10-29-10 - Halloween, Scare Tactics and a live performance by Alexa Ray Joel!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show announcing that everyone in the studio was dressed up for Halloween today!  Bobby was dressed as Henry the VIII (although Rosie said he looked like Hitler).  Janette was inspired by Rosie and dressed in Rosie's Exit To Eden outfit complete with tight leopard print stockings and Elvira hair.  She liked the corset because she said it made her look thin!  Pete dressed as a rabbit because it's the only costume he has.  He wears it twice a year, once for Halloween and once for Easter.  In fact, he was wearing that costume when he met his wife the first time.  Shoshana never went trick-or-treating for Halloween when she was a child but for the staff today she dressed as a hooker with pink stilettos.  She's always noticed that Halloween seems an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts.  Rosie was dressed as a Star Wars Pez dispenser.  Lou was dressed as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror (from the scene where he sings Sweet Transvestite).  Janette said the driver this morning looked at them like they were out of their minds but Janette made $20 on the way to the car this morning!   (wink wink)

Rosie wanted to discuss the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice.  She was quite excited by it and said she HAS to watch this season.  Pete read the cast who includes... David Cassidy, Dionne Warwick, Gary Busey, a playmate, John Rich (from Big and Rich), Jose Consequo, Latoya Jackson, Lil John, Lisa Rinna, Mark McGrath, Marlee Matlin, Meatloaf (Janette's favorite), Nene Leakes (from Real Housewives of Atlanta), Niki Taylor (the Supermodel), and Richard Hatch (former Survivor winner).  Pete said Richard has been banned from Survivor because he rubbed his naked body on another player and went to jail for tax evasion.  And the last contestant Pete listed was Star Jones!  Celebrity Apprentice started filming last week but won't be on television until March.  Rosie and Bobby watched part of the season when Joan and Melissa Rivers were on but Janette said she never watches.  She said she'll watch it for the radio show but she'll complain about having to do so. 

Bobby read from an article that said we're going to colonize Mars, as in the planet.  Rosie wanted to know why, in this day and age, we need to do this.  Bobby said that they're looking for billionaires to help fund the colonization of Mars.   Only, it's a one way trip!  Bobby explained that the cost to fly them there in fuel and in money is doable but they cannot carry enough fuel with them to get themselves home.  It's a 9 month trip!  Pete said if he could take his whole family he would do it!  He said he'd go in order to be a part of history in the making and it would be outstanding.  He said we need to keep expanding and colonizations of other planets are our future.   Janette pointed out that a lot of pioneers kick the bucket!  Bobby said that so many things are invented and discovered because of endeavors like these. Rosie would never want to do it unless it was like in the movie Cocoon where you get really old but never die.  Shoshana said the whole project sounded like a death sentence.  Rosie compared the thought to that show she called "horrible" entitled "The Colony."  Janette said she wouldn't go to other planets because there's so much more on this planet to discover.  Pete's traveled a lot and said he's done with Earth.  He doesn't think he would ever be chosen to go to discover a new planet because he doesn't have great skills.  He thinks they'll take doctors, scientists, physicists, farmers, etc.  He also doesn't think they're going to send families and he wouldn't go without his family.  Rosie, Bobby, Janette and Shoshana wouldn't go if they had the option.  Lou then broke in to the conversation with "Rocket Man" by Elton John!  "Mars ain't the type of place to raise a kid."  Rosie loved it and sang along.  She said anytime she hears Elton John she gets happy. 

There's a new sleep study out that says ideally we need 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep a night.  Any more or less sleep and you're not as likely to live as long.  Shoshana and Rosie like to get 10 hours of sleep a night.  Shoshana said she loves to sleep and even though people say if you sleep a lot it's a sign of depression, it's not true for her.  She just loves sleep.  But sometimes it's  a problem and she won't go to shows late at night or to a movie at night because she's sure to fall asleep.   Bobby only needs 4-5 hours of sleep a night during the week and likes to catch up on the weekend.  He's used to only 4-5 hours of sleep and has been doing it since college and when he's worked on Broadway.  Janette gets about 5.5 hours of sleep a night.  Pete, like Shoshana and Rosie, loves sleep and likes to get 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night.  But that pretty much never happens for him.

Rosie then introduced Alexa Ray Joel who was in the studio!  Some may know Alexa because she is also Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter, but she has a new hit song on the radio entitled "Notice Me."   

Rosie feels as though she's watched Alexa grow up and cannot believe that she's 24 years old.  The last time she saw her was at the 2002 opening of her father's Broadway musical Moving Out.  At the time Alexa was mostly studying classical music. Rosie said Billy was so full of pride for her, he was telling everyone she was a better musician than he is.  Alexa doesn't like when he says that and said she'd be happy to just be in the same vicinity as him.   

Rosie asked Alexa what it's been like for her being raised with such famous parents.  Alexa said it's all she's ever known so she really doesn't have anything to compare it to.  She did say she doesn't try to compare talent with her father and her looks with her mother.  She tries to just be herself.  Rosie's children don't really enjoy that she's famous and cannot stand it when everyone says hello to her and wants to talk to her.  Alexa said fame is a little different for her now because people aren't just seeing her as Billy Joel's daughter.  Now she's starting to make a name for herself and develop her own identity.  Rosie told a story about Chelsea when she was only two years old.  People always recognized Rosie and her son Parker, because he was the first and they would say hello to both of them.  One time a Little League Game after not being seen, Chelsea looked up at her mom and said, "My name too?" after a fan acknowledged Parker and Rosie but not her.

Alexa studied classical piano her whole life which she said is a great foundation in music because you understand chords and get the musical language.  She sees and hears the classical influences in her father's music.  Alexa said her classical experience makes her a very melodic song writer.

Last December, Alexa had a very public heart-break that got very misconstrued in the media.  Rosie asked her about that time.  Alexa said she panicked when she lost her boyfriend and wound up in the hospital.  She assured everyone that she's okay now.  She doesn't like to talk about it anymore as much because it was difficult being seen as an expert in heartbreak related depression.  She doesn't want to come off as condescending when she talks to fans about heartbreak but there's no easy way to get over it.  Rosie agreed.  They both agreed that time helps.  Alexa realized she was defining herself by her ex-boyfriend and wasn't sure how to rebuild her world afterward.  Rosie assured her that there's a lot more love for her in the future!  Rosie was really glad Alexa was talking out about heartbreak because depression in kids is a serious thing.  Alexa said it was important for her to come out and talk about it because because there were many false stories about her hospitalization out in the press and she wanted people to know what it was really about for her not some inferiority complex she had about her parents.

Rosie told Alexa when she was 16 years old she used to drive around Huntington Long Island with her friends and look for Billy Joel (her father!). She said they stalked him and knew every word to every song he ever sang.  And the fact that he was a Long Island guy made him their hero.  Alexa has always looked up to Rosie and knows every line to League of Their Own!  Then Rosie and Alexa sang a few lines of the All-Girls American Baseball League song.  Rosie told Alexa she showed League of Their Own to her kids recently and they thought she was a teenager when she made it!  It was 20 years ago but she wasn't a teenager. 

Alexa said she would love to get into acting or even do a voice-over for an animated film.  Rosie was the voice for a monkey in the Disney film Tarzan!   

Alexa's latest single is entitled "Notice Me" and says she plans to come out with an album next year.  Rosie asked Alexa if she lets her dad listen to her songs and Alexa said she does only after she's fully done writing it.  When he heard "Notice Me" he started dancing and said, "It's a stone cold hit!"  Rosie asked if she would ever like to open for Billy and Alexa wasn't sure.  She said she would have to perform amazingly or she would get bombed in the press and she doesn't want people to think she's riding off his coattails.  Rosie said that was nonsense and said that all Billy Joel's fans would be happy to see her succeed and want her to do well.
Alexa Ray Joel's Notice Me

Alexa and her band sang "Notice Me" live in the studio!  Rosie loved it.  You can go to AlexaRayJoel.com for more information about Alexa and her music!  Or check her out on Facebook HERE

Shoshana had big news.  She is very upset over the fact that toilet paper rolls aren't going to have the cardboard tube inside them anymore.  Well, Bobby was the most upset because he needs these for arts and crafts!  Here's a link to the article on Scott's Tubeless technology.  Janette thinks it's a good thing because it's greener but no one could really believe how upset Bobby got over it.  He then listed off a 100 ways you could use them in crafts such as napkin rings, pop-up puppets, binoculars, telescopes, etc. He asked, "What's next?!  Popsicles without sticks?!"

Rosie and her family went to Cold Stone Creamery recently and she ordered the child size.  She said it was the perfect size she needed.  It was 5 spoonfuls and you were done.  She said her kids don't need as much ice-cream as they serve in a regular order there.  Rosie got Coconut ice-cream with no mix ins, if you're wondering.  Janette only eats Tasti D-lite.  Vivi likes to taste all the ice-creams at Cold Stone so she can  have all the little spoons and bring them home. 

The day Rosie went to Cold Stone they went to see Secretariat, which she didn't like.  She then told a story about the time she went to a horse-race in LA.  Lou Levy invited her to go who she attributes to discovering her.  He came and saw her perform the first night she ever did standup comedy.  He gave her his card and told her she was going to be famous someday.   Years later she went with him and some of his friends to the racetrack and she won $186 which was so much money to her at the time.  He died before her show went on the air but he was amazingly kind to her and helped her get an agent.  Janette said you always remember the people along the way (to success) that help you.  She said sometimes it's not even what they do for you but by just believing in you they help you continue along your journey.

