In case you missed it...
• Rosie began today's show talking about how Google Pete was screaming before they went on air because he walked in on Deirdre going potty. Pete seemed totally freaked out about it and Deirdre was laughing and totally didn't care. They spent some time discussing and analyzing the door lock on the bathroom and at one point Bobby and Jeannie were in the bathroom together. Then they discussed the age-old men leave the seat up debate. Rosie said if the men don't like touching the seat to raise the lid when they have to pee they could just sit down and push their wee-wees down like little boys do, LOL. Deirdre said it is good Feng shui to put the lid down. Rosie told a hilarious story about how when they were younger Jeannie would stick her "heiney" out the window and she could shoot her pee when Rosie was driving!! Such a visual image with that story! lol Rosie said, "Jeannie is a master pee-er!" Timmy O'Donnell broke in to say that Stanley will have a proper lock for the bathroom door at the studio by 1:00. Someone recalled the television show Rhoda and how she used to have many locks on her bathroom door which prompted Deirdre to add that Valerie Harper, who will be on Broadway soon, will be coming to do the show!

• Rosie discussed how Matt LeBlanc has let his hair go gray and how she thinks he looks fantastic! Jeannie said he looks great but no woman looks that good gray. Janette, Rosie, Shoshana all think he looks fantastic. Janette asked if Rosie would go gray. Rosie says she's already 50% gray and admires women in their 60s who look fantastic with all gray hair like Tyne for example. Pete said in order to let your hair come in gray you have to shave your head, like his mom did. Pete offered to shave any of the staff members heads if they would like. Janette declined his offer.

Matt looking gray and lookin hot!

• Lou played Wait It Out by Imogen Heap. (I just looooooove that song)

Katie Spotz
• Rosie then interviewed Katie Spotz who was on the phone from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! Katie is 22 years old and the first American to row across the Atlantic Ocean! Katie has been at sea for 51 days now and now is about a month from hitting landfall. Katie started out on January 3rd from the coast of West Africa and rowing across the Atlantic to South America. She is doing it to raise awareness for the need of safe drinking water and the Blue Planet Run Foundation.

• Katie was on her college crew team but has only been rowing for 2 years. Rosie asked if she was lonely. Katie said she does miss her friends and family but feels them with her in spirit. Katie said she's seen maybe 5 or 6 sharks, lots of fish and birds and one sea turtle while at sea. She also goes into the water when she needs to cool off because it can get incredibly hot. Her boat is only 19ft long and she has a jet-oil stove that she uses to heat up water which she adds to her dehydrated meals. She also eats lots of energy bars and trail mix. Katie said her mom tried to talk her out of it but now her parents see that this is for a bigger purpose. Rosie asked Katie if she spends a lot of time crying out at sea which seemed to catch Katie off-guard but she said yes, she "definitely has her moments." Katie said she struggled with exhaustion at the beginning of the trip. Rosie asked Katie if she ever regretted doing it and she said no, but there are moments where she must struggle to find the strength to carry on.

• Katie said that she went to college at 16 years old and always liked challenges. She did her first marathon at 18, and after she realized she could do the marathon, she signed up for a 3300 mile bike ride for the American Heart Association. Rosie asked if she would do another challenge after this one and Katie said she definitely sees more adventures ahead. Katie said after this adventure the first thing she would like to do is get a good shower and get a good night's sleep. Rosie told Katie what tremendous admiration she had for her and how impressed she was by her. Rosie told Katie to "be careful missy" and to call her when she got home so she could interview her again. Katie should arrive on the coast of South America about March 16th and you can learn more about Katie on her website follow her on her twitter HERE or her or get more information about Katie's cause at Blueplanetrun.org!

This is where Katie is right now!

• Rosie and the staff then talked about the interview with Katie. Deirdre loved when Rosie asked her if she cried. Deirdre said her story "blows her mind" and Janette thinks it's spectacular. Pete said he's "hooked" and added "she's awesome." Pete's been following her on her twitter for a while and talked about how Katie once decided to row naked for a while! She also likes to listen to Imogen Heap. Jeannie kept thinking of Katie's parents! Pete cited a blog post that Katie's mother wrote that he recommended listeners check out. Rosie sang along to the song Don't Rock the Boat but changed the lyrics for Katie making it up as she went along. It was very funny!

• Rosie took several callers one of whom asked if Rosie will do another movie anytime soon. Rosie said she's not sure about doing any movies because of the time it requires away from the kids but there's a chance she might go back to TV. And then she added "but only if it's fun because life's too short." Hmmm! Is that a clue?! I love clues!

• Rosie then played part of Susan Boyle's version on Wild Horses. Apparently in a recent interview Adam Lambert said that Susan Boyle ruined the song and it made him die of laughter when he listened to it in a recent interview. Rosie and Janette loved the version of the song. The staff talked about the trouble with fame and how it effects some people. Rosie said that sometimes those quotes can be taken out of context when you do an interview. Rosie recalled the time she said that Susan's story was like Shrek come to life. Meaning that Susan is not your typical famous singer meeting the beauty standards of Hollywood yet has that amazing voice. Rosie meant it as a compliment but the media quoted her as saying she said that Susan looked like Shrek which was not what she meant at all. Rosie talked about how Susan began her singing career signing Karaoke and Deirdre said she LOVES karaoke! ME TOO, DEIRDRE! Let's go! I practice my Karaoke songs in the shower - or what songs I would do in the shower, as I only ever did it once. The staff talked about how some people take Karaoke very seriously! Rosie said how happy she was with Simon Cowell and how he's been taking care of Susan.

• Rosie asked the staff what was the worst job they have ever had. Pete said he sold newspapers door to door for the Unification Church in DC. He worked for 40 hours and made hardly any money. Janette said her worst job was when she had to tape soft porn messages. She got fired after one day because her orgasms weren't good enough because they sounded like she was in pain! Bobby never had a really bad job but said he was a dispatcher in Miami once and got some pretty dramatic calls. He described one call when a woman called 911 and needed help because she said she was barricaded in her house by men that broke in. His supervisor thought it was a phoney phone-call and told him to hangup. Bobby didn't think it was so he messaged one of the police officers he was friends with and she went to check it out and drug dealers had locked her in her back bedroom and had taken over the house to make drugs! He got reprimanded and awarded in the the same day. He then quit because the job was too stressful. Deirdre had a really boring job in college when she worked for a plastic company stuffing envelopes all day at a desk. Rosie and Janette told stories of some really bad stand-up gigs they had to do- One of which was at a Chinese restaurant where they were also playing Keno and the audience members kept coming up on stage. Apparently Bobby taped the whole thing and is going to bring it in! SWEET!

