5-31-11 - Brendan Returns, Deirdre Vows to Quit Smoking and Rosie takes Calls

In case you missed it...

Today's show started as Rosie introduced Brendan who was back in the studio one final time!  Brendan was Rosie Radio's former Executive Producer who left the show for a job with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.  When Keith left his show Brendan and the rest of the staff went to work on Ed Schultz's show on the same channel.  He's really loving his new job too!  But the most exciting news he had to share was about his newborn baby Owen who is only 10 weeks old and just a little over 6 pounds. Brendan joked that it feels like it's been 10 years since Owen was born and he said he cannot remember his life without him.  Jeannie and Rosie totally related to that statement.  Brendan said this past holiday weekend he and his wife took the baby out for a walk and they remembered, "Oh yeah! We used to do things on this holiday!"  He said everything in his life has completely changed but he loves it.  Brendan raved about what a great job his wife is doing as a new mom.  He said he's more in love with her than he ever has been.  His wife had pitocin induced labor but declined the epidural! Rosie joked that she needed an epidural when she adopted!  Jeannie said seeing the baby made her miss having a baby but she doesn't miss lugging around all the things you need to take with you when you have a baby or the sleep deprivation.  Brendan said he's used to sleep deprivation and getting up at crazy hours because of the years he's spent in radio, so that part isn't that hard for him.  He said his wife is only struggling with the feeling of isolation you get when you have a newborn baby at home. But other than that, they're both doing great with the adjustment.

Rosie was so excited to be able to hold Brendan's new baby.  She talked about how cute babies are until they become teenagers, lol.  She told Brendan to enjoy every moment because she thinks the first 6 years are such a gift.  Brendan said he and his wife are looking forward to every milestone.  He said his parents are coming down once a week and helping out a lot.  He's excited to celebrate the holidays again in a new and special way with their new baby too!  Brendan said when Owen was born it was like he immediately knew what his job was to be now, to take care of that little baby.

Rosie and Jeannie were sort of jealous and envious of the time Brendan and his wife were getting to live. But  Janette wasn't! :)  But Rosie said she knows Janette's all for show and she doesn't actually hate kids.  Janette quietly admitted that was true and even admitted to touching Owen's little feet! Rosie joked how she is a "baby hogger" and offers to hold strangers' babies on airplanes.  She said 80% of the time it works and she gets to hold the babies and Jeannie said that's only because Rosie is famous.  Brendan said Owen, by far, is the best thing he ever produced!  See a picture of Brendan's baby Owen HERE.

Brendan said he's enjoying television a lot!  He said he enjoys working for The Ed Show on MSNBC and he even gets to run into Rachel Maddow (one of Rosie's favorite journalists) every once in a while.  Brendan said Rachel is very nice, hardworking, and a real journalist.  Brendan and Rosie also love Lawrence O'Donnell and what he said about Donald Trump and his fake run for Presidency, in particular. (watch video below)

Lawrence O'Donnell rips Trump a new one and demands NBC fire him.

Rosie asked Brendan if he still likes politics.  He said he does but he gets frustrated with them when they start having to cover "theatrical" political topics like Donald Trump's fake run for Presidency.  He said the day Obama presented his birth certificate the story became top news while stories that really had to do with the lives of Americans didn't get the airtime they deserved.  

Rosie asked Brendan what he thought of the legality of the way we captured and killed Osama bin Laden.  Brendan had a very long explanation for this but basically he said the rules of the war on terror are broad and in that respect, the way we got him was part of our war on terror.  What Brendan thought was most amazing about the story was that the government felt the need to tell us as much as they did about how the mission was carried out.  He said it was mind-blowing that the government needed to tell us their covert strategy in order to get people to believe it.  Janette asked Brendan about how we chose to get rid of Osama bin Laden's body and why we threw him into ocean.  Brendan said the U.S didn't want to bury him and create a shrine for him and they also didn't want his body to become collateral for terror organizations to bargain with. Rosie spoke of the celebrations that followed the death of OBL and how she questioned their appropriateness and the backlash she received from doing so.  Brendan said the celebrators were very young and had grown up with OBL being the ultimate boogieman.  He said it was like when Bill Maher lost his show because someone said the terrorists who flew the airplanes were cowards.  And Bill said they were many things but they weren't cowards. That statement made him lose his show.  Brendan said there are certain touchstones in culture that people simply cannot accept such as comments like these, for whatever reason.  Rosie said the mood became "McCarthy Era-ish."

Rosie took a call from a listener who asked Brendan if she can see him on MSNBC and he said that he strictly works behind the scenes as a producer on the show.  One caller told Rosie how she's started a Facebook and Twitter page and donates a penny for every mile she drives (she's a trucker) as a way to give back since she cannot donate her time.  Rosie thought that was a great way to give back and wished her luck!    Rosie took several calls from listeners who simply expressed their love for Rosie and the staff and said they are looking forward to her show on OWN.  One caller told Brendan to keep doing what he's doing because he's so fantastic in the political arena.  She said she cannot wait to see where he ends up!  Rosie commented on how they often wished they had Brendan around when something political happened because he was able to explain it so well.

A caller asked Brendan how Ed Schultz got a show on MSNBC.  Brendan said Ed started in radio and then branched out to MSNBC as Rachel Maddow did.  Ed used to be a sports-caster and was a "Reagan era Conservative" until he met his wife and she took him to her job at a soup kitchen.  He said that changed Ed and what he believed forever.  

One caller asked Brendan how he got into producing.  Brendan said he's been in radio since his college days and he recommended any kids interested in producing to start on their college radio stations. Rosie said she used to be on her college radio station too!  She said it's a great way to meet the other artistic people interested in the same kinds of things.  

Rosie and Brendan talked for a little while about Judd Apatow and how Rosie and Judd used to work in area clubs together when they were young.

Janette asked Brendan if he's missed Rosie Radio and he said he has missed it but he's been able to keep up with everyone on the "Recap Blog!"  :)  He said it was very bitter sweet to make the drive up to Nyack again today.  Rosie thanked Brendan for coming in and introducing his baby to everyone. She promised to keep in touch and call him whenever she needed something political explained to her. Brendan joked that he can be Rosie's "phone-a-friend" on her OWN show when she has a question about a political topic.

Rosie said she and Vivi watched Gnomeo & Juliet last night and they both really liked it!  When it was over Vivi asked Rosie if when her knew television show ends, if she could have a big party and invite Justin Bieber to it so she could meet him.  lol  Janette said she thinks Vivi will be the one of Rosie's kids that ends up in show business.  Rosie thought so too.  She said Vivi is very competitive with a little girl in her class who is doing a musical all summer with her mother and getting $200 a week for her work.  When Vivi found this out she was beside herself!  Rosie said it's thrown her whole world off its axis.  Rosie had to remind Vivi that the little girl has to go to rehearsals every single day and won't be swimming at the pool with friends all summer like Vivi will.  It was still mind-blowing to Vivi that a child her age can make that much money.  Rosie said Vivi's very thrifty with her money unlike her older brother Blake who likes to spend his money.  She said her older two kids Parker and Chelsea also aren't big savers.  Rosie said Parker spent last summer as a busboy and this summer he'll be working as a lifeguard.  Jeannie said her son Ryan is obsessed with money, so much so that he jokes about charging her for hugs!  He even gave her a birthday card with a used Chapstick taped to it and then "charged her" $3 for it.  LOL!  She thinks it stems from the fact that he loves Legos but is often told they cannot purchase them because they're so expensive.  

Rosie asked what everyone will do on Thursday since the show is over tomorrow.  Jeannie said she'll be back working at her "day job" as a speech-language pathologist.  Deirdre will have about a week off until she starts on Janette's Show next Friday but said she's going to quit smoking on Thursday!  She will be using the Nicitrol Inhaler that was prescribed to her from her doctor.  She said the patch made her shaky but she's hoping this won't because you only use it when you feel the desire for a cigarette. Rosie said her girlfriend Tracy knew someone who tried the "fake cigarette" and it helped them quit smoking.  Deirdre heard the "fake cigarette" wasn't good for you and Pete said, "Much like smoking isn't?"  Jeannie said she's a situational smoker and said she could quit at any time.  In fact, Rosie didn't even know Jeannie smoked until they began working on Rosie Radio together! Jeannie said her kids have never seen her smoke and she never smokes in her house.  Jeannie gave an update on her husband who has a neurofibroma in his back.  She said they will find out the results of his cat scan tomorrow. She said her husband noticed she was smoking the other day and said she needs to start taking care of herself now because he doesn't know what's happening with him right now.  Deirdre said another reason to stop smoking is cigarettes are so ridiculously expensive!  Rosie was stunned to see the price of cigarettes!  Rosie said she never smoked because her mom died of cancer and she's always associated cancer with smoking.   She also hates the smell.

Rosie and Deirdre took a call from a listener who quit smoking two months ago after reading the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method. He said the book gave him a good perspective on quitting and helps you get mentally ready to set a date to quit.  Deirdre said she really likes the author of those books and said she may have read excerpts from it before.  James said his boyfriend successfully quit smoking just six weeks ago! Not only has he quit smoking but he's made other changes to his life for his own health. James said it's done wonders for their relationship and it's great knowing his partner is taking control of his life.  He said he's so proud of him.

