Janette Barber

Janette Barber was born September 25, 1953. She is a stand-up comic, television producer, and writer. Janette was the supervising producer and head writer at The Rosie O'Donnell Show. She's a six-time Emmy Awards winner, five of those for her work on The Rosie O'Donnell Show! Janette also worked with Rosie on The View where she won her sixth Emmy Award for writing. She, Rosie and Helene Macaulay often contributed to Rosie's video blogs backstage at the View and were named "JaHeRo" where she and the other two would answer questions from bloggers. Janette's story of recovery from chronic pain has been reported on 20/20 and Larry King Live. She is also the food expert and spokesperson for Molly McButter!

After The Rosie O'Donnell Show she was executive producer and co-host of Lighten Up!, a series she created for the Food Network.

Janette has 12 years of stand up comedy experience. She was a nationally touring headliner who made regular appearances on many of the cable comedy shows, such as Showtime Comedy Club Network, VH1 Stand Up Spotlight, and A&E's Comedy on the Road.

In addition, Barber is a best selling author. She is the co-author, along with Laura Banks, of the humorous work titled Breaking the Rules, Last Ditch Tactics for Landing the Man of your Dreams. Her latest book with Banks, Embracing Your Big Fat Ass, was released in June 2008.

In May 2008, Barber started her own video and written blogs on her website http://www.janettesblog.com/ and at "Janette Barber Maximized" at MaxMouth.com.

Janette began doing volunteer work on behalf of AmeriCares, a disaster relief and humanitarian aid agency. Between 1999 and 2001, she participated in three airlifts to Albania, Kosovo and the Republic of the Congo. Janette produced segments for The Rosie O'Donnell Show about these airlifts. Barber now sits on the Board of Directors of The Bridge Foundation.

Janette also does motivational speaking about life lessons and how to overcome adversity and take control of your life! 

In March of 2009, Barber traveled to Rwanda with the Massachusetts based relief group Medical Missions for Children. She serves as Ambassador at Large for the group and is producing video content to promote the mission.  Watch Janette's MaxMouth videos about her Medical Missions trips to Rwanda HERE!

Janette is an Executive Producer for Rosie Radio. Janette and Rosie have been friends for over 25 years and know each other from the old stand-up days when they would travel the country and perform at local comedy clubs.

Janette lives in New York City with her longtime boyfriend Barry.

Janette is a frequent contributor to the show sharing her views on politics, weight loss, current events and so much more!

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