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Fellow New Yorkers! Please join Jeannie in supporting an incredible cause -saving the life of a child. 

On Thursday, September 9, at Mulcahy’s of Wantagh, NY there will be an event to benefit Jake Amato from 7:00 - 11:00 pm.

Tickets cost $50.00 and include buffet, open bar, live music and entertainment by MTV personality Skinny Cavallo with special guest performance by America’s Got Talent Contestant Rob Benton!

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a message from Jeannie...
Jake Amato is an 8 year old boy from my hometown of Farmingdale, New York. He was diagnosed at age 4 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is currently in treatment awaiting a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. All profits from this event ...will go directly to the Amato family to help defray the cost of care and treatment for Jake. If you are able to make it, come find me and say hello. It would be thrilling to know that I’ve reached even one person this way.

xo Jeanne

The One Year Plan!

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8-20-10 "The Show When Weenie Almost Kicked Rosie's Ass"

In case you missed it...

Rosie introduced today's show as "It's Friday all day, as my Nana would say."  Then she talked briefly about her Nana who would sit at the kitchen table and chain smoke Chesterfields.  Her Nana loved Jeannie but  she didn't like Mary Rose because she thought she was stealing their tuna fish. 

Jeannie and Rosie chatted about how back to school shopping had begun.  They discussed how schools are now asking students to bring in paper products like paper towels, wipes, Kleenex, garbage bags, etc. because the school budgets do not have enough to cover these costs.  Janette never remembered having to bring in school supplies because in Janette's day, you just had to bring a rock and a chisel to school! (the on going joke about Janette's age continues...) Rosie said she remembers her dad having panic attacks about getting all the school supplies for Rosie and her siblings.  Bobby and Rosie enjoy the store Staples and the smell and feel of new school supplies.  Rosie's kids have to have plain lunch boxes at their school but if Vivi had her wish, she would have a Littlest Pet Shop lunch box.  Rosie said that Littlest Pet Shop has become an obsession for Vivi.  Rosie recently discovered that there are collectors editions of Littlest Pet Shop animals that can cost up to $60 each!  Janette thought that was absolutely obscene and Rosie agreed and said that those are just not an option for Vivi.  Pete proudly announced that in HIGH SCHOOL he had a Batman lunch box and it was awesome.  He was also tormented for it.  Noooooo, really?  Janette feels as if the tormenting from our youths make us stronger people.  Pete must be very strong then.

Rosie said that this is their last day of new shows until they are back from their 2 week vacation on September 7th, the Tuesday after Labor Day.  She said that they recently discovered that they had to get in their vacations before their year anniversary hit or they would lose it!  Jeannie asked if she could have that first Tuesday back off because it's her son's first day of Kindergarten.  Rosie insisted she take it off.  Rosie asked Jeannie if she things she's going to be emotional about her baby going to Kindergarten and following the bus to school and Jeannie said she thinks she will be okay since this is her third child off to school.  Rosie never allowed her kids to ride the bus but Jeannie said that if you're a working mom, you rely on the bus out of necessity.  Rosie said that her eldest son Parker will have to be at his bus stop at 7:09 am SHARP!  She said that he's late often and if he misses the bus he's going to have to walk (which Rosie admitted probably won't happen. She knew she'd cave and drive him.).  Unlike Tracy whose son got kicked off the bus twice and then Tracy made him walk miles to school!  Parker told Rosie that she is a pushover a few weeks ago so she's been actively trying to not be one.  She's trying to get all the kids in the routine for school to start by not allowing them to sleep in her bed, get all riled up just before bed and getting them to bed at the appropriate times.  She talked about how her kids are all on each other's nerves by this time in the summer and how everyone is bickering and how school will be good for that.

Jeannie is looking forward to the Fall but admitted that back to school gives her stress about the holidays.  Rosie enjoys the Fall because she looks forward to Halloween, one of her favorite holidays!  Rosie said she doesn't stress over the Christmas season and Jeannie said she would love it too if money and time were no object!  Jeannie said she wants to decorate the studio for the holidays and have an employee holiday party at the studio!

Janette encouraged the faithful Rosie Radio listeners to keep listening while the Rosie Radio staff is on vacation for the next two weeks because they will be having fantastic shows highlighting their best of Rosie Radio moments!

For this game, Brendan showed the player the title of a song and the player had to sing the song but couldn't use any of the words in the song's title.  If they needed to sing the song's title the player would need to hum that part.  If someone in the room guesses the song, the guesser and the person singing get a point. 
First they did a sample song:
Pete - he hummed "Sweet Caroline" and Rosie guessed it.  Both Rosie and Pete hey both got a point.

Jeannie - hummed "Summer Lovin'"  Bobby guessed it.
Bobby - hummed "Don't Stop Believin'"  Rosie guessed it.
Rosie - hummed "Like a Prayer" Bobby guessed it.
Pete - hummed "I Got You Babe"  No one guessed it and Rosie laughed so hard she peed herself.  He didn't get a point.
Janette - kinda hummed "American Pie"  The song was unrecognizable to everyone in the studio audience and at home.  No one guessed it. 

Jeannie - hummed "Billie Jean" Rosie guessed it.
Bobby - attempted to hum "Brown Eyed Girl" except he didn't even know the song so he didn't sing it.  He asked if the song has ever been Broadway?  No, it has not.  So that's why he didn't know it.
Rosie - hummed "Love Shack"  Pete guessed it.
Pete - hummed "Mrs.  Robinson" Rosie guessed it.
Janette - attempted to hum "I Will Survive"  She barely sang it and sang the words "I Will" so it didn't count.  Then Rosie made Janette hum Happy Birthday to prove she could actually hum anything!  This game was not Janette's forte.

Jeannie - hummed "You're So Vain" Rosie guessed it.
Bobby - hummed "Baby One More Time"  Pete guessed it.
Rosie - hummed "Falling In Love With You"  Jeannie guessed it.
Pete - hummed "Livin on a Prayer"  Jeannie guessed it.
Janette - attempted to hum "Piano Man" but couldn't even think how the song went.   

After Round 1 and 2, Bobby and Pete had 4 points, Janette had 0, Jeannie had 5 and Rosie had 7. 

Rosie got to pick what set of 10 songs she would like to guess from. She got to try to get as many as she could and then Jeannie had to try to beat her number in the same amount of time.  She could choose to guess from the Rolling Stone's Top 10 Songs of All Time or Billboard's Top 10 Songs of the 1970s. 

Rosie chose the Rolling Stone's Top 10 Songs of All Time.
She heard:
"Like a Rolling Stone"  She didn't get that one.
"No Satisfaction"  Got it.
"Imagine" Got it.
"Respect" Got it.
"Good Vibrations" Got it.
"Johnny Be Good" Got it.
"Hey Jude" Got it.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"  She didn't get it.
"What I'd Say" Got it.
I missed one!  Ooops. 
She got 6 songs total. 

Jeannie had to get 6 songs correct in 2:18 to WIN!

The Top 10 Songs of the 1970s.
She heard:
"Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" Got it.
"I'll be There" Got it.
"I Think I Love You" Got it.
"Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Got it.
"Close To You" Got it.
"I Want You Back"  She didn't get it.
"Let It Be"  She got it with 8 seconds to spare and beat Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie really enjoyed this game!  Me too.  One of the best ever.  Even though I know it doesn't translate well in the blog it was really fun to listen to.

In this game, each of the studio members shared a secret about themselves.  All the players had to guess whose secret belonged to whom.  Brendan said they created this game because of Bobby's profile piece when they all learned things about Bobby that no one ever knew!
Secret 1: "I've seen very episode of Good Times multiple times."  Rosie and Jeannie guessed that was James' secret.  Pete guessed Brendan.  Janette guessed Pete. 
Secret 2: "I've never seen Gone With the Wind."  Rosie guessed James.  Janette said Lou.  Jeannie and Pete Janette.
Secret 3: "Taking professional signing lessons is on my bucket list."  Janette and Rosie said James.  James said Lou.  Lou said James. 
Secret 4: "I love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap."  EVERYONE said Bobby. 
Secret 5: "I was one of 3 actors up for the lead actor for a Hollywood film.  The film was closed before it was cast."  Janette said Pete.  James said Rosie in Exit to Eden part II.  Rosie said Brendan.
Secret 6: "I like to play hearts"  Pete and Rosie said Jeannie. 
Secret 7: "I lost my first tooth biting into a piece of concrete to impress a stranger."  EVERYONE yelled Rosie!  Jeannie even did an imitation of Rosie doing it and saying it.   
Secret 8: "I once lost 50 pounds on a diet of just tuna and weed."  EVERYONE said Janette.

