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Bobby sang the Rosie Radio introduction this morning! Rosie then asked everyone what they did this weekend. Jeannie and her youngest daughter had a dance recital all day Saturday and Jeannie said she did fabulous! Jeannie said her daughter loves to perform. Then, since yesterday was Father's Day, Jeannie and her family went to a BBQ to celebrate the holiday. Only she and her husband had a big argument and Jeannie said the argument was entirely her fault. She "dissed" her husband in front of his mother, father and sister and she knew right away from his expression that she crossed the line with him. He slept downstairs last night and this morning she apologized and they made up.

Janette had a good weekend, too! She went out to dinner on Thursday night with Lisa G. and many other fabulous women! Then, over the weekend she did gardening and now she's sore from it.

Rosie said it's amazing how much "the person who planted the garden" can complain about people not helping her take care of it. So, Rosie is going to weed with Tracy after the show today and then she's going to tan by the pool. Then they had a brief discussion about how Rosie only tans on her front because she never sees her back. She tells Jackie she's wasting her time when she rolls over to tan her back. Until Jeannie said she notices how pale Rosie is when she leaves the room. Rosie took that as a tanning challenge!

Rosie saw Toy Story 3 and said it was great! She also cried during it. She said it was really beautiful and everyone in her family liked it but there was a really creepy baby-doll in it and a mean purple bear. Overall she said it was great writing and very funny. She said she loved the animated short before the movie too and it reminded her of going to the movies as a child. Rosie said she only went to the movies as a child when it was really hot because it was the only place with air conditioning. Rosie told a story of going to see Gone with the Wind with her family and remembered crying and then her father getting impatient with her. Rosie also watched the series finale of The Tudors last night. She talked about trying to get Vivi not to watch it because they were torturing a woman in it. Then she had to explain to her that in the olden days they used to stretch people if they didn't believe in God the right way. She was trying to get her not to watch.

Pete is officially having another baby girl! Pete had emailed the studio that the ultrasound technician slipped and said "she" in reference to the baby. And then, the technician referred to "his" feet. Barbara, Pete's wife, was convinced she saw the baby's penis and they were having a boy. But they were wrong, and the doctor said it is a girl for sure. Rosie said that Parker's birth mother had a sonogram and they were positive it was a girl too and then we all know how that turned out. They briefly discussed 3D ultrasounds which Pete hates because they're so clear you can see the the internal organs! He said it freaks him out. Janette was emailing Pete this weekend with baby names like "Janette," "Lenora" (a Barber family member who died of diphtheria when she was 12) and "Lil" (a Barber who died of typhoid!). Pete's wife likes Kathleen or Katherine. Pete said he has "exclusive naming rights" to this baby. Pete said when he and his wife were getting married she wanted five kids. He wanted two. He said he would agree to three only if he could name him/her. Pete said he was thinking a traditional name like Blanche, Sadie or Sylvia. Rosie doesn't like the name Sylvia because of the song Sylvia's Mother by Dr. Hook. They then played the song When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman by Dr. Hook and Rosie sang along.

Last night, Rosie watched Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. The staff discussed the movie and how they achieved the visual effects from the film. Rosie said she found it really interesting and captivating.

Rosie said that Blake lost his baseball game this weekend. In the bottom of the 5th, Blake's team was down by one run and Blake had a hit and then the coach waved him to third but he was tagged out. If he would have scored they would have tied the game!

Rosie said that she is going to see Christine Ebersole perform at Birdland in her Garage Band tonight!

Rosie also watched the premiere episode of the series The Real L Word last night on Showtime. The Real L Word of a reality show version of The L Word series. Rosie said the show made her happy that she doesn't live in LA and that she's not single. Rosie described the show to the studio and how the characters all go to gay bars and they're all "beautiful, skinny and trendy looking." Rosie said the show reminded her of the show Work Out starring Jackie Warner.

Rosie said that she had a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! After much thought and frustration over what to wear, Rosie has decided she has to forgive Eileen Fisher. Rosie said she had a "special guest" over to the house that she had to get dressed up for and she had on her expensive pants that she wore on the Oprah Winfrey show and a brand new t-shirt from Old Navy. Everyone said to her "Why did you wear that Tshirt?!" Rosie said without Eileen she doesn't have any tops to wear! Rosie said that Eileen wrote her a letter a few months ago and wished she could have a conversation with her. Rosie said she thinks she's going to call Eileen and make amends. Jeannie said that Eileen needs a "chubby rack" at the Nyack store. Rosie said that Eileen only carries the plus sized clothes in the Soho store.

