4-29-11 - A Broadway Game, a Wine Game and An Interview with The Judds!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about how she read in the newspaper that they're trying to pass a law that will fine you $1000 if you buy a knock-off designer bag.  Rosie doesn't really get the lure of the designer bags and said she once went into Armani on Madison Avenue and saw a purse that was $2400.  She couldn't believe anyone would pay that much for a pocketbook!  Shoshana said she used to carry a "Prego" (instead of Prada) purse and would get made fun for it by her friends.  Pete suggested that it wasn't because it was a knock-off but was because it was actually the name of a spaghetti sauce.  But Shoshana also didn't understand why anyone would pay that much for a purse.  Rosie said her girlfriend Tracy buys generic everything and truly feels the generic product is as good/exactly the same as the name brand.  Today on the program, they're going to have a taste test to see if they can tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. 

Janette won't buy a "designer" purse but said she loves Coach bags especially because Coach will repair their purses if anything ever happens to them.  Rosie once gave Janette a gorgeous leather Coach bag years ago and Janette is having it repaired!  Rosie said she always gets her friend Jackie Coach because it's her favorite designer brand and Jackie won't splurge on Coach herself. Janette actually blames Jackie for causing her obsession with the designer because she turned her on to them.  Rosie said she doesn't mind buying designer for someone else as a gift but said she would never buy designer brands for herself.  Bobby understands the need for the copyright law.  This sparked a discussion on copying CDs, Napster, free downloads, pirated music, pirated movies, etc.  Pete said anytime he's ever been in a laundromat, someone has approached him offering a pirated DVD to him for him to purchase. 

Rosie told a funny story about Vivi who she said is obsessed with Janet and Michael Jackson.  When they were watching Glee Vivi asked Rosie about Barbra Streisand.  She said, "Mom, you think Barbra Streisand is the number 1 best singer and Adele is the number 2 best singer? I think Janet Jackson is number 1 and Michael Jackson is number 2."  Vivi wants Rosie to buy her the Michael Jackson dance game for Kinect on Xbox so she can learn his songs and to dance like him.  Vivi saw Janet Jackson's Nasty Girls on Youtube and loves it!  Rosie said it's her favorite song right now. 

For Vivi.  :)

Rosie then introduced Naomi and Wynonna Judd who were on the telephone to discuss their new OWN reality series The Judds!  Naomi said she would do the interview with Rosie and Wynonna only if they first agreed to some ground rules.  She said there could be no talk of guns, politics and sex... and no cursing!  Then she followed that up with no talk of musicals which Rosie couldn't understand!  Naomi really doesn't like musicals and she doesn't understand why Rosie likes them so much.  Rosie couldn't understand why Naomi doesn't like them and joked with her about it.  She said she wants Naomi to come to New York and go see one with her on Broadway.   

Rosie and Wynonna talked about the show and what it's like touring with her mother again.  Wynonna said she is liking doing the reality series but said it's also been hard for her because, at times, she forgets there are cameras following her around.  She's also not happy with all the edits they've done that make it look like she rolls her eyes all the time at her mother.  But overall, she's happy with it.  Rosie said the show really says a lot about mother-daughter relationships and that loving and forgiving your mother for doing the best they could do, is the true message that it sends.  Wynonna said she and her mother have worked hard on their relationship to get it where it is today.  And she said she will get stopped all the time now when she goes out because people want to come up to her and share their own mother stories with her.  Naomi said that's because people feel like they see themselves in them and they feel like they can trust them.  Rosie said to see Naomi and Wynonna come to a place of healing and acceptance is overwhelmingly powerful to witness.  Wynonna said so much has been written about their squabbles and she wanted people to see the truth of their relationship for themselves.  And Rosie said that the show is so relatable because viewers do see themselves in them!   

The Judds addressed the rumors that there were issues in the family when Ashley Judd's book All That Is Bitter & Sweet was released.  Naomi said everyone in a family has their own perceptions and takes on their own reality and she said Ashley wrote about her own reality.  And just because they lived together doesn't mean they saw every situation the same way.  She continued and said they agree to disagree on certain things but she said everyone has the right to their own story.  Rosie said many families don't allow everyone to have their own version of the story and she complimented Naomi for allowing her that.  When the rumors came out that there was a disagreement amongst the Judds Rosie said she knew even if they were disagreeing, love was the foundation in their family and it would be okay.

Rosie asked the Judds if they watch the show when it airs or if they screen it beforehand.  Wynonna said they screen it before because she typically gets at least 50 texts to her phone while it's on.  They actually went out to eat the night it premiered because the thought that so  many people would be watching their most intimate moments freaked them out. 

Rosie told Wynonna and Naomi that both the "lore and the reality" of their relationship is what's appealing about the show.  She said the reality doesn't take away from majesty of it all but just adds to it.  Rosie told them they were both brave and courageous to do the series.

Rosie asked Wynonna who Cactus is.  Wynonna said he's an artist that used to open for them in the 1980s.  She said he's going through a divorce and they've reconnected recently.

Rosie and Wynonna talked for a while about raising teens and the challenges they face as mothers.  Rosie asked for advice for when Parker disobeys her and Wynonna said she has to act get bigger, a little louder and even more demanding in order to get him to comply.  Naomi listened as Rosie and Wynonna gave each other advice on parenting.  Naomi said she used to be "a rager and a screamer" and one time Wynonna said to her, "Mommy, it really scares us when you scream."  Naomi said it scares kids when they look at their parents and see they don't have all the answers, or they see them out of control. 

They talked for a bit more about raising teens and then Rosie thanked them for calling in to the show.  She wished them luck on the series and said she'd be in touch!

During this game, James played a clip of a song from a Broadway musical and the player had to name what musical it was from.  They could get two extra points if they could sing the big ending of the song.

Rosie: James played a song from Dream Girls, she got it and she sang the big finish for 2 extra points!
Pete: James played a song from West Side Story, but he didn't get it.
Janette: James played a song from Evita, but she didn't get it.
Bobby: James played a song from Wicked, he got it and sang the big finish for 2 extra points!
Shoshana: James played a song from Les Miserables, she got the song but not the big finish.

Rosie: James played a song from Oliver, she got the musical but not the big finish.
Pete: James played a song from Fiddler on the Roof, he guessed the musical and sang the big finish!
Janette: James played a song from South Pacific, she guessed the musical but couldn't sing the big finish. 
Bobby:James played a song from The Little Mermaid, he got it and sang the big finish (with dance moves!)
Shoshana: James played a song from The Chorus Line, she guessed the musical but couldn't sing the big ending. 

Rosie: James played a song from Funny Girl, she guessed it (duh) and sang the big finish!
Rosie then ranted at the other staff members who have never seen Funny Girl. She told James she might not have ever hired him if she had known he hadn't seen Funny Girl and, in fact, she generally doesn't trust people who have never seen Funny Girl.  Bobby and Rosie then sang an entire song from the musical!  lol
Pete: James played a song from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, but he didn't know what musical it was from.
Janette: James played a song from The Sound of Music, she guessed it and sang the big finish at the end!!!  (she first called the musical Happy People on a Mountainside however but ended up saving herself)
Bobby: James played a song from Sideshow, he guessed it and sang the big finish!
Shoshana: James played a song from Cabaret, she got it (with a lot of help) and sang the big finish (with a lot of help!).


During this game, Pete asked the staff members to taste 4 different wines and guess which one was most expensive.  Rosie didn't think she'd be able to tell the difference.  Janette thought she would be able to tell.

WINE 1:  They all sipped the first wine and Janette immediately said she didn't like it and said it seemed like the cheapest.  Rosie said it seemed cheap too. Jeannie gave it a 5 out of 10, Rosie rated it a 4 and Janette gave it a 5.

WINE 2: Rosie said it had "better legs" in her glass and had a better smell.  They all thought it was a bit sour tasting though and no one really liked it.  Rosie, Jeannie and Janette gave it a 2.

WINE 3: Rosie said this wine also had "better legs" and she gave it a 4 (but she liked the first one best).  Jeanine gave it a 5 and Janette gave it a 7. 

WINE 4: Rosie gave it a 3 and still thought wine number 1 was the best of all the wines they tasted.  Jeannie gave this wine a 4 and Janette gave it a 5.  

When asked which wine was the most expensive Rosie and Jeannie said number 1 and Janette said number 3.

Turns out, wine number 2 was $120 a bottle!!!!  Janette called it nasty and said it was sour.  Deirdre called it a "wine drinker's wine."  Wine number 4 was the second lowest rated and it was a $80 bottle!  And the big reveal was that the number 1 and number 3 wines were from the same bottle of wine!  That only cost $13! 

Pete said they've done many studies and this always happens.  He said if you tell people the cost of wines they will always say the most expensive one is better.  He said if they don't tell you the cost of the wine, the cheaper wines are always rated higher.  Rosie said someone once gave her a $500 bottle of wine and she was so afraid to open it, so she never did.  She said Caymus Reserve is her favorite wine ever and when it comes to beer, Rosie said she likes brown amber-colored beer not the light yellow-colored beer.  And she's not really a fan of Guinness. 

Rosie said Tracy isn't a big drinker and after Wyatt's surgery she went out with a few of her friends and only had one margarita and threw up!  She hadn't had much to eat and was still dealing with the stress of the week.  Wyatt imitated Tracy puking in the bathroom when he was telling Rosie about it.  lol    

Last Friday, Rosie was driving and listening to Sirius OutQ and was shocked to hear Janette moonlighting on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick!  Then she said Janette proceeded to tell a story about her days on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when she went to Kosovo on a charitable mission and "they" wanted her to come back with a "happy bunny" story to air on the program.  Janette told Larry that wasn't an easy task in a war zone!  Rosie heard Janette tell the story and thought to herself "what a fricking bitch!"  LOL Rosie said she tried to call in but got a busy signal!  Rosie said it was HER that encouraged Janette to go on the trip! 