Rosie took a call from a listener who used Chantix to quit smoking and really liked it.  He said he didn't have any withdrawal symptoms with it.  Lou had horrible nightmares when he used Chantix but said he did successfully quit smoking while using it for about 4 months.  He said his girlfriend Maral made him quit and then she dumped him and he went back to smoking.  Now that they're back together they're both smoking!   Rosie said she's considering juicing.  Jeannie is buying her juicer this weekend! She heard what James had to say about being proud of his boyfriend and she thinks her husband would be happier if they were both healthier.  She said she hopes to get her kids involved in juicing and make it a family affair.

Janette said she is learning to Tweet this summer!  She is officially Janette's Show on Twitter and you can keep up with her there!  This Thursday Janette is going on a beach vacation with Barry's family and she's really looking forward to it.  She said they get a house with 20-25 family members and there's not one moment of tension in the house.  And she even has a special little child she bonds extremely well with when she's there!

Rosie said she'll report for her first day of work on July 8th and she promised to call into Janette's Show on some Fridays with updates!  In June, Rosie said she's driving to Chicago with Parker and making stops along the way.  They'll get their first look at her apartment that is being completely furnished by Ikea!  She said she has a vacation to Florida and the Jersey Shore planned and then she'll travel back and forth to Chicago for the show.  She said she's trying to imagine herself working there and she keeps getting stuck on what she's going to wear! :)

Rosie took a call from a listener who has followed Rosie since 1999 when her son was born and she was on bed-rest.  (My first son was born in 1999 too!!! And I was also on bed-rest and watched TROS faithfully.)  This caller also lost her mother to breast cancer when she was 21 years old.  She said she's excited to get tickets to the new show and she asked how they're going to  give tickets out.  Rosie said they will most likely use the same system that is currently in place for The Oprah Winfrey Show.  She said her staff will mostly be the same as Oprah's and as soon as they have a plan in place for how they're going to give tickets away, they will put that information on the website.

Rosie took many calls from listeners who said the same thing in their own loving way.  They love the Rosie Radio staff, they will miss Rosie Radio terribly, they were happy Janette is getting her own show and they're excited Rosie is going to OWN.  :)

One caller thanked Rosie for changing his life.  He and his partner decided to "foster to adopt" because of Rosie's advice and beautiful cruise documentary All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise.  He said Rosie changed their lives and he was forever grateful to her.  Rosie wished them luck and thanked him for calling and sharing his story with her.

Rosie asked Pete if he's going to move to Chicago.  He said he's still trying to figure out all the details with where he will live but he's going to be the new Web Content Producer for the Rosie Show website!  He and his family just purchased a house in New York but he said he's going to make it work.  He said a lot of pieces are still up in the air for him.

Rosie then asked the staff to give an update on what they will be doing career-wise after Thursday. Deirdre will be going with Janette to Janette's Show.  James will produce the Janette Show as well as act as the Brand Manager of Rosie Radio as they continue to air composite shows of their favorite Rosie Radio segments all summer!  Lou will be producing for Jim Breuer's show, as well as working on Janette's Show.  Bobby will be a Consulting Producer of Broadway segments for Rosie's show on OWN!  And Amanda will work on Janette's Show, while filling on for people at Sirius and working at Trader Joe's part-time.

Rosie took a call from a listener who thanked Rosie for all her shows on talking to your kids about coming out.  She said her teenage son came out to her and she said she was very accepting because of Rosie's advice on Rosie Radio!  Rosie congratulated her on reacting so well and said there are many children who suffer so much with having to tell their parents they are gay.

Rosie spoke with a caller about her love of Barbra Streisand.  Rosie said in 1972 when she saw What's Up Doc, she saw Barbra Streisand and remembered thinking she was the most beautiful woman she ever saw.  Rosie remembers thinking Barbra was perfection and the epitome of beauty.  Rosie said her mother had loved Barbra and that movie affected her in a profound way for the rest of her life.

Rosie took a call from a listener who had a baby while Rosie Radio has been on the air!  She was on bed-rest and her mom got her a subscription to Sirius so she could listen while she waited for her baby to arrive.  She said she listened every day, had her daughter and then came home from the hospital and has listened ever since.  She promised Rosie that she and her mom will come to Chicago and see her OWN show.  The caller made a quick joke about breastfeeding and she promised Rosie that she would flash her boobs to her to remind her she's the one who made the boob joke on air.  Rosie told her not to do that!  She said on The Rosie O'Donnell Show someone once tried to show Rosie the decoupaged t-shirt they had made and mistakenly lifted her shirt and showed her boobs on LIVE TELEVISION! She said the poor woman got thrown out of the studio and was forever humiliated!  Word to the wise! Don't flash your boobs on live TV.

Rosie took a final call from a listener who said she's politically opposite of Rosie and used to consider herself  open-minded, until she listened to Rosie.  She loves Rosie's openness, what kind of mother she is and how she talks about raising kids.  Six months ago she found out her 21 year old daughter was gay and because of Rosie Radio she said she handled the news beautifully.  She told her daughter, "I love her for who you are, not for who you love."  Rosie said, "There are no accidents," and thanked the caller for sharing the story.

Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that tomorrow is the final show.

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Well... until tomorrow.  

5-30-11 - Memorial Day, Documentaries, Swimsuits and Callers

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's show discussing the history of Memorial Day and honoring our troops that have served and will serve.  Rosie said last night Parker made sure with her she was going to honor the soldiers today and she assured him that they would.  

Rosie said she watched the documentary Wartorn 1861-2010 on HBO this weekend about our soldiers and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  She said it was an amazing look at how many soldiers suffer from PTSD and how it's almost impossible to get out unscathed.  Each of the staff members shared a story about a family member who served in the military who suffered with nightmares or startled easily after serving.  Janette mentioned a New York Times article she read about how difficult reentry into everyday life is for today's soldiers.  There is high unemployment and an incredibly high rate of suicide.   They discussed how today's wars are almost invisible to the majority of Americans because so much war is being fought by so few.  Rosie and Janette expressed their love and appreciation for the military.  Janette said the military is often the first stop for humanitarian aid.  Rosie said people have asked her how she feels about Parker being interested in the military since she's anti-military.  Rosie said she is not anti-military at all and she doesn't understand why people think she is.  Janette said just because you're pro-military doesn't mean you're pro-war.  And Rosie agreed.  She said the soldiers shouldn't be blamed for fighting in a war their government forced them to fight and war should only be an option after every other option has been exhausted.

Speaking of being misunderstood, Rosie said she received a lot of incoming links this weekend about something Janette said about abortion last week.  Janette's comments last week were taken out of context and she didn't properly explain a story.  Last week Janette was trying to tell a story about when she was just 12 years old and she didn't know how you got pregnant.  Her father had instilled the belief in her that getting pregnant out of wedlock would be the very worst thing in the world, but Janette didn't know how you got pregnant or what sex even was.  She thought you got pregnant from something you ate but she wasn't sure what.  She had a plan that if she ever got pregnant (keep in mind she was 12 at the time) she would either kill herself or secretly give birth to the baby and bury it in the woods because her father would kill her!  Well all she said last week was that she used to have a plan to kill the baby if she ever got pregnant.  They didn't mention how she was 12 at the time and she thought you got pregnant from eating something.  Janette said what she said may be upsetting but not saying it doesn't make it true.  She said that's the emotional truth of some young girls, too young to know any better or think of the consequences of such an act.

Rosie said she also saw China's Stolen Children which talks about some of the ramifications of the one child policy in China.  Rosie said it's really unbelievable to hear that thousands of children are kidnapped every year in China.  Rosie said if you have a baby in China and you don't have a birth permit, they report you to the government.  You then have to pay a fine which is about 3-5 years of a person's salary.  To avoid being caught mothers will go to a farm to have their babies and sell the child to traffickers who then sell the child to wealthy families.  Rosie called it "heartbreaking" and discussed how commonplace abortion has become in China.  

Rosie then took a call from a listener who had an abortion when she was only 16 years old.  She said she never had any regret or shame about it because she knows her life is better now because of it.  She said it saved her life at the time.  Today she is very open about talking about the importance of birth control and safe sex with her daughters.  Jeannie said she received a lot of judgment from friends for putting her daughter on birth control when she was a teen.  She said people said it was as if she was condoning premarital sex.  For Jeannie, she knew she could handle putting her daughter on birth control better than she could handle taking her to have an abortion.  Deirdre said her mom put her on birth control when she was 16 and she's thankful she could go to her mom about the topic.  Jeannie's parents found birth control in her bag when she was a senior in high school and Jeannie told them it was Rosie's!  Jeannie and Rosie started laughing at the thought (since Rosie is a lesbian and didn't really need birth control) but Jeannie said she blamed Rosie because she could get away with anything with her parents.

