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Bobby sang along to the Rosie Radio theme song Broadway style! Rosie then said, "Good morning, Baltimore!" which started a long discussion about the Broadway musical and movie Hairspray. Rosie explained that she absolutely loved Hairspray on Broadway, so much so that she called Marc Shaiman crying! Then she was anxious anticipating and waiting for the movie to come out. She took her kids on opening day to the movie and was so disappointed. Adam Shankman directed the film who was also her choreographer when she was in the Flintstones. Rosie had such high hopes for the film because she loved the play so much but she was disappointed. She wrote to Marc and said that she didn't think the movie was that great and if she ever sees Adam Shankman, she's going to kill him (because he was the director and she expected much more). Deirdre and Janette LOVED the movie Hairspray. Bobby thought that since they saw the play first and it was so spectacular the movie couldn't produce the same experience as you can get in a live theater. Then, one day Rosie ran into Harvey Fierstein and Harvey told Rosie that Mark wasn't talking to Rosie because of what she said to him about the film. Then Vivi walked into the studio who had been at Rosie's ex's Kelli's for a while. Rosie was so excited to see her and had her come over and give her a kiss. Then Blake walked in too. Rosie asked Blake if he was excited about his tournament on Saturday and he said that he was. She asked them if they had been out to see the chickens yet and then told Blake that Jackie (who's Blake's tutor) was going to come to the house today to do their work. Blake groaned. Vivi was excited and asked if she could study with Jackie too! :) So, Rosie wrote to Marc and told him that Harvey told her that he was upset with her. Marc wrote Rosie back and was mad. Really mad and wrote back something pretty mean. Janette talked about her frustrations that people hold grudges over things that are said in the heat of the moment. Rosie said she was so excited that Hairspray was being done by "the gays" and thought "the gays" could have done it better. She still feels bad she hurt Marc's feelings though. She was really upset about it at the time and cried to Kelli about it (whom she was with at the time).

Rosie had dinner with Robin Quivers last night and had a fantastic time. She said Robin was smart, compassionate, kind and open-hearted. Rosie said she didn't give Robin a moment to eat because she asked her so many questions. Rosie said Robin was so forthcoming with advice and details about her own experience with food. Robin told Rosie that becoming healthier is "an evolution not a revolution." She said the changes you make don't have to be everything right away, all at once. Janette thinks Robin is fascinating. They also love her laugh and amazing voice. Rosie and Robin also talked about their frustrating years they spent on terrestrial radio. Janette said the movie Private Parts is a great portrayal of what Robin and Howard went through in their careers.

Someone mentioned that Robin also used to be in the Armed Forces. This then started a discussion about how great men and women look in uniform and who's uniforms are hottest. Deirdre said that Marines are sexy! Janette said she bets Robin was hot in her uniform. Rosie said she didn't know Janette had a yearning for women in uniform?! Janette explained that she's not "hot" for women in uniform but she can appreciate beauty. Janette said 2 of the sexiest things to her are uniforms and hereditary titles. She said a hereditary title is the only thing that would ever make her marry. Rosie has no interest in hereditary titles. Janette said she always wanted HRH (her royal highness) after her own name.

Rosie asked Janette how she's feeling about the upcoming 2 month deadline she set for herself about stopping marijuana. Janette said she never thought she would feel this satisfied quitting. Rosie asked what she thought was the reason why this time she decided to quit? Janette said it was because they discussed it and she made the commitment on the air. She said she has accountability now. Rosie then made a joke about the 7 listeners who actually hear what they have to say and Robin even feels sometimes that no one is really ever listening. Rosie said that at the James Taylor/Carole King concert two nights ago three people came over to her and said, "I listen to you on the radio!" Jeannie's response was "SO THERE'S THE ONE LISTENER!" Janette thinks this is because Rosie wasn't really a radio listener before the show but Janette was. She listens to Howard every morning and she listens to replays of their show. She also listens to Morning Jolt and Broadminded (Rosie and Janette love the women from Broadminded). Janette said that her friend and coauthor of Embracing Your Big Fat Ass: An Owner's Manual, Laura Banks has been trying to get Janette to take supplements for years. Janette's biggest reasons for smoking marijuana were insomnia and anxiety. She said the supplements are really working for her so she doesn't have the same need for pot. Rosie asked Janette if she wanted a party to celebrate her two month goal being made and Janette said yes to any reason for a party!

Rosie asked the staff if any of them had seen the Fabulous Beekman Boys last night? Rosie explained that for the past three weeks her girlfriend Tracy has been counting down the days until the show's premiere. Rosie said that Tracy's favorite show is Living with Ed on Planet Green. Tracy was so excited for last night. Rosie also had a fundraiser for her foundation Rosie's Broadway Kids last night so she had to be sure and not to interrupt Tracy during the show. Rosie explained the premise of the Fabulous Beekman Boys and said she would like to have them on the show! Deirdre said that she could book them and they also have their book The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentleman Farmers. She told Rosie to give it to Tracy. Rosie said the show is on every Wednesday night and Janette suggested that they watch that show as a group and discuss it since they all couldn't stand Last Comic Standing. Janette said that they could all get ideas from the show about how they can become more green. Rosie recommended Janette just have lunch with Tracy if she wants ideas! Rosie said there was a part in the show when one of the men wanted to have a harvest festival and the "really anal one" wanted to clean the pigs before the party. Deirdre said she totally would have done that too. Rosie then talked about her chickens and how they like to have a dirt bath after they eat. She said they all go out to the chicken coop for a show every night.

Theeeeeeeen, Rosie said something about a special guest coming to the house. She was talking to her kids who were in the studio and she told them they weren't allowed to say who it was on air but that she wanted the house to be really clean for the visit. She also didn't want her Chihuahua sitting on her lap because she didn't want dog hair on her clothes. She asked Chelsea if she was nervous and Chelsea said No. Rosie said if it was Taylor Lautner, she'd be primping right now. Rosie said she was nervous. Hmmmmm. Who could it be?!? My guess is Oprah. Michele guesses Tom Cruise. Who would make Rosie nervous and motivate her enough to do hair and makeup? Who's your guess?!

Then Rosie played and discussed the video below of Congressman Bob Etheridge.

Rosie asked what the difference is between what this man does and the words of Helen Thomas. She asked why what he has done is so forgivable and what Helen has done (and apologized for) so unforgivable.

Then Rosie interrupted this conversation to say there is BIG NEWS on the Google Pete front: it's a girl! He must have texted or emailed Rosie during the show and said the the doctor let it slip at the ultrasound.  UPDATE! But if you check the comments, Pete commented that the doctor first referred to the baby as a girl and then referred to the baby as a boy (but the second text was never read on air).  So, basically all we know is it's either one or the other.  At least it's not a dragon.

Then it was back to the Bob Etheridge vs. Helen Thomas discussion. Janette suggested that Helen crossed a "politically correct" line and that's what made her offense unforgivable. Deirdre said that if a celebrity grabbed a person by the back of the neck like that there would be a lawsuit! Rosie just thought it was so interesting that we have such different standards for what is acceptable and what is not and wondered why that is. Brendan suggested that the press corp didn't react to Helen Thomas's situation in outrage because the news stations jockeying over her seat at the White House press conferences. He said there wasn't anything for them to gain in order to defend Helen Thomas. Janette said we live in a culture of vultures that just like to swoop down on what anybody does. She said she has at least 16 bad moments a day (and Bobby said it was MUCH more than that). Then the conversation then led to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Janette talked about fighting over land in Congo governments. Rosie asked why it is "THE Congo" and Janette said that we think it's THE Congo because of Tarzan. She asked if anyone could do the Tarzan yell and Rosie did it!

Rosie said that at dinner with Robin last night, they discussed how one learns to take care of themselves and how once we feel at a certain age, it's too late to get educated and change. Robin did it in her 50s and Rosie was inspired by that that there is still hope for her. Rosie said it's hard for her to give healthy eating another shot because she's tried so many times and failed. Deirdre said that if Rosie makes it all about weight, she will fail. She said it shouldn't be a diet, it should be a lifestyle change. During TROS Deirdre went on the Zone diet and went through withdrawals when she cut out the processed stuff. But she said that once she got through that, she didn't miss it anymore. Janette said that her friend Laura goes to the Optimum Health Institute and does a fast and by the end of it she's a new person! Rosie said she thinks she would like to try that. Deirdre said that once you get passed the detox you're better and you don't have the desire to eat that bad food anymore.

When Janette was at Women on Fire Retreat a woman did panel on self-care. She asked the audience if your self-care was a hotel, what hotel would you be. Janette said she thought her self-care was equivalent to a Knights Inn at the time. (aka a nasty rat bag) She said she's since upgraded her self-care to a Holiday Inn Express. Rosie said she would be a Knights Inn too. Janette said ideally she would like to be The Pierre or The Plaza. Bobby said he would be The Luxor. Deirdre would be above a Holiday Inn but below The Pierre or The Plaza. She said her goal is to be The plaza because she's starting Jenny Craig and going back to the gym! They then took several callers to discuss weight loss, cleanses and fasts.

Janette said she has gone seven days without eating but decided she better start eating once she started fainting! It kick started her weight loss and she lost 50 pounds in 2 months eating 2 scrambled eggs and grapefruit juice a day. Deirdre has done the master colon cleanse and said it was awful but afterward she felt fabulous. They had some discussion on whether there's an actual physical addiction to food and sugar.

Rosie said she was at the dentist (again) yesterday and that every time the dentist takes off one of her old crown she gasps. She said her dental correction is going to be a long hard journey and the dentist told her that her next appointment is going to be a really bad one. Rosie said she was watching the World Cup and she thought there was something wrong with the audio on the television in the dentist's office. She said the horns that they play sounded like a swarm of bees.

Then Rosie's eldest Parker walked in! Rosie asked Parker, "Parker, how come when I call you and text you you do not reply? Why don't you write me back?" He said he didn't have his phone with him at the time she texted him. Parker is going on an rfamily vacations cruise to Europe. He's working while he's there for rfamily and doing some appearances. He's also going to a "summer sleep away get ready for high school camp" and not looking forward to it. Rosie told him that she will come up and visit him on the weekends and his response was "Yippee!" Parker said that his mom likes to fight with the GPS and lose. He told a story about when he was in third grade and they were coming home from his class trip to Upstate New York and Rosie refused to follow the GPS directions because she thought they were wrong. Next thing they knew they saw a big sign that said "Welcome to Pennsylvania!" Janette thinks it's funny that Rosie hates to be told what to do so much that she won't even listen to the GPS. Parker said he's going to video tape her the next time she argues with the GPS.

Rosie asked Parker if he was nervous about going to Europe and he said he doesn't get nervous about traveling. Rosie asked him if he knows what he wants to be when he grows up and he doesn't know yet, he's only 15. Janette asked him if he studied any languages and he knows a little German. He spoke a little in German for them. Rosie asked Parker if he thinks kids text too much. He said No. She asked him if he thinks kids are addicted to texting. He said NO. She asked him if kids spend too much time texting and not in the moment. And he said NO! I guess we know how Parker feels about texting! lol

Then Rosie teased the listeners again with who is coming to the house! She asked Parker if he knew who was coming over to the house in the next hour and asked him if he was nervous. He was not nervous. She asked him not to say anything to embarrass her and he said, "It depends, can I have a Facebook?" LOL

Rosie said when they were doing press for her film A Family Is A Family Is A Family, Parker gave a beautiful reply about his mother and then turned around to her and said, "Now can I have a Facebook?" lol A listener called in whose 17 year old daughter has a HUGE crush on Parker! Parker said hello to her and she started crying! Her mom was on the phone and said that her daughter was shaking and crying and smiling. Parker told the girl (who never actually spoke because she was speechless) to have a good summer. Rosie told Park he's a little rockstar.

Rosie asked Chelsea if she should ask for listener's teens who have crushes on Chelsea if they should call in and Parker said "No, because it won't end well." Apparently, Parker is quite protective of his younger sister! For example, Parker told the story of this one boy that broke Chelsea's heart. He and this boy were playing a "friendly" game of football with friends and Parker tackled him a little harder than he would have and said to him, "My sister says HI."

Rosie then introduced actress, comedienne and Commack Alumna - Julie Halston! Julie told Rosie about her mother who still lives in Commack who she said is "comedy gold." She said she's "very opinionated yet has no information" and has opinions about everything yet she often messes up the facts. Her favorite restaurant is the new Applebees in Commack and they talked about all the dining joints in the area that they grew up around and frequented. They discussed yearning to be a Dix-Hill Jew when they were growing up and longing for their own pool in the backyard.

Rosie asked if Julie got to see a lot of Broadway growing up and she did. Julie said her mother was obsessed with show-business and even dragged them to West Side Story - the movie. Julie and Rosie also talked about Julie's friend Charles Busch who Rosie called "one of the best playwrights around." Rosie called him a gifted, talented, lovely man. Julie credits her entire career to Charles and she told the story about the time that they met in 1983. Rosie and Julie talked about the old stand-up days and what it was like to perform at some of the seedy nightclubs that they used to go to.

Julie said she was out with Love Loss and What I Wore director Karen Carpenter last night and she says "Hello!" Rosie performed in Love, Loss and What I Wore in 2009 and Julie recently performed in it this year! They discussed the play and the other actresses that Julie worked with including Doris Roberts. Doris liked to keep reminding Julie that she had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Julie called her an icon. Rosie and Julie loved doing Love Loss and What I Wore and talked about what a fun show it was to do.

Julie told Rosie about meeting her husband Ralph Howard from 10 10 Wins. She attributes the gay community for how she not only got a career but how she found her voice and her husband! She called him a mix between Steven Sondheim and Cary Grant with a fantastic voice.

Julie then told the story about how someone gave her a Joan Crawford's My Way of Life . Julie said she started reading it and couldn't put it down and said that it was comedy gold. She realized she had to read this every day of her life because Joan says the craziest things in the world. Then she thought she would take it to the stage and the people went berserk! She really started a craze and now everybody's doing it. Julie then read an excerpt from Joan Crawford's book in the voice of Joan Crawford! It was hilarious!

Rosie asked Julie what her best memories are from Commack and Julie talked about the Smithtown Bull. She said they used to hitchhike to the bull (and she wasn't even drunk!) and they would climb on the bull and laugh. She said it was sad and there weren't a lot of options for having fun back then in Commack. Here is a link to Charles and Julie's YouTube channel! And here's an Interview With Charles Busch and Julie Halston About Charles Busch's New Play The DIVINE SISTER which opens in September, 2010.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. thanks for the update, kel!! :) i am wondering who the "mystery guest" was???

  2. I really think its Barbara Streisand coming to Rosie's house. Who else could it be? Think about it and if someone knows please post the answer. I am dying to know. lol

  3. This mystery person..My first thought was Michelle Obama ...lol i know crazy thought. Oprah is a good one..Tom Cruise could also be in NY promoting his movie..I like that one as well. Maybe she will post a picture , or maybe not , so this mystery will continue.

    Congrats to Janette...If that is all it took to get her off her " issue"...I would like to call into the show as well!..So all the 7!( hundred thousand) listeners can hear me make a commitment to stop eating junkie. ( I luv my carbs daily and can't live without them!)..

  4. I'm also really excited about the 'mystery guest!' I agree, Barbara makes sense! SO EXCITED IF THAT'S GOING TO BE TOMORROW'S INTERVIEW!!

  5. Love this blog!Read it everyday, Great job Kelly.

  6. i just wonder if the guest is gonna be on the radio?? - david

  7. Dawn/Richmond/BCJune 17, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Kelly- I hope we get to find out who the mystery person is coming over to Rosie's. I hope it's Oprah! I bet she's in South Africa right now though. Why would the kids be excited??? Things that make you go Hmmmmm??? LOL! Love the update always. Hi Heidi!!!

  8. RE--Beekman Bros:
    I've been a fan of Josh's since he was a drag queen in Atlanta. He wrote an excellent book called I Am Not Myself These Days that I stumbled upon in an airport bookstore. Interesting read!

  9. Mystery Guest guesses: 1. Oprah 2. Tom Cruise 3. Martha Stewart (clean house, perfect house) 4. Gloria Steinem 5. Barbra Streisand 6. Helen Thomas 7. Rachel Maddow (my dream guest)

    Lovin' the blog Kelly!

    Alison (Ella)

  10. I don't think it would be Oprah just because I can't see why she would be a guest. It sounds like someone she REALLY admires, much more than your average celebrity, and the only logical guess I could come up with is Streisand.

  11. My guesses are Oprah, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray or Barbara Walters ....

  12. My guess to the mystery guest is Carole King or Miley Cirus

  13. Hi, It's Pete here....

    Just to clarify- the doctor first said "you can see her face" while pointing at the sonogram, so I emailed and said that.. Then the doctor said "and here are his feet".... I emailed that too, but I guess it didnt' make it on air.. SO- for the record, it's still a mystery..

  14. I think it will be Barbara or Oprah. So cool. Great recap Kelly. Thanks!!
    PS Pete this is what I said during Shady Chat. I know doctors know how to not say anything. How cooooooool!