In case you missed it...

• The show opened with some Rosie Radio Randomosity. First, Rosie talked about how she still tastes the fish oil vitamins she's taking and is how she's going to have to stop taking them. Lou apparently forgot to set up Rosie's mike for her and Rosie said he's not afraid of her anymore. Bobby said that Rosie is a hypochondriac and talked about when she began menopause and was having night sweats how she thought she had AIDS. And Rosie talked about the time she thought she had Sickle-cell Anemia. Rosie also talked briefly about the cholesterol deposit on her eye. Janette told a story about how her thigh went numb and how she thought she had MS and she called the Montel Williams hotline and went to the most expensive MS doctor she could get into. Turned out it wasn't MS yet her thigh is still numb. Rosie said her lids are drooping and pondered having eye lid surgery. Deirdre said her father (who is a stunt man and a tough guy) had this surgery and it hurt - a LOT and she advised Rosie against it. Deirdre said she is still recovering from being sick and took Nyquil last night. Rosie told a story about when she once took Nyquil and fell asleep in the hotel room and called the front desk to ask about her set and never took it again.

• They briefly mentioned the tragic suicide of Alexander McQueen. Days before he died, McQueen had left several messages on Twitter revealing his grief at his mother's recent death. Deirdre, Bobby and Rosie talked about Alexander and how he changed the face of fashion by making fashion shows more theatrical and creative. The studio crew then discussed whether or not they had ever considered killing themselves. Deirdre said she has thought about it when she was depressed. Janette said she too had thought about it but has a 3 month rule. Janette believes you must be completely miserable for 3 solid months before you can consider suicide. That means not a moment of happiness. If you have a moment of happiness then you must start the 3 month countdown over again. They also discussed where self-abuse is connected to suicide. Rosie and Janette said no. Janette told the story about how she was a cutter and started it in grade school. The first time she tried to kill herself was grade school but the first time she cut herself was in college and that was strictly at attempt to turn off her emotions. They talked about how cutting and self-injury is a coping mechanism and not about trying to kill yourself. Rosie discussed her book Find Me and the woman who inspired the book who suffers from DID and the similarities between DID and self injury as a way of escaping emotion. She talked about how she and the woman are friends today and how she's doing really well. Rosie told a story from her childhood about the family down the street with no running water, no heat and no electricity. Rosie and her brother used to say growing up, no matter how bad it got, they always said, "It's not as bad as the Clarks" (in reference to the family down the street).

• Rosie took some callers who suffer from depression. One woman with migraines who was prone to depression and tried to kill herself called in and talked to Rosie for a while. They discussed the importance of talking to a therapist. She asked Rosie if she had ever read Armistead Maupin's The Night Listener and about the similarities between his book and Find Me. Rosie said she and Armistead have actually spoken and had dinner to discuss their experience with DID. Rosie said the woman who inspired Find Me still reminds Rosie to this day to strive to be better and to be healthy.

• The TV was not on in the studio today (Rosie will often have the TV on but on mute during the broadcast) because the Sirius people said that Rosie often tangents from a very good story when she is distracted by the show on TV and it doesn't make for good radio. YES! I agree!! It's too hard to take notes and write a blog when she tangents all over the place when she watches TV. And of course, it's all about me. At one point Bobby said Janette is "2 inches from crazy" and Rosie corrected him and said she is "1.5 inches away." Rosie told a story about how once Barry called Janette and said he'd be home soon and an hour and a half passed and Barry wasn't home yet so Janette was convinced Barry had died and was screaming and crying in her apartment and he walked through the door and simply said, "Oh, sorry honey, I'm sorry I worried you." Rosie said she would have yelled at Janette if it were her.

• They talked very very briefly about American Idol that was on last night.

• After the commercial break there was some discussion about wearing or not wearing a bra. Janette said that she has to wear a bra or she looks like a "water witch." This caused the studio to roar with laughter. I looked up water witch images on google but wasn't able to find the reference. It did make me laugh though even though I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm assuming a woman carrying bags of water?? lol Rosie said it has also been pointed out to her lately that she doesn't dress up when she goes out in public. She has been asked if it's rebellion and Rosie thinks it's just her normal way to be in the world. Bobby thinks she's lazy about her appearance but said he is too. Rosie talked a little about the Hanna Andersson catalogue and how Rosie loves everything in it.

• There was a short discussion again about the Kevin Smith - Southwest airlines controversy. Rosie said being big herself, she thinks he is rather big and maybe he might be in denial about his weight. Rosie talked about when she first hit 200 pounds and she remembers calling her sister and saying how shocking it was to her because in her mind, she was much smaller. She talked about how sometimes when you get heavy you almost don't even look at yourself from the neck down anymore. Google Pete said that this was not the first time Kevin Smith has reacted so strongly towards a person who commented on his weight. Apparently Kevin once went off on film critic David Poland who made a horrible comment about the size of Kevin's calves. Many listeners called in and shared their stories of denial over their weight. Bobby also told his own weight loss story. Rosie mentioned how she didn't even notice it when Bobby was at his heaviest perhaps because they see each other everyday and she doesn't even notice her own weight. BTW, Bobby has lost 126 lbs so far! SWEET!! Janette mentioned how the term Globesity has now been coined for the weight problems the entire world is now facing.

• Lou came back from commercial playing the song A Spoon Full of Sugar from Mary Poppins in honor of the next guest Jo Frost the star of the ABC show Supernanny!

Jo Frost star of Supernanny

• Jo talked with Rosie about her history as a nanny and how she was a real nanny in England and how one day she saw an ad in the newspaper. Jo has been a nanny for over 17 years! Rosie talked about how nothing is more valuable than a good nanny to help a family function and the huge responsibility nanny's have. Rosie asked Jo if she's ever thought of having her own kids and how she often thinks about how her own nanny Geraldine has never had her own kids (and she's so great with kids). Jo said it is a personal choice for her and with her crazy schedule it makes it difficult to date. Jo has a new show called Extreme Parental Guidance which explores the truth behind the bigger topical issues (body dysmorphia, medical conditions with behavior, computer/video games, a lack of empathy, etc.) in kid's lives, while giving parents the advice they need to help their children and empower themselves.

• Jo talked about how she had to learn how to help with her show Supernanny and move on so she could help the next family. This year Jo has a schedule that allows her to have more breaks and not such a crazy schedule. Jo mentioned briefly staying at Rosie's house in Miami! FUN!!! Rosie asked Jo if she has ever had a family that she couldn't help. Jo said that recently there was a woman that she was supposed to work with that hadn't dealt with a family member's death and mentally she wasn't stable enough. Jo said they will soon be celebrating their 100th episode where she gets to go back and see some of the families that she's helped in the past. Rosie said her favorite parts of the show are "the naughty corner" and how Jo teaches parents to get down on the same level as the children. Jo reiterated the importance of sitting down and interacting with your kids.

• Jo took many callers regarding bullying, sleeping with your kids, kids having trouble at school, and callers with difficulties with their children.

• Jo was in the studio as Pete was manning the Shadycam and taking videos of Shady the squirrel and Pete spray-painted Shady's tail GREEN and the studio ROARED with laughter. He also took some videos of today's live squirrel broadcast which I will post links to below. At the end of the interview Pete talked briefly with Jo about the behavioral problems he's been having with his 1.5 year old daughter. Rosie said that Jo was going to stay and "have a chat" with Pete after the broadcast about his daughter. Rosie closed the show saying that Jo is delicious and she couldn't love her more. It was cute.

• Here are the links to today's videos that Pete taped: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.

Have a good day Rosie peeps!


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