In case you missed it...

•  Each member of the studio- Rosie, Janette, Jeannie, Google Pete and Deirdre- talked about how they spent the Thanksgiving holiday.  Janette and Pete were wearing snuggies in the studio and Janette thought the company needs to come out with a bigger one.  They then discussed the latest celebrity gossip stories in the news this weekend regarding the David Hasselhoff drama about him being released from rehab and the Tiger Woods story about how he was injured in a car wreck this weekend.  All members of the studio agreed that the media needs to focus less on these types of stories and more about what is important in the world today.

•  Rosie tried a Chelada while she was in Texas this weekend which is tomato juice, clam juice and beer.  Its her new favorite drink!

•  The new series of Intervention and Hoarders premieres tonight on A&E.  Tune in because they will be talking about it on tomorrow's show.  Each member of the studio shared their own experiences with hoarding in their lives.  Rosie recommended the documentary Grey Gardens, the true story of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, and their own hoarding that made national headlines.  Rosie also recommended My Mother's Garden a documentary about one woman's attempts to cope and help her mother who suffers from hoarding.  Watch My Mother's Garden in it's entirety HERE.  Then Mildred, a caller who shared with Rosie about her own hoarding story, got pulled over by the police while talking on her cell phone which is illegal in the state of New Jersey!  Rosie stayed on the line while Mildred was written a ticket and offered to pay Mildred's $150 fine for the driving infraction.  She also gave her a sonicare toothbrush, a $100 gift card at readingglasses.com,  a $100 in cash from Advil, a $25 gift card from Crumbs cupcakes and "a whole bunch of Rosie crap" because she felt so badly the woman was pulled over.   

•  Rosie talked about the confusion with the new mammogram recommendations that were just made public.  Rosie's mother died of breast cancer at 39 years old and she sees waiting until 40 for a baseline mammogram as a horrible recommendation.  She then interviewed Andrew Rubin, an expert on the business of heath care and host of HealthCare Connect on Sirius/XM, who called into the studio to give his take on the recent mammogram findings.   Andrew explained the purpose of the investigation into mammograms was to look at "the benefits of early mammograms from a strictly statistical point of view." He did not recommend changing your health decisions based on these findings and underscored the importance of mammograms in early breast cancer detection.

•  Rosie spoke to a caller briefly about Multiple Personality Disorder  and recommended her book Find Me where she touches on her own relationship and friendship with a woman who has MPD.  Rosie said she is still very close with her friend and see each other every year on vacation. 

•  Rosie then spoke to Taylor Marsh who recently wrote an article for The Huffington Post that challenges Nancy Peolsi, the nations first female Speaker of the House, for selling out on women's civil rights by voting for the Stupak amendment.  Under the Stupak-Pitts abortion ban "women who opt into the more affordable public option would be banned from getting coverage for abortion services, even if their own money was used to buy insurance." Marsh further added that "it would be much harder—and perhaps impossible—for private insurance companies to offer abortion coverage for plans under health reform."  Marsh encouraged women to demand 100% control over their own bodies and to email and call their senators and representatives and let them know that "if they don’t support women’s civil rights, you won’t be supporting them." 

•  A caller spoke to Rosie and recommended the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet, a fascinating account of how part of American Christianity has gone off on a dangerous tangent and exposes the Christian Right.  Listen to Jeff Sharlet's radio interview on NPR HERE.

•  Rosie can't wait to see the new documentary Babies.  Set to be released in April 2010, Babies simultaneously follows four babies around the world -- from birth to first steps. View the trailer HERE.

•  Rosie then talked briefly about the needs of foster children in American and promised to post links to resources for a new foster parent who called into the show.  

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Happy Brithday to Brendan and Clay Aiken!


  1. Okay, so call me co-dependent, but I am worrying about the Chelada/Beer thing. Ro had given up beer! Did they talk about that at all? I will try to listen tonight.

    : ) P

  2. thanks for the reminder to watch intervention and hoarders!! almost forgot!

  3. Petra, I think I remember Rosie saying she still drinks every once in a while but gave up the "drinking as a habit" type drinking. I think I remember her saying that but they didn't mention it today. Not to worry my co-dependent friend. :)

    And Liz, sure, but I'm just the messenger. Rosie gets the credit for the reminder. lol