In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show saying that Pete seemed like he hasn't been smiling a lot lately and asking him if he's stressed or depressed. Pete said he is tired and that his issues should be resolved "in about 18-20 years!" (as in, when his kids are grown) Rosie suggested he go to therapy. Rosie talked about her own depression and how Pete seems like he may be a little depressed or overwhelmed lately. Deirdre thinks it could either be depression or stress with Pete. Pete explained that he has experience with depression and had panic attacks in high school that were disabling. Rosie said her last panic attack was at Cyndi Berger's son's bah mitzvah. Deirdre had a panic attack last week! Rosie asked if her panic attack last week was in relation to her boyfriend leaving for Paris on Monday. Deirdre said that it was. Deirdre's boyfriend is moving to Paris to pursue his dream in music. He has already moved his things out of her apartment but he's left some of his most special guitars with her. Deirdre is struggling with the fact that they have to break up because he's moving so far away, but not because they don't still love each other. Everyone keeps telling Deirdre to see Goodbye Girl because the character in that movie leaves his guitar with the woman as a sign that he was going to come back.

For Deirdre, a scene from Goodbye Girl.

Deirdre explained that her boyfriend is leaving for something he's wanted to do for 30 years and it's finally come true for him. She's very supportive of his dreams but sad he's leaving too. Wasn't there talk that Rosie was going to give Deirdre a Sybian when her boyfriend left town??! Maybe the fans should chip in and get her one. Rosie told her to take him to the airport on Monday and then come to the staff BBQ at her house! She also invited her to sleep over with her, Tracy and the 10 kids at the house. Janette said she needs to make sure she gives herself time to mourn his leaving or it will come out in other ways.

This then led to a discussion about ice cream which finally made Pete smile. :) This made Rosie happy! They discussed their favorite ice creams including Chubby Hubby and Chocolate Ripple. Pete said he prefers Peanut Butter Crunch, Heath Bar Crunch or Coffee Chip. Rosie doesn't like anything with coffee in it. See, ice cream makes everything better.

Rosie said she's been getting her nails done with Chelsea a lot and also visiting Starbucks often! Deirdre seemed surprised that Rosie likes to get her nails done because she hates doing it. Rosie said she always makes small talk with the manicurists. The manicurists, who are all mostly Korean, then proceed to tell Chelsea how lucky she is to have such a wonderful mom like Rosie (insert eye roll here). Chelsea doesn't get why everyone knows her and why everyone thinks she so fantastic. Pete, who lived in Korea for a time growing up, then taught Rosie some Korean so she could talk to her manicurists.

Rosie asked everyone if they shave their legs everyday and if her legs felt shaved. Tracy made a comment to her about her legs not being shaved. Deirdre's rule is if you're regularly having sex you should shave your legs everyday. She added that she just got waxed yesterday. Bobby then said he thinks he "needs his cookies" because he figured the conversation was soon going to turn to vagina talk. Rosie spoke so sweetly of Tracy and how much she likes her - even though she tells her she doesn't shave enough, she shouldn't drink soda, and makes her walk more.

Rosie discussed her new favorite commercial (see below) with the song from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Rosie said that she and her youngest daughter Vivi were watching it and Vivi yelled out "This commercial is such a lie because when I was 5, I wanted to fly and it wasn't possible!" Good point Vivi. From the mouths of babes, right?

AT&T Rethink Possible Commercial

AN INTERVIEW WITH CHITA RIVERA!! Rosie then introduced the legendary Chita Rivera who was in the studio to have a chat with Rosie! Rosie and Chita began the interview discussing that they both shop at the same Target and mall!

Rosie asked Chita how she still gets the energy to put on such amazing and energy-filled performances. Chita said she uses the energy of the audience and it fuels her. Her knees and her hips don't want to do it but they go along with it anyway. Chita still loves to dance and Rosie mentioned her Tony Nominated performance in the show A Dancer's Life and how Rosie thought it was so fantastic!

Rosie and Chita discussed growing older and how it's hard for Chita to admit her age - to herself. They were cracking jokes and talked about family. Rosie recommended the Broadway show "American Idiot" to Chita and said she would love it and all the dancing. Rosie told Chita when the American Idiot boys were at the radio studio she let the three chorus boys swim in her pool - naked! LOL Chita said she would never go naked being Catholic but talked about the times that the chorus boys she knew back in the day would come and swim in Jack Cole's swimming pool naked.

Rosie asked Chita briefly about her relationship with Sammy Davis, Jr.! Chita said she loved Sammy's act and thought he was so cute.

Chita said she was always in school and her mom put her in dance classes because she was sick of her ruining the furniture by jumping on it. She was a big tomboy as a child. They talked about Chita's mother, her siblings and their beautiful names (which were long and in Spanish, so I didn't catch them). Chita's mom lived to see her become a success but she passed away just before Chita got her first Tony award for The Rink. Chita had been nominated 5 times before she ever won a Tony and it was a complete surprise to her that she won the night that she did.

Rosie asked Chita about the terrible car accident she was in in the 1980s. Chita was doing the show Jerry's Girls at the time and was driving some friends when a cab made a U-turn and banged right into her. She remembers her leg being caught in the crash and her leg ended up being broken in 18 places. She was back at work only 11 months later.

Chita was the first Hispanic Woman to receive a Kennedy Center Honor in 2002 for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts. Chita was ever so humble and said she couldn't believe she was the one chosen to be honored and couldn't believe the company she was sitting next to. She was also shocked the day she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She talked about what an honor it was for her to receive that award and how she felt so honored to be sitting and talking to Rosie. She told Rosie that she took her necklace off so it didn't clash when she received the medal. :) She wanted to be an example for children to encourage them to work hard and be persistent even when life gets hard.

Rosie told Chita that she has had a huge effect on people's lives, especially those in the theater. They discussed her latest album And Now I Swing and some of the songs on the album. Rosie loves the CD and said it's great! Rosie thanked Chita for coming in and for the interview.

Wow.....watch her dance.

Rosie, Janette, Deirdre and Bobby all talked about the amazing Chita Rivera and what a legend she is. Janette said being in the room with her was thrilling for her. Rosie said it still surprises her that Chita does not fully understand her place in the world. Deirdre said that Rosie doesn't see her place either! Janette said the first time she saw Chita was when she was in Chicago when Janette was in her 20's. Janette went to see Liza Minelli, because she was a huge Liza fan and said she couldn't take her eyes off Chita! Rosie said that Chita has had an amazing career and life and said she's a lovely person. Rosie said that anytime she has had a major event, either good or bad, Chita always calls her and is there for her.

Rosie continued that Broadway is the most fun you'll ever have in show business. And once you've experienced it you can never find that kind of camaraderie or community anywhere else. Janette said it's a different kind of talent and person that can perform on Broadway and Bobby said you need to be an athlete because of the physical demands.

Rosie said that she and Dick Scanlan and Michael Mayer are starting rehearsals for her one woman show Find Me in August or September! She said they've been working on it for 3 years. She explained that they're going to get it on its feet and the concept will be to have a short run. Rosie said they're hoping it will have the music of Joni Mitchell because that is the music that has had the most profound effect on Rosie's life. She said Joni Mitchell's music was the fuel that made her creative engine run.

Rosie watched and recommended the documentary Smash His Camera - a film centering on the life and work of Ron Galella that examines the nature and effect of paparazzi. Rosie said that in the documentary all the people he looked up to and admired are gone. She also said she'd love to interview him. Rosie said her kids have no concept of the iconic people in her life. Rosie said people like Chita Rivera, Streisand, and Joni Mitchell had a huge effect on her life and shaped her. She compared it to the way they were talking about Lady Gaga on the last episode of Glee and how we once talked about Madonna. Seeing that documentary and Glee recently made her really realize that she's almost 50. The staff talked about keeping busy as you grow older to stay and feel young.

They briefly talked about the three day weekend and started talking about bathing suits. I think that Rosie was looking on the Junonia website at bathing suits and Jeannie said those are "the most matronly looking bathing suits she's ever seen" and she said it's her "motivation to get out of this weight group." Rosie wears her biker shorts with them and enjoys them.

They talked about the latest article that says that sunscreen with Vitamin A causes cancer. It said that the FDA has known that sunscreen is not really good for you for almost 10 years and it might actually increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Only 39 of the 500 sunscreen products are safe to use according to this article. Sunscreens with Vitamin A and has photocarcinogenic properties. Janette was outraged that the FDA would keep this from us! They listed the good ones and the bad ones and Rosie's favorite sunscreen was listed as one of the bad ones. Pete said it didn't seem like a very scientific list because of the comments about the brands and their descriptions.

