In case you missed it...

Bobby sang the introduction again this morning like the Tony Nominee that he is! Rosie talked about Macy Gray and how she is going to be on the show today. She LOVES Macy Gray and was so excited to have her on the program. Pete thought the lyrics to one of her songs were “I blow bubbles when you are not here” instead of “my world crumbles when you are not here.” They all laughed hysterically over this. They love Macy’s originality and her authenticity. Rosie sang along to a few Macy Gray songs that Lou played for them and she literally knew every word! Macy’s performing at the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City tonight!

They also have Larry Miller on today’s show. Janette said her career really got started thanks to Larry Miller who they all agreed was a fantastic actor and funny guy! Pete described his episodes in detail from when he was a guest star on Law and Order.

Janette is extremely distressed about the news of toxic strawberries. She said that she read an article recently that California produces 90% of the strawberries we consume and the FDA has approved a new pesticide for them. More than 50 chemists and physicians have asked the FDA NOT to approve this chemical because it is one of the most toxic chemicals on Earth. Janette was beside herself over this news. Janette said she had stopped eating any berries that are not organically grown years ago and she was truly disturbed and surprised that Rosie wasn’t more up in arms over the news. Not only is Janette fuming about the toxic strawberries she’s upset that there’s counterfeit New Jersey vegetables for sale! Bobby said that he saw a store advertising New Jersey corn in June and it couldn’t have been grown in New Jersey because they don’t harvest corn until July! Janette was horrified by this!! She also said she will never eat fish ever again since the oil spill and she won’t even feed fish or cat food containing fish to her cats. Pete suggested Janette give the cat that bites who is named Beastly the fish product cat food. Janette then described how her cat Beastly attacks her and her other cats. Rosie said she thinks Beastly should be put down and Janette said those are fighting words! Bobby said Janette is two inches from crazy and she thanked him for all that room. Janette said that Beastly has attacked her boyfriend Barry for tickling her and one time Barry gave Janette a wedgie and the cat attacked him. He loves her she says and even protects her! They have a sound clip of Janette saying “get away from me you shithead” from the day she told the story of her cat Beastly attacking her. They played it a few times and all laughed.

Rosie’s eldest daughter Chelsea’s dog Zoe is an Australian Shepherd and is very protective of Ellis. Ellis is Rosie’s nanny/friend’s little boy. Rosie said if you look like you’re going to tickle or go after Ellis the dog will nip at you. When Tracy’s dog’s head got smushed in the gate they saw brand new baby kittens at the Vet and almost got one. Pete offered his cat to Rosie who he is always trying to get rid of. Rosie said that her Chihuahua Missy is bereft when Chelsea takes Zoe to Kelli’s house for the weekend. Each of Rosie’s children get to choose a pet when they are 8 years old and Vivi and Rosie have talked about her getting a Chihuahua for herself and for Missy.

Rosie then introduced Macy Gray who was live in the New York Sirius studios! Macy began the interview by signing her latest single Beauty In the World live! It sounded perfect and just like the record!

After the song Macy and Rosie sat down for a chat. Rosie mentioned that she just read the blog Macy wrote about what happens to women in the music industry. You can read that HERE. Macy explained that this is her 5th album and Rosie loves it. Rosie also commented that she loved the video to Beauty in the World. Macy said that Tom Petty’s daughter filmed the video and she was very happy with the finished product. She said the whole idea premise of the video was to find the simple things in life that are beautiful. Rosie heard the song on the radio for the first time on a day she was in a really bad mood and she said the song totally cheered her up. Macy said the song was inspired by her daughter’s beautiful laughter. Rosie and Macy then talked about their children and how kids make you happy. They also commiserated over the struggles of having teens and how teens have no interest in hanging out with you as they get older. Macy has 3 kids and they talked about friending your kids on Facebook, Macy’s home in LA, and how Macy did "Dancing with the Stars" that her mom encouraged her to do. Macy is about to do Tyler Perry’s new film For Colored Girls. She will be doing the film with Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and several others! Rosie told a story that after she once filmed a movie Parker was 6 months old at the time and he didn’t come to her one day when she came home from filming. Rosie said it was that moment that made her decide she wanted to do The Rosie O’Donnell Show so she could be around for her kids more.

Rosie told Macy about how now Parker is now dating and they discussed teen dating and your teen’s friends. Rosie said her first boyfriend used her for her baseball cards!

Macy then sang the song “Kissed It” off her new CD and the song “Relating to a Psychopath” to which Rosie sang backup! Rosie explained that she always wanted to be a “pip” growing up and she joked with Macy that the song was really about her. Lastly, Macy sang “I’m So Glad You’re Here.” Macy's latest CD is entitled The Sellout.

Rosie then introduced actor and comedian Larry Miller! Larry said he was celebrating a perfect kid morning and joked about how much fathers enjoy their schedules. Larry has 2 boys ages 11 and 14 and Rosie and Larry are going through a lot of the same things with their children. Larry said his son is transitioning from Legos to girls. Rosie and Larry talked about teens and Larry said the one piece of advice he remembers about parenting is if they’re good kids, they’ll figure it out. Larry told a very funny story about trying to purchase a Playboy for his eldest son to try and keep him from the nasty Internet porn but he kept getting recognized so he had to go to 4 different stores. Both Rosie and Larry do not believe in letting your teens have computers in their bedrooms.

They had a very funny discussion about Little League too. Rosie told Larry that this year was her first year as a Little League mom and she still has not recovered. Larry said that anyone who thinks there’s a chance for peace in the Middle East has never been involved in Little League. Rosie said she was so stunned at the level of intensity of Little League at such a very young age. They briefly discussed football since one of Larry’s kids plays but Rosie said she won’t let Parker play football because she’s too afraid he’ll get hurt.

They discussed the World Cup and Larry said he tried to get interested in it and then watched 20 minutes of it and remembered “Oh yeah, I don’t care about soccer.” He said that in another week if the USA is still in it, he will promise to get more interested.

Rosie said that Larry was one of the few guys who was nice to the new people when it came to stand-up comedians. Janette was there and said Larry was the reason she stayed in the business long enough for her to have a career and subsequently meet Rosie and she’ll never forget what he did for her. Larry said that Janette kept herself in the business and she’s in showbiz because she belongs in showbiz and she would have done the same for him.

Rosie and Larry talked about the worst stand-up gigs they ever did and how they just used those times for more material for their act. Larry said comics always agree to do a gig no matter how bad it is. Larry told a funny story about one of those bad gigs that happened to him 25 years ago at an Iowa State Police Association Convention. He had to perform on stage right after they did a memorial service for a trooper who was killed in the line of duty. He said you just learn to go out there and do your job and do what you were hired to do.

They joked about being hired to do a wedding and they both agreed it’s the worst gig in the world because everyone in the audience likes to get their two cents in and everyone is shitfaced.

Rosie told Larry that Pete is his biggest fan and how he knew his "Law and Order" performances down to the smallest detail! Larry thanked him for being a fan and really appreciates when fans come up to him and have something nice to say. Larry said it’s an honor and a gift to do what he does and to make people laugh. Rosie also feels like it is an honor when fans come up to her.

Larry has a new show coming out on the Game Show Network called Late Night Liars! He said it is inspired by the old game shows and he was honored when they came to him and asked him to be a part of it. Rosie thanked him for calling in and told him to take care and enjoy Little League. Look for Larry Miller’s show Late Night Liars which airs on The Game Show Network on Thursdays at 10pm!

Pete hosted a game modeled after Jeopardy and the competing contestants were Rosie, Janette and Bobby. The game was the same format of Jeopardy and all of the questions had to do with Rosie Radio or the staff at Rosie Radio. Some of the questions were: name one of the Earwax removal brothers, where does Brendan sit in the car to and from Nyack, how much did Lou’s car cost, the guest that was in the studio when Shady was sprayed green, where is former guest Nikki Yanofsky from, James’ mother’s name, one item that Cat Cora made on the show, Janette’s mean cat’s name, etc. None of them were really that good at it! BUT I WOULD HAVE BEEN! At the end of the first round Rosie had 400, Bobby had 300 and Janette had (negative) 600.

