In case you missed it....

•  Today's show was a compilation of previously aired Rosie Radio. 

•  If you haven't heard the Howard Stern-Rosie interaction from Tuesday's show here's a link to an article on autostraddle.com where you can listen to it.  It was captivating radio and one of the best shows they've done, imho.  Autostraddle's website crashed yesterday after Perez posted the link.  Somehow, I doubt that will happen from me posting it.  :)

•  Have a great weekend and don't forget to watch A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration on HBO this Sunday!!  Check your local listings for times.  (I feel so official posting that.)

Read a fantastic REVIEW of the documentary!

Also, if you missed Rosie on Oprah (I don't know how you COULD miss it, I only reminded you every day!) you can watch it in 5 parts here. 

Part3 (part 3 link doesn't seem to work)

Peace out peeps!


Rosie on Craig Ferguson 1-28-10

The opening Puppet Montage!

Part 1 with Rosie and Craig

Part 2 with Rosie and Craig


In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show asking the studio about their weekends since it was actually Monday when they were taping today's program. Rosie and the crew discussed the article about Heidi Montag and her many plastic surgeries she's had. Rosie had never even heard of Heidi Montag when she was asked about it the other day on the red carpet. Heidi, a 23 year old MTV reality TV star, has had 10 plastic surgeries in all and some are saying she is addicted to it. The crew discussed the Today Show episode when Al Roker bashed Heidi and her husband Spencer. In June, Speidy (Spencer + Heidi) went on the Today Show to promote the NBC show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Al "bashed" them which caused the couple to stop doing interviews for a while (not long enough, imho). You can watch the video they were talking about here. Rosie kept rewinding to the part when Spencer says "he said that I saw Jesus" over and over which made Rosie laugh and exclaim "JESUS Christ." It was funny because Rosie had no idea who Spiedy was. Deirdre said it makes her sad because this is what our kids are looking up to. As a sidenote, I laughed when I was listening because no one except Deirdre was really an expert on The Hills. If they ever need to have a much younger expert on call to answer these pressing reality TV topics, I'd like to say I'm always available. :)

Heidi's before and after

• Jeannie mentioned that she is a TLC "junkie." She mentioned a show she watched last night on primordial dwarfism and a show coming up on Twins that she thought Rosie would enjoy. They talked about the twin festival called Twindays which takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio and suggested Lou and his twin brother go. Do I sense a road trip? Rosie talked about an "AMAZING" documentary on TLC about conjoined twins where one twin did not survive. At the convention in Twinsburg, Ohio researchers come from all over the country to study the twins. Rosie finds twins fascinating. FYI, one of my proofreaders is a twin. Michele, I think you are fascinating too, just sayin. And Liz, my other proofreader has identical twin girls.  Coincidence?  I think not.

• Rosie talked about how she spends as much time watching the smaller networks like A&E and TLC as she does the larger networks. Deirdre watches and loves truTV. She talked about the show Operation Repo and the show about cheaters where they track down people having affairs and catch them on tape! (which I am trying to find).

• Rosie talked about the new book Game Change which portrays Elizabeth Edwards in a fairly negative light. Rosie was speaking with Nora and Delia Ephron who said that she could play Elizabeth in a TV movie (Deirdre said Rosie was much prettier. We agree Deirdre.). Rosie said she would never want to play Elizabeth because she has children and she wouldn't want to portray her negatively given all she's been through. Then, Janette had to interrupt and ask who they were talking about mid-conversation because she had forgotten. CLASSIC Janette. Here's an article about the book and how it portrays Elizabeth if you're REALLY interested. Warning: The article links you to Fox.com against my better judgement.

• Rosie talked about Betty White's acceptance speech when she got her lifetime achievement award at SAG. Rosie talked about age, growing older and how she still feels like a kid herself. Rosie said the defining sitcom of her life is Mary Tyler Moore. Jeannie's defining sitcom was All in the Family. Jeannie said her father "had a little Archie Bunker in him." Lou played the theme song of All In The Family and went to commercial.

All in the Family Opening

• Rosie then introduced Peter Bales and John Mulrooney - two fellow stand-up comedians which Rosie knew from an Improv group they all used to belong to. Pete (who once made out with Rosie but ended up marrying a much skinnier and straighter girl) is currently a history professor and teaches and performs stand-up. Rosie, Pete and John talked about many, many things. They talked about the differences in performing comedy nowadays and how clubs require you to bring in an audience and even charge the comedians to perform. Peter Bales promoted his book "How Come They Always Had Battles in National Parks" which takes a humorous yet factual account of American History up through the Civil War. Pete said history is really about "life, people, passion and understanding who you are." Pete talked about his girlfriend Peach and how he and his ex-wife are friends and they have a GREAT relationship. John Mulrooney said he "followed the path of Jesus" and he didn't get married "because he didn't want to be crucified twice." (NICE.) They talked some about taking care of elderly parents and Rosie recommended Jim Breuer's documentary More Than Me about taking his elderly father on the road with him. John promoted his CD called "The Top 10 Lessons From The Worst Year Of My Life" about how the greatest gifts he has received were when his father was dying and the year he lost many members of his family. Rosie, Pete and John talked about telling your parents that you love them and how Pat Maravel (Rosie's teacher and other mother in grade school) was the first person to tell Rosie she loved her and hug her when she was in the 8th grade. They talked about the struggles of raising children and keeping them off drugs.

• Rosie told Pete that he was the smartest stand-up comic she ever knew growing up. Pete said he majored in theater at Northwestern and realized he couldn't perform Shakespeare or Chekhov but he could do comedy. John is doing a show that tries to find the "funniest first responders" where the winner gets $2000 and a several other prizes. Rosie said she too is doing stand-up again! (I heard she was touring this summer! I'm so there!) Peter said during his classes at Stand-up University many female comediennes use the class to come out. Pete said that Long Island is a completely different place for gay comedians than it used to be and there is a greater acceptance now. He praised Rosie for BLAZING the trail for gay comics. Rosie talked about how much she enjoyed the new Wanda Sykes stand-up special Ima Be Me and about her son Parker's obsession with stand-up. Rosie invited Pete and John to come over and watch old tapes of the stand-up shows and thanked them for coming in.

Wanda Sykes: Ima Be Me
If you haven't seen it, SEE IT.

• Rosie then interviewed Terri Cheney on the phone who is the author of the book Manic: A Memoir. Terri was once a successful entertainment lawyer in Hollywood serving celebrity clients who was secretly battling bipolar disorder. Terri said she knew as a child that she was very different from other children but didn't have the words for it. She said she hid it well behind the facade of over-achievement. Terri told her story of trying to commit suicide at age 7 because she was so afraid she was going to get less than an A on a school project. Terri and Rosie talked about how they used to self-injure to relieve the internal pain they were feeling and the ultimate shame they felt from that. For Rosie, the self-injuring began after her mother died and it wasn't until she was 20 years old that she first told someone (Pat Maravel) that she hurt herself. It wasn't until Terry was 27 years old that she got a diagnosis of bipolar disease. Terri and Rosie talked about how they often blamed themselves for the depression they felt and the shame that goes along with taking medication for mental illness. Terri talked about the need for the public to recognize that bipolar disorder is a physical disease. Terri Cheney has a new title coming out in 2011 where she is writing about bipolar disorder from a child's point of view. Rosie called "Manic: A Memoir" a very honest book that will help a lot of people very much and thanked Terri for calling in.