The Theme Song to Life Unexpected

• Rosie then interviewed Liz Tigelaar, the Executive Producer and creator of the CW's Life Unexpected. Rosie asked Liz how old she was and Liz told her she's 34 years old and Rosie called her a youngster. Which is funny because I am 34! Liz talked about her history of writing for shows like American Dreams, What About Brian, Brothers and Sisters and Dirty Sexy Money (I LOVE all those shows!) and how she came up with the whole concept for the show. Liz said she had been an assistant to Winnie Holzman (the creator of My So-Called Life amongst other things) and she was inspired by her. Liz was adopted when she was a baby and talked about how she had a fantasy of what it would be like to meet her birth parents. Liz Tigelaar

• Rosie's eldest daughter Chelsea was in the studio for the interview and she said that she and Chels have a weekly date to watch the show together. Rosie talked to Liz about how Chelsea is adopted as well and has been interested in finding her birth parents her whole life. Chelsea said how it is hard for her to wait until she's 18 years old to find them. Liz said it was hard for her too. Liz talked about how adopted kids hold on so tightly to any information they can find about themselves and their history.

Liz Tigelaar talks about Life Unexpected

The Trailer to Life Unexpected

• Liz shared how she met her birth mom last year when she was 33 years old and how it was a bit disappointing, not because of who she is, but because it wasn't as she imagined it would be. Liz and Rosie talked about the developing stories and characters on the show but I wasn't familiar with the show so this part was a bit of a blur to me. Liz said that Chelsea and Parker could come and be on the show!!! OMG! How exciting! Rosie said if the show gets picked up, to write a part for her and she and Chelsea will come out and be on it! COOLNESS!!!! Liz was so excited when Rosie offered to do a guest spot and said it would be incredible! Rosie asked if there was any free Life Unexpected swag Liz could send her daughter and Liz said she could put something together for her. All in all it was a great interview. I totally want to watch the show now and Liz was a fantastic guest!

• Rosie asked her kids who were in the studio what their favorite shows were. Chelsea said her favorite show was Life Unexpected. Vivi's said her favorites were Glee and ICarly. And Blake said his was Big Time Rush.

• Rosie talked a little about how she is getting all of her teeth redone again and how this will be her 4th set of crowns. She said the "dentist stuff never goes away" and said that when she was little she didn't get good dental care. Rosie's kids were in the studio so she talked to her kids about the importance of brushing. Rosie also talked about the new Sonicare toothbrush she uses and how enjoyable it is. Janette and Rosie talked about how it looks strange when a celebrity ages but their teeth don't.

• Rosie played a little bit of the song Tik Tok and her kids sang along! OMG, so fricking cute!

• Apparently Howard heard about Rosie's dream she had about him and was talking about it on his show! Janette read exactly what Howard said about the dream including "if anyone could change Rosie (to heterosexual) he could and how he dreamt that he and Rosie went on Oprah together and were holding hands talking about how he changed her to hetero! LOL Spoken like a man, no? Janette also mentioned how they were talking about Howard's take on Rosie's dream on the Rosie Radio Facebook page! Overall, Janette told Rosie that he's honored how Rosie thinks about him. The whole thing made Rosie laugh.

• Lastly, they talked about Andrew Young who worked for John Edwards and who agreed to say he was the father of the baby that John Edward had with his mistress. You can read more about that HERE. Rosie remarked on what a horrible mess it has become and wondered how they thought they could get away with that. Janette attributed it to over confidence and arrogance. Pete said that John had been loyal and loving to his staff and had created a dedicated group of people working for him and then it may have gone to his head and he started to take advantage of them. Rosie wondered whether the affair had been an isolated event. Janette wished sexual behavior wouldn't be considered when judging someone's moral character.

• Rosie closed the show telling everyone to enjoy their snow if they live out East! Don't forget that Sharon Gless will be on the show on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie sang along to the theme song this morning. She does a very funny Temple Grandin-ish voice during the song most mornings. Rosie said it was snowing in Nyack today and there were 4 animals in the studio. Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator was in the studio today to do a psychic reading of everyone's pets so Deirdre brought along her French Bulldog puppy named Ruby (who Rosie said looks scary) who was snorting and snoring into her mike. Deirdre said Ruby was just a puppy (10 months old) and just excited to be there. I would have been that excited too Ruby! I hear ya. I would have tried to refrain from snorting in anyone's mike though. Bobby brought along his 5 year old long-haired Chihuahua named Abby, who Rosie said was more of Bobby's baby rather than his dog. Rosie had her 2.5 year old long-haired Chihuahua, Missy, with her. And Janette had her beautiful 9 year old sphinx cat named, Bizmark with her. As Janette was introducing him to the listening audience it hissed! Janette said he was unbelievably gentle, sweet and stunning but Rosie said he looked more like a hairless pig and said it was an ugly, ugly animal. Janette demanded that a picture of her beautiful cat be put up on Rosie.com for the listening audience to see. Rosie said she would do it. Janette told the story how Rosie bought Bizmark for Janette for Christmas the last year of TROS.
Janette and her Sphynix cat Bizmark!

• Deirdre said she already had a conversation with Sonya over the telephone and said that Sonya knew something that no one else could know! Sonya said that her dog Ruby loves to watch Deirdre blow dry her hair and that Ruby didn't know what Deirdre was doing but loved to watch. Deirdre said that Ruby DOES love to watch Deirdre blow her hair dry and that this was correct. Deirdre also commented how the facebookers in the Rosie Radio Group were very excited for today's program! There are almost 1,000 members in the facebook group so join now if you can! And don't forget to become a fan of the Rosie Radio Recap blog so you can be notified when the blog updates! :) Deirdre mentioned how she loves facebook and Rosie said if she used facebook she would go there. Come on Rosie! Do it!

• Rosie and the staff talked a little about American Idol. Bobby said it seems like there aren't very good singers this year and no one has really blown him away yet. I AGREE BOBBY. I couldn't wait for the show to end actually. There was one contestant that the Idol judge Cara is becoming overly friendly with and Rosie said it was borderline sexual harassment. Cara asked if the contestant would take off his shirt during auditions and last night Rosie said she was "practically dry-humping him." They played the audio of the clip from the show where Cara is sexually molesting this contestant. Rosie proposed what would happen if Simon or Randy did that to one of the female contestants?! Bobby loves Ellen as a comedian but doesn't like Ellen on the show as the new judge. Rosie talked some about how it must be hard to enter an already formed ensemble cast and said if anyone can pull it off - Ellen can. Rosie took callers who discussed a variety of American Idol topics including their love for Ellen as a judge, Cara's inappropriate comments to the contestant and comments that overall, the season is bad. Rosie talked about how in 1984 she was on Star Search and how it was the scariest thing she ever did in her entire life. Rosie said she thought her whole world was going to change after doing the show and it did totally change her entire career around.