Here's how it actually happened.  Americares did a segment on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and had such great success from it they asked if Rosie would ever go on a mission.  Janette knew Rosie would never go but she presented the offer to Rosie anyway.  Rosie suggested Janette go because she  thought it would be a great way for Janette to become more charitable, uplift herself spiritually while getting paid for producing a segment for the show.  She encouraged Janette to take advantage of the opportunity! But when Warner Brothers wouldn't pay Janette for it, Rosie encouraged Janette to take a leave of absence, take along a camera and produce her own piece for the show.  Janette knew the only way she would get a segment from the mission aired on daytime television would be to find something uplifting to report on.  Janette was simply explaining this story to Larry during the interview but Rosie felt betrayed!  (kinda, in the joking way that Rosie acts betrayed)

Rosie said, "FINE!" after Janette explained herself but said she felt like Janette was cheating on her with Larry Flick!  Janette is leaving tomorrow for Ukraine with Medical Missions for Children  where they'll be repairing cleft lips and burns and will be calling in to both Larry Flick's show and Rosie Radio.  Rosie said SHE is giving Janette the time off so she can go on this trip and Janette is going to call into Larry Flick's show daily??!!!  Janette said she'll call in to whatever shows are willing to air her interview so she can help spread the word about the organization.  Rosie said she felt cheated on and Jeannie said Rosie becomes child-like when things like this happen and her friends make new friends.  lol

Rosie asked Janette for an update on the latest news with Sirius regarding what will happen with the staff once Rosie Radio ends on June 1st.  Janette said they're "working" on another show for them possibly.  She said they (meaning Sirius) don't tell her what they're working on, or where it will be, she just knows there have been discussions and meetings regarding placement for the entire staff.  Rosie said people have been writing in to her through her blog and saying they've noticed tension between Janette and Rosie.  But Rosie and Janette said there's no tension, just the show is ending and they haven't really talked about it.  Janette sees this as change and she said she loves change.  She said soon the world will be different for all of them.  Even me.  :(

Rosie asked Jeannie how she's liked being on the radio.  Jeannie said it's been two of the best years of her life!  She said she never thought she would land in radio, she loves the people she's met and the experiences she's had.  She said it's been a great experience working on Rosie Radio, she's made lifelong friends and she's had fun meeting all the celebrities she's met.  

Rosie said she'll be commuting to Chicago soon and while the thought is a little bit scary, she doesn't just want to not do it because it's a huge change for her.  Rosie said the opportunity came along and she thought she'd give it all her attention and gusto and just try it.  Rosie said she's not good with the cold and wonders how she'll deal with that part.  Rosie said when she was first asked about Chicago and commuting every other week, they suggested she live in Trump's condo.  He doesn't really own the building but he licenses out his name to it.  And apparently, it's the best condo in Chicago and supposedly gorgeous inside.  But then Rosie thought about it more and thought it might be awkward living there.  She was also worried he might use her living there for publicity.  But Rosie didn't want to say anything to Oprah/Harpo/OWN about it.  Tracy was the one who actually got Rosie to change her mind about it.  Tracy told Rosie she was surprised Rosie would consider living in a building Trump had his name on.  Tracy suggested to Rosie that she simply ask and see if there's somewhere else she can live.  Rosie said the people she spoke to about it (at Harpo? or OWN?) were very nice when she broached the subject even though she felt embarrassed asking.   Rosie said she will move to Chicago in July and stay there until school starts in September.  After September, she will go to and from Chicago every other week and the kids will stay at Kelli's for half the time.  She said they will start shooting in August!!!  Rosie said it's really weird for her to imagine being that far away from her kids but said life for all of them is changing. 

I'm not going to lie.  I kind of wanted to cry a little writing this part.  I am so sad my job with KidRo Productions is ending.  It's been a dream come true for me.  I know something ends and something else begins but the thought of saying goodbye to all this hurts my heart.  It's going to be a tough month for me next month. 

Rosie closed the show.

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04-28-11 - The 300th Show and Saving the Soaps with Robin Strasser

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about how tired she was because she went out last night and she's almost 50, don't forget!  She went to see House of Blue Leaves which she said was wonderfully done but very sad.  Rosie didn't want to ruin what the play was about for those who haven't seen it but she did say it's about mental illness.  Since the play was written in 1966, she thought it was truly ahead of its time!  She said it was very well done but very sad.  The audience laughed at some parts which confused Rosie's girlfriend Tracy, who was crying.  She couldn't understand why everyone was laughing!  Rosie said she cried so hard it reminded her of the time she saw The Beauty Queen of Leenane.  During that show Rosie said she audibly grieved and "talked" to the cast on the stage.   Janette doesn't like sad plays and said the last sad play she saw was The Long Day's Journey Into Night.  She said when she left the building after the performance it felt like everyone was wearing lead underwear.  This was Tracy's first play (as opposed to musical) and Tracy couldn't believe they were sitting so close to stars like Ben Stiller!  Rosie said that's "the beauty of Broadway" that you can see your favorite stars in such an intimate setting.   Rosie went to one of her favorite restaurants 44th and x before the show where she had the Mac and Cheese with truffle oil!  Rosie said this Mac and Cheese is the best thing she's ever eaten.  Rosie heard they're going to come out with a version of it that you can purchase at the supermarket which will come with a truffle oil spray pump so you can spritz it, right before you put it in the oven.  YUM!

The rest of the staff watched American Idol last night and they all thought the duets were awful.  The American Idol contestants sang Carole King songs and the staff played James Durbin's performance from last night for Rosie.  She loved it.  Rosie said people keep writing to her saying James is just ripping off Adam Lambert but Rosie said she wouldn't know because she didn't watch the year Adam Lambert was on.  Janette thought Jacob's outfit alone should be the reason he should leave.  She described what he wore which included a yellow shirt, plaid tie and a checkered jacket.  Rosie thinks Jacob is often off pitch and Bobby confirmed that he is.  Bobby said Jacob has a problem with control.  And Janette spoke about how she finds Lauren so unbelievably adorable. 

Rosie said it seems the world has finally caught on to what she's been saying about Trump all along!  Even the President referred to him (in a roundabout way) as a "carnival barker."  But still, Fox News won't put the birth certificate controversy to rest so James put together all the audio from yesterday's Fox News of them doubting the authenticity of the birth certificate.  Fox News is claiming the birth certificate is photoshopped and the President is playing the victim.  Rosie took several callers.   One caller suggested she watch Lawrence O'Donnell from last night.  She said Rosie would have jumped on her bed and screamed at the television!  The caller said Lawrence "lost his shit" and kicked out Orly Taitz (the original birther) whom he was interviewing.  See video clip below.   

Lawrence "loses his shit" on Orly.

Rosie took a call from a listener who believes the so-called birthers are racists.  Rosie actually agreed.  She said Rosie has to see the end of Rachel Maddow's show from last night where she interviewed a person at the end of her program who says the birther campaign brings her back to the time when her own grandfather and other black men were stopped and arrested for not showing their papers.   Rosie said she isn't so sure all this publicity is having a good outcome on Trump's image and his brand.  Janette thinks Trump probably loves it because every media outlet is talking about him, good or bad.  Rosie said this is what she has always been saying about Trump and sounded frustrated that no one ever publicly came to her defense years ago.  And now everyone is seeing everything she said was all true!  Rosie thinks Trump is a racist, a misogynist and an elitist.  Janette agrees that Trump is a racist but doesn't necessarily think the birther issue was racially motivated.  She thinks this is how the GOP plays, they make up a scandal and they go after it. Janette agreed maybe Trump's gone too far this time after Rosie listed the many spokespeople in the media who are speaking out against him. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who was completely repulsed when Oprah had Trump and his family on her show.  Rosie, however, enjoyed the Trump interview on Oprah and felt as if she  was willing to reassess her opinion of him after it.  Not anymore.

Bobby was an assistant to Marla Maples (one of Trump's former wives) and used to make clothes for her so he was very familiar with the whole family.  There were some things Bobby respected about Trump like how he put a suit on and went to work every day (even when he didn't have to), how he treated his kids, and how he had a swingset on the roof of his building for his kids.  Then Bobby said, Trump would do these asinine things which made him rethink his views of him.

Rosie then read portions of a blog written by Kathryn J. Scags that someone sent her through Twitter and said she was done discussing the topic.

Rosie and the staff discussed how it's one of the worst tornado seasons in this nation's history!  Over 200 people died yesterday from a string of deadly tornadoes that hit the South.  Rosie never remembered a lot of tornadoes growing up and said she couldn't imagine what it's like to live with them as your reality day in and day out.  She remembered once the anxiety from just one tornado scare in her childhood neighborhood when her mother was alive.  Also, there was a time when she was working at a comedy club and there was a tornado warning.  Rosie said the sky looked terrifying!  She wasn't sure she'd be able to live in a place where tornadoes were a regular occurrence.  Rosie took a call from a truck driver who drove through a tornado last night in Arkansas.  He said his truck was shaking back and forth, they had to pull over and next thing they knew they were in the midst of a flash flood and the police had to rescue them!  Rosie gave him and his partner a Snuggie.  Rosie took a call from a listener from Virginia who has been terrified by the latest tornado warnings in her neighborhood.  Rosie wished her the best and to stay safe. Rosie said it always surprises her when she hears of people dying of weather related causes and Janette couldn't imagine the stress people must be under in those affected areas.  Rosie took a call from a listener who has been spending hours with her daughters hiding in the closet during all these tornado scares!  Rosie said after looking at the images of the homes that have been destroyed she wasn't sure hiding in the closet was going to protect her.  Rosie wished her well and gave her a gift for Mother's Day. 