Rosie also recommended the documentary Gasland. Rosie said it's terrifying. She said the documentary is about drilling for Natural Gas near people's homes and federally protected lands and now people and animals are dying. Rosie said the film was really fascinating and wanted to have the filmmaker on.

Rosie then recommended the documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth about Billy Meier. Rosie asked that the staff and the listeners watch it this weekend so they can talk about it next Tuesday. This man claims to have been visited by aliens and has the largest collection of photos and videos of UFOs. Rosie used to be very into UFOs and Jeannie got scared for her.

GAME -5 BY 5The staff played a game called Five by Five. You have to name 5 of any topic in 5 seconds. If you get all 5 you get 1 point and get to move on. If you do not, you're out.

This is how it went...
PETE had to list 5 brands of computers. He only got HP, Gateway and then Mac and then he was out.
Janette had to list 5 tabloid magazines. She listed The Post, The Enquirer, The World, The Sun and one other that I missed and she got a point and got to continue.
Bobby had to list 5 musicals currently on Broadway. He listed Phantom, American Idiot, Lion King, Memphis and Jersey Boys.
Deirdre had to list 5 California sports teams. She listed the 49ers and then she was out.
Rosie got 5 80s sitcoms. She said Mary Tyler Moore, All In the Family, Rhoda, Phyllis, and Laverne and Shirley and even though most of these were in the 70s, they gave it to her.

Then there were 3 people left.
Janette - 5 comic book superheros. She listed Spiderman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and the fabulous Four (she meant Fantastic). She was out.
Bobby - 5 brands of soda. He said Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Seven Up, and Rootbeer. Even though rootbeer wasn't a brand, they gave it to him.
Rosie got 5 board games. She listed Monopoly, Sorry, Yahtzee, Chutes and Ladders and Life.

Then there were two.
Bobby -5 brands of cigarettes. He said Camel, Salem, Winstons, Marlboro and was out.
Rosie - 5 songs in the musical Grease. She said that wasn't fair and asked for another.
So then she got 5 HBO original series. She listed Treme and the Sopranos but then was out.

So Bobby won! Rosie gave him a $100 giftcard to Birkenstocks!

Rosie said that they will be "off" on Monday and that she is hosting a big staff BBQ and the rumor is that they're going to meet Lou's twin brother!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


In case you missed it...

Bobby sang the opening theme song with gusto today! Rosie said GLEE is her new favorite show and she's NOT watching American Idol anymore! She didn't watch the finale last night but heard about it. (If you haven't been keeping up, Rosie thought Crystal Bowersox should win.) Janette called the American Idol finale "Octogenarians on parade" in reference to the acts that they had perform like Joe Cocker, The Bee Gees, Chicago and Michael McDonald. Rosie asked if Billy Idol performed (which he did not) that then led to a little Billy Idol impersonation by Rosie. Rosie read that Adam Ant had to go to a mental hospital and tried to commit suicide once. Rosie then broke out into song - Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant. And then Deirdre and Rosie sang along to Madness - Our House. Janette admitted that she didn't know those songs but requested We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Starship.

Janette said every person you've ever forgotten from American Idol was on last night. Janette and Bobby told Rosie that Paula was back on last night and tried to be funny but really wasn't. Rosie said to her listeners whenever you get really, really depressed just watch a couple episodes of Hey Paula and no matter who you are or what's going on, you're going to feel better about your life. Rosie asked Janette if she's ever seen Being Bobby Brown? Janette had never seen it. Rosie said that Janette HAS to see it. Deirdre said that Bobby Brown is getting remarried again. Rosie wanted to know how Whitney Houston was doing and Deirdre didn't know but she did hear that some people in Australia walked out of her concert. Rosie said it's very sad and wished there was a big comeback story for her. Deirdre went to the record release party for Whitney and her eyes were all squinty and puffy and she knew it wasn't because she had had work done - she was definitely on something. They compared it to Lindsay Lohan and how we're all just watching her die. Rosie called it Celebrity Death Watch. And just like Anna Nicole who Rosie predicted would die the same day she actually did die. What bothers Deirdre the most are her parents because her father won't stop speaking out about it and her mother is enabling her. Rosie said that Lindsay's mom is just like every woman she went to school with from Long Island. Rosie followed that up with how fame is so hard to deal with as an adult and she can't imagine how hard it is as a child. They briefly mentioned that Britney Murphy's (who also died of a drug related death) first show she ever did was The Rosie O'Donnell Show and now her husband is dead too. Janette worries about the young American Idols getting famous so young.

Rosie said that in Joan River's documentary she talks about never wanting her daughter to go into show business because of the constant rejection. Janette remembers reading about that in Joan's book and even worked for Joan Rivers once! Janette said that Joan is a lovely, lovely, lovely person.

Last night Rosie spoke at the 92nd Street Y with Sheila Nevins (and many others) to discuss documentaries. Rosie talked about the night, who was there and said it was really fun. She said no one is as entertaining to her as Sheila Nevins. She called her genius and funny. Sheila buys Rosie clothes because she knows she has no fashion sense. Rosie said every time she wears something Sheila has bought her she looks good. Rosie can't believe the prices though! She said the sweatshirt was $270 and she couldn't believe it. She commented to Sheila how expensive it was and Sheila didn't think that was expensive at all. Deirdre and Janette said they didn't think that was so much money and Pete said he would never spend that much on any item of clothing EVER. Rosie admitted that the clothes feel better but she still can't justify spending that much when she can go to Target and be happy.

Rosie talked about her love of documentaries and how they are so special because they capture a moment in life and they allow the viewer to see someone's humanity in their total essence. She said they foster forgiveness. Rosie said the Joan River's documentary gave her a lot of ideas about what she wants out of her own career. And yet, Joan is still not happy with her success at 75 years old. Janette thinks that maybe it's because she's become famous for becoming a comedian and not what she always wanted to be, an actress. So she still is always craving something more. Rosie said that Joan's house is beautiful too and kind of like Barbara Walter's house. Janette couldn't say enough good things about Joan and how kind and generous she is. Rosie she was mean to her when she first started her career and outed her as a lesbian before she was out during a time when being gay could have been career ending. Janette said she was not kind to celebrities in her act. Rosie said it was way before any other celebrities were out and it was harsh to her. They talked a little bit about when Joan and her daughter Melissa were on Celebrity Apprentice.

Yesterday Tracy gave Rosie a list of the healthiest foods to eat. Tracy is also "on a rant" to Rosie about soda lately. Deirdre and Janette said Tracy is right! Soda is bad for you! Rosie said she's just going to drink her water without a bottle while she's composting with chickens wearing Birkenstocks.

Rosie the introduced the amazing Joan Rivers! Rosie started the interview telling Joan how wonderful the documentary A Piece of Work is. Rosie asked Joan how can she not realize the status she has in our pop culture lexicon. Rosie said she wanted to slap her through the TV when she said she hadn't arrived yet. Joan said she realizes that nothing is sacred or permanent because it can be taken away from you in a moment. Rosie said Joan has broken down doors for female comedians and Joan gets to take credit or the impact she has had. Joan laughed it off.

Joan said that having nothing to do on her schedule fills her with terror. Her career is it for her. They talked about family, kids growing up, getting blown off by our teens and how it's only going to get worse for Rosie.
Rosie asked Joan what made her decide to do this documentary. Joan said she was approached by these people who wanted to follow her for a year and her only rule was that it couldn't be a puff piece. She said they were very lucky because they followed her during a year where so much happened in her career!

Joan talked with Rosie about how she never wanted her daughter to be in show business. She said her daughter Melissa has been lucky but she's very talented, too. Rosie asked Joan about her time on Celebrity Apprentice. Joan said she didn't get good swag at the end but it was a great time. Joan said she loves a project and she loved the pressure. She knew Donald Trump from seeing him around but not personally. She said she's never invited or in on that celebrity crowd. Rosie couldn't believe it and told her to come hang with her and they could start a big lesbian scandal together!

They talked briefly about plastic surgery and why celebrities feel the need to do it. They talked about young comics and Joan said she tries not to see any young comics perform because she never wants any comics to say she stole ideas from them. Joan has a filing cabinet of every joke she has ever written. Joan writes her jokes mostly on stage "ad-libbed" and that's how Rosie's jokes come to her, too.

Rosie talked with Joan about a scene from the documentary when Joan said she once made a joke about Helen Keller and someone stood up and yelled at her on stage because his son was deaf. She responded back "You asshole, my mother was deaf. I know what it's like you ass!" Joan said you have to be able to laugh at life. Rosie said the bit made her pee she was laughing so hard. Rosie said she's just going to make shit up the next time she gets heckled and loved the idea. Joan said if you want the truth, get an Encyclopedia.