• Rosie and Janette then talked about anti-depressants and how her sister, Lanette, is trying to get off of them. Janette once tried anti-depressants but they didn't work for her because the drugs made her feel far worse. Bobby discussed his own battle with depression and how the anti-depressants created "an absolute (positive) difference." Rosie discussed how she went on Prozac in 1999 after Columbine and she felt a positive difference right away. Shoshana discussed the difference between sadness and depression. Janette then told the story of battling TMS (Tension Mito Sciatic Syndrome) which is when your brain, in an effort to oppress unwanted emotion (usually in the form of anger) lessens the blood supply and causes oxygen deprivation to a specific part of your body (for Janette it was her ankles). She further explained that the more you change your life to accommodate the pain, the more the pain grows. Janette had this disorder and was practically wheelchair bound from it. After seeing many many doctors and being unable to get a diagnosis Janette went to Dr. John Sarno and he talked to her for about 40 minutes and she went to a lecture that night and she began to get better! Janette explained that the cure for TMS is to know you have it. The pain is caused from an emotional trigger and there's no medical procedure to help. Dr. Sarno also helped Howard Stern with the horrible back pain he once experienced. You can buy Dr. Sarno's book HERE.

• Rosie told a story of battling her own pain when she was fighting the lawsuit against the magazine company in 2003. Rosie explained how she had horrible sciatica pain and could hardly walk up the steps. It took her 20 minutes to walk from her house to the dock in Miami. After the lawsuit the pain went away and she realized it was all from emotional stress. Rosie talked about how the mind has such power over the physical being. Rosie finished the conversation by saying how much she wants to help Janette's sister Lanette who's been struggling to get off anti-depressants. Janette thanked Rosie and said how they feel like they are all sisters...like family.

• Rosie closed the show reminding listeners to not forget to watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson TONIGHT where Craig and Rosie will be doing a musical number!


In case you missed it...

• Today the Rosie Radio crew was back in Nyack after being at the Sirius Studios of NYC yesterday. Rosie said that Howard was very happy with the interview yesterday and that he knew she was going to love radio. On yesterday's show a listener called in and Rosie gave away her Sybian that Howard bought for her. Deirdre said she would have taken it! Rosie said she would buy one for Deirdre's birthday (which is June 9th) yet give it to her early in April when her boyfriend is supposed to go out of town. Rosie said she'd give it to her but she wants details about what it's like when she uses it and Deirdre said she would provide them! Deirdre told a story about Howard when he once gave one of his female listeners an orgasm from sitting on her speaker. Janette talked about how she got a tour of the Sirius studios yesterday and how she has such admiration for Gary Dell'Abate as an executive producer of radio and Janette even got to see Howard's real Sybian!

•  Rosie talked about her appearance on Good Morning America yesterday promoting her documentary A Family Is A Family Is A Family.   During yesterday's radio show while Rosie was talking to Howard, Ozzy Osbourne and his entourage also stopped in. Rosie said Deirdre almost ruined the entire relationship with the Howard Stern Staff because she yelled at Steve Leeds who is the VP of Talent and Industry Affairs at Sirius. Deirdre said she was not upset but that they were trying to create a calming atmosphere for Rosie without a lot of people in the room and then Steve pushed Ozzy and his entourage into the room.  Deirdre said she was worried it would upset the vibe of the show. Apparently Rosie said Deirdre threw a "hissy fit" on Steve and Rosie told her she's not allowed to do that because Steve is the reason Rosie has a career. Rosie then told the story about how in 1987 MTV was looking for new VJs and Steve came and saw Rosie perform. Steve thought she was good but not exactly what they were looking for. Rosie came to NY and auditioned but never heard back. However, Rosie sent him a thank you note and because of that he sent her audition video tape to VH1 and that's how she got the VJ gig at VH1. Rosie then talked about how when she went on Oprah recently she asked Sirius for some free radios to give away and then again for the audience of the Craig Ferguson show and she was told they didn't have them to give away! They said to her "How are they ever going to make any money if they just always give away free radios all the time."

• Rosie then reminded listeners that right now on Rosie.com you can get 2 weeks of free Sirius radio online! Rosie said she wants to extend it and encouraged her listeners to write to Sirius and tell them how much you were thinking of subscribing now that you've heard it for free.

• Timmy (Rosie's brother) wanted Rosie to clarify that she only spent $40,000 at Target not $52,000 as she said yesterday. He wanted Rosie to not exaggerate that it makes her look bad. Rosie explained that she gets EVERYTHING including clothes, household goods and food at Target. Janette said she's only been in Target once (gasp!) when she bought an Isaac Mizrahi jacket for only $20. In Rosie's opinion, it's the best store EVER. Apparently 3 years ago Target did a redesign and Rosie had a panic attack over it because she didn't know where anything was.

• Rosie then told this hilarious story about how once she found this extra large drinking cup in the clearance section at Target and was so pleased she talked about it on her T.V. show. People wrote in to Rosie to tell her it wasn't a drinking cup at all, it was actually a toilet bowl cleaner holder!!!!!!! (LOL) Rosie asked that Target come on board as a major sponsor. She said they could do shopping spree prizes at Target once a month. She then talked about the old T.V. show called The Money Maze show hosted by Nick Clooney (George Clooney's father). Rosie said she was mad when a man was hurt on the show and they had to cancel it because Rosie loved that show.

• Rosie told a story about how when she was on Oprah she was talking about how weird fame was like when she's shopping at the sale rack in Target and gets recognized and Oprah commented that she never shops at the sale rack. It's interesting that two women who didn't grow up with much having very different feelings about discounted items. Rosie said she can't think of any reason to need to shop anywhere else.

• Deirdre began laughing because she's watching porn while on air! Well kind of. Deirdre was watching a video on YouTube of Jenna Jameson riding the Sybian on Howard Stern and how it looked like she was in pain! They again talked about vibrators and Rosie said the "magic wand" is way too powerful and how Howard recommends the pocket rocket (Lordy, enough vibrator talk already! I can't take writing this anymore!). A listener named Laura who called in and is an identical twin made plans to meet Rosie at Target the next time she goes. Rosie asked her where they eat when they shop at the mall (but she didn't mention Chilis at the Palisades which I know is one of Rosie's favorites!).

• After the commercial break Rosie talked about the problems with the Haitian orphans and how there were 400,000 orphans in Haiti BEFORE the earthquake. They discussed the Operation Babylift that happened in 1975 when over 2,000 infants and children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world. One of the planes of orphans crashed and Rosie remembers wanting to adopt one when she was a child. Apparently, Senator Mary Landrieu has a new bill she's introducing to Congress to help the Haitian orphans by allowing American families eager to adopt to help. Rosie said this is exactly what needs to be done. The bill will help accelerate the adoption process even if it's temporary until their family members can be found. Rosie LOVES Mary Landrieu. The only time Rosie has ever been to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of foster children was at her request. Rosie asked listeners to WRITE IN TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SAY SUPPORT THE FAMILIES FOR ORPHANS ACT. Read more about it in an article HERE. Learn more about Mary Landrieu and her effort to enact this legislation HERE.

• Janette mentioned Americares that gives humanitarian and disaster relief to nations around the world. She told a story of a man named Bob Macauley who after the crash of a jet carrying 243 Vietnamese orphans in 1975 decided to take action. Bob Macauley, a paper broker from New Canaan, Conn., immediately chartered a Boeing 747 to rescue the young survivors. Within 48 hours, the children were safe in California.  Macauley did not have $10,000 in the bank to cover the down payment for the aircraft, nor the $241,000 for the remaining balance. To cover his expenses, Mr. and Mrs. Macauley took out a mortgage on their house and ended up losing their home over the expenses which his wife said was a fair trade because "the bank may have gotten the house but Bob got the kids." Janette says Americares is a wonderful organization. A listener called in who has friends who have successfully adopted from Haiti and friends who are still waiting for their child. Rosie talked to another caller about the difficulties of fostering when you have to return the kids to their parents. Rosie talked about her own experience when she lost a foster child. And Janette told the story how she was given away to foster care when she was just 7 years old. Rosie and Janette emphasized that the fostering has to be about the children and what is best for them. Learn more about Americares and their amazing history HERE.