Secret 1: James, Secret 2: Bobby, Secret 3: Jeannie, Secret 4: Rosie, Secret 5: Brendan, Secret 6: Janette, Secret 7: Pete,  Secret 8: Lou

Seth Rudetsky was in the studio and after playing the "I've Got A Secret" game everyone pressured Jeannie into having an impromptu professional singing lesson.  And man was she PISSED about it but still trying to be respectful to Seth and his talents.  She did not want to sing live on the air!  She was sooooooooo pissed at Rosie she was giving her the finger the entire time.  Seth calmly explained to Jeannie that her singing voice is also her speaking voice and he walked her through the lyrics of a song.  Jeannie kept giving the studio members the finger which was making them laugh hysterically and then Jeannie accused them of laughing at her!  Seth told Jeannie to sit up straight, feel her ribcage expanding, and work on her breathing while she was singing. It was a real singing lesson and man was Jeannie PISSED OFF!  Rosie had no inhibitions whatsoever and sang happily along to the singing lessons with Jeannie.  Seth told Jeannie that her singing voice (pitch and tone) was great but she needed to work on her acting and feel the lyrics.  He told her to imagine she was signing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow to her 5 year old son.

Seth threatened to make Rosie leave the room because Rosie was causing a ruckus by laughing so hard at Jeannie's suffering.  Janette encouraged Jeannie who was having trouble with the acting portion of the singing and told her that just because she never acted before doesn't mean she can't!  Then Janette sang Bali Hai like a professional opera singer!  Which was shocking after the Hum that Tune/Karaoke debacle that proceeded this segment.  Seth actually taught Janette that song on The Rosie O'Donnell Show!  Then Bobby sang There Are Worse Things I Could Do and I totally got chills!   Man, he's a great singer.  Rosie finally told Jeannie that if she sang her song and really gave it 100% she would let her stop. They sang the song together and Jeannie got to stop.   

Brendan said the summer game totals have been tallied and Rosie is clearly the winner.  However, Bobby and Janette were tied and have to have a face-off to determine second and third place.  Rosie rubbed it in to Pete as best she could since he wasn't in the running for the top 3.

Brendan announced that they would be playing Brain Quest Grade 7.  Janette and Bobby would be asked 10 questions and whoever got the most right would determine the winner.  Janette felt like she should get a break because it's been longer than Bobby since she was in 7th grade and he has an advantage.  Rosie added that Janette should be allowed to park closer to the studio so she can use her walker.  In other words, no special concessions for Janette.

1. Add a conjunction to correct the run on  sentence: "The rock star took a bow we cheered." She said The rock star took a bow and  we cheered.  She got it right. 
2. Who wrote Hatchet and the River? She didn't know the answer which was Gary Paulson.
3. What famous words are attributed to Nathan Hale before he was hanged. The answer was "I only regret but I have one life to give for my country." 
4. What sugary liquid do bees get from flowers?  She guessed pollen but it was nectar.
5. If 2 is a whole number, what is 2.5?  She guessed a fraction.  Brendan gave it to her. It was a mixed number.
6. The simple predicate in a sentence is always a verb.  True or False.  She said False but it is true. 
7. Which scandal is associated with the Nixon presidency?  She guessed Watergate before he could even list them.
8. Name the scale that tells you whether a substance is an acid or a base.  The answer was the pH scale but she didn't know it.
9. Why is Canada's climate colder than the U.S.?  She said it was because it's closer to the North Pole which Brendan accepted.  His answer on his card was because it has a higher latitude.
10. Where can you visit the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.  She guessed Washington D.C. which is correct. 

Janette got 5/10 correct.

1. Which word is listed first in dictionary - loud, loudmouth, or (another loud word I didn't catch).  The answer was loud and Bobby got it.
2. Is Hindi the official language of India or Pakistan?  The answer was India and he got it.
3. Which Russian ruler came first?  Ivan the Great or Ivan the Terrible?  He guessed Ivan the great which was correct.
4. Which has the most gravity a supernova, a black hole or a white dwarf?  The answer was a black hole and he got it.
5. We left NY at 9pm and got to Madrid at 4:30.  How long was our flight?  He guessed 7 hours but the answer was 7.5.
6. I was given a lot of presents.  How would you describe the verb?  Bobby said passive and he was correct!
7. Did the Iroquois live in caves, adobes or long houses?  The answer is long houses but he got it wrong.
8. Order from West to East: Finland, Russia, Iceland.   He guessed Finland, Iceland, then Russia and got it wrong.   
9. Which moves faster? Large molecules or small molecules?  He guessed small molecules and was correct! 

Bobby came in second and received the less crappier prize than Janette. 

Janette won the soundtrack to the Empire Strikes Back on vinyl.  Bobby won the soundtrack to How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Rosie won Meet The Monkees on vinyl because it proves that the Monkees weren't really a band on the jacket of the record.  Pete is obsessed that he lost the band game over a Monkees related question.

Rosie and the staff chatted it up until the end of the show.  She talked with Parker about starting his new school and whether or not he was nervous.  Parker said he's a little nervous about keeping up with the work-load but he's not nervous about making new friends.  Rosie reassured him that there's extra help at the school if he needs it.  Rosie said she used to have anxiety the day before school.  Rosie, Parker, Janette and Pete all talked about the languages they've learned in school.  Parker has chosen to take Latin which Rosie thinks is pretty useless unless the Pope gets on a bus and needs change.  Pete thinks Latin is awesome.  Janette said she once took Latin because a truly educated person would take Latin to learn more about all the romance languages.  Rosie knows a little Latin because her father was an altar boy and taught her some.  Parker spoke a little German and Janette spoke a little Russian.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw 

I'm taking the weekend off but I will be updating the blog with links to all the awesome One Year Plans I am receiving from Rosie Radio Recap Readers!  If you are thinking of doing a One Year Plan and would like support of other Rosie Radio listeners, create a blog and email me your link!  It's just a way to connect to other Rosie Radio fans and to help stay on track.  It doesn't have to be weight related either, maybe you want to run a 5K or stop drinking soda or quit smoking.  It could be fun!  See you all next week peeps with more on this.  My fingers are tired from typing.  :)  xo

8-19-10 "The day the International listeners called in"

In case you missed it...

Rosie said she is a little sad that it's already late August and that summer is almost over.  She then discussed that they've been on the air for almost a year now!  Janette and Brendan have technically already reached their year anniversary because they started in August 2009.

Rosie then told a story about taking Parker for his physical for school.  He still goes to the same Pediatrician as his did when he was a baby.  She doesn't get to go in the room with Parker anymore so she sat in the waiting area with other parents with their babies and young toddlers.  Then Parker came out to the waiting room with the doctor and Rosie couldn't believe that he's a grown boy now!  She said that everyone told her "It'll go by in a blink" and she never believed them.  She would think "Shut up you old person."  She said it's scary to her how fast time flies by.  Pete began singing his "Old People Complaining" song that he composed during yesterday's show.

Pete is only 29 years old and Shoshana is only 25 years old.  Rosie said that hanging out with staff members in her 20s keeps her feeling young.  Rosie remembered thinking Elisabeth Hasselbeck was very young too.  She said she recently read an article about the misperceptions that people have about Elisabeth and Rosie said she thought it was a good interview.  Rosie admitted she actually liked Elisabeth during her stay on The View.   Rosie said she's been doing her Byron Katie work where she asks herself the 4 questions about a specific thought and that it's been very helpful for her.  Rosie said that some people think it's completely crazy for her to follow Byron Katie.  Rosie explained that Byron is not her "guru" but the things she has learned from practicing Byron's exercises have helped her question certain thoughts she has.  She wishes she could successfully apply "the work" to her food intake.  Janette does well with rules and found that when she made a "no sugar rule" for herself it helped her be successful.  She said she responds well to rules and actually finds freedom in them. 

Janette said Rosie should try the 4 questions on her thoughts about rules.  Rosie said that she has always had a problem with rules and felt as if they never applied to her.  She said she never would have dropped out of college and become a comedian if she had followed the rules.  Janette loves having rules and said they give her comfort.  For example, Rosie recently had a family portrait taken and had to sign a release for the artist.  She signed one for herself and then the artist asked if she could sign one for each of her kids.  Rosie had already signed the one for herself and didn't want to sign the other ones.  She said the minutia of life gets to her sometimes.     

Janette went to The Actors Institute for acting classes and followed a strict program of rules that she succeeded with.  She was always a rule breaker before she participated in the program when it occurred to her that there was freedom in rules.  For example, the "guy" at The View told Janette that she had a full-time job and that she had to stay the entire day at the office even though there was nothing for her to do there after 12:30pm.  So, Janette stayed the entire day and actually found a lot of things she could do in that office, not necessarily all work related however.  Rosie said that "his" rule was an absurd rule and she would have questioned as to why she needed to follow it.  Janette said someone only has to tell her a rule one time and she will follow it for no other reason than it's the rule.  Rosie said that during The Rosie O'Donnell Show days she was told that the staff has to work all summer long.  Rosie knew there was nothing for them to do all summer at the office so she gave everyone their summers OFF!  Janette said that attitudes about rules can be different when you run the show then when you're an employee.

