8-18-10 "The show that's pretty much all about Target"

In case you  missed it...

Rosie was so pleased over Pete losing the Star Wars game yesterday!  She said she's received hundreds of emails from people who can't stand Pete's screaming during the games and asking if he can keep it down.  Pete said he thinks he has an ulcer from losing yesterday.  He was very distraught over it. He admitted when he plays board games, he's just as bad.  He once played Monopoly with his wife's brothers and sisters who were all under the age of 14 at the time and he reduced them to tears!  There was then a studio debate over whether or not it is smart to buy the cheaper Monopoly properties and whether or not it was legal to trade properties.  Janette said she had to stop playing Monopoly not because she was too competitive but because she would lose consciousness out of boredom.  Bobby pretty much fell asleep during the conversation.  They then discussed fancy chess sets and Rosie wondered if Pete could actually become any nerdier than he is.  Rosie loves toy departments and she loves the toy departments in Target. 

Rosie collected Happy Meal toys for 10 years and she displayed them because she thought everyone needed to see her awesome collection.   She said she had a wall full of toys and when children would come over she wouldn't allow them to touch them.  Once Rosie became famous her collection became known in the news media, McDonald's and other collectors started sending them to her.  She said that killed the fun she got out of collecting.  Bobby remembered the moment that Rosie became done with collecting Happy Meal toys.  He said it was the time that she received the entire 101 Dalmatians set.  He thought she'd be so pleased at getting it but Rosie said it wasn't fun for her anymore.  The fun was about the hunt to make the collection complete.  Rosie even used to go into the McDonald's and ask to buy the Happy Meal toy display in the plastic bubble!  Pete said when Burger King came out with a Star Wars collection he learned he could get the toys with an adult meal too.

Rosie said she realized she finally *arrived*  when she was a Happy Meal toy.  She was a Happy Meal toy for a Nickelodeon set when she hosted the Kids Choice Awards (that she hosted 8 times!) and with the movie The Flintstones.  Rosie's kids still don't believe her that she once hosted the Kids Choice Awards!  When she was a Happy Meal Toy she remembers thinking she arrived.  It wasn't the magazine covers or interviews, it was being the toy that solidified her fame in her own mind.   Janette said that she still has a one of a kind furbee in the likeness of Rosie from the old show.   

Rosie said that Moveon.org is now asking people boycott Target because they supported Tom Emmer, the candidate for Governor of Minnesota, who doesn't support gay rights.  Moveon has released a video advertisement asking people to boycott Target.  Rosie and the staff played the audio from the Moveon commercial (still looking for it). Rosie wanted to know why Target chose to donate to Tom Emmer in the first place.  Pete said it was his stance on business laws and business taxes that are favorable to Target.  The boycott has gained 1/4 million signatures and Pete wasn't sure if that was enough to effect change.  Rosie knows that intellectually she shouldn't shop there but she doesn't know if she's willing to find another "home" for herself.  Target is her store!  Rosie loves it there and knows the layout so well that when they refurbished the store a few months ago and changed the layout it practically sent Rosie to therapy!  Needless to say, Rosie is struggling with the idea off boycotting her Tarjay. 

Janette struggled with the thought of supporting or boycotting a store or an organization strictly because of one stance or decision that they've made.  Bobby supported Target and said that they give back 3 million dollars a week to the communities in which they operate.

Parker suggested to Rosie that she still shop at Target but go in with a gay flag or holding Tracy's hand.  Rosie said it isn't the workers at Target but their corporate philosophy she doesn't support.  Bobby wasn't so sure that Target purposefully made an anti-gay donation.  Shoshana boycotts Nike because of their slave labor laws and suggested that it's the socially responsible thing to do to not support organizations that don't stand for civil rights of all people.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who thinks it gives gay people a bad name when they do not support a company.  The caller is gay and said that she's not going to boycott Target because they've done some great things for the gay community.  She said that she worked at Target and they were very open to supporting the rights of their employees.   Rosie agreed and said she loves the diversity of the employees at Target.  She actually knows the people that work at her Target and she said they're all so diverse! 

Rosie asked what it would take for you to boycott a company.  Pete said he boycotted McDonald's over something but couldn't remember the reason.  Shoshana boycotts Nike because they only pay their workers in Vietnam $.20 an hour.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy boycotts the brands that use animal testing.  She also doesn't go to Starbucks because they've closed down all the "mom and pop" coffee shops in the neighborhoods.  Shoshana said that many people won't shop at Walmart and she mentioned the documentary Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price.    Shoshana also refuses to use products that say they don't test on animals and Rosie said she was perfect!  Shoshana jokingly agreed that she was indeed perfect and she doesn't even like animals! 

Janette said while she couldn't think of any specific products or companies she will not buy from she said she will not buy any meat products that has gone through the regular factory raised slaughter process.  Janette only buys free range eggs and meat that she knows how it's been raised/killed.  Although she knows that not everyone has that luxury.  Pete found a list of the companies that test and do not test on animals.  Check the list out because you might be surprised!

