The Rosie's Broadway Kids Gala

Hello Rosie Radio Recap readers!

I'm back from the Rosie's Broadway Kids Gala that took place on September 20th at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  It was a magical evening and I couldn't wait to come back and share my experience with all my readers and fellow Rosie fans.   

I arrived in NYC on Sunday and took my proofreaders, Liz and Michele, to Wicked as a thank you for all the work that they do for me and the blog!  They loved it as I knew they would, right?  They've been officially Wickified. 

Then we met more friends and went to dinner at the famous Joe Allen's in the Theater District.  What would a trip to a NYC Rosie event be without a visit to one of her favorite restaurants?!  We ate and laughed and drank (putting the One Year Plan on hold for two days) and had a blast.  We quizzed the server about where Rosie likes to sit when she's there and what she's like and the server had nothing but wonderful things to say about her of course!  We also saw Chita Rivera and the lead singer of Green Day!  So, if you're ever in the city, I highly recommend you go there.  The food and service are wonderful and you just never know who might stop by!

Then I woke up early Monday morning to drive into the city with the Candy Queen Brenda Murphy!  You may know Brenda if you were a frequent viewer of The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  She was a guest on the show many, many times and also made the cake for Barbara Walters' birthday the year that Rosie was on The View!  I peppered her with questions on our drive into the city and she was gracious enough to answer them all.  :)

Then I met more friends (and NEW friends) at the Marriott and we put in some volunteer hours for our favorite charity.  We stuffed gift bags and assisted in putting together the centerpieces for the event.  Then we had lunch and hung out and chatted until it was time to get ready for the evening festivities. 

And what a magical night it was!  The Rosie's Broadway Kids put on a spectacular performance and we got to watch Rosie beaming with pride as she spoke of the first senior class that will graduate this year from the school.  Rosie wept as she told the seniors how much she loved and cared for them and how proud she was of them.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house after her speech.   You can tell this is where Rosie is most happy and that these children have made a huge impact on her.  Rosie then auctioned off several dream experiences and we watched in awe as the celebrities and big charitable donors gave generously while supporting the kids and their program at the same time.   

I managed to introduce myself to Google Pete although I do think I scared him with my enthusiasm!  lol And I saw Shoshana and Bobby again and got to say hello.  I even got a minute to give Rosie a hug and tell her what a wonderful speech she gave and how great the kids were. 

Then it was time for dinner and a fantastic performance by the one and only Cyndi Lauper!  She rocked the house and closed the show with an amazing performance and her fabulous singing voice. It was a spectacular night not to be missed!   

Here is a picture of Rosie making Cyndi laugh!

Special thanks to Lindsay Erb, Lori Klinger, and Thecla Harris for allowing us the opportunity to get involved and help out.  We were honored to be there and it feels great to give our time to such a fantastic cause.


Friends for Good

Hi, this is Liz- one of Kelly's proofreaders (along with our friend, Michele).  I wanted to share with you what an amazingly kind person Kelly is.  As a 'thank you' for the (minimal) time Michele and I put into this blog, Kelly treated us to a performance of Wicked on Sunday.  I remember getting my special invitation in the mail last month and just being stunned that anyone would be so generous and thoughtful.  But really that should come to no surprise to anyone who is fortunate enough to call Kelly their friend.

We had a fantastic time and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Wicked.  I cried my way through it beside two of the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for.  I will never forget it and am eternally grateful.  I dedicate my favorite song from the show to my fellow proofreader and the writer of this blog- Michele and Kelly- my friends for good!  THANK YOU, KELLY!  xo
me, kelly and michele

9-17-10 "Laird Hamilton, Charles Busch, Julie Halston and the Secret Life of Lou!"

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the crew discussed how Fall is in the air and summer is now (pretty much) over.  Rosie doesn't like the Fall but Bobby LOVES Fall and he loves Halloween and Christmas.  Bobby, Rosie and Shoshana hate winter though.  Pete joked that he is trying to get the doctor to induce his wife Barbara on Halloween so he can name their baby Elvira.  Pete's wife is due with their third baby girl on November 4th!  The names they are considering right now are Teresa (and call her Tess), Catherine, Jaclyn and Jean.  Pete has the ultimate say with which name they will choose but he has to live peacefully with his wife so he's not going to tick her off by naming the baby something outrageous.  Janette is generally opposed to nicknames and dared anyone to call her Jan. 

Rosie talked about yesterday's interview with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  She said he was very easy to talk to and she got a lot of positive responses about the interview on  She said he was very fascinating and made her want to know more.  Janette, Rosie and Bobby all expressed that they want to have him back on the show.  They discussed yesterday's interview and how Rabbi Shmuley talked of his relationship he had with Michael Jackson that ultimately failed because Michael didn't want anyone around him who would criticize him.  Rosie talked about the dangers of fame.  Janette said on the set of League of Their Own Rosie wasn't very well known at the beginning of the filming. It was her first movie and she hadn't done much other than stand-up.  She said at the beginning of the filming the crowd in the stands would roar when the big stars like Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna came out.  By the end of the filming they were cheering just as loud for Rosie because she would take the time to speak to the extras and really interact with them.   Rosie said that once fame really hits you in a big way it can be hard to maintain your equilibrium. 

She then started to discuss Lady Gaga who was in the news recently for being allowed to go through airport security with handcuffs on as part of her outfit.  No one in security stopped her and she was ushered right through security.  Rosie asked the staff if they thought that was appropriate and whether or not they thought Lady Gaga should have gone through the same security as everyone else.  Janette said she gets searched (and frisked!) almost every time she goes through security!  Pete has gotten scissors through security because he has kids with him, he thinks.   Shoshana has never been stopped and can get lotions and liquids through no problem.  Bobby understands why they sped Gaga through security because it keeps the traffic flowing and it could have caused a safety issue for Gaga and the people around her.  He appreciates that they do that at airports and at Broadway shows because he does not want to be kept waiting because of the hoopla that is created when a celebrity is around. Pete read that handcuffs are not on the list of banned items from the TSA.   

Rosie went back to discussing Rabbi Shmuley and talked about his Friday Family Night idea.  Pete and Shoshana had dinner at the table with their families every single night growing up.  Rosie had that too when her mother was alive and remembered siblings being in trouble if they were late to dinner.  She said all that changed and chaos ensued after her mother died however.  Rosie said that there's something stabilizing about doing that routine dinner together although it's more difficult for her family now because of sports and being split from Kelli.  Shoshana said her TV was on during dinner every night except during Shabbat dinner on Fridays.  Pete didn't have a TV most of his childhood so his wasn't on.  Rosie said that whenever they go to a restaurant with TVs on the walls (like a sports bar) she never talks to her kids because they are always watching the TVs no matter what is on.

Janette said that Rabbi Shmuley said  a lot of brilliant things, and Rosie said she felt a warmth from him and thought she would like him to be her Rabbi.  Shoshana said that he is very "live and let live" and is always looking for the values that would make the world better.   Shoshana also said his books are very readable and easy to digest.  Rosie called him the "Supernanny of relationships."  Rosie also loves the respect and admiration he has for his wife.  Janette agreed and said how much she loves that in a man and said that she likes it when Brendan and Pete talk about their wives lovingly.  She thinks it's charming.   They mentioned his book The Broken American Male And How to Fix Him.  Pete liked how he talked about  struggle as the human condition.  Rosie agreed and said that "easy" is not always fulfilling.  She admitted she always wanted "easy" growing up but said "easy" is not always satiating. 