Rosie, Bobby and Janette said they never would have done well in the military because of all the rules.  Rosie said that her son Parker thrived in the environment of rules that he had at camp this summer.  She said since he was a little boy he has wanted to go to Military school.  She said when your mom has tattoos, is a peace activist and a "left loon," there aren't a lot of options for things you can do to go against your mother.  For a while she thought Parker was just saying he wanted to go to military school as an act of defiance.  She said that he has the ability to excel in a regimented situation.  They were looking at camps for next summer and they found that the Citadel and West Point have summer camps for teens which might be a possibility for him.  Then the conversation turned to Rosie hating her belly and she called it a hideous blob of hate.  Pete didn't like Rosie putting herself down this way and told her to rename it her "slab of awesome."  I do much better with rules and have already started my One Year Plan and I've lost 3 pounds!  The rest I will start when my kids go back to school.  Please Lord, make my kids go back to school.

Blake asked Rosie last night if he was on the Internet and if he had fans.  She told him he didn't have "fans" because he was just a kid but they googled his name and found that he is on the Internet.  He loved it!  As they were looking through the images there were some paparazzi pictures of Rosie and her family.  Rosie saw one picture where she was walking with a strategically placed towel to cover her belly.  Rosie knows that somewhere outside of her Miami home is the place photographers sit to take pictures of her so she does this on purpose.  Then there were also pictures of her from when she was in Exit to Eden and Blake and Chelsea couldn't believe that was her!  She said she noticed Chelsea checking out the picture and then looking at her for any sign of similarity.

When Rosie did the film Beautiful Girls she did it with an ensemble cast but she was not in all the scenes with every member of the cast.  When the poster for the movie was released Rosie called her agent because she didn't make the poster.  She then said she didn't know that Courtney Cox was in the movie.  She looked again and realized that she DID appear in the poster and that she didn't even recognize herself because they had airbrushed her so much!  Her agent called the producer Harvey Weinstein and put her on mute so she could listen.  Her agent asked Harvey about the poster and commented that it looked nothing like Rosie.  Harvey told her agent that Rosie should be THANKFUL because she looks so much better.  Yikes.

My favorite scene from Beautiful Girls.  And Yes, I once memorized this entire speech.
Rosie went to see a movie last night but could barely enjoy it because of Bobby's obsession over bed bugs that he has shared with everyone in the studio.  Bobby read from an article that stated that they have found bed bugs in movie theaters in New York and have had to shut some down!  He said that bed bugs are hard to kill since we've stopped using DDT.   Bobby said that bed bugs have been found in his building and he's become obsessed.  Rosie said that about 5 months ago Tracy asked her if she is ever worried about getting lice from theater seats.  Rosie said she had been going to the theater for 35 years and she's never once gotten lice from the seats.  So, now she has that thought in her head as well as the paranoia about bed bugs in movie theaters!

Then there was a discussion over bed bugs and how they appear and what they like to eat.  YUCK!  Janette asked if anyone had ever gotten crabs in your "hoo ha."  Janette got crabs from a bathroom or a hotel room once.  Deirdre said you can get crabs from sitting on a couch.  Janette said that nothing makes you feel more repulsive and that you have to go to a doctor to really get rid of them.  Bobby suggested setting fire to yourself to get rid of them. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that the bed bug issue had been going on for years and it's just now coming out in the media.  He said they have bed bug insurance in California and now every hotel room has to be treated for them.  Bobby asked if it was safer to leave your luggage in the bathroom when you're staying at a hotel and the caller said it was.  Rosie adored the caller and gave him $100 in Visa giftcards and a giftcard for Birkenstocks.

The movie Rosie went to go see last night (while she was obsessing over bed bugs) was Eat Pray Love which she and Tracy really enjoyed.  Her girlfriend Tracy has never been out of the country and Rosie told her she would go to Italy with her if she didn't make her do all the "touristy" stuff.   But when they got to the India portion of the film Rosie said a panic came over her.  She said just watching the scene of Julia Roberts in the taxi weaving in and out of traffic, with starving children on the street gave her panic.  She said NEVER IN HER LIFE will she go to India.  Deirdre will be in India in January with Made By Survivors!  Rosie told her to enjoy it and that she has no desire to ever go there.  She couldn't even watch it on a movie screen and if a film offered her a lot of money to go be in a movie that was to be filmed at that location, she still wouldn't do it. 

Janette said she has always wanted to be able to go on a trip as Julia does in the film and rediscover herself. Rosie said that when her ex Kelli finished reading Eat Pray Love she totally related to the story and the desire to rediscover herself somewhere else.  Rosie didn't have the desire to do it after she read the book but did think it was an interesting way to deal with a mid-life crisis.  Rosie encouraged Kelli to do it but Kelli couldn't because leaving the kids would have been too hard for her.   

Rosie then took a call from a listener in South Korea who had done a similar thing to what the woman does in Eat Pray Love.  She left everything and went to Korea to teach English.  She'd always enjoyed travelling but had never been away for more than 2-3 weeks at a time.  She was not married, she wasn't in a relationship and didn't have kids.  She's now been in Korea for 10 months and said that the experience has been scary but amazing.  She loves kids and wanted to experience teaching in another country.  It was just something she needed to do so she did it!  She has learned that people are people and it's put her faith back into humanity as a whole.  She hasn't fallen in love with anyone (as the character does in the book/film) but she said she has fallen in love with herself and she has met people from all over the world.    Rosie told her that she would have never had the guts to do what the caller had done.  Pete said goodbye to the caller in Korean because he used to live there!

Rosie couldn't believe that there were international listeners and wanted people "from other lands" to call in!  Just then her dentist office called to confirm her appointment and Rosie answered it during the show.

Rosie then took a call from a listener in Ireland!  She had a fantastic Irish accent too.  Rosie told her that she's coming to Ireland in November for the show Who Do You Think You Are.  Rosie told her all about how she's going to be on OWN and how Oprah came to her house.  They chatted about the Angry Birds app on their iPhones and the various levels.  Am I the only one that thought this phone call sounded phoney? Hmmmmm. 

Rosie and Bobby have always wanted to go to Russia.  Rosie's been to Israel before!  Rosie loves Julia Roberts and her laugh and said she's one of the few who's got the ability to be herself.  Bobby loves her too and also loves Sandra Bullock. 

A caller said she will be watching Rosie on OWN since she's been listening to Rosie on her radio show.  She wasn't sure she really liked Rosie after the whole "View thing" went down.  But since she's been listening to Rosie on the radio she's realized how genuine and kind-hearted a person Rosie is.  She had read Eat Pray Love and didn't realize it until she saw the film that the woman in the film is really self-absorbed! She felt like the woman could have achieved her self-discovery without hurting people and that perhaps she was looking down on people who've chose to have children. Rosie and the caller commiserated about having teens and teenage rebellion. 

Rosie finds it interesting when people say to her that they didn't really like her until listening to her on the radio.  She said that when she was on T.V. everyday during The Rosie O'Donnell Show people really enjoyed her.  And then the last taste people got of her was that bad ending of The View and the spin of how it all went down. 

Janette wanted to discuss the new Facebook Check-In feature which she called "The Facebook Stalker App."  There's a new feature on Facebook that allows people to identify where they are in the world down to the exact location.  Janette thinks it's crazy insane!  Janette's boyfriend Barry was talking to her about celebrities on Twitter and how it allows stalkers to see where celebrities are at any moment.    Rosie said her therapist has told her that very few celebrities have ever been killed by stalkers and you are much more likely to be killed by a stalker if you're a teacher than a celebrity. 

Rosie saw an amazing documentary called Catfish about a Facebook relationship between a handsome NY photographer and an 8 year old girl in Michigan.  He and the girl became friends and then he cyber-dated her older sister and it all unravelled.  Rosie went online to try to contact the man on Facebook to tell him she enjoyed the film.  Janette stopped the conversation to discuss the fact that Rosie has said she had deleted her Facebook account.  Rosie said she did delete her Facebook because she doesn't enjoy it but she asked Pete to create her one just to play her friends in Scrabble.    The name that Pete came up with for her fake account was so absurd Rosie said she couldn't even remember it!  Janette said no matter how many times Rosie quits Facebook she keeps coming back!  Bobby and Janette really enjoy their Facebook pages and don't understand why she doesn't enjoy it.  Pete jokingly said he changed her name to "Sandy Vagina."  Rosie suggested he change it to "Sandy Crackhole."  Rosie then wondered about the value of their radio program.    Here's a thought!  Create a Facebook page under the name ROSIE O'DONNELL.  Use it for promotional purposes, have an assistant "maintain it," turn off all email alerts, turn off the facebook mail capabilities, accept all friends, play games with fans and visit it when you want to! 

Let us be your Facebook friends Rosie! 

