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James was sitting in on the panel today and Rosie asked him about his work-out regime. James is still working out at the gym and doing the P90X. Rosie asked him what he loves about the gym and James said he loves the gym because he likes to take care of himself. Rosie met James' partner at the Memorial Day party she had at her house (the one that Lou did not show up to) and she thought he was delightful! James' partner is not as physically fit as James which seemed to surprise Rosie. James quoted the genius artist Paula Abdul and said that "opposites attract." Plus James said the best thing about his partner is that he doesn't take James' shit! James said that recently his partner revealed to him that he wanted to lose 10 pounds so they've been walking together in the evenings. Rosie said that's what Tracy wants to do too - take walks together in the evenings.

James and his partner have been together for almost 8 years and his partner is 36 years old and 7 years older than James. He said they get along really well together and the only reason the relationship works is because his partner doesn't take his shit. James called himself a "control freak."

Rosie said that a woman whose mother died wrote in to her on the blog to confess that she was more upset about her dog passing recently than she was when her mother (who had severe dementia and was pretty awful to be around at the end of her life) died. Rosie didn't think that was weird at all and asked the group if they thought anything was weird about it. Bobby who absolutely adores his Chihuahua didn't think that was weird at all. He said there is something about the helplessness about animals, how they need humans to survive, that makes him feel very connected to them. Bobby admits that he treats his dog like a child. Janette said that she loves her cats that way but she sees them as her friends, not her children. She's pretty much anti-mother. She didn't have a mother and she's not a mother and even when the postman wishes her a Happy Mother's Day, it's everything she can do not to respond back to him about it. When talking about her love of her cats she showed the puncture wounds on her arms and her legs. Pete GASPED! Janette's cat Beastly wanted Janette to pet him the other night and she was busy working on her computer and so he attacked her ankles and bit her! Rosie asked Janette if she thought there was anything wrong with the fact that she gets attacked by her animals. Pete said that he's never bitten one of his supposed friends in the ankles! Janette and Barry rescued Beastly over 10 years ago and Janette said it was love at first sight. She said the attacks have gotten much better and he used to attack her almost every night between 2 and 3am. He would meow outside her door at night so she would let him in thinking "this time it would be different" and she would let him in the room and he would bite her! She doesn't really discipline her cat except for a spray bottle with water in it. Occasionally she will yell at him but she really really loves him! Janette also said that Beastly really does love her and she is his favorite human. The attacks got a bit better when she got him a friend named Bismark. And now she also has Whitey Brown who sleeps with her. James' take on the whole subject was that Janette's story sounds like one of an abused spouse and she has all the hallmarks of a battered woman. He thought perhaps she needed to go to counseling for it.

Pete said that he followed all of Sonya Fitzpatrick's advice about his cat - getting him pretty food dishes and a paw print pad for under the dishes, and changing his name - and his cat is still awful to him. James asked if Janette's cat bites can get infected. Janette said she thinks she's immune to him at this point. She suggested that there's a possibility that her cat is frustrated because they had him declawed. She didn't know about the horrors of declawing and now she feels horrible about it.

James is skived out by cats. Janette loves cats and so does Pete. Rosie said Janette may be like the Grey Gardens lady someday. Not good.

Rosie asked the staff what is on their bucket list? A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." Janette said she wants to live in another country for a year, she just doesn't know where yet. She said it sounds romantic and is thinking somewhere in the third world. Pete said Janette would like Southeast Asia. Janette loves Africa but isn't sure she wants to live there. On Bobby's bucket list was to ride in a hot air balloon. He's said it's something he's always wanted to do and that he's done everything else on his bucket list. Rosie's flown in a hot air balloon before and said the experience is a little scary because it's like you have a bunson burner near your head. Pete and Janette would never fly in a hot air balloon. Pete said it was because he would panic and he's not fond of heights.