Rosie said it's so shocking to her that they're going on another two week vacation from 9/20 to 10/1.  She then asked everyone what their plans were.  Janette is going to Sanibel Island in Florida to look for sea shells by the sea shore for a week and is excited. Bobby's going to be working on two shows - Virtually Me and Venus Flytrap.  Pete, Bobby, Rosie and Shoshana will also be attending the RBKids Gala on Monday, 9/10.  There are still tickets available so if you're going to be in the New York area next week click HERE for more information!    And if you cannot attend the event now through 9/29 you can bid on exciting experiences on  All proceeds benefit Rosie's Broadway Kids

Rosie then introduced big wave surfer and co-inventor of tow-in surfing Laird Hamilton who called in to talk.  Laird is promoting a new book entitled The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean by Susan Casey.  Rosie told him he was one of the best surfers she's ever seen as well as one of the most beautiful people who ever lived!  Laird and his wife, professional volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece, have three daughters ages 3,7, and 14.  Laird and Rosie talked about the challenges of raising teens with hormones and all that it does to parents. Rosie saw the movie Riding Giants and loved it.  She said a goal on her bucket list is to be on the back of the jet-ski that tows him in!  Laird said he could probably make that happen for her!  

Rosie asked Laird how he came up with the idea for tow-in surfing.  Laird said she came up with it out of boredom.  He said they were playing behind a boat one day, bored because there weren't many waves.  He caught a little wave and they implemented the technique and it's now revolutionized their ability to ride huge waves.  Laird said that riding the huge waves is an unbelievable feeling.  He said there is no time, no beginning and end and each ride like a continuation of the last.  Laird said that a lot of riding waves is instinctual and there is an extremely intense feeling of accomplishment afterward.  Laird said there is no room for distraction in big wave surfing.  They discussed the death of professional surfer Mark Foo briefly.  Laird said it just reminds them of their own mortality and that what they do is dangerous and that they need to always remember to be on their guard at all times.

Laird's father was a surfer and he was influenced by watching him. His father also rescued him a bunch of times out on the water.  Laird talked with Rosie about the meditative and spiritual aspect of surfing and being in the ocean.  Laird said that he trains hard for his sport and he always wears a flotation device and is never too proud to come into shore if the elements don't feel right.   

Rosie asked Laird what is the highest wave that has ever been ridden?  Laird wasn't sure but he said he's personally ridden a wave that was 80-100 feet!  He said in the new book The Wave by Susan Casey, she documents the biggest wave he ever surfed in Hawaii. 

Laird grew up on the island of Kuaii and has lived for the last 20 years on the island of Maui.  Rosie asked Laird if he's ever seen sharks when surfing and he said YES!  But for the amount of hours he's spent surfing, he's only seen a handful of sharks in 40 years.  He's felt them around him though and has swam to shore after that.  He's seen a 20-foot Tiger Shark and large Hammerhead sharks.  Laird has also surfed with dolphins and had an incredible dolphin experience in California where he was riding a wave with 20-40 dolphins riding with him!  Laird called The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean a "piece of art" and Rosie recommended listeners pick one up.  Rosie told Laird what a crush she has on him and thanked him for calling in.  

Pete declared that he cannot help his kindergartner with her homework.  She had a worksheet where she had two pictures and she was to circle the item that began with the letter "c."  The first one was easy it was a train and a car.  The second one was a dog and a cat.  The third one was what looked to be like a chef's hat and a cowboy hat.  Then he wasn't sure if it was a fedora or a baker's hat or a chef's hat?  He told his daughter she had to choose because he couldn't figure it out.  One time Parker had a tough homework question from school and Rosie literally got out little plastic farm animals to recreate the word problem in real life.  She still couldn't do it.  That was about the same time they decided to send their kids to Waldorf where there is no homework.

Rosie asked any of the staff members if they had seen Jackie Warner's Thintervention on Bravo.  Rosie described the show to everyone in the studio and said that tough thin women like Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels scare her.  Rosie wondered if you can yell at someone to make them be fit and Deirdre said that you can because her personal trainer used to kick her butt!  They all decided they are going to watch this season of The Biggest Loser despite the fact that Rosie thinks they make the contestants work out to a degree that feels like they could be killing them.  They discussed the latest cast of Celebrity Rehab.   One of the cast members is addicted to pot and someone wondered if you could really be addicted to pot.  Rosie asked Janette how she's been doing since she stopped smoking pot and if she thought she was addicted to it.  Janette said that she's been doing fantastic since she quit and there's only been one night where she contemplated doing it but she did not.  Janette feels that she was addicted to it because she didn't feel in control of it.  Rosie said it was surprising to her looking back how many people were stoned or drunk on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  She mentioned Farrah Fawcett, Bobby Brown, and Leif Garrett.  Deirdre said that Rosie was always brilliant at covering for the star that was under the influence.  Rosie said she just didn't feel like making a spectacle of the celebrity and making a big thing about it.  She admitted that everybody has bad times. 

Rosie then introduced Julie Halston and Charles Busch who were in the studio promoting their new play The Divine Sister.  Charles wrote the book  Taboo which was then made into a musical of which Rosie was one of the producers.  Rosie and Charles talked about how doing Taboo was a fun  experience despite the fact that it didn't do well on Broadway.  Steven Sondheim said it was one of the most underrated musicals of all time.  Charlies said he just watched several of the clips of Taboo on YouTube remembering the time they had.   Rosie said that there is no funnier play than Charles' play The Tale of the Allergist's Wife.   

Charles and Julie first met in San Francisco when she was doing a club act.  Charles was desperate for a leading lady for a play he was doing but everyone turned him down.  Julie was his last resort and he asked her to be in it.  The play ended up running for five years and that was when Charles was first able to make a living as a writer!   

Charles was raised by his aunt in Manhattan after his mother died when he was seven of a heart problem. He said he feels lucky that he had such an extraordinary woman raise him.  Rosie and Charles bonded over both losing their mothers at a very young age.  Charles said his aunt was a brilliant woman and she "got" him.  She cultivated and encouraged what interested him the most, which was theater.  He also grew up with no censor because of worrying what people thought of him.  He had many television and movie idols that he has emulated over the years but what he's realized is that by becoming the characters he creates he helps keep his mother and his aunt alive. 

Rosie, Charles and Julie discussed his new play The Divine Sister which is a homage to every serious movie that Hollywood has ever done about religion.  He said they figured out a way of doing it "on the cheap" and then they sold out the whole thing in a week on Facebook!  Now they're performing at The SoHo Playhouse for an "old-fashioned, off-Broadway experience."

Charles loves writing and is happiest when he is writing but he is also a huge reality television junkie.  He loves Survivor for example.  Rosie shared that she once came in first in a People magazine poll about which celebrity would do best on the show Survivor.  It was then that Rosie thought that the public really has no idea who she really is.  Rosie said she's too cantankerous for Survivor and the show would cause her too much panic. Charles also loves the shows Top Chef and Project Runway and said there are many lessons to be learned in reality TV.  For example, on a final challenge don't do anything you haven't done before.  He said that's a good life lesson.  He also said never throw anyone under the bus or you'll be the next to go. Charles admitted he's obsessed with Adam Lambert and Rosie said she would like to meet him too and she could arrange so that they could all have dinner!   

Rosie and Charles discussed how obvious it is that Lady Gaga has been clearly influenced by Leigh Bowery, the performance artist that the musical Taboo was about.  They talked briefly about their mutual love of Cher and Julie said she's always been obsessed with the Beatles.  One night they were performing together and Paul McCartney came to a performance!  Charles told Julie just before that performance began that Paul was in the audience and she literally froze and was speechless.  Charles thought of slapping her and then picked her up and said "You're a Killa!"  She said they nailed their performance that night and they have pictures with him backstage.  Rosie once found out that Shirley MacLaine was in the audience when she was performing in Seussical and she said she danced that night like Chita Rivera!

They talked about the joy of doing live theater and when Rosie went on the Howard Stern show and talked about how wonderful it is to do 8 shows a week with the same group of people like a family.  Rosie said it's exhausting doing Broadway but it's the most alive she ever feels.  She said that every time a crisis happens in her life, theater is her life-raft.  Rosie said that she's doing a workshop of her book Find Me.  She said it's a solo piece and it's going to be directed by Dick Scanlin and Michael Mayor.  She's nervous because she's never exposed as much as she has in this show but she's excited too.   Rehearsals for it start soon.   