I'm better now. 

Rosie introduced the beautiful Linda Dano who was on the phone to talk with Rosie!  Rosie calls her bedroom "The Linda Dano Suite" because Linda decorated it for her!  Rosie said that all her kids love the room and the big bed she created for her. 

Linda will be introducing a candle and fragrance line next year that she is very excited about.  She said she's working with a high end company that specializes in candles and fragrances. 

Rosie said that Linda has the inherent capability to design the way that she does.  Linda agreed but said that there are fundamental rules and tricks to designing that everyone can learn.  Rosie asked her to give examples and Linda said to not make too many areas in a room "busy" with decorations, stick to a few colors in a room (2 or 3) and display picture frames in groupings.   

Tomorrow Linda will go live at 9am EST on QVC with her Home Collection selling her own designs!  Click HERE for more information and to order online!! 

Rosie and Linda both wished they could chat more with the viewers that call in while they do the home shopping programs.  Linda said that they don't really want you to spend too much time chatting with callers when you are on the shopping programs. Rosie joked that she will be on Linda's Home Collection Christmas special and come dressed as an elf and promise not to talk!  Linda invited Rosie to come to her home during the holidays and Rosie said she would.

Rosie asked Linda if she would be her "Nate Berkus" when she goes to OWN.  Linda said that Rosie doesn't need to make promises to all her friends, that she should just enjoy the moment.  Rosie said that Linda would be perfect to help people decorate their homes because she's so loving and she really cares about the people's hearts.  Linda told Rosie that she too has a huge heart and is the most generous creature and is sure that Rosie's new show will be a smash hit, all over again.

They discussed how not being wealthy as children has effected the way they shop as adults.  They both refuse to spend an exorbitant amount on things and both Linda and Rosie are bargain hunters!

Linda will also be showing her Home Collection at Rockefeller Center during fashion week in New York City.   Go on her Facebook or her Twitter to stay up to date on Linda's Home Collection showings! And don't forget  to tune in to QVC for Linda Dano Home Collection Friday, August 20, 2010 from 9 – 10 a.m. EST  I absolultely loved the interview with Linda Dano.  The connection between Linda and Rosie is so great.  You can totally tell that they are bonded.  It was like listening in on a private conversation between friends.

Brendan played a clip of the song and the player had to guess the name of the song.

Bobby - he heard a clip of "Don't Rain on My Parade" but said "Don't Cry on My Parade" and Rosie said called him out and told him he had to turn in his gay card for getting that wrong.
Rosie - she heard a clip of "Enough Is Enough" and then figured out these were all Barbra Streisand songs (in a last ditch effort for Brendan to save his job.  btw, I think it worked) She got it and loved it.
Pete - he heard a clip of "People" He guessed it right.
Janette - she heard a clip of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"  But she said "You Don't Send Me Flowers."  Rosie allowed it because she isn't Bobby Pearce and she's not gay.

Rosie - she heard a clip of "I'm the Greatest Star." She guessed it.
Pete - he heard a clip of "The Main Event" but guessed "Lucky Star." He was out.     
Janette - she heard a clip of "What Kind of Fool" but she didn't guess it.

Rosie - heard a clip of "Marty The Martian" and sang it out until the end of the show.   

and that's what you missed -kw

8-18-10 "The show that's pretty much all about Target"

In case you  missed it...

Rosie was so pleased over Pete losing the Star Wars game yesterday!  She said she's received hundreds of emails from people who can't stand Pete's screaming during the games and asking if he can keep it down.  Pete said he thinks he has an ulcer from losing yesterday.  He was very distraught over it. He admitted when he plays board games, he's just as bad.  He once played Monopoly with his wife's brothers and sisters who were all under the age of 14 at the time and he reduced them to tears!  There was then a studio debate over whether or not it is smart to buy the cheaper Monopoly properties and whether or not it was legal to trade properties.  Janette said she had to stop playing Monopoly not because she was too competitive but because she would lose consciousness out of boredom.  Bobby pretty much fell asleep during the conversation.  They then discussed fancy chess sets and Rosie wondered if Pete could actually become any nerdier than he is.  Rosie loves toy departments and she loves the toy departments in Target. 

Rosie collected Happy Meal toys for 10 years and she displayed them because she thought everyone needed to see her awesome collection.   She said she had a wall full of toys and when children would come over she wouldn't allow them to touch them.  Once Rosie became famous her collection became known in the news media, McDonald's and other collectors started sending them to her.  She said that killed the fun she got out of collecting.  Bobby remembered the moment that Rosie became done with collecting Happy Meal toys.  He said it was the time that she received the entire 101 Dalmatians set.  He thought she'd be so pleased at getting it but Rosie said it wasn't fun for her anymore.  The fun was about the hunt to make the collection complete.  Rosie even used to go into the McDonald's and ask to buy the Happy Meal toy display in the plastic bubble!  Pete said when Burger King came out with a Star Wars collection he learned he could get the toys with an adult meal too.

Rosie said she realized she finally *arrived*  when she was a Happy Meal toy.  She was a Happy Meal toy for a Nickelodeon set when she hosted the Kids Choice Awards (that she hosted 8 times!) and with the movie The Flintstones.  Rosie's kids still don't believe her that she once hosted the Kids Choice Awards!  When she was a Happy Meal Toy she remembers thinking she arrived.  It wasn't the magazine covers or interviews, it was being the toy that solidified her fame in her own mind.   Janette said that she still has a one of a kind furbee in the likeness of Rosie from the old show.   

Rosie said that is now asking people boycott Target because they supported Tom Emmer, the candidate for Governor of Minnesota, who doesn't support gay rights.  Moveon has released a video advertisement asking people to boycott Target.  Rosie and the staff played the audio from the Moveon commercial (still looking for it). Rosie wanted to know why Target chose to donate to Tom Emmer in the first place.  Pete said it was his stance on business laws and business taxes that are favorable to Target.  The boycott has gained 1/4 million signatures and Pete wasn't sure if that was enough to effect change.  Rosie knows that intellectually she shouldn't shop there but she doesn't know if she's willing to find another "home" for herself.  Target is her store!  Rosie loves it there and knows the layout so well that when they refurbished the store a few months ago and changed the layout it practically sent Rosie to therapy!  Needless to say, Rosie is struggling with the idea off boycotting her Tarjay. 

Janette struggled with the thought of supporting or boycotting a store or an organization strictly because of one stance or decision that they've made.  Bobby supported Target and said that they give back 3 million dollars a week to the communities in which they operate.

Parker suggested to Rosie that she still shop at Target but go in with a gay flag or holding Tracy's hand.  Rosie said it isn't the workers at Target but their corporate philosophy she doesn't support.  Bobby wasn't so sure that Target purposefully made an anti-gay donation.  Shoshana boycotts Nike because of their slave labor laws and suggested that it's the socially responsible thing to do to not support organizations that don't stand for civil rights of all people.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who thinks it gives gay people a bad name when they do not support a company.  The caller is gay and said that she's not going to boycott Target because they've done some great things for the gay community.  She said that she worked at Target and they were very open to supporting the rights of their employees.   Rosie agreed and said she loves the diversity of the employees at Target.  She actually knows the people that work at her Target and she said they're all so diverse! 

Rosie asked what it would take for you to boycott a company.  Pete said he boycotted McDonald's over something but couldn't remember the reason.  Shoshana boycotts Nike because they only pay their workers in Vietnam $.20 an hour.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy boycotts the brands that use animal testing.  She also doesn't go to Starbucks because they've closed down all the "mom and pop" coffee shops in the neighborhoods.  Shoshana said that many people won't shop at Walmart and she mentioned the documentary Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price.    Shoshana also refuses to use products that say they don't test on animals and Rosie said she was perfect!  Shoshana jokingly agreed that she was indeed perfect and she doesn't even like animals! 

Janette said while she couldn't think of any specific products or companies she will not buy from she said she will not buy any meat products that has gone through the regular factory raised slaughter process.  Janette only buys free range eggs and meat that she knows how it's been raised/killed.  Although she knows that not everyone has that luxury.  Pete found a list of the companies that test and do not test on animals.  Check the list out because you might be surprised!

Bobby said that he is not going to boycott Target because he's leery of the hype and the misinformation that is floating out there.  Rosie suggested that they try to get Tom Emmer on the phone for an interview.  She said she just wants to talk to him and ask him to explain his stance on gay rights. 

Rosie said that she really likes a new movement called Fight Back NY.   She proposed that this was a much more effective way to effect change.  She said that 'Fight Back NY' is a group of New Yorkers who are identifying and going up against the 38 Senators who have voted against equal rights for gay people.  She said they are holding them responsible for their voting record by identifying them and working towards defeating them, whether Democrat or Republican.  Rosie prefers working to get our elected representatives out of office to the boycott of Target. 