Pete had taken his daughter to work today and Rosie talked with her for a few minutes before the break.  Sophia is five years old and Rosie asked her a bunch of questions.  Rosie asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up and she said be on Rosie's show!  OMG, she was cute. 

Rosie said she watched an interesting documentary yesterday about Crop Circles in England entitled What On Earth.  Rosie described the movie in detail to the listening audience at home.  She said some unexplainable things happened in these crop circles like if you enter the circle the signal on your cell phone dies and people would group meditate in them all thinking about the same shape and the next day that shape would appear.  Rosie thought it possibly proves the existence of a parallel universe and said she would love everyone to see it.  She said after seeing the documentary I AM it has made her want to pay more attention to how energy passes and facilitates itself on Earth.  Janette said after just seeing Independence Day it scares her!  lol  

Rosie said she read an article that says the Producer of Atlas Shurgged has stated  he's not going to produce part two and three because of the mean critics.  Rosie said she's not a critic but it was the worst film she ever saw!   

Before Rosie began the interview with Robin she told a story about a charity auction she once went to.  Rosie bid on a photograph that she really wanted but had to leave and then found out she didn't win the item.  And Rosie specifically bid a lot of money thinking she would win the item for sure.  It was a picture of a Broadway actress fanning herself that Rosie loved.  Then, about two months later a box arrived in the mail and it was the framed photograph with a note from Robin Strasser!  When Robin heard Rosie was the other person who wanted the photograph she asked the photographer to print another one for her and had it mailed to her as a gift! 

Rosie then introduced Robin Strasser, who plays Dorian Lord on One Life To Live, who was on the telephone to talk with Rosie about the recent cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live.  Robin was so excited to talk to Rosie!  She was a big fan of The Rosie O'Donnell Show and said it was Rosie who always reminded her every year to get her mammogram and remember to be crafty!  Robin also hopes Rosie gets the credit she deserves for putting a spotlight on Broadway when she did. 

Robin and Rosie then talked about the cancellations of the shows.  Robin said the suits at ABC aren't being crafty enough!  She said the show could have used a warning so they could have tried to revamp the show to make it more economical or to bring in more ratings but they were cancelled without even getting notice.  Robin said they have as many viewers as MadMen and they didn't get a chance to self-resuscitate and that isn't fair.  Rosie said she cannot remember her life without soaps and said for her it's been a devastating blow almost like a death.   

Rosie asked Robin how they found out they were going to be canceled.  Robin wasn't there that day but she said the day the announcement happened there was a large meeting with suits and they just came in and told them.  Rosie asked if the show was given notes and suggestions over the years with ways to get the ratings up.  Robin said that's not something the actors would have been privy to but she's sure it's probably true because the network executives always have to approve storylines, etc. 

Robin said she's hoping the fans will stick with them until the end.  She doesn't want fans to boycott ABC because she wants them to go out with great ratings and their heads held high! She said if the shows have a glorious finish it will make it even easier for people to get new jobs post-production.  Robin said not to let "them" trivialize you for loving soap operas, it's storytelling at it's best! 

Robin said fans can write to "savethesoaps (@) Hoover.com" and they've promised to deliver all the emails to ABC personally!  Robin said it's not too late to send a strong message about how much we love our soap operas!  Rosie said she remembered crying when Ryan's Hope went off the air and now she's trying to catch up on OLTL and AMC before they're gone! 

Rosie asked Robin how the network feels about her speaking out about this topic.  Robin said she  hasn't heard anything in protest but feels at this point being silent would be too devastating.  Robin said to look at all social networking has done to change our world.  She said it is still possible!  And if in seven months from now it's over, and they're actually leaving she wants them to end on a good note. 

All My Children will go off in September and One Life To Live will be done in January which means they'll be finished taping episodes around Thanksgiving.  Robin still hopes something might change and another network might step up. Rosie said she has tremendous admiration and respect for soap opera actors and all the talent they have.  She said she has tremendous gratitude for the soaps and doesn't remember life without them.  Rosie made Robin promise to call them if anything changes and thanked Robin for calling in and wished her luck. 

Rosie took a few phone calls following the interview.  One caller told Rosie the fans are not boycotting the soaps on ABC, they're only boycotting all other ABC shows, shows on ABC Family and shows on Disney.  The caller has watched soaps since she was a little girl and was very upset at the news of their cancellation.  Rosie remembered cutting out of school whenever something big was going to happen on Ryan's Hope.  Her Nana used to tape the audio from it so she could listen to it but Rosie's Nana wasn't a very functional Nana she was more of a "sit-in-the-kitchen-and-smoke Chesterfields-while-leaning-slightly-to-the-left" type of Nana so she wasn't very good at it.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said if the viewers aren't there the advertisers won't pay to advertise on them and that is really what the cancellation is all about.  And Janette pointed out that advertisers only care about the 18-49 demographic.  Janette said it makes her wonder if there's still value in entertainment.  She said people get attached to their entertainment, just look at how upset the listeners of Rosie Radio have gotten since they've announced they're leaving at the end of May!  Rosie totally gets it and said she used to be that dedicated to her entertainment too.  Rosie mentioned Oprah's statement about not being able to save the soaps  and said she's sure Oprah researched it because she's an incredibly smart business woman!

Janette said they're celebrating their 300th show today! 

Rosie said Naomi and Wynonna Judd will be on tomorrow's show and she's going to see Good People tonight. 

Rosie closed the show.

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4-27-11 - Trump, Glee, Dog Breeds and Callers

In case you missed it....

Rosie started today's program discussing today's statement by President Obama where he put to rest the rumors about his birth certificate.  Rosie and Bobby hope this will finally put the issue to rest.  Rosie said it's as if Sarah Palin issued in a whole new level of ignorance in American politics and now is seems that Americans sees it as acceptable.  Bobby said today it seems like rumors pass as facts and as long as someone says something the media covers it and that makes it a true statement.  Rosie said if it were true that Obama wasn't a citizen, the Democrats who ran against Obama in the Primaries would have surely outed him.  And Rosie said it's comical to her that people are actually thinking about Donald Trump as a viable candidate! She said he's now feuding with Robert DeNiro Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld.  Bobby (who Rosie said kind of knows Trump) said Donald Trump exaggerates all the time.  Bobby mentioned a recent article about Trump where he admitted in a deposition that he's exaggerated his wealth by 4 or 5 BILLION dollars.  Janette is sure that Trump knows he is outright lying when he exaggerates.  Deirdre is mostly bothered that the news stations are giving Trump a platform to speak on!  Pete misses the early 1990's when Trump fell out of the media spotlight.  Rosie read from Trump's Wiki about his personal debt problems.  Bobby gave Trump some credit by saying he does have one talent and that's getting people to talk about him!  Janette said Trump is getting such joy over the attention that he's going to continue to stay in the press as long as he possibly can.  They read Trump's stance on some political issues and Trump is ProLife, against same sex marriage, against gun control, against foreign aid, and thinks China should be viewed as more of a competitor rather than an ally.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who originally met her at one of her first comedy gigs in Worcester, Massachusetts!  She was the first female comedian he'd ever seen and he loved her.  Rosie said she was a college student at the time in order to get to perform she lied and told the owners of the club she was a headliner at the Catch A Rising Star.  They asked her to do 20 minutes  for $60 and she agreed! Rosie said she didn't have an act but the caller said she was so terrific he came up to her and told her after the show.  The caller wanted to tell Rosie that Trump is proving he's the buffoon that he always was by siding with the birthers.  

Rosie took another call from a listener who has a friend that lives and works in Brooklyn.  She said her friend told her Trump is notorious for hiring smaller "mom and pop shops" to do work on his buildings and then not paying them for the work.  Rosie, unfortunately, had heard that before. 

Rosie took another call from a listener who thinks we shouldn't let Trump back into the country the next time he leaves until he pays back all the people he owes.

Rosie took a call from a listener (named Ro) who listens to the show 3 times a day!  She was a dog groomer by trade so Rosie started to ask her about the tiny Chihuahuas she's been researching on the Internet.  Rosie wanted to know if there's something wrong with the health of a dog if they're bred to be that small.  The caller said there definitely is.  She said breeders who breed dogs that small don't care for the health of the dog, they only care about the size but they keep breeding them because they're such a hot commodity.  The caller told Rosie she should just adopt a dog!  Rosie said she needs a tiny dog to be friends with her dog Missy because she'll be traveling to and from Chicago a lot.  The caller hopes Trump runs for President because all the wackos in American can throw away their votes by voting for him.  Rosie just feels like people need to remember the horrible things he says and how he says them.  She played the audio of the things that Trump has said about her.  I can't play the audio for you but here are the quotes:

"Rosie is a loser. Rosie's been a loser for a long time."
Rosie is "a horrible human being, a terrible woman. She looks bad and she sounds bad and believe me, as bad as she looks, she's worse inside."
"and she ought to be careful because I'll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy."
"Does everybody know that pig named Rosie O'Donnell?"
"Rosie is a failure. Ultimately she will be a loser."
"She's a disgusting pig, right?"
"She's both unattractive inside and out."
"Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting, I mean both inside and out. You take a look at her, she's a slob, she talks like a truck driver."
"She'll say anything that comes to her unattractive mouth."
"I'd like to take some money out of her fat-ass pockets."
"She's not smart, she's crude, she's ignorant."
"Rosie's a loser."
"And I mean she's basically a disaster."