Rosie said she's going to be on T.V. in September 2011 but she's going to start doing a documentary series for OWN in January.  Rosie talked about how she'd rather work for Oprah rather than try to replace her.  She said that her show will hopefully be taped from The New World Stages or somewhere off Broadway so they can still have a Broadway feel to it.   

The Divine Sister opens on September 22nd so get your tickets now!

It has been discovered that there are many many stories about Lou that no one knows about so Brendan created a new segment: The Secret Life of Lou!  

During this game Brendan has a fact about Lou and they are going to go around the room and they can ask 20 questions to figure out what Lou's secret is.  Each player can ask a question and then they have an opportunity to guess the secret.  But if they guess it wrong they're out.  Each player gets 4 questions each. 

HINT: Two years ago Lou underwent a major medical procedure. 
Rosie asked if it have to do with his stomach. He said no. 
Shoshana asked was it cosmetic.  He said no.
Bobby asked if it required anesthesia. He said yes.
Janette asked if it caused him to have trouble peeing.  He said no.
Pete asked if it left a scar they can see.  He said yes

Rosie asked if it had to do with a limb.  He said no.
Shoshana asked if it had to do with his mouth.  He said no.
Bobby asked if it was due to an accident.  He said no.
Janette asked if the location of the surgery was on the neck or above.  He said yes.
Pete asked if it was a procedure that removed a skin cancer.  He said no.

Rosie asked if it involved tonsils or adenoids.  He said no and then asked what's an adenoid.  Then he said yes, in that area.
Shoshana asked if it was on his neck.  He said yes.
Bobby asked if it was on his vocal chords.  He said no.
Janette asked if it was structural or skeletal.  He said no.  Then she guessed it was his thyroid which it was not so she was OUT.
Pete asked if the doctors ever told him exactly what it was.  He said no. 

Rosie asked if it involved a suspected tumor or growth.  He said yes.  She guessed Lou had a tumor or growth removed from his neck area.  That was CORRECT!

Rosie won.  Lou said that he had a benign mass the size of a grapefruit removed from his neck that grew to that size within a two week period.  He said one day it was not there and then it was!  The doctors told him it was an infected mass but that was all.   

Rosie was the winner so she got the sticker on the board.  Rosie is now tied with Pete and Shoshana.

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know that they will be off until October 4th.  Brendan said that for the next two weeks they will be airing the very first episodes of Rosie Radio for the first weeks they went on the air!  He said you're going to want to tune into Rosie Rewind!

and that's what you missed -kw

9-16-10 "The Show About Regrets and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach"

Rosie and the staff began today's program talking about last night's episode of America's Got Talent.  Rosie said she almost called Janette after Prince Poppycock was eliminated.  The Prince was Janette's favorite and she can't believe how invested she became in this season.  Janette was happy that Michael Grimm won and happy that the little girl didn't.  Bobby originally wanted the little girl to win and then he was happy when she didn't because he was worried about her becoming that famous at such a young age.  Rosie thought that Michael's back-story was compelling and liked how sweet he was to the little girl when she didn't win. 

Someone mentioned that it has been confirmed that Jennifer Lopez will be the new judge on American Idol and Deirdre read that J-Lo will be getting 12 million dollars a year for that job!  Rosie was shocked at the 12 million and joked that she should have thrown her hat into the ring.  She's happy for J-Lo though and she likes her a lot.  The other judge is rumored to be Steven Tyler who Brendan said was not confirmed yet.  Deirdre said she has heard that he has been confirmed and will be the next judge. 

They discussed the prize for the winner of America's Got Talent which is a million dollars.  It comes to the winner in an annuity that pays out $25,000 over 40 years.  If they take it at face value they only get somewhere between $375,000-$450,000.  They played a clip of Michael Grimm singing a duet with Jewel and someone brought up a YouTube video they once saw of Jewel doing undercover karaoke

Rosie loves all the judges on America's Got Talent and she loves Sharon Osbourne.  Except Rosie said she recently read an article on Perez Hilton from Vince Neil saying that Sharon was a horrible person.  In response, Sharon has said that she always wanted to keep Ozzy away from Vince because he was a bad influence.   They discussed his drunk driving accident in which he killed the passenger in his car and seriously injured the people that he hit.  Rosie, Janette and Deirdre all said how much they loved Sharon and Rosie called her feisty and tenacious.

Janette thinks that 'America's Got Talent' is better than 'American Idol.'  Pete agreed.  Piers Morgan is staying on the show but is also taking over for Larry King which Rosie thinks is a good thing.  Rosie said that Larry King was done the day he asked Pamela Anderson if her boobs were real.  Pete once passed Larry King on the street and he thought he had just passed someone who was about to die and then he realized it was Larry King.  Janette was on Larry King once to talk about her recovery from pain.  Janette's doctor, Dr. John Sarno, was doing a segment on Larry King on pain and they asked Janette if she would  participate.  There was a time when Janette suffered from so much  pain in her ankles that she couldn't walk and had to ride a scooter/wheelchair.  This was when she was a producer at The Rosie O'Donnell Show.   One doctor told her she would never get better and they would have to fuse her ankles.  One sports doctor for the NY Giants told her she needed to get used to the pain because she wasn't ever going to walk again.  Eventually Rosie had Janette on the show and told the public of her plight and asked for viewers suggestions.    A previous guest called another producer on the show and told her to tell Janette and Rosie about Dr. John Sarno.  Janette had heard of him but the title of his book was Healing Back Pain so she thought his methods wouldn't work for her.  She decided to call Dr. Sarno and over the phone he told her he thought she was somaticizing the pain (that her emotional issues were expressing themselves physically in her body).  Dr. Sarno asked Janette if she would be part of a 20/20 special he was doing and she said she would do it because she thought if her story was going to be on T.V. she thought he would try harder in curing her.  And he did.  After three years of chronic pain she was cured.  She was diagnosed with TMS Tension Myositis Syndrome.  If any listeners feel that they might have a stress related condition Janette recommended people go to TmsWiki Online.  Janette says that she is "here by choice" meaning that she chooses to not let suicide be her out in this world.  Rosie said that her kids are her "life-raft" and although she may have considered suicide once in her life, it's not an option now because of her kids.  She discussed her own depression that she's been battling and how she's been feeling better now, but not totally back to normal.   

Deirdre found a website called where an author asked readers what is the biggest regret of their lives.  He has since made it into a book.  Deirdre found it interesting that most of the regrets were about past relationships and she read a few of them to the listening audience.  It made Deirdre ask herself if she has any regrets in her life.  Deirdre sees her mistakes as learning experiences and says she doesn't necessarily regret those experiences because she is who she is today because of the decisions she has made.  Rosie said that no one can ever just look back at their life regretting because it's a waste of time and the past is the past.   Janette has a list of regrets but doesn't waste time on any of them.

Deirdre fears she might regret that she didn't have children.  She's 44 now and Rosie said she could still get pregnant or adopt.  Rosie tried to think of some regrets but couldn't really think of any that she would choose to share with the public.  She did say that she regrets not putting more time into the variety show that they did in 2008.  Rosie said it was thrown together at the last minute when she was busy filming America during a particularly bad time of her separation from Kelli.  She also regrets her "non-existent" relationship with her sister. 

Janette said she regrets that she stopped doing stand-up.  Rosie argued with Janette and said that she hated doing stand-up at the time that she stopped and she was miserable.  Janette said she had been doing stand-up for almost 10 years and she was burnt out.  Rosie said that that is why regrets are stupid.  She said you forget where you were when you made the decision in the first place.  Bobby doesn't have any regrets.  He said he's happy with everything that's happened in his life because that's brought him to where he is now.  He said he did wish he would have paid more attention in Spanish class so that he could now speak another language.