Janette feels that whenever you reduce your vote for a political candidate to a single issue, it's dangerous.  Janette feels that it's important to know how a candidate feels on ALL the issues, not just one.   Rosie feels equality is such a fundamental right that that might be the reason to vote for a particular candidate.  Rosie talked briefly about her brother Daniel who is a New York State Assemblymen who has worked for marriage equality.  She talked about how difficult it must be for him to work with people everyday who not only don't support your civil rights they are actually fighting against them. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who agreed with the boycott of Target.  He told Rosie that Tom Emmer wants to add an amendment to the Minnesota constitution to ban gay marriage.  Rosie did not know this before the conversation and agreed that Tom Emmer's stance against gay rights was pretty blatant.  The caller believed that making a big deal about this donation this time would make them think about who they donated to next time. 

Rosie said that media and new organizations today are now the "4th estate" and that there's an agenda behind the news we get.  She said that news companies are making money off the wars (for example) so would they be honest in their reporting of the wars when they are making money off of them.

Janette said that listeners wrote on her Facebook in protest about her liking the show Two and a Half Men.  She said one writer couldn't believe she liked that show because Jon Cryer is a huge tea party Republican.  Janette doesn't even know if that's true but said that she has many Republican friends whom she just chooses not to discuss politics with.  Rosie has Republican friends too and said that them being Republicans in their politics is not the totality of their essence.   

Rosie ended the conversation by saying how much she loves Target and the fact that she can buy everything she needs there.  She loves the store, the smell, the people, the lighting, everything about it.   Rosie said that she may have boycott Target but she doesn't really want to. 

Rosie asked the staff if they watched The Big C on Showtime.  She asked if everyone could watch it so they could talk about it.

Rosie said they have a 2 week vacation starting Monday!  They will be off August 23rd through September 7th!  Rosie is going to go to Miami for "the humidity festival."   And on November 2nd they will have been on the air for a full year!  I will be starting my ONE YEAR PLAN in September!  Do you have a one year plan you would like to share so that you can keep yourself accountable?  If so click on this link to find out how to share your progress with other Rosie Radio listeners!  

Rosie briefly (and I mean briefly) mentioned Dr. Laura's resignation from her radio show.  All Rosie said was "anything Dr. Laura says is not of interest to me."   Both Rosie and Bobby agreed.  They also honestly forgot she even has a show on the air.  Janette said she was permanently scarred by her naked pictures.  Rosie said Dr. Laura is quitting and she doesn't care.  Click here to watch Dr. Laura on Larry King as she discusses why she quit.

Janette said she got an iPad from a friend of her boyfriend and she LOVES it!  She had been making fun of Bobby for his exuberant love of the iPad and Apple products in general and now she's in love with her iPad.  She loves it because you can use it anywhere and the buttons aren't as small as  her Blackberry so it's easier to use.  She feels she can respond better because she has such access to the news and her email and she loves it. Rosie's iPad has only caused her stress because all her kids do is fight over who gets it because they like to play games on it.

Bobby pulled up the live video feed of his dog Abby sleeping on his bed and Rosie said that that bored her. Rosie asked if Bobby could take her Chihuahua Missy when they went to Miami next week.  Bobby didn't think it would work out.  Janette couldn't do it because she said her cats would kill her dog.  Pete couldn't do it because he said his landlord wouldn't allow it.  Shoshana hates animals so she wasn't up for pet sitting Missy either.  Bobby told Rosie he takes Abby on the plane and she fits in a case below the seat in front of him.

Janette started talking again about the iPad and how the larger screen and buttons make it easier for her to type and read.  Pete made up a song entitled "Old People Complaining" and sang it for everyone.  Pete, you should have played that song when all the moms were complaining about kids making out at the movies. 

Rosie asked if anyone on the staff had taken the Oprah No Phone Zone Pledge.  No one had taken it officially but they discussed it and everyone agreed with it.  Shoshana pointed out that anything you do in a car can take your attention away from driving.  Rosie said she never even wore a seat-belt before she had her kids and the other day she tried to read a text at a stoplight and Parker scolded her!  

Rosie's eldest son Parker was in the studio and Rosie asked him why he and his sister got into a fight last night about Missy.  It was Parker's night to sleep with Missy (the dog) and Chelsea had taken her to her room.  Parker went in and got the dog and Chelsea yelled at Parker pretty loudly.  Rosie had just had a big talk with Parker and Chelsea about being calm before bed and getting the younger ones to bed at the correct time.  Parker simply stated that Chelsea was the only one screaming so it wasn't really a fight.  Rosie was proud of herself for not screaming either during the argument.


Rosie suggested a "Star Trek-Off" between Janette and Pete when they return from vacation!

In today's game, Brendan read off a statement and the player had to say if it was Fact or Crap based off the board game of the same name. 

Pete - Mile for mile Disney World is almost as big as Manhattan.  He said crap.  Correct.  It's twice as big.
Janette - There were 8 wonders in the ancient world. She said Crap.  Correct, there were 7.
Bobby - Abe Lincoln belonged to no specific religion. He said Fact.  Correct.
caller - The first cover of Rolling Stone Magazine featured the Beatles.  He said Fact but it was Crap.  It was John Lennon by himself.
Parker - In 1998, Carlos Santana was the first Hispanic inductee into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  He said Fact which was correct.
Rosie - a Zug Bug, Sparkle bug and Flint tooth are all kinds of beetles.  She said Fact but it was Crap.  They are all types of fly fishing lures.
Pete - Something about a champion chess players.  He guessed Fact and that was correct!
Janette - Warren Beatty's real first name is George.  She guessed crap and that was right.  It's Henry.
Bobby - Plants store energy in their roots.  He guessed Fact but that was Crap.  They store it in their leaves!
caller - Larry, Curl, and Mo of the 3 stooges were all related.  She said Fact but it was Crap.
Parker-  Fonzie's jacket is in the Smithsonian. He said Fact and was correct. 
Rosie - Not all snakes are carnivorous.  She said Fact but it was Crap.  Rosie asked if garden snakes eat gardens.  The game continued.
Pete - You would use a "slicker" in tanning hides.  He said Fact and got it correct.
Janette - Jim Morrison died in a bathtub. It was a Fact and she got it correct.
Bobby - Jennifer Lopez parents were born in Mexico.  He said Crap which was correct they're from Puerto Rico. 
Caller - in French, souffle translates as cloud pie.  That was Crap and she got it wrong. 
Parker - Leonardo Da Vinci produced a blue print for a machine gun.  Fact and he got it correct.
Rosie - The practice of tattooing is at least 4000 years old.  Fact and she got it correct. 
Pete - Some Russian vodkas are produced from potatoes.  Fact and he got it. 
Janette - Carroting???  is a term used to describe fibers to make felt.  It was Crap but she said Fact.
Bobby - A cork is waterproof.  It was Fact and he got it. 
caller - the ancient Egyptians life expectancy was 50 years old.  It was Crap but she got it wrong.
Parker - the Hindu God Ganesh is often depicted with 4 arms. It was a Fact and he got it correct.
Rosie - Lady bugs are brightly colored to camouflage themselves on flowers.  It was Crap and she got it.

After the first round these were the scores:
Janette  3
Bobby  2
Caller 1
Rosie 2
Pete and Parker 4

They then went into a SPEED ROUND and I couldn't type that fast!  Here are a few...
Pete - Jimmy Carter was the first US President born in a hospital.  FACT he got it.
Parker - More people jump from the Golden Gate bridge then any other.  FACT he got it.
The final scores were Parker 4, Pete 5!!!!!  Pete won.  There was then a bunch of smack talking and I thought Pete and Parker might start bumping chests.

After the break, just before the beginning of the show, Rosie took a call for Parker.  The listener congratulated Parker but said that Pete was just a great competitor and tough to beat.  Then Brendan recognized the caller's voice and realized it was PETE ON THE PHONE!  Parker said he wanted to physically hurt Pete but Rosie wouldn't allow it.

Rosie closed the show saying on the dorkiness scale of 1-10, Pete is a 14. 

and that's what you missed -kw

8-17-10 "The day the Star Wars game ruined it all"

In case you missed it...

Janette had great news to report!  Her biopsy came back negative (which was positive!).  They didn't find any cancer.  Janette was relieved and happy that she didn't allow herself to stress about it all weekend since it turned out to be nothing.  She was also happy that she talked about it on air because it reaffirmed the decision that she made about not wanting anyone to come with her to the procedure and also allowed her to hear the statistics that Shoshana read which said that 4 out of 5 needle biopsies turn out to be non-cancerous. She said those statistics talked her out of panicking if stress over the results ever crossed her mind over the weekend.  The doctor had also told her that the worst case scenario, because of the size, was a stage zero so she knew if the news was cancer it was very early.  