One thing on James' bucket list was to win a Grammy in music production! Rosie asked him if he would thank her in his speech- "I would like to thank Rosie, Star of the Flintstones." Pete doesn't have anything on his bucket list. He's done it all! They asked him if he would like to meet William Shatner and Pete said it would be cool to meet him but that wasn't on his list. Pete said that if he only had 6 months to live he would continue to do what he's doing and he feels pretty complete with his life. Rosie wants to ride on the back of a jet ski with Laird Hamilton, the big wave surfer. Rosie shared that when her Ex Kelli turned 40, she jumped out of an airplane. Janette said she would NEVER do that but her boyfriend Barry has done it before and thought it was fantastic. He has also bungee jumped. Rosie said she always wanted to bungee jump but she's afraid she would lie about her weight to the man strapping her into the bungee and instead of bouncing back up she would just drop to the ground. Lou said he would like to follow Pearl Jam on tour for an entire year (then he said summer, then he said a month). He also wants to take this meditation class with his girl and someday he wants to go see The Jimmy Fallon Show. Rosie said that next time she goes on Jimmy, she will bring him with her!

Tracy thought holding a chicken would be on Rosie's bucket list but it was not. Janette also wants to go see the Mountain Gorillas. Rosie said that looks terrifying and couldn't understand why the threat of getting your face ripped off by a wild Gorilla was less scary to her than going up in a hot air balloon. Janette said that almost all of her bucket list goals involves travel. Rosie doesn't enjoy traveling and neither does James. Bobby and Janette love traveling.

Rosie said that she's still going to the dentist on a weekly basis and up to this point the dentist has finally finished working on her top teeth and now she's working on the bottom. This has been going on since the beginning of the show in November! Rosie said she'll be done with the dentist in The Year 2525 and they played the song.

Janette had an Either/Or Questions game! This went very fast and it was hard to tell who was saying which answer so I did my best. Here's how it went. Janette asked the staff to pick one...

Love or money? All the men said money and all the women said love.
Paper or plastic? Pretty much everyone said paper because it's reusable and then biodegradable.
Peanut butter: smooth or crunchy? Everyone (that I could hear) said crunchy. Janette only likes natural peanut butter. Then they started talking about Goobers and Rosie sang the Goober commercial from memory.
This then prompted the next question Goobers or Raisinettes. Everyone said raisinettes except Pete who doesn't like either. He wanted Kit Kat to be a choice.
Bagels or donuts? Rosie, Janette and Bobby said bagels. James said he could go either way. And Pete enthusiastically said donuts!
Would you rather: lose your hair or lose your teeth? Everyone said hair. Janette said that Rosie has already lost her teeth.
Ketchup or mustard? James and Rosie said neither. Bobby said mustard and talked about the amazing mustard he brings back from Holland that he gives to guests who visit his apartment. He gave some to Janette the last time she came over and Rosie got jealous that they were hanging out! Pete said bacon mayonnaise is better. Rosie agreed and said it's like B.L.T. without all the trouble.
Miracle Whip or Hellmann's. Everyone said Hellmann's and Rosie thought that Miracle Whip should be outlawed.
Medium-well or well-done? Rosie likes medium-well. Janette said she likes her meat cooked like an old shoe. She said if you really start to look at the meat industry you'll want to start shopping locally.
How would you rather die: be burned alive or drown? Janette said drown. Bobby didn't want either choice! After pressuring Bobby he picked being burned alive because he can't even stand being in the car or on an airplane and not feeling the air blowing. He said it makes him feel like he's suffocating. Oh, and Janette had a tip about death! She said if you're being burned alive you should inhale as much smoke as possible so you pass out before you die! Good plan.

