 14 years later with the same woman! Carol and her partner have an adopted son and 6 rescue dogs. Carol's partner was in real estate but currently stays home with their son. Carol talked with Rosie about how their relationship began and how her partner was uneasy to be with her in the beginning because she didn't want to be a science project for some straight woman. Carol said she was slow to warm but with a little alcohol, it all worked out. HA! Carol said her straight male friends were the most supportive about her being gay and wanted all the details. Her parents were also very supportive, but it was Carol who was a wreck because she thought they were going to be disappointed. She said when she told this to her father he said "Disappointed? I was disappointed when you met that shagetz (referring to Carol's ex-husband)." Carol's current partner is Jewish.

Carol talked about adopting their son when he was 10 months old from Guatemala and how she felt he was truly meant for them. She encouraged women to never let age be a factor in your decision to become a mother. She said it doesn't matter how old you are when you're a mom. She did admit it's a little weird to get AARP and Parent's magazine at the same time however! HA! Rosie and Carol talked about the wonders of becoming a mother and how it changes you forever. You can purchase Carol's book When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win on Amazon!

Carol and Rosie talked some about the Apprentice, and how even though she was the first to be kicked off the show Donald Trump still made a $10,000 donation to her charity The North Shore Animal League. Rosie told the story about how Cyndi called Rosie and asked her to give a donation for the show and how Rosie had to decline because of the feud she has with him. Cyndi truly had no idea they were ever in a feud. Hmmmmm. Carol said she really liked being on the show and has now decided she's going to gain 100 pounds and be on the The Biggest Loser!

Rosie asked Carol about the time she opened for Frank Sinatra and Carol told the story! She was really scared to do it but a good comedian friend of hers told her to walk out on the stage like Mr. Sinatra asked you to open for him personally. She said she did and the crowd was the best audience ever. Carol also said of all the people she has ever worked with, he is the classiest gentleman of them all and it's still one of the most exciting things she's ever done. Carol told Rosie about her worst gig ever which was when she opened for The Beach Boys in 1982. She said it was New Years Eve and no one was policing the room. A table of frat boys sat down right in front of her and were yelling "reefer" at her the entire time and were pulling on her mike cord! And to make matters worse, The Beach Boys were tuning up when she was on stage! Rosie thanked Carol for coming and you can check Carol's website http://www.carolleifer.com/ for upcoming appearances and events!

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