Joan has a new show entitled How'd You Get So Rich? where they find people who had nothing and they tell their stories of how they came into money and then show the things they have purchased. Joan said everyone's story is so different and it's a great show.

Rosie told Joan her apartment is a little like Barbara Walter's. Joan thought maybe that's a generational thing. She said she lives the way Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had money. She explained that our lives are so messy and she likes to go home to a house that's in order and stays formal. Rosie saw Joan act on Broadway and Joan saw Rosie act on Broadway too. They talked for a bit about Broadway and the camaraderie of it all.

Rosie asked Joan if she ever spoke to Johnny Carson before he died and she did not. She said she sent him a letter when his son died and he never wrote back. She said for 20 years she did The Tonight Show and when the lights went down at commercial she would try to make small talk with him and he couldn't do it. She said he was beyond introverted and he couldn't deal with people in real life. Rosie had that problem with Letterman on his show. Joan said all the late night show hosts turn weird. Only Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon will have Joan on. She said that since Carson, it's like the door to the Tonight Show shut and locked, literally. She has made many calls to try to get on. Joan said, "It's a boy's club" in a bad way.

Rosie told Joan that Kathy Griffin is her biggest fan in the world. Joan loves Kathy Griffin. Don't we all Joan. They commented how successful Kathy's career is and how she's worked so hard to get where she is today. And Rosie said she "loves crap" in reference to her love of fashion and free stuff. Rosie told Joan how she introduced Kathy to Cher in Vegas and how Kathy got Rosie's room comped and got herself an upgrade at the hotel. Kathy also set up the whole dinner so that they could get the meal comped by having a photographer show up at the restaurant. Joan said "If they want to give it to you, take it. Because when you really need it they won't be giving it to you anymore." Rosie couldn't believe that Joan needed money. Joan said she supports every Jewish doctor in New York and she also believes that you're a conduit for money. She also said she lives great and she gives her money away to family that needs it. Rosie agreed and quoted the famous playwright Thorton Wilder, who wrote, "Money is like manure. It should be spread around." They talked about gong to dinner with their rich famous friends and fighting for the check and then going to dinner with their "civilian" friends and paying for them. Rosie asked how much Joan tips the waiters and Joan said never less than 25%. Rosie used to give 100% until her business manager told her she was crazy so now she gives a 50% tip. She said she'll be walking on the streets of NY today and a former waiter will come up to her and say, "I paid my mortgage one month because of you." Joan joked that she will be sure to never go to a restaurant Rosie's eating in.

Rosie thanked Joan for the interview and told her how much she loved her. The sentiments were echoed back from Joan to Rosie. Be sure and catch Joan's documentary A Piece of Work and her show How'd You Get So Rich?.

Deirdre said she loves Joan since she saw the documentary about her and she didn't realize that she was so giving!! Rosie agreed. She also sad that they are having Chita Rivera on Friday! She said that these legends like Chita and Joan don't get how much they've effected the world. She said they need to take their places amongst their peers. Rosie called Joan "a legendary superstar." Janette said that Joan once gave her a pin and she has kept it forever. Janette only worked for Joan for 6 months but she still remembers her and that has always impressed her. Joan has always been very supportive of Rosie's charity and supports her art too. Janette once saved a note where Joan Rivers told her she thinks she's funny and she said as a woman comic, there's nothing better.

Rose quickly asked who Lisa Lampinelli is. Deirdre said Lisa is she's very funny and she loves her and described her comedy as "very raunchy." Rosie asked if they could book her and Deirdre said of course! Rosie said she was at a comedy thing recently and felt out of it because she didn't know who she was. She then said that she was asked to perform at the New York Comedy Festival in November and she said she was going to see if Dick Scanlan would do it with her and do a reading of her one woman show Find Me! That just makes me happy to write that! Rosie said she did a workshop of "Babes in Arms" last year and it didn't get picked up for Broadway and now "they" just recently they gave them the go ahead but she can't do it because of the radio show. She said she would really love to do a Broadway show but it's too hard at this moment because of all the kids and everything. She said it would be to hard to be a part of a big cast but the one-woman show is easier because they could rehearse in Nyack.

Rosie asked Janette to share with everyone what happened to her yesterday. Janette said that she was walking out of the park at about 3pm yesterday, talking to her sister on her phone and she heard "fat, fat" so she turned and looked. She said a very large African American man with a pit bull called her a "fat bitch" and said that she was a "fat cunt" and that his dog was "going to tear her a new clit." Janette described the man in Janette-speak right down to the color of his shirt and whether his shorts were wrinkled, lol. She said she had to cross in front of on coming traffic to get away from him because he was following her and he said, "Yeah, run!" OMFG. Scary! Poor, beautiful Janette.

Rosie couldn't believe the story and told her own story about the time she was in a movie theater before she was very famous and men in the theater wouldn't stop talking. She confronted the guys and told them to quiet down and they said they were going to kill her. After the movie they were behind her and were taunting her and she turned around and they stopped and said "Hey, are you that Kmart lady?" (back when she used to do advertisements for Kmart). Rose said if she hadn't have been recognized she's not sure what they would have done! She said she would probably have been beaten up.

Janette said that the comment from the man in the park makes her flash back to when she was young and felt fat and horrible about herself. She has never confronted a person who has verbally accosted her like this. She said there's such deep shame from her childhood, she could never. Pete and Rosie (and the rest of the staff) couldn't believe it because Janette is not that fat! For example, Rosie pointed out that Bobby is bigger than Janette (nothing like throwing Bobby under the bus, right? lol) and people don't yell those things at him. Bobby said that perhaps it is because he is a man and they're afraid he might turn around and punch them. And then he said that of course he wouldn't because he's too gay.

Rosie said that that kind of stuff has also happened to Jeannie who is incredibly beautiful but not stick thin and guys would say "moo" to Jeannie. Rosie said this was always shocking to her because Jeannie doesn't look fat. She thought "Why not call me fat? I'm fatter than her!"

Pete told Janette she should have called the police. Janette said that her sister said the same thing to her but she didn't even consider it because the New York police are too busy. Janette said she wanted pepper spray for the dog in case that ever happens to her again. Rosie said the man was clearly mentally unstable.

A listener called in who was completely crying over Janette's story and then Janette started to cry. The fact that someone would cry like that for something that happened to her really touched Janette. Janette said that's why she's funny, as a coping mechanism. Rosie said maybe because Janette didn't have a mom to protect her that that was why she doesn't know how to stick up for herself. She told a story of Tracy standing up to some guy who was hitting on her young teenage daughter. Tracy pushed the guy back and said "Hey, that's my daughter." She stuck up for her and she wasn't afraid.

The other day when they were discussing the show "What Would You Do?" Janette said she was afraid she would just stand there if someone was being accosted because that is her pattern with herself. Rosie said that in some ways perhaps she carries a sense with her that it's okay to call her that. She was in no way blaming her but just trying to look for a reason why it keeps happening to her. Rosie said that maybe Janette needs to learn to overcome some of the things that were ingrained in her in a difficult childhood.

Rosie compared it to when Donald Trump went on 26 talk shows and slammed her because she made fun of his hair. She said that no one stood up and said how sexist he was being. Janette said it shocked her! And Rosie added that the media just allowed it. There was no uprising against him. Rosie said she couldn't ignore it! She called him out because he's a facade and has no power over her. She had to stand up for herself. She wants Janette to stand up for herself, too.

Rosie said that that is the same way with two of Tracy's kids. Wyatt, who has Down Syndrome has such a sense of himself and will stand up for himself. He is never a victim. Then there's her son Archie who is on the Autism Spectrum who is almost always a victim yet so sweet and so kind to everyone.

Rosie then added that Wyatt finally said a 5 word sentence - "Hey, mom help me please." And she said they were at dinner at a restaurant the other night and Rosie was trying to get Wyatt to say "My name is Wyatt." Rosie said she's had a hard time merging a child with Down Syndrome into her routine. She said that nothing happens by accident and now there's this kid in her life with Down Syndrome. She didn't know how much work it was going to be. She kept trying to get him to say "My name is Wyatt." And he finally said back to her "No, no, no, I love Ro." Awwwwwww!!! Rosie explained that the transition has been hard for her because he doesn't respond to discipline the same way her kids do. She did say he's at a new school now and getting intensive speech therapy.

The staff talked about how the White House is trying to get Congress to vote on repealing Don't Ask Don't tell. They explained that while Congress can vote to repeal it, it wouldn't be repealed until the Pentagon has done a review. Rosie read from the This Gay Life Blog who wrote an amazing opinion piece about it. The writer says that all gays should resign from the military so they could see how much the military needs them. Janette said it's so true. Rosie said that not only are you in the closet but your partner gets none of the benefits or recognition if you get killed.