• Rosie talked to a woman whose daughter's coat was stolen and how the mess in Haiti has really put this small thing in perspective. The caller has seen the boy wearing the coat he stole and the caller asked Rosie's advice. Rosie told her to approach him and tell him she forgives him and to tell him that she's there to help if he needs someone to talk to.

• Rosie recommended the site charitynavigator.org when looking for a trusted charity. Rosie and Madonna have each given $250,000 to Partners In Health which is a trusted charity of Madonna's. Lou went to commercial playing "Halo" by Beyonce from the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon.

Beyonce singing Halo

• Rosie then interviewed Deridre's friend and photojournalist Les Stone who's covered Haiti for over 20 years. Les is in Rwanda right now documenting the Women For Women International celebration of the 100th anniversary of Women's Day. Les is 50 years old and has been doing photography his entire life. He talked about being moved by the Haitian people, the religion, and about hearing the most amazing stories of survival from the Haitian people. Rosie asked Les how difficult it is to not just put down his camera and help people and Les responded that most photographers help quite a lot, you just don't see it photographed. He said that he's been in many violent circumstances and you realize that the violence is going to happen whether you're there photographing it or not. He explained the politics of Haiti and Rosie asked how he survives witnessing the horror that he's seen. Les says that he suffers from depression and PTSD and he just deals with it and tries to have a good sense of humor. Les sees the desperation in the orphan situation in Haiti and hopes Americans will reach out if they can.

• Rosie asked Les if he knew Dan Eldon which he did. Dan was the youngest Reuters photographer ever and he and three colleagues were killed by an angry mob in Mogadishu after the U.S. mistakingly bombed some citizens. Dan left behind a series of journals, which his family has exhibited on a worldwide tour.

Rosie recommended the documentary Dying To Tell The Story which is a moving tribute to the brave efforts of photojournalists who cover wars and highlights Dan's own story. Les reiterated that photojournalists risk their lives to tell stories for the world. Rosie thanked Les for his work and amazing pictures and for calling in.

• Rosie talked about when she traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and how much it devastated her and how when she visits soldiers in the hospital how it's so hard for her to recover from that. Janette told a story about the medical missions she's been on and wants to go back to get a woman a cow. Janette met a women while she was there and her child was helped by the medical missions. The woman would take care of some cows in exchange for the compost. She worked incredibly hard and she gave Janette a picture of herself because it was the only thing she owned. Janette wants to go back and get the woman her own cow. Janette thinks Rosie would love these kinds of missions because their positive nature. To learn more about Janette's Medical Missions For Children visit mmfc.org!

• Rosie asked if she looks better because its been three days of not picking at her face. Rosie's therapist has been talking to her about her face and picking. Rosie blames it all on Kelli's mother for giving her that horrid magnifying mirror (jokingly) and did a "Kelli's mom" impersonation. Very funny. Rosie talked about how her new girlfriend Tracy is a photographer and now takes photos of Rosie which is different for Rosie because she's typically the one taking all the photos and is usually not in any of them. Tracy kindly asked Rosie why she picks at her face and kisses all her boo-boos when they see each other. Rosie said that that was probably TMI but I think it's cute Ro!

• Then I missed a little bit of the show but I think they began talking about Glenn Beck. Which is okay because I detest him so I'll do my best at this part. A Mormon listener named KELLY (not me however) called in to talk to Rosie about Glenn Beck, his history and some weird commercial he did about a Christmas Sweater. They played the clip which I cannot find online nor do I want to hear it. This woman actually went to the Christmas sweater program all about how he grew up in poverty and was ashamed to wear this Christmas sweater. Kelly recommended watching the 20/20 John Stossel interview with Glenn because in that he explains the reason he converted to LDS was because he wanted to have sex with his wife. This woman is a Mormon who's embarrassed that Glenn Beck is Mormon too. Rosie told her to be sure and watch her new documentary on families because she's going to love it and Rosie gave her so many prizes so she can tell her Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck loving husband that liberal Rosie is so much better than them. Rosie asked the caller to call her on Feb. 1st to tell her what she thinks about the documentary and James will put her through. Rosie asked the listeners not to miss the newest season of HBO's Big Love and they went to commercial playing the Big Love theme song.

• Tomorrow will be a brand new show with comedians John Mulrooney and Peter Bales!

• Then Shady (Rosie's squirrel) was making some noises that sound almost like a cat. Apparently Shady calls to her when he wants to be fed. Rosie said she can talk "squirrel" and "dolphin" and she's friends with them. Bobby warned her not to say that.
• Rosie reminded listeners that she will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday night and they are going to be performing a song together. Rosie talked about seeing service members at the airport and how every time she sees them she worries about the mothers. Rosie closed the show sending love to all the armed forces members.


In case you missed it...

• Rosie and the crew were at the Sirius radio studios in NYC. The Rosie Radio crew said it felt more like a real job today. The studios are at 49th Street and 6th Street in New York City where Howard Stern does his show live. Helene was in the studio joining the regulars today. Helene, Rosie's friend and make-up artist, did Rosie's makeup for her interview with George Stephanopoulos on GMA this morning. If you missed it, you can watch the interview HERE.

• The Howard TV guys were also in the studio and Rosie asked them if they wanted them to "get naked or talk about sex" since they were there. Rosie chatted with the camera crew for a while, one of whom was also from Long Island. Jeannie and Rosie told a story about once getting into "a rumble" in Kings Park when Rosie punched someone! (the one and only time she ever hit anyone)

• Deirdre and Janette talked about how the weather was so bad yesterday that they had trouble getting back into the city after the storm. Jeannie and Janette watched Rosie's interview with Oprah but Rosie said she couldn't watch it even after her friend Attallah Shabazz called her and told her she had to watch the rerun. Jeannie LOVED the interview and thought Rosie seemed very articulate and calm. Rosie loved how Oprah gave her a big hug. Janette admitted that this was the first hour of Oprah she has ever watched! (WOW) And Janette really enjoyed it too and called it "fantastic."  Pete and Helene don't have cable and do not get the channel that Oprah is on so they didn't see it. Helene thinks she would spend too much time watching T.V. if she had cable and Pete's theory is that if he has time to watch T.V. he should be spending time with his kids. Pete had cable in college and never went to class freshman year because of it. Rosie, on the other hand, has ALL the channels. Janette said Rosie "multi-tasks better than any human she's ever met." Rosie talked about how she thinks she has ADD and how she's made it work for her in life. Janette thinks she has even made her low self-esteem work for her which Rosie made her explain how that is possible.

• Rosie and the radio crew then talked about celebrities and women in show business that they think have had plastic surgery. Rosie and Helene think women who age naturally are much more attractive. Janette talked about her neck and how it's starting to look like a curtain. lol

• Rosie took a caller who asked her if there is any one celebrity who she thinks is allowing herself to grow old gracefully and Rosie said Tyne Daly and someone else in the studio answered Edie Falco. Rosie asked Helene if she should allow herself to go all grey but Helene said her skin tone is too Ruddy for the all grey look.  

• Jeannie asked Rosie if it was difficult talking about such personal issues in such a public way and Rosie said that even though it was hard she's glad its out there and hopes she doesn't have to cover the topic again now.

