Listen to Tyne Daly singing Balding Pudendum!

Thank you Liz!!!!

The lyrics to Balding Pudendum

Once apon a time
A lady of a certain age
Sat in her boudoir alone and blue
And she sang as she sat
And gazed apon her nakedness
I've got a balding pudendum
I do.

Balding pudendum
Balding pudendum
I've got a balding pudendum I do
And she sang as she sat
And she gazed apon her nakedness
I've got a balding pudendum
Do you?

Up shot the lady
Filled with existential angst
What are these changes I'm going through?
I have botoxed and lipoed
And battled against cellulite
Yet I've got a balding pudendum
Do you?

Balding pudendum
Balding pudendum
I've got a balding pudendum you too?
I have botoxed and lipoed
And battled against cellulite
And yet I have pubes
You can clearly see through.

Seeking perfection
I have bleached and dieted
I have pushed my age back to 33
I've brazil-waxed
I've exlaxed
I've puked until my gums turned blue
Now I've got a balding pudendum
Who knew?

Nobody told me
Nobody warned me
Warned me my muff
Wouldn't be there to chew
And of all the appalling
Upsetting things that aging brings
Oh I've got a balding pudendum
Boo hoo.

Men have the power
Men have got the confidence
Men have viagra to see them through
Men get the girlfriend
To tell them bald is beautiful
All I've got is a balding pudendum

You and your brother
You and your father
Don't even bother
And don't miscontrue
You can take your opinions
And stick them up your sagging asses
I'll keep my balding pudendum
Fuck you.


In case you missed it....

•   Natasha Lyonne was back in the studio chatting with Rosie about a variety of topics.  They talked some about the holidays.  Natasha shared a story of her Jewish heritage and how her grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust.  They mentioned how much they enjoyed the play The Starry Messenger that they saw together starring Matthew Broderick and the fun time they had at the afterparty they went to.  Natasha talked of her performance in the play 2000 Years that she starred in in 2008 where she had to do a British accent for the first time.  And they talked for a while about how fame alters your perception of yourself and how Natasha, at 30 years old, is just now "getting footing on how to be in the world."  Natasha also talked of the constant yummy food temptations that they encountered during the play Love Loss and What I Wore that Rosie and Natasha starred in together.  Rosie thanked Natasha for coming and told her to come back to the show again soon.   

Natasha and Rosie

•  Rosie then interviewed her friend Marion whom she met at a Celebrity Detox book signing in 2007.  Marion, who's in her 80s, waited in line for 2 hours to meet Rosie with her daughter Amy.  Rosie took a break during the signing to look down the line of people waiting and she spotted Marion and scolded the book store staff for not letting her cut the line.  Rosie then brought Marion up to the front of the line and let her sit in her chair and rest and talked to her for a while.  Rosie also gave Marion and her daughter Amy tickets to the cocktail party at her art show at New World Stages in New York City for later that night.  Rosie and Marion have been close friends ever since! 

Watch the video of when they first met!

•  Rosie and Marion talked about life, children, marriage and family.  It was a wonderful interview. 

Amy, Marion and Ro
Rosie, Marion and her daughter Amy

•  Rosie then interviewed Ruby Gettinger from the Style Network.  Ruby once weighed 716 pounds but has lost almost 400 pounds!  Ruby and Rosie talked about battling weight and how Ruby doesn't remember the first 13 years of her life and how she is in therapy to try to remember.  Ruby and her therapist believe something traumatic must have happened to cause the memory loss.  Rosie mentioned her own abuse (although she was not specific) that she didn't remember until she was 28 years old.  They both shared stories of their own struggles with weight, night terrors, and going on a journey to search for the truth of their childhoods.  Ruby shared her story about when she was on the Oprah Winfrey show and walking the red carpet with Kathy Griffin!  And Rosie made Ruby promise she would never get back with her boyfriend that they highlighted in the show because "he wasn't good for her."  Rosie absolutely loves Ruby's show because it humanizes people who are overweight and their struggles with weight loss.  Pick up Ruby's memoir entitled "Ruby's Diary: Reflections on All I've Lost and Gained" on Amazon to learn more about Ruby, her life and her journey to lose weight. 

Watch Ruby discuss her weight loss on the Today Show with Natalie Morales!

• Rosie closed the show letting listeners know that they will be playing "highlights" until they are back live in the studio on January 4th, 2010.

Keep checking back because I will be updating with any Rosie Radio news I find or anything interesting out there that comes up.  Have a Happy Holiday everyone!!!  -Kelly


•  Rosie opened the show announcing that Ruby Dee was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award for her performance in the Lifetime movie America.  Rosie was thrilled!!! 

•   The studio was watching The Rachael Ray Show on mute during the taping of today's show so they were frequently mentioning the guests that Rachael was inteviewing including Buddy from the TLC show Cake Boss.  Rosie recommended listeners listen to the radio show and watch their TV on mute so they can see what they're talking about.  They also watch The View during the radio show which gives everyone in the studio "post traumatic stress disorder."   Rosie then played Lea Solanga's cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.  Rosie called Lea unbelievably talented.

Watch and Listen to Lea sing Poker Face.

•  Rosie talked about her night last night decorating her tree with the kids and listening to Vanessa Williams Christmas CD.  Janette and Rosie both spoke about how beautiful Vanessa is and what a wonderful parent she is.  Janette and Rosie also talked about whether or not they have ever trashed a hotel room and Janette confessed she has!  Not only has Janette trashed a hotel room but Janette confessed to having a very bad temper and once busted a bathroom stall door right off its hinges during a temper tantrum when they worked at NBC studios taping The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Janette also confessed that she doesn't like concerts "because of all the people" and told a story about going to a Hinder concert with her boyfriend Barry and hating it.  Deirdre was peeing her pants, she was laughing so hard and Rosie called Janette "very mentally unstable" and told her to be like that every day.  

•  Parker, Rosie's oldest son, told Rosie he liked her short haircut she once had. 

Remember Rosie with short hair?

•  Rosie then sang along with herself and Cher from her Christmas album A Rosie Christmas, to the song "Christmas (baby please come home)" complete with a fantastic Cher impersonation.  Listen to the song Rosie was singing along to HERE.  Rosie also did an impersonation of Tina Turner singing Better Be Good To Me.  It was very, very funny!   

•  Rosie loves Alicia Keys and she played a funny clip from the Steven Colbert Show when Alicia was singing and Steven came out and rapped to the song Empire State of Mind.  You can watch the clip they were talking about HERE.   And watch part 2 of the interview HERE.

•  Rosie talked about Blake who is still very sad about the snake that went missing.  Blake met with his tutor, Lois Heymann, yesterday and told her he's heart broken over the snake's disappearance.  Lois and Rosie wrote the book The Sound of Hope which is set to be released on April 27th, 2010.  You can pre-order yourself a copy on Amazon HERE.  Rosie recommended the book to not only parents of kids with Auditory Processing Disorder but also to parents of kids with any speech or language disability or delay. 

•  Andy Lassner, who was a producer for The Rosie O'Donnell Show from 1996-1999, emailed Deirdre during the show to let them know that it cost $1200 to fix the NBC bathroom stall door that Janette broke while working on the show.   

•  Rosie confessed a friend recently asked her if she had botox.  Janette admitted to having botox twice but she never did it again because she didn't see a difference.  Rosie talked about going to a "celebrity friend's" house for dinner and how they were talking about having botox like it was so common place. 

•  Rosie briefly spoke about her Rosie's Broadway Kids organization and the arts programs they provide lower income schools. 

•  Bobby brought Stroopwafels from Holland into the studio and admitted he's been to Holland 8 times!  Rosie loved them and was eating them during the show.   

•  Rosie talked about her detest for intense magnifying mirrors.  She has one and she called it "the death of her" and she wants to get rid of it.  Her friend Eric gave her "this shaving thing" that takes the stray hairs off her face and Vivi walked in to the room last night and she cut her face with it. 

•  That then lead Rosie to tell a story about when Leif Garrett was on The Rosie O'Donnell show in 2002.  Leif was newly sober and Rosie was having him on to talk about his sobriety.  She went to his dressing room to greet him before the show, as she did all the guests, and he just seemed "off."  Then not an hour later he walked onto the live television program with a fresh, huge, red burn on his face - a wound that was not there one hour before.  She concluded it was probably from burning himself from some sort of drug paraphernalia and realized quickly she couldn't talk about sobriety with him during the interview.   Rosie and Janette also talked about the time they had Farrah Fawcett on the show and she had white powder in her nostril during the interview.  Then they told the story about the time Danny DeVito came to The View drunk and the View wanted to pretend like it never happened.  You can watch that clip HERE.  Rosie talked about struggling to find your way through truth and authenticity when things like this happen on live T.V. 

•  Rosie then took calls from listeners for a giveaway.  If you called in and told Rosie what your favorite craft was she would give you a $50 gift card to Michaels Craft Store.  She had 9 gift cards to give away and she ended up giving away 11, in true Rosie fashion. 

•  Rosie then welcomed actress Natasha Lyonne to the studio.  Rosie called Natasha "her new BFF, funny, adorable and quirky."  They talked some about her role in The Slums of Beverly Hills when she was just 18 years old. You can watch the trailer from The Slums of Beverly Hills on youtube HERE.  They also talked about Natasha's role in the movie But I'm A Cheerleader where she plays a straight laced teenager who's parents send her to anti-gay rehab camp.  Watch the trailer from that movie HERE.   Natasha was also in the movie American Pie.  Here's an old interview of Natasha talking about her time on American Pie.

Natasha on American Pie

Natasha is currently back at the Westside Theater performing in Love, Loss and What I Wore with a revolving cast of 5 women.  Tyne Daly, who starred in Love Loss and What I Wore with Rosie and Natasha, called in to talk with the girls.  They were Rosie's witnesses to Rosie's "Eileen Fisher debacle."  Rosie was really heartbroken over the whole Eileen Fisher episode because it was Tyne and Rosie who made Nora and Delia Ephron (the Love Loss playwrites) put the redemptive line in the play that stands up for Eileen Fisher's clothing!  Rosie has now given away all her Eileen Fisher clothes.  Tyne sang parts from the song Crayola Doesn't Make a Color For Your Eyes

Listen to the song Tyne sang.

Rosie mentioned that she will be going to see Tyne perform at The Kennedy Center as Maria Callas in the production of Master Class by Terrence McNally.  The show will run from March 25 - April 18, 2010.  Tyne talked some about her excitement over expecting her third grandbaby and Tyne told Natasha to "straighten out her life and get busy."  Rosie mentioned that she's going to teach everyone how to play Texas Hold'em at the first poker game in January.  Go Rosie!

•  Tyne then sang the song Balding Pudendum.  It was quite funny and embarrassing to listen to!

Rosie, Tyne, Samantha, Natasha and Katie in
Love Loss and What I Wore

•  Rosie closed the show letting us know that Natasha will also be back in the studio on tomorrow's show.  (which I am very happy about because I think she's the best guest Rosie has had on so far, just sayin)  :)

My favorite quote from today's show:

"Never say anything nice to Rosie [about what she's wearing] or she'll immediately take it off her back and give it to you." Tyne Daly.


•  Rosie and the studio talked about what they did yesterday.  Janette walked for 2 miles.  Go Janette!!  They also talked about beginning their weigh ins and weight loss program soon. 

•  They received a lot of negative feedback yesterday from listeners who were offended by the staff eating  while they were on air. 

•  Blake's black and white kingsnake went missing last night and slithered into the heating vent.  Rosie is pretty sure the kingsnake is "gone" (a.k.a. deceased).  Bobby told a funny story about once trying to find something stinky in Rosie's old apartment for her and Rosie called Janette a "mini hoarder."

•  Rosie apologized to listeners for saying the word "seizure" as a descriptor during yesterday's taping.  Apparently listeners were offended and she didn't mean to use it so flippantly however she wanted to make it clear she was NOT apologizing for offending Joe Lieberman.  She meant to offend HIM.  Google Pete has some Washington D.C. insider connections and he heard that Joe Lieberman is just acting as the fall guy on behalf of all the moderate democrats that silently don't support the health care bill but won't say it publicly.  They then took some callers to talk about how absurd our country's health care system is.  They went to commercial playing What Child Is This from the Vanessa Williams Christmas Album.

•  Rosie also talked about how she is "email impaired" and rarely writes anyone back.  Janette and Google Pete agreed.

•  Rosie talked some about how much she adores Lea Michele and the hit Fox T.V. show Glee which she called "the best show on T.V. in the last decade."  Rosie first saw Lea perform in Spring Awakening years ago.  She loves her rendition of Don't Rain on My Parade from the season finale.    They took some calls to talk about Glee and spoke about how the show allows parents to bond with their kids.    You can own "Glee: Volume 1- Road to Sectionals" on December 29th!  Click here to pre-order yourself a copy!!

                                 Watch Lea sing Don't Rain on My Parade!

•  Rosie then talked about how she and Chelsea, her 12 year old daughter, had a talk yesterday about how embarrassing it is to have her as a mother.  Chelsea said that sometimes Rosie "looks homeless" and it would be nice if she "brushed her hair and didn't always wear that thing on her head."  Rosie decided she's going to make some changes for Chelsea because she's embarrassed when Rosie comes to pick her up at school. 

•  Bobby talked about his background in costume design.  Read more about Bobby's spectacular resume HERE.  Bobby is also a performer and he sang Old Devil Moon from Finian's Rainbow and When You're Good To Mama from Chicago at Rosie's command/demand.  Great job Bobby!!!

•  Rosie then played a game with the audience where she played a song that a certain "celebrity friend" sent her and asked listeners to call into the studio to guess who it was.  After some guesses by callers it turned out it was  Fran Drescher's song "Eye for An Eye."  You can purchase the single HERE and all the proceeds go to Fran's charity Cancer Schmancer

               Listen to Eye for an Eye by Fran Drescher!

•  Cynthia Lester, the documentary filmaker from My Mother's Garden called into the studio to talk to Rosie about her film.  My Mother's Garden is about Cynthia's mother's hoarding and how she and her brothers were profoundly effected by her mother's illness.  Rosie and Cynthia talked about the filmmaking, what it was like for her as a child and what it is like for her now.  Watch My Mother's Garden in its entirety HERE.  Or see it on MSNBC Decemeber 31st at 5pm.  

•  Rosie mentioned plans for the show to have a full 2 hours dedicated to only phone calls from the listeners.  That sounds fun!

•  Google Pete surprised the studio by singing along to You Give A Little Love from Bugsy Malone complete with dance moves!  GO GOOGLE PETE!!!  Who knew?  Not us!

•  The studio staff then debated whether there is a racist component to the Tiger Woods scandal or not.  The studio was split on the issue with Deirdre and Bobby saying no, they did not think it has to do with his race but rather the story became such news because of Wood's "squeaky clean image" as well as the publics' "interest in watching our celebrities fail."  Janette and Rosie maintained the opposite point of view and thought the publics' fascination with the topic is partly racially related because Tiger is black and has a white wife.  They then took some calls on the topic. 

•  A listener called in and mentioned how fantastic it was when Rosie recently gave a paparazzi $20 told him to go get a drink and rethink his career choices.  If you haven't seen that clip, its very funny.   You can watch it HERE.  Gotta love it!

•  Rosie closed the show letting the listeners know that the amazingly talented Natasha Lyonne will be in the studio tomorrow.  Tune in if you can!

Rosie and Natasha

•  See a video of Rosie talking about Fran's charity event HERE!  See Rosie talk about Sirius, the holidays, Houston electing it's first gay mayor, and the future HERE.

Lastly, I would just like to take a moment to tell Shoshana how very sorry I am to hear about her grandfather.  xoxo


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie and the staff talked about their weekends but mostly Rosie talked about her own weekend in California where she stayed with Fran Drescher and performed at her Cancer Schmancer benefit at the Million Dollar Theater.  Rosie was watching Craig Ferguson who was on the Rachael Ray Show while they were on air today and she recommended his first book Between the Bridge and the River which is a fictional account of his life that Rosie called "brilliantly good."  Rosie also went out to California to work with Nancy Cooke De Herrara to learn transcendental meditation.  Rosie recommended Nancy's book All You Need Is Love which she just started reading.  While Rosie was out in L.A. she met and totally LOVED the young comedienne Charlyne Yi.  Rosie briefly mentioned she would be willing to sign on to more years (she has currently committed to 2 years) at Sirius because she's loving it so much which Howard told her she would!!  YAY!!  We love it too, Rosie! 

•  Rosie was delighted to report that she and Joyce Eliason got a 2010 Writer's Guild Award nomination for best longform adaptation for the lifetime movie America.  Janette, who has a "savant like ability for remembering dates" recalled the exact date it premiered last year (Feb.28th, 2009)  because her tivo didn't record it while she was away.  And because of that, Janette has never seen it!!!  (UM, you can buy it on Amazon Janette, here's a LINK!)  A caller called in to tell Janette she can also rent it at Blockbuster.  

•  Rosie then told some stories from the making of America which she made with friend and TV producer Larry Sanitsky who Rosie calls "genius."  Rosie and Larry also made Riding The Bus With My Sister and  they're about to do another movie together.  The movie America is about a foster kid and the therapist who loves the boy back to life just as Pat Maravel did for Rosie.  You can read Rosie's own words about Pat, the teacher who loved and saved her here on her old blog.  Rosie told the story about how they read almost 400 actors for the film and after unsuccessfully attempting to find the right actor for the movie she and Larry went to lunch.  At lunch, Rosie said she saw a boy walk into the restaurant and she knew that HE was the boy for the movie.  She asked him to audition and he ended up being perfect for the role.

•  Rosie congratulated Kanye West who's debut album College Dropout was just named the #1 Album of the Decade!  Rosie talked about how much she loves Kanye and his music and spoke about the tragic death of his mother who died 3 years ago of complications from plastic surgery.  Kanye wrote the song Hey Mama for his mom.  In 2005, Rosie discovered Kanye's genius and wrote a blog about him.  Read what she wrote on her 'old' blog HERE.  Rosie admires him tremendously despite the controversy when he crashed the stage during Taylor Swift's VMA speech.  When Rosie saw Kanye stand up after Katrina and say " George Bush doesn't care about black people" Rosie stood and cheered for him.  See video from the speech Rosie was talking about HERE.  Rosie said Kanye has "balls of steel and the heart of a lion."   Rosie radio played the following songs from Kanye West on today's show: Jesus WalksI'll Fly Away, All Falls Down and Work Out Plan.

Learn more about Kanye and his music on his website HERE.

Kanye West

•  Rosie then went on a tirade about Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Connecticut who's refusing to support the health care bill.  Rosie could not adequately explain how much she despises him.  Read more what he is doing HERE.  Rosie said he's receiving contributions from health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and threathening to derail the health care reform bill because of his own interests and his own corrupt agenda.  Rosie is encouraging her listeners to fax or call Lieberman's office and tell him to PASS the health care bill and to let Joe know that America needs health care reform.  Andrew Rubin, an expert on the business of heath care and host of HealthCare Connect on Sirius/XM, called in to discuss what Lieberman is doing and what America can do.   Andrew recommended listeners pick up the phone in every state and call their Senators and Representative offices and tell them to pass health care reform.  Rosie then took some calls on the topic and ended the discussion with a big "SHAME ON YOU JOE LIEBERMAN."

you can FAX JOE LIEBERMAN 202-224-9750
or go to to call not only Lieberman's office but your own Senators and Representatives and demand health care reform NOW.

•  Jeannie and google Pete talked about their own health care issues with expensive copays and health care costs and then Rosie took callers who shared their own health care stories.

•  Rosie talked briefly about how she's excited for American Idol to start with Ellen as a cohost.  Rosie recently saw the documentary I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story about becoming an overnight sensation and Rosie now loves Simon Cowell for the responsibility and care he showed for what happened to Susan's life after she was catapulted to instant stardom. 

See a replay of I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story on the TV Guide Channel at these times:
     Thu, Dec 17 - 8:00 PM  and 11:00 PM
     Fri, Dec 18 - 8:00 PM
     Sat, Dec 19 - 7:00 PM 
     Thu, Dec 24 - 7:00 PM
•  Rosie was watching The View during today's show and commented on Whoopi's clothing choices which Janette saw as a "good sign" since Rosie never comments on people's clothing.  Rosie said its her friend Tanya who's been encouraging her to not always wear black.  Bobby (Pearce) always wears black because he is always working backstage somewhere and its easier than changing.  Rosie's only seen him not wearing black once and that was the day he got nominated for a Tony award. 

•   Jeannie talked about recently having to reveal to her 8 year old daughter that there is no Santa Claus.  Jeannie said it was devastating for her daughter to find out the truth and she cried herself to sleep and said Christmas was ruined.  They then took callers who shared their own Santa revealing stories. 

•  Rachael Ray called in to talk to Rosie about cooking and the holidays.  Both Rosie and Rachael have an aversion to thongs, don't ask me how they got on this topic though.  Rachael talked with Rosie about her non-profit organization Yum-O that has 3 initiatives: 1. to end hunger 2. to lower the diabetes rate and 3. to get kids to eat healthier.  100% of Rachael's proceeds from her books and other sales goes to her organization and Rosie then broke out in song about how much she loves Rachael Ray!  Janette confessed how nervous she was when she met Rachael at the Rosie Live Variety Show that Rosie and Janette did together in 2008.  Janette said she "couldn't even talk to her" and "literally made a fool of herself."  Janette doesn't typically meet the celebrities when she's working behind the scenes which many people find surprising. 

•  Rosie mentioned how Linda Dano is helping her redecorate her bedroom.  Deirdre was making fun of Google Pete because he's normally "half asleep" and today he's up and about because there's food in the studio for the Holiday Staff Party! 

•  Rosie closed the show pleading with listeners to contact their Senators and Representatives and demand health care reform.  She congratulated Kanye West and thanked Rachael Ray for calling in.


Today was a repeat of a compilation of shows that previously aired. 

I know that Rosie was at the Million Dollar Revival
benefiting Fran Drescher's charity Cancer Shmancer last night.
You can follow Fran's Twitter HERE.
And here's a pic I "borrowed" from the event!  :)

To see more pics from the night click HERE!
Enjoy!  Peace out peeps!


Today was a repeat of Monday's show.

Have a great weekend Rosie Radio listeners!!


In case you missed it...

•  Jim Breuer was back (previously recorded) to talk more about his documentary "More Than Me" and taking care of an elderly parent.  Rosie kept him around to also get the scoop on Lou.  Jim revealed many things about Lou including that he's "a health hazard, he smokes like crazy, he lives with his twin brother, he's at a bar every night, he and his twin chase the same women, and he recently got evicted from his apartment for having a brawl with his brother over a chick."  Lou has worked with Jim about 5 years and they call him an alien.  Rosie and Jim also talked about being in comedy and the the mirage of fame.  They went to commercial playing Big Shot by Billy Joel.

•  Emmy award winning actress, decorator and friend, Linda Dano, was in the studio.  Rosie and Linda talked about childhood and Linda's dreams of being an artist.  They also talked about the heartbreak over losing her beloved husband Frank and taking care of elderly parents with Alzheimers.  Linda and Rosie talked some about Martha Stewart and when Rosie went to visit her in federal prison, Star Jones and her gastric bypass surgery and the need for honesty in the realm of celebrity.  Linda took a break from her career after her husband died but you can now find her on QVC selling quality home accessories.  Check out Linda Dano's Home Accessories on QVC!  You can also go to for more information!     

•  While talking with Linda, Rosie talked about seeing her estranged father again, in order to learn more about her mother, for the one woman show they are creating based on her book Find Me.  Rosie found that learning more about her mom, whom she lost to breast cancer at age 10, very healing for her.   

•  Michael Tucker and his wife Jill Eikenberry best known for their roles on L.A. Law, were in the studio to talk about their book Family Meals: Coming Together to Care for an Aging Parent.  They talked about taking care of elderly parents, battling Alzheimers, and aging.  The couple is very involved with the Alzheimers Association of New York.  Rosie recommended the HBO series on Alzheimers to her guests and to her listeners which she found very educational.  Jill also talked about her own personal battle with breast cancer.  Learn more about Michael and Jill and upcoming dates on their book tour on their website at!

•  Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

•  Google Pete and Rosie talked about the difficulty Pete and his wife are having with their youngest baby's severe crying.  Rosie offered to help in any way she can since she knows many people who have helped her out when she had issues with her kids.  They talked with a caller whose daughter has Aspergers Syndrome and the studio agreed that some of them could also be on the (Autistic) spectrum.  For example, Rosie once had an obsession with Happy Meal toys and Pete has an obsession with Star Trek.  Rosie and Pete talked about going to Comic-Con (the comic book convention) and the Happy Meal Toy convention together.   

•  Google Pete then did 'Today In History' where he mentions significant events that happened on today's date in history and Rosie gave him crap for the random facts he chose and the fact that he forgot it was Donny Osmond's birthday!  Then, a caller named "Bing Tom" called in to also challenge Pete on his choices.  Poor Pete. 

•  Rosie talked about her love for Rachel Maddow and her show The Rachel Maddow Show.  Rosie admired her intelligent opinion and latest take on the news story about how in Uganda (where it is illegal to be gay) they are now considering the death penalty for gay people.  The new law being proposed says that not only should gay people be killed but their friends and family should be imprisoned for 7 years.  Rosie mentioned Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life, who says you can "pray the gay away."  A caller called in to tell Rosie that Rick Warren is now calling Uganda "The Purpose Driven Nation."  The studio talked about the danger of what happens when the church and state are no longer separated and when religion becomes the basis of lawmaking.  

This is the video of Rachel that Rosie recommeded to her listeners (that is also on

•  Rosie then interviewed best selling author and chef Nigella Lawson who was promoting her latest title Nigella Christmas about making Christmas cooking easy and enjoyable.  Rosie and Nigella talked about how Nigella got interested in cooking and how women oftentimes provide the light and love for their families through cooking and traditions.  Nigella sees the kitchen as "the center of the house where light and warmth eminate." 

•  Rosie then interviewed comedian Jim Breuer who was in the studio and who's dream once was to get on VH1 comedy spotlight in the 1980s when Rosie hosted!  Rosie and Jim talked about starting in standup, when he was on SNL and how he eventually quit SNL

Jim Breuer

Jim now works for Sirius (channel 104, Fridays 4-6pm) which he LOVES because it allows him to be more of himself.  They also talked briefly about Lou (Rosie's Board Op who has also worked with Jim for some time) and Jim called him "faithful, loyal and tragic."  Rosie recently saw Jim's documentary "More Than Me" which she called "so real, so moving and so unbelievably humane."  In "More Than Me," Jim takes his 84 year old father on a 30 city tour with him in the summer of 2007.  Jim originally filmed the scenes with his dad just for his website and it turned into this beautiful film about taking care of an elderly parent.  Rosie wants to help him get more people to see it (through her connections).  Read a review of Jim's documentary HERE.

• Rosie closed the show telling Jim she wanted him to stick around so she could get the scoop on Lou. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to hear Rosie's interview with Linda Dano!


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie began today's program with a snake update: It turns out Blake's snake that died yesterday died because it regurgitated the mouse it was fed.  Kelli went out yesterday and got Blake a black and white kingsnake and Blake is adjusting to the new addition.  Rosie wants Blake to get a dog.  They took some callers about different dogs available for adoption. 

•  The staff talked about what they did last night and mentioned that today was the anniversary of the day that John Lennon was killed.  Each studio member shared their story as to where they were when they heard the news that John Lennon had died.  Rosie once lived in the Dakota apartment building where John was killed but felt she had to move because it was too depressing to live there.     

•  Thom (pron. THom), the "computer guy" on the Rosie Radio staff was on air to talk about the genesis of his name.  Thom decided to change the pronunciation of his name in 9th grade in order to differentiate himself from his 3 friends named Tom in high school.  All his friends and his significant other call him Thom. 

•  Rosie's mentioned how she's been watching old clips of herself on youtube from her standup days (when Jeannie says she "used to be funny."  :) 

Here's a "vintage" clip of Rosie's standup days!

•  The studio talked about Alexa Ray Joel's (Billy Joel's daughter) recent hospitalization due to an alleged suicide attempt.  Rosie wished she could call her up but she's only met her a few times.  The studio then talked about their own suicidal thoughts they have had during their lifetimes and people that they have known that they have lost to suicide.  Janette revealved she has battled suicidal thoughts since she was around 9 years old and Jeannie once took a bottle of asprin in high school as a cry for help from her parents.  Rosie never contemplated suicide (especially since she became a mother) but has mentioned how she used to harm herself which she talks about in her book Celebrity Detox.  The whole studio wished Alexa well and expressed their love for Billy Joel and his family. They went to two commercial breaks playing the songs My Life by Billy Joel and Stilletto by Billy Joel which Rosie happily sang along to.  They also took callers who lost loved ones to suicide.

•  Rosie then talked to a caller who was laid off from her job and whose husband also lost his job and faced with a medical crisis, her house entered into foreclosure.  Rosie's hope was to shed some light on the mortgage crisis that our country is facing and give a "face" to the numbers that we see every night on the news.  The caller spoke about her difficulty trying to work with her mortgage companies and coping with the realization and the stigma of losing their beloved family home.  They talked about predatory lending and the shady bank bailouts and then Rosie proceeded to give the caller pretty much everything they had in the studio and thanked her for sharing her story. 

•  Bill Engvall, one of Rosie's son Parker's favorite stand-up comedians, called into the studio to talk with Rosie.  Rosie and Bill did the Showtime special A Pair of Jokers together in 1989.  The pair talked about old times and their standup days.  See some of Bill Engvall's standup on youtube HERE.  Learn more about  Bill on his website HERE.

Jim Breuer will be on the show tomorrow to talk about working with Lou (Rosie's Board Op) and talk about the documentary More Than Me that he made about going on the road with his elderly father.  Tune in tomorrow to hear Jim's interview!

•  And be sure to tune in Thursday to hear Rosie's interview with Linda Dano!

Check out this vintage clip when Rosie was on Linda Dano's show Attitudes (way back when).

And see when Linda did The Rosie O'Donnell Show HERE and tune in for that interview this Thursday!

•  Don't forget to join the Rosie Radio group on Facebook to talk about the show and meet other Rosie fans!


In case you missed it...

• Rosie had a traumatic morning because Blake woke up this morning to find out his snake had died.  :(  It was very upsetting for Blake and also for Rosie to see him so heartbroken.  Listeners and the staff shared their own pet death stories.  A few listeners called in to share their opinions as to why they believe the snake died.   

• Rosie said she had a "magical" night at Nat and Lila's house last Friday.  Nat Freund is a survivor of Auschwitz and shared his story on last Friday's show.  She called the experience at dinner lovely and beautiful.
• Rosie then talked about Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who came to international public attention in April 2009, when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV show singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables.  Rosie talked about her rise to instant fame and what that must have been like for her.  They played the songs You'll See and Daydream Believer from her newest CD.  Rosie mentioned she really wants to have both Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert on the show.

• Rosie and the studio talked about when Whoopi Goldberg almost walked off the View last week when the View staff continued to talk on and on about the Tiger Woods cheating scandal.  Click HERE to see the clip they were talking about.  They also talked Portia de Rossi's appearance on The View last week and how elequent she sounded explaining the need for same-sex marriage legislation.  Click HERE to see that clip.

• Jeannie and Rosie are obsessed with the show Hoarders on A&E.  Jeannie finds the show very therapeutic, since her mom is a hoarder.  Jason (from Seattle), the son of Augustine, the hoarder from last week's episode, called in to the studio to talk with Rosie and Jeannie about what it was like for him to be on the show.  Jeannie saw many similarities between Jason and Jeannie's own brother in the way they deal with their mom.  Jeannie herself, really identified with his sister and she said she admired his ability to move on.  Jeannie admitted her biggest anxiety now is what's going to happen with all the stuff in the house when her mother passes away.  Janette talked briefly about her own father's hoarding too.  Watch the full episode they were talking about HERE.

•  Rosie then interviewed Ken Fisher who was in the studio.  Ken is the chairman of the Fisher House Foundation that provides humanitarian support to members United States Armed Forces and their families.  Fisher's late uncle Zachary Fisher started the Fisher House Program 19 years ago, after a need was brought to light for temporary housing of family members when servicemembers were hospitalized.  Fisher Houses provide comfortable temporary lodging for families when a military member or dependent requires specialized or extended medical care. To date, the program consists of 43 houses located near nine Veterans Affairs hospitals and 18 military installations across the country and at one United States military installations in Europe.  From these locations, Fisher House serves more than 10,000 military families per year. The Fisher House program plans to build 16 more lodging facilities to complete its nationwide support network.  Fisher House facilities enabled families to stay together while a loved one is undergoing long-term treatment.  Rosie also recommended the site where you can send a package to a member of the Armed Forces.  Rosie called their organization "inspiring" and talked about how visiting the Fisher House has changed her forever. They then took calls from listeners who have benefitted from the Fisher House and their services to military families. 

•  Rosie closed the show briefly mentioning that they may be changing channels so that they are on the same channel on both Sirius and XM.  Look for that news soon! 


•  Rosie began the show with UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Lou Part 2!  Lou has a degree in broadcasting but dropped out before finishing in order to be a bartender, which he hated.  He did that until one day a friend came into the bar and asked if he wanted to be on this new thing called "Sirius Radio."  He is now also the "sound effects guy" and producer for Sirius talk show host Jim Breuer (who also makes fun of him in a similar way as Rosie does).  Jim and his team call him an "alien" because they've never seen him eat, sleep or  go to the bathroom - just smoke cigarettes.  In his spare time, he's a HUGE fan of the band Pearl Jam and he's seen them perform over 60 times!  The next featured staff member will be a surprise but I think Rosie votes for Thom (pronounced THom)  to be the next one featured.

• Rosie and Jackie talked briefly about the progress Blake has made and his new found confidence while battling his Auditory Processing Disorder. Rosie also discussed the difficulites she's facing with Blake, who recently discovered that there is no tooth fairy.

Rosie and her lifelong sister-friends
Jackie (left), Rosie (center), Jeannie (right)

• Rosie recommended the website where you can buy a "munny" which Rosie calls "the best arts and craft toy you can buy for $10."  Rosie herself has hundreds of munnys in her craft room. Rosie sells her decorated munnys and gives all the money to charity on Check them out and own one of Rosie's original pieces of art HERE!

•  Rosie then interviewed Nat and Lila, her new friends. Nat Freund was a survivor of Auschwitz and Rosie will be going to Shabbat dinner at their house tonight (Friday).  Rosie met the pair at her friend and publicist, Cindi Berger's daughter's Bat Mitzvah.  Nat has never told his story of survival from the Holocaust except for the interview he did for the Steven Spielberg's Shoah project.   Nat then told a heroing and touching story of survival and even talked about the anger he felt that the Jewish people didn't stand up and fight. Both Rosie and Nat talked about battling depression and thoughts of suicide when you live through a traumatic event in your lifetime. Nat also talked about his love story with his wife Lila.  Rosie ended the interview thanking Nat for sharing his story and saying how excited she was to go to their house for dinner.  Hopefully will put up the interview up so that everyone who missed it can hear it. 

Rosie and her friend Nat Freund
(image belongs to

•   Rosie closed the show.


In case you missed it...

•  Today was Broadway Thursday with Bobby Pearce in the studio as well as Rosie's longtime friend Jackie.  The group talked about what they did last night.  Bobby stayed home and watched Glee which they discussed briefly but didn't go into too much detail because Rosie hadn't seen it yet since she and Deirdre went to go see Imogen Heap at Webster Hall in New York City last night. 

•  Jackie and Rosie took a trip down memory lane telling both funny and touching stories from their childhoods' and growing up together in Long Island, New York.  They talked about playing in the neighborhood, Christmases spent together and how they had to separate Rosie and Jackie in school because the pair were so close.  They also spoke about times they've spent together as adults like when Jackie appeared many times on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and the one uncomfortable time she went on The View.  The duo took calls from listeners who wanted to ask Jackie questions about Rosie and growing up with her.  One caller asked whether Jackie knew Rosie was gay growing up but she said did not.  It wasn't until college that Rosie and Jackie really talked about Rosie being gay, yet looking back now "it all makes sense to her."

Rosie and Jackie
(photo belongs to

•  They talked briefly about the Broadway musical Passing Strange which tells the story of a musician's adventures traveling from Los Angeles to Amsterdam and then finally returning home.  This is one of Rosie's favorite musicals ever.  Spike Lee has recently directed the movie version of this musical.  They went to commercial playing the song "Amsterdam," from the muscial, which you can listen to HERE

•  Rosie expressed her disappointment that the gay marriage bill failed to pass in New York yesterday.  Rosie's brother Daniel O'Donnell, the New York State Assemblyman who has been with his partner since he was 17 years old, was instrumental in introducing the bill and was also very saddened by this news.

Daniel O'Donnell

•  The show introduced a new segment entitled UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.  Up close and personal will highlight a member of the studio so the listeners can get to know them better and today's featured studio member was Lou the Board Operator.   Lou told stories of being a twin and how he and his twin used to fight all the time but now get along so great that they live together.  Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of Lou's story.

•  Rosie called Meredith Baxter yesterday to tell her how much she supports what she's doing and to tell her she would love to know her better. 

•  Imogen Heap called into the studio and talked with Rosie about the concert last night.  She and Rosie talked about how she writes her own music and was nomiated for two 2010 Grammy Awards for her album Ellipse.  She the full list of Grammy nominees that were announced yesterday HERE.  Rosie called her music "unique," "charming," and "fantastical." Rosie also enjoys her youtube channel where you get to see her creative process when she's creating her music.  Rosie absolutely loved the show last night.  They also talked about the cellist that played in last night's show and how Imogen uses a website where fans audition and compete to perform in concert with her.  See pics of Imogen from the concert HERE.  Lou played Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek and The Fire on two different commercial breaks.

•  Comedian and actor Jim Breuer, best known for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and role in the comedy Half-Baked will be on the show next Wednesday (12/9).  Breuer recently made a documentary entitled "More Than Me" about going on the road with his 85 year old father that Rosie called "heart-breakingly beautiful."  Read an interview with Jim Breuer about his documentary "More Than Me" HERE

•  One caller called in and asked Rosie to quickly list off her top 5 favorite musicals which were:
    (in no particular order)
   1. Billy Elliot
   2. Les Miserables
   3. Wicked
   4. Passing Strange
   5. Aida

(She then quickly followed up with about almost every musical ever performed and I couldn't write that fast)

•  Rosie said she is looking forward to seeing American Idiot (the musical) which features the music of Green Day produced by her friend Michael Mayer and headed to Broadway!  Watch a clip from the musical on youtube HERE.

•  Rosie revealed that she is currently "in the works" of turning her own memior Find Me into a one woman show on Broadway expected to be released sometime in the next 2 or 3 years!!!

•  Rosie closed the show announcing that Jackie will be back again tomorrow and playing the song Say Hey by Michael Franti.


In case you missed it...

• Rosie started the show asking Janette if she was hungover from yesterday's show, which she was not.  Then Rosie and studio discussed actress Meredith Baxter's latest interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning when she announced she's gay and has a girlfriend.  Rosie was shocked but very pleased at this news and wants to meet her.  She asked her staff to send her a toaster cause she's "in the gay club now."  Rosie mentioned the news to Kelli this morning who already knew because Kelli recently spent time with Meredith and her partner on a Sweet cruise!  Watch the interview with Matt and Meredith HERE.  Rosie went to commercial playing the song Say Hey by Michael Franti because it makes her happy. 

• Rosie then took advice from a caller who told her how best to set her camera to take pictures tonight at the Imogen Heap concert at Webster Hall in New York City.  He gave her photography tips for the concert and for Parker's basketball games.

Fran Drescher called into the studio and talked to Rosie about her organization she founded Cancer Schmancer which is dedicated to cancer awareness and encourages women to shift the focus from finding a cure to early detection.  Fran is a uterine cancer survivor and talked about her own battle getting diagnosed.  Fran promoted her charity event "The Million Dollar Revival: A Benefit for Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement" at the Milion Dollar Theater on Sunday, December 13 in Los Angeles, CA.  Rosie will be both attending and performing standup at this event.  Click HERE to buy your tickets!!  Fran and Rosie also talked about the Fran Vans that provide women in California who have limited access to health care, life-saving cancer screening tests.  Rosie wants her listeners to help support Fran's cause by donating a new Fran Van for the Cancer Schmancer Movement.  Look for the opportunuty to give to Fran's cause on!  Lastly, Fran mentioned her latest venture FranBrand, a skin care line developed exclusively for HSN and especially for women.  Click HERE to find out more about Fran's skincare.

• Helene from JaHeRo, Rosie's friend and celebrity makeup artist, then took calls from listeners to answer their questions about makeup and skin issues.  Helene recommended many products including Loccitane (Rosie's favorite.  See pic HERE), Alcone, and Lorac and recommended callers see a homeopathic doctor when it comes to skin problems. 

Helene (left), Janette (center), Rosie (right)

• Lastly Rosie mentioned they may have a contest where listeners can enter to win and sit in on a radio show and have lunch with the staff at Chilis at the Mall!  Look for that contest!  OR, bid on a chance to win HERE.  Rosie and Helene closed the show.


In case you missed it...

•  Rosie and the studio talked about the show Hoarders that premiered last night on A&E.  Rosie and Jeannie described and then discussed last night's episode as well as played audio clips from the episode.  Jeannie talked about her own difficulty feeling compassion for the hoader because her mother is a hoarder and it was a very hard way to grow up.  Jeannie really related to the adult children on the show and their heartbreak because of their mother's inability to take responsibility.  They took several calls from hoarders and from children of hoarders describing their difficulties with the disease. 

•  Today is World's AIDS Day. Rosie discussed some recent statistics and how AIDS effects us today.  Each member of the studio told their own personal story about a loved one that died of the disease.  Rosie named Parker after her very good friend (who sadly died about a year and a half ago) who was afflicted with the AIDS virus. Rosie recommended the book Franny The Queen of Provincetown by John Preston to a caller.  To Chris Hoover, Google Pete's uncle, Anthony Cortino, Geran Millard, 2 very close friends of Deirdre's - today we honor you and your fiight.

•   Urijah Faber, Rosie's FAVORITE mixed marshall arts fighter (a.k.a. "the california kid") called into the studio to talk to Rosie.  Rosie and Urijah talked about how he got started in the business and she told him what a fantastic fighter he was (and also gave him style tips on his hair).  Rosie will be attending his fight on January 10th in Sacramento.  Rosie mentioned that she was hestitant to come watch him fight because she once got booed at a boxing match and Urijah said he is going to tell his fans to welcome her on his twitter.  Follow Urijah on Twitter HERE.  Urijah said maybe they could work out together when she was in town!   Rosie gave away a pair of tickets to the January 10th fight to a caller named Levon from Sacramento.   After the call, Jeannie called out Rosie on flirting with Urijah and found it reminicint of her infamous Tom Cruise crush.  They then went to break playing Levon by Elton John.  Learn more about Urijah and join his website/fanclub HERE!

• Okay, and then the studio got drunk.  Rosie made the members of the studio try the newest drink from Budweiser called Chelada.  Half the studio loved it and half the studio did not.  Then, on yesterday's show Janette said she could chug a beer in 3 seconds and Rosie didn't believe her so Rosie wanted to test Janette's beer drinking skills.  Janette chugged the beer in 9 seconds flat and Rosie was completely SHOCKED.  Rosie videotaped that moment of the show so watch for it on (coming soon.)    The whole studio basically got drunk and laughed for the remainder of the show, Rosie broke out in song from the musical Hello Dolly and also sang "Single Ladies."  Rosie and Janette expressed how thankful they were that they're not on The View anymore because they're having so much fun. 

• Rosie announced that Blake gets his corn snake today. Corn snakes are orange and white, grow between 4 and 6 feet long and they live 15-20 years.  Rosie seemed frightened by this idea.  Good luck with the snake O'Donnell family!  See a pic of Blake's corn snake HERE at

• Rosie closed the show as Lou played an old Budweiser jingle and announcing that "Artist of the Month" Imogen Heap is going to be live in the studio on Thursday (December 3rd).


In case you missed it...

•  Each member of the studio- Rosie, Janette, Jeannie, Google Pete and Deirdre- talked about how they spent the Thanksgiving holiday.  Janette and Pete were wearing snuggies in the studio and Janette thought the company needs to come out with a bigger one.  They then discussed the latest celebrity gossip stories in the news this weekend regarding the David Hasselhoff drama about him being released from rehab and the Tiger Woods story about how he was injured in a car wreck this weekend.  All members of the studio agreed that the media needs to focus less on these types of stories and more about what is important in the world today.

•  Rosie tried a Chelada while she was in Texas this weekend which is tomato juice, clam juice and beer.  Its her new favorite drink!

•  The new series of Intervention and Hoarders premieres tonight on A&E.  Tune in because they will be talking about it on tomorrow's show.  Each member of the studio shared their own experiences with hoarding in their lives.  Rosie recommended the documentary Grey Gardens, the true story of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, and their own hoarding that made national headlines.  Rosie also recommended My Mother's Garden a documentary about one woman's attempts to cope and help her mother who suffers from hoarding.  Watch My Mother's Garden in it's entirety HERE.  Then Mildred, a caller who shared with Rosie about her own hoarding story, got pulled over by the police while talking on her cell phone which is illegal in the state of New Jersey!  Rosie stayed on the line while Mildred was written a ticket and offered to pay Mildred's $150 fine for the driving infraction.  She also gave her a sonicare toothbrush, a $100 gift card at,  a $100 in cash from Advil, a $25 gift card from Crumbs cupcakes and "a whole bunch of Rosie crap" because she felt so badly the woman was pulled over.   

•  Rosie talked about the confusion with the new mammogram recommendations that were just made public.  Rosie's mother died of breast cancer at 39 years old and she sees waiting until 40 for a baseline mammogram as a horrible recommendation.  She then interviewed Andrew Rubin, an expert on the business of heath care and host of HealthCare Connect on Sirius/XM, who called into the studio to give his take on the recent mammogram findings.   Andrew explained the purpose of the investigation into mammograms was to look at "the benefits of early mammograms from a strictly statistical point of view." He did not recommend changing your health decisions based on these findings and underscored the importance of mammograms in early breast cancer detection.

•  Rosie spoke to a caller briefly about Multiple Personality Disorder  and recommended her book Find Me where she touches on her own relationship and friendship with a woman who has MPD.  Rosie said she is still very close with her friend and see each other every year on vacation. 

•  Rosie then spoke to Taylor Marsh who recently wrote an article for The Huffington Post that challenges Nancy Peolsi, the nations first female Speaker of the House, for selling out on women's civil rights by voting for the Stupak amendment.  Under the Stupak-Pitts abortion ban "women who opt into the more affordable public option would be banned from getting coverage for abortion services, even if their own money was used to buy insurance." Marsh further added that "it would be much harder—and perhaps impossible—for private insurance companies to offer abortion coverage for plans under health reform."  Marsh encouraged women to demand 100% control over their own bodies and to email and call their senators and representatives and let them know that "if they don’t support women’s civil rights, you won’t be supporting them." 

•  A caller spoke to Rosie and recommended the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet, a fascinating account of how part of American Christianity has gone off on a dangerous tangent and exposes the Christian Right.  Listen to Jeff Sharlet's radio interview on NPR HERE.

•  Rosie can't wait to see the new documentary Babies.  Set to be released in April 2010, Babies simultaneously follows four babies around the world -- from birth to first steps. View the trailer HERE.

•  Rosie then talked briefly about the needs of foster children in American and promised to post links to resources for a new foster parent who called into the show.  

Go to and enter the code ROSIE and get 20% off your entire purchase! 

Happy Brithday to Brendan and Clay Aiken!