Rosie took a call from a listener who volunteered at a Planned Parenthood in Texas for a period of time.  She was a clinic escort for young women - some just there for a health scare but they still had to battle through protesters to receive an exam.  She said it was very sad to see the lack of knowledge by the protesters.  Rosie recommended the documentary 12th and Delaware for anyone interested in this topic.

Rosie took a call from a listener who lives and listens from South Korea!  She's a teacher who originally called in at the beginning of the show almost a year and a half ago.  She said five years ago she got pregnant and was not in a relationship at the time.  She knew she had made a terrible mistake and she had an abortion.  To this day she has no regrets about it because if she hadn't done it, she wouldn't have the life she has now.  Rosie thanked her for sharing her story and told her she was very brave for doing so.  The caller told Rosie how much she is going to miss the show and Janette reminded her when Rosie goes to OWN she can still listen to it because it will be broadcast on Sirius!  

Rosie took a call from a listener who said Janette couldn't be any more wrong about this topic.  She was adopted and is a private investigator who located and met with her birth mother.  When she met her birth mother, her birth mother couldn't stop crying.  She told her she was realizing that if abortion had been legal at the time she was pregnant she would have aborted her and she realized she would have taken away the wonderful life she's lived.  Rosie said people ask her how she can be pro-choice when she's an adoptive mom because the thoughts seem contradictory.  It's because mothers chose not to have abortions that Rosie has her children.  Rosie said she doesn't begrudge any woman the right to make the decision about her own body.  The caller said in the big picture it is only 9 months out of your life and that many people would be grateful if you gave the baby to a loving family.  Rosie said she feels the same way when she thinks about birth mothers.  She said a woman who knows she can't have a baby yet has the forethought to have that baby and give the baby a chance at life with a loving family is an amazing person.  But she also knows not every woman has the strength to do that.  Janette said she understands if a person's religious beliefs say abortion is wrong and she respects the religious beliefs of all people but said people should also respect her right to not believe in any particular religious ideology.

Rosie took a call from a woman who had two abortions in her lifetime and said no one should judge her for it.  She said we all have our own situations, our own lives and if she knew then what she knows now she would have never put herself in the position to get pregnant in the first place.  But she cannot turn back time.  The woman said she was shaking telling the staff her story because she has never told anyone before.  Rosie thanked her for trusting them and for sharing with her.

Rosie said she hung out with Madonna and her kids this weekend.  She said it's interesting to have a friend the same age who also lost her mother when she was very young who is also now a parent.  She said they've always had that bond and now that they're both parents, it's even more special.  She said to see Madonna with the two children she gave birth to and the two children she adopted is beautiful. Rosie said she had never felt the need to have a biological child of her own but she remarked on the incredible similarity of Madonna to her children.  Rosie said Mo has never been in a better place than she is right now.  Madonna threw Parker his baby shower when he was born and she said he was the tiniest baby she ever held at the time.  And she looked at a picture of him today, the strapping 6 foot tall man he's turned into, and she was so shocked at how grown up he is!

She also went to her friend Robin Ruzan's mother's birthday party.  Rosie said she was neighbors with Robin's mom when Parker was a baby and she used to come over all the time to hold him.  She became a huge part of her life.   Robin threw her mom a surprise birthday party at The Palm Restaurant in the city and invited Rosie and Parker to come.  When Robin's mom saw Parker, she immediately came over to him and started crying at the sight of him.  Rosie said she saw Janeane Garofalo and David Steinberg at the party too.  She said she knows Janeane and has always respected her work but never really got the chance to know her personally.  Rosie thinks she's absolutely stunning in person!  They ended up having a conversation about body image and Rosie commented on how great Janeane looks and how she must never have body image issues anymore.  Janeane couldn't even receive the compliment and thought Rosie was delusional.  Deirdre understood it. Deirdre doesn't have a weight problem but said she has serious body issues.  Rosie said when she was talking to Janeane she was thinking, "She's missing it! She's skinny and she's missing it!?"  Rosie said someone could be looking at her and thinking that too.  Jeannie looks back at her wedding pictures and thinks the same thing.  At the time Jeannie got married, she felt like the fattest bride in the world.  She said she'd love to be that weight today.  

Rosie said her friend Michelle's wife is in the swimsuit business and sent her a few bathing suits to try.  She talked about how hard it is to find plus-sized bathing suits and said she always orders suits that are too big for her.  She also read an article in O Magazine about swimsuits for every body and felt frustrated that they didn't show a suit for a body like hers, one with a big belly. Rosie said she used to wear shorts and a t-shirt when she went swimming but she decided she had to stop doing that in front of her daughters.  She said it felt like she was telling them, "My body is not okay. In fact, it is so bad I will hide it from everyone including my own family."  Rosie didn't want to send that message to them. 

Jeannie brought in beautiful handmade cards that her friend Judy made for everyone on the staff!  She said she used to go to card making classes at Judy's house but hasn't been there in a while.  Janette said her friend Petra from the blogtourage, makes handmade cards as well!  Here are links to Judy's handmade card business and Petra's handmade card business.  Rosie also recommended the website Etsy to buy specialty craft items like these.  Rosie thought the gift from Judy was very sweet!

Rosie said she and Vivi went out for ice cream on Friday and 3 women came up to her and Vivi and asked Vivi if she was the child that only liked to eat fruit.  They had listened to Rosie tell that story on the radio that day and Vivi was NOT happy about it later in the car.  She asked Rosie why she is telling everyone her business!  Rosie remembered being little and the neighbor seeing her in the shower and how horrifying that was to her!  And this weekend her old assistant came over with her daughter who has a secret crush on Blake. Rosie mentioned it to the little girl when Blake wasn't in the room and she was so mad at her mother for telling her secret!  Rosie said it was very sweet to see someone that age smitten.  Jeannie and Rosie then remembered the boys they had crushes on as little girls.  

Rosie's 16 year old son Parker then came in to the studio to talk on the air for a little while.  He said he came in to remind Rosie to thank the military today.  She assured him that she remembered.  Rosie asked Parker about his plans to attend a local Military Academy in the fall.  He said he's excited about it and not really nervous at all.  Rosie asked him why he wants to go there and he said he wants to attend the academy because the military is something that has always interested him and he thinks he would thrive with the discipline.  Parker thinks serving in the military should be something all citizens should do.  He said it's almost like living in a house and not paying rent.  He appreciates how Israel has every person attend the military for a year as a responsibility as a citizen of the country.  He said he's not nervous about going but he is sort of nervous about how Rosie's going to deal with it.  :)  Parker said he will begin life-guarding in June.

This weekend, Parker and his friends helped a little boy who was stranded on a jet ski on the Hudson near their house.  Rosie said they have never had to participate in a jet ski rescue on the Hudson before!  They mentioned how hip hop artist Sean Kingston was critically injured in a jet ski accident right near their Miami home this weekend.   Rosie and Parker were very familiar with the area and couldn't really understand how it happened but hoped he gets better soon!  Rosie said she once got into trouble in Florida for allowing her 12 year old daughter to drive a jet ski.  She asked Pete what the minimum age is and he looked it up and said you must be 14 to ride a jet ski alone in Florida.  And if you're under 22, you need a license to drive.

Rosie asked Parker if he had plans to get his driver's license.  Janette told him not to rush and Pete said his aunt is 86 years old and still doesn't have her license!  Bobby, Jeannie and Rosie all went to the DMV the day they turned 16 to get their licenses.  Janette really never had the interest in driving at that age.  

Rosie talked with the staff about the fact that there are only 2 more days left of the show and how they're feeling about it.  Jeannie said it was so sad for her!  She said although she loves her job, working at the studio has been a great break from working with children all the time.  She said she's really enjoyed the adult environment and interaction and said she's had so much fun.  She said she loves everyone on the staff and is going to miss them all terribly. Janette said losing the connection to the staff is the hardest part for her too.  She said she's so used to seeing everyone every morning that losing that will be hard for her.
Rosie spoke to several callers who all told them how much they loved the show and how much they're going to miss it.   All the callers were excited Rosie is going to OWN and excited that Janette is going to get her own show every Friday!  One caller also drives  to Chicago every other weekend and said her drive will never be the same.  One caller said she lost 60 pounds while listening to Rosie Radio!  She said she followed Bobby's advice of "calories in, calories out" and she danced to Wii Fit while she listened everyday for 2 hours!  One of the callers had a bad impression of Rosie before the radio show but said after he's listened to her he really likes her!  He was a truck driver for Target who also loves Janette.  One caller has been a fan of Rosie's since the VH1 days who told Rosie that she learned about her in her Political Science class.  In the class they studied what she did for Steven Lofton and Roger Croteau when they were denied the right to adopt the foster children in the state of Florida. Rosie said the men, both pediatric nurses, adopted HIV positive boys and nursed them back to health and then the state of Florida wouldn't allow the adoption.  Rosie said it is important to her to shine a light on injustice when you have the ability. The caller said Rosie has empowered many of her listeners in ways like these and she thanked her for doing the radio show.  Rosie spoke to several truckers and commented on how she's been introduced to an entire world full of people she might never have had the chance to know.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said she has read many blogs, books, movies and websites she might have never heard of if it wasn't for Rosie and she was extremely grateful.  She asked Rosie if she's also going to spotlight older documentaries as well as new releases for her Documentary Club on OWN.  Rosie said she would be featuring both new and old documentaries and she recommended listeners watch Sons of Perdition on the Oprah Winfrey Network premiering Thursday, June 2nd at 9 (8c).