Pete said he regrets that he didn't go to Astronaut Camp during the summer of 8th grade because he was having panic attacks and too worried that they would affect him at camp.  I always wanted to go to Space Camp after I saw that movie!  I tried to make my parents pay for me to go but we couldn't afford it at the time.  Looking back now, I'm incredibly claustrophobic and had a panic attack once in an MRI machine so I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Rosie said she's always wanted to go to Australia and now she's supposed to go to Costa Rica but she always ends up canceling.  She said she worries she'd feel panicked and wouldn't feel good there so she ends up not going.  She's not sure she regrets not going but she regrets what it does to her kids!   Though they are sadly used to it now.  Deirdre remembered that she had panic attacks in her 20s and it caused her to not do a lot of things that she wishes she would have now.  Janette said she's very happy with who and where she is today though she does regret that she didn't stop hating herself earlier in life. 

Rosie took several callers on the topic.  The regrets from callers ranged from regrets about getting in debt with credit cards, to regretting being a bully as a child, to regretting committing an armed robbery!  One caller regretted telling her father that she hated him the night he died of a heart attack.  She knows her dad knew she loved him but she regrets that those were the last words she said to him. 

Rosie said that yesterday Brendan tried to explain to the studio and the listening audience how Christine O'Donnell getting elected (in the primary) is a good thing for the Democrats.  Here we go again, I'm sure I'm going to eff this up. Brendan said that there's a lot of information on Christine and her opinions because she's been on news for years as the "token right-wing Christian conservative."  Rosie said that Christine has said some crazy shit and asked Brendan to play it.  Brendan then played Christine O'Donnell speaking against AIDS education.  Brendan said the most interesting things about this clip is that it wasn't that long ago, unlike her views on masturbation that they played on the air yesterday.  He thinks it's interesting that we are still having the discussion as to whether condoms fight the AIDS virus.  Brendan said that O'Donnell's opponent needs to now step up his game since she's gotten so much media exposure lately.  Brendan compared her rise to that of Sarah Palin who he said now is the main backer of candidates that are winning their primaries.  Rosie said speaking of regrets, how much do you think John McCain regrets picking Sarah Palin as his running mate?!

Someone (I believe it was Rosie) briefly mentioned that they saw Kathy Griffin on Jimmy Kimmel.  Rosie said she loves her and called her a riot.  Everyone in the studio agreed.

Kathy Griffin on Jimmy Kimmel 

Rosie said her teeth are finally done.  She said they're not "done, done" and she still needs an implant but they're practically done.  Rosie joked about how much it bothers Tess, the dental assistant, when she curses.  Tess even went to church on a Wednesday and prayed that Rosie wouldn't curse.  Rosie said it's hard not to curse when you've been at the dentist every week since January!   

Rosie then introduced Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from Shalom in the Home who was in the studio for the interview.  Rosie told Rabbi, with a bit of humor, that she's wanted to be a Jew since she was a little kid and that people often accuse her of being a Jewish mother today.  Rosie said that she grew up in an Irish Catholic family without a lot of love and she always envied seeing all the Jewish mothers dote on their children.  Rabbi Shmuley said that he's always felt a little Irish and goes to Ireland often!  He said that Ireland is very intrigued by the Jewish interpretations of sexuality.  Rabbi Shmuley said he doesn't understand religious condemnation of human sexuality and said it's the only time in life when we shed all inhibition and awaken a fire within us that leaves us transformed.  Yet religions only sees it as good for procreation. 

Rabbi Shmuley's parents divorced when he was 8 and he said it robbed him of a feeling of stability.  He said that he councils many couples and relationships aren't based on what you believe, they're based on what you do. He said his father worked very hard and he thinks his mother was very lonely.  Rabbi Shmuley said the greatest sin in a marriage is neglecting your spouse.  He talked about the importance of married couples modeling loving behavior towards each other because it gives children the sense that love is real and not mythical.

Rabbi Shmuley said he was bullied at the Jewish day school he attended because he wanted to fit in and wanted to be liked so badly that he tried too hard.  He said he's amazed at some of the things he did and was even embarrassed to tell his wife some of the things he did to be liked as a child such as use his pocket money to buy pencils for other children so they would like him.  He realized that all men want to be a hero to their wives and often don't want to admit their faults.   

Rabbi Shmuley and his wife have 9 children and he said having a large family is the last acceptable prejudice.  He said people oftentimes see families with many kids as backwards, etc. He loves having 9 kids and said they are the joy of his life.  He and his family also live only about 15 minutes away from Rosie and they ride their bikes past where she lives often!  Rosie and Tracy also have 9 kids living with them and she said she enjoys it but said it's often overwhelming for her. 

Rabbi Shmuley said he's wanted to meet Rosie for a very long time.  He said he's always deeply respected her because she's such a champion of the family and because she's so authentic and real.  He was astonished at the way that Donald Trump was allowed to insult her in the way that he did.  He said it shocked him that America thought it was okay the way Donald Trump spoke about her and called his behavior absolute misogyny.  He said he had no manners and no decency.  He said that Donald Trump crossed the line and should have been called out on it.  He also loves Rosie's specials she's done on the Rfamily Cruises and on children and families.  Here are some links to two if you would like to watch them: All Aboard and A Family Is A Family Is A Family.  

Rabbi Shmuley said 'Shalom in the Home' did the first ever TV show highlighting two children of a lesbian couple that were bullied at school.  He said that they ignored the issue that it was a lesbian family and dealt with only the issue in the family and about the bullying.  The Rabbi said he has a strong evangelical Christian base which he appreciates but the homophobia that enters into religion startles him.  He said the word abomination is used 122 times in the bible and if you're going to use it for homosexuality then it has to be the same for everything they call an abomination.  He said we can disagree but we must agree that all families are special and all parents love their children.  And Rosie said that homosexuality doesn't negate you from morality or from living a normal life.  Rabbi Shmuley's brother is a gay and an Orthodox Jew.  He said that it's been very challenging for him but he's very devout and a far better son and brother than he is.  

Rabbi Shmuley said that when Dr. Laura converted to Orthodox Judaism and she became a huge champion and people in his religion were very grateful. Rabbi Shmuley felt differently because he said that he didn't want her to be the face of Judaism.  He said that Judaism is not condemnatory and they don't curse people out.  When Dr. Laura said that homosexuality was a "biological error" he published an article speaking out against her.  She then told their mutual friends how much she dislikes him.  He had guessed that she would leave the religion and one and half years later she did.  She said she didn't find it as fulfilling as she thought it would be.

The Rabbi talked with Rosie about whether she would consider becoming one of the celebrities that endorse their Friday Family nights.  Rosie said that she and her family have been doing Friday family nights for years.  Rabbi Shmuley discussed his frustrations that there are often two issues that keep people away from religion - opposition to abortion and opposition to gay marriage.  He talked about his frustrations that religions can be so condemnatory.  He said he's torn over sexuality because the Torah says homosexuality is wrong but he doesn't want his brother to be alone for the rest of his life.  Rosie once asked Kelli's mother when they were first dating if she would prefer if Kelli were alone for the rest of her life rather than be gay and she said yes!

Rabbi Shmuley seemed surprised that Rosie is a soccer mom and that she's not carried away with the whole fame thing.  She explained that she never felt like she fit into the fame thing and she always felt like she connected more with "the help."  Rabbi Shmuley said that fame is the ultimate form of idolatry and that's what killed Michael Jackson.  Rabbi Shmuley knew Michael and said he was a decent man but he could no longer accept his own imperfections and flaws.  When Rabbi Shmuley would point them out to him (as we all have imperfections and flaws) it unraveled their friendship.  He also had no peer group.

You can go see Rabbi Shmuley debate the afterlife with Christopher Hitchens at Cooper Union NYC at 7pm tonight!   Here is a link to a debate on God between Rabbi Shmuley and Christopher Hitchens if you cannot attend this evening's debate. 