Then it was time for coffee talk with JAJERO - Jackie, Jeannie and Rosie. And Jackie's 17 year old daughter Katie was in the studio to visit! Rosie asked Katie all about her life. Katie just got a 1300 on her first try at the SATs! Jackie only got a 1260. Rosie asked Jackie if that makes her feel inferior to her daughter or happy. Jackie said she's competitive in games but wants her kids to do better in life than she did. Katie wants to go to UCONN. She felt most at home there and the boys were pretty cute! Rosie asked her to rate how boy crazy she is on a scale of 1-10. Katie said she's probably about a 6. She then asked her to rate her daughter Chelsea and Katie gave her a 9! Rosie wasn't very boy crazy (surprise, surprise) and said that without Jackie in her life she wouldn't have passed Spanish. Rosie asked Katie what it is like to have a mom with 2 such close girlfriends who have been in her life forever. Katie said she wants to have what they have but she doesn't. Rosie said she didn't realize how unique their friendship was! Jackie said her mother can't believe they see each other as much as they do and they continue to lay in the sun together to get tan! They talked for a while about Jackie's father who kept himself busy growing cannabis and drinking beer all day as he laid in the sun and got extra tan. Jackie's father mastered the luggage-look.

Jeannie said she's waiting for the day that she's the best looking one of the 3 of them and they said she always was! Then they started ganging up on Jeannie because she was the prettiest and Jeannie said this was only the second time that they did a JaJeRo segment and they always gang up on her!

Jeannie then told a very funny story about drinking too much wine with her husband and him calling the ice cream man to see if he would make a special trip to their house. Then the ice cream man drove by and her husband tried to get him to give him a business card so he could call him for deliveries.

Rosie asked Katie if she was embarrassed by them the night they went out to dinner. Katie was there with 2 of her friends at a table nearby. She wasn't really embarrassed and said it was just funny. Especially when Rosie had a few too many and told Katie's friends she used to be very famous and she could drink a lot because she was very fat.

Rosie asked Katie what her plans were for the summer and Katie said working at Dairy Queen and taking some trips. Rosie asked Katie if she thought the story about the 16 year old girl that tried to sail around the world was gross negligence on her parents part. Katie asked, "What does that mean?" Rosie explained it as " bad parenting." She said no, that she thought it was just a publicity thing like in the case of the balloon boy story. Rosie asked Katie if her mom is too overprotective and Katie said no. She asked her if she was going to miss her mom when she goes off to college and she said yes, at first. Rosie asked Katie if she had a boyfriend and she does not.

Rosie told Katie the story of why she chose Dickinson College - because they had leaf blowers and it looked like a college. She said that when she got there she was intimidated though because everyone was smarter than her.

After all this line of questioning Jeannie said she would never bring Toni in because she would have no filter!

Then Rosie and Jackie, the original mean girls, told a story about how they used to secretly plan their outfits in elementary school and then tease this girl named Lauren that she was the odd girl out because she wasn't wearing the same color as them. They would also tease another girl because she was born yellow and another girl because she was breast fed. Then they both went on to have babies who suffered from jaundice, I'm just sayin'.

Rosie and Katie ended the interview talking about what Katie wants to be when she grows up, a special education teacher because she loves kids and kids love her.


Rosie Radio reaired the Kindra Areneson interview from the show that aired on June 7th 2010. If you haven't heard it you need to listen...

Rosie Radio then replayed the Mobius Technologies interview that aired on June 10, 2010.

A Mobius Technologies Video

If you want to support Mobius Technologies and what they are trying to do, here is what you can do:
Contact the following people and ask them (nicely) to get the EPA to allow the use of loose oil-sorbent material. Please remember that it will not be helpful to make angry calls to the contact people. Instead, express how terribly sad and deeply concerned you are for the people and wildlife in the Gulf. Be polite and seek to enlist these officials to be on our side. It is the volume of calls and emails that will be the most effective way to get their attention not the anger in your tone.

