Deirdre Dod

Deirdre was born on June 9th at NY Hospital and grew up and currently lives in NYC. Deirdre's father was a stuntman and also co-owned a Jazz bar named Bradley's in the West Village in New York City. Deirdre grew up around many famous jazz musicians because of it. Her mother was a ballet dancer but quit when she got pregnant with Deirdre. Her parents were divorced when she was 2 years old but remained very friendly while she was growing up and got back together when she 17. Deirdre was training to be an Olympic gymnast but blew out her knee at age 15.  She graduated from McBurney High School in 1984 and from Marymount in 1988 with a degree in Communications.  Deirdre's mom was friends with Bill Murray who got Deirdre an intern job at The Late Show with David Letterman. She was then hired as a talent receptionist worked her way up to Talent Coordinator.   

Deirdre also worked as an Executive Producer for Bon Jovi!/Comcast Cable Networks Diary, “Have A Nice Day” tour!  Deirdre worked as a Consultant for Island Def Jam Music Group where she created and produced all video content for the label.  Deirdre was Vice President Creative Media for Arista Records and Talent Producer/Consultant for ABC Television/"Good Morning America" where she was responsible for booking and producing celebrity segments and celebrity news stories. 

The first time Deirdre was ever face-to-face with Rosie her old boss told her her skirt was too short just before she was about to be introduced to Rosie. Rosie came in the room and commented that "if she has legs that looked like that she would wear a skirt everyday." Deirdre loved her from that moment on. She was the Senior Music Producer for The Rosie O'Donnell Show where she booked and produced all music celebrity segments. She also produced 1 hour special segments relating to music. Deirdre produced Rosie when she hosted the Grammy Awards 2 years consecutively and is a 5 time Emmy Awards winner!! Deirdre once wore a beautiful white dress to the Emmys and when she went to sit in her seat, she realized that her dress was completely see-through and she wasn't wearing underwear!

Deirdre went to bartending school once and said it was NOT easy.  She had to pour 30 drinks in under 4 minutes! She lived in Vancouver for a while and said it was beautiful but she missed home. Deirdre went to see Rosie who was on tour with Cyndi Lauper when the True Colors Tour came to a Vancouver venue and Rosie asked Deirdre to come back and do Rosie Live with her, which she did. Deirdre is currently a Senior Producer for Rosie Radio. She says she loves doing radio because she doesn't have to shower everyday and it's a very relaxing environment!

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