In case you missed it...

•  Jim Breuer was back (previously recorded) to talk more about his documentary "More Than Me" and taking care of an elderly parent.  Rosie kept him around to also get the scoop on Lou.  Jim revealed many things about Lou including that he's "a health hazard, he smokes like crazy, he lives with his twin brother, he's at a bar every night, he and his twin chase the same women, and he recently got evicted from his apartment for having a brawl with his brother over a chick."  Lou has worked with Jim about 5 years and they call him an alien.  Rosie and Jim also talked about being in comedy and the the mirage of fame.  They went to commercial playing Big Shot by Billy Joel.

•  Emmy award winning actress, decorator and friend, Linda Dano, was in the studio.  Rosie and Linda talked about childhood and Linda's dreams of being an artist.  They also talked about the heartbreak over losing her beloved husband Frank and taking care of elderly parents with Alzheimers.  Linda and Rosie talked some about Martha Stewart and when Rosie went to visit her in federal prison, Star Jones and her gastric bypass surgery and the need for honesty in the realm of celebrity.  Linda took a break from her career after her husband died but you can now find her on QVC selling quality home accessories.  Check out Linda Dano's Home Accessories on QVC!  You can also go to lindadano.com for more information!     

•  While talking with Linda, Rosie talked about seeing her estranged father again, in order to learn more about her mother, for the one woman show they are creating based on her book Find Me.  Rosie found that learning more about her mom, whom she lost to breast cancer at age 10, very healing for her.   

•  Michael Tucker and his wife Jill Eikenberry best known for their roles on L.A. Law, were in the studio to talk about their book Family Meals: Coming Together to Care for an Aging Parent.  They talked about taking care of elderly parents, battling Alzheimers, and aging.  The couple is very involved with the Alzheimers Association of New York.  Rosie recommended the HBO series on Alzheimers to her guests and to her listeners which she found very educational.  Jill also talked about her own personal battle with breast cancer.  Learn more about Michael and Jill and upcoming dates on their book tour on their website at tuckerberry.com!

•  Rosie closed the show.


  1. thanks for sharing this .....i check everyday ....it is very informative and fun.......

  2. Thanks for having Linda Dano on. She has been one of my favorite folks for years - especially from her days on "Attitudes." The two of you together are great, Rosie.
    Love the show!

  3. Thanks for reading and for the comments!! Just so you know, this is just a fan blog (not affiliated with Rosie or Sirius). I didn't want to misrepresent myself as Rosie Radio staff cause, um, I'm not (even though I wish I was, lol). :)

  4. I didn't get to listen to the Linda Dano part. I had no idea they were making a play out of "Find Me". That's great. I loved that book. Did Rosie have mixed emotions about speaking with her dad about her mom?