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•  Google Pete and Rosie talked about the difficulty Pete and his wife are having with their youngest baby's severe crying.  Rosie offered to help in any way she can since she knows many people who have helped her out when she had issues with her kids.  They talked with a caller whose daughter has Aspergers Syndrome and the studio agreed that some of them could also be on the (Autistic) spectrum.  For example, Rosie once had an obsession with Happy Meal toys and Pete has an obsession with Star Trek.  Rosie and Pete talked about going to Comic-Con (the comic book convention) and the Happy Meal Toy convention together.   

•  Google Pete then did 'Today In History' where he mentions significant events that happened on today's date in history and Rosie gave him crap for the random facts he chose and the fact that he forgot it was Donny Osmond's birthday!  Then, a caller named "Bing Tom" called in to also challenge Pete on his choices.  Poor Pete. 

•  Rosie talked about her love for Rachel Maddow and her show The Rachel Maddow Show.  Rosie admired her intelligent opinion and latest take on the news story about how in Uganda (where it is illegal to be gay) they are now considering the death penalty for gay people.  The new law being proposed says that not only should gay people be killed but their friends and family should be imprisoned for 7 years.  Rosie mentioned Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life, who says you can "pray the gay away."  A caller called in to tell Rosie that Rick Warren is now calling Uganda "The Purpose Driven Nation."  The studio talked about the danger of what happens when the church and state are no longer separated and when religion becomes the basis of lawmaking.  

This is the video of Rachel that Rosie recommeded to her listeners (that is also on rosie.com).

•  Rosie then interviewed best selling author and chef Nigella Lawson who was promoting her latest title Nigella Christmas about making Christmas cooking easy and enjoyable.  Rosie and Nigella talked about how Nigella got interested in cooking and how women oftentimes provide the light and love for their families through cooking and traditions.  Nigella sees the kitchen as "the center of the house where light and warmth eminate." 

•  Rosie then interviewed comedian Jim Breuer who was in the studio and who's dream once was to get on VH1 comedy spotlight in the 1980s when Rosie hosted!  Rosie and Jim talked about starting in standup, when he was on SNL and how he eventually quit SNL

Jim Breuer

Jim now works for Sirius (channel 104, Fridays 4-6pm) which he LOVES because it allows him to be more of himself.  They also talked briefly about Lou (Rosie's Board Op who has also worked with Jim for some time) and Jim called him "faithful, loyal and tragic."  Rosie recently saw Jim's documentary "More Than Me" which she called "so real, so moving and so unbelievably humane."  In "More Than Me," Jim takes his 84 year old father on a 30 city tour with him in the summer of 2007.  Jim originally filmed the scenes with his dad just for his website and it turned into this beautiful film about taking care of an elderly parent.  Rosie wants to help him get more people to see it (through her connections).  Read a review of Jim's documentary HERE.

• Rosie closed the show telling Jim she wanted him to stick around so she could get the scoop on Lou. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to hear Rosie's interview with Linda Dano!

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