Rosie closed the show saying she would love for him to come back.  I loved this interview.  I have always felt lost when it comes to religion and listening to Rabbi Shmuley talk about his religion made me almost feel like I could belong somewhere.  I would love for Rosie to have him on again.  He sounded like such a loving man.  One of my favorite interviews. 

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9-15-10 "Eminem, The Other O'Donnell and Jeff Garlin"

In case you missed it....

Rosie began today's show discussing  the Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium which she went to last night!  She went with Tracy and their four teenagers ages 13, 14, 15, and 16.  They left before it was over because the kids had school the next day but they still didn't get home until midnight.  Rosie said it was a  great concert and they had great seats right on the floor.  Deirdre got the awesome seats for them!  Rosie has never seen Eminem perform live.  Eminem performed for a little over an hour and then JayZ performed. 

Rosie said she was excited to see Eminem in his recovery at the top of his game.  She said the concert was inspiring and so is his story of how he's overcome addiction.  Rosie said that same sort of recovery and celebration was what she had always dreamed of for Whitney Houston.  She said that she and Tracy were the oldest people at the concert and it was a very different and diverse crowd.

Rosie did comment about how there was a lot of pot smoking going on at the concert so much so that you could almost get a contact high from the air!  She said her eldest son Parker was a little "hyped up" and being very obnoxious.   He rolled his eyes at her when she was dancing along to the music and seemed totally embarrassed by her.  Rosie suggested to him that this could be his last concert if he's that embarrassed to be with her.  She said that Parker was also constantly making fun of his sister Chelsea and acting like he knew everything.  Rosie defended herself saying that she knows much more about rap than Parker knows but teenagers think they know everything.

When Tracy and Rosie arrived at the concert they realized they had no money! A cute boy named Max Jones from Jones Trading? came over and introduced himself to Rosie.  He told her how much her talk-show meant to him growing up, etc and Rosie explained to him that they forgot their cash and asked him if he could buy them some waters.   She demanded his business card so she could send him a thank you gift and he gave it to her but he wanted nothing in return for the gesture.

Rosie took a call from a listener who sat a few rows behind them.  She said her son was being just as obnoxious as Parker and also couldn't believe all the pot smoking and pill taking going on at the concert.  Another listener, Liz, called in whose young son was a big Eminem fan before he passed away.  Rosie gave her two tickets to the show when she called in to share that story.  The caller brought her nephew and had a great time!  She said that Rosie's assistant, Shoshana did a wonderful job with her tickets.  Liz and Rosie both left early and Rosie said the concept of leaving the stadium at the same time as everyone else gave her panic.  Liz said she was there when P Diddy and Lebron James came into the stadium and said that the audience booed Lebron! GOOD!  (I'm from Cleveland, don't mind me.)  P Diddy is one of Rosie's neighbors in Miami and she said, "Hi Neighbor!" to him as he walked by but he didn't hear her.  Liz thanked Rosie for the tickets and told her she had a wonderful time.  She then told Rosie that Parker's attitude will get better.  Rosie hoped that was true.   

Rosie said that three years ago she hit Parker in the head with a soft-covered dictionary for making fun of Blake's learning issues and it worked for 2 years.  Now she's thinking she needs to do it again for constantly making fun of Chelsea.  

Rosie continued to talk about the amazing stage and graphics and then it was discovered that Janette and Bobby had never been to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium!  Janette didn't even realize that baseball and football weren't played in the same stadium in New York.  Pete explained that the joint football/baseball stadium trend was a big fad in the 70's and then they realized that there are very different audience sizes for the events and it didn't work well to combine football and baseball stadiums.  Janette asked if that was because fans preferred one sport over the other and Pete said the the audience size is different because there are only 18 football games and about 82 home baseball games.

Rosie recalled the time she flew to London and went backstage with Madonna when she toured in the 1990s.  Before the concert the crowd was roaring and Madonna said to Rosie, "Feel that?"  She said the energy from the crowd was palpable.   It felt like the audience's energy could physically move your body.

Pete took his father to see Bob Dylan and Paul Simon once.  Shoshana is not a Bob Dylan fan and always makes Pete's change the channel on the radio when a song by Bob Dylan comes on.    Lou played Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan and Rosie sang along doing her best Bob Dylan impersonation.  Rosie's father used to listen to The Clancy Brothers and Rosie recalled the lyrics by heart.  A listener called in who once took her daughter to see a Ricky Martin concert when she was 5 years old and she also took her daughter to see The Rosie O'Donnell Show when she was only 5.  One listener called in who took her mom to see Cyndi Lauper and discussed how Cyndi sings True Colors a cappella at the end of her shows.  Never heard her do that?  Click here! Brings me to tears almost every time.    Rosie, who has performed on the road with Cyndi, said she "gives it" every single night and her shows are also different every night.

Rosie said that she hopes to get to meet Eminem one day and really get to talk to him.  Deirdre could have gotten Rosie backstage but she told her it would probably be a big party scene filled with rap royalty.    After the concert there was a guy with half his braids pulled out of his head selling t-shirts and Rosie struck up a conversation with him.  He seemed creeped out by her since she was talking to him so much so he moved away.  Just as her car pulled up he said "Oh my God!  Are you Roseanne Barr?!  You're Roseanne Barr and these are your kids!"  Rosie just said "yes, whatever" and got into her car.  Here's an article I found about the concert last night with pictures if you're interested!

Brendan discussed with the staff how Christine O'Donnell (who is of no relation to Rosie) won the Delaware Senate primary race.  Christine has been at the forefront of "pro-family" groups.  She's an outspoken Christian conservative who speaks on morality, sexual health and abstinence only education. They played the audio of Christine speaking about how masturbation goes against the teachings of the bible.  Janette feels that there's no place for religion in politics and firmly believes in the separation of church and state.  Pete said that it's okay for politicians to run on a certain religious platform but he thinks it's important that they not pick and choose which bible mandates to follow.  Janette said that all Americans do not have the same religion so she doesn't like it when politicians thump their bibles at her!  Rosie cannot believe she got elected and Bobby thinks it's crazy too.  Brendan explained that she was elected with help from the tea party movement, a movement that wants the country to go back to its traditional roots. 

Brendan also explained that it wasn't a majority of the population of Delaware that voted for her.  It was only about 30,000 people.  Republicans are saying that they're sure now that they'll lose the seat to the Democrats.  Brendan said that joke candidates are only funny until they actually get elected and someone who's not a serious candidate winds up in office.  Brendan said that the Republicans won't fund her and that O'Donnell will get her money from PACs associated with the Tea Party movement.  Brendan said there is a misbelief that the Tea Party movement is a grass roots movement but in reality there are 3 men funding the movement - Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers.  These men want to get government out of all aspects of American life.  

Brendan said the important lesson here is to stay politically active and make sure you're reading from a lot of sources and check into where your sources are getting their information from.

Rosie wanted to know what happened to Janette's favorite Prince Poppycock on America's Got Talent last night.  Janette agreed that the Prince did not have a stellar performance and said she knew it was trouble the moment he walked out in his too masculine outfit.  Janette also didn't like his hair and thought he sang a much too serious song.  She said his sense of whimsy and humor wasn't there and she thinks he's blown the competition.  Bobby, the Tony nominated costume designer, said he's never seen a "not masculine" sequenced piece of body armour.  Bobby loves Fighting Gravity who Janette thinks is BORING.   Janette still hopes that Poppycock will win although she now thinks it's unlikely.  Pete thinks Fighting Gravity will win.