Rosie said that unemployment in Las Vegas, Nevada, is now 20%!  It makes sense to Janette because it's a city that depends on a lot of tourism and with the economy in the crapper, no one has discretionary spending.  Rosie said the foreclosures in the area are unreal.  She drives her boat when she's in Miami and passes by all these unfinished high-rises and wonders what they're going to do with all those unfinished construction projects.

Janette loves Vegas.  Rosie used to bring Parker as a baby but thinks it would make her sad to go there now.  She and Bobby used to take Parker to the casino with the amusement park inside.  Janette once stayed at the New York, New York hotel and asked for a quiet room and they put her right next to the roller coaster where she could hear all the screams from passengers!   Bobby loves the Venetian because it's so beautiful and Janette, who goes to Vegas a lot for boxing matches, loves The Wyn because they have the best beds and pillows.  Rosie once had Dean Martin's room at the Sands complete with her own entrance and a pool in back!  She also performed at Caesars Palace once when she was asked to fill in for George Burns on his 100th birthday.  That trip they put her in the Elvis suite and the room was 2 floors!  She said nothing makes you feel like you're in show business like when you're walking through the kitchen in Vegas on your way to backstage. 

There was a survey recently that found 51% of people would live in a Haunted House as long as it was rent free.  Rosie thinks that statistic surely has something to do with our home foreclosure crisis.  Bobby wanted to know how haunted would it be.  Would there be a random door shut every once in a while or would there be bloody hand-prints on the walls?  He needed clarification.   Janette said if you've really been in a real house that was haunted you would never say you'd live there.  Recently, before Janette sold the farm she grew up on, she and her sister went to pick up an old pick-up truck that was in a garage.  The door to the garage was boarded, the windows were closed/locked and covered and the garage door could only be opened from the inside.  So she and her sister were going to have to take apart the door to get inside.  When they got there the garage door was wide open!  The door, the only entry in, was still boarded up!  The only way someone could have opened those garage doors was from the INSIDE!  That day in the house where she grew up there was a chill in the air and she was sure there was a spirit present! 

Janette still has the truck even though she doesn't drive.  She keeps it because it reminds her of when she was a kid. Jeannie found this (and many of Janette's other stories of keeping things from her past) very odd and said her mother still has her father's car in her driveway since he died..... 6 years ago.  Jeannie called her a hoarder.  Janette admitted that she probably is a hoarder but as long as her things are nicely arranged and not negatively affecting her relationship with Barry, she thinks it's okay.  She did admit she would cry if it ever got a scratch on it, the car she never drives but refuses to give away.  Bobby told her she needs to go see someone.  The studio sat in silence after Janette's crazy talk.  Rosie felt like they would be enabling her if they didn't point out her craziness.   

Back to talk of the Haunted House, Jeannie feared her reaction would be to hit anyone who scared her.  Rosie showed Jeannie her favorite video of some kid punching out the person who scared him on YouTube.   Then Jeannie told Rosie about a video she's been passing around in her email.  See below.


Bobby said this video is from Scare Tactics on the SyFy channel!  He LOVES that show!  Rosie watched the video and thought the perpetrators should be arrested!!!! She was horrified and was equally horrified that Bobby and Jeannie were laughing so hysterically!  Rosie was sure they scarred this man for life!  Rosie thought that show should be illegal and said if anyone ever did this to her they'd be fired, or worse!  And she said she wants to do it to Jeannie and Bobby since they were laughing so hard.  She said they deserve it!  Jeannie said she could do it to her but be warned, she might get punched in the face!  

Then the staff started talking about what they would do if they knew an asteroid was heading towards Earth.  Janette said she would either eat or probably cry and have diarrhea.  Bobby thinks he would go sit on the beach and watch the ocean and wait to die.  Pete would spend time with family.  Then he would assess.  If the asteroid was going to hit land, this would cause clouds and earthquakes so he would tape off his apartment and try to get a ventilator.  If it was going to hit water this would cause a tidal wave so he would build a boat.  Janette recommended everyone read the book The Road by Cormack McCarthy.  If she were ever stranded on a desert island Janette said she would spend her last days with Bobby because although they might not have a lot of food the presentation would be fantastic!  Rosie wouldn't want to be on a desert island alone without anyone and just thinking about it gives her anxiety.   Rosie would pick Jeannie to be stuck on a desert island with because she said they'd go out laughing and they'd get so skinny! 

Pete asked a question where there's at least 7 correct answers.  For every answer they got right they got one point.   

1. Name one of the 7 animals that are zodiac symbols.  They all got one point.
2. Name one of the 6 letters on the right hand side of the top row of a standard keyboard. Janette and Jeannie got one point.
3. Name one of the world 7 fastest land animals.  Bobby was the only one who got a point. 
4. Name one of the 7 ingredients on a McDonald's Big Mac (except salt and pepper).  They all got points.
5. Name one of the 8 vegetables in V8.  They all got points except for Bobby. 
6. The Joy of Cooking Cookbook offers preparation advice for 9 different small game animals.  I'm not sure any of them go points for this.
7. Name one of the 7 movies that have won the most Oscars. Rosie was the only one to get a point.

Then Jeannie and Rosie were tied. It was time for sudden death.
8.  Name one of the 6 weapons in the game clue - rope, lead pipe, candlestick, wrench, knife, gun.  They got them all! 

Then it was time for double sudden death!
9.  In the song Night Train, James Brown calls out what cities on his journey from to Boston to Miami.
The cities included Atlanta, NY, Baltimore, Raleigh, DC, Philadelphia and Richmond.  Rosie was the winner! 

Rosie closed the show thanking for all the calls this week and hoping everyone has a fun weekend!

and that's what you missed -kw

10-28-10 - The Marie Claire Blog, Nuttage and the Fairy JobMother

In case you missed it...

Rosie started the broadcast excited that there are only a few more days until Halloween!  Deirdre is thinking of going as Janet from Rocky Horror Picture show.  Janette said that wasn't a costume if she only went in a skirt and a sweater.  Pete had to remove his kids from the room during Glee's Rocky Horror episode because he didn't want them to go around repeating, "Dammit, Janet."  His middle daughter is repeating everything these days.  Rosie said her friend's son Ellis will repeat anything he hears these days too and has a very good vocabulary for a two-year old.  He's now learned to say "this sucks" from Blake.  After he says it his mom gives him a disapproving look and he says, "It's not the best option" for a word choice because that's what she always tells him.  Janette thinks she gets a tic whenever she's around little kids because she can't help but say the word fuck in front of them.  She gets nervous and just starts swearing.

A picture of  Pete's newborn baby is up on Rosie.com!  Pete said she's 4 pounds 10 oz right now but she's going to the doctor today to make sure she's gaining weight.  Rosie said with Parker, she wasn't allowed to have him at home if he was less than five pounds so she would constantly have to weigh him.  She desperately didn't want him to go back to the hospital so she and Bobby (who helped raise Parker) would weigh him with a wet diaper or just after he drank a full bottle.  Pete said Ellie (short for Eleanor) started at 6 pounds when she was born but was retaining a lot of water and that's why she's dropped to 4lbs 10 oz.  She's so tiny the newborn clothes are all too large for her!  But he said she's doing really well and is very alert.  Pete's two-year old loves to hold her and anytime Ellie would cry or squirm Irene wold bend down and kiss her on the forehead.  And Pete's oldest daughter is dying to give her a bottle. But last night, at 2am all three of his girls were crying.  His wife was probably crying too but the lights were off so he couldn't see her.  This story gave Brendan a panic attack whose wife is pregnant with their first baby.   Pete said today he feels like he can handle the chaos and lack of sleep that parenting brings better.  He compared it to doing triage and assessing which girl needed his attention the most and attending to one child at a time.  Because of the small quarters of their apartment, when the baby screams everyone hears it. 

Today on Oprah she will be interviewing the cast from The Sound of Music!  Rosie can hardly wait!  Rosie also enjoyed yesterday's Oprah with Jane Fonda.  Rosie loves her and really enjoyed her honesty in the interview.  Jane also talked about her thoughts on her own plastic surgery.  Jane vowed she would never get it and then eventually did.  Rosie wondered if she, who has also vowed to never get plastic surgery, would eventually cave in and get it.  Janette doesn't mind aging but she said she sometimes has to stop looking at her neck because it bothers her so much.  She said when her face starts to look like her neck all bets are off because she might have to get some plastic surgery.  She said she read the older you get the more invisible you become.  That makes you feel marginalized and people stop listening to you.  Pete's grandmother who was in a wheelchair felt like after a certain age everyone ignored her as if she didn't even exist. Deirdre has been contemplating plastic surgery because she's already not liking things she sees with age.   Rosie saw Holly Hunter recently and said she doesn't look the same as she once did but said she can't really judge anyone for doing it.

Jeannie has been emailing Rosie all morning about the Marie Claire article on the television show Mike and MollyHERE IS A DIRECT LINK TO THE BLOG ITSELF.   It's a blog entry by someone who works for Marie Claire and in it she stated she wrote the blog after her editor pointed her to a CNN article about Mike and Molly.    She's since apologized for the blog and said she regrets it and  it is because she's anorexic and struggled with weight issues in her own life.  Jeannie was FURIOUS and glad she wasn't on the show today because she surely would have gone off on the radio.  Janette was FURIOUS too.  Janette is fed up with skinny people getting to blame their food issues on an "eating disorder" when fat people can't claim the same ailment, they're just pigs.  Janette looked at a picture of the author and said she didn't think she looked anorexic and said she thinks she used the anorexia excuse just to get out of it.  Rosie wondered what this type of article does to fat people because this is every fat person's fear - that people look at them with such disgust.  Deirdre was shocked by the article.