Rosie told the story of Lisa Pond and read from the NYTimes article. Lisa and her partner were on the first Rfamily cruise together and Lisa had a really bad headache. She went to the hospital and ended up dying and her partner and their children weren't permitted to see her. By the time she had the letter faxed to the hospital that stated what the hospital needed to know, that they were responsible for each other's care, she had died. Obama recently called Lisa's partner and apologized to her. Rosie liked that he apologized but still doesn't understand why he can't repeal Don't ask Don't Tell!

Janette said we also need to change the laws about who can visit you if you're dying in the hospital. Bobby said it's not just Florida. He said you can't get in to see your partner in a hospital if you're not married in any state that prohibits gay marriage.

Pete said that President Obama can't change this law on his own and Brendan agreed. Brendan said the legislative branch has to do it and Obama would be overstepping Congress if he overturned it. Brendan said Obama would have to spend a great amount of political capital to override the Congress. Rosie was very frustrated with Obama's inability to get it repealed. The staff then talked about the frustrations with politicians who are just worried about the next election around the corner and not about getting the issues resolved.

A listener who works with the Human Rights Campaign and the military called in who shared that gay partners also don't get the notification when a loved one dies, or the folded flag. She encouraged people to call the Congressional Switchboard 202-224-3121 and to ask for their representative and encourage them to vote to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Rosie very briefly mentioned that the woman who owned the chimp died that attacked Charla Nash died.
Then end of the show talked about the oil spill and how corrupt everyone is with their hands in the pockets of the oil companies. They are now saying that anywhere from 17 to 39 million gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf at this point and the spill is far bigger than the Exxon Valdez. They are hopeful that the top kill response seems to be working. On a personal note, Rosie feels part of the reason she survived her depression was Miami - the dolphins, the water and the sea life. She is overwhelmingly obsessed with the concept now that that's going to all be gone. She ended the show saying "the top kill, let's hope it works people."

and that's what you missed -kw


In case you missed it...

My sirius wasn't loading and I missed the first few seconds of the show but at some point she made an obscure reference and Lou pulled it up really quick and Rosie was AMAZED.

Then Rosie said Tracy will stub her toe and completely overreact. Rosie said she has an overreaction to the stimuli. Janette said she has that. Rosie said Tracy has such a low pain threshold and she couldn't even handle Rosie popping one of her pimples for her. Then she followed that up with how she's not allowed to talk about popping pimples anymore because listeners say they will immediately change the channel. Rosie wondered how Tracy ever got her tattoos. Janette said having a low pain threshold is one of the markers of TMS. To which Rosie replied that she has AAPT (Absurdly High Pain Threshold). Janette isn't in pain anymore and is not only happy with herself that she's not smoking pot anymore, she's at the point where she may never want to go back to it! Janette said she was using marijuana to medicate her anxiety but she realized from a Rosie Radio show and from her doctor that the pot use was actually causing her anxiety!

Rosie asked about when Macy Gray is going to be on (though they did not say what date) and what songs she was going to perform. Deirdre said she is going to perform Beauty In The World and I Try. Rosie, who is a huge Macy Gray fan, said she wants her to do You Are Relating To A Psychopath. Rosie made Lou bright red because he wasn't coming up with the cues for the songs fast enough. After an argument with Lou about not finding the song she wanted quickly enough (You Are Relating To A Psychopath) Rosie settled for "Beauty in the World" and sang along. But she pouted because the moment of song was lost for her. lol

Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's American Idol. Rosie predicted that Crystal Bowersox will win the entire thing. Rosie said she "killed" last night. Deirdre reminded Rosie not to forget it's a popularity contest and thinks that Lee DeWyze will win because of all of the teenage girls that vote. They played his cover of U2's Beautiful Day. When Rosie asked for Lee's song to be played someone mistakenly started to play Crystal's song and Rosie went off about how nothing on the show is working today! lol Janette reminded Rosie that Adam Lambert didn't win his season and Rosie said she likes Adam Lambert but he's just like every single chorus boy she's ever known. Janette is worried Crystal is going to lose like Adam did. Rosie said she can't watch tonight, that it's too much for her. They played Crystal's single Up To The Mountain. Rosie said she really liked Simon last night, except for his weird hair. Janette has a thing about Crystal's style choices. She said she loves her but not her look.

Rosie and the staff then talked about Glee which Rosie called "fanfrickingtastic." This Saturday Rosie is going to the concert with her brother, his kids, a few of her kids, and Tracy and her kids. They talked about last night's episode and the scene between Kurt and Finn and Kurt's dad. Rosie said she was about to call Bobby because she thought that scene would make him cry and he said he was crying! That's what every gay kid in the country wishes their kid would stand up for them like that. Ryan Murphy is a genius and he is saving lives with that show. To watch last night's Glee you can click HERE to see the full episode.

Janette was thinking about Rosie during the adoption storyline in the show. She said she was thinking about Chelsea during that part. Janette thought it was good that in the episode they didn't make the birth mother and the daughter immediately fit together that easily. Rosie loved the rendition Funny Girl even though she thought no one could ever do it like Streisand. She loved it though. Rosie said, "Can you imagine Barbara Streisand on Glee? It would be a National Holiday!" Rosie said she was "in ecstasy" watching that show. Rosie said when she is depressed or having a bad day she will randomly watch an episode of Glee on her tivo and it brightens her day. They also love the actor Kevin McHale but Rosie said she doesn't like his "Justin Bieber" hair that he has in real life. Then Pete mentioned that there is a website called "Lesbians who look like Justin Beiber.com"! LOL You know you have to click on that!

Rosie took a caller to talk about Glee and how it's a lesson in life for her kids. Rosie talked with the caller about the episode last night and said she will let everyone know every detail about the concert on Monday!

Rosie said she feels the oil spill in the Gulf is so depressing, it's hard for her to even talk about. She knows that we shouldn't ignore it, but is so frustrated that it seems like we can't do anything to stop it. Janette talked about the efforts to stop the oil spill and Rosie said it's infuriating that they can't do more. They then played a clip of James Carville talking about the oil spill. Watch and listen below:

James Carville on GMA

They then discussed all the fishermen that are getting sick from the oil spill and how all of the symptoms they are experiencing are what you would expect from being exposed to the toxins of oil. Janette said that there is not enough media attention and people don't know enough about the harmful chemicals they are using to clean up the oil, the toxicity in the oil, and that the moratorium against drilling isn't happening.

Rosie said she really wants Janette to see the documentary Crossing Arizona. She also loved the documentary Tapped a documentary on bottled water.

The Trailer for Tapped

Rosie said the documentary Tapped is actually about being more conscious and becoming more fully aware of what we're doing and the effect that we have on the world. Rosie said it's a lofty undertaking to ingest all the information that is out there and to make a change. She said her girlfriend Tracy is both inspiring and tiring at the same time, when it comes to the environmental efforts that she makes. Rosie said she doesn't know how Tracy has the energy that she has and she's constantly recycling her things and taking trips to Goodwill.

Rosie also recommended the documentary Gasland somewhere in this conversation.

Rosie said that a friend watched Tracy's kids this weekend so they could have some time together and Rosie didn't have enough time in therapy to talk about all the things she did this weekend! Rosie explained that Tracy is not merely a mouthpiece for making changes for our environment, she actually does it. Janette is also so inspired by Tracy and has found she's even making changes in her own life because of her. Rosie said that Tracy is also not really a consumer and that she doesn't have the need for a lot of things. Rosie quoted one of her favorite shows of all time Passing Strange - "It all makes perfect sense once your life is evidence." Rosie remembers hearing that lyric in the musical and crying in the theater.

Rosie said that last night her eldest son Parker listed off his complaints about her. When he got home from his girlfriend's last night, Rosie said she made him feel bad about not spending his birthday with her. He asked her why she was in such a bad mood. When she explained why he clipped back that there was a long time a while back when she spent a lot of time on her blog! And Tracy's daughter (or son?) was telling him that Tracy spends a lot of time on Facebook! Rosie thought if those were his biggest complaints, that it isn't that bad.

Then because it was Tuesday, they all watch Glee together and all the kids get to bed late. After it's over Parker always tries to come back in and stay up late and watch T.V. with her. This sidetracked Rosie for a second and she started to rave about Nurse Jackie and the latest episode of and how Jackie's true essence is about to be revealed! Rosie said the next episode looks great! If you people don't watch Nurse Jackie you should! It is my favorite show.