Rosie went to commercial saying after the break they would be discussing Glee!  Bobby and Rosie believe last night's episode might be the second best episode ever - the best being the episode when Kurt's dad talks to him about being gay which Bobby called transformational. 

They went to commercial playing this from last night...

I Feel Pretty / Unpretty by Rachel and Quinn from Glee

Rosie took many, many callers who expressed their love for Glee.  One caller was a teacher of special needs "tweens" who cried talking about last night's episode.  She wanted every kid to know that no one is perfect and we all have our own issues.  Rosie recommended the web series The-Specials.com to the caller.  Rosie called it a beautiful reality show about special needs kids and highly recommended it. 

Janette loved the part in last night's episode where the cast wore their flaws on their t-shirts.   Janette said her t-shirt would have said fat, angry or low self-esteem.  She said she might need a paragraph.  Bobby and Rosie said their t-shirts would have read "fat," Pete said his would have read "slobby" and Deirdre said hers would have said "anxiety."  Janette said she does motivational speaking and accepting ones flaws is a topic she covers in her talks.  Also if Janette had never had a mother who abandoned her she might not have ever bonded with Rosie the way they had.  And she's so thankful she's been friends with Rosie all these years because of the wonderful places their friendship has taken her!  Also, had Janette not been fat she wouldn't have ever written a book or had her own cooking show.  Rosie also believes that everything that happens in your life is supposed to happen.  Rosie said she believes you come into this world to learn what you need to learn.  Bobby said after he watched last night's episode he almost started to feel sorry for himself.  He wondered how his life would have been different if he had grown up in a society that accepted him and with a show like Glee to watch and know there are others out there like him.  Then he remembered he wouldn't be the person he is today if he hadn't been through all that he's been through in his life. 

Rosie loves Kurt but said she is sick of The Warblers and she thinks Brittany is GENIUS.  Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, told Rosie she was originally hired for the show as a dancer and was written in to the storyline by creator Ryan Murphy!

Rosie took a call from a listener who said Rosie changed his mind on gay marriage.  He's gay but didn't see the need for gay marriage until he called into the show and talked with Rosie about what happened to Kelli during Rosie's magazine lawsuit.  Rosie said Kelli was called in to testify when she was sued by the magazine.  Normally they cannot call spouses in to testify against you but because Rosie and Kelli weren't legally married they could grill Kelli for three days because they could, hoping Rosie would settle because of the stress it put on both of them.  The caller talked with Rosie about being gay and living in the black community.  Rosie wondered why it's harder for people to come out as gay in the black community and thought maybe it had something to do with religion.  The caller thinks it has more to do with machismo, fear and stigma.  Rosie said she knows a bunch of gay black people in the entertainment industry who aren't out.   Janette said she's learned not to judge anyone until you've actually stood in their shoes and lived their lives.  

Rosie prefaced this conversation by saying she's rescued many dogs in her lifetime.  She got her first adult dog after she walked into a pet store following a performance in Grease on Broadway. It was during the time she lived in the Dakota before kids.  She saw a tiny long-haired Chihuahua and she thought it was so beautiful.  She wasn't sure she wanted a dog however and she asked the owner of the store to hold it for her.  Afterward, she went to see a psychic and this was before she was very famous, mind you.  The woman told Rosie there was a woman in the room telling her that she's her mother and she wanted her to buy the dog!  She told her the dog was "Happy" and asked Rosie if that made any sense to her.  It did!  A few months after Rosie's mother died their dog Happy had puppies.  Rosie remembered that she couldn't wait to tell her mother (when she came back, in her mind Rosie's mom was coming back) that their dog Happy had the puppies.  Rosie immediately went and purchased the Chihuahua.  She fell in love with him and got another one.  Unfortunately, she eventually had to give those dogs to her Aunt because she later had kids and they didn't get along well with kids.

Right now Rosie has Nicky, a 17 year-old dog that lives in Florida full time, Zoe, an Australian Shepherd that is Chelsea's dog and goes to Kelli's when they visit her and Missy, her Chihuahua.  Missy is the dog Rosie purchased when Kelli moved out.  She's a 4 pound long-haired Chihuahua.  Bobby has a 9 pound Chihuahua.  Now that Rosie's going to be traveling to Chicago she wanted to get Missy a play friend and has been specifically looking at a tea-cup sized Chihuahua.  Rosie's girlfriend, Tracy, has told Rosie she shouldn't buy from a breeder because it only perpetuates the breeding of these miniature Chihuahuas.  But Rosie feels since they've already been born, why shouldn't she take one and love it anyway.  Tracy feels it only perpetuates the breeding of the very tiny dogs when people purchase them.  Janette agreed with Tracy on this matter and said the only reason people continue to breed the tiny dogs is because people continue to buy them! 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said breeders get these tiny dogs from puppy mills.  She said they breed to runts with the runts and sometimes inbreed them with their siblings and parents!  The caller said they will sometimes starve the bigger puppies to keep them small.  Janette started crying at the mere thought of torturing animals. Janette said she feels like anyone who tortures an animal should be killed, well that's the emotion it creates inside her.

Rosie took a call from a listener who recommended another small dog instead of another Chihuahua.  She recommended Rosie get a Cavalier King Charles SpanielOMG, I always wanted one of those dogs!  But they are so expensive.  The caller said the Cavalier will get along great with her Chihuahua because they have a great attitude and they're easier than a Chihuahua to potty train.  
One caller asked Rosie if she had seen the show Oprah did on Puppy Mills.  Rosie had seen it and was equally horrified by it.  Rosie then mentioned yesterday's Oprah with Michael Douglas.  Rosie thought Douglas was vulnerable, real and raw in the interview.  She said she had so much compassion and respect for him in the interview and for being so honest.  They also briefly discussed Oprah's interview with Phil Knight.  Pete read about Nike's "sweat shop" and child labor abuses.  Learn more about that here.  

Rosie said she "kind of" watched The Voice last night and all she saw was people in roller-coaster seats turning around and trying to not look surprised at what the singers looked like.  Rosie wanted to know what the purpose of the show was.  Janette said the show's purpose is to capitalize on the great ratings of shows like American Idol! Rosie wasn't sure she likes the show or not but said she might give it another chance.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who thought The Voice had promise but didn't like the show last night either.  One of the callers loved last night's show.  She said she liked the banter between the judges and she liked the idea of listening only to the voice to judge the singing.  Rosie thought the show would be better if they didn't show the singer to the audience at home or the judges until the end of the show.    Shoshana thought the purpose of the show was to take someone with raw talent and make them into a star.  Rosie thinks that is an impossible thing to do.  Rosie said you can't say who has or doesn't have the qualities that can make them a star, she said the "it" factor is not quantifiable.   

Rosie then played this song for the listening audience at home! 

Kurt sings As If We Never Said Goodbye

She said she thinks "watching Glee could replace the need for antidepressants in America."

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know she's going to see House of Blue Leaves on Broadway tonight and will tell us all about it tomorrow!

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4-26-11 - Family Equality Council and an Interview w/Book Of Mormon's Andrew Rannells

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about last night's Family Equality Council dinner where she met Zach Wahls.  Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa student, spoke about his family during a public forum on opposing House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives which would end civil unions in Iowa.  The video went viral on the Internet and The Family Equality Council asked him to speak at their event last night.   (see video of Zach's original speech to the Iowa House below) 

http://twitter.com/#!/Christytwit - 4 u  on TwitpicRosie said she thinks Zach is every parent's dream for what their first born son will turn out to be like.  She said he is such a good speaker he reminds her of Bobby Kennedy.  Rosie even told Zach what a wonderful speaker he was and that a lot of people can write a beautiful speech but very few can deliver it in such a powerful way.  Zach told Rosie he didn't realize he was being taped during his speech that day in front of the House of Representatives and after a few days the video went viral and before he knew it, his entire life was changed.  He wondered if he could take on the challenge in front of him.  Rosie wanted Zach to talk to Parker and be a role model to him and Zach reassured Rosie that he was the same way as Parker when he was 15.  Rosie joked that when she was casting the role of her "oldest son" Zach was the boy she was thinking of!  Rosie said the cast of Priscilla Queen of the Desert performed last night too!  Rosie said it was a really beautiful night.  As they were leaving, Rosie met the girl who bid and won her painted Emmy she had donated to the cause.  Rosie said overall there was something very touching about the whole event last night.  You can see pictures of the event on Rosie.com and on Family Equality's Facebook page.  
Because Rosie was at the dinner she didn't get to see Dancing With The Stars but Janette and Bobby did so they caught her up.  They both thought Kirstie Alley looked great!  They discussed how Ralph Macchio's partner fell during their dance and how Ralph kept the dance going with his partner.  Janette said she only cares for Kristie Alley at this point and both Janette and Rosie hope Kirstie wins.  Jeannie remembered the show she called "Dancing With a Fat Girl" which was really called Dance Your Ass Off.  Jeannie wanted to know what ever happened to that show. 