• The studio then talked about The Octomom's appearance on The View yesterday. Rosie asked WHY...Why even book her? Rosie said it was a case study in "severe mental incapacity" and was shocked how everyone on the panel was pretending it was not happening and just kept pressing forward. They played a clip from the interview and Rosie stopped it frequently to comment or to just laugh. They must have been watching a tape because Rosie had them rewind it so everyone in the studio could see Whoopi's appalled face. Rosie said, "You gotta love the Whoop!" Janette said she has never seen anything like that on network television and Deirdre said it made her angry. I AGREE Deirdre. It's too much focus on crazy people. Janette and Deirdre discussed the problems from a producer's standpoint and wondered why they would let her go on TV like that. Bobby suggested that maybe someone should have tried to calm her down and only had one person interview her. Pete suggested that they did it for ratings and cited the Jimmy Kimmel dating game bit he did on his show and how it got big press. He suggested that The View may have seen how much play that Jimmy Kimmel segment got and decided to book her for ratings. And Bobby said Jimmy really goes after Octomom on his show and couldn't believe she would agree to do his show at all. Here's the evidence of THAT. Rosie thinks Octomom would go on any show at this point and she took several callers on the topic.

Octomom on The View.

• Rosie said she went to a wonderful event at a friend's house last night to raise money for her charity RBK. Rosie's Broadway Kids is an arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts. Using professional teaching artists, Rosie's Broadway Kids provides instruction in dance and music and a professional theater experience for children who might otherwise not have the opportunity. [source: http://www.rosiesbroadwaykids.org/] Actually, if you live in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area RBK has a great raffle going on. You can win a 19 seat Luxury Suite at Nationals stadium for a spring training game in April! Food, beverages and parking is included for you and 18 of your friends! SWEET! You can enjoy baseball and support the arts at the same time. Click HERE for more information!

• Rosie then played a clip of Keith Olbermann talking about his father's health struggles. Keith talked about his father in terms of the healthcare debate and Rosie called it one of the most moving and profound things she's ever seen. Rosie said she has such respect for Keith and his access to his emotions and the ability to express himself so articulately. Keith told a story about his father who had his colon removed followed by a series of infections, pneumonia, kidney failure, dialysis, swelling, etc. One night in the hospital after a long battle, the x-ray tech came in and hurt Keith's father and it was too much for him. Keith's father pleaded for help. Keith asked his Dad if he wanted to stop all the treatment and his dad said "yes." He essentially asked Keith to kill him, to end it all. Keith's father begged him for relief from the torture of the procedures they were giving him. Keith talked about the need to separate politics and from the needs of the people of the country. Listen to Keith in his own words...

Part 1

Part 2

• When they were done playing the interview Janette was in tears. This past Tuesday was the anniversary of her father's death. Keith's speech was hard for her to hear because it brought back all the memories of her father and the struggles they faced deciding what to do at he end of his life. (((((((HUGS JB))))))))

• Rosie then brought up the news-story about a Sea World trainer who died in a killer whale attack. Pete read an article about the incident to the staff. A Marine Biologist called in and said that to "put killer whales in these containers to perform is inhumane." Rosie wondered why it doesn't it happen more frequently. The caller said she didn't know why but knew it was not enough room for them and they're lonely depressed and agitated. Another caller who worked with killer whales called in who witnessed a killer whale kill a trainer who was wearing an orange flotation jacket and fell in to the whale tank.

• Rosie then introduced Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator to the listeners at home. Rosie talked to Sonya about her relationships with dolphins. Sonya said that in past lives, Rosie was a dolphin. And she said that Rosie's been in the water in past lives. She said the dolphins are aware of that and they feel safe with her. Rosie asked Sonya about the killer whale incident and Sonya said she was never allowed to work with the animals at Sea World but worked with the dolphins with Siegfried and Roy. She commented how bad it is for the animals in captivity.

Rosie and her dog Missy

• Chelsea, Rosie's eldest daughter, was in the studio and Rosie said she loves animals almost more than she loves people. Rosie said Chelsea's dog Zoe is so in love with Chels. Sonya said that Zoe and Chelsea take care of each other. She also said that Chelsea can communicate with her dog even when she's not with her because of the magnetic field. ????Okay, she lost me there. Sonya asked who has a snake in the house. Sonya said that the snake is sad because someone in the house doesn't like it. Rosie's youngest son Blake is the snake owner and an animal lover too and he was also in the studio. Blake told the story about the snake escaping from his cage down a heating vent and how they found it. He was so adorable. It was the talkiest I have ever heard Rosie's kids! Blake also talked about the shark he caught with Mark the Shark. Funny, I don't remember Sonya telling us how the shark felt as he was gutted and hanging by a hook. lol okay, sorry... Rosie asked Sonya what would be a good dog for Vivi. Sonya said a dog like Chelsea's dog (which is a Mini Australian Shepherd) rather than a Chihuahua (like Vivi wanted).

Vivi, Chelsea and Zoe

• Sonya then read Janette's hairless cat. She told Janette that her cat Beastly needs to be disciplined for biting her in the middle of the night and Janette should give him eye-to-eye attention. Then it was Bobby's dog's turn and Sonya said that she wishes she could come with him all the time and the dog could feel his lower back pain. Sonya also said that the dog loves the lady who wears comfortable shoes who visits and talks to her. Bobby said that this was one of his very good friends. Sounds like Ro. Sonya took several calls from listeners who had questions about their pets. She also recommended a vet friend of hers named Dr. Marty who does homeopathic medicine for animals. You can see Sonya at a seminar on Saturday Feb 27th at the Gramercy Theater!

Rosie, Bobby and Abby

• Deirdre said she didn't need a reading in the studio today with Sonya because they had already had one on one time. Sonya said that Ruby gets annoyed with her boyfriend and wants a dog that would play with her! Could another dog be in Deirdre's future? Only time will tell!

Deirdre and her pup Ruby

• Rosie said that she absolutely loves Sonya said she has a great energy and closed the show. Be sure and tune in tomorrow to hear Rosie interview Katie Spotz who is rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean and Liz Tigelaar the Executive Producer of Life Unexpected!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie wanted Bobby to sing the theme song at the start of today's broadcast but Bobby admitted that he didn't know the words to it yet. So, those that did know the words sang it a capella! John McDaniel (the pianist made famous to most of us Rosie bloggers for his work on TROS) wrote the Rosie Radio theme song. Janette and Rosie raved about how much they love John McDaniel and what a great guy he is. I listened to some of his piano on his website today and it is beautiful. Be sure to check him out! John has received many Emmy award nominations and won a Grammy award!

• Rosie mentioned how she misses the show The Partridge Family (random segway, I know). She also mentioned that she is not feeling well lately because of the horrible weather in N.Y. and her S.A.D. She said it is rainy, gray and depressing outside and the weather is making her feel sad. Rosie told a story about when she moved to California in the 1980s and how stunned she was that it was sunny every day. She said that from November til March is the worst time for her. Deirdre loves the rainy weather. Bobby said he loves it too as he grew up in Florida where it was always sunny. Janette said "relentlessly good weather gets on her nerves." And she followed that up with it is "hotter than then the seven hinges of hell in Florida." I can't help but quote the woman. It's just too good.

• Deirdre told a story about how she was asleep in today's car ride from NYC to Nyack and Janette yelled NO! at the top of her lungs and scared her half to death. Apparently they had a new driver today and he was about to get on the wrong route to the studio. Janette also screams to alert the staff when Rosie's walking to the studio from her house. A listener called in with her recommendation for S.A.D. and told Rosie to get a full spectrum light and use it twice a day. (Rosie mentioned how she had already tried that.) She also recommended an amino acid that produces serotonin called 5-HTP.

Are you sitting down? Cause this is the good part! After the call Rosie recommended that listeners go to the ShadyCam to watch her squirrel retrieve the nuts they had left for him on the window sill in the studio just as Deirdre mentioned a Rosie Radio Facebook discussion they were having about Shady and Rosie interrupted her and said "Wait, is that the one that Kelly does? and then she said KELLY WEIST! And she pronounced my name correctly! No one ever does that! LOL She's incredibly smart, what can I say! Janette said No, that's the Rosie Radio Recap blog and that's where we go if we ever can't remember something that was said on air! I almost fell off my chair and then my phone started ringing off the hook! So congrats Edward for getting a shout-out on your Facebook page and congrats to the Rosie Recap blog (me) and my proofreaders Liz and Michele! Shall I stand and make a speech? First I'd like to thank...


• The next part is a little fuzzy but I believe Rosie told a story about a drunk possum who drank some beer that was left down by the river by her house.

• Bobby and Rosie talked a bit about Heidi Fleiss who is on a show called Celebrity Rehab where celebrities with addictions come on and try to get sober. There is an HBO documentary about Heidi Fleiss and her attempt to open a brothel for women that I saw on HBO called The Would Be Madam of Crystal if you're interested.

• Rosie mentioned how Kirstie Alley is on a new A&E reality show called Big Life that chronicles her attempt to lose weight. Rosie was catching up on her Tivoed show last night and watched all the episodes of Celebrity Rehab. She said you get caught up in other people's drama so you don't have to live in your own. Rosie mentioned Mindy McCready, a country singer, who is on the show. Rosie told a story about meeting Mindy when she was doing a performance of monologues and presented by Eve Ensler where they read first person narratives of women's stories in prison. I found this online. Not sure if that was what Rosie was referring to. Rosie said she met Mindy before the show and Mindy handed Rosie her baby after only knowing her for a few moments and then disappeared for the 2 hours before the show, and how odd that was. Rosie loves kids so it wasn't a problem but it was just strange because they didn't know each other. Mindy was there to sing a song that she had written and after her performance Rosie went to give her the baby back and she didn't want to take the baby. Rosie saw it as extremely odd. Since then, Mindy has come out with an addiction to drugs and the baby has been adopted by Mindy's mother. Rosie questioned what the value was of a show like Celebrity Rehab. A listener called in who watches Celeb Rehab with her kids to try to explain to them the dangers of drugs and Rosie recommended Intervention instead and described the show to her. She said the great thing about Intervention is it's about real people (not celebrities) and it shows that not everyone survives addiction. Rosie said she doesn't watch the show Hoarders anymore because there's only so many times you can see cats covered by mounds of laundry. It's all the same story and pretty hopeless. I so agree. I am over both those shows actually. They are way too depressing.

• Rosie took several callers on the topic of addiction including one caller who thinks Celeb Rehab is glorifying addiction. Janette and Rosie talked about a candid camera bit they once did for TROS where they asked people what they would and would not do in order to be on TV. Janette said you wouldn't believe the things that people agreed to do just to be on TV. One person even agreed to be set on fire yet wouldn't dress all in the color orange for a year. Rosie and Janette talked about society's desire to be famous and to be on TV. A listener called in who was struggling with her son's marijuana use and Pete recommended stripping him of his privacy by taking his door off the bedroom.

• One very sad listener called in to talk to Rosie whose youngest son got involved with drugs. When he was 17 he started rebelling and using cough syrup and other drugs. At 18 years old he had moved on to harder drugs like heroin, crack and cocaine and his parents got him in long-term rehab with intensive counseling. The caller's son is 21 years old and now in prison for 60 years for murder. The caller discussed with Rosie the feeling of looking into his son's eyes and seeing his baby. He and his wife blame themselves and Rosie encouraged the caller to not blame himself and told him that some children are going to make mistakes and there's nothing parents can do. The caller talked about how even his neighbors and friends have turned on them. Rosie recommended the book Beautiful Boy to the caller and was deeply effected by the man's story. It was a very sad call. I know Rosie always says she would have been a teacher had she not become famous but she would have made a fantastic therapist.

• Rosie took a caller from a listener who got Gastric Bypass Surgery and is now an alcoholic. She had been sober for just a week and Rosie encouraged her to go to an AA Meeting and hoped that she stays sober. I found an article on Gastric Bypass and addiction HERE.

• A listener called in who got her son arrested to get him sober and recommended Al-anon to the previous caller whose son was arrested for murder to alleviate the responsibility he and his wife feel.

• A prevention and motivational empowerment speaker called in and Rosie seemed to appreciate his thoughts on the topic but expressed the fact that these parents need real solutions rather than a feel good mantra.

• After that caller Janette expressed how she feels you have to be an addict to really understand it. She listed her Weight Watchers leader as an example. The Weight Watchers leader knows what it is like to be fat and to struggle to lose weight. Janette talked about marijuana and how she doesn't think it's a "gateway drug" but she does think it's addictive. Janette said if you can't be in the room with it without touching it, you can't do it. Janette started smoking pot in 1985 cause she couldn't sleep yet she's not smoking it anymore. Rosie asked if she would ever consider a year without it like Rosie did a year without beer. Janette said she needs to look at it one week at a time. Deirdre expressed her frustration that pot is illegal but alcohol is not. Janette said marijuana helps her with anxiety and clearing her head for ideas when she's writing. Pete believed pot could be a gateway drug for younger people but said that pot isn't as damaging for adults as alcohol can be. Interesting drug conversation!

• Bobby discussed his own addiction with food. He said he never wanted to eat in front of people and Rosie commented that it was 4-5 years before Bobby would eat in front of her. Bobby said that he wouldn't eat on front of people and then he would be starving and go home and binge eat. He remarked how well his new diet is working because he doesn't get so starving so there's no chance to binge.

• Rosie said she has an Amazon addiction. She said she often sees things on Amazon she thinks she needs and knowing she can GET it tomorrow encourages her to buy it. She listed some amazing tweezers as an example. Janette remarked how she had several stray hairs that no one told her about and Rosie attributed that to the fact that most of the studio members are in their 40s (as in they have bad eyesight). Janette said her sister Lanette "sports a full goatee" and how someone needs to tell her. LOL

• Rosie took a caller who asked how you say something to a friend when you are concerned about their weight. Bobby recalled how Rosie approached him about his weight and it went something like this: Rosie said, "I love you and I don't want you to die. I'm concerned and some of your friends are concerned and I'm worried you're not able to take care of yourself right now." She insisted he go to her doctor. Janette cautioned the caller that "fat people know they're fat" and when your friends start telling you you need to lose weight it makes you feel less accepted by the people you feel most comfortable with. Janette was once 275 pounds and she's 5'3" and when someone would comment to her about her weight she would think "I want to find someone else to hang out with." So she warned the caller that the kind gesture can sometimes backfire. Rosie suggested the caller start by telling her that he cares about her and say if there's anything he can do to help her to just let him know. Rosie, Janette and Bobby commented what a hard situation it is to talk to a friend about their weight.

• Rosie asked if there were any listeners who had an online gambling problem and invited them to call in. Lou played The Gambler and went to commercial. Good one Lou!

• A listener called in and told Rosie of his online gambling addiction. He explained how he lost thousands of dollars, almost lost his wife and his house. Another listener called in whose husband gambles online and wound up losing tons of money doing it. It was only after she threatened to leave with her 3 kids that he eventually stopped.

• A listener, who works with recovering gamblers, called in who talked about the similarities between gambling addiction and alcohol addiction. Rosie talked about when she was working in Detroit and the irony of seeing a city that had been so ravaged by the poor economy with a packed and thriving casino. Janette and Rosie talked about how scary it was to work in Atlantic City. Google Pete said he doesn't gamble online because he is sure he would have an addiction to it.

• Rosie told a story about how was playing Texas Hold 'em once and won a big jackpot and then decided to get up from the table and leave and how she was YELLED at for getting up. Pete said he has been yelled at for taking a hit when playing poker. Bobby said he likes slots because of the pretty lights and music. LOL Pete talked about how he once installed video poker machines and remarked how easy it would be to make sure that the machines didn't pay out.

• Rosie, Janette, Bobby and Deirdre talked about working at The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how everyone made really good money working there. Rosie remembered seeing staff members coming in with name brand expensive stuff and how many of those people are now broke because they didn't save their money. Rosie said Janette quit after one season because she thought she wasn't good at it and Rosie convinced Janette to stay on and make her a producer. They went to commercial playing Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I love me some Gaga. PERFECTION LOU.

Lady Gaga sings Poker Face

• Rosie closed the show doing her Janette impersonation. It's too good to try to blog about so I decided to tape it. Here it is...

• Don't forget Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator will be on tomorrow's show and the radio crew will be bringing in their own pets to be "read." THAT should be interesting radio!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie started the show today mentioning how her kids had a 2-hour delay today, yawning and saying she needed a Coke to wake up! lol She said it's also exhausting rehashing the radio show topics on the blog. I guess blog followers who don't listen to the show everyday asked a lot of questions about the manatee photos she put up and Shady's green tail. Ummmmmm, point them here, Rosie! I will fill in the blanks for them!!

Shoshana made triangular pizzas with chocolate and peanut butter. Shoshana explained how she made them. Hamantashen for the Jewish holiday Purim today. They talked about the holiday and its traditions. Janette talked about 70 calorie brownies made with black beans. I looked for the recipe and found this online. Maybe Janette will share her recipe with us! She also mentioned the book series Eat This Not That. Also, apparently many people enjoyed Rosie impersonating Janette yesterday.

• Rosie talked about how Parker didn't do his homework last night. Jeannie talked about her daughter and her difficulties with school and whether or not she's going to college next year. Rosie took many callers who discussed homework policies, withholding privileges and incentives for teens to get homework done.

• The group that rides together to the studio in Nyack every day shared a story about today's car ride. Evidently, in the car "Dark Bobby" came out. When Deirdre was trying to sleep in today's car ride, Bobby leaned over to Deirdre and said, "You look so beautiful when you're sleeping" in a creepy voice and he also bugs Deirdre constantly on the ride. I guess they also got in a fight about his "Go-Bag" which launched an entire conversation about Go-Bags. The mayor of NY said citizens should be prepared with a go bag filling it with things like batteries, water, money, duct tape, etc. They then discussed whether you should or should not have a go bag, what should be in it, took callers who have one and some who don't and whether they are necessary or just about living in fear. Rosie pondered whether this was boring radio and they could get cancelled on this basis. (Sorry Ro, it was, I spaced a little during this part. I love when you guys shoot the shit but this was BORING.) They also talked about the NorthEast Blackout of 2003 that greatly effected the NY area and how the city came together almost in relief over the fact that it was not a terrorist attack. Pete shared his own story about living through the blackout and walking from Queens to Harlem.

• Rosie talked about being on TROS during 9/11 and how the fear and overwhelming anxiety and sadness made her completely shut down. Rosie told the story about how Geraldine, her nanny, was in the city during the blackout and another story about how they once had an anthrax scare in their building where they taped TROS. Rosie recalled calling up the Warner Brothers people after 9/11 and telling them how she was never going back into the city. A listener who was blocks away from the Murrah Federal Building during the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 called in. She shared her story and also talked about her Go-Bag and Go-Zone. Rosie asked the woman on the phone about the 9/11 conspiracy theories (regarding the specifically the Pentagon) and the woman discounted the theory completely. Rosie asked her to seriously look into it. Deirdre mentioned how she did (produced?) a show after the 9/11 Pentagon attack and even walked through it. Deirdre said there was a courthouse in the middle of the Pentagon and the plane didn't even penetrate through the courthouse. Pete listed the many facts that don't pan out regarding the Pentagon plane hit. A caller, who knew a person who was walking to his car at the Pentagon the moment of the attack, said there was no way a plane hit the building because of the sound that was made. The caller recommended the site 911.org for more information on the topic. Rosie mentioned listeners look into the 9/11 Architect/Engineer Petition in which a thousand architects and engineers are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center. The studio crew discussed the definition of true patriotism and how it is hard for some people to question their government. Rosie said she got the WORST hate mail ever after just bringing the topic up about the unanswered questions of 9/11 when she was on The View.

• Rosie then interviewed the hilarious Wanda Sykes! Rosie mentioned how funny she was the other night on Bill Maher. Its hilarious. If you haven't seen it you can watch it HERE.

Wanda Sykes

• Rosie asked Wanda about the comedians she admired growing up. Wanda mentioned many comedians most of whom I didn't recognize except Richard Pryor. :) Wanda talked about her parents, her siblings and how she started in stand up. Wanda went to Hampton University in VA for marketing, grew up in Maryland and began working there. Rosie loves Wanda on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

A scene from The New Adventures of Old Christine starring Wanda as "Barb"

• Rosie also talked with Wanda about her HBO comedy special I'ma Be Me. Rosie called it "the funniest fricking thing she has ever seen." Lou played a clip from the comedy special. Wanda talked about how she was together with her wife for 2 years before they had babies and how much it changed their lives. Rosie and Wanda talked about the pressure to come out that they felt from the gay community and the process of coming out. Wanda talked about how it is harder coming out in the African American community and the difficulties she had telling her mom that she was gay. Rosie told a story about a previous girlfriend she once had who came out to her mom and her mom said to her, "I wish you had told me you had cancer." OUCH. Wanda talked about how she knew she was gay in 3rd or 4th grade because she had a big crush on one of her brother's girlfriends. Rosie asked Wanda how she likes doing her own talk show The Wanda Sykes Show on Fox. Wanda said she loves doing the bits with the writers and loves doing the show itself but hates all the crap that comes with it (the numbers, the budget, dealing with the restrictions and the promotion). But overall it's fun. Wanda talked some about how she and her wife met on Fire Island and then my puppy took off running towards the front door taking my laptop with him and I didn't hear the rest of the interview! Yikes! Sorry. You can catch Wanda on The Wanda Sykes Show on Fox on Saturday nights at 11pm EST.
Me and my bad puppy Luke who almost broke my computer