Parker asked Rosie if he could stay up late and watch The Pacific. She told him no and then he walked in and knowing she loves documentaries suggested one to her that they should try and watch together. When Rosie couldn't find it he said that they should just watch The Pacific and they ended up watching it together. He totally convinced her. The entire staff loves The Pacific and Pete said that his grandfather got HBO just to watch that show and will go on the HBO.com forums to comment and talk with others about the accuracy of the show. Pete said his grandfather, who was a soldier and fought in The Pacific, loves the show and thinks it does a very good job portraying the reality of that war.

Rosie said her shrink asked her what brings her joy and she said the typical things she always says - sun, her kids, etc. Rosie asked Pete what brings him joy and he said sleeping which she said is a sign of depression. Janette said helping in the Third World brings her joy. Bobby said his dog brings him joy. Deirdre said the rain, cuddling with her dog and sex brings her joy.

Pete said he's worried because he yells at his kids too much. I typed this just after I yelled at my 6 year old to stop asking me if we're going to Gamestop today. Pete said having kids can sometimes feel like a constant bombardment of questions and then he ends up yelling 'GIVE ME 5 MINUTES!' after the simplest question being asked by one of his kids. He said he worries all the yelling is going to mess with his kids' heads. Deirdre said he shouldn't worry that his kids will have a different view of their childhood than he does. She said her mom remembers Deirdre's childhood as being very sad (because her parents were splitting up at the time) but Deirdre only remembers ever having a happy childhood. Pete said he had a very stressful childhood because they moved every 4 years to a different foreign country. He was really effected by the stress of it all and that was something he really wanted to do differently for his own kids. Rosie said her father would get overwhelmed having 5 kids and no help from a mother and he would sometimes slam his fists on the table and all the silverware would jump. Once, her brother Danny dated a black girl in High School and her father threw him into a door. She said that when he got to that point it was scary and she remembers hoping she would never get him to that point. She told Pete that every parent feels what he's feeling. Pete said the yelling feels to be happening too much and on a daily basis. Rosie said that when Pete said that his greatest joy is sleep that that was a big sign of depression for her. She said when she wants to sleep a lot that is how she always knows when she's slipping into a depressive funk. Pete said he never has time to be depressed, or to sleep for that matter. Pete and his family are moving soon and they discussed where and when he is moving. He's primarily looking in Queens and Deirdre recommended that he look at Long Island City.

Rosie then introduced Dan DaVivo the co-director and co-producer of the documentary film Crossing Arizona. Rosie said that Crossing Arizona is a very touching and accurate portrayal of what happens to immigrants as they try to come into the United States from Mexico. Dan said the film premiered at Sundance in 2006 and has been still been getting a lot of press because of what's going on in the U.S. today when it comes to immigration. Rosie agreed how relevant the film is today and how it gives a human face to immigration. Dan and his co-director and co-producer Joseph Matthew started their film project in 2004 and took 2 years to make it. Dan said it was right about this time that national politician realized that they could make a big stink about illegal immigration and local politicians started posing legislation that was really hateful and forcing undocumented immigrants to leave the state. Dan said that the Senate Bill 1070 is making it a criminal jailable offense to be an illegal immigrant. And that it now allows local law enforcement to act as federal immigration enforcement. He also added that if you're found to be transporting an illegal immigrant you can be brought up on criminal charges as well. This could be as simple as driving your undocumented mother to the store and then getting pulled over. Dan stated that Arizona and this country is full of illegal immigrants and the law is causing a huge family separation issue.

Dan and Rosie talked about the film and personal stories that they highlight in the documentary. Dan said that 350-500 people a year are dying in the desert trying to cross the border but it's hard to know the exact numbers. He said there are plenty of bodies that are never found or accounted for. Rosie said she was moved by the people leaving water out for the immigrants so they won't die in the desert. She found that part of the film uplifting. Dan said he and his partner wanted to really show the human impact of the failed immigration policy in the film and Rosie said that they did a great job of that. Rosie said that the immigration issue is a tough subject for people to wrap their heads around and the film shows it very well.

Rosie brought up the idea that some people think we're importing a slave class. Dan said to ask any American and they would do the same thing to support their own family - even cross a border to another country. He said that the economy depends on those workers. And to come in legally it would take 10-15 years. Rosie and Dan talked about the documented rise of this country's anti-immigrant sentiment and the birth of the Minuteman Border Fence.

Dan talked with Rosie about how it's dangerous for local law enforcement to have the powers of federal immigration enforcement because it interferes with catching criminals. He said that there is a large segment of the population who won't ever call the police for crimes and who won't be a witness because of the fear that they will be deported. Dan is working on a new documentary entitled 90 Days to Phoenix about the time between the time that the governor signed the law and when it goes into effect.

Rosie mentioned some of the personal stories in the film - the 8 year old girl that died crossing the desert and the woman who was 8 months pregnant and died crossing the border. Dan said that we sometimes care more about dogs crossing the street who are going to get hit by a car then we do about humans and their civil liberties. Rosie thanked him for the documentary and for calling in.

There was a transition song used during the show that Rosie said sounded just like the Price Is Right theme song that is now hosted by Drew Carey. Rosie wanted to be the host of Price is Right so badly and talked about how he isn't excited enough when the contestants win. She really felt like that hosting job was her calling in life.

Janette said that the interview with the filmmaker of Crossing Arizona did give her added perspective to the immigration issue but she still thinks that it's the government policies that need to be changed. She said that in Arizona, they're paying 3 billion dollars supporting the immigrants. A listener called in and said that a lot of illegal immigrants are paying into social security and never collecting. Because although they are hired with Social Security numbers that may not be their own, but they still pay taxes. Rosie wanted to know how "they" are they coming up with the supposed 3 billion dollar expense. Rosie then recited some lyrics from Joni Mitchell's song Borderline in reference to the border/immigration debate. Go read them!

Deirdre reminded everyone that Joan Rivers will be on tomorrow (5/27)! Joan has a brand new documentary A Piece of Work coming out on June 11th!

A Piece of Work: The Joan Rivers Documentary

Rosie will be at a speaking event tonight about documentaries with HBO's Sheila Nevins! CLICK HERE for more information!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


In case you missed it...

Pete sang along to the opening theme song and knew all the words and then stuck it to Bobby (who has sang along before but doesn't know all the words to the opening song). Bobby said that at least his words that he knows are in tune! OOOOhhhhhh, them's fighting words! Rosie said it is hard for her to play Scrabble online at Pogo.com on a Mac. Pete said that's because Pogo doesn't work very well with mac applications like Safari. Rosie had been told she had to sign up for a Facebook account because you can play online scrabble on Facebook. Oh, how she teases us with her Facebook mentions. I wish she was on Facebook!! Rosie said she just wants to play Jackie in online Scrabble so she can beat her. Pete said he beat Tanya (Rosie's Nanny/Friend) who went to Oxford! Rosie said Tanya is "smarter than smart." Tanya is Ellis's mom and Rosie talked about how much fun it is having a baby around. Rosie totally adores Ellis and called him "the cutest little thing in the world." He even calls her mama sometimes and Rosie doesn't correct him. ;)

Rosie said that today Parker turns 15! Last night she told him about the cake and the party she wanted to have for him tonight and he told her he had other plans to go over to his girlfriend's tonight and would like to be picked up at 8. Rosie said she pouted over the fact that he wants a social life so she stopped talking to him for the rest of the night. He wanted to borrow her computer but she didn't want him to because she was sulking. She admits she takes it personally that he doesn't want to hang out with her anymore. Jeannie said teenagers don't want to be your friend, they want to be with their own friends and that Parker is just being a normal teenager. Janette told Rosie that she doesn't want him to be an odd boy that only wants to be with his mother, right? Shoshana told Rosie to prepare herself for when he starts to drive! Jeannie suggested Rosie just put him in a bubble to make herself feel better. Gotta love Jeannie. She's the only one who can talk to Rosie like that, lol. When Brendan got his license his father told him "congratulations, you now have a weapon and a license to kill." Nothing like making Rosie feel better about it. Jeannie made her daughter wait until she was 17 to get her license. She told her that driving is not a right, it is a privilege and made her earn it.

Rosie said that Parker also got into a competitive high school and scored very highly on the entrance exam. But to go to the school, they recommended he go to a 5 week sleep away summer camp/school where they teach you how to prepare for the amount of work they are going to receive. Rosie thinks he doesn't have any idea about the amount of work he's going to get since he's been going to a Waldorf School his entire life where they didn't have grades, standardized tests or any major ramifications when work wasn't completed. Parker doesn't want to go to the study skills camp because he's worried he's going to miss half his summer. Rosie told Parker that it's his decision and it's his life, but if he wants to go to that school he has to go to the camp.