The mention of the show sparked an entire discussion about weight.  Shoshana read an article that stated that obese teen girls are more likely to use drugs or alcohol and engage in risky sexual behaviors.  The study showed that "obese girls were less likely to have had sex than healthy-weight girls, but were more likely to have used drugs or alcohol before having sex."  Janette had said something in the morning meeting that horrified Rosie so she made her repeat it on the air.  Janette said she was told "fat girls always fuck" by many men before.  In other words, if you go to a bar and you want someone to sleep with and the night is ending, guys will often pick up a fat girl because they'll always give it up.  That's what Janette's been told by many men before, anyway.  Jeannie could see the point.  Rosie said the statement made her heart hurt.  Janette was very heavy as a child and said she never wanted people to look at her and think she's never done "it."  Jeannie said she has many regrets looking back about her sexual past and said many of the choices she made were because of low self-esteem and looking for love in all the wrong places.  Jeannie said she thinks she was promiscuous because she had no self-esteem and wanted to be admired by boys.  She also said she  spent her entire teenage life being envious of young, beautiful, thin, girls.  Rosie had always hid her own sexuality out of shame and she thought most other people who are heavy would have been the same way.  She was a bit shocked by this revelation.  Janette has always viewed her own promiscuity as power.  In a way, Jeannie did too but there were times she felt shame afterward.  And no matter what, Jeannie always thought there was a chance a relationship might come from it. 

Rosie said she couldn't ever have a one night stand with someone because of her body issues.  Jeannie remembered telling her mother she wants to fall in love with the person she's going to marry when she's fat, so she'll know he loved her for her.  Jeannie wasn't extremely thin when she got married but she was thinner than she is now.  And even today, she would like to lose weight for her husband because she thinks it could make their relationship better because she would feel better about her own body.   

As an aside, Rosie told a story from last night's event.  Rosie said her ex-girlfriend, Michelle Blakely, and her wife were at Rosie and Tracy's table last night and Tracy passed Rosie a note that said Michelle and her wife don't even look gay.  Rosie wrote back, "Do I look gay?" and before Tracy even read it she laughed and shook her head yes!  

Rosie took several calls on the topic of obesity and promiscuity.  One caller agreed with the conversation and said one night stands were a validation to her and the opposite of everything her father ever told her about herself.  Today she said she feels a lot of shame about what she did but at the time, she was trying to prove that she was lovable to her father.  Rosie recommended the caller get some therapy for her father issues and thanked her for calling and sharing her story. 

Rosie took another call from a listener who has witnessed her husband's friends play a game to see who could get the fattest girl to dance or who could get the fattest girl to come home with him.  Rosie took a call from a male listener who was overweight his entire life and often treated like shit at the gay bars he visited.  Rosie and Bobby began to talk about the stigma with being heavy and being a gay male in the gay community.

Rosie took a call from a listener who was very promiscuous in her 20s and now, looking back, she regrets it.  She said she was the "fat" one in her group of friends and she thinks being heavy contributed a lot to her promiscuity.  On the contrary, Janette is glad she was promiscuous as a young person.  She said she had fun and found it very empowering!   

Rosie said the Royal wedding is this weekend and the only ones in the studio who give a shit are Bobby and Amanda.  It causes Jeannie and Rosie anxiety watching Kate getting married to a royal.   They both are worried she doesn't know what she's getting in to and Rosie called it "a gilded cage."  Bobby, who loves the tradition of the royalty in England, has faith that it's going to be different this time.  He believes William is marrying Kate truly out of love and because of the way he was raised, it will be a different life for her than it was for Diana.  Rosie said it's an impossible paradigm to be upheld as more than human.  Janette doesn't really care about the wedding but was upset that Kate is bringing back the feathered fascinator which means more bird death. 

Rosie told a hilarious story about attending Eva Gabor's funeral.  Rosie said it was before she was very famous and when she went to enter the church she couldn't get in because she wasn't on the list.  As she was asking to be let in Esther Williams told security Rosie was with her!  Rosie said during Mass only about 9 people got up to take the host because most of the attendees were Jewish.  As Merv Griffin walked by her he made her get up and take the host with him.  Rosie said Eddie Albert got up to speak about Eva and told a very funny story about her.  Eddie had once commented on her dress saying how beautiful it was but he told her she couldn't wear it on his program.  She wondered why not.  He said because all the young women will want to go out and purchase the same dress and if you do many birds will be killed because her dress was full of feathers!  Eva said back to Eddie, "Oh Eddie, feathers do not come from birds, they come from pillows!"  Rosie said the entire place erupted with laughter.   
Rosie said when she goes to tape her new television show on OWN she wonders what she will wear.  She says what to wear is always an issue for her.  She talked about Oprah's red soled shoes which originally she thought she had specially designed high heels with no-skid bottoms! Rosie didn't realize they were the famous Christian Louboutin red soled shoes!  She even thought Oprah had to put red soles on the bottom of all her shoes because her staff might be stealing them!  lol  (I'm pretty sure she was joking about that one.)  Rosie said, for herself, she doesn't want to wear anything that's too expensive for the typical viewer to purchase and wear.  She said for example, the shirt she wore to the event to present her publicist Cindi Berger with an award cost $1,000!  And she's never going to wear it again! 

Rosie was thinking she'd dress in Eileen Fisher for her new TV show and that is the most expensive clothing she will wear.  Rosie said she doesn't want to feel like she has a costume on and wants to look real.  Rosie wore basic black to the event last night and Tracy wore a tunic and tights.  Tracy was worried after they got there because she felt very under dressed.  Rosie said they were on the less-dressed end of the spectrum of clothes at last night's event but said that's who they are!  Shoshana read from the invitation which said, "This event is meant to be fun so as long as you look good and feel good, you'll fit right in."  So, in Shoshana's estimation they nailed it!  Janette thinks Rosie should practice by wearing her Eileen Fisher clothes in pre-production meetings and walk-throughs so she can get used to wearing them before the show starts.  Rosie said she can't ever get herself to wear her really nice clothes unless she has to go to an event or to work.  Janette suggested Rosie doesn't even bring her old clothes to Chicago and only bring the "good" Eileen Fisher type clothes with her so she doesn't have a choice.   

When Rosie came back from commercial she read on her twitter feed that Phoebe Snow had passed away.   Rosie said she was sad to find out this news.  Rosie, Jeannie and Janette talked about getting to the age when people around the same age as you start dying and how weird that feels.  Janette will read the obituaries and said she "feels the hot breath of the reaper on the back of her neck" when she reads about people who have died in their 50s and 60s.  Jeannie said longtime friends of hers and those of her father's came to her father's funeral after reading about his death in the obituaries.  Jeannie never reads the obituaries but Janette does.  Rosie said she had to meet with her lawyer about her will yesterday and she said that always feels it's foreboding.  Rosie Radio played Phoebe Snow's Poetry Man and went to commercial break.

Phoebe Snow Poetry Man

Rosie then introduced Andrew Rannells who's currently starring in The Book of Mormon on Broadway!  She said the night she went to see Book of Mormon, Andrew told her The Rosie O'Donnell Show made him want to be a Broadway star and know that it's possible.  She joked and said, "Please God, thank me if you won a Tony and make my life's work worth something!!!!"  lol

Rosie was beside herself at what a cutie patootie Andrew is.   Andrew told Rosie he had originally auditioned for a role in her musical Taboo but didn't get the part.  But Andrew said it was one of the best auditions he's ever been on because Rosie was so encouraging to him and told him right away he didn't get the role so there was no waiting.  And it all worked out because now Andrew is starring in the biggest hit on Broadway right now!  Rosie and Andrew talked about how different it is to originate a role instead of coming in to a role two years in because the audience is filled with celebrities!  He's seen/met Goldie Hawn, Joel Schmacher, Kevin Spacey, John Lithgow, Jim Carrey, Gary Marshall, and Judith Light amongst others!  He said he had a meltdown when he saw Judith Light from the television show Who's The Boss!  During the curtain call he pointed to her and told her he loved her and she mouthed it back to him! 

Andrew said he grew up in Nebraska and he would watch The Rosie O'Donnell Show growing up and besides the Tony Awards, that was his only exposure to Broadway.  He then studied at Marymount University for two years but left school to fulfill his passion - acting. 

The Book of Mormon was written and created by the same creators who did South Park. Rosie said she had never seen South Park before but her son told her there's an entire episode entitled "All About the Mormons."  Andrew said he doesn't play any of the characters from the cartoon but said it's the same humor.  They didn't want to give too much away about the musical so all Andrew would really say was that he plays a character who is chosen to go on a Mormon mission to Uganda.  Rosie said she was completely shocked to hear the language she was hearing in the theater!  Andrew said because Broadway has no rules like television and film, the creators were really allowed to be free with what they chose to write.    

Rosie said the show was brilliant, shocking and has received great reviews!  Andrew said the show is not making fun of the musical form and doesn't even make fun of the Mormon church.  He said it's a real musical created by people who love musicals.  And for Andrew, being able to be part of both a musical and something that's so culturally timely/significant, it's a big moment for him. 

Andrew said his family has seen the show and they love it.  He said his mom was there opening night and every time he turned around he was chatting/flirting with Paul Rudd!  Rosie said she has just discovered Paul Rudd though he was on her television show once and she doesn't remember it!  She said she saw Paul in the movie How Do You Know and she's since had a Paul Rudd film festival at her house. 

Andrew said the first Broadway musical he ever saw was Rent.  He said Rent holds a special place in his heart and he tried out for it many times.  He was called back 25 times for it but never landed the role.  Rosie told Andrew he was perfectly cast in this role. 

Rosie and Andrew swapped stories from the theater like the time she was in Grease on Broadway, and a man in the audience was talking loudly on his cell phone.  He said,  "I'm at this musical and ya know that Rosie McDonald?  She can't sing for shit."  And Rosie heard him!  And one night she was looking in the audience and some drunk teenagers started a fight!  She got off the stage to get the stage manager to have him break it up!  Andrew said there was a fight in the audience one night when he was performing in Jersey Boys too.  They had to stop the show.  Rosie talked about the time a woman fell into the trap because the door was left open.  She said the rest of the cast continued on like nothing had happened but Rosie became hysterical and they had to drop the curtain!