Bobby said that he is not going to boycott Target because he's leery of the hype and the misinformation that is floating out there.  Rosie suggested that they try to get Tom Emmer on the phone for an interview.  She said she just wants to talk to him and ask him to explain his stance on gay rights. 

Rosie said that she really likes a new movement called Fight Back NY.   She proposed that this was a much more effective way to effect change.  She said that 'Fight Back NY' is a group of New Yorkers who are identifying and going up against the 38 Senators who have voted against equal rights for gay people.  She said they are holding them responsible for their voting record by identifying them and working towards defeating them, whether Democrat or Republican.  Rosie prefers working to get our elected representatives out of office to the boycott of Target. 

Janette feels that whenever you reduce your vote for a political candidate to a single issue, it's dangerous.  Janette feels that it's important to know how a candidate feels on ALL the issues, not just one.   Rosie feels equality is such a fundamental right that that might be the reason to vote for a particular candidate.  Rosie talked briefly about her brother Daniel who is a New York State Assemblymen who has worked for marriage equality.  She talked about how difficult it must be for him to work with people everyday who not only don't support your civil rights they are actually fighting against them. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who agreed with the boycott of Target.  He told Rosie that Tom Emmer wants to add an amendment to the Minnesota constitution to ban gay marriage.  Rosie did not know this before the conversation and agreed that Tom Emmer's stance against gay rights was pretty blatant.  The caller believed that making a big deal about this donation this time would make them think about who they donated to next time. 

Rosie said that media and new organizations today are now the "4th estate" and that there's an agenda behind the news we get.  She said that news companies are making money off the wars (for example) so would they be honest in their reporting of the wars when they are making money off of them.

Janette said that listeners wrote on her Facebook in protest about her liking the show Two and a Half Men.  She said one writer couldn't believe she liked that show because Jon Cryer is a huge tea party Republican.  Janette doesn't even know if that's true but said that she has many Republican friends whom she just chooses not to discuss politics with.  Rosie has Republican friends too and said that them being Republicans in their politics is not the totality of their essence.   

Rosie ended the conversation by saying how much she loves Target and the fact that she can buy everything she needs there.  She loves the store, the smell, the people, the lighting, everything about it.   Rosie said that she may have boycott Target but she doesn't really want to. 

Rosie asked the staff if they watched The Big C on Showtime.  She asked if everyone could watch it so they could talk about it.

Rosie said they have a 2 week vacation starting Monday!  They will be off August 23rd through September 7th!  Rosie is going to go to Miami for "the humidity festival."   And on November 2nd they will have been on the air for a full year!  I will be starting my ONE YEAR PLAN in September!  Do you have a one year plan you would like to share so that you can keep yourself accountable?  If so click on this link to find out how to share your progress with other Rosie Radio listeners!  

Rosie briefly (and I mean briefly) mentioned Dr. Laura's resignation from her radio show.  All Rosie said was "anything Dr. Laura says is not of interest to me."   Both Rosie and Bobby agreed.  They also honestly forgot she even has a show on the air.  Janette said she was permanently scarred by her naked pictures.  Rosie said Dr. Laura is quitting and she doesn't care.  Click here to watch Dr. Laura on Larry King as she discusses why she quit.

Janette said she got an iPad from a friend of her boyfriend and she LOVES it!  She had been making fun of Bobby for his exuberant love of the iPad and Apple products in general and now she's in love with her iPad.  She loves it because you can use it anywhere and the buttons aren't as small as  her Blackberry so it's easier to use.  She feels she can respond better because she has such access to the news and her email and she loves it. Rosie's iPad has only caused her stress because all her kids do is fight over who gets it because they like to play games on it.

Bobby pulled up the live video feed of his dog Abby sleeping on his bed and Rosie said that that bored her. Rosie asked if Bobby could take her Chihuahua Missy when they went to Miami next week.  Bobby didn't think it would work out.  Janette couldn't do it because she said her cats would kill her dog.  Pete couldn't do it because he said his landlord wouldn't allow it.  Shoshana hates animals so she wasn't up for pet sitting Missy either.  Bobby told Rosie he takes Abby on the plane and she fits in a case below the seat in front of him.

Janette started talking again about the iPad and how the larger screen and buttons make it easier for her to type and read.  Pete made up a song entitled "Old People Complaining" and sang it for everyone.  Pete, you should have played that song when all the moms were complaining about kids making out at the movies. 

Rosie asked if anyone on the staff had taken the Oprah No Phone Zone Pledge.  No one had taken it officially but they discussed it and everyone agreed with it.  Shoshana pointed out that anything you do in a car can take your attention away from driving.  Rosie said she never even wore a seat-belt before she had her kids and the other day she tried to read a text at a stoplight and Parker scolded her!  