Contact Information :
Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator Environmental Protection Agency

Governor Charlie Crist (State of Florida)
Press Office: 850-488-5394
Citizen Services Hotline: 850-488-4441
Executive Office of the Governor Switchboard: 850-488-7146

Governor Haley Barbour (State of Mississippi)
Chief of Staff - Paul Hurst: 601-576-2038
Press Secretary - Dan Turner: 601-576-2009

Executive Office Contact Phone Numbers

Governor Bobby Jindal (State of Louisiana)
Chief of Staff - Timmy Teepell 225-342-7015
Press Office: 225-342-8006
Governor’s Office: 866-366-1121

Commissioner of Conservation - James H. Welsh: 225-342-5500

Brendan then introduced the More Cowbell Game! He would play a clip from a song with a cowbell in it and you had to guess either the song or the artist. Here we go...
James: he got the song Low Rider by War and didn't know it. Pete stole.
Bobby: he got Honky Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones he didn't get it.
Janette: she got Mississippi Queen and no one got it except my husband who was listening in the kitchen.
Pete: he got Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc and he guessed it! They played the song and Pete sang along.
Rosie: She got Drive My Car by the Beatles. Pete got it again!

James: he got Hey Ladies! by the Beastie Boys Pete got it again! He was then crowned "Cowbell Pete."
Bobby: he got FunkyTown but couldn't guess it.
Janette: she got Creedence Clearwater Revival Down on the Corner. She didn't get it, I don't think.
Pete: got Lady Maramalade. I think he got it but they were going fast at this point!
Rosie: got The Ohio Players Love Rollercoaster. No one got it.

Rosie said this game was not fun but Cowbell Pete said it was awesome and he loved it!

Rosie closed the show wishing everyone to have a good weekend and reminding everyone to use sunscreen that does not cause cancer.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. My vet told me when my cat bit me by accident (long story... it had been attacked by a dog and I was trying to grab him and get him away) that cat bites very easily get infected because of bacteria in the cats mouth. We both were on antibiotics for about 10 days. Him for his dog bite, and me for my cat bite.


  2. I was house sitting once and the cat who lived there bit me [no I didn't Do ANYTHING to him--he was deranged] and my friends insisted I should go to the doctor, despite it being a domestic cat w/ all his shots. I called and was told to come in the same day, was given antibiotics and a tetnus shot. Turns out "Cat Scratch Fever" isn't just a stones song but where your lymph nodes can swell up for up to 6 weeks. I was lucky and didn't get it but I'm careful around felines now.

  3. hmmm, I wonder who her special guest was?

  4. Dawn/Richmond/BCJune 18, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Kelly- I know you don't have inside scoop, but I'm with Tracy above, who her special guest was last night? LOL! I need a life I think.

  5. i was wincing reading about beastly... the exact reason why i dislike cats! living with that animal would literally be my worst nightmare. beastly is lucky that janette loves him so...

    jeannie, jackie and rosie are so fortunate that they have remained so close after so many years. it is rare!

    thanks, kw! xo

  6. me,too...who was the special guest?
    are you really getting paid by rosie? i hope so.
    love thaT you do this. have a great weekend.

  7. Kendra's story made me cry. God help us all.

  8. i've been away and have missed the shows
    catching up here on the recap blog

    Congrats to you Kelly!

    It was great to read that you are getting paid for doing this amazing recap blog!

    i so agree Liz that jeannie and jackie and rosie are so fortunate to be life long friends

    i love listening to them share their stories about growing up and all the people they went to school with and neighbours etc.....even when you don't have a clue who they are talking about it is really funny.....i wonder if they listen to the show?

  9. During a visit to the vet for my pregnant cat (another long story), the cat panicked when she heard someone turn on a shaver and she turned and bit my hand. The next day, I was trying to write a cheque and couldn't hold a pen because my hand felt numb. Luckily the salesclerk asked me if, by chance, I had been bitten by a cat and then she sent me to the nearest walk-in clinic. That cat saliva is some serious stuff. Heavy antibiotics for 10 days...oh, and the cat had 5 kittens....and she also got FIXED!
    Alison (Ella)

  10. My guess for their special guest is Sharon Gless - check out the current header photo.

  11. There was a photo of Glessy on Rosie's front page, so maybe that was the special guest!

    : ) P

  12. if it was glessy, she would have talked about it thursday.