Rosie thanked Andrew for coming in to the show and told him he is "immensely talented."  Rosie asked him to "be her Broadway boy" and recommended all her listeners go see him in Book of Mormon

Rosie closed the show.
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4-25-11 - Violent America, Discussing Kevin Hart and an Interview with John Elder Robison

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's broadcast wishing Barbra Streisand a Happy Birthday!  (It was Barbra's birthday yesterday...).  Rosie was excited because she got a direct message from Barbra's assistant on Twitter.  Rosie discussed how much she adores Barbra and played the audio of a video of Barbra and Judy Garland signing (see below).  Rosie said she "cannot begin to explain how much she loves her." 

Rosie said it was her first Easter ever since having kids when she didn't have to get up and search for Easter eggs because Kelli had the kids so she slept in late.  Jeannie had a jam packed day.  She said her kids got up at 5:30am on Easter Sunday like it was Christmas morning!  Then they went to her in-laws for brunch and then her brother's house for dinner.  Jeannie told a hilarious story about drinking wine at her brother's.  She thought she had a bug in her glass so she spit out her wine all over everyone at the table!  She said she was embarrassed and her family was shocked it happened!  Janette once drank a cockroach in her low calorie Ovaltine! After taking a sip she felt something in her mouth and pulled out a cockroach!  GROSS!  Rosie said she's reading How to Be a Sister: A Love Story with a Twist of Autism and there is a scene in the book about the girl in the story spitting all over her family during dinner and their struggles with her being socially inappropriate.  Janette and her sister decorated hard-boiled goose eggs for Easter and she brought one in to show everyone! 

Rosie said she saw a horrible video of a transgendered woman being beaten up by two women at Baltimore McDonald's this weekend.  Here is a link to a version of the video.  Rosie said the images from the video have stayed with her all weekend.  Rosie said it was horrifying to watch.  She thinks we've become so used to seeing violence in movies and on television that when we see it in real life it is shocking to see!  And Rosie couldn't believe no one intervened more than they did.  Shoshana wondered about the intentions of the person who videotaped it.  Rosie read the man who videotaped the incident was fired for encouraging the violence.

Rosie took a call from a listener who has a transgendered son who is in the process of transitioning from female to male.  She said stories like these scare the hell out of her.  She said she's decided not to watch the video because she thought it would be too frightening for her.  Rosie talked with the caller about her son's transition and when he knew.  The caller said her son told her at the beginning of the school year that she wanted to be a he.  They've gone to therapy separately and as a family.  She said she never rejected her child but was secretly hoping the therapy would help him change his mind.  She's since learned no one would choose to live the life and the trials he'll have to face so she's fully accepted him.  Rosie and the caller discussed the high suicide rate of transgendered teens and Rosie recommended the documentary Becoming ChazBecoming Chaz premieres on the OWN network May 10th at 9pm EST.  Rosie said even the gay community has trouble accepting transgendered people which is surprising.  She said Becoming Chaz even helped her come to understand it better.  Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and for being such a caring and supportive parent.  Rosie then asked for her to stay on the line while they got her information so she could send her a copy of the documentary.

Rosie took another call from a listener who lives in Baltimore who was outraged that this type of behavior is coming from their community.  They discussed whether the assailants should be charged as adults and whether they should be charged with a hate crime.  Rosie and Janette recalled many stories of violence where bystanders stood by and did nothing while someone was being attacked.  Rosie said she used to have horrible nightmares so she took a self-defense course.  She said with a good self-defense course you can learn to find your inner voice that has been silenced.  Rosie was proud of the woman in the video that she was able to scream.  Janette said self-defense is something that should be taught in high schools and the video made her think she needs to take one.  Shoshana has taken several  self defense classes yet still thinks she wouldn't be able to fight back. She thinks it's something innate inside you and that she would forget everything she learned because she'd be too scared. 

Rosie took another call from a listener who witnessed a fight outside her daughter's school.  She was waiting for her daughter to come out of school and saw the fight and got out of her car and broke it up.  She said when she got back to her car she cried so hard she could barely drive because it was so frightening.  Rosie recalled the time she and Jeannie were involved in a fight outside a movie theater.  She said they had their high school jackets on and some kids from a rival high school started a "rumble" with them when they came outside the theater.  She said they were all fine but when they got home they all started crying.  Rosie told the caller she was proud of her for stepping in and breaking up the fight she witnessed and that she wished more people would do the same.

Rosie took a call from a listener with a cautionary tale.  She once saw a woman pushed out of her car by a man.  He then stopped the car and got out and started beating the woman.  Another woman intervened and the man started hitting the woman who was trying to help.  The caller said it's logical to say you'd stop and help but she warned there's a risk with helping too.

Rosie took a call from a listener who was friends in college with an exchange student from Sweden. He told her Americans have it all wrong because we're so afraid of nudity yet we allow our children to be inundated by violent images on television.

Rosie took Parker to see comedian Kevin Hart this past Friday with her brother Eddie and his teenage son.  She said it was wild to take her kid to this type of event and some of the jokes about sex were a little bit embarrassing to see with Parker.  But Rosie thought Kevin was both funny and adorable.  She also enjoyed his opening acts.  She said the comedy was so well-crafted, so tight, and so professionally done, she was totally impressed!  Rosie said Kevin was spot on and very handsome!    Rosie had performed at The Westbury Theater before and there were people working there who've been there since she performed there!  Rosie said she felt like Rodney Dangerfield when he used to walk into Catch in 1982 when she was an aspiring standup.  Rosie said it was the first time, in a long time, she was inspired to do standup again.  Rosie said she thinks Kevin is going to be a HUGE star.  Janette talked about how great Rosie was at standup and said she would love to see Rosie do standup again!  Rosie said another one of Parker's favorite comedians is Gabriel IglesiasDuring this conversation Rosie briefly mentioned how Kevin used the word "Faggot" in his act and how she was taken aback by it.  She asked Parker what he thought of the use of the word and Parker wasn't really affected by it.  It was such a short reference I didn't even write it down. 

But then, Rosie took a call from a listener who was quite upset that she was "throwing around" the "F" word like she was.   The caller was gay but said he doesn't ever use the word because of the negative connotations it brings him.  He remembers being called that word and then being beaten up!  Rosie asked James (the co executive producer who is also gay) if he ever uses the word the "f" with his friends.  He said he does not because he doesn't like the word either.  Bobby, on the other hand, is gay and uses the word with his friends.  He said he's "taken it back" so it would hold no power to those that use it in a derogatory way.  Bobby said if a straight person were to call him that he would be angry over it but if he's called that by someone who is gay, it wouldn't bother him.  Rosie told the caller she's not condoning the use of the word but said it's part of the cultural vernacular.  She admitted she was taken aback when she heard Hart use the word in his act.  In the end, the caller wondered if it was a generational difference for him and if the younger generation has familiarized themselves/normalized the word in a way that is different from when he was young. 

Rosie said she went to a baseball game of Parker's where his team lost 21-1!  She said his team hasn't won a game in two years and Parker didn't even play.  Rosie said she didn't want to get involved but since the team was losing so miserably she didn't understand why the coach didn't just throw in their second string.   The other team started bunting "lefty" out of sympathy for beating them so badly!  Janette didn't know what "bunting" was so Rosie stood up (in the studio) and showed her how one holds a bat when they bunt.  Rosie said it was demoralizing to lose so badly but admitted she partially blames the coach.  Jeannie had an opposite baseball experience this weekend.  She said her son just started playing T-Ball and it is the cutest thing ever because none of the kids know what they're doing.  Rosie and Jeannie remembered playing baseball together as kids when Rosie used to  tell Jeannie if she ever catches the ball to just throw it to her.

While at the baseball game, Tracy told her kids a scary story about a guy who got his arms ripped off from a combine and had to call 911 with his nose!  And Rosie said when Wyatt was in the hospital she asked her daughter Savannah if she wanted to come over and see the tube coming out of Wyatt with all the blood and the puss?!  Rosie acted horrified.  Tracy found it funny that Rosie, the woman who watches zit-popping videos online, was so horrified by this!

Also, Rosie said she promised Tracy she wouldn't tell this story on air but she decided to anyway. One night Tracy and Rosie were in bed and Tracy was saying all these loving things about Rosie's curves.  She was talking very lovingly about how she looked and she told Rosie she would like to take beautiful photos of her naked body.  Tracy referenced Leonard Nimoy's naked photos he's taken of "heavy" women, as an example of what she meant.  Tracy didn't mean it in a bad way but Rosie said she took it badly and it ruined her whole night!  Jeannie said her husband has told her before that the beautiful bodies of the Renaissance era remind him of her and she's never felt the compliment he was trying to convey to her either.  Rosie said she and Tracy talked about it in therapy and it made Tracy cry because Rosie made her sound like a horrible person.  Tracy has asked Rosie if she's supposed to act like Rosie's not fat.  Rosie said that's a good point.  Janette suggested that Rosie is actually really beautiful to Tracy and what Rosie is really having an issue with is her not accepting her own body.  Rosie admitted that was probably true. 

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Rosie then had John Elder Robison on who was in the studio to discuss his book Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian with Practical Advice for Aspbergians Misfits Families and Teachers.  Rosie told him how much she loved his new book and how much she loved his previous book Look Me In the Eye: My Life with Asperger's.  