Janette has been really shaken up by the Connecticut home invasion story.  She read an article about what happened to the family that night and said it is like Clockwork Orange to her.  Janette told a story of what happened to her one night at her house.  It was after midnight and she heard gunshots and they sounded like they were coming closer and closer.  Because she lives on a large piece of land in the middle of the country this wouldn't have been out of the ordinary if it were during the day.  But because it was late at night and she had recently heard about this news story she was very frightened and called the police.  She and her boyfriend Barry took out their guns and loaded them which she said was an eerie feeling. 

Janette said that she and Barry have a home invasion plan about what they would do and where they would go if they ever had a break-in.  Janette warned that she will shoot and intruder if they break in!   Rosie wondered if this obsessive worrying is good for her.  She said she doesn't worry obsessively but she does have a plan.  Rosie doesn't have a "plan" per se but she does have a home alarm.  Pete has a home invasion plan but  Deirdre, Bobby, Brendan and Lou do not.  Pete read the statistics that 1 out of 5 homes undergo a home invasion or break-in.  And 38% of assaults and 68% of rapes happen during home invasions.   Bobby said he would use his fire plan as his home invasion plan.  Rosie took a call from a listener who had contemplated getting a gun for protection but decided against it because of the kids in her home.  Rosie said she understands people's fear but the likelihood that something could go wrong and the invaders would find your gun and use it against you seems too great.  The possibility of the children finding the gun seemed too great a risk for Rosie too.   

Rosie then introduced the hilariously funny Jeff Garlin from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm!  Jeff asked Rosie how she liked the Eminem concert.  Jeff joked how Eminem always seems so angry!  He said he's a rich, handsome guy, why is he always so angry!  

Jeff spent the last two months filming Curb in New York.  He loves NY and didn't want to complain but he was happy to be home with his kids and family.  Jeff and his wife have two boys ages 10 and 14. 

Rosie asked Jeff about how he came to know Larry David well.  Jeff said he and Larry were acquaintances during the stand-up days.  One day Larry came in and invited him to lunch and Jeff pitched an idea to Larry about an improvised special, showing what goes into the making of a comedy special.  He told the right guy because Larry loved the idea and that's how 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' came to be. 

Rosie asked Jeff if improvisation is hard for him and Jeff said it is not.  Improvisation is effortless for Jeff and he complimented Rosie on how great she is at improvisation too!  Jeff called Rosie a "natural improviser" and said she can easily be in the moment of a scene rather than simply sticking to the words in a script.  Jeff and Rosie joked about how they will get in trouble when doing a movie for not following the lines of a script exactly. 

Jeff has recently lost weight and said he's keeping it off and losing more.  Jeff said what finally did it for him was admitting that he was a food addict.  He said that he learned that food was an emotional experience for him.  Jeff wrote a book about weight entitled My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World.  He said while he was writing the book which was supposed to be about weight loss while filming Curb, there was so much pressure to finish it that he started eating and gaining weight.  As he was writing it he realized he had a problem.  Jeff said that the minute he approached food as an addict, it changed.  He hasn't eaten sugar, fast food, or meat (except for fish once in a while) in almost two years!  Jeff said that now he has to deal with emotions that he didn't have to before.  But on the flip side, he's not binge eating anymore which is so freeing.  He mentioned his movie I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With with Sarah Silverman when he binge eats in a convenience store parking lot.  He said his own binge eating was very lonely and sad like that movie.  

Jeff has been to the health resort Pritikin in Miami.  He said he learned everything he now knows about nutrition from Pritikin although they don't deal with the emotional part of eating which Jeff said was their weakness.

Rosie complemented Jeff on how he was able to make her daughter Chelsea laugh the last time they were together.  Rosie said that Chelsea's not always easy to crack.  Jeff said his favorite thing to do is make kids laugh who are sure that they will not.  Rosie said Chelsea talks about Jeff all the time now and asks her when they are going to go see him again.

Jeff has always wanted to be a comedian and a dad.  At 8 years old, he went to see Jimmy Durante and he remembers asking his parents if that's a "job," being a comedian.  When they told him yes he said that that's the job he wanted.  Jeff's not touring anymore but he still does stand-up.  He has a show Combo Platter at the UCB theater in LA and he still does stand-up at The Comedy Store.  Rosie asked Jeff if the audience cuts him slack when he's doing stand-up because he's well-known.  Jeff said he gets about a 1 minute buffer but after that, if the audience isn't in the mood for him he gets it hard if he's not up to par.  Jeff said that stand-up is something you have to keep doing to be good at.   He said that if you don't write new material, you're just treading water on stage.  And Rosie added that it's hard to add new material if you're not working a lot in order to practice it.   

Jeff joked about how he and Rosie should perform at Yankee stadium as Eminem did and he asked Rosie if she'd ever performed to thousands of people.  Rosie said she was able to she sell out Radio City Music Hall two nights in a row.

The season premiere of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is in March of 2011 and Rosie will be on this season!  In Rosie's episode she and Larry vie for the same girl.  The day they filmed the episode it was 103 degrees in New York City!  Rosie said that Curb is one of the best show on TV.  Jeff asked Rosie about her deal with the OWN network and Rosie said she's going to start working for OWN doing some documentary specials in early 2011 and then she'll have her own show this time next year.

Rosie thanked Jeff for calling in.   

The game was that Brendan would list off the character names of some television kids and the player had to guess which show those kids were from.  (see answers below)

1. Bobby - Wednesday and Pugsly.  He got it.
2. Shoshana - Kimberly, Willis, Arnold and Sam.  She didn't get it.
3. Rosie - Rudy, Theo, Sandra, etc.  She got it.
4. Pete - Chuck, Joni, Richie.  He got it.
5. Janette - David, Jonie, Susan, Mary, Elizabeth, Tommy, Nicholas.  She got it despite the fact that she doesn't typically watch shows with children in them. 
6. caller - Mallory, Alex, Jennifer, Andy.  She got it.

7. Bobby - Mike, Chip and Ernie.  He got it.
8. Rosie - Tabatha and Adam.  She got it.
9. Pete - Meadow and AJ.  He got it
10. Janette - Hoss and Adam. She got it.
11. caller - Kelly, Bud and Seven.  She guessed Blossom but that was wrong.

12. Bobby - Brad, Randy and Mark.  He didn't know so he was out.
13. Rosie - Mary, Albert, Laura, Carrie, Grace and Charles.  She got it.
14. Pete - Merth.  He didn't get it.
15. Janette - John Boy, Jason and Mary Ellen, etc.
16. Rosie - Brandon and Brenda.  She didn't get it.

17. Janette (for the win) - Wally and Theodore.  She got it and she WON!!!!! 

Janette got a gold sticker and Rosie sulked away in horror. 

1. The Addams Family, 2. Diff'rent Strokes, 3. The Cosby Show, 4. Happy Days, 5. Eight Is Enough, 6. Family Ties, 7. My Three Sons, 8. Bewitched, 9. The Sopranos, 10. Bonanza, 11. Married With Children, 12. Home Improvement, 13. Little House on the Prairie, 14. Mork and Mindy, 15. The Waltons, 16. Beverly Hills 90210, 17. Leave It To Beaver 

Rosie closed the show asking her listeners to not do anything she wouldn't do.  Hmmmmmmmm.  :)

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9-14-10 - "Bed Bugs, Teen Pregnancy and Samantha Bee!"

In case you missed it...

Jeannie was a little late this morning because there was really bad traffic getting to the studio and it took her almost two hours to get to work.  Rosie asked Jeannie if she listens to Sirius on her drive and she doesn't because although she has the Sirius equipment, she needs to have it installed in her car.  Janette said that her longtime boyfriend Barry just told her that Buicks are coming out with satellite radio in the car where you can record and rewind.  Rosie said that's way too much stress for her to learn how to do.  Although she does have a Buick.  Rosie has a Buick Enclave and a new Mazda (but she didn't say what kind of Mazda).  Jeannie said that the Buick Rosie drives reminds her of something their dads would have driven.  Rosie bought the Buick when she was filming the movie America.  She wanted to buy an  American made car after she saw how much the economy was hurting in Michigan.   