• Rosie then talked with Lou who's taking ballroom dancing lessons. Deirdre called Lou a pussy for taking ballroom dancing and said swing is better. Then Deirdre was dancing in the studio! Rosie played some of the song Tik Tok by Kei$ha and mentioned how Nora Ephron's son is the guitarist in the Ke$ha band who will be performing with her at the Dinah Shore weekend March 31st-April 4th 2010 in Palm Springs. Rosie said Deirdre is a little "butchy" and talked about how Janette and Deirdre are having a platonic love affair. Deirdre said she and Janette would make a great couple because they are both nuts but they get each other. Deirdre talked a little about her boyfriend Ted and how he playfully bit her when she was talking on the phone to Janette last night. Deirdre mentioned how few men will take her crap and how she needs a strong man.

• Then it was Weigh-In time! Rosie is down 6 pounds and attributes her weight loss to not having as much of an appetite. Bobby is down 128 pounds! Weenie has lost 10 pounds. And Janette is almost down 10 pounds! Pete stayed the same and Deirdre quit. Deirdre feels like it's disjointed because they're not all doing the same diet. And Rosie talked about her brother Timmy who lost weight really quickly because of his Diabetes diagnosis. Timmy was in the studio and talked about how he was peeing 70 times a day and losing weight quickly because his body was using fat reserves for energy. Timmy said he no longer has anything containing sugar and his whole diet has changed. He recommended MGD 64 and Budweiser Select as his new beverages of choice because of their low caloric content. Do I sense another drink tasting show in the near future????!!

• Deirdre danced in the studio today and Pete turned the ShadyCam on her for one second and we saw her dancing on the ShadyCam! Classic! It was so fun to see the inside of the studio even if it was just for a second!

Don't miss Thursday's show when all of the studio members bring their beloved pets and Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator stops by!


In case you missed it...

• Today's broadcast opened with a discussion about the spray-painting of Shady-the-squirrel's tail that occurred last week. They replayed the clip of the broadcast when Google Pete sprayed Shady's tail green and was laughing hysterically in the background. Jeannie said she was sorry she missed it. The ShadyCam was live again on the blog today. Everyone was wondering if he would come back after being spray-painted. Rosie said if he doesn't come back today she will feel bad. I wonder if Shady knows when Rosie is in Miami or not? Hmmmmmm. SNN aka the "Shady News Network" reported Shady news which was essentially a tape of Rosie doing a bit where she speaks in a squirrel voice which sounded awfully like Jay Leno!

• Rosie talked about her weekend going down to Miami on JetBlue. She went with her girlfriend and 14 kids! Holy Shit that's a lot of kids and luggage! Janette flies JetBlue to Vegas frequently and loves it. Rosie said she loved JetBlue and loved the personal TVs but said it was hard that some of the kids were separated from the parents on the trip. Some people on the flight didn't want to move so that the families could all sit together. Janette said even she will move to allow children to sit next to their parents when she's on a flight and she's usually not nice to people. God, I love Janette.

• Rosie told a story about an injured manatee that floated over in front of their dock this weekend. Apparently it had a huge gash from a propeller in it's side and a rescue boat was trying to save it. Rosie said that their 14 children, between the ages of 6 and 18, were sitting and watching the rescuers attempt to save the poor animal. Unfortunately the injured animal didn't make it. Deirdre and Janette said they have more trouble with animals suffering than humans.

• Bobby told a story about one 4th of July when he went swimming in his grandmother's lake and he swam out to the middle of the water. His sister was telling him to swim in and he wasn't listening. And then his sister told him there was an alligator behind him! Bobby said he calmly swam to the shore and then RAN across the rocks and there was a 6 foot alligator in the lake! Janette mentioned a show and it was either Top 10 Freakiest Animal Attacks on Animal Planet or I Survived on Biography about a man who fought off an alligator that took his arm and lived to tell his story. They discussed in detail how crocodiles and alligators kill their prey! YUCK! Janette and Bobby told many alligator stories.

• Rosie talked about how she saw many dolphins in Miami this weekend and how she gets them to swim in the boat-wake. Rosie says she calls out to them "Come here boy boy!" They talked for a while about dolphins and how dolphins attack sharks which led to a mention of Rosie's favorite shark hunter Mark the Shark. Rosie and her kids have gone fishing with Mark the Shark and have caught 3 or 4 HUGE sharks not far off the shore. Deirdre said she is afraid of sharks ME TOO DEIRDRE!!! You can see pictures of Rosie's catches on Marks website HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Rosie, Mark the Shark and her son Blake
(photo belongs to marktheshark.com)

Rosie and her kids with Chelsea's Hammerhead shark she caught!
(photo belongs to marktheshark.com)

• Jeannie, Deirdre and Bobby talked about how they don't like to be in extremely hot weather. Rosie doesn't think Miami is ever too hot as long as you're near water and said she could live there year round. Bobby loved growing up in Florida. It was cute. It was like Rosie got defensive a little about her love of Miami when she heard the others saying they didn't like hot weather.

• Just then Shady came BACK, green butt and all! Jeannie said she feels bad that she wasn't right and it is indeed the same squirrel coming back! And he's got the green to prove it!

• Rosie said she had a kissing dream about Howard Stern! She said she had a dream that she was at Howard Stern's house and they were talking about their childhoods and Howard KISSED her! Then they went inside his house and he had a 55 year old blond-feminist wife with a ton of kids. They were hanging out as buddies in her dream. FUNNY!

• After commercial break they talked about how they can't believe that the Tiger Woods apology is breaking news. Janette said she "doesn't give a crap" who he slept with and thinks this is much ado about nothing. They discussed whether there was such a thing as sex addiction? Rosie read the definition of a sex addiction and they discussed the possibilities of it. They also played some of Tiger's apology. The studio crew also discussed the errors with how Tiger's camp handled the car accident by not coming out with a statement sooner and how the women who Tiger had affairs with are becoming celebrities themselves now. Rosie took many callers to hear their thoughts on the topic. Rosie mentioned the drug of celebrity and her book Celebrity Detox and the need to go to a "new land to see what its like to be normal again." Jeannie really felt for Tiger's mother and her undying support of her son. Deirdre on the other hand was a bit more cynical about the mother being at the press conference and felt that perhaps that part was all for show. Janette reiterated that no crime was committed and didn't see what all the fuss was about.

• Rosie tried Coconut M&M's live on the air! Jeannie and Rosie loved them! They then discussed every different candy bar under the sun including Almond Joy, Payday, Crispy M&Ms, vs. Mint M&Ms, Zagnut Marathon Bars, Charleston Chews, etc. etc. etc.

• Rosie briefly discussed the "new" Tonight Show and what the lead in will be. Janette is very interested in hearing what the ratings are but will not watch it. There is also a rumor that Conan is going to do a live stage show.

• Rosie then interviewed the incredibly talented writer and playwright Delia Ephron! Delia and Rosie used to live in the same apartment building with her sister Nora. And Cyndi Lauper still lives there!

Delia Ephron

• Rosie acted in Nora and Delia's play Love, Loss and What I Wore with Tyne Daly, Katie Finneran, Natasha Lyonne and Samantha Bee this past fall of 2009. Love Loss has the largest advance in Off Broadway history! Delia talked with Rosie about many things including growing up in Hollywood and growing up in a successful family of writers. Delia talked about her book Frannie In Pieces and how she wrote the book out of her own experience of being a middle child and dealing with the death of her father. Delia said she doesn't have any biological children but explained that writing for kids isn't about having kids but about remembering your own childhood. Delia shared some about her childhood growing up with alcoholic parents and always trying to gauge what mood everyone was in. She said she wrote her book How to Eat Like a Child: And Other Lessons In Not Being Grown Up because she was a child of an alcoholic who did doing nothing but watch others. In her latest young adult novel, The Girl With The Mermaid Hair, Delia touches on how some women are obsessed with their appearances and the effect that having plastic surgery to our faces effects our connection to our daughters. Delia said she thinks that we as women now have two adolescents: one as a teenager and one again in our 40s when we become re-obsessed with our looks. Rosie and Delia talked about friends they have who have completely changed their faces because of plastic surgery. You can see Delia's latest play Love, Loss and What I Wore running through May of 2010! And Delia reminded listeners that Fran Drescher joins the cast in March!

• Bobby went to see Shutter Island this weekend and thought it was really well done. Bobby and Jeannie like scary movies. Rosie said she saw the film Burnt Offerings in 1976 and hasn't seen a scary movie since. Janette won't watch The Omen or anything with a Ouija board in it. Janette told a very complicated story about a seance she was once involved in where some wacky things happened and the demon Baal was summonded. The story was incredibly detailed and after Janette finished the radio crew got a good laugh out of it. Rosie then did a Janette impression of how Janette tells a story. Rosie told her manatee story from this weekend in "janettespeak" which made everyone laugh hysterically. Rosie mentioned how she wanted a Janette button like a silent alarm that they have at a bank that plays soft calming music when Janette goes off on one of her incredibly detailed stories. It was so funny to hear Rosie "do" Janette. Its so apparent that there's such familiarity and love there.

• Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that comedian Wanda Sykes will be calling in tomorrow! Don't miss it THAT is going to be funny!!

Some clips from Wanda's HBO comedy special I'ma Be Me!


Happy Sunday, everyone! For those of you who missed Howard Stern's visit to Rosie Radio on January, 26th (visit blog post here), I came across these YouTube videos that someone videotaped off of Howard TV (so the quality is not the best but viewable for sure!). Here is the first part and the links are posted for the remaining 5 parts. Enjoy!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


2-20-10 Twitter Update!

Hot off the Tweet Press!

DeliaEphron tweeted "I am so excited for my live interview with Rosie O’Donnell on “Rosie Radio”
Mon 2/22 at 11am!! Pls tune in!!" 

If you do not know who Delia Ephron is, she is an author, screenwriter, and playwright. She has written books for adults, teens, and children - fiction, non-fiction, and humor.  Here's a link to Delia's Wiki.  And here's a link to her books on Amazon.   And here is her website:  http://www.deliaephron.com/

Delia co-wrote the play Love, Loss and What I Wore with her sister Nora Ephron which Rosie performed in this past fall of 2009.

Rosie and the cast of Love, Loss and What I Wore

Don't forget to tune in!   Have a great weekend Rosie Radio peeps!



Today's show was a compilation of previously bradcasted radio including Rosie's interview with Gayle Haggard, and her "take" and interpretation post-interview.

Have a great weekend Rosie peeps!


• Today's broadcast opened with a discussion over the John Mayer interview in Playboy and the controversy it created. You can read the interview in its entirety HERE. I have to interject for the moment. This made my heart race (and not for the reasons you think) to go to playboy.com as I am sitting in the waiting room at the Occupational Therapist's office with my preschooler. I started sweating dreading another parent might look at what website I was visiting on my laptop! Note to self: Must remember to delete the browsing history before my 10 year old uses my computer to play facebook games this afternoon. The group discussed the interview and some of the things that John said in it. The best part was Rosie played the part of the Playboy interviewer and Google Pete played the part of John Mayer answering the questions. It was very funny. Some of the shocking things John said was that although he's accepted in the black community he really doesn't know what it's like to be black and discriminated against, he prefers masturbation rather than sex and he has a racist penis. John also discusses the meaning behind the song Heartbreak Warfare in the interview so Lou played it for Rosie and she sang along.

Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

• Rosie said she really likes John Mayer but "Oh BOY!" (Oh boy, can never be good) Apparently John went on stage and apologized for the offensive things he said in the interview and they played the clip. Rosie discussed how she sees how fame is really difficult for some and she said he's become a caricature of himself. The crew discussed the power (and perceived power) of fame and money. Rosie talked about how when she became famous she thought she would have enough power to change the world.

• Rosie asked the studio if they had unlimited resources (money wise) what would they do. Google Pete said he would take his wife to Hawaii because she really wants to go (awwwwwww). Jeannie said she would create a soup kitchen in her neighborhood (and then laughed about how again, it's about loving through food). Janette said she would do more with her documentaries about visiting third world countries and fund a medical mission to Africa. She said she would also buy more clothes, go to dinner more, take care of her sister and then go buy more clothes. Bobby said he would buy a Broadway theater in danger of closing and turn it into a museum about history of Broadway. (OMG, I want to help! I would love that)

• Bobby went and saw Avatar and liked it a lot and he was especially admiring of the art and technology of it all. Pete said he hated it because it depressed him and it didn't have enough of story to pull him in. Jeannie has no desire to see it. They briefly mentioned the news-story about the Palestinian protesters who painted themselves blue and equated their struggle to the struggle faced in the film. Janette said she doesn't like movies in general because they make you sit for too long in the dark and in general they are too serious for her. She said she wants "happy bunny" in movies. Jeannie said her husband likes to watch Boogie Nights over and over and Jeannie said it was "Too Heavy for her" (referring to the film) just as Pete said the reason her husband liked to watch it was because of the big penis at the end. So it sounded like Jeannie was saying the big penis was "too heavy for her." It cracked everyone up.

• They all talked about how they loved the movie Shawshank Redemption which Pete said was based off of a Steven King book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Rosie said that when she loves a book and then they make a movie out of it, she never likes the movie as much as the book. She listed Fried Green Tomatoes as an example. Janette said that Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence was the only book made into a movie that she ever loved both the book and the movie. Pete said High Fidelity and Shawshank Redemption are two movies that are as good as the books.

• Rosie briefly mentioned how the characters "Jessie" and "Angie" are back on All My Children and Brendan quietly said "well, how would you know that because the TV isn't on in the studio" and Rosie called him a prick and told him to edit it out. It was funny!

• Rosie then interviewed the iconic actress and singer Florence Henderson. Florence talked about her show on Broadway and how she shares a lot of things about her life and how it's sometimes scary and hard for her to do. Flo and Ro talked about kids, raising kids and Florence's 5 grandchildren. Florence grew up in a large Irish Catholic family and is the youngest of 10 children. She said she was extremely poor growing up and her father was a sharecropper. She waited to tell the story of her childhood until after her parents were both gone. Her brothers and sisters have all seen her show and love it but would prefer she didn't say anything about their childhood. Florence is also currently writing a book! Rosie shared that when she wrote Find Me her siblings weren't happy either and how every siblings interpretations of events can be different.

Florence Henderson

• Florence is currently performing in Broadway Backwards where the women sing the men's songs to each other and the men sing the female songs. Rosie called it "very fun" and a "very enjoyable night of theater." The money raised goes to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

The Broadway Backwards Promo!

• Florence talked about how she never remembers not singing and by the time she was 2 years old her mother had taught her over 50 songs. Florence said when she saw her first movie musical she knew that was her destiny. She talked about how she had dreamed of one day singing at the Hollywood Bowl and the day she actually made that dream come true, she was in tears. Florence just celebrated her 76th birthday on Valentine's Day!!! Happy Birthday, Florence!

• Florence talked about how it takes courage to be happy because you have to have the courage to change things in your life in order to make yourself happy. (I loved this part. That is so true.) Florence also talked about the loss of her beloved husband and trying to date again because of the importance of moving forward in life.

• Flo and Ro talked briefly about Florence's role as Carol Brady on the sitcom The Brady Bunch. Rosie recommended and raved about the show Glee to Florence and suggested she should do a guest spot. Rosie ended the interview suggesting they meet at Joe Allen Restaurant in the Theater District for the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. True story, I went to Joe Allens once and ordered this sandwich because I KNEW it was Rosie's favorite. Its good. And yes, I'm a dork. No need to point out the obvious. You can visit Florence's website HERE.

Sunshine Day from the Brady Bunch (thanks Heidi!)

• Rosie took some callers one of whom was having trouble with her teenager shoplifting and Rosie recommended the book My Teenager Is Crazy: A Guide To Getting You and Your Teenager Through The Difficult Years. Rosie told the caller to punish her teen but remember it doesn't define who she is, it is just a mistake that she made. And she added to tell her if she does it again Rosie is going to come to PA and kick her ass.

• They talked about how they spray-painted Shady the squirrel's tail green with livestock paint so they can tell if it is indeed the same squirrel coming back everyday. Rosie asked what she is going to get out of this deal, if she proves to the studio that its the same squirrel and they said she could paint Bobby's butt green, lol.

• Rosie talked with a caller who has an older son who is always beating up on her younger son and asked for advice. Rosie said she used to have this problem with Parker and Blake and she told Parker "whatever you do to Blake I am going to do to you." And it worked! If Parker punched Blake Ro would punch Parker. (I totally do this too, lol)

• Rosie then talked on the phone with Sharon Osbourne who is married to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon has a new book coming out called Revenge that she called "a beach read" and "a quick, silly, girly story." Revenge is about a pushy stage mother and 2 sisters trying to make it. They talked some about Sharon's health scare with the cancer and taking out her lapband that she had to lose weight. They also talked some about Sharon's daughter Kelly and how fantastic she looks today!

Sharon Osbourne

• Rosie asked Sharon about doing the show Celebrity Apprentice and Sharon shared that she got the flu during the show and she was sick for the whole month she was there. Rosie asked Sharon how she liked working with "the Donald." Sharon said she didn't really work with him - he just "talks at you." Sharon said that Rosie needs to see the first episode because there is a scene where Cyndi Lauper and Donald talk about Rosie! She said Rosie has to see it! Rosie told a funny story how Cyndi called her and asked her to come and give money "for this show she was going to be on." And Rosie said "Cyn, is it the Apprentice? You know that Trump doesn't like me." And Cyndi had no idea! LOL Sharon said Cyndi is "barking mad in the best way" and she "absolutely adores her." Rosie said "you need to get a passport to Lauper-Land" when you're around Cyndi. Rosie talked about how she performed on the True Colors tour with Cyndi and her son Declyn. Then Ozzy got on the phone and talked for a bit with Rosie!!! Don't ask me what he said though.

• Pete talked a little more about spray-painting the squirrel's tail green and how he was taping it but got so excited he closed his computer and the video didn't save. Bummer. They also talked about how they were going to put the photos up of the green-tailed squirrel and Rosie corrected Pete and said how they DID put the photos up (In other words they taped this part yesterday and were trying to pretend like it was live. You could TOTALLY tell they were pretending it was today. Sorry guys, you're not that good) The crew talked about various animal accidents that they had heard of. Shoshana admitted that she is scared of the squirrel and thinks he is gross and told a story about a cat who bit her sister which caused her to get stitches. Janette told a story about a seal that bit off a person's nose! OUCH! Also, apparently Janette's cat Beastly attacks her and she loves him and he's her favorite cat.

Meet Janette's cat Beastly!

• Janette also said that putting dirty cat litter (ewwww) around will keep mice away and apparently the View studio was full of mice so she secretly put cat litter under Rosie's chair in the dressing room at the View! Ewww! I guess its better than the hantavirus though.

• Also, Rosie has been nesting like crazy. Apparently she threw away 10 heavty garbage bags full of stuff from her craft studio and totally cleaned out her bathroom. She wondered aloud what was prompting the cleaning? Janette suggested it's because she's beginning a new life. Rosie talked about how her girlfriend Tracy and her children are living next door "on the compound" in their own house. And she said she would call it "dating" and talked about how it's too hard to date someone who lives cross country and it was necessary for them to get to know each other.

• Rosie said she used to truly hate the squirrels and now she loves them. Janette said that because of that it means everything is possible. Rosie said she used to love birds until the Avian Flu epidemic hit and was mostly afflicting black birds and then she tried to get all the black birds to go away and then she felt racist. LOL

• Janette talked a little about her friend Fran Capo and how she loves her son (even though she typically doesn't like kids) but when she meets her friend's kids "it's like meeting a piece of them."

• Rosie never thought her kids would grow up and wondered what that would be like. Google Pete said "only 17 more years til the kids move out!" Pete said he misses his wife can't wait for his kids to move out. LOL He said, "when the kids are out it's party central." Pete said he loves his kids but he misses being a couple and finds the limitations that come with being parents frustrating. Rosie suggested more babysitters. Apparently, his daughter gets out of her crib a lot and Rosie suggested crib netting. I did this Pete! It works!

• Rosie closed the show and said she was going to Miami this weekend! Have fun Rosie! There's like 4 feet of snow here!