John explained that he was disabled as a child and hopes parents read this book and learn that if they have a child with Autism they too might grow up and live successful lives.  John said he was very socially isolated as a child but if it wasn't for that time he wouldn't have invested the time he did to learn the things that helped him become exceptional in many areas.  John said he was a very sullen, withdrawn child and even 20 years ago he wouldn't have been able to have this interview with Rosie.  He said he wrote the books to give parents hope and let them know there can be amazing transformations with kids on the spectrum. 

John said it wasn't until he read Tony Atwoods' book Asperger's Syndrome when he realized what it meant to have Aspergers.  John said he was always good at explaining things to people and the more he had to interpret his thought process through his books the better he understood himself and the better he got at explaining it.  Rosie and John talked about manners and how they don't always make sense to people on the Autism spectrum.  He said holding a door open for the person behind you never made sense to him and what that had to do with other people wanting to be his friend.  But he said when he started looking at manners a different way and realized manners are the way people make superficial judgments about you and that's the key to making friends, manners made more sense to him.  He said he had to learn that presenting yourself as a likable person is how you'll get friends in the world.

Rosie and John discussed Mirror neurons and how we learn behavior and emotions through positive feedback.  He said Mirror Neurons are suppressed in people with Autism.

In the book Be Different, John encourages people with Asperger's to embrace their differences.  John said the book is a celebration of being a geek and being your own person.  John's son Cubby, who also has Asperger's, works with Alex Plank from Wrong Planet doing videos about what it's like to live on the spectrum.  Rosie and John couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a reference like Wrong Planet when they were kids.  John said it surely would have made a huge difference with how his life turned out.  He said he might have stayed in the entertainment industry had he known more about Asperger's and had the guts to follow his career to New York or Los Angeles.  Rosie asked John if he thinks most creative people are somewhere on the spectrum.  John said when he listens to what people say about Rosie that she's "rude" he said that's what people might say about him too!  The thing is, they say what they think and some people see that as rude.  Rosie said if she hadn't been in the entertainment industry she's not sure how her life would have ended up.  She said she couldn't graduate college and get it together enough to follow the typical path that people are supposed to follow in life.

Rosie told John she gives his book Look Me In The Eye to people whenever she meets someone who has a child diagnosed with Autism.  She asked John if he's seen the documentary The Horseboy.  He hasn't seen it but Rosie said she was going to give him a copy before he leaves.  Read more about The Horse Boy HERE.   Rosie asked John about his book tour and the reception he's been getting from readers and John said he's been getting great feedback.  He said he looks around the room at the venues he's been attending and they are filled with geeks and people of varied levels of impairment and gifts.  John said the most important message he wants to send is that we have to make our best life out of the way we are.  He said people on the spectrum have these differences that can either disable us or become gifts to us. He said there are many people who have Asperger's or Aspergian traits who are successful.  Rosie asked John about his next book and he said he's writing a book about raising his son and John said he would like to do a book of his photography.  Rosie thanked John for coming in to the studio again and she said she would like to have John and his son on her talk show when she goes to OWN!  She said John's story is an amazing tale of Autism and self-acceptance and how to succeed in life with the hand you've been dealt. 

After the interview Rosie and Jeannie said John, his mannerisms and his uniqueness, reminds both of them of their fathers.  Jeannie said her father was a brilliant man but had poor social skills and could not hold a conversation well.  But apparently Rosie would try her hardest to make him laugh and she usually did.  Jeannie said Rosie could get away with anything with him.

Very quickly before Rosie closed the show she said she saw Atlas Shrugged this weekend and she would like those 2 hours of her life back.  She said it's probably the worst movie she's seen in the last 10 years.

and that's what you missed - kw

and because we're celebrating Autism Awareness Month, I thought I would include a video I made about my son Thomas.  Thomas just turned 6 and was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years-old.  I'm trying to embrace Thomas' passions and when he showed interest in video making and ceiling fans I got him an iPod Touch so he could combine both those loves.  In fact, while I was listening to Rosie's interview with John I sat and watched Thomas collect every lamp in my house and plug them into one extension cord so he can turn them all on at the same time with the flip of a switch. :)  And I wanted to share Thomas with you all.  People like John and Temple Grandin give me hope for Thomas' future.  Who knows what he will invent or create!  

4-22-11 - Janette's Cats, Stealing from Hotels and Would You Rather

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing plans for the weekend.  Janette is hoping her new floors will be installed in her home this weekend.  Pete has family coming over and will be having an egg hunt in his backyard.  Rosie's little kids are going to Kelli's house this weekend but she and Parker are going to stay at her brother's house in Long Island for the weekend.  Rosie, Parker, her brother Eddie and his son are all going to see comedian Kevin Hart perform tonight!  Bobby reminded everyone that it's also Barbra Streisand's birthday this weekend!  Rosie noted that it's both Barbra's AND Shirley MacLaine's birthdays on Sunday.  The staff recalled Shirley's interview with Oprah and Janette expressed how much she wishes she had her own labyrinth, like Shirley has.  After Bobby LOL'ed, Pete offered to build Janette her very own labyrinth.  Rosie said she would actually like to have one too!

Rosie said Parker is now pressuring her to allow him to get his driver's license.  She told him until he's able to voluntarily give up his cell phone to her every night at 10pm without argument (like he is supposed to) he's not going to be able to get his license.  Bobby recommended Parker take driver's ed. classes because he still remembers the photos of the horrible accidents they showed in the class. 

Rosie said she recently saw a web-series called The Specials about a group home in England where five special needs 20 year olds live together.  Bobby and Rosie think it's a really fascinating show.  Rosie said she would love if they could replicate that in the United States.  Rosie said Tracy's son Wyatt, who has Down Syndrome, is doing well since he had open-heart surgery but it's a little scary because he can't express how he's feeling and he's still healing.  Rosie thinks he's been getting a little dizzy but he can't express it exactly and he's frustrated because he's not allowed to go on the trampoline yet.  Rosie talked about how differently life has turned out for her than she thought it would.  She said if you would have told her this was what her reality would be in her future, she never would have believed it.  Janette said if she could live her life over again, she would keep everything exactly as it has been and change nothing.  She's loved her life, every moment of it and would do it all again if she could. 

Shoshana recently met a man who went blind from Diabetes two years ago and has dealt with it amazingly well!  Shoshana, Janette and Bobby said they couldn't imagine going blind and said it's one of their greatest fears. Janette said she wouldn't want to give up the ability to read.  Shoshana would be afraid of the constant darkness and feeling of being cut off from the world.  Bobby would be sad to lose the ability to design or create his art.  Rosie recalled the documentary Going Blind where the man featured in the film tells his story of what it's like to go blind.  Shoshana and Bobby talked about the Pitch Black Restaurant where you eat in the dark because it's supposed to heighten your sense of taste when your sense of sight is removed.  Rosie didn't sound very enthused at the thought. 

Rosie asked the staff if they've read the article that says that sitting is really bad for your health!  Pete read from the article that stated that the more sedentary you are the higher risk you have of becoming obese and developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Rosie said it's her dream to be able to sit and not move!  (everyone laughed)  They discussed fidgeting and who fidgets and who doesn't.  Pete and Rosie said they even keep dollars in their pockets to bribe their kids to go get them stuff so they don't have to get up when they're watching TV.  Pete said it's the best part about having kids.

Rosie said she had an issue with her kids at the fair over the weekend.  She told them they could each get one toy but they wanted to buy pretend machine guns.  Rosie told them it was okay but Tracy didn't want her kids to have guns.  Rosie said her kids will make a gun out of anything - legos, toast, anything!   Pete said his girls recently made guns out of the empty paper towel roll.

Also this weekend Rosie and Parker had a fight because he critiqued her singing and told her she started a song too high!  She wanted to kill him!  She has been in three musicals on Broadway and she said she didn't need her 15 year-old critiquing her singing technique!  Bobby laughed hysterically.  Rosie said Parker needs to be an expert in everything and it annoys her to no end.  Shoshana said she has friends who act like they're experts in everything too and it annoys her.   She advised Rosie to reign in that behavior now so he doesn't grow up to be that way! 

Rosie asked the staff if they're excited at all over the royal wedding.  Bobby and Amanda are kind of excited about it but no one else is.  Bobby said he loves the "pomp and circumstance," history and tradition of it all.  Rosie feels a little badly for Kate Middleton and thinks she doesn't really know what she's getting into.  They discussed a little about the history of royalty in England and who will be King or Queen.  The estimates are saying the wedding will cost about 50 million dollars.  Rosie said she's not interested in it at all.  She remembers getting up early to watch Princess Diana get married but doesn't feel the same way about this wedding.  They all discussed where they were when Princess Diana died.  Bobby said it makes him sad as Americans that we don't have the same level of respect for our history that England has.
Janette talked about her cat Bismark, that Rosie got for her as a present.  Janette LOVES the cat and remembered the day Rosie gave him to her.  Rosie knew Janette always wanted a Sphinx cat so she got her one even though they seemed really ugly to her!  Janette thinks they're aesthetically beautiful.  Deirdre said she always worries they're too cold.  Janette said Sphinxes always find a way to keep warm and naturally maintain a higher temperature than a typical cat.  Now Janette loves the breed so much she said she will never be without a Sphinx in her life.  Janette also has a cat named Beastly who bites her!  She said he was her one and only experience of love at first sight.  It was Barry's daughter's cat and she kept telling Barry the cat wanted to live with them.  Janette described the moment she first saw him and the moment she fell in love with him!  Rosie asked her when he started attacking her!  Janette said it wasn't right away and she's covered in scars but she loves him.  Her cat Whitey Brown pees wherever and whenever he wants!  CLICK HERE to learn more about Janette's cats!