Sons of Perdition (trailer)
The last caller Rosie spoke to asked if Rosie was going to feature Byron Katie on her new show on OWN and Rosie said she would.  The caller said Rosie introduced her to Byron Katie's work and Rosie spoke about how much she loves what Byron Katie does.  

Parker closed the show thanking all of those that have served and are serving in the military.

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5-27-11 - A Second Hour with Joe Cross

In case you missed it...

Rosie and Janette started today's broadcast discussing Rosie Radio's new schedule.  Best of Rosie Radio will air Monday through Thursday and Janette's Show will air live on Fridays!  Janette reminded everyone that when Rosie goes to OWN, the audio of her television show will air on Sirius if you don't have that channel!

Rosie and Janette talked a little about the third world and also why Rosie won't ever travel to Africa. Rosie said she wouldn't be able to handle the poverty, the homeless kids, the heat or the shots you have to take in order to travel there.  Janette feels we helped create the third world and therefore we have a responsibility to help fix it.  Click on the link to find out more about the work Janette does with Medical Missions for Children.
Rosie read some Ob/Gyns are turning away pregnant women over 250 pounds.  Bobby heard the reasoning is doctors are saying they require a different "skill-set" to treat the issues that overweight women often experience when expecting.  Because of this, many doctors are saying overweight pregnant women should see a specialist.  Rosie had a friend who was obese when she had a baby and said the doctors were very mean to her about it when her c-section required special accommodations. Janette had a friend who was a nurse who needed to leave the medical profession because of the increasing size of patients.  She said her friend's own health was at risk because patients were so large that she could no longer properly take care of them, lift them, etc.    Rosie thinks there is probably a tremendous amount of shame to carry for those women who are being turned away from doctors because of their size. But she, Bobby and Janette understood how it may be necessary because of increasing malpractice lawsuits. 

Rosie then introduced Joe Cross from the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead who was back in the studio to further talk about his experience juicing and how he lost weight!  They talked about eating healthfully and how with his juicing reboot, you can actually start craving vegetables again!  Rosie mentioned Jeannie's husband who is facing some health problems right now.  Joe said if he were Jeannie's husband, not only would he go to doctors for treatment but he would immediately begin juicing and stay away from processed foods.  Joe feels the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Rosie recommended another documentary to Joe and her listeners entitled Forks Over Knives which she says talks about the dangers of eating animal protein.  Joe hadn't seen it but said he wants to.  Joe said he doesn't want to live to that extreme (eating no meat at all) and he still likes to have some animal protein 2-3 times a week.  Joe said his day starts out with juicing in the morning with maybe a handful of nuts.  He'll eat big bowls of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and then at night he'll eat a typical meal.  The big difference about his typical meal though is he doesn't make the protein the centerpiece of his plate.  He makes the fruits or vegetables the MAIN course.  

Joe talked with Rosie about how he lets his body tell him what foods to eat based on what it's craving. He said "what goes in must come out" and we should be eating "quick exit foods," foods that do not stay in our systems for too long.  Rosie, Joe and Jeannie then started joking about poop and what they should and shouldn't look like.

Joe shared a story about Phil, a truck driver he met while crossing the country filming his documentary, who suffered from the same disease Joe suffered from.  Phil was also very overweight and weighed about 400 pounds when they met.  He was taking high doses of drugs trying to keep his symptoms under control and he was miserable.   Phil wasn't ready to completely change his eating when they met but after a period of time Phil emailed Joe and asked him for help.  Phil stuck to the program and became an inspiration to his town!  Today he's off all medication and looks like a completely different person.  Joe said he used to be very overweight too but today he can shop in regular clothing stores, doesn't worry about the person sitting next to him in the airplane and can cross his legs while sitting.  He not only appreciates the big things, like the health benefits he's gained from juicing, but he also appreciates those little moments.  Joe said it took him 5 months to lose the weight and change his life forever.  He's kept it off over since.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (extended trailer)

Joe talked to Rosie about the difference between simply counting calories and looking at the nutritional value of the calories we consume.  He said his film has only been out for 6 weeks and already 8,000 people have signed up to do the reboot!  He said he gets hundreds of emails every day from people describing their journeys to him.  He said mothers are writing to him telling him their kids are eating vegetables for the first time because they're juicing!  Recently, Rosie had mistakenly thought she was doing something healthy for her kids by giving them Sunny D and she didn't realize, until she read the label, that it was actually 90% sugar!  She thought she was doing something better for their health by giving them "juice" but really it was just as bad. Joe recommended the company Bluebrint Cleanse that delivers juices right to your door.

Jeannie and Rosie then tasted some juices Joe brought in for them and they liked them a lot!  There was no pulp or fiber in the juices.  He recommended The Breville Juicer for those interested in investing in an appliance to start the program themselves.  Rosie asked how just drinking juice would make her feel full.  Joe said when your brain gets the right chemicals, it will learn to feel full as opposed to when you eat the bad stuff and you continue to remain hungry.  He said your system doesn't feel full when you eat "crap food" because it's still hungering for the good stuff!  Rosie said her daughter Vivi will choose to eat fruits and vegetables and her ex Kelli was the same way.   Joe said they're one of the lucky ones that naturally crave the good stuff.  He said the rest of us have to try a little harder at it.

Joe said processed foods, dairy and meat form mucous in the digestive tract but fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds do not.  He had a mucous problem while he was heavy and didn't realize the connection until he began eliminating those bad foods from his diet.  Joe said mucous lives in your digestive tract and causes constipation but if you eat the right foods you correct that problem.  Joe has found that if he starts eating sugary foods again he begins to want them more and more, almost like an addict.  He said that addiction still lives with him but he has a way to manage it better through juicing.

Rosie asked Joe if he feels like this juicing movement is his calling in life.  Joe said he does feel that way.  He said he made this documentary to entertain, educate and inspire.  He thinks everyone can be a leader and everyone who does the reboot becomes an expert on the topic and can help others with the program.  He said he believes the secret to happiness is feeling youthful and inspiring others will help make your own life better.  Rosie said watching Joe, who has actually lost weight and changed his life for good, is really inspiring to her.  She thanked him for coming in and for staying for the second hour of his visit!  If you missed it, click here to read about Joe's original interview from Tuesday

Click here to learn more about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and learn more about his juicing movement at Join the Reboot!

There was a game and I have notes on most of it, but because of technical issues, it will be posted at a later time. 

Rosie closed the show.

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5-27-11 - TBD

Due to some technical difficulties, today's blog will be posted at a later time.
I recorded today's show and not only did the recording not work, I hear there were some other issues.
I am going to listen tonight to the 8pm show and write a full recap for everyone.
I apologize! Check Rosie's blog for links.


5-26-11 - Discussing the last Oprah and an Interview With Cyndi Lauper

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast discussing with Janette how this transition to Chicago is affecting her kids, especially Vivi.  She said she and Kelli had been telling Vivi they would be with Rosie for a month this summer and then Mommy Kelli for a month.  The thought of being away from any one parent for such a long time was a bit overwhelming for Viv so they've decided to stop telling her that for now.  But Rosie said Vivi's got a handle on the world in a way Rosie has never seen an 8 year old have.  Vivi's just now learned to read through a tutor because at her Waldorf school, you don't learn how to read until 3rd grade.  Vivi's now reading  the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and she and Rosie will read them together at night.  Rosie said it was incredibly frustrating for Vivi not being able to read.  Janette still remembers the frustration she felt when she was little and unable to read.  And Rosie's said her son Parker has now turned 16!! Bobby asked about Parker driving and Rosie said since he hasn't shown interest in it she's not going to bring it up with him.  And when they have had conversations about driving, Rosie's told him if he can't act responsibly she's not going to give him a lethal weapon.

Rosie said she had a great dinner with Meg Tilly last night where they shared stories about parenting and their struggles raising kids.  They discussed boarding school and how Meg's son wanted to go away to school.   She grabbed her heart when she talked about it because of how painful it was for her. Meg and her son agreed he would try it for a year and he ended up coming home when the year was through.  Rosie said they had Parker tested for any learning disabilities recently and they should get the results from the tests soon.  They wanted to see if there was anything they could do to assist him with his learning.  Rosie said she recently watched a documentary about dyslexia entitled Journey to Dyslexia and she really liked it.  She said the movie is inspiring if you have a kid with a learning issue or if you have one yourself.  Rosie called it poignant and powerful.  Rosie talked about how in the film they interview students who have overcome great adversity in school in order to succeed.  Janette said she saw Stedman Graham (Oprah's Beau) do a lecture on that very topic at a Women On Fire event. He spoke about how when he started high school he became determined to go to college.  People told him he was too stupid to go to college and instead of believing that, he used that as a motivator to drive his success. In the film they feature Willard Wigan who is dyslexic and does dioramas inside the eye of a needle!  Watch the trailer...