Janette was happy to hear that Rosie was thinking of forgiving Eileen and said that there's nothing more commendable than forgiveness. Rosie said lately she's noticed everyone wearing Eileen Fisher and even Carole King was wearing Eileen Fisher at the James Taylor/Carole King concert!

Rosie thought she might have come on a little too strong for Eileen when they met the first time. Jeannie said that even Eileen's clearance stuff is too expensive for her. Rosie said she'd like to go back on TV and wear only Eileen Fisher. She wondered if Eileen would give her free clothes if she did that!

Bobby is completely beside himself because the apartment he lives in has bedbugs! Rosie asked for any listeners who have had experience with bedbugs to call in. Bobby explained that a couple months ago he got a letter that the building next to them has bedbugs and then recently he got a letter that a couple apartments in their buildings now have bedbugs. He's already itching and scratching just thinking about them. They talked about bedbugs and how they attack you at night. Brendan said that just the conversation was giving him palpitations. Brendan knows people who have had bedbugs and it basically ruined their lives! Brendan said if he got them he would have to move and burn his house to the ground.

During this conversation a rogue squirrel made an appearance on the ledge of the Rosie Radio studio. Bobby made a valiant attempt to mark the squirrel with pink cattle marking spray but missed most of the squirrel and sprayed everything else on the ledge!

Bobby's so worried he's going to get bedbugs and that he's going to have to move to a different country. They then took several callers about bedbugs. One caller had to dismantle their entire bed and spray 3 or 4 times and then set their bedroom back up again. One listener worked at a hotel who said you need to turn off all the lights and then use a blow dryer in between the mattresses. She said to then quickly turn the lights back on and see if the bedbugs had come out. One caller told a horrific story about the time he stayed at a hotel near Disney World (not a Disney hotel) that was infested with bedbugs and fleas. He and his family go to Disney World three times a year. Rosie chatted with him about Disney and why they love it so much. Rosie asked if the crowds bothered him and he advised not to go on the Extra Magic Hour Day and not to go during peak times of the year. Rosie said she went to Disney as an adult and she felt like it was disappointing. The caller said his wife cried when she went as an adult during her first visit because she never got to go as a kid. Rosie gave the caller Silly bandz for his kids and a $50 Visa gift card! My favorite book about traveling to Disney is the The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World! It gives tons of great advice about best times to go, how to beat the crowds and each and every ride is rated and described for you. Awesome if you have kids! Just sayin'.

Rosie and the crew then talked more about bedbugs and how they're resistant to a lot of extermination sprays now. Rosie was so incredibly creeped out by the conversation that she said that if Bobby gets bedbugs he has to burn all of his clothes before he can come back to work. Rosie even thought that Bobby had a few more marks on his arms than normal. Jeannie then talked about lice infestations in school.

An expert who works in NYC getting rid of bedbugs called in. The caller said that one way to get rid of them is to heat up the room to 160 degrees. She also suggested mattress covers to protect your mattress. She said to ask the building if they're spraying the hallways and the common areas.

Rosie said she was by the pool sunning and she looked down at her iPhone and it said "temperature" and just turned off! (My cell phone has done that). Rosie said she put it in the shade and it cooled off and it worked again.

Pete talked about having 3 girls and said that now he knows if he dies his wife can meet a man with 3 boys and have a real life Brady Bunch. Then he made a joke about not ever being allowed to be in the car with a woman with 3 boys and no one in his family thought that was funny. So, Pete and I can never drive anywhere together I guess! Pete said he wants to name his youngest girl Marsha because that's the most famous girl from the Brady Bunch (even though the youngest girl is named Cindy).

Rosie then introduced Josh and Brent from The Fabulous Beekman Boys! Dr. Brent Ridge was born and raised in North Carolina. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and he was Vice President of Healthy Living at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He writes for care2.com and The Huffington Post.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell was born in upstate New York and raised in Wisconsin. He is the New York Times bestselling author of "The Bucolic Plague," "I Am Not Myself These Days," and "Candy Everybody Wants." Josh is also a monthly columnist for OUT magazine and a contributor to NPR.

Rosie and the "boys" chatted about the show and what it is like to be on a reality show. Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, is a HUGE fan of the show. Josh and Brent are city guys who have been together for over 10 years. They found a house out in the country and decided to buy it. There's another farmer named "Farmer John" who had 30 days to find a place for his goats because he couldn't care for them anymore. The Beekman Boys took in the goats and Farmer John cares for them on their property.

Josh and Brent talked with Rosie about dating and how they met. One of the boys was a drag queen whose name was "Aquadisiac." Rosie told the Boys that Bobby used to be a drag queen too! His name was Beverly Hills! Brent talked with Rosie about what it is like working for Martha Stewart. They discussed the episode when he cleans his pigs for the festival. The Boys said that where they live is kind of the PTown of Upstate New York! They told Rosie about how they almost lost their farm in the recession.