After Double Ro-pardy Rosie was (negative) 600, Janette was (negative) 1800 and Bobby was (negative) 800.

During Final Ro-pardy the category was: Media. Each contestant made a wager.
The final ro-pardy question was: This is the year that Howard Stern started broadcasting on Sirius.
The answer was 2006!
Bobby guessed 2006 and he ended with negative 100.
Janette guessed 2006 and she ended with 200 points.
And Rosie guessed 2006 and ended with 1900 points and won! Rosie then gave an acceptance speech for winning.

All 3 contestants won booby prizes donated from “shit Pete didn't want in his house anymore.” Bobby won a “Welcome to Loserville” beer cozy. Janette won something from Lord of the Rings (a wooden ring rake?) and Rosie won a signed copy of Criminal Minds!

Janette thought it was fascinating that they don’t know a god damned thing about each other.

Rosie closed the show hoping that everyone has a nice 2 weeks because they are on vacation until July 12th!

Have a great vacation everyone and I will update here if I have any breaking Rosie news!!!
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In case you missed it...

Bobby sang the introduction to today’s program and got most of the words correct. Last night, Bobby and Janette watched America's Got Talent. Rosie tried to watch it afterward but didn’t like that she had to watch the commercials online so she didn’t see it. They discussed last night’s performance of the two sisters with Cystic Fibrosis who sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Rosie has some experience with the disease because she fundraised for it in the 80s and her nephew has CF. Rosie explained that if both parents have the gene for CF there is a one in four chance that their child will be afflicted. The life expectancy of someone with CF is only 30 years old. The crew played the audio from last night’s performance by the sisters. Rosie and the crew talked about how much they enjoy the show and this group of judges. Rosie adores Nick Cannon too who is married to Mariah Carey.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is in her 40s and has CF. She has a 10 year old son who is perfectly healthy and she talked with Rosie about how she loves to sing! The caller does not have the digestive issues that some people with CF have. Her biggest problem are her lungs but she still loves to sing although she can't hold out notes as well as she used to. She believes that singing is almost like therapy for her disease.

Rosie knew 2 kids growing up that had cystic fibrosis and died in elementary school.

Rosie told the story of her nephew who has Cystic Fibrosis and how he was diagnosed. When her nephew was born, he wasn't able to keep down food and Rosie asked her brother Eddie if he’s ever gotten the baby tested for CF. The baby showed no other symptoms but Rosie just had a feeling. Unfortunately, Rosie was right and her nephew did have it. Eddie called Rosie Dionne Warwick for a while for her psychic abilities. Rosie then joked about how her brother Eddie sucked at sports all his life but now he coaches his son’s soccer team.

Rosie and the staff discussed how the USA Soccer team plays Ghana on Saturday. They discussed why this year’s World Cup is getting so much for coverage than previous World Cups and Brendan suggested that it was because ESPN has the contract for the broadcast. They then discussed the longest tennis match in the history of the world that is going on today. Pete said that the longest game ever played before this was a game of 5 sets that lasted almost 7 hours. Just the final set of this game has been 7 hours.

Vivi made an appearance in the studio and Rosie talked with her a little bit about how she is going to the doctor today for an appointment for her eczema. Vivi and Rosie went on the True Colors Tour the last 2 summers and she talked with Vivi about it. They really had a good time but they aren’t going to do it this year. Rosie said that maybe next year they can go on tour again.

Rosie went to the dentist yesterday and her dentist assured her that she only has two more visits after her vacation at the Jersey Shore and then she's done!

Some callers to the Rosie Radio show will get the first season of the HBO series Hung on DVD and Deirdre and Rosie talked briefly about how much they like the show.

Rosie then asked Bobby why there are thousands of people lining up for the iPhone? Bobby’s simple response was because it’s “fierce!” Rosie didn’t buy it. Deirdre and Bobby described the lines they saw in New York City. Bobby said the new phone has a camera on both sides (so you can call someone and do video conferencing), it has a flash, and there’s a HD video camera. The new phone is $299. What gets Rosie really annoyed is she thinks that Mac has had all this technology from the beginning and they just parcel it out. Janette said that’s why we keep polluting the planet because we keep buying new cellphones. Janette said she would not pay $299 for a stupid phone. Rosie loves the video photo feature of the iPhone because she has a record of her life with it. And last night she was at a charity event for the Maravel Arts Center for Rosie’s Broadway Kids and she got to show people her chickens with her iPhone! Sirius gave Janette a Blackberry but she has a flip camera and doesn’t see the need. Bobby likes that everything syncs to his phone like his calendar. Bobby buys all the newest Mac gadgets that come out! Rosie took a caller who said that other phones have had these features for a while and said that you can video conference with other phones using Skype but Apple blocks Skype so that you have to have all iPhones to utilize the video conferencing. This caller is switching to the EVO phone which Pete said was bulky. Pete enjoys the Droid because it doesn’t drop calls. Bobby never has had a problem with iPhone dropping his calls. Pete said that’s because Bobby never leaves his 3 block radius and that’s why his calls are never dropped.

Then Pete said how much he would love to live in Bobby’s neighborhood. Rosie asked how much a 3 bedroom apartment in Bobby’s neighborhood would cost. They estimated between $4000 and $5000 a month. Barry, Janette’s boyfriend, has been apartment hunting because even though her current rent is very cheap, her building is in foreclosure. I think she said a 1 bedroom is about $2900 a month. Janette lives across the street from public housing and where the NY Post recently did an article about police brutality. She said it’s time to MOVE! Rosie was stunned that Barry is looking for a one bedroom for both of them (right now they each have their own bedrooms in their apartment)! Janette said that they get along very well and she’s not worried about having to share a room with him. She refuses to pay a fortune for rent.

Today is the day that Janette has gone 2 months without “smoking the hooch” and the entire staff gave her a card! They don’t make a card that celebrates this particular achievement so James gave her a “Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah” card, Shoshana gave her a “Congratulations on your First Communion” card, etc. They also threw her a party with yummy food. Janette said that she has no desire to ever start smoking again. It was something she thought she would never be able to kick and now that she has, she never wants to go back. Rosie was very proud of Janette and did not believe she would be able to do it because she has never known her not to use pot. Janette was even at a gathering recently and people in the room were smoking pot. Not only did she not do it, she did not even want to! The biggest change in her life since not smoking pot anymore is in her self-esteem because she felt like the marijuana owned her. She knew she was smoking too much. Now she is incredibly proud of herself and this time she was able to finally do it at Rosie’s suggestion! She also thinks the anti-anxiety supplements have helped her a lot with stopping. And Rosie’s doctor told her that smoking pot doesn’t help with anxiety at all, that it actually increases anxiety. Bobby wanted to know how much money she’s saving and she figured she’s probably saving a couple hundred bucks a week!

Rosie said they would have had the same celebration for Lou had he quit smoking cigarettes as he had promised for the Pearl Jam tickets! (The deal was Rosie would get him sweet Pearl Jam tickets if he promised to quit smoking. He tried. Unsuccessfully.)

Rosie said the first thing that Tracy says to her every morning is “What did you dream about?” Pete said that dreaming is just a random firing of synapses and Deirdre and Rosie did not agree. They believe that dreaming is your subconscious working things out in your head.

Rosie took a call from a counselor who said that she asks clients what they feel like they will be missing if they quit what they are addicted to. Rosie asked Janette the same question. Janette said she worried that she would miss the escape from herself and her feelings. When she wants to now, she tries to identify why she wants to. She also thought she needed it to open up her mind so she could write. She wrote her whole comedy act, her books, and a pilot when she was on The View while high. She has realized she doesn’t actually need it to write.

Tracy was having a hard kid night and Rosie asked her if she wanted a Xanax and she replied “No, I do not want to numb my feelings with pharmaceuticals!”