Journey To Dyslexia

Rosie said Bobby is decorating her apartment in Chicago which has to be ready around June 10th/14th.  Ikea is going to sponsor the apartment and Bobby is currently in the process of ordering everything she will need.  Rosie said she and Parker are going to drive from New York to Chicago and perhaps stop along the way!  She said they'll be doing it for the show and then returning back to New York because she's not really starting work there until July.

Rosie asked the staff if any of them watched the finale of American Idol  last night.  No one watched it!  But Rosie gave props to Deirdre who predicted Scotty would win on Day 1 of the show.  Deirdre said Scotty has an unbelievable country voice.  Janette didn't like Scotty's performances but thought James Durbin gave outstanding performances.  They played the audio of James singing Judas Priest from last night and Rosie took a couple of calls from listeners about the show.  Rosie said she knew she swore off American Idol but that doesn't mean she took it off TiVo!  Rosie said, in general, she loved this season of American Idol because it was so celebratory instead of salacious.  One caller said a reporter in her area was so upset that Lauren didn't win she started crying while she was covering the story!  Deirdre said no one needs to worry about the finalists that didn't win.  She said Chris Daughtry came in 4th and now he's huge in the music industry and she's convinced James, Pia and Casey will all have good careers.

Rosie asked the staff what they thought of Oprah's final show and besides Bobby I'm not sure anyone else saw it.  Bobby was a disappointed. He said selfishly he wished he could have an hour of Oprah winging it even though he knows that might not have been even possible.  Bobby said he wanted to know what her future plans are, where she is traveling to, what she is going to do with her time.  He wished it was more of a conversation.   He did like what she said about being responsible for the energy you bring into a space and said he will always remember that advice.  Rosie loved yesterday's show.  She thought it was masterfully written and beautifully performed.   And she said she's not just an ass-kisser because she already has the job!  Bobby did send for a transcript of the show because he really wants to read what she said so he can better absorb it.

Rosie took some calls about the final Oprah.  One caller agreed with Bobby but most callers loved yesterday's show and agreed with Rosie.  One caller thought Oprah's show was absolute grace.  Rosie agreed and said she couldn't imagine a better way to end the journey.  She wanted to know who came up with the concept and bet that Oprah came up with it herself.  One caller found Oprah's show to be a little "preachy" like a sermon in a church and worried the beauty might have gotten lost because of that.  Rosie didn't feel that but thanked her for her opinion.

One of the callers Rosie spoke to missed the final Oprah show because of the tornadoes that hit her area!  She said she was safe but she was a truck driver and she completely lost her truck in the storm. Rosie asked her tons of questions to make sure she is okay and gave her a snuggie. :)

One of the callers complimented Rosie on her performance on Tuesday at the Oprah Farewell Spectacular.  Rosie didn't think she did so great but told her she would try to accept the compliment. Rosie thought she looked scared when she watched it back. This caller said she's going through some really bad health problems with blood clots and said it felt as if Oprah was speaking to her personally. Rosie asked the caller about her weight and encouraged her to listen to the interview from Tuesday with Joe Cross from Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and the second half of her interview with him which airs Friday.  Janette said Tuesday's interview will air again on Sunday.   Rosie said after listening to Joe it turns out that 75% of our health issues can be cured by nutrition.  The caller told Rosie she is also struggling with major depression and the motivation to get better.  Rosie asked the caller to look at her reasons for not wanting to get better and encouraged her to see a better way.  Janette, who has had her own battles with low self-esteem, said sometimes our illnesses reflect what we think we can have or what we think we deserve and what's really underneath our sickness is a deep-seeded lack of love. Janette said when she was suffering from low self-esteem she did thousands of affirmations a day to herself saying, "I love myself and I forgive myself."  Anytime a negative thought about herself entered into her head she said those affirmations and it really helped her.

Rosie took a call from a listener that loved what Oprah had to say about feeling unworthy.  She also loved Oprah's advice about finding your own platform and your passion.  Rosie totally agreed.  Rosie really appreciated the moment when Oprah talked about Iyanla Vanzant and how Iyanla couldn't accept Oprah's appreciation of her.  Rosie said, for her, at some point she has to admit to herself that Oprah likes her and handle it.  Rosie said Oprah couldn't prove it any more.  She's given her her stage, her studio, her producers...how much more does Oprah  have to do for Rosie to know it inside herself?  
Rosie and the staff discussed the story that Chelsea Handler has admitted to having an abortion when she was 16 years old.  Rosie said it's an interesting issue that people still feel ashamed admitting it. Janette said she thinks some people might not feel ashamed but they might be afraid at the judgment of others.  She said in today's society with any slip-up of what you say, you can be vilified.  Rosie said she has lots of friends who've had abortions and she knows none of them really speak about them. Janette said they're spoken of but only in little circles.  Janette thought Chelsea going so public with her news was courageous. Rosie thought maybe internal shame keeps people from coming forward with the admission of an abortion and Janette said it's society that makes women feel ashamed.  Rosie said she never really had the fear of becoming pregnant and Janette said it was a constant fear for her before she hit menopause.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who had an abortion in her past but said she only tells close friends about it.  One caller lives just west of Chicago and said the largest employer in her town is the Catholic hospital and she's pretty sure if they knew you had an abortion you'd be fired for it.  One caller has had 3 abortions - one while she was married, one while she was in a bad relationship, and one after an act of stupidity.  She said she started numbing herself with alcohol to take away the pain.  Rosie sounded a bit taken aback that the woman had had three abortions and Janette thought Rosie was being too judgmental.  She said it isn't right to question the woman's judgment, ask about her impulse control or if her self-destructive nature is playing into her decisions to have an abortion.  Janette said the reason she had the abortion shouldn't be the qualifier of whether it's acceptable or not.  Rosie said relapse is part of recovery yet somehow, with this topic, Rosie feels it's irresponsible.  Janette said she would never judge someone else for having an abortion and said people like Chelsea who speak publicly about it are being courageous.  

Rosie then introduced her good friend, the fabulous Cyndi Lauper!  Cyndi and Rosie were with guest Louis Gonzalez who bid (and won!) a chance to chat with them on a Rosie Radio!  The opportunity was with CharityBuzz and the proceeds of the auction went to Rosie's charity Rosie's Theater Kids. Cyndi talked with Rosie about her whirl-wind year of touring and working.

Louis said when he found out about the auction he jumped at the chance because he loves Rosie's Theater Kids and he's a huge Cyndi Lauper fan!  He fell in love with Cyndi in the 1980's and he has followed her career ever since.  Louis asked about Cyndi's mom and she said her mom is good and they're planning a trip to Europe.  Louis said he was an underprivileged kid who knows the important role teachers can play in a child's life which is one of the reasons he loves what Rosie does.  Today he's an engineer for Verizon.  He asked Cyndi if, at the height of her career, there was ever a time when the record company tried to push her to be a certain kind of artist.  Cyndi said she went to Epic Records so she could have her own creative control and when the President who gave her all that freedom left she was criticized for what she wore.  She didn't get up and leave immediately because at the time they were suing artists who did that so she reached out to her fans overseas. The Japanese visited her in 1991 and told her they wanted her music and they wanted her to come to Japan.  She avoided working in the states for a while because the people running the company had their own agendas and the artists the wanted to promote.  Rosie said because Cyndi made that decision all her individuality got to thrive! And Cyndi said because the label wasn't paying attention to her she got to direct, co-produce and become the performance artist she really wanted to be.

Cyndi, Rosie and Louis talked about her time on Celebrity Apprentice.  Cyndi said she didn't really watch it the season she was on because it was upsetting to see what people were saying about her. Rosie asked Cyndi if she still has plans to do a reality show and she said she does!  Cyndi said they'll start shooting in September and it will about her life like her airport adventures.  She and Rosie then discussed the video below where she entertained a room full of passengers who were waiting on delayed flights!  Cyndi said the it felt like she was in a movie!

Cyndi Lauper sings for fans at the airport

After she performed the crowd started to move in for pictures and she started to get a little nervous so they had to move her to a different area.

Cyndi said she was landing in Japan the day of the horrible earthquake that hit this spring.  Her airplane landed at a military base and the promoter they worked with made sure he got them and took them to safety.  She said she felt guilty staying at such a lovely hotel knowing how much devastation had just hit the area but she didn't want to leave either.  She said she did what she could by staying and finishing her tour for them because the Japanese people have always been so wonderful to her.  Rosie thought what Cyndi did by staying was very beautiful.

Louis asked about Cyndi's relationship with the gay community and if she feels their support. Cyndi isn't gay herself but said she's a friend and family of the gay community and she doesn't even differentiate anymore between the gay and straight community.  Rosie mentioned all the work Cyndi's done with the True Colors Fund and promised to put a link up on her website. Rosie thanked Cyndi for coming in and thanked Louis for his generous donation to her charity!

You can find great opportunities to meet your favorite celebrities on CharityBuzz and learn more about Rosie's charity Rosie's Theater Kids

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4 shows left....whoa.

5-25-11 - A Day of Callers, Prizes and a Game!

In case you missed it....

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing the fact that there is only one week left of live Rosie Radio shows with Rosie and the entire ensemble together. Next Wednesday (June 1st), will be Rosie's last appearance on Rosie Radio as we know it. On June 10th, Sirius Stars will premiere The Janette Show which will air every Friday with "Best of Rosie Radio" moments airing Monday through Thursday. In the Fall, when ROSIE premieres on OWN, Sirius will air the audio of the show daily for those that can't catch the show or don't have access to OWN. So, don't dismay Rosie Radio fans, there's still a lot to look forward to this summer! Janette said she will also be appearing on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick on OutQ every Thursday! Rosie and Janette then talked about how much they love and adore Larry Flick. Rosie said she follows Larry on Twitter and Janette called Larry her "Will & Grace boyfriend." She said if he wasn't gay and she wasn't in a relationship they would be together!

Rosie commented on how excited Janette was this morning after finding out that Howard Stern almost went to Elmira College. Janette has had a "thing" for Howard for years and said when she heard that he almost went to the same college she attended, she said it proved they are star-crossed.  Janette attended Elmira and said if he would have gone there too they undoubtedly would have met because they're the same age and she worked at the college radio station for a short time.  Janette said she felt that it was a bit of proof that they're connected in a mystical way.  Rosie thought it was so funny how excited Janette got at the mere thought that she and Howard almost went to the same school!

Rosie was very thankful that it was sunny in New York today but said at the same time she feels so devastated watching the videos and hearing the stories coming out of the Midwest regarding the tornadoes.  She watched Lawrence O'Donnell's show last night where he interviewed storm chasers. (see video below)

Rosie said she used to think storm chasers were just adrenaline junkies but then she realized the valuable information they gather because of their eye-witness accounts.  Rosie said she has never had the desire to do anything so dangerous like that except for one dream.  Her dream is to ride a jet ski that tows famed surfer Laird Hamilton into one of the huge waves he rides.  She said it felt to her like she could get the thrill of the big wave without the risk.  Janette has a friend Fran Capo who takes on many adventures because she enjoys the rush.  Janette said she'll run to a disaster that some would consider dangerous, in order to help, but she won't just attempt something for the thrill of it.  Rosie said she's like many women and thinks if she just gets skinny she would fulfill her dream to ride the jetski.  She said she doesn't do many things like scuba diving because she feels to ashamed to wear a wetsuit.  She said there's so much of her life she has on hold until she gets thinner and she wished she didn't do that.

Rosie said they will have Joe Cross, the man from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, again on Friday's show!  Rosie loved having him as a guest and they were all shocked at his transformation.  Rosie said the reboot made sense to her and she hopes she'll be able to get to the point where she'll attempt it. Rosie said many people who struggle with weight think if they were only a certain size, they would attempt something that they're too afraid to do when they're heavy.  Rosie loved playing sports and doing Broadway shows but she can't get herself to exercise for herself, for her health.  Janette said some people who are heavy are wedded to their weight and it becomes part of who they are, part of their low self-esteem.  Rosie said in her case she wasn't heavy until she became an adult during her Rosie O'Donnell Show days and being 200-something became the norm for her. She said her weight became her armor and she's going to try not to cocoon herself with "layers of protection" this time around.

The staff then discussed the devastating tornadoes in the Midwest.  Rosie said natural disasters hit her emotionally like nothing else and she has trouble accepting she can't do more. It's ironic because critics call her unpatriotic and she can't focus on disasters in other countries, because it feels out of her reach yet she is almost incapacitated when tragedies happen here.  Rosie said to see mass devastation such as this renders her helpless, powerless and weak. She doesn't know how to help the people and she wishes the disasters would stop.  Janette encouraged Rosie that talking about the disasters and shining a light on the need does a lot to help.  But Rosie said she cannot get the images out of her mind like the first responder who was dying of respiratory distress that appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show after 9/11. She said she has trouble deleting those images from her mind and they become tattooed on her heart. Janette said she talked to someone close to the tragedy and he said money is what's really needed because they have no infrastructure to distribute clothing donations during these crises. She also said search & rescue and cadaver dogs need booties to protect their feet from debris.

Rosie said Columbine put her on antidepressants and she was glad she had then when 9/11 hit.  After 9/11 she wanted a SWAT team ready and able to help in these sorts of crises so when Hurricane Katrina happened they were prepared and went down and created Renaissance Village.   Renaissance Village helped with the displaced persons effected by the hurricane though it still didn't feel to Rosie like she was doing enough. Janette encouraged Rosie to focus on the ones she did help rather than those she couldn't.  Rosie said she always goes back to thinking, "I could have saved more."

Janette said every person can help in the way they know how.  When she went down to the World Trade Center site days after 9/11 there was a man cutting pieces from a bolt of American Flag fabric and pinning it on the backs of any of the firefighters who wanted one.  She said that was this man's way to give and to see the pride in the men's faces as he pinned the flag of their country on their backs was something she will never forget.  She said it was all this man could do but it filled people with such pride and that was something.  He was helping in his own way.  Rosie said her good friend Lori Klinger gave all the money in her savings to the victims of 9/11. She said it's not the celebrities that deserve all the accolades but the everyday person who really has to make sacrifices to give.  Janette said that would be a great idea for a show on ROSIE!  Rosie said after she saw Diane Sawyer do an interview with septuplets in 1996 who were losing their home and just needed a rumpus room was the first time she was determined to use her television show for giving. Rosie saw Diane at a fundraiser and asked her why, since she has the means, she didn't help this family personally.  Diane said she's a journalist and it wouldn't be her place.  Rosie said she couldn't imagine facing that story and not helping knowing she had the cash to do it.  The Rosie O'Donnell Show had the family with the septuplets on and built them the rumpus room they needed. Rosie said she admires Diane that she can report on a story and connect in the way that she does but admitted it overwhelms her personally.

Rosie mentioned the time she appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and they brought on a "SuperKid" who was sent to college thanks to The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Kellogg's.  Rosie said that moment was hard for her to get through and sometimes her own emotions seem to swallow her. You can watch that interview in it's entirety here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (posted below) and Part 4. It's a great segment!  Watch if you have time.  

Part 3 the Superkids segment

Rosie then took several callers that discussed many different topics!  One caller used to be a storm chaser in Oklahoma City who explained that many storm chasers are affiliated with the television stations and do it so that the stations can really see exactly where the tornadoes are.  She said lives are saved from their work.

Rosie took a call from a listener in Missouri who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis. Rosie asked the caller if she listened to yesterday's show about rebooting your system through juicing with Joe Cross and she did!  The caller expressed her love for Rosie and said she gives something that no one else in the industry gives her fans.  Rosie thanked her for calling and for her comments because sometimes she wonders what the point of all this is and these types of calls remind her why she does what she does. She took down the caller's information and said Joe Cross is going to help her and perhaps he could help the caller too!  Janette recommended Unlearn Your Pain by Howard Schubiner, MD and they discussed the mind/body connection.  Janette also recommended Dr. Clarke who deals with how emotions affect our health and our well being.

One caller was at the Oprah Farewell Spectacular taping last week and loved Rosie's performance! She wondered if Rosie is going to have experts on her show like Oprah does.  Rosie said she is going to have Broadway Boys and introduce her audience to new experts that can help all the viewers.  The caller offered to give Rosie a tour of Chicago and Rosie took down her information because she just might take her up on the offer!  Rosie said they're going to do a segment called "Show Me Chicago" where viewers show Rosie the wonderful places Chicago has to offer!  FUN!

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a nutrition coach today after battling her own struggle with weight. She said she teaches people how to eat real food and make it tasty and she offered to help Rosie with that.

Another listener called in to ask Rosie all about her performance on Oprah!  CLICK HERE to see it if you missed it!  Rosie said about two weeks before the performance she got a call from Jill, a producer on The Oprah Winfrey Show, asking her if she would perform a song and dance number like she did recently for the Upfronts in New York. She asked Rosie if she could also include Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Nate!  Bobby, Rosie and her friend Steven wrote lyrics to the song Fever and Bobby and Dennis Jones choreographed it.  They performed it for Rosie and video-taped it and sent her a copy.  She learned the routine from the tape and rehearsed it at home in New York.  She rehearsed once with the entire group in New York, rehearsed once in Chicago and once that morning of the show.  The live performance was the 4th time she had performed it!

One caller told Rosie about how she's always struggled with her weight. She said she went on a diet last year and lost a ton of weight.  When she got down to her goal weight she realized nothing changed. She thought losing weight would make everything wonderful and it didn't.  She's since put the weight back on and now she just focuses on trying to be happy.  Rosie totally understood. She said she's always working on trying not to miss her own life while she's waiting to be someplace else.

Today Rosie gave each caller a gift!  She gave out giftcards to Starbucks, Target, Gap, Dave and Busters, Chili's, Loews, the Apple Store and Best Buy!!!

Rosie and the staff loved Glee last night!  Rosie was happy the Glee kids didn't win because she said it's more realistic for a show that can sometimes feel so unrealistic (but in the best way!).  They thought Patti Lupone did great and everyone loved Rachel and Kurt singing For Good from Wicked. They discussed that Glee is going to have a reality show and go on another tour this summer!  Rosie said she won't miss the summer tour.  She and her kids went last year and she's definitely going again!

Then the staff watched the results of the last night's Dancing With the Stars. Rosie said she was "over the moon" when Chelsea lost because she was positive Kirstie would win!  She was not happy when Hines Ward won.  Rosie felt they probably got a lot of sympathy votes because he fell on his partner's neck and almost really hurt her!  Bobby thought the voting was fixed!  He said he voted multiple times for Kirstie and during his last vote it said, "Thank you for voting for Hines!"

Rosie took several calls from listeners who thought Kirstie should have won last night.  One caller said Kirstie shouldn't win on emotions alone and that she didn't win because she's not the best dancer. Rosie thought he had a point but Bobby said if 50% of the vote is based on technique and the other half is what America enjoys, he said she should have won.  And Rosie said she is never doing DWTS so everyone can stop asking her.  She said she'll do DWTS right after she marries Donald Trump.

Pete read a report that stated that Kirstie went from a size 12 to a size 6 during the show. Rosie and Janette did not believe it AT ALL.  Rosie said there is no way Kirstie started out as a size 12. And Bobby, who is a costume designer, said there was no way Kirstie was a 12 at the beginning of the season.

Rosie had Pete discuss a news story he read about a couple raising a gender free baby.  Pete said the couple is from Toronto and had a baby New Years Day.  They have two older kids and they're not telling anyone except their parents and their other children what sex the baby is.  And they're not using gender specific pronouns for the baby either. Rosie wanted to know why anyone would do this and she said it sounded absurd.  Rosie asked if the baby is a hermaphrodite but Janette didn't seem to think so from the interview she saw with them. Pete thought it might have some validity because he's trying to raise his girls so that they feel like they don't have to fulfill female stereotypes.  Rosie said she feels there has to be a physiological reason they decided to do this and if not, she worried there could be damage caused from it.  Rosie said she had a friend who let her son's hair grow really long and then always got so upset when people mistook him for a girl.  She thought if it's so upsetting to you, cut the boy's hair!  She said you can't be outrageous in the way that you dress and then turn around and get mad when people react to you.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a lawyer and taught women's studies for a while.  She said there have been a series of interesting studies about the topic of gender and the way that we're raised that proves even if a parent tries to be gender neutral, the child will eventually identify with one gender.  For Rosie, growing up in a house without gender specific roles she and her siblings adopted many duties around the house that didn't always align with their own genders.  For example, her brother Eddie took care of the children like a mother in a lot of ways.  She wondered what the benefit of doing this is.  She said it's as if the parents are asking for gender identity to be an issue when it doesn't have to be.  The caller revealed to Rosie what a fan she is and said she is a "lipstick lesbian." Rosie asked the caller if she's seen The Real L Word and if lesbians like that actually exist in the world.  Rosie joked that most of the lesbians she's known have been "softball-playing lesbians." The caller said it's always been important for her to dress up and wear makeup but it isn't that way for her wife.  She and her partner met in college and have been together ever since!  Rosie said her brother Danny and his partner met in college too and today they're 50 and they've been together their entire lives.  Rosie congratulated her on her long-lasting relationship!

Rosie said it still takes her breath away when she sees two young women or men holding hands on the street.  It wasn't an option when she was that age and it still moves her.

During this game each player had to recall an answer that dealt with a question about a reality TV show.

Shoshana: The first season of The Real World in 1992 was filmed in what city?  She said New York City and that was correct.
Rosie: She broke up with her husband, did DWTS and is best known for her hairdo.  She said Kate Gosselin and was correct.
Pete: If you won on this show you'd receive kitchen appliances and an editorial in Food and Wine Magazine.  He said Top Chef and that was correct.
Janette: In the Bachelor, this item is given to the woman the bachelor decides to keep. She said a rose and that was correct.
Bobby: He's a fashion consultant and mentor on Project Runway.  He said Tim Gunn and that was correct.

Shoshana: In one of the memorable moments from the reality show Nick and Jessica she had a dumb blond moment with this product. It was Tuna, or Chicken of the sea and she got it.
Rosie: James asked Rosie to sing some of the theme song to Cops. She did it!  "Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do?  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you."
Pete: She's the original winner of America's Next Top Model who married a Brady Bunch boy.  He didn't know it was Adrienne Curry so he got it wrong.
Janette: Joe Rogan hosted this reality show.  She said Fear Factor which was correct.
Bobby: Flavor Flave broke her heart twice and then she got her own reality show that featured bachelors vying for her love. Her name was "New York" and but he didn't get it.

Shoshana: He's a celebrity chef and people on this show try to win a spot at one of his restaurants.  She said Gordon Ramsey and she was correct.
Rosie: One of Hugh Heffner's former girls now on a reality show.  She said Kendra Wilkinson and was correct.
Pete: This is the dark haired inked beauty on Miami Ink and LA Ink. The answer was Kat Von Dee but he didn't get it.
Janette: She's the professional ice skater who danced her way to victory on DWTS. The answer was Kristie Yamaguchi but she didn't get it.
Bobby: In this show rapper Xzibit takes a junky car and tricks it out. The answer was Pimp My Ride but didn't get it.

Rosie: This cast member of The Real World died of AIDS.  She said Pedro and that was correct.
Shoshana: This show about paranormal investigation is run by a group called TAPS. She didn't know the show was Ghost Hunters.

And Rosie WON!!!!!!!!!

and that's what you missed - kw
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Note: Tonight is the last night to vote for The National Marfan Foundation on the Chase Community Giving Facebook page! There is $2.5 million dollars at stake and the top 25 charities (by vote) split that money. The National Marfan Foundation is a non-profit voluntary health organization dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by Marfan syndrome and related disorders. Rosie tweeted this to all her followers on Twitter recently so take a second to vote for a great cause if you can! Tonight is the last night to vote!

5-24-11 - Dancing, Plus Sized Clothes and and Interview with Joe Cross

In case you missed it....

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing Kirstie Alley on Dancing With the Stars!  Rosie said she was hysterically crying watching Kirstie dance her freestyle routine.  Bobby said he cried too. See below...

Kirstie dances the freestyle dance last night.

Rosie said she doesn't know Kirstie in real life but said she has come to know her through this show and she's fallen in love with her!  She was frustrated the judges didn't give her all 10s because she loved her performance last night so much.  Rosie's youngest daughter Vivi wanted to vote for Chelsea so Rosie pretended to use half her votes for Chelsea and half on Kirstie but she really voted only for Kirstie!  lol  Rosie took some calls from listeners who also loved Kirstie last night.  The listeners thought Kirstie was courageous, inspiring, and talented.  One caller spoke about her love of Google Pete and said she's never seen a picture of him but from the sound of his voice she thinks he looks like Tom Cruise!  Another caller said Pete looks like Mark Ruffalo.  Pete said Mark Ruffalo is thin and he is not thin so Rosie said he looks like Mark Ruffalo plus the freshman 15.  Rosie took a call from a listener who doesn't watch DWTS but said he loves Kirstie Alley so much he waits for her to Twitter it's time to vote and he votes for her anyway.   Rosie said she really hopes Kirstie wins but wasn't sure how popular she is with the younger generation.  Pete said the Look Who's Talking movies were very popular with his generation so there's a chance she has some young fans out there!  Rosie talked with a caller about the flirting between Kirstie and her dance partner.  She said there are many women in their 40s and 50s living vicariously through Kirstie.  

Rosie asked the staff if they watched Oprah's Farewell Spectacular yesterday!  Pete couldn't believe the huge crowd and the huge room!  Rosie said the set looked better than the Oscars and Bobby said he came away inspired to do more in the world.  They discussed the significance of Oprah leaving and Janette said it's not as if she's going away completely because she will still be on OWN.    

Jeannie asked everyone if they watched The Bachelorette premiere last night.  Lou said he just can't watch it anymore but Bobby watched it!  Jeannie admitted that the premise of the show is ridiculous but she said it's a mindless distraction from real life and that's what she loves about it.  Rosie thinks the entire premise is too stupid to even give a moment's notice to.  Jeannie described last night's episode for Rosie and the other staff members that missed it and they laughed over the man who got drunk while he was courting the bachelorette.  Jeannie said to Rosie, "Come on Roseann, you don't find any of this entertaining?!"   Rosie said she thinks it's "the most ridiculous television show ever on the air." Well Jeannie said she's thoroughly entertained watching it.  Janette said she feels dirty after she watches it and said it makes her cringe.  Jeannie said the show sometimes makes her cringe too but that's why she loves it.     

Rosie said the images coming out of Joplin, Missouri are so horrific she has a hard time believing that they are even real.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy was in a hurricane in Galveston and said the images look very similar to the destruction her town suffered following the hurricane.  Rosie wanted to know what those of us who haven't been directly affected can do besides giving to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  Pete said CNN recommends giving to the RedCross, AmeriCares (Janette loves AmeriCares because they work at a 98% efficiency!), and Convoy of Hope.

Rosie talked about the shock and sadness she felt from looking at the photographic images and said it looks like you're looking at pictures of a war zone.  She said when the movie Twister was released she remembered watching it and thinking how absurd it was to think that a cow could be lifted up in a tornado.  Now she thinks that movie looks minor to the amount of destruction they can really cause.    

Rosie took some calls on the topic.  One caller lives in Virginia and went to help a town that was recently devastated in an April tornado.  She said they went carrying supplies and she was shocked at what she saw.  The caller recommended people call local churches and send gift cards to different stores.  Rosie wondered if there's a shelter set up and the caller said in her case the college set up the gymnasium as a local shelter for those who lost their homes.  She said the community will have several different places depending what buildings were affected.  Rosie said she went down to Louisiana after Katrina and said it looked like a movie set and unlike anything she had ever seen before.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who was affected by the tornado that hit Alabama on April 27th.  She said it killed hundreds of people and crossed the entire state.  Rosie also took a call from a listener with family in Joplin who said they need prayers and for people to give money to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations because some people have lost everything.  Janette is hugely passionate about giving to charity but wanted people to look into what charities they give their money to to make sure their valuable donations get to the people who really need it.  Rosie said the photos are so unbelievable and devastating and said she's really thinking and praying for those that have been affected.    

Rosie also told Jeannie that she got hundreds of messages from listeners concerned with what Jeannie and her husband are going through.  Rosie told her everyone is so impressed with how strong she's being about this.  Jeannie said she got many beautiful messages from people and said she appreciates them all.  She knows most of the time they're benign, and she wants to believe that it is but until she knows for sure that it is she will worry.  

Rosie said her daughter Vivi loves to play card games and she's been playing Sleeping Queens and Rat-A-Tat-Cat so much she's sick of them!  She said the cards are all bent and she really wants to know some other card games for kids that the listeners recommend.  Pete asked her if she's considered Dominoes.  Rosie said she hasn't but that she would consider it.  She said Vivi really likes card games though.  Rosie took several calls from listeners who recommended Play Nine - The Card Game of Golf!SKIP BO Card Game, and Phase 10 Card Game.  And I recommend Apples to Apples Junior - The Game of Crazy Comparisons!.  

Rosie and Bobby talked about what Lisa Lampanelli recently did in defiance of a Westboro protest outside one of her venues.  Instead of trying to get rid of the Westboro Baptist Church protesters, she counted the people that were there and pledged to give $1000 for every protester to the Gay Men's Health Crisis!  She ended up "rounding up" and gave $50,000 to the GMHC!  Rosie and Bobby thought it was a great way to combat their message -  to give money to such a great cause!

The staff discussed how Queen Latifah is coming out with a new clothing line for Home Shopping Network but doesn't like her clothes being called "plus-sized." In fact, she would like to get rid of the word altogether.  Janette thinks that's just semantics and appreciates when she can find her size in a store.  Rosie said there is something weird about having to shop in a different area of a store.  They discussed how plus-sized women do not all get heavy proportionately and how that can be a challenge for plus-sized designers.  Jeannie said she finds it to be a relief when she walks into a plus-sized store where she can find clothes that fit her and appreciates that there's a lot more variety in plus-sized clothes today.  But one of Jeannie's goals is to be able to shop in any store she wants.  Rosie agreed and said one of her goals is to be able to fit in the "XL" in the Gap.  Janette pointed out that that concept isn't about changing the stores; what they're saying is that they want to change themselves.  Rosie discussed her love for Eileen Fisher's plus sized line which she said were "quality clothes that don't look like you're in fat people clothes." Bobby was in favor of doing away with plus-sized department and remembered the humiliation he felt having to shop for "husky" clothes as a child.  Jeannie said she will go into Victoria's Secret for her daughter and she's convinced the sales women are wondering why she's in there because nothing in their store would ever fit her.  She wished Victoria's Secret sold regular sized lingerie.  Janette recommended Hips and Curves lingerie for plus-sized lingerie!  

Rosie took a call from a listener who gained a lot of weight rather quickly and said it was a rude awakening for her when she couldn't shop in the regular stores.  When she was sent to the plus-sized department by the saleswoman it was in the corner of the store and she felt rather ashamed.   And she said the more she struggled with her weight the less she wanted to shop for clothes.  Rosie and Jeannie discussed The Avenue (formerly Lane Bryant) and how their quality, fit, and material used to be horrible though it's somewhat improved over the years.   Rosie took a call from a listener who said it makes her want to cry shopping in the plus-sized section of department stores because of the shame. She recommended (or was it Janette?) the store Torrid.  

Rosie then introduced Joe Cross from the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  "100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn't end well- with one foot already in the grave, the other wasn't far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his health. With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long-term, Joe turns to the only option left, the body's ability to heal itself. He trades in the junk food and hits the road with a juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days."  [source: http://www.imdb.com]

Joe said the idea for the film came about because he hadn't done a lot for the world.  He wanted to help and inspire others and he had been focusing on just obtaining more stuff for years.  He was on many medications and had been sick for over 9 years with an autoimmune deficiency.  He wanted to get off the medication and didn't realize that it was his improper nutrition that was making him sick.  Joe said, "We spend the first 40 years of our lives trying to kill ourselves and last 40 trying to save ourselves."   He wondered if he was causing his disease himself but wasn't sure and he became fed up with taking pills every day.

Joe said he, like many others, had turned his back on mother nature.  He wondered what would happen if he embraced mother nature instead by only eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds.  Prior to this journey Joe said he was a binge drinker, ate fast food and sweets.  He said he was so used to feeling crappy all the time he didn't know any better.  He also started asking why humans get fat.  He knew the mathematics behind weight gain but wondered what it is about the human race that makes us gain weight.  He went back in time and realized that the Earth used to have periods of both feast and famine.  He thought maybe we were supposed to go through periods of famine.  He didn't want to just drink water but he knew he only wanted to consume mother nature.  And he saw anyone as overweight as someone who is simply storing energy.

When Joe was 310 pounds, he hated the way he looked but he didn't even realize how heavy he was. Rosie said she's the same way and can't accurately perceive her own size until others tell her she looks different.  Joe believes this disconnect stems from our emotions.  He said if we're feeling good we think we look good and if we're feeling bad about ourselves we see ourselves as looking bad.  

Joe stressed that this diet is not just about using a Vita-Mix.  He said it's not simply liquefying fruits and vegetables and drinking them. He said you must extract the fiber from the plant and this makes the brain switch off hunger.  After two or three days you're not hungry anymore.  Joe said he's not a scientist or a doctor but if we travel back in time 100,000 years mother nature made it so we could survive hungry times.  When we did that we heightened our senses and became calmer, more relaxed. 

Joe said this program is not a diet; it's about rebuilding your body so that it thinks you're in a famine. He discussed with Rosie some yummy recipes she could make using vegetables including kale, cucumber, apple spinach, lemon and ginger and celery.  

Joe said he had a period at the beginning of the diet when he got the shakes from detoxing off of the sugar, fat salt and caffeine that are in our diets and hugely addictive.  And in 60 days he lost 82 pounds!  He said the program resets your taste buds and food tastes amazing when you start eating again.  Joe said his message isn't about never eating food again it's about eating more fruits and vegetables.  

Rosie asked Joe how this process has changed his world.  He said his world is much better now.  He can go into regular stores and buy clothes now and that feels great. Joe said the body is an amazing organism and if we give it an chance, it can do this.  Rosie asked Joe what he says when people say this way of eating is too expensive. Joe said eating this way is expensive but in a country that spends 234 billion dollars on pharmaceuticals for illnesses where 70% of our illnesses are from lifestyle choices, the cost is worth it. He said the change can actually made you more productive and enable you to go further in life.  And he said we cannot blame McDonald's because they supply what America is buying.  Joe said if we can get 30 million Americans asking for a fresh juice to order they'd supply it. Joe said we have the distribution system in place and now we have to get the demand going.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who wondered how we reintroduce food into our lives after the program and wondered what happens to our metabolism during the diet.  Joe said if you go back to eating exactly like you did before the reboot, you will gain all that weight back.  He said when you've finished a reboot, it's very important to keep eating plant food afterward.  And it's also important to exercise to keep our metabolisms up.  Joe said he's found most people who've done this have so much more energy afterward!  

Rosie took a call from a woman whose husband has a mental illness and has a big belly.  She said he has mood swings and he also eat garbage.  Joe said if her husband went on a plant-based diet for even just a month he would see improvement in mood and in his weight.

Rosie and Joe recommended listeners interested in learning more visit his website http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ and http://jointhereboot.com for more information.  Rosie said she might do the program for 30 days in July when she's in Chicago!  Joe offered to come out to Chicago and help her with it if she would like!    

Rosie told listeners to watch the documentary and buy Joe's book Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead extended trailer

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw
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