• Just then, Gary Dell'Abate (AKA Baba Booey) and Howard Stern stopped in to the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosie introduced them to everyone in her crew and Howard called Helene HOT! Howard asked Rosie if she was "promoting Sirius" on GMA or if she was just "promoting that she has a new girlfriend." Howard wanted to know why no one was naked on this show. Rosie and Howard talked about The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how it compared to The Oprah Winfrey Show when they were both on air. Howard said he liked the fact that Rosie stole audience from Oprah and the idea that she had the ability and was healthy enough to walk away from such a successful show. Rosie said that when she hit the 100 million dollars mark in the bank she knew it was time to walk away. (Holy shit.) Howard asked Rosie if she was nervous about money when she lost 10 million dollars of her own money in the Broadway musical Taboo. And Rosie said "it didn't worry her" and admitted that she never pays attention to her money.  Plus, Rosie doesn't have expensive taste and shops at Target. Howard, on the other hand, worries he never has enough money.

Beth and Howard

• Rosie and Howard then talked about what it is like working at Sirius. Rosie Radio has 10 people working on the show and Rosie LOVES doing radio. Howard loves working at Sirius too and even talked about how strange it feels that you don't constantly hear from a program director telling you what you can and cannot say on air.

• Howard talked about how he was "on the fence" about doing Conan's last show last week and how he seriously thought about it so he could go on and attack Jay Leno but didn't want to make the trip all the way out to L.A. Apparently, Rosie had sent an email to Howard offering to do it with him. Howard said that Rosie's "Jay Leno story" meant a LOT to him and he would share why with her later when they were off air. Howard mentioned an article in The Wall Street Journal comparing Jay Leno to Hitler. Click HERE to read that article. Howard mentioned how Jay is going to be interviewed by Oprah and hopes that Oprah really asks some tough questions.

• Howard told Rosie he thinks she is moving too fast with her new girlfriend yet understands she's in love. Howard once heard that Rosie used to have orgies (I just had to look that word up in the dictionary to see how it's spelled as this is the first time I have ever blogged about orgies) at the Four Seasons Hotel. Howard also wanted to know where the Sybian was that he bought for her????? Rosie said she uses it as a footrest every day and that they had to hide all the attachments so her kids wouldn't accidentally find them. Rosie believes that certain sex toys are too powerful and can "ruin you for life." Howard said all that women really need is the Pocket Rocket (Don't click on that link if you're under 18! Better yet, stop reading right now if you're under 18! It gets worse!). Rosie then volunteered Deirdre or Helene to try out her Sybian. lol

• Howard said he's shocked that Rosie hasn't tried out the Sybian because he's heard it's the greatest orgasm (yes I just blogged about orgasms) ever.

• Then, the whole "Rosie once said Oprah and Gayle were gay" comment came up in conversation. Rosie clarified that she doesn't think Oprah and Gayle are lesbians but that she thinks they're each other's emotional mates. Howard thinks that Oprah hates him but Howard actually loves Oprah and even subscribes to her magazine! Howard said he loves Rosie because she's controversial and honest and wishes Oprah would just be real.  Rosie thinks this is because there is a "deification" that has happened to Oprah and that she's become an almost spiritual leader.

• Howard asked Rosie why she decided to come clean about her new girlfriend and Rosie it was because  she knew they were going to be publicly photographed together and she did it for the 10 kids that are involved. Howard called the fact that Rosie is going to move Tracy's 6 kids to New York and then have 10 kids living all together "a nightmare." Howard said he thinks it's going to be very difficult for their relationship to be successful with all those kids. He brought up the rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up and how if two of the most good looking people in Hollywood can't make it work, how can anyone! Howard went OFF about Brad and Angelina, it was too funny. Howard said he's happy Rosie has "puppy love going on" and how he's happy for her BUT he thinks it's too soon. Rosie said she's going to give him all the details of her sex-life off air and said that she has already shared this information with the members of the studio. Rosie said she and Tracy had 4 dates until they even kissed for the first time. Rosie told the story about how they met and how she loves that Tracy loves kids so much. Howard talked about how he and Beth have only animals living with them and how he has 3 daughters but he's done with "the fatherhood thing." (not done being a father, just done having more babies)  Rosie said she knew he raised his daughters well because they love musical theater.

• Rosie told the story about how she first met Tracy and how she flew her to Miami without even knowing whether or not it was going to be a romantic relationship or not. (Howard didn't believe that) Rosie admitted that this is only her 10th romantic relationship she's ever had. Rosie said she likes the way Tracy dresses and how she doesn't wear a bra and she has big boobs. (Lordy.)  Rosie said she has "very enjoyable boobs" and she "spends a lot of time on the boobs." (okay....)  Howard said "the amount of time on foreplay is the best part about lesbianism." LOL  (I suppose Howard should know!)

• Rosie said she went to Galveston at Thanksgiving because she was spending the holiday alone and she and Tracy have been dating since September. Howard asked Rosie what she is going to do if the relationship "burns out" and what happens if she has to "untangle this mess???" Rosie told a story about how that happened to her growing up and how it was very upsetting but admitted its hard to date someone who lives in Galveston, Texas. Rosie assured Howard that "they're going to go slow" and "they have the space."

• Rosie then talked about her publicist Cindy Berger who said this morning that she was going to get it confirmed about whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have truly split. Rosie talked about how she originally couldn't stand Cindy, because she thought she was horrible to work with and then Cindy became pregnant (at the same time Rosie was adopting Blake) and ended up losing her baby. Rosie said she sent her a book and a note and they have been really good friends ever since.

• Howard asked Rosie why she wasn't at the Hope For Haiti Telethon and Rosie said that she may have not been invited because she mentioned that all the celebrities should have a cover-charge to attend. Rosie said that she thinks that celebrities are never asked to give financially because it is assumed that their time is equivalent to giving money and Rosie said it is NOT. (GOOD POINT Rosie)

• Howard talked about how he thinks Conan will go to Fox and how all the late night talk shows need to "step up their game." He hopes Jay Leno FAILS and hopes Dave (Letterman) will be able to steal some viewers from Jay. Howard then told a story about an appearance he once had on David Letterman when during the commercial break Letterman called out Howard about upsetting his girlfriend and how awkward it was.

• Just then Ozzy Osbourne stopped in to the studio for a photo with Howard and Rosie did an Ozzy impersonation. It was very funny. Ozzy was on Howard's show today promoting his new book I Am Ozzy. After Ozzy left Howard said that Ozzy was on air for a half an hour and Howard doesn't know one thing he said. LOL

• Howard continued that since David Letterman's sex scandal hit the press he thinks he hasn't been asked to come back on Letterman because he doesn't think he could go on and not bring it up. Rosie said she likes Letterman but she doesn't really feel a connection when she's interviewed and he makes fun of her so she doesn't feel the need to go on.

• Steve Langford with Howard 100 was in the studio too. Steve works on the Howard News and Rosie said she wanted to rip that off and do ROSIE NEWS! Howard said Howard News is news that isn't about anything but Howard related topics. Howard said you can get the regular news anywhere and his fans want to hear the news about the Howard Stern Show so he developed HOWARD NEWS! He said it became clear that that was the glue that would keep his channel together. Howard rarely makes a request to censor Howard News but when Artie Lange attempted suicide he asked that it be kept off the air. However, as soon as it hit the mainstream media they covered it. Howard called Artie "a dear friend," and "a terrific, super-talented guy." Howard said he still can't believe it. Howard told the story about talking on the phone with Artie since the suicide attempt and how it was public and he was sedated and it was awkward. Howard called it "a family matter" now. Rosie said she understands depression and how when the second tower went down during 9/11 she slept for two days and didn't get out of bed.

• Rosie and Howard talked about how she is going to LA tomorrow to do the Craig Ferguson show but they will email each other to set up a time to have dinner. After Howard left Jeannie admitted to being very afraid of Howard but how she's not anymore! Jeannie said she was worried when she found out Howard was going to stop in because she thought Howard was going to call her fat. (I always thought that he'd call me fat too Jeannie if I ever met Howard!) Helene thought it was predictable that he thought she was hot and if there was a hotter woman in the studio he would have gone after her. In other words, Helene thought she was the hottest woman in the studio, Rosie made her clarify. Janette thinks Howard is sexy and unbelievably HOT. Janette loves his nose, his mouth, and his hair. Rosie said Janette's "all squishy and ready!" LOL Jeannie said she just wanted to stare at Howard and Janette talked about how she is intimidated by Gary. For years Janette has been a Howard Stern fan and has been telling Rosie she should do radio. Janette said she would DO him in a heartbeat. Janette said "he may not like fat and old but he is fricking HOT."

• Then they opened the lines to callers for the remainder of the program. Some current Howard Stern fans called in who had doubts about Rosie but who have fallen in love with her since she's been on the radio. (We told you people! Rosie is the BEST!) Rosie offered to have lunch and meet one of the Howard fans when she is in LA and take him and a guest to Craig Ferguson too!

• A listener called in who borrowed a Sybian from a friend and to say it's fantastic. She said it could be really addicting and she had 9 or 11 orgasms the first time she used it. (oy vey) Rosie offered to send hers to the CALLER so she can have hours of enjoyment from it!! The caller admitted she may never leave her house again. The caller offered to take pictures and send them to her but Rosie suggested to send them to Howard instead.

• Janette asked why one would need to have 9 orgasms and said she has one and she's done. Jeannie says these days it's one and done too. Rosie and Helene say they could go for more. :) They didn't ask Shoshana because they're convinced she's still a virgin.

• A listener called in and told Rosie to stop saying that she's old and thinking she's on borrowed time. Rosie admitted to always waiting for the other shoe to drop but that she's going to start thinking of forever and grandkids and how this new way of thinking has been good for her.

• A woman with panic attacks who recently lost her dog called in.

• Rosie talked to one caller about how she will be touring this summer all over the country doing stand-up.

• Everyone in the studio talked about how they've had panic attacks except Shoshana and Jeannie. Helene talked about panic attacks she's had since 9/11 and the power of Xanax.

• One caller commented about how sweet James (the call screener) was.

• They played the audio clip of Rosie admitting to not wearing underwear on Oprah.

• Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that they will be live again tomorrow but will have taped shows Thursday and Friday but the material will be ALL NEW.


In case you missed it...

• The radio crew talked about their weekends! Janette went to Vegas didn't get home until 2am because of the horrible wind in New York. However, she's up $30 thanks to the penny slots! Big spender Janette! Google Pete said that that is how the casinos get everyone in. The penny slots give more out than they get and they hope that you'll get the idea that you're on a lucky streak and hit the bigger money making gambling choices they offer. I thought that was soooooo interesting!

• Janette wanted to know how did Rosie think the interview with Oprah went! She hadn't talked to her since the interview last Thursday. Rosie said she thought it went really well! Rosie said she was overly nervous at the beginning and because of that she was overly chatty at the start. She was happy because she got to give Oprah "a big old hug." Rosie said she thinks she may like Oprah too too much to the point where Rosie knows Oprah has "a starring role in her life and she doesn't even know it and she didn't ever sign up for it." (I totally relate to this part. Perhaps I feel the same way about a certain celebrity....but who's to say?) And Rosie brought up the phone-call that she made to Oprah after the Columbine massacre. Oprah said that truthfully, she never thought about it ever again meanwhile Rosie has been obsessing over it for the past 10 years! Rosie's fantasy is that she, Oprah, Janette, Jeannie and Jackie would all go to Casa Del Sol and have dinner. (Okay, I get this part too. Perhaps I know some people who have similar fantasies about Rosie but I'm not naming any names!)

• Jackie (Rosie's longtime BFF) was jealous because Rosie got to meet the woman who picks out the books for Oprah's Book Club. The Book Thief is Jackie's favorite book right now. Rosie just started reading it. Rosie even recommended it to the woman who picks the books for the Oprah Book Club.

• Now THIS is really fantastic people so keep reading! If you go to Rosie.com and you put in your email address you get to listen to today's show FOR FREE! Shows will be updated Monday thru Friday by 5pm EST. Try it and listen online FREE for TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! FANTASTIC! There's also a link on Sirius online where you can listen to Rosie Radio reruns 24hrs 7 days a week! Click HERE for more information on that!

• Janette asked how the outfit worked out. Rosie hired a stylist, who is employed elsewhere and doesn't want to get in trouble, for the People magazine shoot and for the Oprah interview. The stylist picked out an outfit by Misook. It was black pants and a black top but Rosie said it was SOOOO expensive. Rosie said just the jacket was over $500 and the pants were over $400. Rosie was also talking about this to Oprah and mentioned to her that she always goes to the sale rack and Oprah admitted that she doesn't like the sale rack which Rosie found so interesting. Rosie's hairstylist and friend Eric did her hair and makeup for the show. Apparently she told Oprah she would live in sweats if she could and Oprah recommended her Cashmere sweats from the Oprah store. Deirdre said she didn't really like Cashmere sweats because you need to dry-clean them and they get "pilly on the butt." Rosie said Oprah looked really great and seemed really happy.

Don't forget to watch today!

Rosie and Oprah
(as IF you need my captions to know who is in this picture!)

• Pete said he had food poisoning this weekend that he got from a new Mediterranean restaurant near where he lives. However, Rosie said it was NOT food poisoning because he didn't throw up. I believe she used the term barf. lol Rosie then told a story about once getting food poisoning on location in Savannah, Georgia when she was shooting Now and Then with Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith. Rosie got a chicken from Wendy's one night and 3 hours later "it looked like she had done spin art all over the walls" of the bed and breakfast she was staying in! When she got up the next day her driver (who had also eaten at the Wendy's) was also sick and they were admitted into a Savannah hospital. Demi and Melanie tried to break her out of the hospital. Rosie did her best Demi and Melanie impersonations. So, that's why Rosie didn't think Pete had food poisoning.

• Rosie then talked about how much she wanted the interview to be good for Oprah. Rosie talked about how happy she was with how it went but admitted she won't watch it today. Rosie thinks she is (meaning herself) annoying to watch and doesn't watch any of her own stuff because she becomes so self-critical it effects her next performance. She and Tracy (Rosie's new girlfriend) did get a picture with Oprah and said they were going to use it as their Christmas card this year. Oprah told Rosie she can't imagine having 10 kids in the house.

• They then talked about the last Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Rosie and Janette thought he was classy. They played his farewell speech which you can watch and listen to HERE before NBC takes it off YouTube, that is. They called it "a perfect way to end the show." Rosie said "Conan O'Brien you rock."

• They talked about the Hope for Haiti Telethon and how it raised 57 million dollars for Haiti relief. They talked about the spectacular performances and went to commercial playing the Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris. It is available on ITunes for download with all the proceeds going to relief for Haiti so go buy it now if you can.

Justin Timberlake and Matthew Morris sing Hallelujah

• They then talked about how it's hard to be cynical in today's world (as Conan advised). And how sometimes life doesn't go the way you plan it but to be grateful for what you have right now. Rosie talked about how they say whatever you think you create so to stop telling your negative story and she talked about the book 29 Gifts in 29 Days. Tracy (Rosie's new girlfriend) has pointed out to Rosie that she re-tells the story of losing her mother frequently and yet Deirdre doesn't agree. Deirdre thinks its important to learn the lessons of your past.

• Rosie mentioned how tomorrow's show will be broadcasted from New York City because Rosie's going to be on GMA! Set your tivos!! Rosie is going to sleep in the city tonight and has to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to put on hair and makeup. They talked about how typically the commute to the studio is difficult for everyone in the studio except for Rosie and when they're there in the morning as soon as they see Rosie coming out the door in the morning they yell "SHE"S COMING!!!!!" LOL

• They then talked some more about the Hope For Haiti Telethon performances and how some were pretty amazing. Rosie thought the phone-calls they played on air were "kind of awkward." They played a phone-call that Steven Spielberg had with a caller the night of the telethon. Janette finds it so interesting how this tragedy has gotten to people so much and Rosie thinks that its partly due to the immediate presidential response (unlike Katrina). Rosie talked about the needs of foster families for the children while they're trying to locate family members and hopes they have someone to spearhead that aspect. Deirdre mentioned how Les Stone, the photojournalist, will be calling in from Rwanda later this week. He also knows a woman who's run an orphanage in Haiti for over 30 years so Rosie might be able to talk to him about that too when he calls. It is estimated that there are 100,000 orphans.

• Rosie then talked about an amazing story of a Haitian man who was positive his wife was alive and after 6 days they rescued her from the building. They talked about what that must have been like to be buried alive for such a long period of time and how terrifying that must have been. Watch the amazing rescue they were speaking of below:

Jeanette's Rescue - Jan 18, 2010

• A listener who called in finds it offensive that we're not being as generous with our own problems at home and yet are so willing to help out other countries. He mentioned Madonna for an example. Rosie said "Madonna is a citizen of the world" and even though "Rosie feels like a citizen of the U.S." because she has not traveled outside the country much and has no desire to, it is not that way for everyone. They talked about how Madonna got involved in Malawi. Rosie told the story about how a woman called Madonna at home, told her of the struggles Malawi was facing and how no one cares. Madonna admitted to the woman on the phone that she didn't even know where Malawi was and the woman told Madonna to "go get a map" and hung up on her. Learn more about how Madonna got involved with Malawi in her documentary I Am Because We Are. Watch the trailer below:

Madonna's "I Am Because We Are"

Listen to Madonna talk about cynicism and adoption.

• A caller called in and recommended Freecycle.org where you can post things that you have to give away.

Cesar Millan called in and Rosie called him "just dreamy in every capacity" and "the man she needs in her life." Rosie and her son Blake are obsessed with watching his show. Cesar talked about growing up, his first dog, his children and how you've got to give what you get. He learned to apply that to his relationship with his wife after learning to do it with dogs. Rosie asked Cesar about her own dog issues. Rosie has a 4-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd who is "the neediest dog." She also has a 2-year-old Chihuahua who doesn't always use her pee-pad and sometimes poops in the house. She said her dogs bark A LOT and they won't stop. Cesar said needy dogs can be related to anxiety. He said that she needs to address the anxiety in order to address the behavior. Cesar said the combination of excitement and anxiety can cause the barking and how he likes to read the house so he can read the energy of the home. He suggested having a session with the family to get a better feel for the home in order to find out why the human (AKA Rosie) is not creating a calm submissive state. (Calm submissive Rosie? lol) Blake even told Rosie before her interview with Cesar "mommy he's going to tell you what's wrong with you not the dogs." And Cesar said Blake was RIGHT.

• Jeannie has a Chihuahua-terrier mix who licks excessively and she pushes her face on to your face when you pet her. Cesar advised that she should not give affection when she's in an obsessive state because it promotes the obsessive state rather than calm the dog. Cesar also encouraged draining the physical energy of the dog.

• Rosie asked how Cesar would incorporate two new dogs that are going to be moving in next door (Tracy's dogs). She said the bigger of the two chases cats and one time killed the guinea pig. Rosie asked how they teach the dog that her Chihuahua is not prey. Cesar advised bringing in an expert and asked if he could stop by the next time he's in New York. Rosie told Cesar how he is Blake's new hero since Steve Irwin died. And she invited listeners to call in and ask their questions to Cesar.

• One caller had problems with his dogs attacking each other when he was feeding them as soon as he left the room and Cesar told him to not leave the room! He said if you're there during the mealtime you represent an authority figure so they don't have to challenge each other for food. Cesar said he does not leave the room when he feeds his dogs and there is never a fight.

• One listener has a dog who recently had surgery and has been acting strange ever since. Cesar advised getting feedback from another friend's dog to help him to recover.

• A listener with an elderly dog talked to Cesar about the pros and cons of euthanasia for elderly dogs and how she's against it but Cesar understands the need for it at the same time but how its ultimately your choice.

• You can watch Cesar Millan on The Dog Whisperer every Friday night at 9pm EST on the National Geographic Channel!

• Lou played Puppy Love by Donny Osmond and went to commercial break.

• Rosie has decided to throw away her magnifying mirror. Kelli's mother, Rosie's ex, gave Rosie that mirror and it really ruined her life. Rosie has become obsessed with picking her face in that mirror. However, Rosie is afraid that when she gets rid of it she won't be able to see the hairs on her face and will have a large mustache. Janette told a story how in Vegas this weekend the saleswomen selling the anti-aging cream kept running up to her every time she walked by and how it made her feel old. After taping the Oprah show Rosie went to a bar at the airport and was carded! The waitress thought she was 27 years old!! NICE!

• Jeannie and Rosie talked about how they used to fix their IDs so that they could get into bars and drink Sloe Gin Fizz and Tango (tang and vodka mixed together) and how "coming up it tasted just the same as going down."

• Apparently there was a large fire in the barn on Rupert Isaacson's property (the documentary filmmaker of The Horse Boy) where they treat the kids in Austin, Texas. Rosie told her brother Timmy (who was skyping in at the time) to send the $2500 they needed to replace all his riding equipment.

• Rosie talked about how she is doing a puppet number on when she goes on Craig Ferguson Thursday night and she advised listeners to go on YouTube and look them up. Go HERE or you can go to the Rosie.com radio tab to see the ones they have posted.

• Rosie talked about how she's really enjoying doing radio and how much she looks forward to it every day. She talked about how it feels as if she's coming full circle and Janette talked about how it's so different from T.V. Rosie and her agent were talking about T.V. and Rosie doesn't think she could have the same authenticity as she can on radio. She quoted B.F. Skinner who says that when you observe anything it innately changes the essence of it. Just then, Rosie mentioned how part of her craft house roof was coming off in the storm and it looked like Donald Trump's hair in the breeze! She encouraged (pressured) Jeannie to try and have a sleep over with her tonight in the city. And she talked about wanting to wear her pajamas on Craig Ferguson on Thursday.

• A listener called in and asked Rosie what her favorite Wii game was and she said Figure Skating.

• She talked to a caller about adopting and fostering the Haitian orphans and the necessity of being ready with a homestudy first and the many children in the United States who need homes.

• Rosie talked with a caller about some gay bars she's been to.

• And Rosie closed the show reminding everyone to watch her today on Oprah!!!!!!!!!

Check out Rosie's Funny Family Stories Exclusive from Oprah.com!
See Rosie sum up her life in song, an Oprah.com exclusive! 
View video from Inside The Radio Studio on Oprah.com!
See the compliation of Rosie's online Video Blogs from Oprah.com!

Watch Rosie today on Oprah!
Tomorrow on GMA!
And Thursday Craig Ferguson!

1-22-10 Rosie on Oprah!

Watch THIS!

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

The show was so much fun! There's so much to share and I don't want to give away everything that they talked about but here's a quick rundown.


The Oprah Show staff were very organized and very accommodating. First you stand in line for a while and they lead you in in groups of 20 or so. Then they take your coat and your cell phone, camera and any other electronics you might have with you and then they search through your purse (if you have one.) And when I say search I mean SEARCH. They go through everything, your glass case, open your wallet, look in all the pockets and they take out anything electrical - ipods, phones, camera cords, my memory card reader and they put them in a zip lock bag and hand it back to you after the taping. But you're so excited to be going to see Oprah, you don't even care. I would have let them feel me up to get in there at that point.

Then you are led to a "green room" where there are photos of Oprah and important people on the walls - Nelson Mandela, Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, the Sex and the City cast, etc. Funny I just put the Sex and the City cast in the same "important person" sentence as Nelson Mandela, but I digress. When in the green room we couldn't tell what time it was because women don't wear watches anymore, we all use our cell phones for time and those were taken. You spend about an hour (I'm guessing) or maybe two chatting with the people around you. I met some really great people too! I met Darci and her mom (the rosie radio caller who won two tickets from Rosie!) and Terri and her friend from Hobart who I can't remember her name (two other great women - I was in an Oprah/Rosie fog sorry! The first time I met Rosie I forgot where I lived, it happens to me every time!)

After a while we were called into the actual studio where they tape the show like we had restaurant reservations. I do not know how they did the order but it seemed like it had some sort of rhyme or reason to it. We didn't have great seats, unfortunately. If you can imagine the studio was shaped like a U and we sat at one of the top ends of the U. There was so much to take in, the monitors, the cameras, the production staff, the hair and makeup people, the seaters - it was amazing. There was a "preshow" where they got everyone pumped up for the show to begin and we all got up and did the "flashmob" dance that they did that day in Chicago with the Black Eyed Peas. (I did not dance like the crazy lady in front, I swear)

The dance in case you've never seen it!

Then it was time for the O to come out and she did. Without major introduction, Oprah came down the aisle of the studio audience barefoot with her assistant carrying her Christian Louboutin's for her to wear during the interview. She was gracious and BEAUTIFUL and waved hello and made small talk with the crowd. I just kept thinking "I can't believe she's real." She's real, like an actual person. It was crazy! And she's thin, and I think she looks fantastic. Then just like that, she introduced Rosie and the audience stood and applauded. Rosie looks great too! She also looks thin and healthy and her hair is lighter (maybe highlights?). She looked (but always looks) perfect to me. She was smiling and seemed really, truly happy and at peace.

They talked about EVERYTHING. I don't want to ruin it for those of you waiting to watch on Monday but they talked about the View squabble, her new HBO documentary, how she and Kelli are co-parenting since their breakup, Barbara Walters, the death of Rosie's mother, the post-Columbine phone-call she made to Oprah, the drug of fame, Celebrity Detox, the previous cancelled Oprah appearance, how Tracy is moving in with her kids, how she and Tracy met, the radio show, blogging, blogs and bloggers, how families are forever, and becoming more of your authentic self. I'm sure there were other things but I can't remember as my Rosie/Oprah fog is just beginning to lift.

They did not talk about RBK (which I sort of found surprising), the tragedy in Haiti or the whole "Oprah and Gayle are gay" comment she once made. Rosie didn't mention the recap blog either but I'll give her a pass on that!  (joke people).
I think the interview was perfection. Rosie was so comfortable and open and Oprah is seriously an amazing interviewer. She is so engaged in the conversation - its truly like the audience isn't even there. She asks her questions honestly based off of the answers that are given. She's been doing it her entire life and it shows. It felt so natural like we were just lucky enough to eavesdrop on a private conversation between the two of them. We saw the Broll footage from the studio and some long clips from the documentary as well as interviews with the O'Donnell kids. Just wait, that part was so fantastic to see!

Because I care about Rosie so much I just wanted this interview to be great for her. I wanted Oprah to love our Rosie like we all do. And here's how I know the O loves our Ro. If you're a frequent Oprah viewer (which I am) there is this signature Oprah move she does when she loves a guest as they are joking or agreeing on something where she gives them a high-ten (like a high-five except with both hands) and she and the guest interlock fingers, smile and hold hands in the air for a moment. Have you ever seen her do this? It is a total Oprah move. It's like the O seal of approval. Well, I knew when I saw her do that with Rosie that there was true connection and appreciation- from Oprah to our Rosie. The O loves Ro- fo' sho. And THAT made me happiest of all.

Lastly, Rosie's take on the whole Barbara Walters confrontation was so utterly real. There was a day on the View after the whole Donald Trump scandal where Rosie and Babs got "into it."  Oprah had once asked Barbara about it in an interview when she came on the show to discuss her book Audition.  I loved how Rosie explained how she honestly had hurt feelings that Barbara didn't stand up for her to Dump Truck and what came out as anger was really simply Rosie having hurt feelings. She said "she should have cried" that that would have been the brave thing to do. Immediately Oprah followed that up with 'that's so interesting that you say that crying would be the brave thing to do.' Because usually crying is a sign of weakness but to Rosie she went to anger immediately to protect herself rather than "being brave" and showing her vulnerability. It was a precious, honest, raw moment that was riveting to witness and so validating and human about an entire situation that was completely blown out of proportion by the media. If I was Rosie's publicist I would have stood and cheered. It was fantastic. It is why Rosie is so amazing. I loved and love her honesty. It was my second favorite moment next to the Oprah High 10 signature move!

After the show they did a little "after the show" Oprah bit but I can't really remember what they talked about during that part.

The whole experience was amazing and it felt surreal to just sit back and watch. I think it was a fantastic interview and I can't wait for you all to see it!!! If you have any questions, post them here in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them so go to the comments section to read more.

Carrie and I after the show posing for the classic bathroom mirror shot!

Oh, and Rosie bought a Sirius radio and a 3 month Sirius subscription for everyone in the audience. Because, that's Rosie and that's what she does, right? 

PS. The radio show today was a repeat - a compilation of previously recorded radio. Just FYI.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and I'll be back to recapping the radio show on Monday (and stop talking about myself.  This blog is about Rosie Radio not Kelly's life).  Don't forget to watch the interview Monday too!!!! I want to hear what you all thought.  CLICK HERE to read Carrie's take on the ROprah experience.


The Rosie Radio Recap connection will be down for the next 2 days as I will be attending the Oprah Show for the Rosie taping on Thursday! And, since I am staying with my friend Carrie, who does not have Internet at her home (GASP!), I will be unable to listen to the show and update until I return.  After I get over my withdrawal symptoms from being unable to get on the Internet for the next 48 hours I will come and update about my trip.  I'd like to thank my husband who is taking care of my 3 little monkeys while I am gone, my sister for making this trip possible and Carrie for asking me to go with her and letting me crash at her pad (even if it doesn't have Internet access, I think I'm getting the shakes from withdrawal already...). 

Thanks for checking in Rosie Recap Readers and I will see you on the flip side.




In case you missed it...

• Rosie began the show telling the studio and her listeners the story about her reading glasses. She used to use "regular old drug store glasses" and once she got her job on the View she decided she should get some nice ones. She went into a local eye glass store and found a pair she liked. She asked the saleswoman how many colors they came in and the saleswoman replied 9. So, Rosie said "I'll order one in every color" thinking that they would be a couple hundred dollars a pair. When the saleswoman rang her up Rosie was SHOCKED at how much the total bill was but too embarrassed to say anything about it. It took her four months to wear them. Janette asked if they were the same brand as her boyfriend Barry had, because Rosie had said she liked them. Barry is Janette's longtime boyfriend. Rosie said Barry has "very good taste and very good hair for a straight guy" but they were a different brand. She figures since she's practically 50 its okay that she allows herself to wear the good clothes and the good eyeglasses now.

• Rosie finally got an outfit for Oprah! A stylist (who shall remain nameless) came over to Rosie's house with a rack of clothes. Rosie selected a black top with black pants. The jacket alone costs $600 which Rosie found outrageous. Rosie's Oprah outfit will cost almost $1000 which Rosie thinks is a lot of money. Deirdre says "it's really not a lot of money" and Jeannie said it certainly IS a lot of money. Jeannie and Rosie talked about how they used to buy clothes at flea markets (eat a pickle while you're walkin) and remember going to Macy's or EJ Korvettes for special occasions.

• Jeannie brought in Cajun shrimp cocktail and tomato mozzarella salad for the studio to munch on today and Deirdre said she wants to move in with Jeannie because the food is so amazing but now she's mad at her because she can't resist it! Jeannie also brought in tons of leftover boxes of Christmas candy and Rosie had Shoshana go get her some of the chocolate covered pretzels because they are her favorite! Rosie gives Jackie's mom chocolate covered pretzels every year and this year the pretzels were "not up to snuff" and Jackie's mom told her "they sucked." Rosie said the Bernice Ellard pretzel basket needs to be DELUXE. Rosie told the story about how growing up all Jackie's grandma wanted to do was go over and clean Rosie's house. Eddie (O'Donnell) apparently did all the cleaning in the house and Jeannie likes to call him the "funniest O'Donnell" which Rosie laughs about.

• Rosie had Google Pete googling phones today for her teenagers that only have texting and calling on them and no other features. Pete wasn't having much luck. Turns out Rosie's oldest son Parker (who's in 8th grade) has been secretly texting through the Skype app on his iPhone. Rosie has Spyware on his phone so she can monitor his texting but for whatever reason the spyware isn't picking up the Skype texting. So, in one week, Rosie has taken away both Chelsea's (her 12 year old daughter) and Parker's iPhones. Parker seems to think he will be getting it back soon. Rosie said she's pretty sure that's not happening.

• Janette talked about how her boyfriend of 13 years, Barry, got back from delivering supplies to Haiti with the Bridge Foundation last night. Janette said Barry is not a very emotional person but the one thing that truly bothered him in his time in Haiti was not necessarily the number of dead but the lack of respect they were able to show for the dead bodies. He was saddened that the bodies were not treated with reverence. Janette said "he's relentlessly positive" and really tries to focus on the good they are going to be able to do with the supplies the organization has been able to provide rather than the horror of it all. Rosie said she's been getting many inquiries into how to help with the Haitian orphans yet she doesn't have any details yet.

• Rosie then discussed how Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh (who have both said horrific things since the devastating earthquake in Haiti) were slammed by Keith Olbermann. She played both clips of what Pat and Rush said. Rosie then played Keith's verbal slam to Pat and Rush and she said Keith Olbermann said it perfectly. Rosie exclaimed "BRAVO KEITH!" Deirdre said she went on a rampage this weekend on her facebook page in support of Keith's response. Watch Keith explain what Pat and Rush said about Haiti and watch his response back:


• Rosie talked about a listener who called in yesterday to ask for help overcoming her own internalized racism of Hispanics while Ms. Shabazz was in the studio. Rosie and Janette were touched by her honesty and appreciate her desire to want to change. Janette told a story about being at a comedy club in Ohio where the other comics were using the word "Jew" as a verb and she found it so incredibly offensive. Rosie told a story about riding in the car with some other comics who were making fun of female comics who are gay and, at the time, not saying anything about it. She then shared a story about a time she was at Gilley's in Texas performing stand-up and a man wanted to buy her a beer and she declined and he called her the "N WORD" (I believe that's what Rosie said). Rosie then threw the drinks in his face and he choked her so hard she damaged her vocal chords and she couldn't speak for a while. Deirdre told a story about going to a very racially integrated school growing up and then how her parents pulled her out of this school in 10th grade and put her in private school. That was the first place she really experienced racism and she talked about how bad it really was. The studio shared many stories of racism that they themselves witnessed or others have experienced in their lives.

• They talked to a bi-racial caller who didn't necessarily identify with either race. Rosie spoke to the caller and recommended the book The Color of Water by James McBride.

• A listener who was a child of Hungarian immigrants who successfully learned the English language after immigrating spoke about her difficulty she had with immigrants who do not speak English. Janette encouraged the caller to find someone who doesn't speak the language to help in some way or another. Rosie spoke about the book 29 Gifts: How A Month Of Giving Can Change Your Life and recommended the caller start with that book as an introductory book to giving. Rosie reminded the caller that everyone has a story that would break your heart and encouraged the caller to find out what his/her story is (in regards to the person that doesn't speak English). Jeannie spoke about how everybody has prejudices. She encouraged listeners to admit their own judgements and choose to suspend those judgements. Then begin to chip away at the judgements by getting to know the person (you feel prejudices towards) and what you will learn is that you have more in common with that person than differences. Rosie spoke about her old fear of little people that she had been taught from her grandmother and how it was through getting to know a comedienne named Sandy Church, who was a little person, who helped her overcome her own fear.

• Janette spoke about how her father was extremely racist and taught her to fear black people. Janette told a story about entering high school as a "poor, weird, obese" teenager and the one person who was nice to her was the one black girl in the class. Through knowing this girl she learned to get over her own fear.

• Rosie spoke with some gay callers who spoke about the prejudices and discrimination they have felt in their lives. And Lou played Free Your Mind by En Vogue and went to commercial.

• Rosie asked the studio if it was okay if she wears clogs on Oprah? She thought that perhaps loud shoes might distract from the interview so she's choosing to wear black Dansko clogs. She asked if she should wear white shoes (truly not knowing) and the women in the studio let out a resounding NO! lol Rosie talked about some of the things that the stylist had brought with her like big earrings and big necklaces and how Rosie said NO to those items and that she prefers her handmade necklace. Rosie found it funny how she is only worried about the Oprah Winfrey show because of what she is going to wear not what she is going to SAY or what Oprah is going to ask her!

• Then Rosie played a clip of Jay Leno from from 2004 where Jay agrees to give over the Tonight Show to Conan in 2009. Watch the clip below:

  Jay's 2004 Announcement

• Rosie talked about how Jay bragged about being number 1 yet it was the strength the lead in to the Tonight Show that lead to it's high ratings when Jay hosted it. She continued that when Jay chose to move to prime-time (essentially doing the exact same show as the Tonight Show) that caused Conan to have a horrible lead in and in turn, have bad ratings ever since Conan's takeover. She continued that Conan moved his life and entire staff to the west coast after being promised the Tonight Show. Rosie blamed GREED as the reason because NBC didn't want Conan to go to another network and compete against Jay so they promised him the Tonight Show. Rosie said NBC set him up for failure by giving him a horrible lead in of essentially the same exact show in prime-time. What really bothers the Rosie Radio studio is that Jay is portraying himself as the innocent victim when he made the choices that lead to this situation.

• Then it was weigh-in time and Jeannie brought in a new scale to the studio because they were having problems with the scale from last week.
Jeannie is down 5.4 pounds
Janette is down to 190.8
Deirdre is down a pound.
and since Rosie has been "on the stress over Oprah diet" she has gained a pound. (me too Rosie!!)

• Janette talked about the flaws in Wii fit when it sounds like its mocking you and says "Ewwwww, You're obese!" Jeannie talked about a gym she joined that has a theater room where you can watch a movie and exercise in the dark. Janette also shared that she will be visiting her nutritionist tomorrow for the first time. There was a very funny moment when Janette admitted to never having a colonoscopy by saying "Nobody has ever climbed up the back door" which caused the studio to roar with laughter! Rosie said she thought she was talking about "Baum Chicka Baum OW" (as in SEX up the backdoor) but no, Janette was not talking about that. She was talking about the colonoscopy exam. LOL

• They then took callers who discussed a variety of topics including the Wii Fit, a woman who just survived a breast mass removal and hysterectomy, an actress who chose not to have plastic surgery, and another caller who talked about how the Wii Fit mocks you.

• Rosie closed the show by saying how she was off to do a photo shoot for People magazine and there's nothing that she hates more (regarding the photo shoots, not People magazine).