Rosie asked Janette if quitting has affected her sex life at all and she said that things in the bedroom have improved since she has stopped! There are other added benefits!!

Janette recommended her supplements to a caller who is having trouble sleeping when she isn’t smoking pot. The caller was also a trainer and offered to come in and help everyone lose weight. Rosie said they may take her up on the offer because Tracy feels the same way.

Pete said that Ricky Gervais sells podcasts. Rosie likes him but Pete doesn’t find his podcasts that interesting. Rosie did a Ricky Gervais impression. Pete said his HBO Out Of England is “killer.”

Jackie told Rosie at the pool that she lifts weights because she doesn’t like that flabby part on her arm and Rosie just realized that she has it and never noticed it! Jackie is in great shape and has great arms. Janette hopes that she will soon start lifting her weights over vacation, she’s gotten them out but she hasn’t used them yet. Pete told a very funny story about how his wife Barbara once packed two 20 pound weights on vacation and he had to lug them around in the suitcases. And they had a GYM at the hotel where they were staying! Then they talked about lifting weights and the importance of bone health.

They were in the city yesterday for some alone time and Rosie was at the dentist and Tracy got a $30 haircut and then was horrified by the bill. It was the first time that she had her hair blown out at a hair salon. Janette just kept saying how wonderful Tracy is and how she brings a feeling of calmness into a room when she enters it. Janette is so happy that Rosie met her. Rosie is too. Rosie said that Tracy has brought a lot of life to the house. Janette appreciates Tracy and where her priorities are when it comes to money and getting the most out of every dollar. Tracy is not in favor of Rosie going back to television because she survived on a lot less money to get by and doesn’t feel like Rosie needs to go back to TV when she can work from home for less.

Tracy went to Holey Cream donuts and was not impressed with it because it cost $6.00 for a donut, ice cream and M&Ms. Pete told her to “back off” and explained that some of them NEED the Holey Cream donuts. Janette didn't like them that much either because it was too sweet. Pete almost cried because he found something he really liked and wanted to share it with everyone.

Jeannie has a crush on Lou and on Pete. But Rosie said she has a little crush on Pete but she'd get naked and to the nasty with Lou. If Lou was born 20 years ago things might have been different! Everyone adores Pete as does Jackie and Janette’s sister Lanette.

Rosie asked if Pete had decided on a baby's name yet. Pete said that he’s not deciding on the name beforehand. Rosie and Bobby recommended that they don't tell the baby name beforehand because people will insist on coming up to them and tell them all the horrible things about the name they have chosen before the baby is born.

Rosie then did an “Archie impression” and said that Archie has been telling her lots of stories, most of which she couldn’t follow. Archie is one of Tracy’s sons who has Autism and Rosie adores him. Archie told Rosie they were going to the Farmer’s Market and Rosie asked him to get her a cookie and he told her that they only have FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT THE FARMER’S MARKET! Rosie said that Archie left the gate open and all the chickens got out so she, Blake, Chelsea and Vivi had to run around and round up all the chickens and put them back in the coop. Rosie still doesn’t know if they have a rooster yet and if they do they will have to send it back and get a girl chicken as a replacement. Rosie added that Tracy has stopped eating certain foods (like corn on the cob) because she wants to save some for the chickens.

Rosie then introduced her buddy Cyndi Lauper to the radio audience! Cyndi loved the surroundings and the studio. Rosie said that she loves the billboard of Cyndi and Lady Gaga in Times Square. Cyndi and Gaga are selling lipsticks and 100% of the proceeds go to fight AIDS – the leading cause of death of African American women in the United States. Cyndi is 57 years old and Rosie said she looks so great! Rosie said that Cyndi has always been beautiful and Cyndi said she always felt like the ugly one, that Madonna was the beautiful one. Cyndi said she used to have to go to the thrift stores to put her look together but now it’s all the popular way to dress so she can shop in the stores!

Rosie said BRAVO! to Cyndi in regards to her new record. Her reviews are saying she was born to sing this. Cyndi doesn’t read the reviews because if you start reading what other people think of you, you get that third eye. She said she needs to focus on what she’s doing and the Blues is the basis of everything she has ever sang. After finishing the True Colors tour, when everyone was telling Cyndi that her tour wasn’t big enough or good enough and she was still always being compared to Madonna, Cyndi had a dream. She said at the time radio was changing and getting more corporate which she could never fit into. It was 1986 and Cyndi had a dream that Oscar Peterson came to her and was playing piano and said, “I loved your version of What’s Going On.” He kept playing his piano and told her she should redo the old songs. She was frustrated because no one really played piano everyone played keyboard. Her piano player Steve told Rosie about the differences between piano and keyboard. She was so frustrated that when she woke up she didn’t sing with him in her dream! LOL.

Cyndi shared with Rosie that she’s taking speech lessons to remind her to keep breathing when she’s speaking because she forgets to breathe and that’s bad for her voice.

Rosie and Cyndi talked about doing this season’s Celebrity Apprentice and Cyndi said she really liked doing it but it was a lot of work. At one point Rosie imitated Cyndi’s voice with a very think NY accent and Cyndi said “I don’t talk that bad!” lol Rosie admitted that she watched her on the program even though she said she wasn’t going to. Cyndi told Trump that if Rosie went to his wedding that meant someone must have invited her. They said that Trump probably just told his assistant to invite a lot of celebrities and that’s how Rosie got invited. Rosie told the story of Trump going down the aisle shaking everyone’s hand as he was getting married. Cyndi said that Trump is not so bad because he has really good kids so he can’t be that horrible of a person. Rosie said that she never said that Trump was a bad parent. All she did was make fun of his hair and he went all over every television program and called her a fat, ugly lesbian. They talked about the last episode when Cyndi sang to Donald about Rosie! Rosie loved that Cyndi was so HER during the show.

Cyndi was signed to Mark Burnett for a reality show! Cyndi said her main reason for doing the show was that she wanted to put the True Colors Fund on the map and promote the Give a Damn campaign.

Cyndi said her 12 year old son couldn’t come to the studio today because he was doing a creative writing class. He’s a talented writer, dancer, and singer! Rosie said she’s never met a kid like Cyndi’s son and called him “magical.” Rosie predicted that he is going to grow up to be a performer.

Cyndi sang “Shattered Dreams” from her album and it was fabulous! Cyndi said she's going to sing the whole record when she’s on tour. Rosie said she can't wait to see the tour and thanked Cyndi for coming in.

Visit Cyndi’s charities to learn more! You can visit the True Colors Fund and wegiveadamn.org to find out more. Her new album Memphis Blues is out today!
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In case you missed it...

Rosie began the show today playing the Memphis Broadway version of the Rosie Radio theme song from yesterday! It was fantastic! Rosie and the crew talked about how yesterday's show had a whole different vibe because they did the show out of the New York studios. Rosie was exhausted and Janette said she almost wanted to cry she was so tired after yesterday's show. Deirdre thinks that's because in the city there are a lot of people and in Nyack it's like being with family. Rosie told her kids that she met Miranda Cosgrove yesterday and they were impressed and wanted proof! Rosie was sad she didn't have a picture with Miranda to prove it to them. Vivi almost started to cry because she didn't get to meet Carly from ICarly and wanted to know why they don't get cool celebrities like that to come to her studio in Nyack.

Rosie and the crew were watching the United States playing in the World Cup against Algeria on mute during today's broadcast. Rosie said she only likes seeing the goals rather than watch an entire soccer game. Janette proved she didn't know anything about sports and confused baseball and football.

Rosie said that at 8:30am every morning they have a meeting to talk about what topics they're going to discuss on the show that day. This morning they were talking about the deaths over the World Cup around the world and how in North Korea there's no coverage of it anymore because they didn't win. Rosie saw a great documentary about North Korea and the kidnapping of kids from Japan. She said it was unbelievable, fascinating and frightening and recommended it to the listeners. I looked for it and found a documentary called "Kidnapped!" Here's a link to Part 1.

Rosie and the crew went back to talking about the World Cup and the goal that wasn't counted last week that would have been the winning goal for the USA. Rosie wondered why we care about the World Cup if it's just a bunch of cheaters? Deirdre thinks the World Cup is just a big excuse to get drunk and go to a bar and watch a sport. Pete said it's a way to get very Nationalistic with a game that people around the world really care about.

Shoshana then emailed Rosie that there are some photos of her and ICarly (Miranda Cosgrove). Rosie was worried that she may have scared her being so excited to meet her and demanding an immediate interview. Rosie told Deirdre that she wants to book more of the Nickelodeon stars! Rosie's so tired from yesterday's show she said it made her realize that she could never go back to TV.

Macy Gray will be on Friday's show (they post taped it yesterday afternoon)! Macy will be playing 4 songs on Friday's show and Rosie sang backup! Pete said Rosie was "awesome" and she had the movements of a real backup singing down too! (It wasn't her first time obviously.)

Rosie said she wanted to tour again with Cyndi Lauper but couldn't because of her radio show. Cyndi is doing a reality show and she's coming tomorrow (June 24th) with her son Declyn (who Rosie's eldest daughter Chelsea has a huge crush on). Then the staff started to talk about Cyndi and Rosie thought they were talking about her daughter and Rosie got all confused as to what they were saying and who they were talking about! It was funny. Rosie said her kids are sad that she isn't going on tour with Cyndi this year.

The staff all talked about how much they love working for Sirius and Rosie said they are trying to pressure her to stay on the radio. Rosie was watching the World Cup while talking and noticed Bill Clinton sitting at the game and Janette gets upset when Rosie watches TV while on the air.

Rosie said she watched the first hour of America's Got Talent and it made her realize that America doesn't have any (talent). Rosie talked about last night's episode and how disappointing it was.

Pete mentioned taking his daughter Sophia and a 9 year old friend to a baseball game. Sophia is a fan of ice cream which is what sold her about going to the baseball game. It's Catholic night at Citi Field so they got tickets to go with the school. Rosie joked that they pass out the host at the game and say "Body of Christ" to each of the fans as they come in.

Rosie said that the other day she and all the kids were in the pool. A little boy, who's Archie's friend, was there who Rosie adores. The little boy has Autism and Rosie loves the kid. She said he's really "out there" and amazing and he loves anything to do with eggs. My Thomas who's on the Autism spectrum loves ceiling fans, light switches, school buses and Pez. He's fascinated with Pez and is already creating a huge collection. He was distraught that he couldn't hold the dogs and the girls were tormenting him so he struck a Kung Fu pose. He wanted a toy and Vivi grabbed it back so he bit Vivi. She got him to take a time-out with her in her office to calm down and then they walked out to the pool. After going to the pool he went under the water and came up and said that everything looks RED!!! He couldn't believe that Rosie couldn't see the red too! Then he went back under the water and came up and said "Hey Ro, are you from Egypt? Your legs sure look like they are." It was because of her ankle tattoo. Rosie thought he was so adorable and she hugged him and laughed. He started laughing too and seemed so happy because she "gets" him.

Janette was stammering which is typical and now she was snapping her fingers too! Rosie commented about it. Deirdre thought the Algerian guys were hot and she might start rooting for the other team because they're so cute.

A listener called in to talk about the boy that flies indoor kites without wind on America's Got Talent. The caller thought he was absolutely fabulous. Bobby cried through most of his performance last night and thought it was beautiful. Rosie watched it during the broadcast and said she likes the judges and she likes the host of the show. Rosie loves Nick Cannon and thinks it's Howie at his best. Unlike former judge David Hasselhoff who she said seems like a man with a very serious disease and it's hard for her to not have judgment of him ever since she saw him eating a hamburger on the ground and his daughter begging him to stop. You can watch that video she is referring to HERE.

Rosie said that she listened to Eminem's new CD Recovery and she loves it. Deirdre loves it too and also loves his book The Way I Am. Then Rosie talked about the time that she thought he won an Oscar and his acceptance speech he gave and Pete was sure that Eminem didn't receive his own Oscar and that Rosie was wrong. Brendan (or Lou) looked it up and played the audio of Barbra Streisand giving the award and some weird guy accepting the award who was not Eminem. Pete recalled it correctly and Rosie did not! Janette said that Rosie is never wrong about these things and suggested that Rosie go see a physician. Rosie loves Eminem and mentioned that he even uses her name in two of his songs! One of the songs is Taking My Ball and the other one is Evil Deeds. They played Eminem's Going Through Changes from his latest CD and went to commercial. Rosie asked Deirdre if she could get him to come in as a guest and be interviewed.

Rosie said it was her good childhood friend Jackie that really got her into reading as a kid. She now tutors Blake for an hour every day and he's now at the same level as all the other kids in his class. Rosie said it amazes her every time she sees him read and where's he's come from in comparison to where he once was.

The staff was celebrating Lou's birthday today (kinda) because he didn't tell anyone the other day that it was. Rosie said she's not acting excited about it because he didn't tell anyone when it was really his birthday. Rosie and her friends and coworkers Jeannie and Jackie did an episode of Password for the Raw Dog comedy hour on Sirius. As they were playing the game, one of the other teammates said that Lou offered to give him all of the answers! All Rosie kept thinking for the rest of the game was who are they going to get to replace LOU?! Lou also offered to give Jeannie all the answers! Rosie said she's very very distressed with Lou. He defended himself that he offered to give the answers to Jeannie first. Lou said that Jim Breuer and Rosie attacked him for about 15 minutes during the game. He said he wrote all the questions catered towards Rosie so she could win! Lou said that Rosie's team kicked his ass and she was by far the funniest one there. Rosie fully appreciated the ass kissing and she complimented him by calling him a handsome version of Yoda.

Rosie asked if anyone in the studio had watched the series finale of The Tudors. No one had seen it besides Rosie. Rosie said that Vivi walked in just as a woman was being tortured and she tried to change the channel very quickly but Vivi saw some of it. Rosie liked the way they ended it because all the wives came back and told Henry the 8th what he did wrong.

They briefly discussed the moratorium on the oil drilling in the Gulf by the President and how a judge in Louisiana overrode the moratorium because he felt like the jobs were too important to the area. They discussed the differences between this oil disaster and the one that happened in 1977 happened in 200 feet of water. They all seemed annoyed with Obama when he said we would be able to capture 90% of the oil in his address to the nation. Rosie and the staff wondered how they come up with those numbers when they can't even get a good estimate on how many gallons/barrels are leaking on a daily basis?!

Then the conversation took a turn back to Archie's friend who did the Kung Fu move and Deirdre mentioned the show from the 70s Kung Fu and Rosie discussed The Magilla Gorilla Show and sang the theme song from it. Rosie said she wants to do a cabaret show with her just singing theme songs.

Rosie and the staff discussed the death penalty. Janette is against it but didn't change her mind about it until she saw the movie Dead Man Walking. Rosie and the staff talked about the death penalty and Rosie said that someone who commits a horrible crime has the right to life, maybe not to freedom, but at least life. She said people have asked her what if one of her kids were murdered, how would she feel about the murderer. Rosie said that she hopes that she wouldn't become what she loathes. Janette said she's against anything that eliminates your right to redemption. Rosie can understand the sentiment but she doesn't know if it's the way a civilized society should react. Bobby said if murder is wrong then why is murdering the murderer right? Bobby said that he thinks death is perhaps the easy way out and that perhaps life in prison is a worse punishment.

Rosie said that people have a misconception that being in a prison is like being at a spa. She said it's not like that and prisoners are isolated, in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day. Rosie took a call from a listener whose brother was sentenced to life at 16 years old for raping and killing a 16 year old girl. He is now 34 years old. The caller said that he loves his brother but it was wrong what he did. He also feels sorry for the victim's family. They talked about how they put teenagers to death in Ohio. Rosie sounded very compassionate to the caller and she said she didn't know how anyone survives what he is going through and what the family of the murdered girl went through. Rosie suggested that he read the book by the author that they were going to interview today.

Rosie took another call from a listener with a child on death row. Her son was on trial for 3 years for murdering his girlfriend. She said she can't explain how it feels as a mother to know that people want to kill your child (by sentencing him to death). It was 3 years of hell for her to know that people wanted him to die. He plead to second degree murder and was sentenced to over 20 years in prison. He's going to spend the best years of his life locked away as punishment. The caller visited him and while he was on trial it was always behind glass. Now that he's in prison she got to hug him unshackled for the first time in 3 years. She talked about how hard it was for her because the love of your child never goes away. She said her son has remorse for what he did and was willing to take whatever punishment they gave him. The caller said her son was a successful athlete and went to a party and tried Meth and was addicted immediately. She said they went through 6 years of hell and rehab as a family trying to help him kick the addiction. The counselors in the prison say that her son could possibly be bipolar. At the time of the murder he was also doing steroids and crack. Rosie encouraged the caller to reach out to the mother and the sisters of the woman that he murdered. The caller said she used to be for the death penalty until this happened to her family. Rosie was truly touched by the caller, her openness to share her experience and her willingness to discuss it with her.

The Autobiography of an ExecutionRosie then introduced David Dow who wrote The Autobiography of an Execution. Rosie said she thought his book was really fascinating. David said that he met a guy who was scheduled to be executed and had no lawyer representing his defense anymore so he agreed to work on his case. He was 30 years old at the time when he defended his first death row inmate. David was not married and had no children at the time. Rosie commented on what a toll his job must take on his personal life. David shared some stories with him about how the job has effected his life and his family vacations. David said that most of the people he's met on death row do not maintain innocence. He said only 6 or 7 out of the 100 he defended tell him that they're truly innocent. He said the vast majority of the inmates on death row take responsibility for what they've done.

David said that he's very honest with his son about what he does for a living. And then Rosie asked him why he continues to do it. Even though he loses most of the cases David knows that what he's doing is important and he doesn't ever want to abandon his clients - the clients that have been abandoned by everyone that has ever been in their life. He said it is important for him to be with the people he defends until the very end. David also said it's better for his clients to hear that it is the end of their appeal from someone who cares about them and their case so he likes to be there for them for that. David successfully defends about 5% of his clients and for him, that makes it all worth it.

Rosie and David talked about one of the cases he describes in his book about a man who was convicted and sentenced to death for killing his family that was innocent. David said that being sentenced to death is not just about law but about the many other factors that come into play. He said if you're not white, don't have a lot of money and if you've killed someone who isn't white your chances of being on death row increase. This imbalance shouldn't exist in a system that tries to treat everyone fairly and as equals. For example, of the 15,000 homicides every year there are only 60-70 executions. Those 60 or 70 executions aren't necessarily the worst crimes either. David said that luck, who your lawyer is, money and the jury that has been selected to try your case, as well as many other factors, come into play as to whether or not you will be sentenced to death.

David was in favor of the death penalty before he started defending the clients on death row. He said that almost all of his clients who have committed a crime come from some sort of bad environment that destroyed them after they were born. Had they had a different upbringing, he's sure that the majority would have turned out differently.

Rosie talked with David briefly about how she was concerned he was drinking too much as he mentions in the book. He said his wife isn't concerned and as long as she's okay with it he knows he's okay. :) Rosie thanked David for the interview and told him he wrote a beautiful book. She ended the interview telling him she would really like to meet him one day and he shared the sentiment back. Here's a link to an article written by David Dow about the book.

At the end of the program Rosie announced that the USA soccer team had scored and won the game against Algeria, 1-0! Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


In case you missed it...

The cast of Memphis sang the introduction to Rosie Radio today! It was FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC! I believe the actors that sang were Derrick Baskin, J. Bernard Calloway and James Iglehart. Rosie talked to them briefly about winning the Tony for Best Musical and what it felt like. They said they "flipped out" when they found out that they won. Rosie talked to them briefly about their careers on Broadway and their experience with the show. Rosie Radio gave away Memphis CDs to the first 10 callers to today's show!

Rosie and the crew were at the Sirius "fish bowl" studios today in New York City! Cyndi Lauper walked by the fish bowl studio during the taping as well as Howard Stern, Gary Dell'Abate, Miranda Cosgrove. Rosie said it was Lou's birthday yesterday and she was upset that he kept it a secret! Jeannie said she would have cooked something yummy for him. Jeannie has been known to cook some amazing things for the members of the staff on their birthdays. Then Jeannie admitted that she secretly knew it was his birthday but wasn't allowed to make a big deal about it and she had made him secret brownies. Pete, who is NOT a good secret keeper, sent everyone on the staff an email entitled "Lou is a giant asshole." Pete said Lou robbed him of a cake opportunity! As punishment, Rosie then ate Lou's brownies because he kept his birthday secret. They described Jeannie's brownies (as Rosie ate them) and Janette talked about the diet brownies she once made with black beans. Pete said he gave Lou a Tom Seaver baseball card for his birthday.

Pete made a stop at the Holey Cream donut shop yesterday to pick up a menu and to try to get them to give them free items (which didn't work). He said they don't have a menu so he wrote down everything they offer. They make their own donuts and then they fill it with their own homemade ice cream. There are 36 flavors of ice cream (Pete wrote them ALL down and read them off!) to choose from. You pick your donut and then you choose an icing to dip it in, either vanilla, chocolate or caramel. Then you pick a topping (oreos, heathbar, sprinkles, etc.) Rosie picked a donut iced with vanilla with chocolate chip ice cream with mini chocolate chips on top. Jeannie picked a donut iced with caramel topped with heathbar crunch ice cream with heathbar crunch pieces on top. Pete chose a donut iced with chocolate stuffed with midnight mud pie ice cream and oreo pieces on top. Janette didn't order a donut because she ate a brownie yesterday and was still feeling guilty about it. Pete had the intern order for the show and said they would have them by the end of the broadcast!

Rosie then introduced actor, screenwriter and director Edward Norton who stopped by the Sirius studios to chat! Ed was there to promote his social networking charitable fundraising website crowdrise.com. Ed had worked with a lot of charitable organizations and he wanted to make it easier for young people to get involved so he developed CrowdRise. Ed said that anyone can go onto CrowdRise and design a webpage for their favorite organization in just a few minutes. I just did and it was really easy! They have over 2 million organizations in their database already so you can get signed up and start raising money for your favorite charity in a matter of minutes. Ed ran the NYC Marathon in order to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund. They raised 1.2 million dollars in 8 weeks using Twitter but he wanted to build a way so that anyone could do the same thing for their own favorite cause. Rosie talked to Ed about running the marathon and Ed said that he had planned to listen to his iPod the entire time but that the crowd inspired him to keep running. He ran the marathon in 3 Hours and 47 minutes! Right now CrowdRise is featuring some organizations that are focused on the oil cleanup in the Gulf.

Rosie and Ed talked a little about the oil spill and the enormity of it all. Edward said that people often disconnect themselves from nature and this is a big wake-up call that we are all connected. Ed went to Yale and Rosie said if they ever play scrabble together he has to spot her 50 points. Ed and Rosie talked about school, family, and making a career out of acting. Rosie told Edward the story about how she went on stage for 20 minutes the first time she did stand-up without any prepared material!

Ed said that he has two movies he's working on. One is with Robert Deniro (entitled "Stone"). Rosie told Ed she had Deniro as a guest on The Rosie O'Donnell show and said that Robert was a tough guest because he did not enjoy talking! Ed is also working with Brad Pitt on an HBO series about Lewis and Clark. Rosie said she thinks Brad gets more handsome exponentially with every kid he has.

Ed said that they have added Rosie's Broadway Kids to CrowdRise and Rosie said that she heard from the charity's director that they've been getting donations from it already! Rosie told Ed about her charity and how they started with 5th grade students in the poorest public schools and now these same kids are going off to college. Ed said that this is a way those kids can now give back to the charity that helped them!

Rosie asked Ed if he enjoyed directing and he does. He's not directing anything this year but said maybe next year.

Rosie and Ed talked some about their Irish heritage and Rosie said her father is from Tyrone, Ireland, and her mother is from Clare. Ed said the Nortons are from Limerick. Rosie said she is going to do an episode of Who Do You Think You Are and she's going back to Ireland to meet all of the people on her mother's side of the family! Rosie said she's only been to Ireland one time when she was a little kid. And that was right after her mother died and it was 1973 so it was a war zone. She hopes this time will be a better experience.

Rosie thanked Ed for the interview. You can join the Rosie's Broadway Kids Summer Intensive Fundraising project by clicking HERE! And here's a video of Ed talking about Crowdrise.com...

Deirdre and Janette admitted they were a little star struck by seeing Edward Norton! Deirdre even told Edward she enjoyed his film Death To Smoochy! Then Gary Dell'Abate walked by to go to the bathroom and Janette got really starstruck. Rosie said that Eminem's new CD "dropped" today and she was downloading it during the show.

Rosie said she saw Christine Ebersole perform at Birdland last night!. Pete admitted he has stood outside to listen to concerts there but has never gone in.

Jeannie and Rosie reminisced about the times they used to go to the Entenmann's bakery near their house and get the day old items on sale. Jeannie said her husband's first cousins all had the last name Entenmann's and she thought that meant she would get free stuff when they got married.

Rosie read a particularly mean comment that someone wrote to her about a picture she put up of herself with no makeup on. It said something like "For the love of God, put on some makeup dammit and let us see the Rosie we remember!" Pete said he prefers the real Rosie, the one without makeup! Rosie said that after The Rosie O'Donnell Show she took a picture of herself without makeup everyday for a year so she could remember what she looked like for real. Rosie wished she could exist on television in a middle ground somewhere between "completely fabricated" and nothing at all. And she was a little shocked because in the picture she put up of herself that this blogger was so offended by she thinks she looks good. Janette likes her pictures without makeup. Rosie said it's hard to be a public figure and have everyone comment on how she looks all the time - including her weight. Jeannie said she's often surprised by how much smaller celebrities actually look in person in comparison to how they look on screen. Janette agreed but said she wouldn't really know because she hates going to the theater because there are lots of people sitting, eating, chewing and breathing around her.

Then Spot, from the Covino and Rich show and the infamous Martha Stewart Cupcake Contest, walked by with the iPad that Rosie gave him. They all love him at Rosie Radio!

Rosie said after the concert last night she went out with Natasha Lyonne and 2 of her friends who are in their 30s. Rosie said she was tired because it was after 10:00 but they went back to her apartment in the city and hung out. She said they hung out in her apartment (that desperately needs to be cleaned) and she had a great time chatting with them because they are all so very smart.

And then, as they were just about to discuss how Jim Breuer is going to do a show for Rawdog(?) Miranda Cosgrove walked by! Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her role as Carly in the Nickelodeon show ICarly. Rosie asked if she would come in and do a quick interview and she did! Miranda just turned 17 and Rosie told her that Jeannie has a 17 year old too! Miranda said that she's been doing ICarly since she was 13 years old and acting since she was 3. She said when she goes to the mall, kids always come up and ask her about the show. Rosie told Miranda that her youngest daughter Vivi is convinced that ICarly is real life and not a TV show. Miranda has a tutor on the set and she hopes to go to NYU and study film in the fall. She said the hardest thing about acting is keeping up with her school work. Miranda doesn't have any siblings but she has a toy poodle named Pearl. Rosie and Miranda talked about the love of having small dogs. Rosie thanked Miranda for stopping in to the studio and having a chat with them!

Rosie told the listeners that ICarly is a big hit in her house. Jeannie was more excited about meeting Miranda than Ed Norton! Rosie said that her Ex Kelli told her that Vivi kept following Keke Palmer around on the Nickelodeon cruise. Pete commented how Keke would be a nice name for their next baby but then he said the name "Keke Mele" and said NO WAY.

Rosie said that bloggers have been writing in and suggesting the name Hazel to Pete for a name for his baby. Pete really liked that name! Pete said that when he and his wife got married they chose the hazelnut as their symbol. They tried to include hazelnuts in their thank you notes but they all popped out of the envelopes. He and his wife had planned to eventually get their wedding bands engraved with a hazelnut. Janette suggested "witch" as the first name and hazel as the second.

The staff talked about much they liked the energy of doing the broadcast in the Sirius NYC studios and the different feel of it. Rosie said that being at the studios reminds her that people actually listen to this show! Jeannie never listens to Rosie Radio because she doesn't have it in the car. Pete said that Stanley (Rosie's driver) could install Sirius in Jeannie's car for her because he installed it in Shoshana's! Rosie can't believe that people listen to the radio as a form of entertainment and talked to Janette about it. Janette said people listen to the show in the car and on their iPhones with headphones. Janette loves the radio and doesn't turn the TV on during the day or she feels guilty.

Rosie read another comment from a blogger named Don who loves the photos of Rosie without the makeup! The blogger who had written Rosie and said that she didn't look good in the picture was named Terry and he called in but Rosie said she didn't want to speak to someone who thinks she looks ugly without makeup.

Jeannie talked about how she had her hair done yesterday and it took 3 hours and she loves the downtime to relax!

Yesterday at the pool, Rosie wore her "flowery bathing suit" (the one she wore to the Memorial Day pool party that LOU didn't attend and Janette didn't go to because she doesn't like kids, pools or heat) and Rosie asked her kids what they thought about the suit. Blake told her that the suit was really bad and looked like a grandma bathing suit. Jeannie felt badly that she made Rosie feel bad and said it's mostly the matronly prints. Jeannie suggested animal prints. Rosie said it's hard for her because she really thought she looked good in the suit and said she must have distorted perceptions of her own body.

Janette talked about a parmesan and olive paste encrusted turkey cutlet that she made last night! She said you take olive paste, breadcrumbs and parmesan, then dip your turkey cutlet in egg and then in the batter. Then sear them in a pan for a few minutes on each side and it's delish!

Rosie then introduced actress Kristin Chenoweth! Rosie said she can't begin to explain how much she LOVES Kristin. Rosie first saw Kristin perform when she was in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown and Rosie said she KNEW Kristin was going to be a star.

Rosie and Kristin talked about being on Glee and how wonderful the show's creator Ryan Murphy is. Kristin said that Ryan Murphy, who she knows from Running with Scissors, wrote the part in Glee specifically for her.

Kristin told Rosie that she is obsessed with these things called cakepops and said she is having them sent to the staff. She described them as an individually wrapped lollipop with a piece of iced cake on the top. You can check them out on the website at Cakepops.com. Rosie then told Kristin all about Holey Cream!

Kristin said she is going back on Glee and she's thrilled about it. She said the show has been a gift to her because she was in drama and choir in school in a town that was obsessed with football. She said her only way to perform and to be appreciated was to be a cheerleader. So, she learned to lip sync the cheers of course so she wouldn't ruin her singing voice. She feels like Glee is making it cool to do theater. Rosie and Kristin talked about the characters on the show and Rosie said the boy who plays Kurt is saving the lives of gay teens! Kristin agreed. Rosie said there are a lot of kids who live on her block who are like Kurt.

Rosie said her children have never thought her fame was worth anything until she could get them backstage at the Glee concert. She told Kristin how amazing the live Glee show was. Rosie hasn't seen Kristin in Promises, Promises yet but Kristin said that Rosie's going to love it! She said that actor Sean Hayes was born to play this part. Kristin also said that the other actors in the play are fabulous too. Kristin explained that she chose to do this part purposefully because it challenges her and she can't always be the funny soprano. In the play Kristin plays the part of a woman who's in love with a man who's not available to her. She said she can relate to this character and took the part because it gave her time to heal from her own personal situation. Kristin talked with Rosie about the songs that she sings in the musical as well.

Rosie and Kristin joked about how much her youngest daughter Vivi looks like Kristin and how Vivi wants to look just like Kristin when she grows up. Rosie also said that Vivi loves Glee and Rosie can't keep her from watching it even if the subject matter is a bit old for her. Vivi has told Rosie that she wants to be an actress on Broadway and Rosie told Vivi that if she'd like to be in the chorus of Annie on Broadway Rosie would do it too and play Miss Hannigan! Rosie really wants to do it! Kristin then decided Rosie has to play that part. She said that Rosie was born to play that role.

Rosie talked with Kristin about how she was in complete shock when she won her Emmy for her television show when it was cancelled. No one knew why it was cancelled and she loved doing it. She loved the character and she was a bit heartbroken when it was cancelled. She compared it to the time she won the Tony and the show closed the next week. She said that's showbiz.

Kristin's mom battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy and then got a staph infection. But today she's happy to be cancer-free!

Rosie told Kristin all about her girlfriend Tracy and her adopted kids, some who have special needs. Kristin is adopted too!

They talked about an episode of Extreme Home Makeover that Kristin is going to be a part of that airs in October where they built a home for a family whose parents died after adopting six children with Down Syndrome. Kristin said that she was taping the show yesterday and it made her realize that that is what she should be doing with her fame and celebrity.

They talked for a little bit about Rosie's eldest son Parker who Rosie said is like a life-raft for her and the time they went to see Billy Elliot.

Kristin and Rosie talked about being adopted and Kristin said she personally has no desire to meet her birth mother but she understands when adopted kids feel that way. She said there are some medical issues she wonders about and she wonders who sings and who is only 4'11 but that's pretty much it. Kristin is actually thinking adopting right now and talking about it with someone special in her life.

Kristin and Rosie then laughed about the times that Kristin took Ambien and then twittered about adopting a Haitian child after the earthquake. She said she may do it but it's not going to happen tomorrow. Then onetime after seeing a scary news program about a person that died on a cruise ship she twittered that people shouldn't cruise or they'll never come back alive. Rosie suggested that perhaps Kristin just text Rosie when she feels the need to send these thoughts into the universe rather than tweeting them to all her fans.

After the commercial break Kristin, Rosie and Jeannie ate the Holy Cream donuts that they ordered and Kristin was eating Pete's! GASP! Jeannie said on a scale of 1-10 she gave it a 10 on the yummy scale!

Rosie closed the show saying that Cyndi Lauper will be on Rosie Radio on Thursday and Macy Gray will be on Rosie Radio on Friday!

and that's what you missed -kw


In case you missed it...

Bobby sang the Rosie Radio introduction this morning! Rosie then asked everyone what they did this weekend. Jeannie and her youngest daughter had a dance recital all day Saturday and Jeannie said she did fabulous! Jeannie said her daughter loves to perform. Then, since yesterday was Father's Day, Jeannie and her family went to a BBQ to celebrate the holiday. Only she and her husband had a big argument and Jeannie said the argument was entirely her fault. She "dissed" her husband in front of his mother, father and sister and she knew right away from his expression that she crossed the line with him. He slept downstairs last night and this morning she apologized and they made up.

Janette had a good weekend, too! She went out to dinner on Thursday night with Lisa G. and many other fabulous women! Then, over the weekend she did gardening and now she's sore from it.

Rosie said it's amazing how much "the person who planted the garden" can complain about people not helping her take care of it. So, Rosie is going to weed with Tracy after the show today and then she's going to tan by the pool. Then they had a brief discussion about how Rosie only tans on her front because she never sees her back. She tells Jackie she's wasting her time when she rolls over to tan her back. Until Jeannie said she notices how pale Rosie is when she leaves the room. Rosie took that as a tanning challenge!

Rosie saw Toy Story 3 and said it was great! She also cried during it. She said it was really beautiful and everyone in her family liked it but there was a really creepy baby-doll in it and a mean purple bear. Overall she said it was great writing and very funny. She said she loved the animated short before the movie too and it reminded her of going to the movies as a child. Rosie said she only went to the movies as a child when it was really hot because it was the only place with air conditioning. Rosie told a story of going to see Gone with the Wind with her family and remembered crying and then her father getting impatient with her. Rosie also watched the series finale of The Tudors last night. She talked about trying to get Vivi not to watch it because they were torturing a woman in it. Then she had to explain to her that in the olden days they used to stretch people if they didn't believe in God the right way. She was trying to get her not to watch.

Pete is officially having another baby girl! Pete had emailed the studio that the ultrasound technician slipped and said "she" in reference to the baby. And then, the technician referred to "his" feet. Barbara, Pete's wife, was convinced she saw the baby's penis and they were having a boy. But they were wrong, and the doctor said it is a girl for sure. Rosie said that Parker's birth mother had a sonogram and they were positive it was a girl too and then we all know how that turned out. They briefly discussed 3D ultrasounds which Pete hates because they're so clear you can see the the internal organs! He said it freaks him out. Janette was emailing Pete this weekend with baby names like "Janette," "Lenora" (a Barber family member who died of diphtheria when she was 12) and "Lil" (a Barber who died of typhoid!). Pete's wife likes Kathleen or Katherine. Pete said he has "exclusive naming rights" to this baby. Pete said when he and his wife were getting married she wanted five kids. He wanted two. He said he would agree to three only if he could name him/her. Pete said he was thinking a traditional name like Blanche, Sadie or Sylvia. Rosie doesn't like the name Sylvia because of the song Sylvia's Mother by Dr. Hook. They then played the song When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman by Dr. Hook and Rosie sang along.

Last night, Rosie watched Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. The staff discussed the movie and how they achieved the visual effects from the film. Rosie said she found it really interesting and captivating.

Rosie said that Blake lost his baseball game this weekend. In the bottom of the 5th, Blake's team was down by one run and Blake had a hit and then the coach waved him to third but he was tagged out. If he would have scored they would have tied the game!

Rosie said that she is going to see Christine Ebersole perform at Birdland in her Garage Band tonight!

Rosie also watched the premiere episode of the series The Real L Word last night on Showtime. The Real L Word of a reality show version of The L Word series. Rosie said the show made her happy that she doesn't live in LA and that she's not single. Rosie described the show to the studio and how the characters all go to gay bars and they're all "beautiful, skinny and trendy looking." Rosie said the show reminded her of the show Work Out starring Jackie Warner.

Rosie said that she had a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! After much thought and frustration over what to wear, Rosie has decided she has to forgive Eileen Fisher. Rosie said she had a "special guest" over to the house that she had to get dressed up for and she had on her expensive pants that she wore on the Oprah Winfrey show and a brand new t-shirt from Old Navy. Everyone said to her "Why did you wear that Tshirt?!" Rosie said without Eileen she doesn't have any tops to wear! Rosie said that Eileen wrote her a letter a few months ago and wished she could have a conversation with her. Rosie said she thinks she's going to call Eileen and make amends. Jeannie said that Eileen needs a "chubby rack" at the Nyack store. Rosie said that Eileen only carries the plus sized clothes in the Soho store.

Janette was happy to hear that Rosie was thinking of forgiving Eileen and said that there's nothing more commendable than forgiveness. Rosie said lately she's noticed everyone wearing Eileen Fisher and even Carole King was wearing Eileen Fisher at the James Taylor/Carole King concert!

Rosie thought she might have come on a little too strong for Eileen when they met the first time. Jeannie said that even Eileen's clearance stuff is too expensive for her. Rosie said she'd like to go back on TV and wear only Eileen Fisher. She wondered if Eileen would give her free clothes if she did that!

Bobby is completely beside himself because the apartment he lives in has bedbugs! Rosie asked for any listeners who have had experience with bedbugs to call in. Bobby explained that a couple months ago he got a letter that the building next to them has bedbugs and then recently he got a letter that a couple apartments in their buildings now have bedbugs. He's already itching and scratching just thinking about them. They talked about bedbugs and how they attack you at night. Brendan said that just the conversation was giving him palpitations. Brendan knows people who have had bedbugs and it basically ruined their lives! Brendan said if he got them he would have to move and burn his house to the ground.

During this conversation a rogue squirrel made an appearance on the ledge of the Rosie Radio studio. Bobby made a valiant attempt to mark the squirrel with pink cattle marking spray but missed most of the squirrel and sprayed everything else on the ledge!

Bobby's so worried he's going to get bedbugs and that he's going to have to move to a different country. They then took several callers about bedbugs. One caller had to dismantle their entire bed and spray 3 or 4 times and then set their bedroom back up again. One listener worked at a hotel who said you need to turn off all the lights and then use a blow dryer in between the mattresses. She said to then quickly turn the lights back on and see if the bedbugs had come out. One caller told a horrific story about the time he stayed at a hotel near Disney World (not a Disney hotel) that was infested with bedbugs and fleas. He and his family go to Disney World three times a year. Rosie chatted with him about Disney and why they love it so much. Rosie asked if the crowds bothered him and he advised not to go on the Extra Magic Hour Day and not to go during peak times of the year. Rosie said she went to Disney as an adult and she felt like it was disappointing. The caller said his wife cried when she went as an adult during her first visit because she never got to go as a kid. Rosie gave the caller Silly bandz for his kids and a $50 Visa gift card! My favorite book about traveling to Disney is the The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World! It gives tons of great advice about best times to go, how to beat the crowds and each and every ride is rated and described for you. Awesome if you have kids! Just sayin'.

Rosie and the crew then talked more about bedbugs and how they're resistant to a lot of extermination sprays now. Rosie was so incredibly creeped out by the conversation that she said that if Bobby gets bedbugs he has to burn all of his clothes before he can come back to work. Rosie even thought that Bobby had a few more marks on his arms than normal. Jeannie then talked about lice infestations in school.

An expert who works in NYC getting rid of bedbugs called in. The caller said that one way to get rid of them is to heat up the room to 160 degrees. She also suggested mattress covers to protect your mattress. She said to ask the building if they're spraying the hallways and the common areas.

Rosie said she was by the pool sunning and she looked down at her iPhone and it said "temperature" and just turned off! (My cell phone has done that). Rosie said she put it in the shade and it cooled off and it worked again.

Pete talked about having 3 girls and said that now he knows if he dies his wife can meet a man with 3 boys and have a real life Brady Bunch. Then he made a joke about not ever being allowed to be in the car with a woman with 3 boys and no one in his family thought that was funny. So, Pete and I can never drive anywhere together I guess! Pete said he wants to name his youngest girl Marsha because that's the most famous girl from the Brady Bunch (even though the youngest girl is named Cindy).

Rosie then introduced Josh and Brent from The Fabulous Beekman Boys! Dr. Brent Ridge was born and raised in North Carolina. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and he was Vice President of Healthy Living at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He writes for care2.com and The Huffington Post.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell was born in upstate New York and raised in Wisconsin. He is the New York Times bestselling author of "The Bucolic Plague," "I Am Not Myself These Days," and "Candy Everybody Wants." Josh is also a monthly columnist for OUT magazine and a contributor to NPR.

Rosie and the "boys" chatted about the show and what it is like to be on a reality show. Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, is a HUGE fan of the show. Josh and Brent are city guys who have been together for over 10 years. They found a house out in the country and decided to buy it. There's another farmer named "Farmer John" who had 30 days to find a place for his goats because he couldn't care for them anymore. The Beekman Boys took in the goats and Farmer John cares for them on their property.

Josh and Brent talked with Rosie about dating and how they met. One of the boys was a drag queen whose name was "Aquadisiac." Rosie told the Boys that Bobby used to be a drag queen too! His name was Beverly Hills! Brent talked with Rosie about what it is like working for Martha Stewart. They discussed the episode when he cleans his pigs for the festival. The Boys said that where they live is kind of the PTown of Upstate New York! They told Rosie about how they almost lost their farm in the recession.

Rosie told the Boys that she loves the show but there is too much "snippy gay fighting." The Boys said that they make out all the time but the show editors just edit it out. Rosie asked if the boys were married and they said as soon as it's legal in NY they will they will get married on the farm. One of the Boys said that they learned from an uncle that the secret in the relationship is to always have a project to work on together. They said that the farm is their project. Rosie told the Boys about her chickens and they said they don't have a chicken cam but they have a goat cam! They said that everything that they use on the farm they make on the farm and that's their ultimate goal. They also sell goat-milk soap that they make on the farm. Here is a LINK to the products that they sell!

Rosie told the Boys that she thinks the shows going to be a huge hit! She told them they need to get ready for fame like the paparazzi taking their photos and people commenting on their relationship all the time. She just advised that they don't read everything that is said and try not to take it all in. Rosie talked to the boys about how they need to remember to live their lives without being observed and wondering what the people observing are thinking about them. She said to try not to alter their behavior based on the cameras and what they think people might think. The Boys said that the show has been good for their relationship because it has been a sort of mirror back showing them their behavior. Rosie told them they are in a hard position because there are so few gay role models and what they do means a lot. She just recommended that they don't always show the "bitchy queeny side" all the time and to make sure the love comes through.

Rosie joked with the Boys about one of their episodes where they planned a Harvest Festival for Sharon Springs and how at first no one showed up! Then in the end, there was a huge turn out. The Boys have 124 goats and 60 acres. Their goat tender, Farmer John, was a little reluctant to be on the reality show. They said that Farmer John knows every single goat's name and how they're related and he is really proud of the goats.

Rosie wished the Boys continued success with their show and their farm. Tracy and Rosie want to come up and visit them sometime with all the kids! You can read more about The Fabulous Beekman Boys on their website HERE! The Fabulous Beekman Boys is on Planet Green on Wednesday's at 9:00pm EST.

Rosie and the staff talked about the Beekman Boys and how much they love the idea of eating what they are growing themselves. Rosie talked about Martha Stewart and when she first went to Martha's studio how she felt like she had gone to a parallel universe. Janette loves the idea of growing what you are eating because it gets us back in touch with where food came from. Janette said that everyone can farm and mentioned urban farming. Bobby said he is growing grapes, strawberries and pineapple on his apartment terrace! Pete joined a community share project near where he lives.

Rosie's phone rang and she took a call from the actress Polly Bergen who called her during the show. They discussed all the many movies Polly has been in and how Rosie once made Janette go see Cape Fear (one of Polly's movies) with her. Janette said that Cape Fear was horribly terrifying!

Pete then talked about a donut shop called Holey Cream. He said going there will change your life. Pete described the donut shop step by step and how you order your own unique donut. Pete said that they make cake donuts and you first get to pick out what kind you want. Then they have 3-4 different kinds of icing and they dip your donut into the icing and then top it with whatever toppings you want. THEN, they cut it in half and put their own homemade ice-cream inside! Pete said the donuts are "huge and awesome." Pete even took photos of the woman making it. He told the woman as she was making it that she was changing his life! It sounded like everyone was having orgasms in the studio while listening to Pete describe this process. Pete said that tomorrow they will be right down the block from Holey Cream at the Sirius studios in New York City!

Brendan started a game for the studio staff where they play a clip of a television theme song and the contestant has to guess what the name of the TV show is. The listener who called in to play met Rosie at the movie theater this weekend!

Jeannie: She got The Munster's theme song and she guessed it!
Bobby: He got the One Day At a Time theme song and guessed it!
Rosie: She got the Ally McBeal theme song and didn't guess it so she was OUT.
Pete: He got the Good Times theme song but couldn't guess it so he was OUT.
Janette: She got the Family Ties theme song and didn't guess it so she was OUT.
Jennifer (caller): got the Little House on the Prairie theme song but couldn't guess it so she was OUT.

Jeannie: got the Fraiser theme song but couldn't guess it so she was OUT.
Bobby: got the Mr Belvedere theme song but couldn't guess it so he was OUT.
No one could get the Mr. Belvedere theme song except Brendan and Lou so Rosie made them sing the entire thing and said it was due to the age difference.
Rosie gave the caller silly bandz as a consolation prize.

Rosie closed the show hoping her listeners get tan like her!

and that's what you missed -kw