Rosie's eldest son Parker was in the studio and Rosie asked him why he and his sister got into a fight last night about Missy.  It was Parker's night to sleep with Missy (the dog) and Chelsea had taken her to her room.  Parker went in and got the dog and Chelsea yelled at Parker pretty loudly.  Rosie had just had a big talk with Parker and Chelsea about being calm before bed and getting the younger ones to bed at the correct time.  Parker simply stated that Chelsea was the only one screaming so it wasn't really a fight.  Rosie was proud of herself for not screaming either during the argument.


Rosie suggested a "Star Trek-Off" between Janette and Pete when they return from vacation!

In today's game, Brendan read off a statement and the player had to say if it was Fact or Crap based off the board game of the same name. 

Pete - Mile for mile Disney World is almost as big as Manhattan.  He said crap.  Correct.  It's twice as big.
Janette - There were 8 wonders in the ancient world. She said Crap.  Correct, there were 7.
Bobby - Abe Lincoln belonged to no specific religion. He said Fact.  Correct.
caller - The first cover of Rolling Stone Magazine featured the Beatles.  He said Fact but it was Crap.  It was John Lennon by himself.
Parker - In 1998, Carlos Santana was the first Hispanic inductee into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  He said Fact which was correct.
Rosie - a Zug Bug, Sparkle bug and Flint tooth are all kinds of beetles.  She said Fact but it was Crap.  They are all types of fly fishing lures.
Pete - Something about a champion chess players.  He guessed Fact and that was correct!
Janette - Warren Beatty's real first name is George.  She guessed crap and that was right.  It's Henry.
Bobby - Plants store energy in their roots.  He guessed Fact but that was Crap.  They store it in their leaves!
caller - Larry, Curl, and Mo of the 3 stooges were all related.  She said Fact but it was Crap.
Parker-  Fonzie's jacket is in the Smithsonian. He said Fact and was correct. 
Rosie - Not all snakes are carnivorous.  She said Fact but it was Crap.  Rosie asked if garden snakes eat gardens.  The game continued.
Pete - You would use a "slicker" in tanning hides.  He said Fact and got it correct.
Janette - Jim Morrison died in a bathtub. It was a Fact and she got it correct.
Bobby - Jennifer Lopez parents were born in Mexico.  He said Crap which was correct they're from Puerto Rico. 
Caller - in French, souffle translates as cloud pie.  That was Crap and she got it wrong. 
Parker - Leonardo Da Vinci produced a blue print for a machine gun.  Fact and he got it correct.
Rosie - The practice of tattooing is at least 4000 years old.  Fact and she got it correct. 
Pete - Some Russian vodkas are produced from potatoes.  Fact and he got it. 
Janette - Carroting???  is a term used to describe fibers to make felt.  It was Crap but she said Fact.
Bobby - A cork is waterproof.  It was Fact and he got it. 
caller - the ancient Egyptians life expectancy was 50 years old.  It was Crap but she got it wrong.
Parker - the Hindu God Ganesh is often depicted with 4 arms. It was a Fact and he got it correct.
Rosie - Lady bugs are brightly colored to camouflage themselves on flowers.  It was Crap and she got it.

After the first round these were the scores:
Janette  3
Bobby  2
Caller 1
Rosie 2
Pete and Parker 4

They then went into a SPEED ROUND and I couldn't type that fast!  Here are a few...
Pete - Jimmy Carter was the first US President born in a hospital.  FACT he got it.
Parker - More people jump from the Golden Gate bridge then any other.  FACT he got it.
The final scores were Parker 4, Pete 5!!!!!  Pete won.  There was then a bunch of smack talking and I thought Pete and Parker might start bumping chests.

After the break, just before the beginning of the show, Rosie took a call for Parker.  The listener congratulated Parker but said that Pete was just a great competitor and tough to beat.  Then Brendan recognized the caller's voice and realized it was PETE ON THE PHONE!  Parker said he wanted to physically hurt Pete but Rosie wouldn't allow it.

Rosie closed the show saying on the dorkiness scale of 1-10, Pete is a 14. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I can't believe I'm the only one who LOVES it when Pete screams loudly..he's just cute as hell, over the radio - just a big kid and I find him very very funny. Now I don't like when my own loud teenage sons holler and yell, go figure...

  2. Wonder if Rosie will stop taking calls from people who call in while driving. On Oprah Radio (i.e. Gayle King's show) they will hang up on someone who is calling from their car if they are driving.

  3. kelle, do u know where Rosie will be filming her show for OWN?

  4. I just want to thank you sooooo much for doing this every day. I've been on vacation all week and it's been so great to keep up cause I couldn't get XM.

    You rock!! Thanks!

  5. I finally added SiriusXM online to my account just so I can catch more of Rosie Radio! Of course I will still be coming to the blog though! Thank you for doing this!