• Today's broadcast opened with a discussion over the John Mayer interview in Playboy and the controversy it created. You can read the interview in its entirety HERE. I have to interject for the moment. This made my heart race (and not for the reasons you think) to go to playboy.com as I am sitting in the waiting room at the Occupational Therapist's office with my preschooler. I started sweating dreading another parent might look at what website I was visiting on my laptop! Note to self: Must remember to delete the browsing history before my 10 year old uses my computer to play facebook games this afternoon. The group discussed the interview and some of the things that John said in it. The best part was Rosie played the part of the Playboy interviewer and Google Pete played the part of John Mayer answering the questions. It was very funny. Some of the shocking things John said was that although he's accepted in the black community he really doesn't know what it's like to be black and discriminated against, he prefers masturbation rather than sex and he has a racist penis. John also discusses the meaning behind the song Heartbreak Warfare in the interview so Lou played it for Rosie and she sang along.

Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

• Rosie said she really likes John Mayer but "Oh BOY!" (Oh boy, can never be good) Apparently John went on stage and apologized for the offensive things he said in the interview and they played the clip. Rosie discussed how she sees how fame is really difficult for some and she said he's become a caricature of himself. The crew discussed the power (and perceived power) of fame and money. Rosie talked about how when she became famous she thought she would have enough power to change the world.

• Rosie asked the studio if they had unlimited resources (money wise) what would they do. Google Pete said he would take his wife to Hawaii because she really wants to go (awwwwwww). Jeannie said she would create a soup kitchen in her neighborhood (and then laughed about how again, it's about loving through food). Janette said she would do more with her documentaries about visiting third world countries and fund a medical mission to Africa. She said she would also buy more clothes, go to dinner more, take care of her sister and then go buy more clothes. Bobby said he would buy a Broadway theater in danger of closing and turn it into a museum about history of Broadway. (OMG, I want to help! I would love that)

• Bobby went and saw Avatar and liked it a lot and he was especially admiring of the art and technology of it all. Pete said he hated it because it depressed him and it didn't have enough of story to pull him in. Jeannie has no desire to see it. They briefly mentioned the news-story about the Palestinian protesters who painted themselves blue and equated their struggle to the struggle faced in the film. Janette said she doesn't like movies in general because they make you sit for too long in the dark and in general they are too serious for her. She said she wants "happy bunny" in movies. Jeannie said her husband likes to watch Boogie Nights over and over and Jeannie said it was "Too Heavy for her" (referring to the film) just as Pete said the reason her husband liked to watch it was because of the big penis at the end. So it sounded like Jeannie was saying the big penis was "too heavy for her." It cracked everyone up.

• They all talked about how they loved the movie Shawshank Redemption which Pete said was based off of a Steven King book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Rosie said that when she loves a book and then they make a movie out of it, she never likes the movie as much as the book. She listed Fried Green Tomatoes as an example. Janette said that Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence was the only book made into a movie that she ever loved both the book and the movie. Pete said High Fidelity and Shawshank Redemption are two movies that are as good as the books.

• Rosie briefly mentioned how the characters "Jessie" and "Angie" are back on All My Children and Brendan quietly said "well, how would you know that because the TV isn't on in the studio" and Rosie called him a prick and told him to edit it out. It was funny!

• Rosie then interviewed the iconic actress and singer Florence Henderson. Florence talked about her show on Broadway and how she shares a lot of things about her life and how it's sometimes scary and hard for her to do. Flo and Ro talked about kids, raising kids and Florence's 5 grandchildren. Florence grew up in a large Irish Catholic family and is the youngest of 10 children. She said she was extremely poor growing up and her father was a sharecropper. She waited to tell the story of her childhood until after her parents were both gone. Her brothers and sisters have all seen her show and love it but would prefer she didn't say anything about their childhood. Florence is also currently writing a book! Rosie shared that when she wrote Find Me her siblings weren't happy either and how every siblings interpretations of events can be different.

Florence Henderson

• Florence is currently performing in Broadway Backwards where the women sing the men's songs to each other and the men sing the female songs. Rosie called it "very fun" and a "very enjoyable night of theater." The money raised goes to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

The Broadway Backwards Promo!

• Florence talked about how she never remembers not singing and by the time she was 2 years old her mother had taught her over 50 songs. Florence said when she saw her first movie musical she knew that was her destiny. She talked about how she had dreamed of one day singing at the Hollywood Bowl and the day she actually made that dream come true, she was in tears. Florence just celebrated her 76th birthday on Valentine's Day!!! Happy Birthday, Florence!

• Florence talked about how it takes courage to be happy because you have to have the courage to change things in your life in order to make yourself happy. (I loved this part. That is so true.) Florence also talked about the loss of her beloved husband and trying to date again because of the importance of moving forward in life.

• Flo and Ro talked briefly about Florence's role as Carol Brady on the sitcom The Brady Bunch. Rosie recommended and raved about the show Glee to Florence and suggested she should do a guest spot. Rosie ended the interview suggesting they meet at Joe Allen Restaurant in the Theater District for the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. True story, I went to Joe Allens once and ordered this sandwich because I KNEW it was Rosie's favorite. Its good. And yes, I'm a dork. No need to point out the obvious. You can visit Florence's website HERE.

Sunshine Day from the Brady Bunch (thanks Heidi!)

• Rosie took some callers one of whom was having trouble with her teenager shoplifting and Rosie recommended the book My Teenager Is Crazy: A Guide To Getting You and Your Teenager Through The Difficult Years. Rosie told the caller to punish her teen but remember it doesn't define who she is, it is just a mistake that she made. And she added to tell her if she does it again Rosie is going to come to PA and kick her ass.

• They talked about how they spray-painted Shady the squirrel's tail green with livestock paint so they can tell if it is indeed the same squirrel coming back everyday. Rosie asked what she is going to get out of this deal, if she proves to the studio that its the same squirrel and they said she could paint Bobby's butt green, lol.

• Rosie talked with a caller who has an older son who is always beating up on her younger son and asked for advice. Rosie said she used to have this problem with Parker and Blake and she told Parker "whatever you do to Blake I am going to do to you." And it worked! If Parker punched Blake Ro would punch Parker. (I totally do this too, lol)

• Rosie then talked on the phone with Sharon Osbourne who is married to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon has a new book coming out called Revenge that she called "a beach read" and "a quick, silly, girly story." Revenge is about a pushy stage mother and 2 sisters trying to make it. They talked some about Sharon's health scare with the cancer and taking out her lapband that she had to lose weight. They also talked some about Sharon's daughter Kelly and how fantastic she looks today!

Sharon Osbourne

• Rosie asked Sharon about doing the show Celebrity Apprentice and Sharon shared that she got the flu during the show and she was sick for the whole month she was there. Rosie asked Sharon how she liked working with "the Donald." Sharon said she didn't really work with him - he just "talks at you." Sharon said that Rosie needs to see the first episode because there is a scene where Cyndi Lauper and Donald talk about Rosie! She said Rosie has to see it! Rosie told a funny story how Cyndi called her and asked her to come and give money "for this show she was going to be on." And Rosie said "Cyn, is it the Apprentice? You know that Trump doesn't like me." And Cyndi had no idea! LOL Sharon said Cyndi is "barking mad in the best way" and she "absolutely adores her." Rosie said "you need to get a passport to Lauper-Land" when you're around Cyndi. Rosie talked about how she performed on the True Colors tour with Cyndi and her son Declyn. Then Ozzy got on the phone and talked for a bit with Rosie!!! Don't ask me what he said though.

• Pete talked a little more about spray-painting the squirrel's tail green and how he was taping it but got so excited he closed his computer and the video didn't save. Bummer. They also talked about how they were going to put the photos up of the green-tailed squirrel and Rosie corrected Pete and said how they DID put the photos up (In other words they taped this part yesterday and were trying to pretend like it was live. You could TOTALLY tell they were pretending it was today. Sorry guys, you're not that good) The crew talked about various animal accidents that they had heard of. Shoshana admitted that she is scared of the squirrel and thinks he is gross and told a story about a cat who bit her sister which caused her to get stitches. Janette told a story about a seal that bit off a person's nose! OUCH! Also, apparently Janette's cat Beastly attacks her and she loves him and he's her favorite cat.

Meet Janette's cat Beastly!

• Janette also said that putting dirty cat litter (ewwww) around will keep mice away and apparently the View studio was full of mice so she secretly put cat litter under Rosie's chair in the dressing room at the View! Ewww! I guess its better than the hantavirus though.

• Also, Rosie has been nesting like crazy. Apparently she threw away 10 heavty garbage bags full of stuff from her craft studio and totally cleaned out her bathroom. She wondered aloud what was prompting the cleaning? Janette suggested it's because she's beginning a new life. Rosie talked about how her girlfriend Tracy and her children are living next door "on the compound" in their own house. And she said she would call it "dating" and talked about how it's too hard to date someone who lives cross country and it was necessary for them to get to know each other.

• Rosie said she used to truly hate the squirrels and now she loves them. Janette said that because of that it means everything is possible. Rosie said she used to love birds until the Avian Flu epidemic hit and was mostly afflicting black birds and then she tried to get all the black birds to go away and then she felt racist. LOL

• Janette talked a little about her friend Fran Capo and how she loves her son (even though she typically doesn't like kids) but when she meets her friend's kids "it's like meeting a piece of them."

• Rosie never thought her kids would grow up and wondered what that would be like. Google Pete said "only 17 more years til the kids move out!" Pete said he misses his wife can't wait for his kids to move out. LOL He said, "when the kids are out it's party central." Pete said he loves his kids but he misses being a couple and finds the limitations that come with being parents frustrating. Rosie suggested more babysitters. Apparently, his daughter gets out of her crib a lot and Rosie suggested crib netting. I did this Pete! It works!

• Rosie closed the show and said she was going to Miami this weekend! Have fun Rosie! There's like 4 feet of snow here!


  1. Kelly too funny about deleting your History of " certain" pages you visit..lol

    PS..umm your not a dork when it comes to Joe's Allen's..I did the same thing when I was in NY! ;)

    I will cherish my Brady Bunch DVD's 4ever.."And I think I'll go for a walk outside now". The winter sun's calling my name..lol

  2. Oh Kelly! I am RIGHT behind you in line to help with that Broadway museum Bobby wants to create!

    I have to say that even when I have listened to the whole show, I still come here to read, but skim through for the PINK parts because they are so much fun!

    You are a rock star, my dear. Take a bow!

    : ) P

  3. Thanks Heidi and Kelly for the flash from the past Brady clip.......I cannot get that sunshine day out of my head! LOL
    Fav episode.......Marcia getting hit in the nose with the football and the way they kept rewinding the tape of it in slow motion...... LOL

    thanks again Kelly for this fantabulicious blog

  4. Ag, I saw your question on AskRo!

    : ) P

  5. FINALLY, Rosie addressed the John Mayer sitch. I had been waiting for her to talk about it... I know everyone is on the "john mayer is a douche" train but, honestly, if a standup comedian said the "white supremacist" joke in the context of a comedy club, everyone would laugh and think it's hilarious. Similar things have been said on Howard Stern and no one says anything.