Pete said he's been shouted at before.  Someone once yelled, "Move it, fatty!" to him on the street.  Bobby fights back when someone makes a comment to him about his weight.  Recently a woman on the street said to him "God, you're fat!" and he said back to her, "With those thighs, you're going to call me fat?"  And it wasn't even true.  She didn't have big thighs but he knows with women they're always self-conscious about their weight so he wanted to hit her where it hurt.   Janette immediately feels shame when someone comments on her weight so she can never comment back.

Rosie took several callers.  One caller used to judge fat people on their weight and now she's really fat.  She used to feel that fat people were lazy and watching them eat grossed her out.  Now she looks at people who are overweight and she thinks they must be under at lot of stress and feels compassion for them.  Rosie listened compassionately and thanked her for her honesty and for calling in.  She hoped the caller would find a meeting like Weight Watchers or Over-eaters Anonymous to help her work out her food issues.  One listener sees the article as nothing more than a form of bullying everyone with a weight problem.  One caller hates the way she looks so much because of her weight she called a friend and made her take down pictures they posted of her on Facebook from a wedding she attended.  One caller wished we would look at people for what they've accomplished in their lives rather than what's on the outside. 

Janette thinks the article should be considered hate speech.  She said there's an addiction side to food just as there is to alcohol or drugs yet we look at alcoholics with compassion and heavy people with disdain.  Rosie has never judged a heavy person at a restaurant but she will project her own feelings on them.  She thinks they must feel shame eating in public or trying to squeeze into an airline seat they are too big for.  But she said it's all projection on her part. 

One caller was crying and inspired by the show "Mike and Molly."  She said Molly inspires her because her character has the bravery to do things she cannot do or will not allow herself to do.  For example, the caller refuses to wear a bathing suit because she thinks someone will judge her based on her body instead of her heart and her soul.  Not too long ago Rosie used to swim with only a t-shirt and shorts on.  One day Vivi came to her and asked why she never wore a bathing suit.  Vivi was about two years old at the time.  She realized she was teaching her child to have shame about her body because she wasn't brave enough to wear a bathing suit.  From that day on she wears a bathing suit whenever she goes swimming and it's very freeing for her.  She said it's all about self-acceptance and encouraged the caller to love herself and now she will get there when she gets there.  She also said that other people aren't thinking about her weight as much as we think they are. 

A clip from Mike and Molly

Rosie reminded listeners that on November 5th she will host a night of female comics at Town Hall in New York City!  Rosie will host the event, perform and introduce Judy Gold, Wendy Liebman, Bonnie McFarlaneMaureen Langan and Adrienne Iapalucci.   CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!  Janette recently added Adrienne to the roster of comics that night because she recently saw her perform and thinks she's really funny and her delivery is great!  Deirdre said she does a bit about Paris Hilton that's hysterical.  Rosie is excited and can't wait!! 

Rosie and the staff wanted to give away tickets to the event so they invited listeners to call in and play a game.  Each caller heard a comedian perform a bit from their act and had to identify who the comic was. The first caller heard Jerry Seinfeld perform and she got it correct!  The next caller heard Ray Romano perform and she got it!  The third caller heard Adam Sandler perform and (after many hints from Rosie) she got it!  The last caller heard a clip of Eddie Murphy perform and she got it!  All callers won tickets to the show. 

Somehow this brought up the pumpkin decorating contest and Janette reminded listeners they had one more day to vote!  Bobby's got first place but second place is still up for grabs!  CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Then somehow a conversation on nuttage started. The other day on Glee they used the phrase nuttage and Janette's started using it.  Rosie said she once saw a famous actor's "nuttage" in a make-up trailer.  However, she wouldn't say who it was.   Then the ladies in the studio started to ask all the men in the studio if they ever have accidentally revealed their nuttage!  Teacher Bobby then explained why balls sometimes hang longer when they're warm and shrink up towards the body when they're cold.  He said it's all due to the Dartos muscle if they're too hot and too cold.  Brendan was laughing at Bobby's calm delivery of that definition.  Rosie was just happy she learned a new word for Scrabble.   

Eve Ensler recently wrote an article for Huffington Post about having cancer.  You can read it in its entirety HERE.  Rosie has always considered Eve a superhero.  She admires her for her work with women in Congo and how she's fighting against injustice.  Yet she always wondered how she survived being surrounded by all the darkness and injustice.  She read Eve's powerful piece from the Huffington Post entitled The Gift of Cancer.

After Rosie was finished reading, Janette called the speech unbelievable and let everyone know that it will be playing on Sirius radio this weekend if you want to hear it.  Rosie was so moved by the piece.  She admitted she was always intimidated by Eve's strength.  Rosie didn't think she could even handle reading the Vagina Monologues when Eve asked her to perform them.  She is so impressed by Eve that she would care so much about the women in Congo that she would devote her life to them.  Janette has been to Congo and although she has been many places around the world she said Congo is one of the most intense and scary places on the Earth.  She was only there for a week and said it took her longer to recover from that visit than any of the other humanitarian missions she's been on.

Rosie took a call from a listener who was crying after Rosie read the speech.   Rosie told listeners if they aren't familiar with her work she recommended people read her books: I Am an Emotional CreatureThe Vaginal Monologues and The Good Body, just to name a few.   Rosie said that 1 out of every 3 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys are sexually abused.   Janette wanted to remind listeners they can help too even if they can't travel to Congo the way she does.  Janette recommended the book In the Shadow of Freedom: A Heroic Journey to Liberation, Manhood and America by Tchicaya Missamou.  She said when you read that book you can fully understand what's going on in Congo and why Eve is so called to go there.   You can go to Eve's website VDay's City of Joy (which opens on Feb. 4th) to learn more.  Rosie said she would go to the opening if Eve wanted her to.  Rosie also said she has such admiration and respect for Eve and said not a lot of people can do what she does.  She ended the conversation by saying, "God bless you sister-friend, love you very much." 


Rosie then introduced Hayley Taylor from the Lifetime series Fairy Jobmother which premieres tonight at 11pm.  Rosie really enjoys the show and heard it's getting great reviews too.  Rosie said the show reminds her a little of the series Supernanny which she loves.   

Rosie asked Hayley how she got involved in this work and she explained she started off as a hairdresser and one day had to train some unemployed hairdressers.  During that experience she had an epiphany that she wanted to work with unemployed people for a living and help them find work and now she's been doing it for 18 years.  Hayley really cares when the people are struggling and even gets emotionally involved with the families.  She said the people she works with are often desperate and pinning all their hopes and dreams onto her visit.  She said the experience can be very emotional for her and she can be tough on the people she works with but she had a lot of compassion and empathy for them too.  She said unemployment is everywhere and there's a lot of stigma to being unemployed and therefore a lot of shame too.  She's trying to change that.  She said the biggest misconception is unemployed people are lazy.  She said they're not lazy and they want opportunities. 

In the show, Hayley goes into the home and works with the individual family.  She talks to them about how they feel about being unemployed and what they think they can achieve.  She said by the time she leaves there's a total emotional transformation. 

Rosie asked if she had any basic tips for job hunting.  Hayley said employment seekers need to first and foremost, get themselves out there and be seen.  She said it's not good just sitting at home sending out resumes.  There's a high demand for very few jobs so you need to introduce yourself, cold-call, knock on doors and speak to people.  Also she said to network with all your friends.  She said sometimes you may need to take something that pays less money but you should only do that if there's room for progression at the company.  

Rosie asked Hayley if she had any interview tips for employment seekers.  She said it's important to impress a future employer by looking as professional as possible.  She said to dress nicely, make direct eye contact and try not to fidget.  Hayley recommended asking the interviewer lots of questions about the job and the corporation too.  She said to also convey that you know the company well.   Lastly, she said it's so important to say thank you.  Emails are fine but if you don't have access to email there's nothing like a hand-written thank you note to keep them remembering you.  Rosie agreed!  When she was a standup she heard they were looking for VJs for MTV.  She spoke to the guy who was hiring and he said if she could get out to New York and audition for the job he would consider her.  She didn't get it but when she came home she sent the guy a hand-written thank you note for giving her a shot. Because of that note he sent her tape to VH1 and that's how she became a VH1 VJ!  That thank you note started her career in show-business!

Don't forget to check out Hayley Taylor tonight on Fairy JobMother on Lifetime at 11pm.  Rosie said she knows the show will be well-received because it's such a great show.  Rosie thanked Hayley for the interview and told her how much she enjoys her British accent. 

Today was a candy game in honor of Halloween.  When Rosie gives out candy, she buys the full-sized candy bars and the neighborhood kids have so much trouble picking which one they want it takes them forever!  She also gives out toys like Pez, Beannie Babies, spinning tops, and light-up toys.  During this game Brendan held the list of the 40 most popular Halloween candies.  Each player had to guess a candy on the list.  The more obscure the candy the more points you got.  For example, the most popular candy only yields 1 point.
Rosie: Tootsie Roll for 3 points.
Pete: Bit o'Honey (not on the list) for 0 points.
Janette: Snickers for 4 points.
Bobby: Candy Corn for 5 points.
caller: M&Ms for 10 points.
Deirdre: Reese's Pieces for 17 points.

Rosie: Kit Kat for 8 points
Pete: Milk Duds for 18 points
Janette: Good and Plenty (not on the list) for 0 points.
Bobby: Three Muskateers for 13 points.
caller: Dots for 26 points!
Deirdre: Milky Way for 9 points.

Rosie: Almond Joy for 25 points.
Pete: Mounds for 36 points!
Janette: Goobers for 31 points!
Bobby: Raisinettes for 20 points.
caller: Nerds for 21 points.
Deirdre: Bazooka (not on the list) for 0 points.