Last week, in preparation for a future game, everyone in the studio had revealed a secret about themselves for a game.  The game was going to be that they were going to have to guess whose secret belonged to whom.   Jeannie's secret was that she always wanted to take professional voice lessons.  When Seth Rudetsky was on the show yesterday, Bobby and Rosie suggested that Jeannie have a singing lesson with Seth!  After yesterday's show they continued taping and recorded Jeannie's singing lesson (against her approval!).  Jeannie was crazy mad at Rosie and said there was a reason that her secret wish was a SECRET!  Jeannie said she considered walking out out the studio yesterday she was that mad.  She was so stressed and angry about having to do her singing lesson live and on the air she later had a "post traumatic migraine" and had to take a nap.  Also she said they chose the song "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" for her which is not a cool song.  Apparently it was utter torture for Jeannie and she was flicking Rosie off the whole time but she didn't want to be rude to Seth so she did it anyway.  Rosie laughed while Jeannie told the story and thought the whole thing was hilarious. Bobby said that Jeannie sounded great when she wasn't cursing at everyone. 

Last night Rosie went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World and she really liked it.  It was Rosie's daughter Chelsea's choice of movie and Rosie really enjoyed it. She tried to explain to Jeannie how in the film they combine reality with a surreal comic book reality to come up with a new genre of movie.   Jeannie asked if it was like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and everyone started laughing at her!  Jeannie said that everyone was making fun of her lately on the show and wanted to leave.  Rosie told everyone to leave her alone. 

Rosie said while she was at the movie there were some teens sitting near them making out and grinding each other the entire time.  Rosie's daughter Chelsea pleaded with her to not intervene but when Chelsea got up to go to the bathroom Rosie went over to them.  Rosie was irate and asked the teens if they thought their behavior was appropriate and asked them how old they were.  They were only 13 and 14 years old.  She said they didn't even care that an adult was reprimanding them.  She told the teens that she saw the girl giving the boy a hand-job and she told them she did NOT want to see it again!  The teens just told her "whatever" and to "chill out."  She said the teens shenanigans didn't stop.  Janette was shocked by the teens disrespect towards an adult!  Rosie didn't think she would now ever let her kids go to the movies alone.  Later Chelsea and Rosie talked about it and Chelsea asked Rosie how she is sure that Parker isn't like this with his girlfriend at the movies?  Rosie hoped at least that Parker wouldn't be that disrespectful to adults.   

Rosie took several callers on the topic.  One caller had the same experience at a movie theater and was equally horrified.  One caller was a teacher and said that this behavior goes on in her high school all the time.  Jeannie remembered kids making out like this in high school all the time!  Jeannie even made out in the janitor's closet once with a boy.  One caller had an issue with rude teens at a Broadway show.  Rosie said she would have gotten an usher for sure if that were to happen at a Broadway show because the tickets are so expensive!  They discussed the time that Harvey Fierstein asked someone with a cell phone to leave during the Broadway production of Hairspray and the time that Rosie saw a fist fight in the audience of Grease when she was on stage! Rosie was playing Rizzo on stage and some young men were being extremely rude to an elderly couple in the audience.  Rosie was telling them to cut it out from the stage but while trying to stay in character!  She said at times like those she wished she was a police officer.

Rosie briefly mentioned the news that Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are adopting twins!  Rosie was very happy for them and had read about it online.  She had expected to read mostly negative comments about the news but was pleased to read that most commenters were excited for them. 

The radio staff discussed a recent article that stated that South Carolina will cover obesity surgery next year.  They said they will cover it for the first 100 people that apply at $24,000 a piece.  The thought is that this would be cheaper than the ballooning cost of health care related to obesity.  Jeannie said she never considered the surgery personally because she said for her it would be like putting a band-aid on the problem.  She said for her it's not a cure and she thinks the risks are not worth it.  Rosie never seriously considered it because she doesn't enjoy the thought of throwing up and diaherra that can be side effects associated with the surgery.  Jeannie also loves her passion for cooking and for food and feels that if she ever lost that, she would get very depressed.  She said she did wish she could learn to cook healthier and eat better though.  Bobby never considered weight loss surgery either and doesn't think it solves the problem of why a person overeats.  Janette read from the article that stated that two out of three people in South Carolina are overweight or obese.  This new decision to pay for weight loss surgery is partially because of universal health-care and they believe that this will be cheaper for the state than dealing with the medical related problems due to obesity.  Rosie said that most of the people she has known who have had weight loss surgery have gained it back. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who had the surgery in 2002 when she was 305 pounds at 5'5" tall.  She lost a large amount of weight and within three years she was down to 170 pounds.  It gave her the opportunity to do some things she never thought she could do.  Three years after the surgery she had a breast reduction and abdominoplasty.  Then she found that her son was HIV positive and it devastated her.  That along with some devastating news about her husband and she decided to F-it and she ate away.   Rosie talked with the caller about HIV and about advancements in treatments and about how people with HIV are living longer.  She eventually got back up to 238 pounds.  She had thought that she had stretched her stomach but it turned out that the food was coming out of her stoma and now she has to have another surgery that insurance won't pay for.  Jeannie's thoughts were that weight loss surgery will never change what is going on in your head.  Rosie wondered what a good treatment it actually is for weight loss when everyone she has ever known who has had it gained it back.

Rosie took another call from a listener who was 5'2" and weighed 324 pounds in 2001.  She too had the stomach surgery for weight loss.  She's put on 24 pounds in the last few years but says it has saved her life emotionally.  She throws up if she eats too much but she thanks God for that because she has two friends who also had it and one has put back on all her weight and one is on her way.

Rosie said that her one friend who never put back all the weight was Star Jones.  Rosie said that Star not only hated to be fat but she really wanted to be thin and pretty.  She said she really wanted to look thin and wear certain clothes.  The other people Rosie knows that have had the surgery just didn't want to be fat anymore it wasn't necessarily that they wanted to be thin and get all that attention.  Rosie talked about the time she got down to 170 pounds and some gas station guys flirted with her.  She said she immediately went to Baskin Robbins and she found herself eating because of all the attention.  Rosie said she wasn't even aware of the connection at the time.

Rosie took a call from a man who was addicted to food, got the surgery and then became addicted to alcohol.  He said it was the worst thing he ever did in his life.  He went to rehab and recommended a program called Smart Recovery for those that aren't particularly religious.  He's been clean and sober for 3 years but he now weighs 310 pounds again.

Pete tried to find a study of the success rate of lap band surgery and gastric bypass but wasn't able to find one that wasn't sponsored by the lap-band/gastric bypass websites.   

During all the phone calls James was getting many of the names of the callers incorrect.  Rosie said that James had to put in a dollar in a jar every time he got a name wrong and this week, the staff would be going to dinner on James!   

Janette read from a Huffington Post article that stated that the flooding in Pakistan is the worst natural disaster of our lifetimes.  They are predicting that it will take billions to rebuild the area.  The article states that not only have the crops been washed away, but they don't even have the seeds to plant for next year.  It is estimated that 20 million people are in need.  So far they've only been able to raise 148 million dollars globally for relief efforts.  Pete read some google stats that said that in the first 15 days the U.S. raised 528 million for Haiti.  When Hurricane Katrina happened the U.S. raised 580 million dollars in only 8 days.  So far it has been 19 days since the Pakistani floods and the U.S. has only contributed 76 million dollars.  Rosie wondered if this was because it's barely even being spoken about on the news.  She said the first she heard about the flooding was yesterday!  Janette compared it to the Haiti coverage and said that you couldn't even turn on the T.V. and not hear about the Haiti Earthquake at the time.  Rosie wondered if we've  dehumanized an entire region as unworthy and whether this was effecting our willingness to give. 

Janette thought it could be the perfect storm and proposed that the lack of response had to do with a multitude of reasons.  She said it could be the poor media coverage, donor fatigue, and the thinking that Pakistani's are terrorists.  Bobby thought the lack of giving has to do mostly with race and prejudice because he overheard a conversation about the flooding and some people were saying that this was God's punishment to the region.  Jeannie thought that pay-cuts, high home foreclosures, and high  unemployment were the reasons American's aren't giving as much right now.  Janette and Pete said that if we're not giving, the Taliban will step in and give.  Janette talked about the dangers in letting this happen.   Rosie talked with a caller who was disillusioned with giving because of how things weren't improving in New Orleans. Rosie's said she's sick of seeing celebrity telethons and seeing millionaires asking people with much less for money.  Rosie thinks celebrities should have to give a 6 figure donation in order to participate in those telethons.

Rosie said she is trying to work on her ethnocentric outlook on natural disasters.  She said she has trouble taking on the challenges that happen in other countries.  Janette said for Rosie to remember the starfish story, and that making a difference can sometimes be one person at a time.  Janette feels the opposite as Rosie when it comes to worldly disasters.  She feels that if it happens in the U.S. she is sure that someone will come to the aid of the people and help so she turns her charitable giving internationally. 