Last night Janette went to a book signing for Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer.   She said they had fabulous appetizers and it was at a beautiful venue in NYC.  The author of the book is the founder (and sister) of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Rosie read an early copy of Portia De Rossi' new book Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain set to be released on November 2nd, 2010.  Rosie read the entire book yesterday because a Producer of Ellen's show sent her a copy.  He used to be a producer at The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Rosie called the book "honest, raw and fascinating."  She said Portia talks about the struggles with the eating disorder she had during Ally McBeal.   Portia will be a guest on Rosie Radio in November!  Rosie said it was weird for her to read about someone who is so beautiful thinking that they're not pretty enough.  She said she couldn't imagine it.  And Portia talks about herself at her highest weight which was 168 pounds which is below Rosie's goal weight!  She said she was very honest and she enjoyed the book.

Rosie was doing a diet for 10 days but has decided to not continue it while she starts back on antidepressants.  Rosie was giving herself a shot that she said made her feel like not eating at all and she's lost almost 10 pounds in 10 days.  Rosie took the anti-obesity medication Fen-Phen before it was taken off the market for giving people heart problems.  She said that when she was on it she didn't even think of eating.   She remembered going to the movies and ordering a popcorn and a water and then realizing after she got to her seat that she didn't buy any Milk Duds (which wasn't like her).  The shot she was taking was similar in that she wasn't thinking about eating when she was on it.  Janette and Deirdre wondered what happens when the shot goes away?  Rosie explained that you take the daily shots for 30 days and then you're on maintenance for 6 weeks. But she's decided to do one thing at a time and wait four to five weeks for her medication to kick in before she starts a diet.  Speaking of diets, how is everyone doing on their One Year Plans?  Anyone have an update?  I have lost 7 pounds but I'm not doing great with the running.  I wish it would cool down in Virginia!  It was 85 here yesterday and I hate it.  Blah. 

Rosie asked the studio members if they watched The World of Jenks on MTV?  No one in the studio had watched it so Rosie described the show to everyone.  In The World of Jenks a young documentary filmmaker asks to live with very different people for a week and document their time together.  During the first show he spent a week with a rapper and during the second show he spent the week with a boy who has Autism.  Rosie loved the filmmaker's ability to connect with all different kinds of people in an intimate way.  Janette watched Lie to Me last night and Rosie watched The Big C.   She loves "The Big C" and she loves the actress Laura Linney.   

Rosie said her kids are all back in school.  She said that Chelsea and Parker have never had homework before and there's a lot of transitioning going on.  Their new schools have been a big change for both of them and that every night is an argument with Parker about where he does his homework.  Parker wants to do it at the kitchen table but there are a lot of kids in the house so Rosie wants him to do it in his room.  He of course doesn't want to do it in his room.  She said there's also a lot of stress trying to get him to bed early because he has such an early wake-up time. 

Rosie said there's big news that Bill Clinton's office in Harlem has bed bugs!  Apparently they're everywhere in New York.  James told a story about how he freaked out the other night because he thought he saw a bed bug in his bed.  It turned out to be just a red pepper flake that had somehow traveled to bed with him.  Bobby, the in-house bed bug expert, said that adult bed bugs are brown but their babies are translucent until they suck your blood and they turn red!  They have found bed bugs in Bobby's building and he said he's purchased every protective covering for every piece of furniture he owns in his apartment trying to prepare.  They say that 1 in 8 apartments in Manhattan have them!  Janette was traveling recently and did what the experts advised, she kept all her luggage in the bathroom.  Janette was sure since the prevalence is so high that someone in the studio was going to get them and suggested they shun the first member of their staff that gets them.  Jeannie talked about the lice and locust epidemics of the past.  Rosie said Tracy is also afraid of catching lice whenever they go anywhere with cloth seats.  This began an entire discussion on lice and Pete said if his girls ever get lice he will just shave their heads!  He said when he was growing up he always kept his hair buzzed and when a lice infestation happened at school and they lined the children up for inspections, he was always done really quick.  Jeannie said her husband would get checked and then go back and get in line again because he loved the feeling of someone playing with his hair. 

Jeannie and Rosie announced that they are not going to their 30 year Commack High School reunion this fall. Rosie blamed Jeannie and Jackie for why she's not going.  Jeannie said the reunion was causing her a lot of stress because it is on an incredibly busy weekend for her and she couldn't decide what to wear.  Also, many of the friends from their old gang, many of the people that they wanted to see, won't be there.  Jeannie said she'd prefer to organize a less formal gathering with the people that they used to hang out with. 

Deirdre went to her 20 year High School reunion last year and she felt really good about herself because everyone didn't look that good.  They looked old.  Janette never went to any of her reunions.  Pete missed his 10 year reunion last year. 

Rosie mentioned the show Teen Mom on MTV and asked Jeannie if she ever worried about her teenage daughter becoming a teen mother.  Jeannie is often criticized but she crossed that worry off her list early on by taking her daughter to get birth control pills when she knew she had a boyfriend and was most likely going to become sexually active.  She doesn't feel she gave her daughter permission to have sex.  She said that teenagers are either going to have sex or they're not whether they have birth control or they do not.  Jeannie has watched Teen Mom before and said that that T.V. show causes her great anxiety.  She knows what she is capable of handling and having a teenage daughter that might end up pregnant was not one of the things she thought she could handle.   

Rosie said that a lot of adoptive girls end up pregnant partly because they're recreating their own story.  Rosie said she  can't even imagine what would happen if one of her daughters became pregnant as a teen.  Rosie said that she would take her daughter to get on the pill if she thought she was having sex.  Deirdre and Janette mentioned that they were glad that those days of stressing over an unwanted pregnancy are over.

Rosie took many calls on this topic.  One caller's mother was a teenager when she had her.  She said as a teen she didn't want to get pregnant (like her mother had) and miss out on all the things her mother missed out on.  Rosie took another call from a listener who was a teenage mom.  She had her son when she was 18 years old and doesn't regret it at all.  She then asked to talk to Bobby because she thinks that Bobby has the sexiest radio voice!  Rosie loved it and then pressured him to say something sexy to her over the radio but he was too embarrassed.  Rosie took another call from a listener who was 60 years old helping to raise her teenage daughter's baby.  She said the little baby brings them joy but remarked how it's interesting having such a drastic change in lifestyle imposed on you from your teenager. Rosie took a call from a listener who thought that the studio should be stressing condom use as much as they're talking about the pill. This caller taught her daughter how to put a condom on a banana at a very young age and believes that teaching kids as young as 4 years old about condoms is not too young!    Rosie thanked her for her call. 

Rosie thinks that the fact that we as a society still talk about how premarital sex is wrong is unrealistic. Jeannie said it was was unrealistic when they were teenagers so it's even more unrealistic now! 

Rosie and the crew discussed an article about a woman who fought off a mugger who was trying to steal her purse and was stabbed.   Rosie doesn't know exactly what she would do in that situation but she's fairly sure she would be so worried about her safety she would just comply with whatever the attacker wanted.  Janette said it's possible that the woman wasn't thinking it through and just reacted.  Shoshana heard a story of a woman who confronted her mugger and asked him what his mother would think of him doing this and he eventually left her alone.  Shoshana thought that was what Rosie would do, try and counsel the mugger.  Rosie said she would be too scared and would offer up whatever he needed.  Janette said she would probably freeze in that situation but would be more likely to react and not think it through.  When Janette lived in Philadelphia the Sea Shell Shop she worked in got robbed a lot and after the robbers left the store she would cry.  But at the moment it was happening she would most likely get angry and she just might fight back.  Jeannie's grandfather was once approached by two men trying to rob him and he pretended he knew martial arts and it worked!

Brendan was on the train once (10 years ago) and 5 kids between 16 and 19 years of age approached him.  He said it was 1 a.m. and he was on an empty train car and as soon as they got on at the stop he was sure they were there to make trouble.  One of the guys demanded that Brendan empty his pockets and Brendan just said no.  He told the guy it's not worth it.  One of the guy's friends told the potential robber that he didn't want to go to jail on a Friday night and they left him alone.  Looking back, Brendan said that was stupid of him to not just give him whatever money he had.  But at the time, if he had a $100 taken from him it would have devastated his month.  He wondered if that's how the woman in the story was feeling and why she refused to give up her purse.   

Rosie said the only confrontation that she was ever involved in that was similar was a rumble at the Kings Park movie theater.  She and Jeannie had on their Commack South jackets and there was a fight in the theater.  She said she was calm during the fight but when she got home she was a mess.  Janette said that during the times her store was robbed she often got an uneasy feeling about the patron before the robbery.  She talked about the importance of trusting your gut and said she will walk right into traffic if she's about to pass someone on the streets that makes her have that feeling.

They talked about the mugger and how she's in the hospital now and Janette said now she'll get  robbed by the insurance companies paying the co-pays!  :) 

Rosie recalled the Chechnyan Rebel Movie Theater Crisis that happened in 2004.  She said she remembered hearing a story about a local woman who lived close by and decided to try to go down to the movie theater and reason with the hostage takers.  She walked into the theater and was immediately shot in the head.  Rosie said that that is something she would do - think she could reason with someone in crisis.  She said that would be a great way to start a movie and wondered what convinces someone to think that they could help in a situation like that?  Rosie said that after the Columbine Massacre she wrote emails to the head of the NRA thinking she could reason with him about banning assault weapons, as if he had never considered it.  She compared it to the time the doctor mentioned to her that she eat carrots instead of cookies for a snack.  Like she never thought of that!   

Rosie then interviewed Samantha Bee who was on the telephone holding her brand new baby!  Samantha and her husband Jason Jones are both correspondents on The Daily Show.   Samantha and Rosie did Love Loss and What I Wore together last fall.  

Samantha and Rosie talked about her newest addition to her family Ripley.  Ripley was 7 pounds 14 oz when she was born.  She said her older two children are very good about the new baby in the house and seem to just want to "pet" the baby.  Samantha is not back at work yet.  Samantha and her husband both work on The Daily Show which she said was good because they both have a complete understanding of the other person's life.

Rosie loved Samantha's book I Know I Am But What Are You which has done very well.  Rosie asked Samantha how her parents responded to the book because Samantha had told Rosie that she was nervous about what her parents' reaction would be because she's constantly making fun of them in the book.  She said her parents have embraced it and are proud of her although her father didn't love it initially. 

Samantha hasn't done any theater since Love Loss and What I Wore but their fellow cast-mate Natasha Lyonne is in a play right now and doing one soon with Roseanne Barr.  Rosie mentioned that she's actually seeing Natasha for dinner tonight!  They also talked about their friend and fellow cast-mate Katie Finneran who's starring in Promises Promises

Samantha and Rosie talked about their kids, two year old son's love of power tools, and about nursing her new baby. 

Rosie asked Samantha about her work on The Daily Show and Samantha said that one of her favorite bits she ever did was the time she went to the Republican National Convention and tried to get Republicans to say the word "Choice."

Samantha said that it was one of the favorite bits she ever did.  She said it was as if everyone at the convention had received a memo to eradicate the word completely.  For two days Samantha tried to get people to say that word and out of the 50 people she interviewed, maybe 2 people said it.  At the time it didn't seem funny it was frustrating!  When someone finally said it it was such a relief.  Samantha said that everyone pitches ideas at The Daily Show but ultimately the show is from Jon's point of view and he gives the go ahead for what bits get put on air.  

Rosie thanked Samantha for calling in and congratulated her on her new baby!  Rosie told her she can't wait until she's back on The Daily Show.  You can catch The Daily Show on Comedy Central weeknights at 11pm.  

During this game Brendan read off a celebrity scandal and the player had to guess which celebrity it involved.  Round one was worth 100 points, round two was worth 200 points and round three was worth 300 points.  The player at the end with the most points wins.  I put all the answers at the end so that you can play along too! 

ROUND ONE - for 100
1. Shoshana - In 2009 a hole in one wasn't enough, this golf pro was caught with a dozen mistresses. She got it.
2. Rosie - In 2010 this motorcycle enthusiast got shocked when he was caught cheating on Sandra Bullock.  She got it. 
3. Pete - Fame proved "toxic" for this pop singer after she shaved her head and was sent to rehab.  He got it.
4. Janette- In 2005 this domestic diva was put behind bars for an insider trading scandal.  It was not a good thing.  She got it.
5. Jeannie - In 2002 this pop signer was accused of bad parenting after dangling their child off a 4th floor balcony.  She got it.

Everyone had 100 points going into round two. 

ROUND TWO - 200 points
6. Shoshana- In 1991 he took a big adventure to the police station after getting busted for indecent exposure in a movie theater.  She got it.
7. Rosie - This Irish musician angered many when she ripped up a picture of the Pope in 1992.  She got it.
8. Pete -  In 1993 this notorious Hollywood madam was busted for running a prostitution ring and then became a reality TV star.  He got it.
9. Janette - In 1994 this skater's husband attacked a rival skater.  She got it. 
10. Jeannie - In 1997 some thought this neurotic director went bananas when he married his much younger adopted daughter.  She got it.

Everyone had 300 points going into round three. 

11. Shoshana - In 1995 this actor wasn't looking for love actually when he was caught with a sex worker.  She got it.
12. Rosie - In 1996 this avaunt guard signer violently and physically attacked a reporter in a Bangkok airport.  Rosie guessed Grace Jones but that was wrong.
13. Pete - He was the male half of the famous Pam Anderson sex tape.  He got it.
14. Janette - In 1999 this action star rocked his Hong Kong fan-base when he confessed to cheating on his wife with a beauty queen.  She guessed Bruce Lee but that was wrong.
15. Jeannie - In 2000, not as "noble" as his name this in University basketball coach fond of chucking chairs across the basketball court was in the news.  She couldn't guess it so she was out.

16. Shoshana - In 2001 this pixie actress was "interrupted" by security guard while shoplifting. She got it!
17. Pete - In 2003 the world became acquainted with this celebrity after a release of a sex tape of them and Rick Soloman.  He got it!
18. Shoshana - This road warrior was in the news after hurling ethnic slurs at an officer when arrested for drunk driving. She got it!
19.  Pete - In 2004 this singer/actress couldn't dance her way out of being caught lip syncing on SNL.  He got it! 

1. Tiger Woods, 2. Jesse James, 3. Britney Spears, 4. Martha Stewart, 5. Michael Jackson, 6. PeeWee Herman, 7. Sinead Oconnor, 8. Heidi Fleiss 9. Tanya Harding, 10. Woody Allen, 11. Hugh Grant, 12. Bijork, 13.Tommy Lee, 14. Jackie Chan, 15. Bobby Knight, 16. Wynona Rider, 17. Paris Hilton, 18. Mel Gibson, 19. Ashlee Simpson

The game ended in a tie and Shoshana and Pete both got a sticker for the game board.  Bobby, with his sexy voice, put stickers on the board for Pete and Shoshana.   

Pete mentioned a story he read out of China about UFOs.  He said that Chinese officials have had to close down an airport because of unidentified flying objects.   The unidentified objects might be spy planes or helicopters but Pete is sure they are alien aircraft.

Rosie watched Oprah's premiere episode of her 25th and final season and talked about it briefly.   Rosie thought the premiere was "somthin else!"  Oprah gave away a trip to Australia to an entire audience of die-hard fans.  Rosie said she once had an entire trip to Australia planned but ended up canceling it.  But it is somewhere she has always wanted to go.  She admitted she's not a good traveller but said she is going to go to Costa Rica with her girlfriend Tracy sometime in the winter. 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw