In case you missed it...

•  Each member of the studio- Rosie, Janette, Jeannie, Google Pete and Deirdre- talked about how they spent the Thanksgiving holiday.  Janette and Pete were wearing snuggies in the studio and Janette thought the company needs to come out with a bigger one.  They then discussed the latest celebrity gossip stories in the news this weekend regarding the David Hasselhoff drama about him being released from rehab and the Tiger Woods story about how he was injured in a car wreck this weekend.  All members of the studio agreed that the media needs to focus less on these types of stories and more about what is important in the world today.

•  Rosie tried a Chelada while she was in Texas this weekend which is tomato juice, clam juice and beer.  Its her new favorite drink!

•  The new series of Intervention and Hoarders premieres tonight on A&E.  Tune in because they will be talking about it on tomorrow's show.  Each member of the studio shared their own experiences with hoarding in their lives.  Rosie recommended the documentary Grey Gardens, the true story of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, and their own hoarding that made national headlines.  Rosie also recommended My Mother's Garden a documentary about one woman's attempts to cope and help her mother who suffers from hoarding.  Watch My Mother's Garden in it's entirety HERE.  Then Mildred, a caller who shared with Rosie about her own hoarding story, got pulled over by the police while talking on her cell phone which is illegal in the state of New Jersey!  Rosie stayed on the line while Mildred was written a ticket and offered to pay Mildred's $150 fine for the driving infraction.  She also gave her a sonicare toothbrush, a $100 gift card at readingglasses.com,  a $100 in cash from Advil, a $25 gift card from Crumbs cupcakes and "a whole bunch of Rosie crap" because she felt so badly the woman was pulled over.   

•  Rosie talked about the confusion with the new mammogram recommendations that were just made public.  Rosie's mother died of breast cancer at 39 years old and she sees waiting until 40 for a baseline mammogram as a horrible recommendation.  She then interviewed Andrew Rubin, an expert on the business of heath care and host of HealthCare Connect on Sirius/XM, who called into the studio to give his take on the recent mammogram findings.   Andrew explained the purpose of the investigation into mammograms was to look at "the benefits of early mammograms from a strictly statistical point of view." He did not recommend changing your health decisions based on these findings and underscored the importance of mammograms in early breast cancer detection.

•  Rosie spoke to a caller briefly about Multiple Personality Disorder  and recommended her book Find Me where she touches on her own relationship and friendship with a woman who has MPD.  Rosie said she is still very close with her friend and see each other every year on vacation. 

•  Rosie then spoke to Taylor Marsh who recently wrote an article for The Huffington Post that challenges Nancy Peolsi, the nations first female Speaker of the House, for selling out on women's civil rights by voting for the Stupak amendment.  Under the Stupak-Pitts abortion ban "women who opt into the more affordable public option would be banned from getting coverage for abortion services, even if their own money was used to buy insurance." Marsh further added that "it would be much harder—and perhaps impossible—for private insurance companies to offer abortion coverage for plans under health reform."  Marsh encouraged women to demand 100% control over their own bodies and to email and call their senators and representatives and let them know that "if they don’t support women’s civil rights, you won’t be supporting them." 

•  A caller spoke to Rosie and recommended the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet, a fascinating account of how part of American Christianity has gone off on a dangerous tangent and exposes the Christian Right.  Listen to Jeff Sharlet's radio interview on NPR HERE.

•  Rosie can't wait to see the new documentary Babies.  Set to be released in April 2010, Babies simultaneously follows four babies around the world -- from birth to first steps. View the trailer HERE.

•  Rosie then talked briefly about the needs of foster children in American and promised to post links to resources for a new foster parent who called into the show.  

Go to redenvelope.com and enter the code ROSIE and get 20% off your entire purchase! 

Happy Brithday to Brendan and Clay Aiken!


Today was a repeat of a show that previously aired on 11-18-09.
Rosie Radio will be back live on Monday!!!


Today was a replay of the show that previously aired on 11-17-09.
Happy Thanksgiving to the Rosie Radio crew
and to all my readers!


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie introduced the crew in the studio today (Janette, Deirdre, Jeannie, Google Pete, Lou) and verified that she is indeed on Facebook and she WAS the Rosie commenting on the Rosie Radio Facebook page.  Here's a direct link to where she commented and where you can comment back!  Click HERE to join the group! 

•  Rosie mentioned that they are going to be highlighting a member of the studio every once in a while so you can get to know the people on the Rosie Radio team.  The first highlighted Rosie Radio will be Lou.  Can't wait to hear more about ya Louie Louie.

•  Rosie mentioned the documentary The Rainman Twins about the world's only female Autistic savant twins. In Flo and Kays case, the twins featured in the documentary, they each have extraordinary memories for facts and dates especially surrounding Dick Clark.  Watch The Rainman Twins documentary on youtube HERE.  Look for a "Twin Game" coming up on Rosie Radio in which twins will play a game against other twins to see who knows their twin the best.  Sounds FUN!

•  Rosie then interviewed the star of Precious, Gabourey Sidibe, who was on the phone.  Rosie and Gabourey talked about making the film and her film acting debut.  Gabourey told Rosie about how she never really acted before in her life except for some musical theater and how her major in college wasn't even theater, it was psychology.  Rosie said Gabourey and MoNique's performances in the film were probably the best performance she's ever seen on film and she's sure they both will be nominated for Oscars.  Rosie also told Gabourey about the first time she ever met Mariah Carey.  If you didn't catch it, Rosie talked about it on a previous episode HERE.

Gabourey Sidibe in Precious

•  Rosie and Jeannie (weenie) then interviewed Margrét Dagmar Ericsdóttir who produced and starred in the documentary The Sunshine Boy.  The Sunshine Boy is a documentary that tells the story of Margrét, who will stop at nothing to help her severly autistic son, Keli, and the families she meets along the way.  Rosie said she was "incredibly moved" by the documentary and highly recommends it.  Margrét talked to Rosie about how she had to mourn the loss of having a typical developing child, about the shame and the guilt parents of Autistic children feel and about stopping at nothing to try to help her son.  It was finally Soma Mukhopadhyay, based out of of Austin Texas, through her Rapid Prompting Method for improving academic success and communication for persons with autism and similar disorders, that was successful for her son.  Jeannie thanked Margrét for her documentary and told her that it has "changed her" in her work with students. 

•  Lastly each member of the studio told what their plans were for the holiday and what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Rosie wished the listeners a wonderful holiday with their families.  Rosie also mentioned how she will be going to the movies on Thanksgiving, one of her favorite traditions!
•  Rosie closed the show and asked Lou to take them to commercial with a song.  Lou then played an obscure Broadway tune that no one in the studio recognized and they erupted with laughter!

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And I would just like to say how thankful I am for you all reading my blog.
Thanks for stopping by peeps!


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie started today's show interviewing "James the call screener guy."  She talked to him for a while about being gay and coming out to his parents.  They also discussed musician Lady GagaMadonna originally recommended Lady Gaga's music to Rosie but it wasn't until recently when she saw a vintage clip of her on PerezHilton.com that Rosie realized what a fantastic singer she truly was. 

•  Rosie then spoke about and interviewed her new friends Vicki and Nicki whom she met doing a charity event with Star Jones.  These women bid and won an auction of an evening out with Rosie and Star.  Rosie felt an instant connection to them and they became immediate friends.  Rosie played a voicemail message that the women left for her on one particularly bad night she was having.  Rosie then had them call in to the studio and told them what a "life raft" they had been for her when she was going through "a very bad storm."  See a picture of Rosie with her friends Vicki and Nicki HERE!  Find celebrity charity events to bid on at charitybuzz.com!

•  Rosie then interviewed actress and author Suzanne Somers.  Suzanne has written many books and Rosie  loves Suzanne's book Breakthrough: Eight Steps To Wellness about finding a natural, drug-free approach to living.  It was during her time on the View when Rosie first tried the bioidentical hormones that Suzanne's book recommends.  Since Rosie has been using the bioidentical hormones she feel 100% better.  Rosie and Suzanne spent most of the last hour discussing her latest title Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer And How To Prevent Getting It In The First Place. In Knockout, Suzanne interviews doctors who are successfully using the most innovative cancer treatments - treatments that build up the body rather than tear it down with harsh chemicals. Rosie and Suzanne discussed Farrah Fawcett's illness and death as well as a statement that Suzanne once made at a party after Patrick Swayze died that was taken out of context.  They also talked about her interview on Larry King Live and the limitations of trying to get her message out to the public on network TV. 


Part 2

•  Rosie closed the show.

Get tickets to Rosie's Broadway Extravaganza on Broadwayworld.com at half price today while they last!


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie talked about her evening out last night with friend Georgette Mosbacher, the CEO and founder of Borghese Cosmetics.  Rosie adores her and she talked about what a great friend Georgette has been to her.  Rosie met Georgette, the former top fundraiser for the RNC, at a party at Barbara Walters house one evening when they became fast friends.   Georgette loves to send her friends great gifts from the Exposure's catalogue.

•  Rosie also talked about her favorite show Glee that was on last night. 

•  Rosie mentioned that she spent 3 hours with John Mayer yesterday and what a cutie-patootie he is.  Hmmmmm.  Could there be possible interview with him in the future?  Stay tuned!

•  Rosie and the studio talked about how the entertainment "news" program Entertainment Tonight.  Rosie called the show "shit on her shoe" and a "piece of crap" and recommended that listeners don't watch it.  The entire studio was roaring with laughter!  Rosie again mentioned her friendship with Natasha Lyonne and reiterated that she is not a "lesbian cougar" and that they are just friends.

•  Rosie and crew went into a long discussion about the musician Eminem discussing his upbringing, his family, his movie 8 Mile, and the genius of his lyrics and music.  Rosie recommended him as well as artist Joni Mitchell to her listeners.  Rosie half-jokingly admitted she has a hard time being friends with people who do not love Joni like she does. 

•  The group in the studio including Deirdre Dod, Bobby Pearce, Janette Barber and Google Pete then talked about tattoos.  Rosie explained her own tattoo on her foot and ankle and all about her tattoo artist Anil Gupta.  Rosie compared getting her tattoos to therapy.  See a picture of Rosie's tattoo on her foot and ankle HERE!  Bobby has a tattoo of an anchor on his behind and Google Pete admitted he has thought about either getting a Mets tattoo or a Star Trek tattoo if his wife wouldn't stop him.  Rosie then took a caller who told her husband's tattoo story and how it was created in honor of 9/11.  They also talked about Rosie's last day on the View and Rosie said she was sending the caller "everything they have in the studio" because the caller got "shitty" gifts on the View after Rosie left.
•  During the second half of the show Rosie interviewed Tony Award winning actress Alice Ripley from the musical Next to Normal.  Rosie has loved Alice since she saw her in the Broadway musical Side Show.  They discussed many topics including Alice's Tony award speech, acting on Broadway, the musical Next to Normal, Kevin Mchale and Glee, and Paul Simon.  Alice then played her guitar and performed the song I am a Rock live in the studio!  Lastly, they took some callers who were big fans of Alice.

•  Rosie closed the show playing the song "Who Will Love Me As I Am" from the Broadway musical Side Show.  Watch a performance from 1997 of Alice singing this song on The Rosie O'Donnell Show HERE!


In case you missed it...

•  Its Wednesday so JaHeRo was in the studio!  Janette, Helene and Rosie spent the beginning of the show discussing Rosie's squirrels that she spent 2 years trying to get to trust her enough to eat right out of her hand.  Rosie named her squirrel Shady after Eminem who she was listening to a lot at the time.  Helene and Rosie debated whether squirrels were dangerous or not.  They then took callers to tell their squirrel stories. 

•  Janette Barber, Rosie's executive producer, then shared her inspiring stories about a recent trip to Rwanda with Medical Missions For ChildrenMMFC is the only group in the world doing surgeries on cleft lip and cleft palates in Rwanda and in March they accomplished 48 surgeries in 10 days.  However, the organization didn't have funding to go back this November.  Rosie compared some of the work her organization does to Operation Smile and the wonderful charity work that they do.  Janette couldn't really even explain why she was so drawn to help children in other countries, all she knew was that she was simply drawn to this organization and to these children and it has changed her completely.

• Google Pete did "Today In History" (in his normal voice) where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

•  Rosie then played a game with callers called "More or Less" where the caller is given a celebrity and a numerical fact and they have to guess whether the correct answer is more or less of the number given.  In true Rosie fashion, she led each caller to the correct answer and they each won $200 from Advil Cold and Sinus

•  Rosie talked about how much she loves the Fox show Glee and called it "the greatest show on TV." She once watched an entire season of Nip/Tuck one weekend and then called her agent to tell him to tell the producer of the show how much she LOVED it.  The producer Ryan Murphy then wrote a part for Rosie on Nip/Tuck.  Watch a clip of Rosie as "Dawn Budge" on Nip/Tuck HERE!  Rosie adores the actors Lea Michele who she knows from her performances in Fiddler on the Roof and Spring Awakening and Kevin Mchale from the show.  They went to commercial playing Kevin's version of "Dancing with Myself."  Listen to the song HERE

•  The comedienne Judy Gold was in the studio talking to Rosie.  They discussed many topics including  Joy Behar, old times they spent together at the comedy clubs, the Carrie Prejean interview on the Larry King Live, the absurdity of the new mammogram recommendations, and about being gay and coming out.  Go see Judy at Joe's Pub in New York from November 27th-29th and at Theater J in Washington D.C. from December 16th-January 3rd. 

Some callers to today's program received the newest title by James Patterson- I, Alex Cross.

•  Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie's longtime friend Jeannie (weenie) was in the studio today.  Jeannie talked about her night at an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) team meeting.  Jeannie explained how speech pathologists use this behavioral approach to help speech delayed kids learn and speak.  Also yesterday Jeannie and Rosie got to speak with Margrét from the documentary The Sunshine BoyThe Sunshine Boy, narrated by Kate Winslet, tells the story of Margrét and her 11-year-old severely autistic son Keli.  Rosie was so moved by this documentary that she arranged a meeting with Margrét and her friend Sheila NevinsSheila and Rosie have done 3 documentaries together -  Kids Are Punny, All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise, and "A Family Is A Family Is A Family"- coming out this spring on HBO.  Sheila watched the documentary and is going to have it released on HBO

•  Lou the Board Op's muffler is so loud he got pulled over yesterday in the town of Nyack.  Rosie recommended they take the car to Midas.  Just as they were speaking about it, they then got a call from George who works at the Midas in Nyack and he said for less than $150 he could fix Lou's car before the end of the radio show.  Chad took the car over and, sure enough, Chad called into the studio and they got it fixed in less than an hour.  See a picture of Lou's broken car HERE on flickr! 

•  Last night, Rosie and her friend Natasha Lyonne went to see the off-Broadway show The Starry Messenger showing at The Acorn Theater starring Matthew Broderick.  Rosie called the play "really beautiful."  Click HERE for show times and details.  

•  Jeannie and Rosie again discussed the interview of Oprah and Charla Nash, the woman who was savagely attacked by a chimp.  Rosie called the interview "disturbing and tabloid-esque" and Jeannie called it "side-show-ish and "not tactfully done."  They then played a clip from the Gayle King show from Oprah Radio on Sirius where Oprah called into Gayle's show to discuss the viewers thoughts on the interview. 

•   Janette, Rosie and Jeannie talked about weight issues and how they've effected their lives.  Bobby also joined the discussion about his own weight issues and admitted he was once over 400 pounds and couldn't walk around the block.  He has since lost over 100 pounds and offered to help a caller with his own weight loss plan.  Every Thursday Bobby will be in the studio to talk about weight loss and weight issues.  Rosie recommended the documentary Super Size Me about the unhealthy effects of fast food has on our bodies and in our nation as a whole.  Janette, Weenie, Rosie and Bobby are going to do the "Bobby diet" and weigh themselves in and announce their progress on the show every Thursday! 

Hope Edelman was in the studio to talk about her book Motherless Daughters, the Legacy of Loss where she shares her own painful story and the stories of many other women who, as children or adults, lost their mothers.  Rosie called the book "required reading" and "absolutely essential" for anyone who has lost their mother or who grew up without a mother. Rosie said the book "changed her entire life."  Rosie and Hope also discussed her newest title The Possibility of Everything which is a memoir about her daughter, her daughter's imaginary friend and the healing hope of things unseen.  They then took callers to discuss the book.

• Google Pete did "Today In History" where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

•  Rosie closed the show.

Happy Birthday to Rosie's brother Danny!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie's longtime friend Jeannie (weenie) was in the studio today and will also be back on Tuesday's show. Google Pete was reading from the LIVE FEEDBACK bloggers were leaving at rosie.com on many of today's topics.

• Rosie talked about how she wanted to be on the Howard Stern channel on Sirius XM and how she couldn't believe she was on the same station as Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Rosie described Dr. Laura to Jeannie (who had never heard of her) and called her "harsh," "anti-gay," self-righteous," and "judgmental." Google Pete filled in listeners on some of the scandals that Dr. Laura has been involved in including nude photos of her that were released to the media in 1998.

• Rosie shared with her listeners her own "sex tape" story from 1996 when someone tried to extort money from her saying they had a sex tape in which Rosie was the star!  It turned out the woman in the tape looked A LOT like Rosie but, due to the fact that Rosie never recorded a sex tape, she was sure it wasn't her.

• Rosie recommended the documentary Anvil about a heavy metal group that never really hit it big in music though all their counterparts did.  She especially recommeded it to Janette, her executive producer, since Janette is a HUGE heavy metal fan.  Rosie also enjoyed the documentary When We Were Beautiful about the band Bon Jovi which premiered on Showtime last month.

• Janette talked about her weekend going to see Mandy Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto fight on Friday night in Las Vegas and how she became interested in boxing.  Rosie prefers Urijah Faber and Ultimate Cage Fighting to typical boxing which she became interested in while filming her Lifetime movie America.  

• Jeannie saw the film Precious this weekend which she truly loved and shared her thoughts on the movie. Rosie thinks Mo'Nique will win an Oscar for her performance.  Rosie said she will be interviewing Sapphire, the author of the book Push, of which the film was based off of. She is also going to interview actress Gabourey Sidibe, who played the role of Clareece Jones in the film. Be sure to listen for those interviews!!

• Rosie told a fascinating story from her childhood about how she used to sing the song "They Call the Wind Mariah" from the musical Paint Your Wagon to a beautiful little girl named Mariah at a bus stop near her neighborhood.  One day, Rosie realized that the little girl named Mariah was the one and only Mariah Carey.  When Rosie interviewed Mariah Carey on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Rosie asked Mariah if she remembered the neighborhood and the bus stop and she did!  Watch the interview HERE!

• Author James Meek from the New York Daily News called into the studio to talk about the recent article  he wrote about meeting the President on Veteran's Day. James was at Arlington National Cemetery in Section 60, where the veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are buried, visiting his friend's son's grave when President Obama's limousine pulled up. James told the story of how the President walked through the rows of headstones to meet with the families and friends of the fallen. He said it was a historic moment that he felt extremely lucky to witness. Rosie recommended the HBO documentary Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery to her listeners and called it "required viewing."

• Google Pete did "Today In History" where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

• Rosie then talked about her fantastic weekend in Miami she had fishing with Mark the Shark and the 100 pound sailfish she caught. She also admitted she's been receiving a lot of negative feedback from her bloggers regarding catching the fish. Rosie is understanding that some of her bloggers have issues with it, but she really enjoys fishing with her family.

• Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show talking about her 9 year old son, Blake, and how much he loves the outdoors especially fishing. Rosie talked about their special trips they've had with Mark the Shark and interviewed Blake about their trips and then played the interview on today's show. Blake has Auditory Processing Disorder and Rosie and Blake's speech therapist have a book coming out in the spring dealing with APD called The Sound of Hope. Rosie and Blake absolutely love the Discovery Channel show The Deadliest Catch. See a picture of the replica of the shark that Rosie and her kids caught with Mark the Shark at Rosie.com!

• Rosie then interviewed Animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick who hosts the Sirius radio show Animal Intuition - a weekly call-in show talking both to and about pets. Sonya "helps pet lovers understand and connect with their pets—both living and passed on—and teaches people how to see things from the pet's point of view." Rosie interviewed Sonya about the strong connection humans have to animals and mentioned her own strong connection she feels to dolphins. Animal Intuition airs on Sirius on Tuesdays from 6pm - 8pm EST.

• Rosie then interviewed Normam Ollestad who wrote Crazy For the Storm: A Memoir of Survival. Norman says the book tells the story about the day their plane crashed into a mountain but really it is a story about how his father taught him rise above even the most frightening situations. Rosie says the book will "move your heart and touch your soul." She then took some callers to discuss the novel.

• Rosie recommended the book Motherless daughters: The Legacy of Loss by Hope Edelman. She encouraged her listeners to read the book and said that they will be doing an entire show on the topic. Rosie talked about losing her mom as a young girl and Janette shared her own personal story about how her mother left her when she was a year and a half old and how she never saw her mother again.

• Rosie recommends the Kindle, a wireless reading device from Amazon.com. Rosie loves it and gave one to a caller. She also said she needs "amazon anonymous" for her Amazon.com shopping addiction.

• Lastly Rosie interviewed fellow friend and comedian John Mulrouney who stopped by the studio. Rosie and John have known each other since the 1980s and when they used to be in an improv group together. They shared stories about the comedy clubs they used to perform in and talked about old times. John still does standup and is also on a radio show "Mulrooney in the Morning" 104.9 WZMR The New Edge based out of Albany, New York.

• Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

• Its Thursday so Bobby Pearce was in the studio to discuss weight loss and Broadway. Rosie fears that perhaps her staff is cracking under the pressure of the radio gig since Janette Barber got "ripped" last night, google Pete is now smoking again (don't tell his parents!) and Bobby didn't lose weight last week.

• Rosie talked about her book The Sound of Hope which she wrote with Lois Kam Heymann. Rosie sat down with Lois and her 9 year old son Blake yesterday to do homework and had such a panic attack over trying to do the map he was assigned to do for homework she had to leave the room.

• Callers to today's show were going to receive a copy of the DVD Aliens In The Attic courtesy of FYE - For Your Entertainment.

Susie Essman, the actress from Curb Your Enthusiasm was in the studio yesterday but because of the seriousness of the issues they were dealing with on yesterday's show (Veterans Day) she kindly offered to come back on Monday, November 16th, to be interviewed. Susie recently wrote a book What Would Susie Say? Bullshit Wisdom About Love, Life and Comedy.

• Fellow comedienne Kathy Griffin called in to the studio from Los Angeles on her way to a gig to discuss the Carrie Prejean "non-sex-tape." Carrie Prejean was a 2009 Ms. USA pageant contestant who's claim to fame was her controversial and not-so smart answer to a question asked by entertainment gossip blogger Perez Hilton about same-sex marriage. Carrie stated that she did not believe in same-sex marriage that she only believed in "opposite marriage." Prejean is making the talk circuit rounds promoting her new book Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate and Political Attacks as this "non-sex-tape" has been leaked to some media outlets. Rosie and Kathy were emailing back and forth last night about Carrie's appearance on Larry King Live. Watch the interview that Kathy and Rosie were discussing HERE. Rosie then took callers to give their opinions on the former Ms. USA pageant contestant.

• Listeners can get a discount by using the promo code "rosie" with a purchase at Photofiddle.com where you can turn your photographs into art.

• Rosie spoke to a caller and recommended his brother's book The Day the World Came To Town 9/11 in Gander Newfoundland. Rosie called it "fantastic."

• Rosie wanted to hear her listener's opinions on the Oprah interview yesterday with the Charla Nash, the woman who was savagely attacked by a chimp. Janette called the interview exploitative and while Rosie truly admires Oprah yet questions whether Oprah requested that interview or if the woman requested she be interviewed.

• Rosie gave one caller a Rosie O'Donnell Barbie doll and offered to go to lunch with another caller at Chilis at the Palisades Mall sometime next week! Have fun ladies!

• Producer Deirdre Dod's physician Dr. Anthony Azar was in the studio to answer questions regarding the Swine Flu vaccine. Rosie admitted that the swine flu vaccine and the government's insistence that pregnant women and young children get the vaccine "scares the hell out of her." Dr. Azar recommended 4 things people can do to prevent getting the flu - 1. Get more Vitamin D, 2. Take probiotics, 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables and 4. Don't be so aggressive fighting fevers. Dr. Azar then discussed the differences between the H1N1 flu and the seasonal flu and the facts and myths regarding the flu. Rosie also discussed the concerns many parents have regarding the links between vaccines and Autism.

• Rosie closed the show playing a "bumper" her kids recorded in the studio yesterday.

Happy Birthday Rosie's Dad!



In case you missed it...

• Rosie and google Pete opened the show discussing the issues they had with the leaf blowing man who works during the show's taping.

• It was Wednesday so JaHeRo was in the studio. Helene talked about her evening and how she went to see the English film An Education last night which she called "abominable." Janette spent the evening searching for one of her favorite TV shows Modern Family only to realize it was not Wednesday night so the show wasn't on. Janette and other members of the studio described and recommended the show to Rosie. Rosie said she was going to try to catch it on hulu.

• Rosie set the tone for the day's show saying in honor of Veterans Day they would dedicate the show to celebrating our military and asked that only veterans call into the studio today. Rosie then recommended the website In Their Boots where you can find a series of amazing first person interviews about what it is like to live in and live with a member of the military.

• Rosie spoke to caller Taryn Davis, a 23 year old widow who's young husband died in Iraq. Taryn created the website The American Widow Project who's mission is to share the stories of the women who have lost loved ones to war. Taryn told a raw and beautiful account of the loss of her beloved husband Michael and the depression she suffered after losing him. To see the trailer for the American Widow Project click HERE.

• Rosie then interviewed Helen Benedict Professor of Journalism at Columbia University and author of Edge of Eden and The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq. Helen spoke about her award winning book and how she has found that women still have to fight to be recognized as soldiers and to be able to be heard in the military.

• Rosie took many calls from Veterans who told their heroic stories from war.

• Rosie then interviewed Emmy Award winning Phil Donahue who along with Ellen Spiro produced and directed the documentary Body of War. Body of War is a story about a young Iraq war vet Tomas Young, who was shot 5 days after his arrival in Iraq and paralyzed for life. The documentary tells of the daily struggles Tomas must deal with and highlights the challenges our wounded veterans face everyday. Eddie Veddar from Pearl Jam wrote the theme song for the movie entitled No More. Listen to the Eddie talk about both Tomas and Phil and sing the song HERE. Read the lyrics to the song HERE at www.pearljam.com. Rosie called the film "as real as it gets" and recommends it to her listeners. You can purchase the documentary HERE.

• Rosie mentioned how her friend Georgette Mosbacher introduced her to Bill White who has raised millions for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and then encouraged her to go to the Fisher House that provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers. It was when Rosie visited Brooke Army Medical Center she met John McCain (who she "loved") and Hilliary Clinton (who was late to the event) where Rosie got to see the soldiers' struggles first hand.

• Rosie closed the show honoring our veterans and asking our country to bring our men and women home. She then played the song Bring Him Home by Colm Wilkinson from the musical Les Miserables.



In case you missed it...

• Rosie's longtime friend Jeannie (weenie) Kopetic sat in on today's show. Rosie told a story about how tired she was because she hung out and played poker with Tyne Daly last night. Rosie, Tyne, Samantha Bee, Katie Finneran, and Natasha Lyonne all performed in Love Loss and What I Wore last month at the Westside Theater in New York City.

• Rosie will have a Sirius/XM expert on once a week to answer your questions.

• Jeannie talked about her weekend and how she went on a Metro Limousine Wine Tour to the Long Island wineries. Jeannie is a speech therapist for pre-school aged children for the Nassau County department of Health in New York. She said watching the documentary The Horse Boy and listening to the interview yesterday with the father in the film has completely changed her way of connecting with the autistic children she works with. Jeannie called the documentary "life-altering."

• Rosie mentioned how she and Blake's speech therapist Lois Kam Heymann have written a book called "The Sound of Hope - Recognizing, Coping With, and Treating Your Child's Auditory Processing Disorder" which is set to be released on April 27th, 2010. Pre-order your copy HERE!

• Jeannie was wearing Rosie's Eileen Fisher clothes but still prefers her Lane Bryant and Avenue clothes to Eileen.

• Rosie read some of the negative responses she's been getting regarding her episode last week highlighting Popthatzit.com. She was contacted by the men who did the ear wax extraction video she loved and hope to have them as callers on the show sometime soon.

• During the premiere episode Rosie interviewed Lenny who ran the NYC marathon without training. Turns out Lenny has not walked since that interview and he has, in fact, fractured both tibias and is now in a wheelchair from not training for the 26 mile race.

• Rosie spoke to Tony Award winning Ann Reinking who narrated In My Hands, the documentary about the connective tissue disorder Marfan Syndrome. Anne's 19 year old son is afflicted with the disease. Rosie called the documentary "beautiful" and talked to Anne about her son's story as well as about dancing with the legendary Bob Fosse. For more information about Marfan Syndrome go to http://www.marfan.org/. Listen and watch a segment from today's show HERE!

• Rosie shared stories of her teens Chelsea and Parker dating and then took callers who also shared their struggles with teen dating. She gave one caller "tons of free stuff" including some Rachael Ray cookware.

• Rosie spoke about how she still has yet to fully recover from seeing the film Precious last Friday. She encouraged her listeners to listen to director Lee Daniel's interview on NPR yesterday. Click HERE to listen!

• Rosie announced that they will be having a "Record of the Month" and that this month's spotlighted record is Ellipse by Imogen Heap. She thoroughly loved the album and she also loved Imogen's youtube channel of her recording the album. Click HERE to purchase a copy!

• Rosie played the song Brother Trucker by James Taylor for a trucker who called in. She also gave the caller a bunch of free stuff including a movie poster from A League of Their Own, spyware software for his phone, and a snuggie.

• She gave a caller suffering from lung cancer Suzanne Somer's new book Breakthrough: Eight Steps To Wellness. Rosie spoke to Suzanne during the test shows and they will be playing that interview on Friday, November 20th. Mark your calendars!

• Google Pete did a bit entitled "This Day In History" in which he highlighted significant events in our history that happened today.

• Google Pete also updated the listeners on the latest information on the shooting at Ft. Hood as authorities search for more information on the shooter.

• Rosie closed the show and reminded listeners that on tomorrow's show they will celebrating Veteran's Day and dedicating the two hours to those that serve in our military.

Click HERE to sit in on a taping of the Rosie Radio Show!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie began the show discussing her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Thursday (11-05-09) where she promoted Rosie Radio and talked about how she scared Lou the Board Op. Rosie played a clip from the show in which she talked about Lou. Rosie adores Jimmy Fallon and remembered having him on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when he first appeared on Saturday Night Live. Rosie even kissed Ian Somerhalder a cute-patootie actor from ABC's Lost during the appearance. You can watch clips from Rosie's interview on Jimmy Fallon here!

• Rosie caught Wanda Syke's new talk show The Wanda Sykes Show this weekend and she described it as "bumpy." Rosie did say Wanda's standup show "Ima Be Me" on HBO was one of "the best female stand up acts she's ever seen."

• Last Friday (11/6/09) Rosie saw the film Precious about a young, pregnant teen living in an abusive household based on the book Push by Sapphire. Rosie called the film "groundbreaking," "devastating" and yet "uplifting" because it was such a beautiful piece of art. She further commented that if Mo'Nique doesn't win an Academy Award for her performance "every person that owns an Academy Award should send them to her house."

• Also on Friday (11/06/09) Rosie saw the Broadway musical Memphis. She enjoyed it but her mind was still "recovering" from the movie Precious she had seen earlier in the day.

• "Google Pete" reported on the Ft. Hood shooting that happened last week and updated listeners on the latest news. Rosie, Pete and Janette shared their views on the topic. Wednesday's show, (11-11-09) Veteran's Day, Rosie will be dedicating the entire 2 hours of programming towards honoring our veterans and the incident that happened in Ft. Hood.

• Rosie discussed emailing back and forth with Roseanne Barr about the the 9/11 truth movement and how much she enjoys corresponding with her and the intelligent debates they have.

• Rosie briefly discussed her teenagers Chelsea and Parker dating. She took a caller who was also struggling with her teen daughter dating. Rosie ended the call by giving the family a free rfamily cruise vacation!

• Rupert Isaacson was in the studio for the second hour of the show to discuss with Rosie his hope-filled documentary The Horse Boy that documents his family's journey to try to reach their 5 year old autistic son, Rowan. Rupert and his wife tried many different therapies and found what worked best for them was focusing on one of Rowan's obsessions - horses. By connecting with Rowan through horses, Rupert and his wife were able to finally connect with their son. Rupert's basic message of the film was to encourage parents of autistic children to try to connect to their kids through what they show a passion towards. The film debuts on PBS in May of 2010.

• Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

Today's show was a compilation of all NEW pre-recorded radio that Rosie did during test shows and during her first week on air.

Janette Barber, Rosie's Executive Producer, began the show discussing the stressful morning she had on the subway and how she and Rosie have been friends with each other for over 22 years. Janette can remember exactly what she was wearing on every significant day of her life. She discussed her difficult childhood she had growing up without a mom. Janette also mentioned how Barbara Walters had a problem with Janette's wardrobe during their time on the View which only inspired Janette to dress even crazier.

• Rosie loves the artist Eminem and thinks he's a musical genius.

• Rosie and Lou the Board Op seemed to have settled their troubles they were having earlier in the week and during the test shows. Lou thinks he's actually more on his game since the issues he's had with Rosie. Rosie apologized if she was making his life very stressful.

• Rosie recommended the award winning documentary The Horse Boy, a story about a couple "that go to the end of the Earth to find a way into their autistic son's life." Rosie will have a clip of the documentary available to watch on Rosie.com and the father in the documentary will be on Monday's show (11-9).

• Chris Azzari from Popthatzit.com was in the studio to discuss his website. Rosie and Chris discussed their fascination with popping zits and the joy they get from watching the videos that people send in. Chris recently had a baby and Rosie ended the interview by giving him a truckload of baby stuff for his newest addition, Maxwell, who was born one month premature.

• Rosie interviewed William Rodriguez who told his gripping and terrifying story of September 11th, 2001 during which he is credited with saving hundreds of people from the buildings. Willie was in charge of maintenance of the World Trade Center Towers and was one of only 5 who had a master key to the buildings. He was one of the survivors that demanded the government establish the 9-11 Commission and then testified in front of the commission about his experience that day. However, his testimony is nowhere to be found in the 9-11 report. Rosie thanked Willie for his heroism that day and his bravery to speak out and tell his story. Rosie mentioned how she was definitely going to have some first responders on the radio show to tell their stories.

• Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show discussing how the NY Yankees won the World Series last night and how Blake, her 9 year old, could've cared less and Parker fell asleep and missed the end of the game.

Bobby Pearce, Tony award winning costume designer, was in the studio and mentioned his work he's been doing for the Rosie's Broadway Extravaganza Gala honoring Queen Latifa that is to take place on November 23rd at the Palace Theater. Bobby was also in the studio to discuss his recent weight loss which he likes to call a "new way of eating" rather than a diet. Bobby has lost 114 lbs. over the past year due to his "new way of eating!" Great job Bobby!

• Rosie mentioned how her 12 year old daughter Chelsea is addicted to Chai tea latte from Dunkin Donuts. She had Google Pete identify its caffeine content for her. Rosie hates the smell of coffee.

• Rosie interviewed her friends Nat (a Holocaust survivor) & Leila yesterday for a show that will be airing next week.

Bobby Pearce and Janette Barber highly recommend the new musical Memphis. Bobby "LOVED" it! Janette loved it too and said the music was "incredible" and the show "amazing." Rosie is going to see it this weekend. Rosie then talked on the phone with Memphis actress Montego Glover who's first role this is on Broadway. Rosie then took callers and gave out 4 pairs of tickets to the show!

• Rosie recommended Carrie Fisher's new play Wishful Drinking and played a clip from the show.

• Rosie dispelled the rumors that Penny Marshall has cancer and that she is, in fact, in the hospital sick with the flu. Penny discovered Rosie during her VH1 VJ days and then cast her in A League of Their Own.

Francesco Clark, a former fashion assistant at Harper's Bazaar, was in the studio and told his heartfelt story about how he became paralyzed from mistakenly diving into the shallow end of an above ground swimming pool. Francesco and Rosie first met at New York's Fashion Night Out. Francesco is an ambassador for The Christoper Reeve Foundation.

• Rosie closed the show. Thanks for reading!


In case you missed it...

Janette Barber (the Executive Producer) and Helene Macaulay (celebrity make-up artist) were in the studio for a session of JaHeRo. JaHeRo (JAnette, HElene and ROsie) was created during the 9 months the women spent together on the View. JaHeRo will become a regular feature on the show where people can call or write in and have their questions answered by the threesome.

Bobby Pearce, the Tony nominated costume designer, was also in the studio however he did not have much of an appearance on today's show. He will be joining the group to discuss weight loss issues.

Rosie.com was taking LIVE FEEDBACK for the first time during today's show!

• Les McGuiness (the hammerer from yesterday's show that Rosie yelled out the window to) was in the studio today. Les shared stories of his life and the Vietnam war. Les and Rosie discussed their views against the war. Both Les and Rosie agreed that PBS was the best news outlet available today for truthful media because it is not corporate owned. Rosie hired Les to build a treehouse for her 9 year old son Blake as long as Les didn't start hammering until after 12pm every day. They asked Les if he would like a gift and he asked in lieu of a gift if Rosie would donate to his 3 favorite charities: Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude's and Sierra Club.

• They discussed what just happened in yesterday's election in the state of Maine. In May of 2009, a law was passed that allowed same sex couples to marry as long as churches and clergy weren't required to perform any marriage they weren't comfortable with. In yesterday's vote, Maine voters overturned this law so that it is now, once again, illegal for same sex couples to marry in the state of Maine. Rosie then went to commercial and played "If you were gay" from the Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q.

• Rosie played a game "name that sound" in which callers had to identify the construction oriented sound they heard. Each winner received a $100 gift card to Home Depot which Rosie decided on the spot. In true Rosie fashion, she assisted each caller that couldn't get the correct answer and even gave one caller two $100 gift cards just for getting her answer without any help. Rosie then told her staff to call Home Depot and ask them to donate some gift cards.

Howard Stern sent Rosie a Sybian for her studio which Rosie now uses as a footrest during the radio show.

• Rosie mentioned and supports the group Iraq Veterans Against the War that does a lot of work for veterans of today. She wants to interview some veterans of today's wars.

• Rosie recommended the documentary Body of War.

• Janette talked briefly about her Medical Missions for Children that she is a huge supporter of.

• Rosie talked to "Debbie the trucker" who she hopes will become a regular caller. Rosie is sending her a snuggie.

• Rosie talked with Roufa, a former OB/GYN now turned photographer, who she met at the Halloween parade in Nyack. Roufa told a touching story about how he lost his first wife to breast cancer, then battled breast cancer himself and how its possible to find love again.

• Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

• Jeannie (weenie) Kopetic, Rosie's longtime friend and speech pathologist sat in on today's show and shared with the audience a funny story about cracking her toilet seat and being too embarrassed to tell her cutie-patootie husband.

• Parker (Rosie's 14 year old son) was "sick" from school today and also sat in on today's show. Rosie and Parker had a debate over the use of Facebook and whether social media sites were allowed at the Waldorf school he goes to. Rosie had Parker run up to the house during a commercial break to get the school rule book so Rosie could read aloud from it.

• Rosie read from a New York Times article about Eileen Fisher and how she does, in fact, want to take her fashion line in a new direction.

• Rosie spontaneously made a unknown caller sing on command.

• Rosie continued to rag on Lou the disorganized Board Op.

• Rosie yelled outside at the man hammering and asked him if it was at all possible if he could refrain from hammering between 10-12pm EST Monday through Thursday because they were doing a live radio broadcast. The man happily agreed since he agrees with Rosie's stance on the war.

• A friend and fellow actress Sarah Berry from Taboo had adorable twins. Rosie loves twins. She played a song that Sarah sang from the musical.

Pedro Capo who is a new Sony Latin recording artist and Rosie's former waiter at Casa Del Sol (one of Rosie's family's favorite restaurants) stopped by the studio to talk about his music. Rosie played one of his songs.

• Rosie took callers and discussed with other parents the pros and (mostly) cons of Facebook. One caller from Missouri discussed a cyber bullying case that eventually (allegedly) lead to the teen committing suicide.

• Rosie spoke with blogger Jan who designed the logo for Rosie Radio. She gave her a one year Sirius subscription and sirius boombox and a piece of Rosie's art. Jan also told Rosie about a fan site she has and a chatroom. Rosie offered to put the links on her blog and come chat with fans tonight! Triple love the logo Jan!

• Rosie and Natasha Lyonne her gal pal (but not "gal pal") went to go see Carrie Fisher's new play Wishful Drinking. She highly recommends it.

• Vivi (Rosie's 6 year old daughter) and JJ (a family neighbor friend) will be the kid reviewers for the radio show. They will review movies and music from a kid's perspective. That's going to be cute!

• And Janette Barber closed with the news.

Rosie on the "Fish"


In case you missed it...

• Rosie Radio started out in true fashion with a very funny theme song written by the one and only John McDaniel of The Rosie O'Donnell Show days.

• Rosie began the show by discussing her fantastic Halloween with the kids, how she buys all her decorations at Target, her favorite store, and how her family goes trick-or-treating from house to house on a Halloween decorated golfcart as to avoid too much walking. Rosie told some sweet personal stories about her kids and stealing all their Almond Joys and Mounds bars from their bags.

• Rosie discussed how she and Lou (the board operator) have been having "issues" not clicking. She created a funny bit on her mac about the previous problems they've been having during test shows.

• Rosie saw and LOVED Where the Wild Things Are. She said it was her favorite movie from the past 10 years! She highly recommends it to all her listeners. She then took callers to discuss the movie.

• She discussed and recommended the book "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers.

• Rosie talked with a friend Lenny who works at a local bar in the area who was drinking the night before running the NYC Marathon. She offered to sponsor him in the marathon next year if he'd train and run on behalf of Rosie Radio.

• Rosie told a very funny story about meeting Eileen Fisher and how it was not the meeting she had hoped it would be. Rosie saw Eileen Fisher as a spokesperson and advocate for plus-sized women and the day they met, Eileen made it clear that that wasn't her intention at all. That, in fact, Eileen Fisher the brand was going in a new direction to attract a different demographic (aka thin people). Rosie decided she would never wear Eileen Fisher again and asked for callers to call in with similar body types as hers as Rosie was going to give away all her Eileen Fisher clothes. Rosie is DONE with "the fish."

• They played a game where callers were to guess the commercial jingle they heard. Any caller who got it correct would win $100 cash from Robitussin. In true Rosie fashion, she didn't allow for any losers and helped each caller along until they guessed the correct answer.

• Then Janette Barber did the news and they opened up the discussion of topics to all the people in the studio.

FANTASTIC first show!!

Jeanne Kopetic

Jeanne (weenie) Kopetic is Rosie's childhood friend from Commack, Long Island, New York.  Jeanne is a speech pathologist for preschool aged children in Nassau County, New York.  She is an ensemble member of the Rosie Radio staff and stops by frequently to add her expertise on early childhood development. 

Rosie and Jeanne love to reminisce about their crazy-fun past together.  They also have many great discussions about the struggles that moms face when raising teenagers. 

FUN FACT!  Jeanne was captain of her high school kick-line!

Jeanne is a fantastic cook and frequently makes yummy snacks for the staff!

Kelly Weist


James Capelonga

James Anthony Capelonga graduated from Fordham college in 2003 with a major in Communication and Media Studies.  He graduated from Monsignor Farrell High School in 1999.  He is currently a Co-Executive Producer for the Rosie Radio show at Sirius/XM.  James Anthony has been DJ’ing forever.  This internationally booked, dynamic performer has shown a tremendous affinity for music from an extremely young age, and has spent a better part of his life bringing it to the masses. James got his first big break working in radio- at the legendary dance station WKTU in New York City. Within weeks, at the young age of 21, he secured his own weekly mix show, a show that would go on to establish James’ name in the New York market and bring a consistent weekly audience of fans.

With a massive radio audience came a packed calendar of club appearances, as James would spend his weekends DJ’ing on NY’s largest dance floors.  Always looking to explore new crowds, James began a residency at NYC’s famed Stonewall in 2004 that introduced him to the world of the circuit crowd. He immediately fell in love with the crowds’ intensity and passion for the music. Knowing he had found his “home” with this crowd, James began establishing a reputation among promoters and clubgoers as a DJ known for intense peak hour sessions and testosterone driven hard beats.

James is an internationally booked name, having played high profile parties in Sao Paulo’s “Jungle Party”, Belo Horizonte’s “Gods Party” and Rio De Janeiro’s Leboy. He recently headlined the Karmabeat/Switch New Year’s Eve party in Mexico City. In the US- he continues to make regular appearances in Miami, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
James has been with his partner Jason for eight years. James doesn't have any kids yet but says he would like to one day.  James' mom is a fantastic Italian cook!  Rosie says she loves his "Kirk Douglas dimple."

Go to James' website for more information and for free live downloads!

"Google" Pete Mele

Google Pete's real name is Peter Mele. Pete was born in Korea, lived in Indonesia, then lived in Washington D.C., then Malaysia, then moved back to D.C. again and now lives in New York!  Pete went to high school in Washington D.C. and then moved to New York to go to college.  Pete's first language was Bahasa (which is the official language of Indonesia.)  Pete went to International Schools growing up and dated an actual princess of Kuwait until her mother called his mother to say they could have nothing to do with each other. He watched a lot of old movies and old TV shows as a child and they used to watch Star Trek as a family. Pete is a Star Trek fanatic!  Pete likes Star Trek because "they try to create a better world where people can come together and coexist in the world." He admits to being slightly closeted about his love of Star Trek because most people think trekkies are weirdos. He also admits to having never owned a Star Trek uniform but he has owned phasers and Star Trek toys. He and his friend George used to make their own Star Trek movies in his basement.

Pete grew up with his mom, dad and his brother Nicco who is 3 years older than him. Nicco was born in Africa. Pete once told his mom that "when he grows up he wants to marry his brother" because he enjoyed being with him so much. Pete and his mom used to perform as clowns at hospitals and kids' birthday parties. He went to Fordham University in New York and loved it because it was the only theater school that had students working on all aspects of the theater. He knew his wife in college but it wasn't until after they both graduated that they started dating. Pete's wife called Pete and asked him to help her move and it turned out that she was moving into the exact same building that Pete lived in in Harlem! They started dating shortly after and they have now been married for 4 years, have 2 kids together and they have one more on the way!  He was a cabinet maker, then worked for an architect and then his brother Nicco who had been doing Rosie's website design told Pete about a job with Rosie. He started as a receptionist and then he became the "IT guy." Rosie said she needed someone to help with the blog so he did that for a while and then she needed someone to help out on the radio and now he does! 

Rosie gave Pete the nickname "google Pete" because he will frequently google something that Rosie would like more information on while she is on air.  He is also the "go-to-guy" when it comes to computer issues with the radio staff.  Pete is currently a Segment Producer for Rosie Radio and often produces a segment entitled "Today In History with Google Pete."

Fun Facts about Pete:

  • Pete's brother Nicco ran Howard Dean's website which broke all the records internet fundraising. 
  • Pete knows all the words to the Bugsy Malone song You Give A Little Love and will sing it on cue (with dance moves!) when asked. 

Lou Witzki

Lou is the Sirius Board Operator for Rosie Radio.
He is an identical twin and lives with his twin brother.

Lou (left) and Brendan (right)

More coming soon!