Rosie asked Bobby what it's like having an "only dog" and wondered if he ever wanted to get his Chihuahua, Abby, a friend.  He's thought about it but said Abby doesn't get along well with other dogs, in general.  Deirdre has a cat and a dog who love to play together!  Rosie said she's been considering getting her dog Missy a friend to play with.  Janette said it can take time for animals to learn to love each other because she had to keep her cats separate for TWO YEARS before they could coexist in the same space!   Rosie said their Australian Shepherd Zoe goes to Kelli when the kids go there and when Missy is alone (without Zoe around) she's completely neurotic.  Since Rosie will be going to Chicago for half the time in the Fall, she's thought she could get a friend for Missy.  She said she would bring both Missy and the other dog to Chicago with her and hoped they could play together instead of Missy always wanting to be in Rosie's lap all the time. 

Rosie asked the staff if they've ever stolen anything from a hotel.  Pete said never towels because he doesn't like white towels but he likes to help himself to the shampoo, conditioner and the soaps.  Deirdre will do that too!  Janette, Deirdre and Pete will take handfuls of shampoo off the maids cart if they see it.  Pete read a story that hotels are going to start tracking their products so it will sound an alarm if you try to leave the hotel with them!   Bobby said he's never stolen from a hotel EVER.  Deirdre stole an ashtray once.  Janette said when she worked as a chambermaid she would eat the leftovers off the room-service trays - like a roll or an unopened serving of cheese.   Pete said he's thought about doing that at hotels before!  Deirdre and Rosie thought that idea was completely repulsive.  Deirdre said when you see an empty bottle of Champagne outside a hotel room you know someone got lucky last night!  Rosie recently had a glass of Champagne at a party.  She's not much of a wine drinker and she's not drinking beer these days so she decided to have Champagne.  It wasn't really "Champagne" though, it was "sparkling wine" because it was made in the United States. 

Deirdre read about a study recently that proves that cursing actually helps ease pain.    When Janette had a stress illness in her ankle her doctor told her she should yell at it so she did!  Janette also likes to groan and moan when she doesn't feel good because she swears it makes her feel better.  Rosie thought that was so absurd and said it sounds like she's having sex.  Deirdre said it sounds like she's pooping!  Pete said he makes moaning sounds when he poops!  LOL

This morning Bobby embarrassed Janette horribly.  She doesn't like to speak to the people in her building and Bobby knows this, so this morning when she walked out of her building with a couple people who also live there Bobby screamed at the top of his lungs, "Janette!  WE'RE OVER HERE!!!!"  She pretended like she didn't hear him which caused her neighbors to stop and point him out to her.  She was so embarrassed,  she ran to the car to disappear.

Janette started a series of "Would You Rathers" for the staff to answer. 
She began, would you rather be perceived as intelligent or street smart?  Rosie, Janette, Bobby and Deirdre said intelligent.  Pete said street smart.
- Would you rather be able to teleport one person at a time or have telekinetic powers with one object at a time?  Everyone said they'd rather teleport a person.
- Would you rather be too naive or too cynical?  No one could really answer it.  Rosie said if you're too cynical she thinks you're going to get sick and die and if you're too naive and she thinks you'll be killed.  She said neither one is good.  Deirdre said she'd rather be too cynical.  Rosie said there have been areas in her life where she's been too naive that have come back to bite her in the ass.  She listed what happened with her magazine as an example of when she was naive and how she thought with being a  celebrity she'd be able to save people and the ills of the world.  She said naivete has never really worked well for her.  She said that's how it is when people ask her if she can save the soap operas.  She said people believe celebrities have powers that they simply don't have.  Rosie said she loved Lawrence O'Donnell's piece on how people mis-perceive the magical powers of the "people in the box."
- Would you rather lose your memory or lose your vision?  Deirdre said memory because she doesn't want to ever lose her eyesight.  She listed 50 First Dates as the example of how you can survive without a memory and still survive.   Rosie said she'd rather lose her vision because she wouldn't want to lose her memory of when her kids were little.  She said going to the mall now almost depresses her because she sees parents with their little kids and she longs for that time.  Bobby, Janette and Pete said they would also rather lose their vision.
 Bobby had prepared a few "would you rathers" too!  First he asked, would you rather go on a vacation in Spain or go to prison for 12 years.  LOL  Then he asked would you rather win a million dollars or vote Republican?  Rosie asked if you'd rather have cotton candy or a root canal. 
Janette -  Would you rather be able to communicate fluently with all animals or be able to speak every language?  Rosie and Deirdre said animals immediately.  Rosie said if she could communicate with the dolphins off her boat it would make her happier than anything.  Bobby then had Rosie imitate how she calls her dolphins.  He said she sounds like a crazy lady!  Rosie saw a video on Youtube with a kayaker surrounded by Killer Whales.  Rosie said SHE wants to be that guy.  (I found a couple videos, see below...)  Janette said she doesn't feel like she needs language with animals because she already communicates with them so well so she chose the ability to speak all other languages. 

Rosie asked the questions and the staff had to answer. 

Pete: Rosie's first job was working at what department store?  My Sirius CUT OUT for a few minutes!  I think it was Sears? I'm not sure.  The next question was effected too so I'm doing my best here...  
Janette: Rosie's first television appearance ever was on what show?  Janette said something but it was incorrect and the correct answer was Star Search.
Jeannie: Her favorite MISSED THIS ONE but Jeannie got it.
Bobby: On her talk show Rosie used to throw these out to the audience?  Bobby said koosh balls and he was correct!

Pete: How many kids in the O'Donnell family and what number is Rosie?  Pete said 5 kids in the family and Rosie is number three.  He was correct. 
Janette: Rosie was given a "special thanks credit" in this 2001 film?  The answer was Hedwig and the Angry Inch (New Line Platinum Series) and she got it!
Jeannie: Her first acting role on TV was during the last season of this sitcom?  The answer was Gimme a Break and Jeannie got it!

Bobby: She performed in High School imitating this popular SNL character.  He said Roseanne Roseannadanna and that was correct!

Pete: Rosie's favorite Broadway show of all time is?  He guessed Funny Girl but the correct answer was Les Miserables!
Janette: What was the name of the character she played on Nip/Tuck?  Janette knew it was Dawn Budge.
Jeannie: Rosie provided the voice for an animated Disney film for what movie?  Jeannie knew it was Tarzan.
Bobby: This is Rosie's favorite sitcom of all time.  He knew it was Mary Tyler Moore which was correct!

Pete: Jackie and Rosie grew up on this street in Commack.  Pete said Rhonda Lane which was correct!
Janette: Rosie has only admitted to liposuction once, where was it?  It was under her chin but Janette didn't know it. 
Jeannie:  Rosie wanted to take over this popular game show but did not get asked to do the job.  The answer was the Price Is Right and Jeannie got it. 
Bobby:  Rosie's Tom Cruise fantasy involved him doing two thing.  What were they?  He said "serving her lemonade" and "mowing her lawn" which were correct!

Pete: This famous Sesame Street toy's premiered on Rosie's show.  He knew it was Tickle Me Elmo!  
Janette:  Rosie was once named "The Most UnKissable Celebrity" by this product.  She knew it was Scope which was correct. 
Jeannie: Name all 3 Broadway shows Rosie has starred in.  Jeannie knew she's starred in Suessical, Grease and Fiddler on the Roof.
Bobby: Rosie starred on Queer As Folk as a character who was in love with this actress.  The answer was Sharon Gless and he knew it. 

Pete: Rosie was once a TV spokesperson along with this funny woman.  The answer was Penny Marshall and he got it correct!
Janette:  Rosie once starred in a short lived sitcom Stand By Your Man along with______.  The answer was Melissa Gilbert and she got it. 
Jeannie: In High School, which one of the following was Rosie not named.  Homecoming Queen, Class Clown, Most Likely To Succeed and Senior Class President.  Rosie was not named "Most Likely to Succeed" and Jeannie got it. 
Bobby:  The term "Queen of Nice" was given to Rosie by what magazine?  The answer was Newsweek and he knew it. 

Pete: On Halloween Rosie gives these out to the neighborhood kids.  He guessed full sized candy bars which was correct!
Janette: Rosie grew up in this small town in Long Island.  Janette knew it was Commack which was correct.
Jeannie: Rosie's character Doris Murphy in League of Their Own played what position?  She guessed short stop but it was actually third base!  Rosie played short stop in real life. 
Bobby:  What was Rosie last year for Halloween?  It was a Jester but he didn't know it. 

TIEBREAKER for Jeannie and Bobby....
Jeannie: What size shoe does Rosie wear?  She said 9 which was correct.
Bobby: Name a teacher besides Pat Maravel that taught her in school.  He couldn't guess one so.....


Rosie's daughter Vivi has been telling her how much she wants to meet Justin Bieber and Shakira!  Rosie and Vivi love the song Waka Waka by Shakira and they played it on the air. 

Jeannie and Rosie discussed how much they are enjoying this season of American Idol with Jennifer Lopez as a judge.  Jeannie likes this season more than any previous season.    Janette isn't sure how she's going to handle it if James Durbin doesn't win. 

The staff talked about aging and the fear of Alzheimer's.  Janette's father died of dementia and she doesn't want to die that way.  Rosie mentioned and recommended a 5 part series on HBO about Alzheimer's.  Then Jeannie and Rosie chatted for a little while about taking care of parents as they get older.  Jeannie's father expressed to her how he never wanted to be a burden for her or her brother but her mother never discusses it with her.  Jeannie said her mom's recent accident where she broke her ankle, was a huge eye opener for her mom though.
Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw