Spring Break

it's been 3 days of Rosie Radio Repeats.
are you jonesin for a fix?
shaking from the withdrawl?
looking for a Rosie hit on the nearest street corner? 

my friends started this After Ro Show
you can go there and talk about the show!
to help curb your withdrawl
help celebrate the launch of their new show, won't you?

Oh, and a blogger friend named Anthony sent me this video he made which totally made me smile...

do you have any rosie news to share? 
send it to me! 
i might post it on the blog!

and don't worry, rosie will be back.  she will.  
she wuvs us.  and can't stay away from us for that long. 


  1. I love Rosie -- she was great on Oprah!
    She is a true role model for all women.
    I hope she comes back to TV.
    My dad is authentic also -- he almost died from a diabetic coma, but I helped him get better. Now he's helping other diabetics.
    Can Rosie help my dad help more diabetics?


  2. Love the "That Girl" Rosie video. Anthony, you rock! I might have to put that on The After Ro Show page, too! Thanks for posting a link to it, Kelly!

    : ) P

  3. i love the video.. .thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this blog. Also, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls? (at least in your profile picture)


  5. great video!
    was that Kathy Griffin in one of the shots?
    loved the black and white pic of Rosie at the end of the video
    thanks for putting this together and for posting it Kelly!

  6. rosieiscomingbacktotv.com