Janette asked why Parker wants to go to this other school and Rosie said he's ready for a change and/or a different way of teaching. She said they've realized that his current school may not have enough accountability at his current school. She knows that Parker will face other challenges because he comes from a background of privilege and fame and he needs to learn that accountability. Jeannie and Rosie talked about how it was always assumed that they were going to go college so that they could have a better life than their parents had. Jeannie said that today you can't make a significant income without a Master's. Janette read that so many kids that start college don't finish. Rosie said Chelsea also wants to go to a different school. Rosie had to tell Chelsea that they would have to find her a school that would help her catch up to where the other kids her age are. She said that Chelsea seems willing to do whatever it takes. Rosie said that when Chelsea and Parker took the entrance exams for these schools it was a shocking wake up call to her. And she's not so sure that the Waldorf education is the right thing for her family anymore. So, now Parker has to give up the Rfamily trip to Europe with Kelli and their Jersey Shore trip in order to attend the camp.

The tests Parker and Chelsea took showed Rosie that Chelsea needs more help in all areas and Parker really needs to be pushed more because he's very smart. Chelsea has told Rosie that she would be okay if she didn't go to college, that she might want to be a hair dresser. Rosie said she is fine with that. Janette thinks that Rosie should make these decisions for them, that they are too young to be making these major life decisions on their own. Janette also said that if you don't have discipline in life - you're done.

Rosie took several callers on the topic and the pros and cons of going to a harder high school. One caller was a college professor that wished more of her students learned these basic study skills. She said that so many of her students don't know how to write a basic essay and do basic mathematical functions. She said college will only be harder for them if they don't learn those things now. She told Rosie that it's not Parker's choice, she's the parent and she needs to send him. Rosie agreed and said it would be a disservice to him not to push him.

Rosie agreed that life is about working and pushing yourself. Parker (and all of her kids) don't remember her working the grind and don't realize that the things that they have in life are the result of the years of hard work that she put in, and a little luck too.

Lou's having Pearl Jam withdrawals and smoking withdrawals. He's been taking Chantix to help quit smoking since Rosie got him ticket to Pearl Jam but said it's very difficult to quit. He said he is going to do it though, because he promised. Rosie said he has Eddie Vedder and Rosie to thank for his longer, healthier life.

Lou and his girlfriend, Maral, have also been taking dancing lessons! They prepared and played an audio clip description of their last dance class and said they were going to put it up on Rosie.com. Lou said he even danced the Charleston at the last Pearl Jam concert. He said there were a a lot of dancing lesbians all over his girlfriend at the last concert. Not sure how that came up, I forget. But I wrote it down, so there it is. Lou also said that there was a gay man who fainted over the charisma of the lead singer (Eddie Vedder).

After they played the video Rosie said how adorable Maral sounds and how she seems to really like him! Lou said he hopes things work out because he's in LOOOOOOVE. :) Lou said that the tickets Rosie got him were pretty good. He said they weren't the "fan club seats" but he was right behind Jamie Lynn Sigler (aka Meadow Soprano) and Mark Sanchez. Lou mentioned how Meadow (as he called her) was the most beautiful famous person he's ever seen. Rosie said Helene used to do her hair and makeup!

Shoshana said that her sister came out to her last week. She said she's suspected that her sister is a lesbian for a long time because she had a 43 year old "roommate" who Shoshana also thought might be a lesbian. Rosie asked her why she thought so. She asked if she was into BBQing. If she was good with a Swiss Army knife? Shoshana said she was really good with tools and building things and they also listened to a lot of Indigo Girls and Lilith Fair. This sidetracked Rosie for a second. She said that Lilith Fair has been having trouble selling tickets and recommended that her listeners go to Lilith Fair because it's great. Rosie said she's going this summer! Shoshana then mentioned how she's not a fan of Sarah McLachlan - who started Lilith Fair but isn't a lesbian, btw. Shoshana said she runs from her songs and doesn't enjoy her but doesn't exactly know why. Shoshana's boyfriend thinks perhaps something horrible must have happened during a time when her music was on. Shoshana asked Lou to please not play her music.

Anyway, back to Shoshana's sister. Rosie asked why Shoshana had suspected that her sister was gay and Shoshana said that she was always obsessed with Angelina Jolie and never had a boyfriend. And she had this roommate and they lived together in a one bedroom apartment. Her sister told her that she slept on the futon that was in the bedroom. Rosie said that her brother, Danny, also had a one bedroom with the man he has now been living with for years and they told her they put the beds together because the futon broke or because it was best for the air conditioning. Shoshana said she never discussed the fact that she suspected her sister might be gay but that everyone suspected it. She said would try to get it out of her but didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Shoshana's sister is 27 years old and she was with this woman for 4 years until they recently split up because the other woman was ready to settle down and have a family and Shoshana's sister was not.

Shoshana was baffled as to why her sister wouldn't have told her sooner that she was gay considering who she worked for. Rosie asked Shoshana if her sister knows Rosie is gay which made everyone in the studio laugh. It really surprised Shoshana that her sister wouldn't say anything. So, this is how she came out to her. Shoshana and her sister were texting back and forth about their younger sister's graduation present and Shoshana suggested a Victoria's Secret gift-card. Her sister texted back "speaking of secrets I'm GAY!" Her sister came out to her parents and then to Shoshana two days later. Shoshana's parents were very supportive and just want her to be happy. Rosie said that all of her gay Jewish friends all have supportive parents when they come out. She then briefly recommended the documentary Trembling Before God about people who are not accepted by the Jewish faith when they come out.

Shoshana said that is part of the problem, that her sister is having religion issues. She said they were always raised to be very accepting though. Her sister told her that she didn't want to shame the family and just because the family would be okay conceptually, she wasn't sure how they would be facing the reality of it.

Shoshana said she was almost insulted that her sister didn't feel comfortable telling her that she was lesbian. She was out to her friends and she can't understand why she couldn't be out to her. She said she felt personally hurt by the fact that she didn't feel safe enough to tell her. Her sister said it was a private part of her life and not anyone's business.

Shoshana's parents offered to have their daughter's girlfriend over for dinner however the girlfriend is not Jewish. She said they're accepting the gayness but it's a double- standard because her parents wouldn't allow her sister's non-Jewish boyfriend to the house. They took several callers on the topic who shared their own coming out stories and their frustrations with family members that they suspect are gay but won't open up to them.

Rosie first told Jeannie she was gay one night when she was performing at a club when she was with a woman named Corbi. She said she didn't have "the big come out thing" because her mother was gone and her father was basically not there either. Rosie told her sister she was gay in college. She told her sister all about a girl named Chrissy whom Rosie had a huge crush on and thought about all the time. She said it was never sexual but she was completely in love with her. Rosie remembers getting physically sick over the feelings of love that she had - she was so overwhelmed with feelings. She remembered and described this girl's clothes, her hair and the time she went home for Thanksgiving and told her sister that she thinks she's in love. She told her sister all about this girl and her sister said, "Sure sounds like love to me." Awwwwww!!!

One caller who is gay spoke to Shoshana and told her to remember that when you're gay it takes you a while to be honest with yourself. He said that people tried to prompt him and let him know that it was okay, too. He explained that people often come out in stages too. He said, "You're petrified, you're worried." And he said that straight people never have to declare anything so they can't really understand how it feels. He said there is a burden to say "I accept who I am" and oftentimes there's another layer where you have to deal with the religious stuff from your youth. He said you also have to realize that in being true to yourself, you're going to disappoint some people. He said it's a lot to come to terms with.

Rosie remembered when one of her cousins married a Jewish woman and it was such a scandal in their family. She said it was a BIG deal. She remembered thinking "God, they're upset about that imagine if they knew I was gay." The caller said that you have to learn to trust yourself and love yourself enough and to know that you deserve love. He said you can know all that already but it takes time to get there.

Rosie said she wanted to have Shoshana's sister over for dinner and she would find her a nice Jewish 30 year old lesbian to go out with. She said she was now on a mission.

The last caller told a funny story about outing his own brother. He and his brother are gay and his older brother had never come out to his parents. When he got caught with a guy in his room he outed his brother too! Rosie told him he threw his brother under the bus. Lou played I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross and went to commercial.

Rosie asked if anyone in the studio watches The Tudors because she loves it. Only the actress Joley Richardson is now playing the new queen and Rosie's worried that she's going to be beheaded. She worried for the actress herself because in real life Joley has lost her sister Natasha Richardson and recently her mother Vanessa Redgrave. She was worried about her being beheaded on the show because of all the tragedy in her real life. Brendan googled it for her and told her that the wives of King Henry the 8th went like this: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. She's the 6th wife (Catherine Parr) of Henry the 8th so that means that she's the one that is going to survive. No reason for Rosie to stress. They talked a little about the show and the characters and Pete mentioned some obscure reference to an actor that he thought should play the fat version of Henry the 8th and Rosie made fun of him by saying "You've been lawyered!" Anybody?

Rosie asked the staff and the listening audience if they knew of a good brand of tweezers. She said she bought 8 or 9 different brands and none of them worked well. Jeannie suggested waxing. Janette said she will oftentimes pull hairs and instead of pulling them out it just curls them like ribbon on a present! Rosie also said her rosacea is flaring up again scolded everyone for not alerting her to the fact that she had a stray hair on her face. Rosie said her rosacea flaring up could have something to do with the fact that she has been laying in the sun (not good) or that she has been eating night shade vegetables (also not good). It's not because of alcohol though because she hasn't really drank since her rip-roaring night at Casa Del Sol the other week with Jackie, Jeannie and Tracy. James said listeners were calling in recommending Tweezerman brand. Rosie said she tried those and those don't work for her either.

This lead to not being able to ever find good tweezers or scissors and somehow this segued to Blake having to do a report in school. She said he could have chosen any animal and he chose the blue-footed booby. Rosie said she thinks that Blake just wanted to be able to say booby in school. LOL I love Blake.

Pete said his friend went to an opthamologist and her eyes were fine but the doctor noticed she had rosacea and wrote a prescription for it! He thought that was odd. Jeannie heard of a friend who was feeling sick at the dentist and then the dentist gave her a prescription for an non-teeth related illness. This then started a quick rant by everyone how we prescribe too many antibiotics and are becoming resistant to antibiotics to which Rosie told them to zip it and went back to the tweezer discussion and searching for the perfect tweezers on the Internet.

Rosie then introduced Gary Foxcroft and Sam. Gary is the filmmaker of Saving Africa's Witch Children which premieres on HBO2 tomorrow (May 25th). Sam is a native of Africa who has saved many of these children and helps to teach the locals that their children are not possessed by witches. In certain parts of Africa, there are witch doctors who arbitrarily decide if children are possessed by witches. The witch doctors say that the devil has possessed their children and the family has to pay money to have their child saved. The child is then tortured to get the devil out of him or her. Sam has dedicated his life to saving these children. Rosie said the documentary was very upsetting to watch yet inspiring to know there are people like Sam who will do whatever they can to save these children.

Rosie and Gary talked about the film and how he began this work. He said while he and his wife were setting up a school in Africa they came across the Child Rights And Rehabilitation Network who was struggling to meet the needs of the children. After talking with them they were told that there are children who have been abandoned, tortured and set on fire because of the belief they were witches. Sam, who was born and raised in Nigeria, said there was a Nigerian movie that was sent out to all the villages that said that children had the potential to be witches. The village people believed this myth. The priests and witch doctors are just doing it for the money and if the parents can't pay to have their children saved they're just abandoned or tortured. Rosie asked why the main man who is doing this isn't in jail and Sam said that the locals are afraid of him. He was arrested in 2003 but he was released and the fear if you tell, is that he would be released again and come kill you. He decides who lives and who dies. This man in Nigeria has denied that he killed children. He has only said that he has killed witches, not the children themselves.

Gary explained that the judiciary and the police all believe that children can be witches so until you can change that belief system it makes it difficult to change. They said that the goal is to reunify the parents with the children and convince them that their children are not witches. They said that sometimes it takes a long time but it's not impossible.

Sam has worked tirelessly trying to make governmental and societal changes on behalf of children. He started with 4 and now has 250 children who live in an emergency shelter. He has counselors for the children and now takes in only the most severely tortured because there are just too many to handle at the moment. He said they council the parents and give them therapy when they come to him with the children that they think are witches. He said that the education of the children also helps to educate the parents. His organization funds a school, about 20 staff members and the cost of feeding the children. It costs them about 100,000 pounds per year and if you're interested in making a donation you can do so at Stepping Stones Nigeria.

Sam said what gives him the greatest happiness is to save the children and return them back home. He said it is important to continue his work and partner with anyone that is willing to help. Rosie said it's very inspiring what they have done and very eye-opening for her to see how hard it is for some children every day. She recommended her listeners watch the documentary and go to Rosie.com for more information.

After the interview Janette and Rosie agreed how amazing it is what they have done for these children and the lives that have been saved from this film and from their work. They also complimented the men on the bravery that has been involved in their work in the face of such danger to protect these children. You can catch the documentary on HBO2 tomorrow night.

Rosie closed reminding everyone that Glee and American Idol are on tonight and said, "Go, Crystal!"

and that's what you missed -kw

Happy Birthday, Parker!!

And on a personal note, the blog hit 200,000 hits yesterday! Thanks for reading!


In case you missed it...

Janette sang the theme song today! Rosie sang along to Rainy Days and Mondays because it was raining and Monday in Nyack today. She said she's tired and has a tummy ache which then led to some singing of various Pepto Bismol commercials and diarrhea songs between she and Jeannie.

Rosie said her kids were at Kelli's this weekend so she was with her girlfriend, Tracy, who she called "an Ever-Ready Bunny." Rosie said that Tracy always wakes up early and happy but Rosie didn't get to sleep in that much. Tracy thinks that Rosie sleeps a lot and Pete commented how much he likes to sleep, too. Pete said he could sleep 14-15 hours a day. However, Rosie did feel like after getting up so early this weekend she got a lot more done.

She went to see her doctor and her blood pressure was fantastic! It was really high last time she was there so Rosie was happy about that! Tracy and Rosie drove in to the city and saw the Broadway play Fela. Rosie gave a quick synopsis of the show and said part of it confused her a bit but she enjoyed it otherwise. This was Tracy's first Broadway show! They were walking home as they were walking past the Broadway Comedy Club, they asked her if she would come in and do 5 minutes. So, she did it! She talked about how strange it felt to be so old and performing in front of all these big eyed, 20 year olds with notebooks with all their jokes scribbled on them. She said she felt like Rodney Dangerfield walking into the old Improv and how he used to come in and do all his same material. She commented that she has to stop doing Donald Trump jokes, too.

They also went to see Vivi in a play this weekend where she played a chicken! On the way home they stopped at Home Depot to buy vegetables and some rain barrels to water the garden with the rain water. Tracy, whose very green and eco-conscious, has emailed with Ed Begley Jr. to talk about environmental issues. Rosie told Tracy "You can write him all you want but just remember I beat him on Celebrity Jeopardy!"

Rosie said they now have 11 chickens and the coop is ready! She said they are feeding the chickens the scraps from their meals and fertilizing the garden with the chicken poop. She said she is done gardening once the poop is in the garden. Rosie said she wanted a "Martha Stewart gardening stool" and Tracy said she'd make her one.

They also bought a lot of water filters for the house because they're filtering their tap water instead of using bottled water. Rosie watered the garden and said that Tracy was bossy about how she was watering it. She kept commenting that Rosie wasn't going in order when watering and that she wasn't sure that Rosie was doing it right.

Rosie said that Tracy's 14 year old son got suspended from school. She wondered how much you parent and scream at a kid that isn't yours. She was vague about what he did to get suspended but said that he talked out in class and he wasn't supposed to kiss his girlfriend but he did anyway. Rosie said she cursed at him (which she finds effective when yelling at teens) and she looked at him like he was crazy. She threatened him with boarding school and yelled at him. She said he was looking at her like he was thinking "I think this was easier when my mom didn't know you." Rosie said she made him put the rocks around the chicken coop as punishment.

Rosie offered to buy Jeannie and Jackie a chicken coop for Christmas and Jeannie declined. She was not into that idea at all. Rosie asked her if it was on her bucket list to have a chicken coop and Jeannie replied with a definite NO!

Rosie said that Blake's baseball team had to forfeit a game this weekend because the other team didn't have enough players. She said she suggested that they give the other team their best guy, so the kids could still scrimmage since all the kids were there all ready to play. The coaches looked at her like she was crazy! Jeannie said the same thing happened at her son's soccer game this weekend and they ended up playing one man down instead of lending the other team a player for the game. Jeannie's son is 5 years old!

Rosie told a hilarious story about how Tracy challenged her to a batting cage competition. Tracy bet Rosie that if she could hit 80% of what Rosie could hit she would win. Rosie didn't figure she'd be very good because she doesn't really look like an athlete. Rosie said she's very competitive though and loves to bet. It was a Saturday night and Rosie really didn't want to do it and then Tracy asked Rosie if she was too afraid for the challenge which made Rosie swerve right into the batting cage and the competition was ON! Tracy ended up hitting every single pitch! Rosie said she "tipped" a lot of them but Rosie was stunned. And then she also hit lefty! All Rosie had to do was miss 1 and she would lose. And then Rosie missed! Tracy was laughing so hard she could hardly drop the balls in to the machine. Tracy did admit that Rosie's hits were better. Tracy was only getting "in field singles" and Rosie was hitting them out of the park, but still. Rosie said that Tracy's really good at baseball and said how annoying it was. She said she can garden, paint, make jewelry, make a chicken coop - she's wonder woman!

Rosie said that she and Tracy cleaned out her craft room together. She said Tracy pulled the shelving units of the wall to make more space for canvasses. And she moved all of the storage units for better Feng Shui. Rosie said she swept a lot.

Rosie announced that they are going to make a chicken coop cam! Pete said it will be a 24-hour feed so that listeners can see what Rosie's chickens are doing 24 hours a day! Jeannie said she thinks they have all lost their minds. Jeannie doesn't think that would be interesting at all to watch. She said maybe for 30 seconds. Bobby has a cam at his house and can watch his dog live. Jeannie said "You people have too much time on your hands." Rosie couldn't believe that Jeannie wouldn't find it interesting and she, Pete and Janette listed off every cam they've ever seen asking Jeannie if she thought that would be interesting. Brendan has never watched a live animal cam but says he understands what they are and said that they could be interesting. Lou agreed with Brendan and James said absolutely not. Even if there was a cute guy in tight shorts tending to the animal, he still said No.

During all this Rosie's brother Timmy texted Rosie to tell her he's was NOT fixing the wall that Tracy took the shelves down from.

Jeannie watched a panda cam on the show and said it was cute but that it doesn't interest her for more than a second. Janette asked if she likes animals and Jeannie said she does but that an animal cam would lose it's novelty after 30 seconds and that everyone in the studio is a "bunch of kiss-asses."

Rosie then took several callers who gave their opinions on a chicken cam. The first one said it was a horrible idea and Rosie jokingly asked James to hang up on her. One caller said that if Rosie really puts her time in with the chickens that they will love her and look for her. Rosie gave that caller a gift since she wanted the cam. A caller who was in Miami who also supported the cam idea called in to chat with Rosie about it. Rosie talked with him about the oil spill in the gulf and whether or not they have seen the effects from it there and he had not.

Rosie said that some of the names of the chickens that they now own are: Chicken Little, Skunk Tail, Sunny, Bird, Harry Potter, PushPop, Snowball, Lemon Head and Ten Ten. She said that Tracy knows them all and even knows which one is which.

Rosie said that Jackie is now her former best friend. Rosie said that Jackie knows her well and she knows Jackie well and they have an agreement not to give each other books that will upset each other. Jackie told Rosie to read the latest Anna Quindlan book Every Last One. Rosie said the book was so depressing, she couldn't bear it. Rosie said she typically loves Anna Quindlan's writing but that this book was too sad. Rosie then talked about the book and what it was about. If you don't want to know all this detail, skip ahead to the next paragraph. Rosie said the book is about a woman in suburbia whose daughter is best friends with a boy growing up and they begin dating as teens. The girl decides she doesn't want to date the boy anymore. She said a baby drowns in the book which made Rosie sad and that the boy goes crazy and does something horrible to the woman's family.

Rosie said she was a third of the way through the book and thought "this better change or I'm going to be really mad at Jackie." By the end of the book Jackie was fired from her new TV show. Rosie said she was going to hire Jackie to do her Rosie Book Club on her new TV show because of her familiarity with books but now she's fired! Janette said she never reads the Oprah Book Club Selections because they're always so horribly depressing. Rosie said the story was too close to home and got her thinking she now has to worry about every kid her children date. Rosie said that Jackie could have been her Gayle King but she made a grievous error in judgment.

Rosie said she laid out this weekend with her top off for about 15 minutes! She said she was so proud of herself because she's come such a long way in accepting her body and she was also sure no one could possibly see her. She felt great about it so she texted Tracy to tell her about it. She said she heard a commotion assuming it was Tracy coming and it was Tracy laughing hysterically. Apparently Tracy saw Pete looking at Rosie on the deck. Pete didn't realize Rosie was topless at all and thought she was wearing a white shirt. She was pretty far away from where he was. He thought it was funny because he had just seen her in a black shirt, he didn't realize she was topless! Tracy thought Pete was embarrassed because she saw him looking at her. He wasn't because he was so far away. Rosie said she felt brave, independent, self assured and European.

Rosie said she got a call on Saturday from Cyndi Lauper to give her a heads-up that she was going to stick up for her in her song she was going to perform on the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Cyndi asked her if that was alright and Rosie said it was fine, just to perform her record which Rosie thinks is great! Cyndi is also coming out with a new perfume called "A Touch of Cyn." Lastly, she asked Rosie if she would present an award to her. Cyndi ended the call reminding Rosie not to forget to watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. I found a YouTube of the performance but couldn't find where she mentions Rosie's name. She says something like Rosie O'D don't mess with her. FF to 3:08 where the song begins.

Rosie said she may do a couple of dates with Cyndi this summer! All the members of the staff didn't seem surprised that Bret Michaels won. After all he has been through they all thought he should have won. Rosie thought he seemed like a really good guy.

They briefly discussed their anticipation of the end of American Idol and who will win. Brendan said there is also supposed to be a big retrospective on Simon, who is leaving the show. Rosie asked what will come on once American Idol is done because she wants to follow the next show as they have done with American Idol. They discussed America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. Janette loves America's Got Talent because of the human interest stories. Rosie said all these talent shows remind her of Star Search. Rosie said that when she was at Broadway Comedy Club this weekend, she couldn't believe she used to do stand-up for a living. Rosie started doing stand-up when she was 16 years old in 1978 and did it until she won Star Search in 1984. She and Janette reminisced about the old stand-up days.

Rosie then introduced fellow comedienne Adrianne Tolsch. Adrianne and Rosie have known each other for years and used to perform together doing stand up. Adrianne said that once at the East Side Comedy Club Rosie got up and blew the room away (when Rosie was only 17 years old) and Adrianne thought to herself "I'm leaving the business." Rosie said that she did stand-up this weekend and everyone in the audience were kids and she didn't know what to say!

Adrianne stopped doing the clubs 10 years ago when she did a joke about Nixon and they thought it was a metal polish. She said right now she does the Jewish Princesses of Comedy and corporate gigs.

Adrianne told Rosie how she used to open for Chita Rivera and what a wonderful person she was to work with. Rosie said she has her RBK school and Chita has been one of their biggest supporters from the very beginning. Adrianne said that during the last show she did for Chita she mistakenly performed for the wrong amount of time on stage. She said Chita called her 2 hours later and told her not to worry about it and that she loved her. Once Adrianne realized why she got the time messed up (she was looking at the second hand instead of the minute hand on her watch) Adrianne called her back to tell her. Chita told her she was an artist and she shouldn't have to look at her watch, that she should have someone signaling her. Rosie talked about the time she bombed on stage in Vegas opening for David Copperfield. (This story is in Find Me. I may try to record it and put it up for you all so stay tuned!) The guy told her when she can afford to refund the casino for the amount of money that that size audience makes the casino she can do 3 extra minutes on stage. Until that time, she should stick to the time allotted.

Adrianne started stand-up in 1976 and she emulated and looked up to comedian Lenny Bruce. Adrianne said when she was 12 years old her father loved Lenny Bruce and took her to see him. She emulated his rhythm and ended up sounding like him in the beginning. Rosie said she did the same thing with Jerry Seinfeld. They talked about the power that you feel in making a whole room of people laugh. They also talked about local MCs, living on the road, getting stuff thrown at you, bad motel rooms, grungy nightclubs, and the rarity of female comics in their day. Rosie rarely worked with women on the road and met Janette on a gig in Florida!

Adrianne and Rosie talked about aging and failing eyesight. Adrianne said she's now getting calls from assisted living homes and nursing homes.

Adrianne and her husband have been together for 25 years and Rosie asked her what the secret to their long relationship is. Adrianne said they never stop talking to each other and they are kind to one another even when they don't want to be. They also don't sweat the small stuff. Adrianne's husband has been working at Letterman for 18 years. Rosie loves Adrianne's husband and talked about how nice he was to work with when she did the Letterman show. Adrianne MC's Caroline's new comic night and really loves it. Rosie thanked Adrianne for coming and suggested that Adrianne come back again and bring in one of the young funny comics that she loves! You can learn more about Adrianne and where she is performing next on her website http://www.adriannetolsch.com/.

Deirdre said that Gary Foxcroft, the maker of the documentary Saving Africa's Witch Children will be on the show tomorrow.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw