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The cast of Memphis sang the introduction to Rosie Radio today! It was FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC! I believe the actors that sang were Derrick Baskin, J. Bernard Calloway and James Iglehart. Rosie talked to them briefly about winning the Tony for Best Musical and what it felt like. They said they "flipped out" when they found out that they won. Rosie talked to them briefly about their careers on Broadway and their experience with the show. Rosie Radio gave away Memphis CDs to the first 10 callers to today's show!

Rosie and the crew were at the Sirius "fish bowl" studios today in New York City! Cyndi Lauper walked by the fish bowl studio during the taping as well as Howard Stern, Gary Dell'Abate, Miranda Cosgrove. Rosie said it was Lou's birthday yesterday and she was upset that he kept it a secret! Jeannie said she would have cooked something yummy for him. Jeannie has been known to cook some amazing things for the members of the staff on their birthdays. Then Jeannie admitted that she secretly knew it was his birthday but wasn't allowed to make a big deal about it and she had made him secret brownies. Pete, who is NOT a good secret keeper, sent everyone on the staff an email entitled "Lou is a giant asshole." Pete said Lou robbed him of a cake opportunity! As punishment, Rosie then ate Lou's brownies because he kept his birthday secret. They described Jeannie's brownies (as Rosie ate them) and Janette talked about the diet brownies she once made with black beans. Pete said he gave Lou a Tom Seaver baseball card for his birthday.

Pete made a stop at the Holey Cream donut shop yesterday to pick up a menu and to try to get them to give them free items (which didn't work). He said they don't have a menu so he wrote down everything they offer. They make their own donuts and then they fill it with their own homemade ice cream. There are 36 flavors of ice cream (Pete wrote them ALL down and read them off!) to choose from. You pick your donut and then you choose an icing to dip it in, either vanilla, chocolate or caramel. Then you pick a topping (oreos, heathbar, sprinkles, etc.) Rosie picked a donut iced with vanilla with chocolate chip ice cream with mini chocolate chips on top. Jeannie picked a donut iced with caramel topped with heathbar crunch ice cream with heathbar crunch pieces on top. Pete chose a donut iced with chocolate stuffed with midnight mud pie ice cream and oreo pieces on top. Janette didn't order a donut because she ate a brownie yesterday and was still feeling guilty about it. Pete had the intern order for the show and said they would have them by the end of the broadcast!

Rosie then introduced actor, screenwriter and director Edward Norton who stopped by the Sirius studios to chat! Ed was there to promote his social networking charitable fundraising website crowdrise.com. Ed had worked with a lot of charitable organizations and he wanted to make it easier for young people to get involved so he developed CrowdRise. Ed said that anyone can go onto CrowdRise and design a webpage for their favorite organization in just a few minutes. I just did and it was really easy! They have over 2 million organizations in their database already so you can get signed up and start raising money for your favorite charity in a matter of minutes. Ed ran the NYC Marathon in order to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund. They raised 1.2 million dollars in 8 weeks using Twitter but he wanted to build a way so that anyone could do the same thing for their own favorite cause. Rosie talked to Ed about running the marathon and Ed said that he had planned to listen to his iPod the entire time but that the crowd inspired him to keep running. He ran the marathon in 3 Hours and 47 minutes! Right now CrowdRise is featuring some organizations that are focused on the oil cleanup in the Gulf.

Rosie and Ed talked a little about the oil spill and the enormity of it all. Edward said that people often disconnect themselves from nature and this is a big wake-up call that we are all connected. Ed went to Yale and Rosie said if they ever play scrabble together he has to spot her 50 points. Ed and Rosie talked about school, family, and making a career out of acting. Rosie told Edward the story about how she went on stage for 20 minutes the first time she did stand-up without any prepared material!

Ed said that he has two movies he's working on. One is with Robert Deniro (entitled "Stone"). Rosie told Ed she had Deniro as a guest on The Rosie O'Donnell show and said that Robert was a tough guest because he did not enjoy talking! Ed is also working with Brad Pitt on an HBO series about Lewis and Clark. Rosie said she thinks Brad gets more handsome exponentially with every kid he has.

Ed said that they have added Rosie's Broadway Kids to CrowdRise and Rosie said that she heard from the charity's director that they've been getting donations from it already! Rosie told Ed about her charity and how they started with 5th grade students in the poorest public schools and now these same kids are going off to college. Ed said that this is a way those kids can now give back to the charity that helped them!

Rosie asked Ed if he enjoyed directing and he does. He's not directing anything this year but said maybe next year.

Rosie and Ed talked some about their Irish heritage and Rosie said her father is from Tyrone, Ireland, and her mother is from Clare. Ed said the Nortons are from Limerick. Rosie said she is going to do an episode of Who Do You Think You Are and she's going back to Ireland to meet all of the people on her mother's side of the family! Rosie said she's only been to Ireland one time when she was a little kid. And that was right after her mother died and it was 1973 so it was a war zone. She hopes this time will be a better experience.

Rosie thanked Ed for the interview. You can join the Rosie's Broadway Kids Summer Intensive Fundraising project by clicking HERE! And here's a video of Ed talking about Crowdrise.com...

Deirdre and Janette admitted they were a little star struck by seeing Edward Norton! Deirdre even told Edward she enjoyed his film Death To Smoochy! Then Gary Dell'Abate walked by to go to the bathroom and Janette got really starstruck. Rosie said that Eminem's new CD "dropped" today and she was downloading it during the show.

Rosie said she saw Christine Ebersole perform at Birdland last night!. Pete admitted he has stood outside to listen to concerts there but has never gone in.

Jeannie and Rosie reminisced about the times they used to go to the Entenmann's bakery near their house and get the day old items on sale. Jeannie said her husband's first cousins all had the last name Entenmann's and she thought that meant she would get free stuff when they got married.

Rosie read a particularly mean comment that someone wrote to her about a picture she put up of herself with no makeup on. It said something like "For the love of God, put on some makeup dammit and let us see the Rosie we remember!" Pete said he prefers the real Rosie, the one without makeup! Rosie said that after The Rosie O'Donnell Show she took a picture of herself without makeup everyday for a year so she could remember what she looked like for real. Rosie wished she could exist on television in a middle ground somewhere between "completely fabricated" and nothing at all. And she was a little shocked because in the picture she put up of herself that this blogger was so offended by she thinks she looks good. Janette likes her pictures without makeup. Rosie said it's hard to be a public figure and have everyone comment on how she looks all the time - including her weight. Jeannie said she's often surprised by how much smaller celebrities actually look in person in comparison to how they look on screen. Janette agreed but said she wouldn't really know because she hates going to the theater because there are lots of people sitting, eating, chewing and breathing around her.

Then Spot, from the Covino and Rich show and the infamous Martha Stewart Cupcake Contest, walked by with the iPad that Rosie gave him. They all love him at Rosie Radio!

Rosie said after the concert last night she went out with Natasha Lyonne and 2 of her friends who are in their 30s. Rosie said she was tired because it was after 10:00 but they went back to her apartment in the city and hung out. She said they hung out in her apartment (that desperately needs to be cleaned) and she had a great time chatting with them because they are all so very smart.

And then, as they were just about to discuss how Jim Breuer is going to do a show for Rawdog(?) Miranda Cosgrove walked by! Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her role as Carly in the Nickelodeon show ICarly. Rosie asked if she would come in and do a quick interview and she did! Miranda just turned 17 and Rosie told her that Jeannie has a 17 year old too! Miranda said that she's been doing ICarly since she was 13 years old and acting since she was 3. She said when she goes to the mall, kids always come up and ask her about the show. Rosie told Miranda that her youngest daughter Vivi is convinced that ICarly is real life and not a TV show. Miranda has a tutor on the set and she hopes to go to NYU and study film in the fall. She said the hardest thing about acting is keeping up with her school work. Miranda doesn't have any siblings but she has a toy poodle named Pearl. Rosie and Miranda talked about the love of having small dogs. Rosie thanked Miranda for stopping in to the studio and having a chat with them!

Rosie told the listeners that ICarly is a big hit in her house. Jeannie was more excited about meeting Miranda than Ed Norton! Rosie said that her Ex Kelli told her that Vivi kept following Keke Palmer around on the Nickelodeon cruise. Pete commented how Keke would be a nice name for their next baby but then he said the name "Keke Mele" and said NO WAY.

Rosie said that bloggers have been writing in and suggesting the name Hazel to Pete for a name for his baby. Pete really liked that name! Pete said that when he and his wife got married they chose the hazelnut as their symbol. They tried to include hazelnuts in their thank you notes but they all popped out of the envelopes. He and his wife had planned to eventually get their wedding bands engraved with a hazelnut. Janette suggested "witch" as the first name and hazel as the second.

The staff talked about much they liked the energy of doing the broadcast in the Sirius NYC studios and the different feel of it. Rosie said that being at the studios reminds her that people actually listen to this show! Jeannie never listens to Rosie Radio because she doesn't have it in the car. Pete said that Stanley (Rosie's driver) could install Sirius in Jeannie's car for her because he installed it in Shoshana's! Rosie can't believe that people listen to the radio as a form of entertainment and talked to Janette about it. Janette said people listen to the show in the car and on their iPhones with headphones. Janette loves the radio and doesn't turn the TV on during the day or she feels guilty.

Rosie read another comment from a blogger named Don who loves the photos of Rosie without the makeup! The blogger who had written Rosie and said that she didn't look good in the picture was named Terry and he called in but Rosie said she didn't want to speak to someone who thinks she looks ugly without makeup.

Jeannie talked about how she had her hair done yesterday and it took 3 hours and she loves the downtime to relax!

Yesterday at the pool, Rosie wore her "flowery bathing suit" (the one she wore to the Memorial Day pool party that LOU didn't attend and Janette didn't go to because she doesn't like kids, pools or heat) and Rosie asked her kids what they thought about the suit. Blake told her that the suit was really bad and looked like a grandma bathing suit. Jeannie felt badly that she made Rosie feel bad and said it's mostly the matronly prints. Jeannie suggested animal prints. Rosie said it's hard for her because she really thought she looked good in the suit and said she must have distorted perceptions of her own body.

Janette talked about a parmesan and olive paste encrusted turkey cutlet that she made last night! She said you take olive paste, breadcrumbs and parmesan, then dip your turkey cutlet in egg and then in the batter. Then sear them in a pan for a few minutes on each side and it's delish!

Rosie then introduced actress Kristin Chenoweth! Rosie said she can't begin to explain how much she LOVES Kristin. Rosie first saw Kristin perform when she was in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown and Rosie said she KNEW Kristin was going to be a star.

Rosie and Kristin talked about being on Glee and how wonderful the show's creator Ryan Murphy is. Kristin said that Ryan Murphy, who she knows from Running with Scissors, wrote the part in Glee specifically for her.

Kristin told Rosie that she is obsessed with these things called cakepops and said she is having them sent to the staff. She described them as an individually wrapped lollipop with a piece of iced cake on the top. You can check them out on the website at Cakepops.com. Rosie then told Kristin all about Holey Cream!

Kristin said she is going back on Glee and she's thrilled about it. She said the show has been a gift to her because she was in drama and choir in school in a town that was obsessed with football. She said her only way to perform and to be appreciated was to be a cheerleader. So, she learned to lip sync the cheers of course so she wouldn't ruin her singing voice. She feels like Glee is making it cool to do theater. Rosie and Kristin talked about the characters on the show and Rosie said the boy who plays Kurt is saving the lives of gay teens! Kristin agreed. Rosie said there are a lot of kids who live on her block who are like Kurt.

Rosie said her children have never thought her fame was worth anything until she could get them backstage at the Glee concert. She told Kristin how amazing the live Glee show was. Rosie hasn't seen Kristin in Promises, Promises yet but Kristin said that Rosie's going to love it! She said that actor Sean Hayes was born to play this part. Kristin also said that the other actors in the play are fabulous too. Kristin explained that she chose to do this part purposefully because it challenges her and she can't always be the funny soprano. In the play Kristin plays the part of a woman who's in love with a man who's not available to her. She said she can relate to this character and took the part because it gave her time to heal from her own personal situation. Kristin talked with Rosie about the songs that she sings in the musical as well.

Rosie and Kristin joked about how much her youngest daughter Vivi looks like Kristin and how Vivi wants to look just like Kristin when she grows up. Rosie also said that Vivi loves Glee and Rosie can't keep her from watching it even if the subject matter is a bit old for her. Vivi has told Rosie that she wants to be an actress on Broadway and Rosie told Vivi that if she'd like to be in the chorus of Annie on Broadway Rosie would do it too and play Miss Hannigan! Rosie really wants to do it! Kristin then decided Rosie has to play that part. She said that Rosie was born to play that role.

Rosie talked with Kristin about how she was in complete shock when she won her Emmy for her television show when it was cancelled. No one knew why it was cancelled and she loved doing it. She loved the character and she was a bit heartbroken when it was cancelled. She compared it to the time she won the Tony and the show closed the next week. She said that's showbiz.

Kristin's mom battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy and then got a staph infection. But today she's happy to be cancer-free!

Rosie told Kristin all about her girlfriend Tracy and her adopted kids, some who have special needs. Kristin is adopted too!

They talked about an episode of Extreme Home Makeover that Kristin is going to be a part of that airs in October where they built a home for a family whose parents died after adopting six children with Down Syndrome. Kristin said that she was taping the show yesterday and it made her realize that that is what she should be doing with her fame and celebrity.

They talked for a little bit about Rosie's eldest son Parker who Rosie said is like a life-raft for her and the time they went to see Billy Elliot.

Kristin and Rosie talked about being adopted and Kristin said she personally has no desire to meet her birth mother but she understands when adopted kids feel that way. She said there are some medical issues she wonders about and she wonders who sings and who is only 4'11 but that's pretty much it. Kristin is actually thinking adopting right now and talking about it with someone special in her life.

Kristin and Rosie then laughed about the times that Kristin took Ambien and then twittered about adopting a Haitian child after the earthquake. She said she may do it but it's not going to happen tomorrow. Then onetime after seeing a scary news program about a person that died on a cruise ship she twittered that people shouldn't cruise or they'll never come back alive. Rosie suggested that perhaps Kristin just text Rosie when she feels the need to send these thoughts into the universe rather than tweeting them to all her fans.

After the commercial break Kristin, Rosie and Jeannie ate the Holy Cream donuts that they ordered and Kristin was eating Pete's! GASP! Jeannie said on a scale of 1-10 she gave it a 10 on the yummy scale!

Rosie closed the show saying that Cyndi Lauper will be on Rosie Radio on Thursday and Macy Gray will be on Rosie Radio on Friday!

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. "Rosie said she is going to do an episode of Who Do You Think You Are and she's going back to Ireland to meet all of the people on her mother's side of the family! " - Awesome!! I love that show and I am happy she's doing it!!

    I love Kristin, too!! And, I totally remember seeing her on Rosie's show back in the day.

    Oh, and if Rosie thought she looked good in her bathing suit, then she did! It's all about how ya feel, ;-)

    Thanks Kw!

  2. Holy Cow..... What a show I missed. I should have taken my laptop up to Tampa. But thanks for the detailed recap. You rock Kelly.

  3. Thanks for the recap Kelly! What a show! Rosie and Crew should do the fishbowl thing once a month. It's so much fun. And Spot really needs to make another appearance.....plus, The Broads from Broadminded.
    Alison (Ella)

  4. Thanks for the recap. I have been so sad that I can't listen to the show online in Canada easily. I had been bouncing back and forth from us and Canada sites, getting the free 7 day trial online, but the US one is now offering a fee for online, which because I am in Canada I can't subscribe to. In canada there is still only the trial one ( and I am running out of email addies to use), if they would get the online one here I would be so happy. Anyway finding your blog was fabulous. I read Rosies blog everyday and see the show topics and wish there was a way I could hear about it and now I have found you. I am working my way back now.

    I remember the time Kirsten was on Rosie's show. Loved her then, and love her now. I miss her show, and wish they could have given it more time.


  5. Sounds like it was a fun show. :-)

  6. Thanks for doing the re-cap. I can't always catch all of the show so I'm thankful that you do this when I just can't sit in my car in the driveway any longer. Rosie's show is the only reason I've kept my Sirius/XM.

  7. Rosie, I'm a teacher at the sleep away camp. Parker was so sweet when he saw my dog. You've done a very good job raising such a sweet kid. Hope he's feeling better about things here. By the way, I had no idea he was your son...I like that about him. :-) He's very unpretentious.