Janette thinks it's unfortunate that the news of the Pakistani flooding isn't more at the forefront of the news because what happens in Pakistan effects the U.S. even more than what happens in Haiti.  She and Pete said that Pakistan is a strategic ally for the U.S. because of what is going on in the neighboring countries and their nuclear capabilities. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who was discouraged because she has seen the good that has happened from the donations that Americans have given to the regions most effected by Katrina.  She felt as if Rosie's conversation was encouraging people to not give.  Janette encouraged donors to do their research when they give to an organization and see how much of the donation goes towards helping the people and how much of it goes towards administrative costs.  In the end, Rosie agreed with the caller and took back her statement about feeling that nothing was being done post-Katrina.  

The current tally of wins for the summer months are:
Rosie: 5
Janette: 2
Jeannie: 1
Bobby: 3
Pete only 1!!!!!

Brendan described today's game and was unusually vague about it's description.  All he said was that he was going to play a quote by a famous character of fiction and the player would have to identify the character.

Rosie - heard a clip "I am your father."  It was Darth Vader and she guessed it.
Pete - heard a clip of Chewbacca growling and guessed Chewbacca.  Shocker.

Rosie stopped the game upon the realization that all the clips were Star Wars related and said it was unfair and accused Pete of rigging it!  Rosie said she didn't want to play and that no one in the studio likes Star Wars except Pete!  But they continued anyway...

Janette - heard a clip of R2D2 squeaking.  She guessed it.
Jeannie - heard a clip "Match for a new blaster. (???)"  It was Han Solo but she didn't get it. 
Caller - heard a clip "I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father."  He guessed Luke Skywalker and got it right.
Bobby - heard a slip "he's too short for a storm trooper."  He guessed it - Princess Leia. 

Rosie - (who was "beyond bored" at this point) heard "I'm lost, where have you been."  It was C3PO and she guessed it.
Pete - heard a clip "The force will be with you, always." The answer was OB1Kenobi and he got it.
Janette - heard "Yegads, what'cha me'sa sayin?" The answer was Jar Jar Binks and she got it.
caller - Rosie gave him presents before he even answered because she said the game was so dumb.  He heard "Yeah, Ja Wakechibaca."  The answer was Jabba The Hut but he didn't get it so he was out.
Bobby - heard "Hello, what have we here?"  The answer was Lando Calrisssian but he didn't guess it so he was out.

Rosie - heard "Now you will experience the full power of the dark side."  The answer was Emperor Palpatine but she guessed Darth Maul.  Rosie was out and not happy about it!
Pete - heard "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."  He guessed TK188 and got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!  The correct answer was Bobo Fett!  Rosie became truly happy all the sudden and told Janette that if she got the next one correct she would beat Pete.  No pressure!  
Janette - heard a character saying "It's a trap!"  She guessed Admiral Ackbar and got it correct! 

Janette beat Pete at the Star Wars game!  He groaned and yelled as if he was in pain and Janette got the point for the summer game tally. 

Rosie said that Pete is a loser, cheating never pays and Brendan should be searching the web for want ads this afternoon.  

Rosie and Tracy and all of their kids got their photo taken for an artist that does portraits of families.  She said they've been having a problem with skunks around the chicken coop and last night they caught a possum.  She said that Tracy made her stop spraying chemicals for insects and now they found seven spiders in Vivi's bedroom last night.  Janette has a woodchuck that she is trying to catch and talked about how they can devastate a garden.  Janette's father used to shoot the woodchucks but Janette said she would never kill an animal for just being an animal.

Rosie closed today's show saying that basically today's show was ruined and it was all Pete and Brendan's fault. 

and that's what you missed -kw

8-16-10 "The show about weight and how we think we look"

In case you missed it...

Janette said her biopsy went fine and it wasn't painful at all.  She said she had some local anesthetic and the nurses kept asking her if she was okay.  She said she held the nurses hand not because it hurt but because she thought it would be churlish not to.  She said it wasn't anymore painful than novocaine at the dentist.  Janette will get the results today and is anticipating a good result because she knows that 4 of 5 biopsy results are not cancerous.  She also has some exciting news!  Janette is going to China on a medical mission!  She sees it as very timely because she had just finished reading Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage.  She had been wanting to go and now she gets to and she gets to go on a mission and work it from the ground up.  Janette commented how sweet people were to her on her Facebook page and Rosie said that many people wrote in to her on her blog and expressed their concern for her.  Janette promised to give the results tomorrow and that she would email Rosie as soon as she knows anything.   

Jeannie went to a card stamping party with Judy, a Rosie Radio listener!  She became friends with a listener online who invited her to a card stamping party at her house and Jeannie went along where she made three homemade cards.  Jeannie talked briefly about going to a listener's home and how they're all learning how to judge character through text/email/computer interaction.  She said she had a wonderful time and that Judy didn't even tell anyone how they met, she was just the new girl at the stamp party.  The stamping party takes place every month and Jeannie's going again next month! 

Deirdre announced she got a haircut this weekend.  She said she now has bangs and her hair is darker!  We want to see pictures!!!  Pete said she she looks like Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt!  Rosie said she looks like Oksana Grigorieva.  She gave an update on her knee too.  Deirdre had a bad fall last week and blew out her knee.  She's still on crutches but she said it's good.   

Pete went to a Star Wars convention this weekend in Florida which he said was awesome!  He said he was with his people!  Rosie said that listeners have written in and asked if Rosie could get Pete to stop screaming on the air.  He said no!  He came back from the convention with gifts for Rosie.  He brought her a 12-inch Han Solo doll (dressed from the end of the New Hope movie) and Lando Calrissian doll.  He paid a whopping $15 for the both of them which Pete said was a steal!  He said the convention was filled with lots of collectors selling stuff and even a Star Wars tattoo parlor.  Pete's favorite moment was when he won third place in a Bounty Hunt game against 100 other teams.  He and his team members had to decode clues about Star Wars and then run around and find the characters wherever they were and then come back.  He said he had a great team and accredited them for the win although he said he helped out with google searches on his phone for some of the answers.

Jeannie commented on how animated Pete was when telling the stories of the Star Wars convention.  She said he was acting like an 8 year old kid.  Pete then acted out a scene for the staff with the dolls he purchased for Rosie.  Rosie was touched by the dolls but thought that Pete could "hold" them for her since he got such enjoyment out of them.  Pete also bought his kids, who are just beginning to learn of Star Wars, Yoda dolls.  Overall Pete had a great weekend and he said it was a once in a lifetime experience for him. 

Rosie went to Marshalls with her kids in an attempt to not go to Target.  Rosie didn't really like it there and she said it reminded her of going to Modell's as a child.  She didn't like the overall feel of the store or the lighting.  She wanted to leave and they all went to Target.  While they were at Marshalls a woman came up to her and this was their conversation: 

Woman: Are you her
Rosie: Yeah, I think.
Woman: Yeah, let me just ask you something.  Are you mean?
Rosie: Excuse me?  What do you mean?
Woman: Are you mean?  Because a lot of people tell me you're mean. 
Rosie: No, I'm not mean. 
Woman: Terrell, come over here, she ain't mean!
Terrell: Donald Trump says you're mean. 
Rosie: Well, Donald Trump is an asshole. 
Terrell:  Yeah but people say it.
Rosie: Ugh. 

That night Rosie and Tracy went out to a small restaurant in town where there were only tables in the middle of the room.  They moved seats twice in order to accommodate larger parties and then ended up in the corner of the restaurant.  An elderly gentleman who was possibly hard of hearing loudly asked the waitress (who didn't speak English very well) "EXCUSE ME, THERE WAS A VERY LARGE WOMAN WHO WAS MOVING TABLES WITH A BLACK SHIRT ON AND ORANGE PANTS.  WHERE DID SHE GO?  SHE'S SOME SORT OF CELEBRITY."  Rosie could hear the man asking the waitress about her.  She admitted that she could hear every conversation at every table.  Rosie said she has a unique ability to have a conversation and be totally listening to another conversation that she's not even involved in.  Rosie went up to the man and introduced herself.  He thanked her for coming up to him because he couldn't recall who she was.

Later that night Rosie started obsessing with how big she is and how she appears to others.  She started to have a conversation with her girlfriend Tracy that she says in hindsight, she should have predicted would end badly.  Rosie said that Tracy doesn't have an issue with Rosie's weight and is even perhaps a "chubby chaser" when you look at her past girlfriends.  But they were in bed watching a news program Rosie pointed to a woman who Rosie thought was a very large woman and asked Tracy if she was the same size as that woman.  Tracy said yes and it brought Rosie to tears!  Then Tracy started crying and asked if she would rather that she lie to her.

Rosie mentioned the Carson Kressley show called How To Look Good Naked that has women lined up in their underwear from heaviest to lightest and the women are to put themselves where they think they belong weight-wise.  She said there is always a distortion of some sort.  Most times the women think they are heavier than they actually are.  Rosie thinks her distortion is that she always sees herself as thinner than she actually is.  Jeannie said she always thinks she is thinner than she is too and it isn't until she sees pictures of herself that she realizes what she actually looks like.   

Jeannie said one time she was with her two-year-old daughter on the beach and a very large blond woman in a black bathing suit walked by and her daughter pointed at the woman and said "Mama!  Mama!"   It made Jeannie cry that that was what her daughter thought she looked like.  Rosie said that Tracy is helpful, loving and non-judgmental, about her weight and that she too has gained weight since she came to live at Rosie's.  Tracy also thinks that Deirdre is tiny and not fat at all.  Deirdre said that when she gained weight she didn't realize it until she saw a picture of herself.  Tracy went online and found that according to the BMI index Rosie is technically obese.  Rosie asked the rhetorical question of whether or not you can face your weight lovingly without shame.

Janette said a lot of the issues we have about our weight are all in our minds and the thoughts we tell ourselves.  She said that she had a listener write in to her that is 5'6 and 155 pounds and she thinks she's fat.  Rosie talked about Byron Katie's interview and how they discussed believing negative thoughts that only cause us to suffer.  Rosie said that a lot of her bloggers/listeners had extreme reactions to the Byron Katie interview.   Rosie loved meeting Byron and said that it has helped her in the way she thinks.  She's come to realize that she can can change her level of suffering with her own thoughts.  She talked about not thinking in the future or the past and about concentrating on staying in the present.  Byron said that when she was able to stay in the present her body changed itself and she lost weight.  Janette liked that theory because she said there's an awful lot of eating done by people with weight issues that isn't based on hunger.

On Rosie's day of shopping with the kids they went through the McDonald's drive-thru.  (Can you imagine waiting on Rosie and her family at McDonald's!  I would be star struck!  lol)  She said she ordered fries for herself and said the smell of McDonald's is intoxicating to her and that it's almost impossible for her to not order anything.  But as she was eating the fries she was wondering why she was continuing to eat them because she said they didn't taste that great and the texture of fries is weird to her.  She ended up giving them to Blake, her son.  Tracy didn't even order anything which Rosie couldn't believe.  Rosie did say that Tracy isn't perfect, that she found a whole bag of Reeses Pieces on her bed.  Busted! 

Rosie took several calls from listeners.  One caller had body dysmorphic disorder.  She recommended honoring your body and tracking your food.  Rosie said she has an easier time understanding body dysmorphia for an anorexic person than she does for a heavy person.  Rosie remembered when she was almost 200 pounds 14 years ago and remembered thinking how the concept of being over 200 seemed overwhelmingly far-fetched.  Now Rosie's would be thankful to be anywhere in the 1's. 

Janette said that sometimes just changing the way you eat that makes you feel better and it's not even about the number on the scale.  Rosie said it also helps her to remember that she's someone else's goal weight.

Rosie discussed her issues with picking her skin and the dermatologist who flat out told her that the problems she was having with her face weren't due to Rosacea, it was due to skin picking and she needed to cut it out!  Janette said that Rosie has empowered herself by stopping picking and that created an openness to  Byron Katie and what she had to say.  Rosie admitted that people have been telling her for years to stop picking but it wasn't until she was ready to listen did she hear it.

Rosie said that remembering Byron Katie's advice also helped her with her daughter Chelsea this weekend.  Rosie had to leave Marshall's early because she didn't like the store or the lighting and her daughter Chelsea didn't have time to try on the clothes that she wanted to.  Then they went to Target and Chelsea couldn't find anything.  Chelsea was angry at Rosie when they got home she said that Rosie didn't care about her.  Rosie asked Chels the 4 questions that Byron Katie asks about whether or not it's true that Rosie doesn't care about her and they ended up having a great conversation about it.

Rosie took a call from a canine behaviorist who had wanted to get in touch with her about her dog issues.  The caller said that dog training isn't about winning control with the dog, it's about figuring the animal out and finding the path of least resistance.  Rosie asked her to come to her house because her dogs bark a lot and it's upsetting to Tracy's two children with sensory issues. 

Rosie said that working on the OWN Network will provide her the opportunity and the desire to work towards her higher self.  She said she didn't have that when she worked for a traditional network and that the accolades and the discussion became all about her.  She feels like at this point in her life, this show on Oprah's network is the perfect fit.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who loved her interview with Byron Katie.  She said she was riveted and really enjoyed the part when they discussed Rosie's feelings when her mother died.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy also listened to the interview and found it was interesting that noises most greatly effect Archie and Rosie and yet they're the loudest two in the household.  Rosie said she asked Archie what he would do if she were as loud as he was and he said he would just ignore it.  As if to ask her if she could too.  Rosie told Archie that she really likes him and he thanked her and told her he was going to finish playing Wii.

Rosie took a call from a listener who will now be using Byron Katie's practices with her weight loss support group.  Rosie took another call from a listener who said Rosie made her laugh for the first time since her husband passed.  She was not a fan of the Byron Katie interview, however. The caller thought Byron was "too out there" for her.  Rosie spoke to the caller about her husband's death and encouraged her to remember him and let him live within her.  She encouraged her to remember the positive for him, live for him, and reminded her that living in the past and worrying about the future robs her of the now.  Rosie recommended that the caller look further into Byron Katie's theories or even Eckhart Tolle

Rosie said she thought the Season Finale of The Real L Word last night was fantastic.  She hopes that the show continues and they have a whole new batch of women in another city next season.  Rosie hopes the show will be done like MTV's The Real World where they bring in new sets of people every time.  She said that now the women are famous and it changes its essence.  She said the goal of the show was to show lesbians as full, whole, people and not just caricatures.  She thought although it missed the boat on some things, it did a good job of it.  Rosie talked about the last episode and how it wrapped up and said she cried when one of the woman's mothers came for a surprise visit!  Rosie loves the women on the show but feels as if they're all celebrities now so another season wouldn't have the same real feeling.

Rosie filmed her final scene for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Friday.  She had to pretend she was dating a woman and make out with her on the red carpet.  She said it was strange to be playing herself and making out with someone else!  She said it felt totally weird. 

Rosie introduced Seth Rudetsky who was in the studio to sing and chat with Rosie!   Rosie and Seth first met at the theater and Rosie thought he was annoying!  But he somehow got through to her and she ended up hiring him for things!  Seth has written several books including Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theater, and  a new book that is set to be released!  leased!   Q Guide to Broadway

Rosie mentioned how Seth had a hard time in high school and asked him if he attends his high school reunions.  Seth said he goes in triumph but that there was never anyone interesting who showed up.  Seth's high school experience was really tough and he was bullied and discriminated against.  He was always made fun of for being gay.  However, he was really good on the piano and was conceited about it. 

Seth asked how Rosie had such a great high school experience and Rosie said that she's "overtly friendly."   Seth said only when she wants to be!  Rosie said she was popular because she wanted everyone to like her especially the teachers.  Seth said his teachers hated him. 

Seth and his partner have been together for 3.5 years and his partner has an adopted daughter.  Seth said he didn't know how it would be to date a man with a child and said it's an adjustment for him.    He's never had to think of anyone else but himself so it's been a process.  His step-daughter calls them both Daddy.  Rosie said that that was how Rosie's children created "more-mama."  She said Blake would call for mama and they would both answer so when he wanted Rosie he would call her "more-mama" to differentiate.  Seth jokingly suggested his daughter call him Jew Daddy. 

Seth was on the season finale of "Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List!"  Rosie and Seth discussed their favorite Broadway stars including Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, and Christine Ebersole.  Rosie also mentioned how she would love to come back to Broadway to do the revival of Annie!

Rosie's kids and Seth's daughter are good friends and hang out together when they're at her Ex's house.   Seth discussed his daughter's struggles with dyslexia and in getting a diagnosis.  She also has Auditory Processing Disorder and A.D.D.  Rosie said she has A.D.D.  and Seth said he has it too!  Rosie and Seth agreed that their A.D.D. has helped them in their careers but Seth said it's not fun for people around you though. 

Rosie and Seth sang several songs from the musical They're Playing Our Song and Seth described his one night concert for The Actor's Fund.  Seth told a hilarious story about a time when he was playing piano in Seussical and there was a 4 foot water bug over the piano when he was playing.  He said it was on the ceiling of the pit which is the floor of the stage. And he couldn't quit playing!  He also told the story about the time he was playing piano for A Chorus Line and he was playing a game with other actors backstage and he didn't realize his mic was on and the show was starting!

Rosie and Seth talked about every Broadway musical under the sun and Rosie said that she hopes they film her new show for the Oprah Network on Broadway at New World Stages!

For more information on where to see Seth perform, visit his website or visit for tickets.  They closed the show singing "When You're in My Arms" from They're Playing Our Song! And don't forget to listen to Seth on the Broadway Channel on Sirius/XM from 3pm-9pm every weeknight!

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