Rosie: Mary Jane (not on the list) for 0 points.
Pete: Twizzlers for 19 points.
Janette: Mike and Ikes for 33 points.
Bobby: Hershey's Kisses (not on the list) for 0 points.
caller: Sweet Tarts (not on the list) for 0 points.
Deirdre: PayDay (not on the list) for 0 points.

Rosie: Twix for 12 points
Pete: Skittles for 23 points
Janette: Jujy Fruits(not on the list) for 0 points.
Bobby: Butterfinger for 14 points.
caller: Pixie Sticks for 34 points!  She took the lead!  
Deirdre: Lemonheads(not on the list) for 0 points.

The caller won the game!  Brendan said the number one candy on the list was a Hershey Bar.  The caller won a ton of giftcards. Pete had been considering guessing Charleston Chew and if he had guessed that that would have given him 32 points!

Rosie closed the show both looking forward to Halloween and dreading all the candy that's going to be in her house this weekend. 

and that's what you missed -kw

10-27-10 - Glee, The Rally to Restore Sanity and Thintervention

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's broadcast by immediately saying she doesn't know how she'll ever listen to Janette's opinions on music again because of what she had to say about last night's Glee episode.  Janette said none of the singing that took place on last night's Glee was as good as the original Rocky Horror and she didn't like the show.  Deirdre likes Glee (but is not a total Gleek like most of the members of the staff) and she said last night's episode was amazing!  Bobby loved it too and said it reminded him how much he loved the music from Rocky Horror.   Rosie was really mad at Janette for disparaging Glee and saying that she didn't like Mercedes' version of Sweet Transvestite. (listen below)

Rosie thought the actress's version of the song was "show-stoppingly brilliant."  Janette said she and her boyfriend Barry were horrified by the performances as they were watching.  One critique Rosie had of the show was that she didn't like the lyrics they had re-written though she understood many of them needed to be changed.

Janette thinks one reason she may not have liked last night's Glee was that she is too attached to Tim Curry singing the original.  Janette said she knows and loves the original so well and the Glee version is not even in the same category as his.  When she saw Tim singing the song in the original movie, she said it was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen in her whole life. 

Last night's episode was directed by Adam Shankman who also directed the movie Hairspray.  Rosie remembered how much  she loved the Broadway show of Hairspray and then was disappointed after she saw the movie version.  She was so upset about it she emailed her friend Mark Shaiman, who wrote the songs for the Broadway musical, to express her disappointment.  Then she heard from Harvey Fierstein that Mark was really mad at her!  Rosie did her best Harvey Fierstein impersonation of him telling her that Mark was mad at her.  Mark didn't talk to Rosie for a year because of her email.  She did apologize though and wondered why she felt the need to write the email in the first place.  She said no one asked her her opinion and maybe she shouldn't have said anything.

But Rosie absolutely loved last night's episode!  Rosie took several callers about the show.  One caller agreed with Janette - that no one is sexier than Tim Curry in the role.  But she also agreed with Rosie that the character Mercedes did a fantastic job!  One caller said having Tim Curry's character played by a woman is UNAMERICAN!  And one caller said viewers of the show needed to judge last night's episode as its own entity and not compare it to the original.  Janette agreed and compared it to her love of the 1970s series Hawaii Five-O.  She loves the new 2010 version of Hawaii Five-O but has to be careful not to compare it to the original and just appreciate it on its own. 

Rosie said her son Parker is on a never-ending quest to not do his homework.  He told his teacher they don't have a non-mac computer at his house to do certain PC-related classroom assignments.  In fact, he's telling everyone at school he doesn't have the right computer at home to do his work.  Rosie spoke to the teacher last night on the phone and assured her that he does have a PC to use.  Rosie remembered procrastinating with homework as a child and Janette commented at how much more homework kids have today.  Rosie said that too much homework was the reason she and Kelli switched their kids to a Waldorf school but now she's wondering if they did him a disservice because he's not used to doing it. 

Then a new squirrel came up to the Rosie Radio studio's window.  Rosie leaves nuts on the window ledge for a favorite squirrel whom she named Shady but this time it looked like a different squirrel.  Rosie named him Bosco.  If you ever want to tune in and see Rosie's squirrel you can go to the ShadyCam on Ustream and sometimes they broadcast the squirrel antics live while they're on the air!  HERE IS A LINK TO THE SHADYCAM

Rosie said her children all enjoyed eating the pumpkin recipes everyone made for yesterday's show!  She also said that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is apparently a pretty big seller at Starbucks though she won't try one because Deirdre has her all freaked out over the calorie content of her favorite Starbucks Chai Latte.  Janette still cannot believe that Rosie hasn't ever tasted pumpkin pie!  She's surprised Rosie is so against something she has never even tried before.  But Janette admitted she has never tried Sushi so she shouldn't really judge. 

Deirdre was happy that "fake, phony, Audrina Patridge" was voted off DWTS last night.  She thinks it's ridiculous that people see her as a celebrity when she's just a spoiled, rich, girl from a reality TV series.

Janette absolutely loves the show "Two and a Half Men" and has been talking about how great it is for years.  Rosie had her hands up like "please save me from this!" as Janette talked about how much she loved the show.  Well, in the early hours of yesterday morning, Charlie Sheen, one of the stars of "Two and a Half Men," was arrested in a hotel room in New York for going on a drunken rampage.  Charlie Sheen is getting 2 million dollars an episode (23 episodes a year) for the character he plays on the show.  Allegedly he was with an escort (aka HOOKER) and he went into a rage and trashed the Plaza Hotel room where he was staying in.  The escort (aka hooker) called hotel security and they took Sheen to the hospital.  Here's a link to the full story.  Deirdre was annoyed that his representative said the reason for his rampage was because Sheen had an allergic reaction to medication.   She said it annoys her when publicists think we the public will actually believe their lies.  Janette said it's clear that Sheen is a man with a lot of problems but worried that he didn't have anyone in his life who was trying to help him either.  Janette absolutely hates the constant judging of celebrities.  She said everyone is fallible and said let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.  Bobby asked for someone to give him a rock.

Brendan talked about how our society has changed because of the digital world we live in.  He said when something embarrassing used to happen, a teen was made fun of for it and then it quickly went away.  Now if you're a teen and something embarrassing happens to you everyone has videos and cell phone pictures of it.  He said in minutes a web-page and a Facebook page can be created to crucify people.  And it happens to celebrities too.  Rosie said when you're a celebrity whenever you make a mistake now it becomes public record for life.  Janette hates the glee that people get in ripping the shreds out of celebrities when they fall down. 

The last time Janette mentioned she loved the show Two and a Half Men a listener emailed her to question her love of the show because one of the actors, Jon Cryer, is a huge Republican.  Janette said she loves Jon's work and his politics don't matter to her!  Rosie said the same thing happened to her.  She's often mentioned her love of Drew Pinsky (Dr. Drew from Celebrity Rehab) and people have questioned her because supposedly he's anti-choice.  Rosie asked if she should lose all respect for someone she admires because he has different values and beliefs. 

Rosie said this type of rigid thinking is exactly the type of thing that inspired Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity!  The Rally To Restore Sanity is taking place on 10-30-10 in Washigton D.C.  It is where rational people will gather on the National Mall "because that makes the most sense."  Deirdre's mom is going on an Arianna Huffington bus from NYC to the rally!  Brendan said his parents are going too!  Oprah is sending Daily Show audience members to the rally and thousands of people are expected.  Rosie said it would be amazing if millions of people showed up!  Deirdre thinks it will be a huge event. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who's going to the rally with her entire family. She said she and her family are big Jon Stewart fans and believe this country's politics have gotten crazy and it's time to act civilly about things.  Rosie asked the listener to call back on Monday and tell her how it went.   

While Janette thought that topic was important, she thought an even more important topic was how her pumpkin is coming in second in the Martha Stewart Living Pumpkin Decoration Contest!  There are not any prizes to be won so Rosie didn't really understand her STRONG desire to come in second.  Janette then gave a big speech (complete with instrumental music playing in the background) pleading with listeners to vote for her to keep her in second place.  Deirdre once won a watermelon spitting seed contest when she was 11 and Janette once won a bone china teacup in a drawing.  Rosie had had enough of this topic and wanted to move on so Janette quickly blurted out, "REMEMBER, ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO VOTE!"

Pete read from a story about a young California man who was killed in a shark attack in California this month.  You can read the full story HERE.   Rosie has some experiences with sharks and has even caught a few on fishing charters.  She said with all the sharks she's caught and seen in the oceans near Miami, it surprises her that there aren't even more shark attacks.  The fishing boat captain Rosie goes out with Mark the Shark will send her his catch of the day and other pictures of what they catch and she said it's shocking to see what's in the ocean!  Pete said they think the shark that killed the student was a Great White Shark.  Janette's friend Fran wants to go cage diving with Great Whites and Janette has no interest in going with her.  Rosie said she wouldn't want to go cage diving either because she often watches those shark programs with her son Blake where the shark gets in the cage!  Janette gets sea sick and won't EVER go in the ocean.  She said sharks can swim close to shore even in just 3-4 feet of water.  Pete saw Jaws when he was just 6 years old and said he wouldn't even go in  a pool because of it for three years. 

Rosie said she isn't keen on danger and/or adventure.  Janette isn't either.  Janette admitted she doesn't adjust to anything new easily or quickly.  Even a new restaurant takes getting used to for her and her initial reaction is always to hate everything about it.  But Rosie pointed out that Janette has no problems going to a war zone on a humanitarian mission.   Janette explained she feels the need to help in disasters but she won't bungee jump, go in the ocean or swim with sharks.  For her it's all about the payoff.  The medical and humanitarian missions are worth the risk for Janette because the payoff is so great. 

Deirdre goes Heliskiing which is a dangerous adventure but worth the risk for her.  Heliskiing is off-trail, downhill skiing accessed by a helicopter.  It's all about skiing in an area not typically skied by others.  It can be dangerous but she loves it.  Rosie asked the crew if she does anything dangerous and Janette said she does, she lays in the sun.  Rosie didn't believe this was risky behavior so Janette schooled her on the topic.  Janette's boyfriend Barry used to tan a lot like Rosie does and then stopped at a certain age because of the dangers.  But the damage has been done and he continues to have precancerous moles removed on a regular basis.  Rosie said the rewards she gets from laying in the sun makes the risk worth it for her. 

Janette said random death scares her and mentioned a few examples of people getting impaled by objects or having a tree or object fall on them randomly.  Rosie doesn't think there's anything random about death and simply feels if you die that way it was your time to go.  Deirdre agreed that there's no randomness in dying.  Janette said the way Rosie explains it is something we tell ourselves because we can't deal with the idea that sometimes death is just dumb luck and sometimes accidents happen.  

Rosie reminded listeners that she will be hosting a night of funny females on November 5th in New York City!  The guests include Judy Gold,  Bonnie McFarlane and Wendy Leibman.  Rosie then played clips of the funny ladies from their standup routines.  She said if you called right away you could win 2 tickets to the show!  They gave tickets out to the first three callers.  

Last night Janette went to Stand Up New York and judged a comedy contest.  She said there was something great about being back in that room of standups.  She said it plugs you in again and reminds you of what you once wanted so desperately.  She had flashbacks remembering her own standup days.  Rosie said she doesn't have any real new material and that she will just be hosting the night of comedy.  She said she'll be trying some material but you have to really practice at standup to stay good at it.  Janette said standup is the art-form that keeps you honest.  Rosie wants to have a game every day for callers to compete to win tickets to the comedy show!  Stay tuned for that!  

Brendan thinks the questions on Jeopardy are getting easier.  Rosie said her brother Eddie is the best Jeopardy player around and Pete said his Dad is great at it too.  Brendan and Pete said when they've been watching Jeopardy lately they could answer all the questions, even in subjects they're not well-versed in.  Pete said they've written the questions so you can now figure out the answers.  Pete asked the staff real Jeopardy questions from a  website that posts all the questions from former episodes.   Rosie talked about how much media has changed today and how it used to be that everyone watched the same shows on television.  She said media used to be a shared experience but today there are so many choices there isn't that same commonality.  Janette blamed the dumbing down of the Jeopardy questions on the fact that we as a society are getting dumber and dumber.  

Rosie then interviewed Brian T. Donovan from Thintervention with Jackie Warner.  Rosie said Jackie scares her but not as much as Jillian Michaels.  Rosie said Jackie ruined her enjoyment of cookies when she made Brian run up and down the stairs enough times to burn off the two cookies he ate on the show.  (They then played the audio clip from the episode.)

Brian revealed he has lost 68 pounds from being on the program!   Rosie said she almost didn't recognize him when he came into the studio.  Brian said he was a skinny kid but gained weight after he got into a relationship and fell in love.  As time went on he gained even more weight and then got depressed which caused him to gain more.  He was 266 pounds when he started the show.

Brian had never seen Jackie's show Workout but had heard she was tough.  They taped the program for 13 weeks but they were living on their own.  The cast showed up for filming and for therapy once a week.  Brian found out about the casting for the series through a Facebook link one of his friends had posted.  They interviewed him extensively for the show and also did some psychological testing on all the cast members. 

Brian said he was afraid of Jackie in the beginning but said she is incredibly kind.  He said she has a tough shell you must break through in the beginning.  Rosie asked if she's like Jillian Michaels who seems like she feels like she's really saving people's lives.  He said he feels Jackie really cares about the people she had on the show.

Brian told Rosie he used to wait on her when she came into a restaurant in California near where she used to live.  He said she was the most generous person he ever waited on.  Rosie said she's a 100% tipper and she's heard waiters will sometimes fight to get her table.  Rosie knows being a server is one of the toughest jobs and she also knows a good tip can change your whole week.  Brian said it speaks volumes of people when he sees how they treat the waitstaff in a restaurant.  People still stop Rosie on the streets and tell her how much her very large tip meant to them when they once waited on her. 

Brian is an actor and went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Then he got an apprenticeship at the Burt Reynold's dinner theater. He said his partner loves his weight loss and he loves it too.  He doesn't see how much weight he's lost when he sees himself in the mirror and it's not until he sees pictures of himself that he realizes how far he's come.  Rosie said she's the same way when she gains weight.  She never notices it until she sees pictures of herself.  Brian said knowing that people would be watching the show and that he had to be accountable for his weight loss helped him lose the weight.  He thinks this time he'll be able to keep it off.  He said he doesn't eat perfectly now but he knows there's a price to pay now for eating poorly.  He still works out with a trainer three days a week and does cardio with Craig Ramsey. 

They ended the interview as Brian gave Rosie gifts.  He gave her a box of Ring Dings signed at the seal so she wouldn't open them and the ingredients for Jackie's morning shake which he said has changed his life.  Rosie joked that she's going to try the shake as she's eating the Ring Dings.  She thanked him for the interview and congratulated him on surviving Jackie Warner! 

Brendan had a list of the 50 largest chain restaurants in America.  The player was to name any chain restaurant they thought would be on the list.  The more obscure, the more points you would get.  The number 1 restaurant (worth only 1 point) was McDonald's.

Janette guessed Chart House which  was not on the list.  0 points
Bobby guessed Chilis which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed Starbucks which was number 5 for 5 points. 
Rosie guessed Wendy's which was number 4 for 4 points.
Pete guessed Dunkin Donuts which was number 9 for 9 points.

Janette guessed KFC for 8 points.
Bobby guessed Burger King for 2 points.
Shoshana guessed Long John Silvers worth 27 points!
Rosie guessed Arby's worth 11 points. 
Pete guessed A&W which was not on the list. 0 points.

Janette guessed Red Lobster which was not on the list. 0 points.
Bobby guessed Denny's which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed IHop which was not on the list. 0 points.
Rosie guessed Taco Bell for 6 points.
Pete guessed TGIFriday's which was not on the list. 0 points.

Janette guessed Bennigans which was not on the list. 0 points.
Bobby guessed Applebees which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed Barnes and Nobel eateries which were not on the list. 0 points.  
Rosie guessed Carl's Junction which was worth 21 points!
Pete guessed Baskin Robbins which was worth 32 points!

Janette guessed Jack in the Box worth 13 points.
Bobby guessed Subway which was worth 3 points.
Shoshana guessed TCBY which was not on the list for 0 points.
Rosie guessed Dairy Queen worth 15 points. 
Pete guessed Checkers which was worth 30 points!!!!

Pete won!  Rosie demanded someone look at his computer to verify he wasn't cheating.  Brendan quickly listed off some of the other restaurants including Cold Stone Creamery, Chipotle, Panda Express and Papa Johns.

Rosie closed the show and said, "See you tomorrow!" 

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10-26-10 - Teen Pregnancy, Family Secrets and Pumpkin Recipes

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's broadcast asking what everyone was going to dress up as for Halloween.  Janette said she's going to dress up as herself.  Rosie asked if this meant she would be wearing a big flowing skirt and a sign that says "get away, you stinking children."  Rosie's going to dress up as an Evil Jester.  The picture of Rosie in her costume is on Rosie.com if you want to check it out!  Rosie explained that she goes to buycostumes.com every year and then picks out the most comfortable looking plus-sized costume she can find for herself.   Deirdre is giving candy out in her building and still hasn't decided what to be yet.

Lou is in contention for a new job! He's having a sit-down with Pearl Jam Radio, a new Sirius radio station on Sirius ch.17 XM ch.39,  to see if he could get involved in some way.  If you didn't know, Lou is the biggest Pearl Jam fan EVER.  Lou said it would be like having a Barbra Streisand station and not consulting Rosie on it.  Rosie said that would never happen because heads would roll if it did.  Lou has some great ideas for the new Sirius show and said he could be an asset.  He hopes to do both Pearl Jam Radio and Rosie Radio but Jeannie seemed worried he might leave Rosie Radio if he was given the choice.   Stay tuned to find out what Lou does! 

They very briefly mentioned last night's "Dancing With The Stars."  Pete is bored with the show and Rosie said without Florence Henderson, the show is severely lacking.  Jeannie was pleased with Bristol's performance last night.  Ever since Rosie's been watching 16 And Pregnant she said she has a better understanding of Bristol. Deirdre said "16 and Pregnant" is one of MTV's most successful shows!  Season 3 of "16 and Pregnant" starts tonight at 10pm (but Rosie reminded everyone not to forget to watch Glee at 8pm). 

Shoshana found a study that stated that the show "16 and Pregnant" is effective at reducing teen pregnancy when you look at the teen birth rate since the show has been on.  Rosie's been watching it with her eldest daughter Chelsea who has said the show has made her realize what a lot of work it would be to have a baby.  Rosie likes how the program shows the realities of teen pregnancy including how some teens get ostracized from their group of friends after having a baby. She said the statistics of adopted teens getting pregnant are even higher than the average rate.  Rosie said some adopted teens get pregnant because they are trying to recreate their own stories in their minds and lives.

Rosie then took several calls from listeners about the show.    After speaking with a few other mothers that were fans of the show Janette asked Rosie if she feels her own motherlessness was the impetus for her wanting to have children so badly.  Rosie thought perhaps it was.  She said she was very confident and comfortable raising her children when they were little but she has no working memory of being parented as a teen and she wondered if that was part of the reason why she is struggling this much parenting her own teens.  One listener Rosie spoke to enjoys the show but worries that it is making celebrities out of the teen moms. She worried that putting the teen moms on the covers of magazines might have a less desirable outcome and that it might cause the teen birth rate to increase.  One caller was proud to tell Rosie that even though she was a teen mom her now 22 and 24 year old children are still virgins.  Rosie doubted that was true but congratulated the caller on her success at keeping them abstinent. 

Rosie said she misses the confidence in knowing what to do with her children that she had when they were younger.  She feels she wasn't really parented at all as a teen after her mother died so she didn't have the same experience that most children do and that is the reason she is lacking in confidence.  She and her siblings did not act out and rebel against parental figures as most teens do.  She said they wanted the teachers to love them and there was no drama in the teenage years in her house because there were no parents to rebel against.  She wished there was a teenage mother support group so she could go. 

Jeannie wondered about the validity of the teen pregnancy study which stated that teen pregnancy rates have declined since the show has been on the air.  She said  other factors could be causing the drop in teen pregnancy such as more mothers taking their girls to an OBGYN to get them on birth control - something that would have been unheard of when Jeannie was growing up.  She then assured Rosie that loosing her confidence as a mom when parenting teens is a universal feeling.  Jeannie doesn't think Rosie lacks in confidence because she wasn't raised by a mom.  Instead Jeannie thinks Rosie can't handle the teenage years because her feelings get hurt when they're not all getting along with one another.  Jeannie told Rosie that she takes things her kids say too personally where Jeannie can more easily see it as normal teenage behavior because she treated her mom that way too.  Rosie never experienced the rebellion against her mother that many teenage girls go through.  In fact, Rosie would reprimand Jeannie when she was a teenager when she was mean to her own mother.   

Rosie said her biggest issue with parenting right now is knowing when the punishment is too extreme.  She said when parents are dealing with adopted kids there's an additional layer because they don't want to add to the wound they already have over being adopted. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who had many foster brothers and sisters in her household growing up.  Her family adopted one of the girls they fostered who has had many problems with attachment over the years.  A doctor told the family the girl's attachment issues may not ever work themselves out and that she would probably have problems with that her entire life.  Rosie listened lovingly and said when babies are placed for adoption the family is often in crisis and sometimes that crisis can be drug use on behalf of the birth mother which can effect the child forever.  

Rosie took another call from a listener whose teen daughter became pregnant.  The caller didn't want anyone to know her teen was pregnant so she pulled her daughter out of school.  Her daughter had the baby and now she and her husband are raising the baby as their own.  No one else in her family (not even their eldest child who was already out of the home when the baby was born) knows their teen gave birth to the baby they've adopted.  Rosie seemed worried for the caller that they are choosing to keep this big family secret and had Jeannie share her story of her own family secret.  Jeannie told the caller that her mom never told her that her brother was only a half-brother, a child from a previous marriage.  It wasn't until Jeannie was 17 years old that her mother told her the truth, that her brother had been born from a previous marriage which was also an abusive relationship.  Jeannie said she cannot begin to explain how deceived she felt when she finally found out the truth and how much trust she lost in her mother for not telling her sooner.  To feel that deceived was devastating for Jeannie.  The caller sat in silence and didn't know what to say.  Jeannie continued to explain that she knows that her mother had her reasons for not telling her but at 17 years old all that mattered to her was that she was lied to.  Rosie agreed and told the caller "you're only as sick as your secrets."  Rosie thinks the child needs to know her sister is really her mother and warned that the longer the caller waits, the harder it will be to explain.  She said the shame and the energy in maintaining that lie can't be healthy for anyone in the family.  Rosie told the caller that she is sure she had good intentions and her decision to become a parent again later in life wasn't easy but she should consider the ramifications of hiding such a huge fact from her own family.  Rosie told the caller to do only what she feels comfortable with but she really thinks the caller should come clean with everyone because secrets always come back to bite us.  The caller explained that they did it because they didn't want their daughter to go through the stigma and the judgement of being a teen mom.  But Rosie pointed out that since  her daughter is now 20 years old the circumstances of her life are now different and it might be okay for her for people to know the truth.   Rosie thanked the caller for the phone call and for her honesty.  The caller thanked Rosie for taking her call but said she didn't see her telling her family the truth any time soon.   Janette shared her own experience with family secrets and said after her mother left she started a new family and Janette's existence was (and may still be) a secret to her mother's new family.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a counselor who specializes in Reactive Attachment Disorder, which stems from a failure to form normal attachments to primary caregivers in early childhood.  She works with parents and feels that most parents give their children too much and are too permissive.  She said whether the child is adopted or not, there are certain things that every teenager goes through.  She also thought the last caller needed a family counselor to help them find the answers within themselves.  She has NEVER felt that a child is hopeless and the key to success is finding the right family therapist.  Rosie asked the caller what her opinions were on therapeutic boarding schools and she said they are "a joke."  She said if you want children to build bonds with their parents why would you send them out of the home?  She said it takes a lot of time to work on Reactive Attachment but when parents are committed, a good therapist can help any family.  Rosie seemed frustrated because she said everyone seems to have a different answer when it comes to dealing with teens.   The caller then said every situation is different and she doesn't disagree with any technique completely.  She said each case must be looked at on a case-by-case basis.   

Jeannie sent her daughter to live with her biological father when she was having problems as a teen.   She felt she had to break the cycle of destructive behavior that her teen was participating in and that was the way to do it.  She said it worked for a while but they've since realized it was her daughter's underlying anxiety disorder that was driving her to act out.  She said sending her away only put a band-aid on the problem.  But Jeannie said her daughter is able to talk about her issues more today and they have a better ability to deal with what she's going through. 

Firstly, regarding the pumpkin decorating contest, Bobby is still in first place and Janette had moved into second place (as of today's broadcast!).  If you still haven't voted CLICK HERE!

Then it was time for the Pumpkin Recipe contest!  Each member of the studio was assigned to create a recipe where pumpkin was the main ingredient in honor of Halloween.  Rosie went on and on about how she hates the taste of pumpkin and didn't want to be the one to have to taste everything.  She said pumpkin seems like something you would have to eat on the game of Survivor for extra points.  Pete offered to do it in her place.  

Janette made a pumpkin filled with a bread stuffing.  You were to scoop out the stuffing and eat some of the pumpkin too.  Pete tried and liked it!  Bobby used take-out Chinese food containers decorated with jack-o-lantern faces with a "carrot cakey thing" inside. (not the best description sorry!)  Jeannie made pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars.  James made pumpkin apple cranberry muffins.  Pete made a pumpkin milkshake with whip-cream on top.  Janette tried it but Rosie would NOT.  No one really liked the milkshake including Pete.  Deirdre made pumpkin crunch with pumpkin, milk, eggs and pecans.  And Shoshana (who doesn't like pumpkin either) made a pumpkin bread/cake that didn't taste like pumpkin at all.  

Rosie eventually tried everything (expect for Pete's milkshake) and was please to announce that all the items were really delicious!  She was impressed and therefore shocked!  Pete said if the staff emailed him their recipes he would put them on Rosie.com for listeners.  Pete thought Rosie should choose a winner but she wouldn't.  Then she asked LOU where his pumpkin recipe was???  He gave some lame excuse about his girlfriend not coming over to make it for him but Rosie didn't buy it.  She recalled how Lou didn't come to her party, he didn't decorate a pumpkin and now he didn't make a pumpkin recipe!  She bet if he was working for the Pearl Jam channel he would have decorated a pumpkin!  She wondered if Lou already had one foot out the door moving on to his new gig!

Rosie then interviewed Kari Byron from MythBusters on the Discovery channel.  Rosie said  her youngest son Blake LOVES that show.  In "Myth Busters" they "mix scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create their own signature style of explosive experimentation."  [SOURCE: Discovery.com]  Kari also hosts a new show called Head Rush on the Science channel.  Kari has a new baby who Rosie enjoyed asking her about.  Kari's baby is now one and a half years old and she said being a mom has changed her whole world.

Kari got started with MythBusters by accident.  She was a sculptor but she wasn't making a good living at it so she thought she'd get into special effects.  She started by interning at a special effects company to learn more about it and the day she started just happened to be the first day they started filming Myth Busters!  They eventually incorporated her into the show. 

Kari really enjoys that they are teaching people about science while making it fun.  Rosie asked Kari about the episode that President Obama was on!  Kari was floored that President Obama wanted to be on it but she said it made sense because of his STEM initiative.  The Stem Initiative's goal is to move American students from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math achievement.  

One of Kari's favorite episodes was entitled "Red flag to a bull" to see if a red flag would actually aggravate a bull into charging.  But as a side experiment they put a bull in a china shop to see if he would knock over any dishes.  He did not so they kept adding more and more bulls and all the bulls only broke one dish in the shop!  She joked that the crew broke more dishes preparing for the experiment! 

Kari's show "Head Rush" was created to get teens (especially girls) more interested in science.  "Head Rush is an hour long program of MythBusters mash-ups with games, experiments, special science celebs, and more.  Kari said their goal was to make science fun and to show that you don't have to be a scientist in a white lab coat to be into science.  They wanted to show that science is all around you and is constant.  

Kari said that she never really thought she'd be doing this as a living but she said if you don't know what you want to do as a career people should try interning for free.  She said if you're willing to work for free you have a shot at getting the job you really want!  Rosie joked that they all practically work for free at Sirius.   

Catch Kari Byron on "MythBusters" Wednesday night's at 9pm EST, and on "Head Rush" Monday-Friday at 4pm & Saturdays from 7-9am EST on The Discovery Channel!

Then it was time for the Lead Singers Game.  Brendan played a clip of a famous song and the player had to name the song, band or group and the lead singer if they could.  Each player got one point for naming the song, one point for naming the group and one point for naming the lead singer's name.   

Janette - heard a clip of "Baby Give Me One More Chance."   She named the song and said that it was Michael Jackson from the Jackson Five for 3 points!
Jeannie - heard a clip of "Wanted Dead or Alive."  She knew the name of the song and guessed the band was Bon Jovi and the lead singer was Jon Bon Jovi for 3 points!
caller - heard a clip of "Sweet Dreams."  She knew the name of the song and that it was by the band The Eurythmics and the lead singer was Annie Lennox for a total of 3 points!
Bobby - heard a clip of "One Love."  He knew the song and that it was sung by Bono but couldn't guess the band.  He guessed "Bono and his friends."  The band was U2.  He got 2 points. 
Rosie - heard a clip of "Bootylicious."  She knew the song and guessed Beyonce (which was correct) but she guessed that the group was TLC (which was incorrect.)  The group was "Destiny's Child."
Pete - heard a clip of "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me."  He knew the song was by the Culture Club and sung by Boy George for a total of 3 points!

Janette - "Hotel California" But she couldn't guess the band (which was the Eagles) or the singer (who was Don Henley) for a total of 1 point.   
Jeannie -  "Invisible Touch."  She guessed the group Genesis and the singer Phil Collins for a total of 3 points!
caller - "I'm Just a Girl" She didn't know it and got 0 points.  The group was No Doubt and the singer was Gwen Stefani.
Bobby -  "Bohemian Rhapsody" He didn't know so they gave him a hint and said it's what he is.  Bobby guessed "a Homosexual?"  The group was QUEEN.  He then knew the lead singer and guessed Freddy Mercury for a total of 2 points.
Rosie - "Light My Fire."  She guessed the song and named the band (the Doors) and the singer (Jim Morrison) for a total of 3 points!
Pete - "Boom Boom Pow" He couldn't guess the band "Black Eyed Peas" but then knew the singers were  WillIAm or Fergie for a total of 2 points.

Janette - "1-2-3."  She couldn't guess the singer Gloria Estefan (she guessed Michael Jackson!) or the group The Miami Sound Machine which resulted in 0 points. 
Jeannie - "Sweet Child of Mine." She couldn't guess Guns and Roses by Axel Rose so she only got 1 point.
caller - "A Blondie song!"  she guessed Blondie with Deborah Harry (but I didn't know the name of the song!) for a total of 3 points. 
Bobby - "Faithfully" He didn't know it was by the group Journey sung by Steve Perry so he got a 0.
Rosie - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" She knew right away that it was Nirvana with Kurt Cobain and got 3 points.
Pete - "It's Not Over" He couldn't guess the group which was Daughtry but he did then guess the singer's name who was Chris Daughtry for a total of 2 points.

Janette - "Stop in the Name of Love" She quickly guessed Diana Ross and the Supremes for a total of 3 points!
Jeannie - "Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC.  She guessed the Backstreet Boys however but then guessed the lead singer Justin Timberlake for a total of 2 points.
caller - "Neverland" She didn't know it was Metallica and the lead singer was James Headfield for 0 points. 
Bobby - "I Need You Tonight" by INXS (though he guessed Prince) and he couldn't guess the lead singer Michael Hutchins for 0 points.
Rosie - "An Eternal Flame" She didn't know it was sung by The Bangles and that the lead singer was Susannah Hoff.  She got 0 points.
Pete - "Hungry Like a Wolf" He didn't know it was sung by Duran Duran and that the lead singer was Simon Lebon!  He got 0 points.

Which meant Rosie WON the game!

Rosie reminded listeners to get their tickets for Rosie O'Donnell Live at Town Hall with Special Guests on Friday, November 5th at 8pm!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS AND MORE INFORMATION!

Rosie closed the show taunting Pete that she won another game.

and that's what you missed -kw

10-25-10 -Pete's baby story and an interview with Bonnie McFarlane

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff discussed Janette's Medical Missions for Children gala that they all attended last Thursday night!  Janette said everyone on the staff came to the gala and celebrated together.  Janette wasn't sure of the exact amount they raised but she's been told that it was the best event they've had this year!  MMFC launched their "buy a smile for a child campaign" and the whole staff bought a smile for a child.  Janette got to meet some listeners from the show and specifically mentioned Tangie and Joan who came all the way from California to attend.  She was also happy that she got through the entire event without having to say Lou's girlfriend's name (whose name is Maral, pronounced with a rolled "r" sound which Janette cannot do).

Rosie was happy to announce that Google Pete was back in the studio after becoming a father again for the third time!  Pete's new daughter's name is Eleanor Jean.  The staff then showered Pete with new baby gifts for him to bring home!    Pete shared the story of his baby's birth with Rosie and the listeners at home.  He said on Monday he and his family went out to eat and after dinner his wife turned to him and simply said, "I don't feel good, we're going to the hospital."  She said it very matter-of-factly and was very sure they needed to go to the hospital right away.  So they did.  They dropped their other two girls off at his aunt's house and were at the hospital by 7pm Monday night.  The hospital admitted her because the baby's heart rate was irregular.  They attempted to move the baby in her belly because the baby was transverse but while trying to switch the baby's position, the baby's heart-rate became irregular.  The hospital decided they needed to get the baby out right away and Eleanor was born via c-section.  Her umbilical  cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck it had already started to clot.  She had also inhaled meconium so Eleanor was dealing with the effects of that.  Thankfully the baby is okay and she's got a full head of beautiful blond hair. Pete's wife is okay too! 

Then, after Eleanor was born her blood sugar dropped and they had to give her an IV and she wasn't breathing well so they put her on Oxygen.  Then her legs were swelling and they didn't know why!  Pete was quite scared at times but he's happy to say she's okay.  Eleanor is still in the NICU because she's a little jaundiced.  His wife is also still in the hospital because of the c-section and because she's nursing.

After hearing that story Jeannie said it still blows her mind that people choose to have their babies at home.  If it wasn't for the hospital his daughter might have died.  Rosie has friends who have had babies at home and she mentioned the movie The Business of Being Born and how it changed the way she thought about home births.  Janette just doesn't understand why  people choose to have babies at all and talked about the admiration she feels for mothers.  Rosie's ex Kelli had a c-section when Vivi was born and Rosie loved watching the process.  Even though they gave her a seat next to Kelli behind a curtain, she chose to stand and said it was unreal watching the doctors as they took her organs out as they went in to get the baby.   Then she said she was amazed how "next thing you know they pulled out this little creature and a baby was born!"  After Eleanor was born, Pete was invited to come around the curtain and meet his new daughter so he did.  His wife then asked him a question so he turned to answer her and he mistakenly saw the surgery being finished and her liver was still out!  Rosie laughed and said how the doctors put organs back in like they're "bagging groceries."  So Pete then turned the other way and there was a nurse tossing bloody rags on the floor!  He was horrified that he saw all this.  Rosie, Janette and Deirdre never really had the urge to ever give birth even though they understand that lots of women do.   

Janette did say that during the time she was dating "that asshole Todd" she remembered contemplating children and asking her sister if she would be interested in raising a baby with her.  She recalled the time she was talking to her father about not having children and her father asked her who was going to bury her!  Janette has a plan for that.  She said a friend who was an intern at The Rosie O'Donnell Show who she's very close to, has promised to bury Janette and put her in a nursing home if need be.  Pete brought his older daughters to meet their new sister and while the youngest one is still too young to really grasp all that has happened the oldest is excited to be a big sister again and feed the baby a bottle. 

Pete then opened some of the presents the staff bought him for the occasion.  James gave him Redbull and the 5 hour Energy Drinks, Shoshana got him cartoon-themed toothbrushes and Janette got him organic pancake batter out of a spray can (which he then tried to eat raw).  Jeannie got him condoms for later use and Bobby got Eleanor a yellow boa and princess crown (because every girl needs a yellow boa and crown).   

Rosie reminded listeners to buy their tickets to Rosie O'Donnell Live at Town Hall with Special Guests (Bonnie McFarlane, Wendy Leibman, Judy Gold, etc.)  Friday, November 5th at 8pm!  Janette is helping produce the event though she won't be attending because she will be on her way to a medical missions trip. Rosie called it a night of standup fun and encouraged listeners to come!

Jeannie had a Halloween sleepover party at her house for all the nieces and nephews this weekend and Rosie judged the local Halloween parade.  She said there were some really nice floats and everyone had fun.  Then she got a call from her son Parker who tried to get into Paranormal Activity II.  The guy at the theater wouldn't let them in because they were under 18 and not accompanied by an adult.  Parker asked Rosie if she would talk to the theater guy for him but she wouldn't.  He and his friends had to go see a different movie which they were bummed about.  Rosie had thought about going with Parker to see it until she saw the trailer!  Rosie said she doesn't want to pay money to be frightened.  She said she has enough bad thoughts she constantly needs to banish from her mind. Jeannie explained  she likes horror movies for the thrill but said she has no fear in communicating with the other side.

Jeannie doesn't mind scary movies like Paranormal Activity because she said she talks to dead people all the time.  She said she mostly talks to people "on the other side" that she knows but sometimes she thinks she's communicating with people she doesn't know.  Rosie asked her if she thought it might be "early onset Schizophrenia."   

Jeannie thinks that children are even more open to talking to the spirits of those who have passed and she has a client who is sure that his child sees a ghost of someone.  Rosie said her youngest daughter Vivi once had an imaginary friend named Fifi that she talked to constantly.  Jeannie loves Parapsychology and even studied it in college.  Janette is sure that her farmhouse is haunted by something or someone.  Her father saw something on poltergeists once and then was sure anytime he lost something or something was out of place, that it was "those little bastards" (meaning the poltergeists).

Jeannie asked Rosie if she ever talks to her mom.  Rosie said she doesn't feel she ever talks to her mom- she feels that it's more of a wish rather than direct communication.  She does wish she had more video of her mom.  Jeannie talks to her father, who has passed, every single day.  When she has a problem she needs help with she will ask for her father's guidance.  She doesn't get an "answer" per se but she gets an overwhelming feeling of his presence and communication.  Jeannie is very passionate about the topic and even went to a psychic and had a very good reading.  After her dad died Jeannie felt bombarded by dragonflies.  She saw them everywhere not just in nature.  She kept feeling like it was her dad's "hi sign."  (John Edward's term for a communication from loved ones who have passed.  Jeannie recommends his books.)  She asked the psychic, who knew nothing about her, what her father's sign to her was and the psychic told her it was through a dragonfly!  It was intense for her.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who sold a house because of strange paranormal activity such as unexplained leaks, the electrical box exploded, things fell off shelves, and lights flickered, etc.  She took a call from a listener who almost fell asleep at the wheel of her truck and felt her mom hit her upside the head to wake her up.  Rosie's only experience of a sign like that happened when Parker was just a boy.  They were playing with a Lego soccer game and just before his final shot he yelled "Come on, Bessie!"  Rosie was stunned.  It was something her mother used to say as she was pleading with the station wagon to make it up the hill to her neighborhood.  She felt like it was a definite sign from her mom.   

Rosie saw the movie Secretariat this weekend but was disappointed.  She was excited to see it too.  She said there was little suspense because the audience knew what happened at the end.    She took the kids, and Vivi (Rosie's daughter) and Savannah (Tracy's daughter) were so disinterested they were playing Littlest Pet Shop during the movie and Archie (Tracy's son) was constantly asking to leave. 

Rosie also saw Waiting for Superman this weekend which she said was "unbelievably great" and "pretty amazing."  She said she would love to talk to Michelle Rhee, the (former) chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools, who was interviewed in the film.   

Waiting For Superman Trailer

Rosie commented how fascinating it was to see what some parents have to go through to ensure that their children get a good education.  She also couldn't believe some of the statistics in the film (like how after only two years of employment teachers get tenure).  She and Brendan discussed the Knowledge Is Power Program that addresses education of children on a more student by student basis.

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that tenure doesn't mean a teacher has a job for life, it merely means teachers get due process.  Rosie countered with the fact that it's practically impossible to fire a teacher.  The caller completely disagreed.  Rosie said  some of the statistics in the film were hard to argue with and wished the caller had seen the movie too.  The caller said if there's a bad teacher teaching that means there's an administrator somewhere not doing his/her job.  Rosie explained that she is pro-public schools and pro-teachers.  But she said it's hard to see the movie and not feel anger towards the teachers union.  Rosie said it was a public school teacher, Pat Maravel, who saved her life, and she wants every child to have the opportunity to have a wonderful teacher like Pat.  Jeannie, whose husband is a teacher, wondered why we need tenure in education when it's not done in the corporate world.  Rosie asked the caller to see the movie and call her back to have a conversation with her about it.  She said she would love to have a conversation with a teacher who has seen the film.   

Rosie then introduced comedienne Bonnie McFarlane!  Bonnie and her husband, who is also a comedian, have a 3 year old daughter who goes with them on the road.  Bonnie said her daughter is already very funny and has even learned sarcasm at just three years old!  Bonnie said that, even though it sounds cliche, having a baby changed her whole world.  She then joked  it was probably one of the top 25 things that has ever happened to her in her lifetime.  

Bonnie started doing standup in 1996.  Rosie asked Bonnie if she remembered the first time she ever saw a comedian perform and she did.  She grew up in Canada and on a trip to Disneyland she and her sisters saw her first comedian.  He was very funny and she went back home where she started trying to write comedy herself.  She said she had a great first set but her next thousand sucked.  Bonnie said  only in the last two years does she feel like she's really mastered standup. 

Rosie asked Bonnie if she gets to work with a lot of other female comics.  She has worked with a few and mentioned Tig Notaro and Morgan Murphy.  Rosie and Bonnie met when she was on the Jimmy Fallon show.  Bonnie described how she nervously approached Rosie who was talking to a group of people.  Bonnie blurted out that she was married to Rich Vos and  they were doing a documentary and that they would like to interview Rosie for it.  Rosie said yes right away.  Bonnie had been filming and was tired so she was a little emotional during Rosie's interview.  At one point when she was interviewing Rosie for the documentary Rosie started talking about honesty and Bonnie choked up.  She also remembered how interesting it is that two of Rosie's favorite artists are Eminem and Joni Mitchell because their music is so different. 

Rosie asked Bonnie about the worst gig she ever did.  Bonnie said it was the time she opened for a male stripper.  The guy told her to do 45 minutes and she was only contracted to do 25 and that's the amount of material she had prepared!  She also said in the audience there were a lot of women who were not in the mood to see a standup comedian perform.

Rosie asked Bonnie to send her a copy of the documentary as soon as she's done editing it and told her she can't wait to work with her on November 5th!   Bonnie told Rosie she feels honored to be in the lineup and Rosie thanked her for coming in for the interview.  Get your tickets for Rosie O'Donnell Live at Town Hall HERE!

Bonnie McFarlane

Rosie then updated listeners on the Martha Stewart Living Pumpkin Decorating contest.  Janette is now in third place but Bobby is still in first with 47% (at the time of the broadcast).  Janette wanted listeners to know there are still four days left to vote (for her pumpkin!).  She said after some of the cruelty she endured last week listening to them read off the negative comments about her pumpkin she went onto the website herself to analyze the data.  Out of 118 comments, 46 were directed to her and her pumpkin.  There were only 6 comments that were "mean and vicious" and the rest were good!  Janette saw this as a good sign.  Janette particularly didn't appreciate one commenter whom she called "that bitch Debbie" who said she "couldn't stand all the hubbub over that decoupaged pumpkin."  She appreciated a blogger named Zach who called Debbie out on being rude.

Janette brought her pumpkin into the studio for another analysis.  She wanted Rosie to hold it this time since she never got to thoroughly appreciate it the first time.  Rosie (under no pressure from Janette) said the pumpkin was really beautiful but she understood how artists might take issue with the fact that the corners of the wallpaper design weren't rounded.  She said that might annoy artistic decoupagers.

There were two comments asking why Jeannie's pumpkin wasn't in the race!  A pumpkin decorator named "Mindy" was nipping at Janette's heels in the contest.  Mindy designed the "kid in a pumpkin."  Janette went off about how Mindy did not actually decorate her pumpkin, she decorated her kid, and then Rosie told Janette that Mindy was ON THE PHONE!  Mindy Thomas hosts the Absolutely Mindy Show on Kids Place Live on Sirius and called in to defend her pumpkin and give Janette a little shit.   Janette told Mindy she may not have had help decorating the pumpkin but she had help making the kid!  Mindy wanted to know who Bobby was and why his pumpkin was in first place?!  Then she called Janette's pumpkin a "hoarder pumpkin" (because it was made from old wallpaper) and said it looked like it was made in a nursing home!  Janette was horrified and said that Mindy is the type who feels as if there should not be a place in this world for older people and they should just get kicked to the side!  Rosie tried to calm Janette and went to break.

At Janette's MMFC Gala there was a silent auction.  One of the items you could bid on was a computer consultation/conversation with Google Pete!  Unfortunately, it was right next to some amazing Dave Matthews tickets so no one seemed to see it.  Brendan said that the first listener who calls in and knows Pete's baby's name gets to play the game today and wins the conversation with Pete!

The baby name game.  Brendan had a list of the top 10 girls and boys names from 1990-1999s and from 2000-2009.  There were 40 names total, 20 from each gender, some names made both lists.  The player had to guess one of the names on the list.  The more obscure the name, the more points you got.  For the names that appear on both lists, you got double the points.  

Rosie guessed Zach (not on either list)
Bobby - Michael (number 2 on one list and number 1 on the other)
Caller - Emily (number 1 on one list and number 3 name on the other)
Jeannie - Grace (not on either list)
Janette  - Jennifer (not on either list)
Pete - Michelle (not on either list)

Rosie - Sophia (not on either list)
Bobby - Whitney (not on either list)
Caller - Aidan (not on either list)
Jeannie - Britney (number 7 in the 90s)
Janette - John (not on either list)
Pete - Benjamin (not on either list)

Rosie - Chelsea (not on either list)
Bobby - Parker (not on either list)
Caller - Nicole (not on either list)
Jeannie - Ryan (not on either list)
Janette - Nicholas (number 6 on one of the lists)
Pete - Ashley (on both lists.  number 2 on one list and number 8 on the other)

Rosie - Justin (not on either list)
Bobby - Robert (not on either list)
Caller - Jason (not on either list)
Jeannie - Katie/Kathryn/Katelyn (not on either list)
Janette - Rhianna (not on either list)
Pete - Jane (not on either list)

Rosie - Jessica (number 1 name of the 90s) She ended the game with 1 point total.
Bobby - Abigail (number 6 on the list) He ended the game with 10 points total.
Caller - Brandon (not on either list) She ended the game with 4 points total.
Jeannie - Matthew (4 points for one list and 3 points for the other list) She ended the game with 14 points!
Janette - Joshua (3 points for one list and 4 points for the other) She ended the game with 13 points total!
Pete - Jared (not on either list)  He ended the game with 10 points total.

Jeannie was the winner of the baby name game!  The caller, Karen from Michigan, won a conversation with Google Pete and $100 gift card to Domestications.com.   

Janette reminded everyone to go vote for her pumpkin and Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw