1-31-11 - American Idol, Facebook and Redefining Rape

In case you missed it....

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about the weather in New York.  There is a lot of snow on the ground up there and Rosie hates the snow.  Jeannie loves the snow however.  She believes in embracing every season.  It's supposed to snow tomorrow so they're going to stay later today to work on Friday's show.  But if there's another huge snowstorm tonight, Rosie said tomorrow will be a repeat.  Jeannie said rain depresses her but snow does not.  She is always running around and enjoys how the snow forces her to slow down and take it easy. 

Rosie said people have been asking her what the phrase "Carnie Wilson's daughter" means when they say it on the show.  She explained the phrase was created after they learned (from Carnie Wilson herself) that she listens to Rosie Radio in the car on her way to taking her daughter to school in the morning.  So, it's become their reminder to not say anything inappropriate in case she's listening.   So, when they do curse they say, "Sorry, Carnie Wilson's daughter!"  Janette said someone told her on Facebook that she even apologizes to Carnie Wilson's daughter when she swears!  Janette loves that!

Speaking of Facebook, Rosie said she's "trying" it.  Bobby laughed at her and doesn't get what's so hard about Facebook for Rosie.  Rosie said she's starting to understand it more and she has a way to go in and check whomever she wants!  She called herself stealth!  Hmmmmmmmm.  She's also surprised at what people put on Facebook like when people who are in a relationship talk to each other on their walls.  Bobby has a Facebook friend who constantly comments about everything he watches on TV.  Janette loves Facebook!  Speaking of Janette!  If you love Janette like we do, you're going to want to join this group to keep Janette on Sirius/XM after Rosie Radio is set to go off the air in June.  CLICK HERE to lend your support to try and keep Janette and the Rosie Radio crew around

The Facebook discussion then led to a discussion about the uprising in Egypt that some say is happening partly due to Egyptians being able to communicate with each other via Facebook and Twitter.  Rosie wanted to know why the United States has been supporting this Egyptian dictator if he's so horrible to his people.  Janette said the United States has a history of putting people in charge/supporting those in charge who are oppressive as long as they support our interests.  Rosie and Bobby said the uprising made them feel inspired!  Pete agreed and said he was arrested for protesting the sanctions against Iraq.  He was also arrested at the Pentagon for painting a dead body on the sidewalk outside the Pentagon.  He said that's why his fingerprints are on file with the FBI!  Janette and James felt fear when they saw the Egyptian uprising.  Janette said the destabilizing of a major government in that region scares her because she worries what will replace it.  Bobby was inspired by the protests because he said that's how all real change happens.  Rosie agreed and said it's an example of the tenacity of the human spirit and how people are willing to risk everything for freedom and their rights. 

Pete then explained to Rosie how the Egyptian government was able to shut down the Internet.  He said the United States has a way to do it too to counteract cyber terrorism should it occur.  Okay, I'm going to do my best to transcribe how Pete explained the Internet so here goes.  Pete said the Internet is run by computers and computers run on a number language.  Words like "facebook" are turned into numbers.  Only 3 or 4 companies in the United States (?) can convert these words to numbers.  If you turn off those 3 or 4 computers that do the exchange to letters, the Internet goes nowhere and words like Facebook lead to nothing.  I'm sweaty after that. Don't yell at me if I effed it up.  Rosie took a call from a listener who didn't agree with Pete about the Internet but he won that argument against her easily and proved it wouldn't be difficult to shut down all Internet capabilities.  

This is from 1994.  How far things have come! 

Rosie said she read Freedom by Johnathon Franzen this weekend and loved it.  She said she read it all day Saturday.  She always worries when she hears of things that have been "over-hyped" in the media that they won't be as  good as all the buzz but she was NOT disappointed in this book.  She said it was FANTASTIC.  Rosie loves the way Franzen writes and said she now wants to go back and read everything he's ever written.  

Parker and Rosie went to see The Mechanic this weekend though she didn't really say if she liked it because Pete and Rosie got into a debate about whether or not Inception was a good movie.  Pete kept telling Rosie she was giving away the movie to the listeners but I was listening and I've never seen it and I have no idea what they were talking about.  :)  In the end, Pete said he thought Inception was all a dream and Rosie said that's exactly why she didn't like it and also why she didn't like The Wizard of Oz ending.  Bobby agreed and said he remembers being mad when he found out Oz didn't exist! 

Firstly, Rosie said she thinks this season of American Idol is the best season ever.  Rosie said she stopped watching the auditions portion of American Idol in 2007 when they made fun of the two special needs boys on the show. All the staff raved about Jennifer Lopez and how down-to-Earth she is.  Jeannie loves Steven Tyler on the show and how he reminds Randy not to be mean to the contestants.  Rosie then said there was some "buzz" on the Internet about the audition of the contestant whose fiancee was in a car crash and whether or not the segment was exploitative.    First watch the clip if you're unfamiliar...

Chris Medina

Rosie loved the piece and thought it was a "genuine and authentic moment."  She was happy that the show isn't a humiliation festival like it used to be.  Jeannie said she got into a discussion on Jennifer Hutt's Facebook wall with some viewers of the show who thought the piece was manipulative and exploitative.  Jeannie did not agree and thought the piece was incredibly touching and sweet and not exploitative.  Rosie agreed and said she thought it was done respectfully and with compassion.  She also said the show feels like it "has a heartbeat now."   Rosie took a call from a listener who totally agreed and thought the piece was very touching and beautiful.  Janette said even if the producers planned it that way, she wanted to know what's wrong with showing his reality.  Rosie took a call from another listener who got emotional just remembering how sweet the judges were to the contestant's fiance.  She thought the moment fit right in with the type of season they're having with the new judges.  Jeannie is a huge Steven Tyler fan and she and Rosie recalled the time Rosie took Jackie and Jeannie to the Grammys and introduced her to him!  Rosie said when Steven went up to sing "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" he dedicated it to Jeannie!  Here's a link to that award show moment but you can't hear Rosie or his dedication to Jeannie but I still thought it was fun!  lol

Okay, but I have to put my two cents in.  THIS guy is my favorite American Idol contestant so far.  :)

Rosie then thought they should discuss the "Charlie Sheen situation."  Charlie Sheen was hospitalized after partying one night last week with some porn stars.  Rosie asked if Charlie's going to die right in front of everyone and then everyone is going to look around and wonder why no one did anything.  But then she wondered how one helps an adult who is addicted to drugs and doesn't want to get better.  She compared his situation to Robert Downey Junior's.  Robert Downey, when asked about his drug addiction, said, "It's like I have a loaded gun in my mouth, and I like the taste of metal."  Source: IMDB  Rosie said the big difference is the intelligence level between the two men.  She spent a Mother's Day at the Sheen house after she did a movie with Emilio Estevez and said Charlie's a really nice guy but he's not the smartest.   Janette said if an addict doesn't want to recover, there's not much anyone else can do to make them!

James said Casey Jordan, the porn star who Charlie partied with the night he was hospitalized, will be on the  Howard Stern Show tomorrow.  Rosie wondered how one gets access to porn stars.  She asked if there's an 800 number like 1-800-PORN- STAR you can call to have one delivered to your house.   James guessed most of the girls have an agent and get paid for appearances.  Like Rosie being asked to attend the grand opening at a Target! (Rosie's joke, not mine).  James heard the porn star woman say she wasn't asked to have sex with Charlie, he just wanted to watch porn with them.  James said Charlie has a home theater with an extensive porn collection and wanted the girls to critique it.  James also heard that Charlie has a 20 million dollar house with 15 bedrooms and wants to house porn stars in it and be the "Hugh Hefner of porn stars."  Ahhhh, such lofty aspirations.   He also gave the woman a check  for $30,000 made out to cash. This is just a theory, but if Charlie did have sex with these ladies and then paid them $30,000 wouldn't it be prostitution?  No wonder she's telling everyone they didn't have sex.  Rosie wondered how all of this publicity affects his working on the television sitcom Two And A Half Men.  Janette is a HUGE fan of the sitcom.  Rosie remembered the time she discussed Anna Nicole Smith's addiction to drugs on The View and that night, Anna Nicole died!

Rosie said House Republicans are trying to change the definition of rape in an effort to limit rape and incest cases eligible for abortion funding.  This bill has been dubbed a "top priority" by the Speaker of the House.  The law changes the wording so that the government doesn't have to pay for an abortion by inserting the word "forcible."  And any insurance that covers "non-forcible rape" won't be tax deductible.  Rosie said the problem with adding "forcible" is how one defines forcible.  This eliminates the funding of statutory rape ie. an adult has sex with a 13 year-old girl and gets her pregnant.  Pete said it's a huge warning sign and a backdoor way to banning abortion.  Janette said she believes if you don't agree with abortion you shouldn't have one.  She worries about what happens to the unwanted children of these rapes.  Pete said the reason for the 1976 Supreme Court verdict was because of a showdown like this.

Bobby compared the changes to the abortion law to the fight against gay marriage.  Instead of fighting marriage head-on, opponents to gay marriage tried to "define" marriage in the Constitution which was a backdoor way of outlawing it.  Rosie said she treads lightly when discussing abortion because it's a loaded topic and many have very strong opinions about it.  She's been asked how she can be pro-choice if she's an adoptive mother.  Rosie said adopting a baby given up for adoption is not the same as telling someone they have to have a child.  Rosie quoted civil rights advocate and feminist Florynce Kennedy who said, "If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament." 

Pete said there is a pro-life advocate who stood on a bridge going into Washington, D.C. with a poster of an aborted fetus and he always wanted to stop and tell him he could really make a difference if he offered to help women in need rather than hold up a sign showing such a disgusting picture.  Rosie recommended the documentary 12th and Delaware about the abortion clinic and the pro-life center on  the opposite side of the street.

12th and Delaware Trailer

Rosie took a few callers on the topic.  A few immediately agreed that any rape is forcible.  One caller was herself an adopted child and the biological parent of a child she gave up for adoption who said she's pro-choice.  She said she chose the option that best suited her but never feels like she should be able to take someone else's choices away.  Rosie talked with the caller about how adopted teens are more likely to get pregnant and how they oftentimes are trying to rewrite their own life story.  The caller said when she found herself pregnant as a teen she saw adoption as her way of giving back to a couple who couldn't have a baby themselves. 

Next, it was time to lighten the mood and discuss urinal etiquette!  Rosie was horrified at the thought that  men who are complete strangers pee next to each other.  The other day Bobby said he was at the urinals in a public place and someone at the urinals started discussing the weather!  He said he was horrified as was everyone else at the urinals.  He said there's an unwritten code of conduct and that includes NO TALKING!    Janette joked that she's met men in a lot of places but a public bathroom is too low for even her standards!  Bobby said if there's a bank of urinals, there's an unspoken rule that you leave as much space as possible between you and any other bathroom attendees.  Rosie said unless it's an emergency, she will not pee in public.

During this game, the caller heard a clip of a song.  If they could name the group that sang the song, they got one point.  If they could name the lead singer, they got two points. 

Rosie: heard a clip of Hotel California - She guessed The Eagles and Don Henley for 3 points.
Pete: heard a clip of Jump - He guessed Van Halen and the lead singer David Lee Roth for 3 points.
Janette: heard a clip of Satisfaction - He guessed Rolling Stones and the lead singer Mick Jagger for 3 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of a song by Blondie sung by the lead singer Debra Harry for 3 points.
caller: heard a clip of a song by the Police sung by Sting for 3 points.
Bobby: heard a clip of Losing My Religion - He guessed REM for 1 point.  He didn't know the lead singer, Michael Stipe.   

Rosie: heard a clip of Crying - She guessed Aerosmith and Steven Tyler for 3 points
Pete: heard a clip of Vacation by the Go Gos with Belinda Carlisle.  He had no idea for 0 points! 
Janette: heard a clip of Another One Bites the Dust by Queen with Freddie Mercury.  She didn't know though and got 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of Tonight's Going To Be a Good Night - she guessed the Black Eyed Peas with Fergie (or Will I Am) for 3 points.
caller: heard a clip of Be My Baby by The Ronettes with Ronnie Spector.  She didn't know for 0 points.
Bobby: heard a clip of Viva La Vida by Coldplay sung by Chris Martin.  He didn't know for 0 points.

Rosie: heard a clip of Don't Stop Believin - She guessed Journey with Steve Perry for 3 points.
Pete: heard a clip of Stairway To Heaven - He guessed Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant for 3 points.
Janette: heard a clip of With Or Without You - She guessed U2 and Bono for 3 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of Killing Me Softly - She guessed the Fugees with Lauryn Hill for 3 points.
Bobby: heard a clip of Wake Me Up by Wham! with George Michael.  But he couldn't remember the name of the band or the singer for 0 points.

Rosie: heard a clip of 21 Guns by Green Day with Billie Joe Armstrong for 3 points.
Pete: heard a clip of Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Anthony Kiedis. He got only 1 point because didn't know the singer. 
Janette: heard a clip of All Alone by Heart with Anne Wilson.  She got 1 point for the band but didn't get the singer.
Jeannie: heard a clip of Because the Night by 10,000 Maniacs with Natalie Merchant for 3 points.

between Rosie and Jeannie!
Rosie: heard a clip of This Love by Maroon 5 with Adam Levine.  She didn't know it for 0 points.
Jeannie: heard a clip of Cool It Down by New Edition with Bobby Brown.  She didn't know it for 0 points.

Rosie: heard a clip of Landslide and immediately guessed Stevie Nicks without hearing it was the Dixie Chicks version!  0 points.
Jeannie: (for the win!) heard a clip of Ragdoll by the Four Seasons with Frankie Valli.  She got it for 3 points!


Rosie and the staff quickly mentioned last night's SAG awards and the consensus was the winners seemed very predictable.  Rosie said the SAG Awards are often a great predictor of the Oscars and said she loves the new Oscar promos!  See below...

Janette was proud to announce that she's lost 16 pounds since she began her diet on January 3rd!

Rosie said they'll be live tomorrow unless there's another snow-day in NYC and closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw

1-28-11 - Janette's Kinky Past and Would You Rather

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast taste-testing "Le Whif" the breathable chocolate that Pete brought in for them to all try.  Rosie tried the mint flavor, Janette tried coffee and Deirdre tried raspberry.  Rosie said it tasted like a dusting of mint chocolate chip ice cream in her mouth.  But she was not a fan of the "dust" texture at all.  She didn't see the point.  Then they started talking about the electronic cigarette kiosks in malls and how the AMA is trying to subject them to federal regulations.   Rosie said the Le Whif left a bad aftertaste in her mouth and made her want to go brush her teeth.  Janette called it a "piece of crap" and said it's the first thing she's had that's not pure food since January 3rd.  Janette's been following the Primal Blueprint diet since the beginning of the year and only eating proteins, fruits and vegetables.  She hasn't eaten one thing out of a package and she's written down everything she's eaten.  She lost 10 pounds the first week and although the weight loss has slowed, she's never felt better!  She's also following Suzanne Somer's Sexy Forever about getting rid of the toxins in your life. 

In regards to the Superbowl next weekend, Rosie said her ex's new girlfriend Anne is a huge Green Bay Packer's fan and now so are Rosie's kids!  She said they're obsessed!  Jeannie isn't really a football fan but loves the day for an excuse for wine and a party.  They discussed how much money each player makes in the Superbowl.  Rosie said there's an image that football players make a lot of money but she said when she was friends with Elisabeth Hasselback it was clear that they didn't make that much.  She said if you're not a big football star you don't make as much as you think.   

Rosie said Parker's new grades are about to come at the end of the week and she's not looking forward to getting them.  Parker's actually disappointed his new school doesn't have a football team.  He has dreams to go to Louisiana State University and play football in college.  Rosie pointed out to Parker that he's 15 years-old and never played on a football team.  She had to tell him that Division 1 football players have played and practiced their entire lives.  She wondered if Parker was a product of this generation when he thinks he could be an NFL player having never played the sport.  Deirdre also thinks it's the younger generation of people.  She said she knows people just graduating with expectations that they can be where she is in her career right away.  Rosie tried to explain to Parker that he was born after all the work had already been done and he's never seen a parent with a regular job putting in all the time and work.  Jeannie said there are kids on Long Island who have been playing soccer since they were 4 years old.  She said they've been working their entire lives in order to be able to play soccer in college and possibly get a scholarship.  Rosie said her friend Lois Heymann's son was an unbelievable basketball player.  Only, he went to a Waldorf School and no college even recruited him.  Rosie said she didn't have the heart to tell Parker if he has never played football all his life he's not going to play football in college.  She told him it's a lot of work, pain and sacrifice to get to be a great athlete.  Janette thinks Parker's dreaming is totally normal.  Rosie said she tried to compare it to her career.  She told him only a small fraction of the standups she's started with are actually well-known today.  She said she had to have an obsessional devotion to the craft along with a little bit of luck in order to make it.

Jeannie said she and Jackie were just having a conversation similar to this.  She said both of their oldest kids are convinced they will be millionaires when they grow up.  Jeannie didn't know if that's because they're a paycheck to paycheck kind of family and her daughter's just over it or why that is.  Jeannie followed her heart with her career and had no desire to be rich.  Rosie said it was not the same for her.  She wanted to be rich and famous and to not have to go to a job that she hated everyday like her father.  Rosie wondered if Jeannie and Jackie's kids feel this way because they've spent time with Rosie growing up.  They've seen her "Miami mansion" and they know it's a possibility not realizing that it's not the norm.  Janette said part of the reason some people are successful however is because they've got tremendous discipline and oftentimes out of life's hardships come discipline.  Without hardship, no discipline.  Rosie said she never even saw mansions as a child.  To her, living in Dix Hills was truly making it.   

When Rosie went out to Sundance she caught a ride on Kenneth Cole's private plane.  His two daughters were with them on the plane (one goes to Yale and one goes to Princeton) and she said both seemed very grounded and also very driven.  She wondered what they did to instill that in them.  Kenneth's wife told Rosie her mother used to put their vitamins on top of the New York Times summary page so they would read about what's going on in the world every single day.  For Janette, her big motivator to succeed was her desire to escape her home situation so badly.    Rosie said she doesn't even live in the way she could live because even what she has now seems grandiose to her.

When Rosie was at Sundance, she was talking with Chaz Bono about what it's like to be a child of a famous parent.  Chaz said when you have famous parents you become invisible as a child but there's no way to even avoid it.  It's inevitable. 

Rosie said she had a long talk with Parker about his college choices.  She told him he has an opportunity most people don't have and he needs to take advantage of that.  He told her he doesn't want to use her fame as a way to success.  Rosie said he shouldn't use her fame but know he has the financial resources for the very best education.  Parker's not making a lot of friends at his new school and all his friends are still at his old school.  Only, that school won't prepare Parker for college in the right way.  Janette said that most kids enter high school leaving all their friends behind and that's a typical experience.  She said it's not the norm for a kid to go through all the grades with the exact same group of kids.  Jeannie said Parker is still young and the next 3-5 years are going to be huge for him as far as maturation goes.  She said when her daughter was between the ages of 14-18 she had no drive and a lot of confusion.  Now that her daughter is 19 years-old, she's incredibly passionate about her Criminal Justice degree she's pursuing.  She assured Rosie that Parker is still growing up and in transition.  Rosie doesn't want him to go back to the old school because she doesn't want to cut him off from all his options at 15 years of age. 

Janette said she read something recently that stated that 90% of people remember their first kiss  in detail.  Janette wondered if anyone in the studio remembered their first kiss.  Rosie said her first kiss was with a boy named Craig in the 5th grade.  They were playing basketball and the ball bounced into the garage and he kissed her.  This is the same boy who took a diamond ring from his mom and gave it to Rosie as a gift!  In 7th grade, she had her first french kiss with a boy named Todd.  Todd made her a shrinky dink necklace of her zodiac sign.  They kissed at the locker and she said he kissed her and roto-rootered her mouth with his tongue.  Rosie said it scared her to death and is convinced that's why she's a lesbian (that's a joke people).  Shoshana's first kiss happened in a parking lot.  She said she was just standing there and this guy she was dating at the time just leaned into her and put his tongue all up in her mouth.  Shoshana thought, "I never want to do that again!"  Janette's first kiss happened when she was 19 years old.  Her father went away on a cruise and she had a few people over to her house.  One of the guys was this 30-something-year-old who decided to kiss her!  Janette thought it was disgusting!   Pete couldn't remember his first tongue kiss but could remember the first time he saw a girl's nipple!   James, who was the President and founder of the porn club in school, first kissed a girl in 6th grade and  her name was Jessica.  Amanda, the new call-screener, remembered her first kiss that was in 9th grade.  She doesn't remember the kiss but she remembers just really wanting to get it over with so she could say she'd done it. 

The appropriate song for the topic...

Janette then remembered her first time she did "it."  She was in Switzerland after she quit college after her sophomore year.  Before she left, she would lie that she wasn't a virgin.  Janette said virginity was not as prized as it is today.  She said she was part of the "free love" generation.  Janette went to Switzerland with a prescription of birth control pills and a promise to get it done!   She worked in a hotel as a chamber maid and the very first day at work she met a man named Paulo who worked in the kitchen.  He gave her a look like he had just seen something stunning and she looked behind her to see what he was looking at and then realized he was looking at her!  One night he asked her if she would teach him English and she remembered coming home and writing in her diary she wanted to do it with him.  Having been an overweight kid and being reviled all her life, she wanted to do it to prove to herself that someone would do it with her.  The night it happened he just leapt on her!  She didn't even know what was happening and hadn't prepared herself by taking the birth control pills she had brought with her.  He only spoke broken English so she told him "no baby" as in she didn't want to get pregnant.  He understood what she was saying and flipped her over and entered her from behind!  Yes, I now have that visual in my head. Can I add porn writer to my resume now?  Janette didn't even know "that way" was an "entry" way and compared the experience to a battering ram.  It didn't last long because she shrieked and quickly got up.  Janette said she was sore for a couple days after that.  After that night Janette got herself on some birth control pills and they got the job done. 

There was a long silence in the studio.  Rosie quietly said that she appreciates the fact that Janette is never embarrassed.  Janette said her sexual past is a point of pride for her and she's never been ashamed of it. She said it was a blast.  Shoshana added that Janette enjoys a good spanking too!  Apparently, at a morning meeting Janette asked the staff if they thought there was anything odd about going to the Hyatt Regency in New York City and meeting someone for a good spanking.  Pete said if you're into spanking it's not odd at all!  Janette then told her spanking story.  Howard listeners, are you reading this?  Janette said she used to create "rooms" on AOL and hang out there to see who would come in.  She talked to some guy who said he was into spanking and she thought that sounded interesting!  She met him at the Hyatt one night, went up to the room and said it was "surprisingly fun!"  Janette said there was no sex involved, just spanking.  The second time she met him he brought along a hairbrush and that left some bruising.  They asked Janette how it felt and she said it actually felt good!  Janette said she's glad she's done the things she's done.  She thinks there's nothing to be embarrassed about.  Bobby asked her if she was ever worried for her safety and Janette's response was "people so rarely kill her."  Rosie said she used to have such anxiety when Janette would go through these phases. 

Then it was time for a game of Would You Rather.  Rosie's never wanted to play the game Would You Rather but they've had it as a standby in the case that they ran out of things to talk about. 

Janette first asked everyone if they'd rather always have to say everything on their minds or never speak again?  Rosie, Janette, Shoshana and Bobby said they'd always rather say everything.  Pete said he'd rather never speak again.  Shoshana mentioned the movie The Invention of Lying and the disasters that can happen if you say anything on your mind.  Pete said he has thoughts about how bad his gas smells at least once a week and would hate to have to share those with everyone he encounters.

Would you rather always lose or never play?  They all said always lose except Rosie who said she'd never play.  Bobby saw it as a metaphor for life and said he'd have more of an issue if he never tried at all. 

Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all?  Rosie said she thinks it's better to have loved and lost.  She said not every love is the love of your life.  Janette agreed and said the act of loving gives you so much.  She also said unrequited love is rewarding.  Shoshana thought unrequited love sounds too painful. 

Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?  Rosie said she'd rather be stranded on an island with someone she hated because she could learn to love them.  She said she'd go crazy if she was by herself. She listed Donald Trump as an example.  She said they'd probably apologize to each other and learn to get along!  Pete and Janette said they'd rather be alone.  Pete said he would create his own Wilson (in reference to the film Cast Away).   Rosie then said she doesn't really hate Donald Trump so that was a bad example.  Pete said as he thinks of someone he truly hates he realizes he would rather be alone.  He said he doesn't want to be around that person ever.  Janette has realized with people she hates that she's not good at holding a grudge because she always forgives them.  She said she'd rather be alone because that's what she prefers.  Pete said he has Jesus and God to keep him company which made Diet Pepsi shoot out of Bobby's nose.   

Janette asked would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?  They all said invisible.  Rosie said there's some shit she doesn't want to know about.  Janette agreed.   

Would you rather live without music or without TV?  Shoshana immediately said music.  Rosie said she can't live without music and said she'd rather live without TV.  Pete and Bobby said they need music more too.  Janette said she'd rather live without music.  Rosie discussed how she works and sleeps best with background noise and said she even likes a white noise iPhone app that's a sound machine.   

Bobby mentioned a new 911 app in California that alerts you if a person near you is having a heart attack and is in need of CPR.  Shoshana didn't like the idea because she thought it was like someone would be watching your location at all times.  Rosie wondered if anyone would really want all their neighbors to know when you called 911.  Bobby stressed that it's only in cases where the person is in need of CPR.  Bobby said in NYC the app could be really useful because there are many times an ambulance can't get where it needs to go because of traffic.

Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment?  Rosie asked if it's a documentary.  Bobby said make the movie because his diary would have many embarrassing moments in it!  Janette said publishing her diary would be her most embarrassing moment.  Janette, Shoshana, and Rosie love to go back and read their diaries and journals.

Janette asked if you'd rather admit that you once committed a horrible crime, do the time and get on with your life?  Or, never admit it to anyone, live an honest life and live with the guilt.  Rosie said she used to have a recurring dream that the cops were looking for her in a murder case.  She said the dream gave her tremendous anxiety!   Shoshana said she could deal with guilt but not with anxiety and said she'd rather live with the secret.  Bobby and Pete said they'd never survive prison.  Rosie wasn't sure.  James has been watching Beyond Scared Straight on A&E and said it's scary as hell.  He said it reminded him of the book Fish and said he never ever wants to go to prison.   

Would you rather end hunger or end hatred?  Rosie and Bobby said hunger.  Pete, Janette and Shoshana said hatred.  Janette said all the atrocities are done in the name of hatred and that's the basis for intolerance, war, etc.  Bobby said you can die of hunger but you can't die of hatred.  Rosie thinks ending hunger is totally possible and we have the resources to do it. She said her mind immediately flashes to starving babies dying in Africa.

Would you rather be able to stop time or fly?  Bobby, Pete, Shoshana, and Rosie said they'd rather fly.  Janette said stop time because aging stops.  She said she could stay right here at this age and not go to that casket that's waiting.  Janette joked if she was a Superhero she'd be "Young Girl" sucking the youth from all the bad guys.  Rosie said if she was a Superhero she'd be Captain Cureall or The Healer.  Pete said his super power would be to speak every language.   

Janette asked if you'd rather go to an amusement park or a family reunion?  Everyone said amusement park except Pete who doesn't like either.  Pete said he hates amusement parks because he hates standing in line and spending tons of money for 20 seconds of giggles.  Janette hates amusement parks too but thought it was the lesser of two evils.  Shoshana and Rosie think water-parks are really fun!  Rosie went with Tracy and her kids to the Jersey Shore to a water-park because Tracy made her.  Rosie said it was horrible because she was so self-conscious but if she was thinner she would have had more fun.

Rosie then said Jennifer Hutt is going to help her with her weight loss!  Jennifer's going to show Rosie the way she lost weight.  She's also going to work out with her.  Jennifer lost weight all on her own and has really inspired Rosie to do it too!  Rosie said before she starts on OWN she wants to lose 20-30 pounds. 

Rosie said she went to a J.Jill store with her daughter Chelsea before Sundance and they didn't have any plus sizes so she wasn't going to try anything on.  Chelsea told her to try an XL and it fit!  Then, she bought a new coat and it's too big.  She said she wants to learn to buy the right sized clothes too and she's going to start her weight loss regimen in February with Jennifer.  Rosie said she knew Jennifer when she was heavier and it's been inspiring to watch her lose weight.  She's been watching shows like Heavy and MTV's I Used To Be Fat and doesn't see how the people on those shows find inspiration from those extremely fit trainers.  Rosie said it takes her knowing someone when they are overweight and watching them lose weight to inspire her that she can do it too.  Only then can she believe someone and their advice.  Janette said her friend Larry Flick from OutQ is her inspiration because he's lost weight and is still on his own journey.  Janette said when you're ready, the right person arrives but you can only have what you believe for yourself.  She said that's why low self-esteem is so dangerous- it limits what you can do.  Rosie said watching shows like Heavy and I Used to Be Fat inspires her that she can do it too.  Janette mentioned seeing someone recently judging a very large woman who walked by them on the street.  She felt compelled to say something and went up to the person and said, "There but for the grace of God."  The person said nothing back and walked away.  Janette would never judge anyone for being overweight because we have no idea what burdens they're carrying.

Then it was time for Bobby's Broadway Game, complete with its own theme song.  During this game the players heard a clip of a Broadway overture and had to guess what show it was from.  Pete, Janette and Rosie played against each other each with their own buzzers.  They were to buzz in first in order to guess.  If they guessed incorrectly, they weren't allowed to guess again.   Each player got one point for naming the musical and two points if they could sing a song to the musical.  

1. The first overture was from Gypsy.  Rosie got it by only 3 notes!  She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
2. Sweet Charity.  Rosie got it.  She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
3. Guys and Dolls.  Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total 
4. The King and I.  Janette got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
5. Music Man.  Pete got it.  He then sang a song from the musical for an extra 3 points.  3 points total
6. My Fair Lady.  Janette guessed South Pacific and was out.  Rosie got it and got 3 points.
7. Phantom of the Opera.  Rosie got it with one note!  She sang a song from it for 3 points total.
8. Oklahoma.  Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
9. Funny Girl.  Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
10. Annie Get Your Gun.  Janette got it after Rosie guessed Anything Goes and was out.  3 points for Jb.
11. On the Town.  Rosie got the show points and Pete got the song points. Rosie 1, Pete 2. 
12. Cats. Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
13. West Side Story. Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
14. Annie.  Rosie got it. She then sang a song from the musical for an extra 2 points.  3 points total
15. Carnival.  No one got it.
16. Applause. No one got it.
17. Oliver. Rosie got 3 points. 
18. Seussical.  Rosie got 3 points.
19. The Little Mermaid. Pete got it for 3 points. 
20. Mary Poppins.  Pete got it for 3 points. 
21. Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Janette got it for 3 points. 

Rosie was the WINNER!!!!!

No one could understand how Rosie could have recalled the overtures as quickly as she did.  Pete said she had to have something like "Elbow Taco."  Rosie didn't get it.  Pete reminded her that she once made a joke about the name of the disorder Asperger's that it had a funny name and it was like calling something "elbow taco."  Get it?  ASS + Burger?  

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw

1-27-11 - SNOW DAY

In case you missed it...

Today was a repeat show because of the 19 inches of snow that dumped on NYC yesterday. 

We got 10 inches here in D.C. and the entire place shut down.

My boys enjoying the snow...
Thomas (left), Ben (center), Danny (right)
(friend in background)

What's the weather like where you live?


1-26-11 - Janette's "Unlimited" Love for Howard and the Cast of Phantom!

In case you missed it....

After a little chit-chat about the extreme weather in New York City, Rosie shared with everyone that she's in a bad mood today.  She said she didn't sleep well last night and she cannot get Parker to want to go to school.  Parker hasn't been feeling well and stayed home from school yesterday.  He stayed home again today but has a school ski trip tomorrow.  Rosie told him if he doesn't go to school today he can't go on the school ski trip on Thursday.  But, at the same time she thinks part of the reason he doesn't want to go to school is because he doesn't have a lot of friends at his new school, and she knows the ski trip would be a great way to make friends.  Parker had a fantastic time on his last school trip he went on.  Rosie said parenting alone is harder for her.  She used to team up with Kelli and provide a united front against her kids but now it's just her.   She said it's harder to do it herself. 

Janette said being an only child is probably a lot harder too.  She remembered when her father passed away and how much she relied on her sister for support.  She teared up thinking about how hard it would have been to go through her father's death without her sister by her side.   Rosie mentioned Oprah's recent announcement of finding her sister she never knew existed.  Rosie finds the timing amazing, just as her mother's health is failing, and after she's lost both her siblings, she finds this new sister she never knew about.  Janette, ever the curmudgeon that she is, questioned whether or not there would be a bond simply because they're related by blood.  Janette met cousins she never knew existed at her father's funeral and she felt absolutely no bond with them.  Rosie meant no offense to Janette but said how Janette relates to other human beings is not typical.  Rosie said Janette has a very small group of people she allows into her life and said she's not very welcoming or open to other people.  Janette actually agreed.  She said she has half-brothers and sisters out in the world which she has no desire to meet.  Rosie thinks Oprah finding her sister is a gift.  Bobby agreed it was a gift and talked about the integrity that the sister showed that she never went to the press and doesn't seem to be looking for a handout. 

Rosie was watching the Oprah episode with her kids and when Oprah said, "When you're famous many people betray you," and her kids asked her if anyone has ever done that to her.  Rosie told them yes.  They asked who did that to her and Rosie said the "who" is irrelevant.  Rosie told them when you become well-known it puts everyone else in your life in an awkward position and sometimes people make bad choices.  Parker told Rosie he wished she wasn't famous.  Chelsea often says that to her too.  Rosie asked Parker if he likes what the fame has given him - the nice life he has, the experiences he's been able to have and the people he's been able to meet, etc.  He agreed that he likes all those things but said he doesn't like people to know who is mom is.  Chelsea was having a similar experience.  She's noticed girls at school wanting to be her friend only because her mom is who she is.  And when Rosie visited her school recently, kids who were not Chelsea's friends came up to Rosie and hugged her.  That really bothered Chelsea.  Rosie wanted to know how you tell a 13 year-old girl not to hug her.  Janette said that's the reality of her children's life and every teen has their own challenges and that's theirs.  Janette said overcoming challenges is what youth is for. 

Rosie took calls from several listeners.  Some callers said she should let Parker go on the ski trip and some said she should not.  Rosie sounded even more confused and said she didn't know what the best decision was.   Pete said he worries that Parker knows she's not going to enforce the rules and said if he's sick he can't go and that's it.  Deirdre agreed.  Rosie sounded so defeated and said Parker has a tremendous opportunity to do and be anything he wants to be in the world and she doesn't want him to squander that.  Bobby is sure Parker will be fine.  At the last charity event for Rosie's Broadway Kids Parker told him, "I think this is going to be my legacy, helping mom with this charity."  Bobby, who helped raise Parker since he was a baby, said it melted his heart.  Bobby assured Rosie he's a great kid and he'll figure it out.  Rosie said she never thought being a parent would be this hard. 

Rosie said she's a fan of the show Teen Mom on MTV but said she's reading that she shouldn't be because some are saying the show is glorifying teen moms and making celebrities out of them.  She said she originally thought 16 and Pregnant was the greatest show.  She liked how every single girl on the show eventually admitted to regretting having a baby at such a young age and all the boys were flaking out.  Rosie saw it as great pregnancy prevention for teen girls and watched it with her daughter Chelsea.  Then, MTV created Teen Mom where they followed some of the mothers through their lives of being young moms.  Rosie thinks it's a great show and really explains the difficulties teen moms are facing.  Rosie said on the press line at Sundance, reporters asked her what she thinks about Teen Mom.  She told them she watches it and thinks the show does a service showing young girls how tough life is with a baby.  Rosie said there's a controversy stirring now that says the show glamorizes and glorifies teen pregnancy.  Pete's friends are fostering a 17 year-old girl who has a 3 month-old daughter.  The foster parents asked the teen what she was thinking when she got pregnant and the teen said she was thinking it was all going to be okay and that she was going to be on Teen Mom.  The girl was still holding on to that fantasy that she'd be on television and be famous.  Pete said when they put the teens on covers of magazines they make them famous.
Rosie took several callers on the topic.  Some callers agreed with Rosie and some thought the show simply glorified teen motherhood and only encouraged it.  Rosie said a lot of adopted girls get pregnant as teens and she appreciated the show to watch with Chelsea because it showed her the realities of teen motherhood.  Janette asked why that was and Rosie said from what she read, adopted teen girls become pregnant in an attempt to  re-live their own history only with a different ending.  And also, to have a biological connection to another human in the world.  Rosie said her daughter Chelsea often speculates how her world might have been different if she had stayed with her birth parents.  Rosie simply listens.  But Rosie said the reality is that most women who give a baby up for adoption are in crisis and the situation they're in is not always good for raising a child.

Then Rosie asked the staff if they watched the President's State of the Union last night.  Rosie said she watched some of it but wasn't inspired to stay tuned.  She said she was expecting more inspiration in his speech.  Deirdre said the speech seemed like the same old laundry list of promises and Janette agreed.  Bobby didn't agree with any of them!  I love Bobby!  He appreciated the President's message and his attempts to bring both parties together.  Janette said she'd eat her hat if both parties actually start working together and Bobby asked if he gets to pick the hat.  Rosie asked if Bobby saw the Republican response and he said he tried.  He said they twisted the President's message around so badly he found it difficult to stay tuned - especially Michele Bachmann.  Click here to see a great summary of Michele Bachmann's response.  Bobby called Michele "a piece of work" and Rosie agreed.  Bobby said he was inspired by the President's speech and that it was getting a fairly positive response in the polls.

Rosie asked Pete if he watched it and he said that he did not because Dora the Explorer was on last night.  (Pete has three young girls.)    Rosie said a little kid at the airport recently pointed at her and thought she was Dora the Explorer!  She did have a backpack on!  Janette has seen Dora and said she actually likes that cartoon.  Pete loves the music and started singing, "I'm the Map."   

Rosie took a call from a listener who is from the state of Minnesota and wanted to make it clear that Michele Bachmann doesn't speak for the entire state!  She said Michele Bachmann is "crazy as bat-shit" and wanted Rosie to know.  Rosie took another caller who thought it didn't seem, by the representatives body language, they were happy about their new seating arrangements and Rosie agreed. 

Rosie said she's getting a new Kindle and she's excited.  Rosie said she loves the Kindle.  The only thing she doesn't like about it is she can't see how long until the next chapter.  But otherwise, she loves having 200 books at her fingertips. 

Since Dog the Bounty Hunter was on Rosie Radio last week, Rosie read his book You Can Run But You Can't Hide.  She loved it and commented on what an extraordinary life he has had!  And she really enjoys his wife Beth.  Rosie said the book was fascinating and recommended it to her listeners. 

Apparently, this morning Howard Stern was talking about Rosie Radio's Janette Barber again!  They played the audio from this morning's show!  Howard read off Janette's resume (that she's received 6 daytime Emmy's, and is a successful producer, etc) and he commented on what an accomplished woman Janette is!  Janette was over-the-moon excited and said it was titillating!  In the audio recording Howard comments that the offer for "unlimited head" was "unbelievable!"  Howard says it's practically like having "a hose attached to your penis (yes, I just wrote that)!"   Howard was excited that Janette wants him so badly but said she hasn't smelled his balls yet.  Janette said she can fix that and has gift-baskets of fresh-balls for Howard.  Janette then had a message for Howard.  She spoke directly to him and said she's not a young hot babe anymore but when she was and she had a lot of experience and recognizes a hot guy when she sees one!  She said she would have "landed" him if she had seen him and often picked guys up on the Subway!  Rosie told Janette to pretend she was the man she wanted to land and show her how she would have "landed" a guy.  Janette gave her a look - first there was eye contact, then she looked down and kept smiling.  Deirdre just said, "Oh, God."  Janette said it worked like magic and she picked men like fruit and then threw men away like fruit too!

Rosie took a call from a listener who was fascinated by Janette's love for Howard.  He's a dedicated Howard listener and said he only knows about Rosie Radio because of Howard Stern.  Ever since Howard mentioned Rosie Radio he's been listening to Rosie too and was giddy for Janette when he heard Howard mention her today.  The caller, who was a gay male, remarked how Howard is a huge advocate for gay rights.  He said when gay people speak about gay rights people don't listen but when Howard speaks people listen.  He said Howard's doing more for gay rights than anyone.  The caller told Janette she was "dark and morbid" and he loves her.  Then he asked Janette if she would  be his fag-hag.  She said she would love to be!  She said she's very good at that skill and she feels the most comfortable there.  She told him to friend her on Facebook.  Rosie was speechless.  Literally she had nothing to add.  So, Janette continued.  She said she has a "gay crush" on Larry Flick from OutQ too.

Rosie wanted to know what Janette would do if the next time they're at the studios in NYC and  Howard asks her to take her shirt off!  Janette said she wouldn't do that but she would explain why.  Janette said she would protect Howard from himself, so he doesn't disappoint himself.  She said she just wants to help Howard with his self-image.  Janette said Howard has a "fat girl complex."  Rosie wanted to know how many years Janette loved Howard in this way.  Janette said her crush goes back to when he was on terrestrial radio.  It was the day Howard and the staff had a blow-up doll delivered in a crate.  The segment took 45 minutes and it was gripping radio.  Janette said it was that day she understood radio is an extraordinarily visual medium.  And it was that day she came to the realization that Howard is a genius.  Janette said if you're not a fan of Howard Stern, you must listen to him for 8 hours and then you will be a fan of his for the rest of your life.  There's no way not to be.  Rosie said she's known Janette for 24 years and has never seen her like this over anyone!  Janette said she met Rosie on the third Thursday in March and she remembers exactly what they were wearing....

Rosie then introduced three actors from Broadway's Phantom of the Opera!  Twenty three years ago today Phantom opened on Broadway!   Rosie spoke to Hugh Panaro who plays the Phantom, Liz McCartney who plays Carlotta and George Andrews who plays Andre.  First Rosie spoke to George who has been with the show for the entire 23 years it's been on Broadway!  Rosie asked him if he ever gets bored and he said he does not because he always tries to keep it fresh.  Rosie called George a true Broadway veteran and said she was impressed at his longevity with the show.  Rosie then spoke to Liz McCartney who was in Taboo the musical that Rosie produced!  She and Rosie spoke about trying to keep yourself healthy when you have to sing the way she's required to for the show.  Liz has two kids ages 7 and 4.  Lastly, Rosie spoke to Hugh who plays the Phantom!  Janette and Hugh were once on grand-jury duty together!  Hugh rejoined the show 3 months ago but Rosie and her children saw Hugh with her children when he was originally in it years ago!  Hugh said he's met many people over the years doing plays but told Rosie that she had the most beautifully dressed and beautifully mannered children.  Rosie said her kids still have the picture they took with him hanging in their rooms!  Rosie laughed with the Broadway veterans about the fact that her children's favorite musical of all time is The Pirate Queen, a show that received pretty bad reviews and low sales.  Rosie said they saw it 7 or 8 times and joked that they kept it in the theater for as long as it lasted! 

Hugh told Rosie all about how he toured with Barbra Streisand!  He said it was an unbelievable experience!  On the first day as they were practicing Barbra asked if they could stop because she felt like she could hear a "diminished 5th in the flutes."  The conductor assured her that nothing had changed since their last performance and then one of the flute players raised her hand and said actually the librarian gave her a new chart and that was probably what Barbra was hearing!  Hugh said Barbra's ear is epic

Liz is going to work with Tyne Daly soon in a revival of Ballroom.  Rosie said there's no one better and Liz agreed.

Rosie congratulated the actors and the show on its 23rd anniversary and said they had 4 pairs of tickets to give away to callers!  She asked listeners to call in!  She thanked them for coming in and wished them luck on making it back to the city before the matinee begins (due to the weather)! 

During this game, James described a tabloid scandal and the player had to guess the celebrity involved. If they got it correct in round 1 they'd receive one point, two points for round two and so on. 

Pete: this celebrity was the reason for the phrase "wardrobe malfunction" in 2004.  He guessed Janet Jackson and that was correct!  1 point
Janette: this former starlet's painful meltdown showed her shaving her head and attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella.  She first guessed Sinead O'Connor and that was incorrect.  Britney was the answer.  0 points
Deirdre: this was Oprah's most watched interview ever as this celebrity defended against molestation accusations.  The correct answer was Michael Jackson.  She didn't get it.  0 points
Rosie: these two stars were the originators of the celebrity sex tape in 1997. The answer was Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.  She got it for 1 point.
Bobby: this star was arrested for DUI and referred to officer as "sugar-tits."  The answer was Mel Gibson and he got it.  1 point

Pete: this former TV star's bizarre N-word rant on YouTube during a comedy show.  The answer was Michael Richards and he got it.  2 points
Janette: this Irish musician ripped up a picture of the Pope.  The answer was Sinead O'Connor and she got it.  2 points
Bobby: this original sex symbol died of a drug overdose.  The answer was Marylin Monroe and he got it. 2 points
Deirdre: this world's sexiest man ditched his famous wife for another when he was filming a movie with another famous woman in 2005.  The answer was Brad Pitt.  She got it for 2 points.
Rosie: this beauty queen was dethroned after nude pictures of her were released.  The answer was Vanessa Williams and she got it for 2 points.

Pete: this woman burned her cheating husband's tennis shoes and ended up burning down her entire house by accident.  He guessed Aretha Franklin but the correct answer was Lisa Lopez from TLC.  0 points
Janette: after being arrested for public intoxication and screaming, "You can't do this to me!," this reality show diva completed community service by hosting an autograph session.  The answer was Snooki and she got it for 3 points.   
Bobby: this singer drew the ire of the Vatican for simulated masturbation in her concert.  The answer was Madonna and he got it for 3 points. 
Deirdre: this radio and television show host lost his contracts after calling some female basketball players "nappy headed hoes."  She knew it was Don Imus for 3 points.
Rosie: this former pop-princess coined the phrase "crack is whack."  She knew it was Whitney Houston for 3 points.

Pete: this television host was sued for sexual harassment after he mistook a loofah for a falafel. He knew it was Bill O'Reilly for 4 points.
Janette: this 90's television star with a drug history claimed he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs at gunpoint.  The answer was Jeremy London but she didn't get it.  0 points
Bobby: this celebrity showed up to his 2003 murder trial wearing variety of wigs.  He guessed Phil Spector and was correct for 4 points.
Deirdre: this star was caught with a transsexual hooker in his car and claimed he was offering the woman a ride home.  The answer was Eddie Murphy but she didn't get it.
Rosie: this rock and roller was sued by some females after it was claimed he had secret cameras on them in the toilet of his restaurants. She didn't know the answer was Chuck Berry.  0 points

Bobby WON!!!!!!!  This was his second win ever! 

Janette said she has so much fun playing the games, she doesn't even care if she loses.  Deirdre said playing the games reminds her of high school when she used to blank out on tests.   Janette said she loved tests as a kid. Janette then told a very funny story about the time she went to D.C. to do the Arch Campbell Show.  She said she didn't realize the show was paying for the hotel as well as the food until the last night she was there.  So, that night she ordered three dinners from room service and ate them all because they were free! 
Bobby told a story about a time he fell asleep on the Subway after getting mouth surgery.  He had had a sedative at the dentists and it made him so sleepy he fell completely to sleep on the ride home! 

Then the Rosie Radio staff played a quick game with Rosie.  They played 3 different tapes of snoring and she had to guess which snoring was Lou's.  The loudest one was the last one and she knew RIGHT AWAY it was Lou's!  

Before the show ended, Rosie got a text from Tanya (their friend/nanny) who had just taken Parker to the doctor and found out that he had strep throat.  The decision was made, Parker was NOT going on the ski trip.  

Rosie ended the show saying she feels crappy and like a curmudgeon today.  Bobby blamed jet-lag from Sundance. Rosie wasn't sure and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw

1-25-11 - Rosie's Back from Sundance and Rosie Radio Will End in June

In case you missed it...

Rosie was fresh back from Sundance today!  She said it was fun and exciting!  She attended a party celebrating the launch of OWN's documentary series.  Oprah showed up as a surprise and Rosie was originally told she was going to introduce Oprah at the party!  Rosie said that gave her a huge amount of stress because it's hard to introduce an icon!  Then she found out, Oprah was going to introduce her and Rosie was relieved.  Overall, Rosie said it was really great to be at Sundance and different from the last time she attended for the All Aboard documentary.  She said Sundance used to be "a big SWAG festival" and it always felt weird, as a rich celebrity, to walk into a booth and take a bunch of free stuff.  She's never liked that.  But this time, it was a very different experience for her because it was more about the films.  The only disappointing thing about being out there was she wanted to get together with some friends like Rita Wilson, Geena Davis, etc and they couldn't connect because of scheduling conflicts. 

Rosie said she hopes since Oprah is her boss now she can learn to relax around her.  She said she has such a huge reverence for her, it's hard for her to be normal around her.  Rosie, her publicist Cindi Berger, and some of the OWN producers had plans to watch some documentaries together in the hospitality suite.  It was after all the events of the day and Cindi asked them what everyone was wearing to watch the films.  They were told they were dressed casually so Cindi told Rosie it was okay if they came to watch the docs in their pajamas.  Cindi (dressed in her Michigan sweats) and Rosie (in her t-shirt, boxers and black socks) walked into to the room and there was Oprah, Gayle and all the producers dressed very nicely!  They were the only two in their pajamas and Rosie was horrified!  Rosie gritted her teeth and quietly told Cindi she was "dead when they get back to the room."  And Rosie was also bummed she left her Kindle on the plane.  She took the red-eye and got back yesterday early in the morning and slept until her kids got home from school and was up in time to see Oprah! 

Rosie then discussed yesterday's Oprah where she announces she has a half-sister she never knew about! Rosie thought the entire episode was so revealing and wrought with emotion.  Bobby loved the part when Oprah talks about how her sister had so much integrity that she didn't go to the press with the story and "sell her out" as her other sister did.  Rosie said her brother Eddie called her when he was watching the show too and was in shock!  Rosie and Eddie have just finished filming Who Do You Think You Are together researching their own family ancestry.  The scene in the episode when Oprah's half-sister hears her birthmother say she was a beautiful baby made Rosie cry.  She said it ripped her heart apart.  Rosie took a call from a listener who used to ask his mother why he's never seen his birth certificate.  After his mother died his mom's older sister (who he never knew existed) came looking for her.  During that phone-call he found out he had brothers and sisters he never knew about!  Rosie took another call from a listener who also loved yesterday's Oprah Show.  Rosie said it was very brave of Oprah to do the show and thought she was pretty amazing for doing it the way she did. 

The staff then discussed the 2011 Oscar Nominations!  Pete was excited to announce to the staff that Gasland was nominated for Best Documentary!!!!!!!  Rosie said she flew out to Sundance on the same plane as Kenneth Cole and his wife Maria Cuomo, the sister of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Rosie gave Maria a copy of Gasland and asked her to give it to the Governor for him to watch hoping he'll keep it in mind when he votes on hydrofracking for natural gas in New York State.   Pete read all the nominees for Best Picture and the only film Rosie didn't predict to be nominated prior to the announcement was Winter's Bone.  

Rosie said James Franco was on her plane back on her way back to New York and she stopped and told him what great work he's done this year. 

Rosie said she's realized she must be the only one on the planet who hasn't seen The Hangover and she's going to rectify it.  She recognized an actress (Rachel Harris) out at Sundance but couldn't place where she knew her from.  Rosie was talking to her about it and Rachel said, "You probably know me from The Hangover."  Rosie said she has to see that movie!

Rosie had Chelsea with her in Utah and took her to see How Do You Know starring Paul Rudd.  Rosie said she knew right away it was a James Brooks film because he has such an identifiable look/feel to his movies. Rosie told the staff she was once in a James Brooks' movie entitled I'll Do Anything and no one on the staff had remembered that except Bobby!  Rosie said it was originally supposed to be a musical but then they edited it and cut all the music out.  She LOVED  How Do You Know and she loved Paul Rudd.  Jeannie told Rosie if she loves Paul Rudd, she has to see I Love You Man.  Pete and Jeannie then listed off every movie Paul was ever in and Rosie asked Pete to make a list for her of all his work. 

Rosie then wanted to discuss Judd Apatow's recent commentary on the Ricky Gervais hosting of the Golden Globes.  Rosie said Judd used to be a dishwasher at the East Side Comedy Club when she was a standup there.  Pete read Judd's statement.  Rosie agreed.  She said once you become part of the inner circle of celebrities, and a celebrity in your own right, you cannot joke like you're an outsider anymore.  The joke doesn't work because you've become "one of them."  Janette said she hates mean humor because it's just mean and not funny.  Rosie then took several callers who also love Paul Rudd and told her to see William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Dinner for Schmucks, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall!  Rosie thought about inviting him on the radio show and having him as a guest!  

Rosie also enjoys Jason Segel who she's seen promoting Gulliver's Travels.  Rosie said she's never even recognized Jason and that's how she knows she's old.  Pete recommended Rosie watch How I Met Your Mother because he loves it.  One caller recommended Rosie see Rudd's The Object of My Affection.  Janette said The Object of My Affection is a fantastic book.   Rosie said she loves Paul so much she wants to get a poster of him to put up in her room.  Lastly, Rosie took a call from a listener who dated Paul Rudd in junior high school!  She said he's the sweetest guy in real life too. 

Rosie said with the recent announcement of Keith Olbermann leaving MSNBC all their thoughts immediately went to Brendan, their former Executive Producer, who left Rosie Radio in December to join "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."  Everyone was worried if Brendan still had a job.  Rosie said she spoke to Brendan and everything is fine because his contract is with NBC.  Rosie and Janette hadn't heard the reason for why Keith is leaving MSNBC though they heard rumors that it was because of the buyout deal with Comcast or because of his suspension recently.  But as of right now, neither party is officially saying why he left. 

Janette had some exciting news!  Seems the Howard Stern staff heard of her crush on Howard and her offer to provide him with unlimited head should she ever have the opportunity and he thanked her on air!  He listened to her talking about her crush on him and played it on air and then Howard actually said, "Thank you, Janette."  Janette is overcome.  Howard said he thought it was great but that he's ugly and his fans think he's ugly too.  Janette told Howard he needs to spend some time in his mirror.  She told him he's gorgeous and to look at the gorgeous model, Beth, who married him!  When Howard heard about the offer for unlimited head he said Janette might change her mind when she smelled his balls!  Apparently, at a certain age, your balls start to smell.  Janette said Howard has no reason to worry because she lost her sense of smell using Zicam so the offer still stands.  Janette said she was thrilled to hear Howard talking about her.  Howard even said the next time Rosie Radio tapes from the Sirius studios in New York City he's going to come by and meet the person that sees his true hotness!   Janette did an interview on Howard 100 and she gets a thrill every time she hears Howard say her name.  Janette then went into a long speech about how Howard is in a category all his own and if she saw him on the street, having no idea who he was, she would turn around to take another look because he's so handsome.  Janette said it's almost like he's in slow motion and there's music playing in the background when he moves.  As soon as she heard Howard would stop in to meet her the next time they're in NY, she called Deirdre to find out when they're going to be there next!  She wants to get in shape!  She said she knows she's not going to land him and he's not going to offer her an "all day sucker."  Rosie said if Beth gives Howard "a pass" it could be an interesting day for sure!  Stay tuned!

Rosie then wanted to discuss last night's episode of Heavy.  She said she liked it better but if the trainers are going to explain what they're doing with the weight-loss participants every single week, she's going to lose interest.  Rosie wished the women featured on the show weren't such crybabies.  Janette said it probably only seems that way because of editing.  She said in reality television, if you're not exploitative, you've got no show. 

Rosie then played a clip of Piers Morgan interviewing Joel Osteen:

After the clip, Rosie and Janette said they loved that Piers didn't let up on his questioning of Joel.  Rosie said she was impressed that Piers didn't let him off the hook for his statements. And Bobby and Rosie both think Joel seems a little gay in his mannerisms!  James' biggest issue with the interview was that if someone is going to preach that being gay is a sin, they need to own it and not make excuses.  And he thinks it's annoying that Joel says you can't pick and choose which items in the scripture to follow while he's picking and choosing! 

Rosie and the staff then discussed two Superbowl commercials with a gay theme and whether or not they're offensive. Bobby said someone posted them on his Facebook page and he thought they were funny.  Janette agreed and said she thought it was cool gays were being seen in this way and not a derogatory way.   Rosie didn't like the ads however and thought there was a very derogatory feeling with them.  She didn't like the way the female neighbor looks at the men with such disgust and she didn't like it how they're saying gay men  have to be grabbing each other's genitals.  Rosie found them quite offensive and said they only promote gay stereotypes.  After she explained it Janette, Janette actually began to understand how they promote stereotypes.  Rosie took a call from a listener who felt the ads promote gay mockery.  Rosie wished gay people could be seen honorably and with equality instead of in a stereotypical way such as this.  The last caller said gays may be taking themselves too seriously and was glad gays were being seen at all in the media and that people can talk about it today now.  Rosie asked the caller if it was good to see African Americans as Aunt Jemima or eating watermelons when they first were portrayed on television.  The caller told Rosie she had a point!

Next, a caller asked Rosie if they'll be continuing Rosie Radio when her television show premieres on the OWN network.  Rosie told him no.  She said she thinks she's going off radio and it will be in  June of this year,  because she's going to begin working with Oprah.  She said they're talking to Sirius to see if they can do something together and hoping to continue it in some form but Rosie Radio as we know it, will be done June first.   

Then Bobby announced some Broadway news.  Theoni Aldredge passed away and they dimmed the lights on Broadway for her.  Bobby said Theoni was an icon in the musical theater world.  He was honored to work with her in the Broadway production of Nick and Nora.  Bobby said he shopped for her fabric swatches and at the end of the run she made him a miniature dress on a board with all the fabric swatches he had gathered for her.  She signed it and he still has it framed in his apartment. 

This game was entitled, "The Game Game."  During this game, James described a popular board game and the player had to guess which game it was.   

Rosie: a board game featuring rich Uncle Penny Bags.  She said Monopoly and was correct.
Pete: players must figure out who killed Mr. Body.  He said Clue and was correct.
Janette: you can get 50 bonus points for using all your letters.  She said Scrabble and was correct.
Jeannie: a dice game where players roll 5 dice for certain combinations.  She said Yahtzee and was correct. Rosie and Jeannie used to play Yahtzee at Tiffany's Wine and Cheese Cafe.  They would get a platter of cheese and pepperoni and if they got a Yahtzee they had scream Yahtzee (at the top of their lungs) as if they had a frog in their throat!  Rosie and Jeannie laughed as they were remembering the old days. 
Bobby: in this table top game, one must consume the most marbles with a plastic replica of a large herbivore.  He said Hungry Hungry Hippos and was correct. 
caller: you need good hand/eye coordination to play game where the board is a cavity of a man with a bright red light-bulb for a nose.  She said Operation and was correct.

Rosie: a balancing tower game.  She said Jenga and was correct.
Pete: this game simulates a person's travel through life, college, marriage, etc.....Rosie said the question was invalid because James said the name of the game (Life) in the question.  She wanted Pete to have another one.
Pete (2): in this game one must catch the cheese pieces and not get caught.  He said Mousetrap and was correct.
Janette: in this game one might advance your general only to have him encounter a bomb game piece.  The answer was Stratego and she got it. 
Jeannie: this game is an adaptation of royal game of India where players roll to try to get their pieces to the center space.  She said Parcheesi and was correct. 
Bobby: in this game you use bluffing and deceit by creating a fictitious definition for a word while trying to sound convincing.  The answer was Balderdash but he didn't get it and was out.
caller: in this game you try to reach the top of the game board of 100 squares based on India's game ladder of salvation.  The answer was Chutes and Ladders but since they used the name of the game in the clue Rosie had the caller go again.   
caller (2): the most notable feature of this game is the pop-o-matic clear plastic hemisphere in the center of the board and the first person to get their pieces around the board wins.  The answer was Trouble but she didn't get it.  Rosie gave her a gift anyway. 

Rosie: teammates try to guess the word by the drawing intended to represent it.  She said Pictionary which was correct.
Pete: this game features the characters "Gramdma Nut" and "Frostine."  He said Candyland and was correct. 
Janette: this game consists of two players guessing game cartoon characters and their first names.  The answer was Guess Who? but she didn't know it so she was out. 
Jeannie: the object of this word guessing game is to have the player guess the word without using the word or any of the words on the card.  The answer was Taboo but she didn't get it and was out. 

TIEBREAKER -Rosie vs. Pete
Rosie: the object of this game is to place ones pieces in the corner opposite the pitted hexagram by single moves or jumps over the pieces.  She said Chinese checkers and was correct. 
Pete: the player must form a chain of a dozen plastic simians.  He said Barrel of Monkeys and was correct

Rosie: this game is for teenage girls where they must purchase all the items on their shopping list.  It was Mall Madness but she didn't know it
Pete (for the win): A strategic board game where the primary objective is world domination.  The answer was Risk and he got it!   

PETE WON!  (though no one cheered)

Rosie said she'll be watching the State of the Union tonight and hopes it will be really good for the President since he's such a good speaker.  She's interested to see what it's like with the Democrats and Republicans mixed amongst each other as opposed to opposite sides.  Janette said she has to see them do something more than sit differently.  She wants to SEE them actually work together and see results before she's convinced there's a change.  Bobby encouraged Janette to have patience and said we have to take it one step at a time.  Janette said she would like to see world peace by morning. 

Rosie ended the show saying that her best friend (and Jeannie's best friend) Jackie recently had a health scare.  Jackie has always gotten ganglion cysts on her hands and wrists since she was a kid.  Rosie would smash them with a dictionary to break them open so she wouldn't have to go to the doctor.  The last time she, Jeannie and Jackie went out together Rosie tried to do it to one that didn't break.  Jackie went to the doctor and was sent to a specialist because there was concern that it might be cancerous.  It was not.  Jeannie and Rosie talked about how their lives felt like they've stopped for an entire week.  Rosie said she cried to her therapist about it too.  Rosie's therapist reminded Rosie that no matter what happens she's going to survive it.  She told her that's what we teach our children and we have to believe it too.  Rosie and Jeannie were thankful Jackie was okay and planned a celebratory night out soon.

Rosie closed the show. 

As for the news about the Rosie Radio ending....
while I am so incredibly sad to see it go,
and I will miss all my blogger-friends and recap readers,
I feel so lucky to have been a part (in a tiny way) of something so extraordinary. 
And for that I feel blessed.     

and that's what you missed -kw