Rosie told the Boys that she loves the show but there is too much "snippy gay fighting." The Boys said that they make out all the time but the show editors just edit it out. Rosie asked if the boys were married and they said as soon as it's legal in NY they will they will get married on the farm. One of the Boys said that they learned from an uncle that the secret in the relationship is to always have a project to work on together. They said that the farm is their project. Rosie told the Boys about her chickens and they said they don't have a chicken cam but they have a goat cam! They said that everything that they use on the farm they make on the farm and that's their ultimate goal. They also sell goat-milk soap that they make on the farm. Here is a LINK to the products that they sell!

Rosie told the Boys that she thinks the shows going to be a huge hit! She told them they need to get ready for fame like the paparazzi taking their photos and people commenting on their relationship all the time. She just advised that they don't read everything that is said and try not to take it all in. Rosie talked to the boys about how they need to remember to live their lives without being observed and wondering what the people observing are thinking about them. She said to try not to alter their behavior based on the cameras and what they think people might think. The Boys said that the show has been good for their relationship because it has been a sort of mirror back showing them their behavior. Rosie told them they are in a hard position because there are so few gay role models and what they do means a lot. She just recommended that they don't always show the "bitchy queeny side" all the time and to make sure the love comes through.

Rosie joked with the Boys about one of their episodes where they planned a Harvest Festival for Sharon Springs and how at first no one showed up! Then in the end, there was a huge turn out. The Boys have 124 goats and 60 acres. Their goat tender, Farmer John, was a little reluctant to be on the reality show. They said that Farmer John knows every single goat's name and how they're related and he is really proud of the goats.

Rosie wished the Boys continued success with their show and their farm. Tracy and Rosie want to come up and visit them sometime with all the kids! You can read more about The Fabulous Beekman Boys on their website HERE! The Fabulous Beekman Boys is on Planet Green on Wednesday's at 9:00pm EST.

Rosie and the staff talked about the Beekman Boys and how much they love the idea of eating what they are growing themselves. Rosie talked about Martha Stewart and when she first went to Martha's studio how she felt like she had gone to a parallel universe. Janette loves the idea of growing what you are eating because it gets us back in touch with where food came from. Janette said that everyone can farm and mentioned urban farming. Bobby said he is growing grapes, strawberries and pineapple on his apartment terrace! Pete joined a community share project near where he lives.

Rosie's phone rang and she took a call from the actress Polly Bergen who called her during the show. They discussed all the many movies Polly has been in and how Rosie once made Janette go see Cape Fear (one of Polly's movies) with her. Janette said that Cape Fear was horribly terrifying!

Pete then talked about a donut shop called Holey Cream. He said going there will change your life. Pete described the donut shop step by step and how you order your own unique donut. Pete said that they make cake donuts and you first get to pick out what kind you want. Then they have 3-4 different kinds of icing and they dip your donut into the icing and then top it with whatever toppings you want. THEN, they cut it in half and put their own homemade ice-cream inside! Pete said the donuts are "huge and awesome." Pete even took photos of the woman making it. He told the woman as she was making it that she was changing his life! It sounded like everyone was having orgasms in the studio while listening to Pete describe this process. Pete said that tomorrow they will be right down the block from Holey Cream at the Sirius studios in New York City!

Brendan started a game for the studio staff where they play a clip of a television theme song and the contestant has to guess what the name of the TV show is. The listener who called in to play met Rosie at the movie theater this weekend!

Jeannie: She got The Munster's theme song and she guessed it!
Bobby: He got the One Day At a Time theme song and guessed it!
Rosie: She got the Ally McBeal theme song and didn't guess it so she was OUT.
Pete: He got the Good Times theme song but couldn't guess it so he was OUT.
Janette: She got the Family Ties theme song and didn't guess it so she was OUT.
Jennifer (caller): got the Little House on the Prairie theme song but couldn't guess it so she was OUT.

Jeannie: got the Fraiser theme song but couldn't guess it so she was OUT.
Bobby: got the Mr Belvedere theme song but couldn't guess it so he was OUT.
No one could get the Mr. Belvedere theme song except Brendan and Lou so Rosie made them sing the entire thing and said it was due to the age difference.
Rosie gave the caller silly bandz as a consolation prize.

Rosie closed the show hoping her listeners get tan like her!

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  2. SUCH a hilarious treat today... As they went to one of the final breaks today, Rosie broke out an oldie but a goodie... a song she used to sing on her old show that always cracked me up. This lovely little ditty here... :)


  3. thanks for the recap Kelly
    hearing Pete talk about the donuts and everyone's reaction was really funny
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