1-26-11 - Janette's "Unlimited" Love for Howard and the Cast of Phantom!

In case you missed it....

After a little chit-chat about the extreme weather in New York City, Rosie shared with everyone that she's in a bad mood today.  She said she didn't sleep well last night and she cannot get Parker to want to go to school.  Parker hasn't been feeling well and stayed home from school yesterday.  He stayed home again today but has a school ski trip tomorrow.  Rosie told him if he doesn't go to school today he can't go on the school ski trip on Thursday.  But, at the same time she thinks part of the reason he doesn't want to go to school is because he doesn't have a lot of friends at his new school, and she knows the ski trip would be a great way to make friends.  Parker had a fantastic time on his last school trip he went on.  Rosie said parenting alone is harder for her.  She used to team up with Kelli and provide a united front against her kids but now it's just her.   She said it's harder to do it herself. 

Janette said being an only child is probably a lot harder too.  She remembered when her father passed away and how much she relied on her sister for support.  She teared up thinking about how hard it would have been to go through her father's death without her sister by her side.   Rosie mentioned Oprah's recent announcement of finding her sister she never knew existed.  Rosie finds the timing amazing, just as her mother's health is failing, and after she's lost both her siblings, she finds this new sister she never knew about.  Janette, ever the curmudgeon that she is, questioned whether or not there would be a bond simply because they're related by blood.  Janette met cousins she never knew existed at her father's funeral and she felt absolutely no bond with them.  Rosie meant no offense to Janette but said how Janette relates to other human beings is not typical.  Rosie said Janette has a very small group of people she allows into her life and said she's not very welcoming or open to other people.  Janette actually agreed.  She said she has half-brothers and sisters out in the world which she has no desire to meet.  Rosie thinks Oprah finding her sister is a gift.  Bobby agreed it was a gift and talked about the integrity that the sister showed that she never went to the press and doesn't seem to be looking for a handout. 

Rosie was watching the Oprah episode with her kids and when Oprah said, "When you're famous many people betray you," and her kids asked her if anyone has ever done that to her.  Rosie told them yes.  They asked who did that to her and Rosie said the "who" is irrelevant.  Rosie told them when you become well-known it puts everyone else in your life in an awkward position and sometimes people make bad choices.  Parker told Rosie he wished she wasn't famous.  Chelsea often says that to her too.  Rosie asked Parker if he likes what the fame has given him - the nice life he has, the experiences he's been able to have and the people he's been able to meet, etc.  He agreed that he likes all those things but said he doesn't like people to know who is mom is.  Chelsea was having a similar experience.  She's noticed girls at school wanting to be her friend only because her mom is who she is.  And when Rosie visited her school recently, kids who were not Chelsea's friends came up to Rosie and hugged her.  That really bothered Chelsea.  Rosie wanted to know how you tell a 13 year-old girl not to hug her.  Janette said that's the reality of her children's life and every teen has their own challenges and that's theirs.  Janette said overcoming challenges is what youth is for. 

Rosie took calls from several listeners.  Some callers said she should let Parker go on the ski trip and some said she should not.  Rosie sounded even more confused and said she didn't know what the best decision was.   Pete said he worries that Parker knows she's not going to enforce the rules and said if he's sick he can't go and that's it.  Deirdre agreed.  Rosie sounded so defeated and said Parker has a tremendous opportunity to do and be anything he wants to be in the world and she doesn't want him to squander that.  Bobby is sure Parker will be fine.  At the last charity event for Rosie's Broadway Kids Parker told him, "I think this is going to be my legacy, helping mom with this charity."  Bobby, who helped raise Parker since he was a baby, said it melted his heart.  Bobby assured Rosie he's a great kid and he'll figure it out.  Rosie said she never thought being a parent would be this hard. 

Rosie said she's a fan of the show Teen Mom on MTV but said she's reading that she shouldn't be because some are saying the show is glorifying teen moms and making celebrities out of them.  She said she originally thought 16 and Pregnant was the greatest show.  She liked how every single girl on the show eventually admitted to regretting having a baby at such a young age and all the boys were flaking out.  Rosie saw it as great pregnancy prevention for teen girls and watched it with her daughter Chelsea.  Then, MTV created Teen Mom where they followed some of the mothers through their lives of being young moms.  Rosie thinks it's a great show and really explains the difficulties teen moms are facing.  Rosie said on the press line at Sundance, reporters asked her what she thinks about Teen Mom.  She told them she watches it and thinks the show does a service showing young girls how tough life is with a baby.  Rosie said there's a controversy stirring now that says the show glamorizes and glorifies teen pregnancy.  Pete's friends are fostering a 17 year-old girl who has a 3 month-old daughter.  The foster parents asked the teen what she was thinking when she got pregnant and the teen said she was thinking it was all going to be okay and that she was going to be on Teen Mom.  The girl was still holding on to that fantasy that she'd be on television and be famous.  Pete said when they put the teens on covers of magazines they make them famous.
Rosie took several callers on the topic.  Some callers agreed with Rosie and some thought the show simply glorified teen motherhood and only encouraged it.  Rosie said a lot of adopted girls get pregnant as teens and she appreciated the show to watch with Chelsea because it showed her the realities of teen motherhood.  Janette asked why that was and Rosie said from what she read, adopted teen girls become pregnant in an attempt to  re-live their own history only with a different ending.  And also, to have a biological connection to another human in the world.  Rosie said her daughter Chelsea often speculates how her world might have been different if she had stayed with her birth parents.  Rosie simply listens.  But Rosie said the reality is that most women who give a baby up for adoption are in crisis and the situation they're in is not always good for raising a child.

Then Rosie asked the staff if they watched the President's State of the Union last night.  Rosie said she watched some of it but wasn't inspired to stay tuned.  She said she was expecting more inspiration in his speech.  Deirdre said the speech seemed like the same old laundry list of promises and Janette agreed.  Bobby didn't agree with any of them!  I love Bobby!  He appreciated the President's message and his attempts to bring both parties together.  Janette said she'd eat her hat if both parties actually start working together and Bobby asked if he gets to pick the hat.  Rosie asked if Bobby saw the Republican response and he said he tried.  He said they twisted the President's message around so badly he found it difficult to stay tuned - especially Michele Bachmann.  Click here to see a great summary of Michele Bachmann's response.  Bobby called Michele "a piece of work" and Rosie agreed.  Bobby said he was inspired by the President's speech and that it was getting a fairly positive response in the polls.

Rosie asked Pete if he watched it and he said that he did not because Dora the Explorer was on last night.  (Pete has three young girls.)    Rosie said a little kid at the airport recently pointed at her and thought she was Dora the Explorer!  She did have a backpack on!  Janette has seen Dora and said she actually likes that cartoon.  Pete loves the music and started singing, "I'm the Map."   

Rosie took a call from a listener who is from the state of Minnesota and wanted to make it clear that Michele Bachmann doesn't speak for the entire state!  She said Michele Bachmann is "crazy as bat-shit" and wanted Rosie to know.  Rosie took another caller who thought it didn't seem, by the representatives body language, they were happy about their new seating arrangements and Rosie agreed. 

Rosie said she's getting a new Kindle and she's excited.  Rosie said she loves the Kindle.  The only thing she doesn't like about it is she can't see how long until the next chapter.  But otherwise, she loves having 200 books at her fingertips. 

Since Dog the Bounty Hunter was on Rosie Radio last week, Rosie read his book You Can Run But You Can't Hide.  She loved it and commented on what an extraordinary life he has had!  And she really enjoys his wife Beth.  Rosie said the book was fascinating and recommended it to her listeners. 

Apparently, this morning Howard Stern was talking about Rosie Radio's Janette Barber again!  They played the audio from this morning's show!  Howard read off Janette's resume (that she's received 6 daytime Emmy's, and is a successful producer, etc) and he commented on what an accomplished woman Janette is!  Janette was over-the-moon excited and said it was titillating!  In the audio recording Howard comments that the offer for "unlimited head" was "unbelievable!"  Howard says it's practically like having "a hose attached to your penis (yes, I just wrote that)!"   Howard was excited that Janette wants him so badly but said she hasn't smelled his balls yet.  Janette said she can fix that and has gift-baskets of fresh-balls for Howard.  Janette then had a message for Howard.  She spoke directly to him and said she's not a young hot babe anymore but when she was and she had a lot of experience and recognizes a hot guy when she sees one!  She said she would have "landed" him if she had seen him and often picked guys up on the Subway!  Rosie told Janette to pretend she was the man she wanted to land and show her how she would have "landed" a guy.  Janette gave her a look - first there was eye contact, then she looked down and kept smiling.  Deirdre just said, "Oh, God."  Janette said it worked like magic and she picked men like fruit and then threw men away like fruit too!

Rosie took a call from a listener who was fascinated by Janette's love for Howard.  He's a dedicated Howard listener and said he only knows about Rosie Radio because of Howard Stern.  Ever since Howard mentioned Rosie Radio he's been listening to Rosie too and was giddy for Janette when he heard Howard mention her today.  The caller, who was a gay male, remarked how Howard is a huge advocate for gay rights.  He said when gay people speak about gay rights people don't listen but when Howard speaks people listen.  He said Howard's doing more for gay rights than anyone.  The caller told Janette she was "dark and morbid" and he loves her.  Then he asked Janette if she would  be his fag-hag.  She said she would love to be!  She said she's very good at that skill and she feels the most comfortable there.  She told him to friend her on Facebook.  Rosie was speechless.  Literally she had nothing to add.  So, Janette continued.  She said she has a "gay crush" on Larry Flick from OutQ too.

Rosie wanted to know what Janette would do if the next time they're at the studios in NYC and  Howard asks her to take her shirt off!  Janette said she wouldn't do that but she would explain why.  Janette said she would protect Howard from himself, so he doesn't disappoint himself.  She said she just wants to help Howard with his self-image.  Janette said Howard has a "fat girl complex."  Rosie wanted to know how many years Janette loved Howard in this way.  Janette said her crush goes back to when he was on terrestrial radio.  It was the day Howard and the staff had a blow-up doll delivered in a crate.  The segment took 45 minutes and it was gripping radio.  Janette said it was that day she understood radio is an extraordinarily visual medium.  And it was that day she came to the realization that Howard is a genius.  Janette said if you're not a fan of Howard Stern, you must listen to him for 8 hours and then you will be a fan of his for the rest of your life.  There's no way not to be.  Rosie said she's known Janette for 24 years and has never seen her like this over anyone!  Janette said she met Rosie on the third Thursday in March and she remembers exactly what they were wearing....

Rosie then introduced three actors from Broadway's Phantom of the Opera!  Twenty three years ago today Phantom opened on Broadway!   Rosie spoke to Hugh Panaro who plays the Phantom, Liz McCartney who plays Carlotta and George Andrews who plays Andre.  First Rosie spoke to George who has been with the show for the entire 23 years it's been on Broadway!  Rosie asked him if he ever gets bored and he said he does not because he always tries to keep it fresh.  Rosie called George a true Broadway veteran and said she was impressed at his longevity with the show.  Rosie then spoke to Liz McCartney who was in Taboo the musical that Rosie produced!  She and Rosie spoke about trying to keep yourself healthy when you have to sing the way she's required to for the show.  Liz has two kids ages 7 and 4.  Lastly, Rosie spoke to Hugh who plays the Phantom!  Janette and Hugh were once on grand-jury duty together!  Hugh rejoined the show 3 months ago but Rosie and her children saw Hugh with her children when he was originally in it years ago!  Hugh said he's met many people over the years doing plays but told Rosie that she had the most beautifully dressed and beautifully mannered children.  Rosie said her kids still have the picture they took with him hanging in their rooms!  Rosie laughed with the Broadway veterans about the fact that her children's favorite musical of all time is The Pirate Queen, a show that received pretty bad reviews and low sales.  Rosie said they saw it 7 or 8 times and joked that they kept it in the theater for as long as it lasted! 

Hugh told Rosie all about how he toured with Barbra Streisand!  He said it was an unbelievable experience!  On the first day as they were practicing Barbra asked if they could stop because she felt like she could hear a "diminished 5th in the flutes."  The conductor assured her that nothing had changed since their last performance and then one of the flute players raised her hand and said actually the librarian gave her a new chart and that was probably what Barbra was hearing!  Hugh said Barbra's ear is epic

Liz is going to work with Tyne Daly soon in a revival of Ballroom.  Rosie said there's no one better and Liz agreed.

Rosie congratulated the actors and the show on its 23rd anniversary and said they had 4 pairs of tickets to give away to callers!  She asked listeners to call in!  She thanked them for coming in and wished them luck on making it back to the city before the matinee begins (due to the weather)! 

During this game, James described a tabloid scandal and the player had to guess the celebrity involved. If they got it correct in round 1 they'd receive one point, two points for round two and so on. 

Pete: this celebrity was the reason for the phrase "wardrobe malfunction" in 2004.  He guessed Janet Jackson and that was correct!  1 point
Janette: this former starlet's painful meltdown showed her shaving her head and attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella.  She first guessed Sinead O'Connor and that was incorrect.  Britney was the answer.  0 points
Deirdre: this was Oprah's most watched interview ever as this celebrity defended against molestation accusations.  The correct answer was Michael Jackson.  She didn't get it.  0 points
Rosie: these two stars were the originators of the celebrity sex tape in 1997. The answer was Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.  She got it for 1 point.
Bobby: this star was arrested for DUI and referred to officer as "sugar-tits."  The answer was Mel Gibson and he got it.  1 point

Pete: this former TV star's bizarre N-word rant on YouTube during a comedy show.  The answer was Michael Richards and he got it.  2 points
Janette: this Irish musician ripped up a picture of the Pope.  The answer was Sinead O'Connor and she got it.  2 points
Bobby: this original sex symbol died of a drug overdose.  The answer was Marylin Monroe and he got it. 2 points
Deirdre: this world's sexiest man ditched his famous wife for another when he was filming a movie with another famous woman in 2005.  The answer was Brad Pitt.  She got it for 2 points.
Rosie: this beauty queen was dethroned after nude pictures of her were released.  The answer was Vanessa Williams and she got it for 2 points.

Pete: this woman burned her cheating husband's tennis shoes and ended up burning down her entire house by accident.  He guessed Aretha Franklin but the correct answer was Lisa Lopez from TLC.  0 points
Janette: after being arrested for public intoxication and screaming, "You can't do this to me!," this reality show diva completed community service by hosting an autograph session.  The answer was Snooki and she got it for 3 points.   
Bobby: this singer drew the ire of the Vatican for simulated masturbation in her concert.  The answer was Madonna and he got it for 3 points. 
Deirdre: this radio and television show host lost his contracts after calling some female basketball players "nappy headed hoes."  She knew it was Don Imus for 3 points.
Rosie: this former pop-princess coined the phrase "crack is whack."  She knew it was Whitney Houston for 3 points.

Pete: this television host was sued for sexual harassment after he mistook a loofah for a falafel. He knew it was Bill O'Reilly for 4 points.
Janette: this 90's television star with a drug history claimed he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs at gunpoint.  The answer was Jeremy London but she didn't get it.  0 points
Bobby: this celebrity showed up to his 2003 murder trial wearing variety of wigs.  He guessed Phil Spector and was correct for 4 points.
Deirdre: this star was caught with a transsexual hooker in his car and claimed he was offering the woman a ride home.  The answer was Eddie Murphy but she didn't get it.
Rosie: this rock and roller was sued by some females after it was claimed he had secret cameras on them in the toilet of his restaurants. She didn't know the answer was Chuck Berry.  0 points

Bobby WON!!!!!!!  This was his second win ever! 

Janette said she has so much fun playing the games, she doesn't even care if she loses.  Deirdre said playing the games reminds her of high school when she used to blank out on tests.   Janette said she loved tests as a kid. Janette then told a very funny story about the time she went to D.C. to do the Arch Campbell Show.  She said she didn't realize the show was paying for the hotel as well as the food until the last night she was there.  So, that night she ordered three dinners from room service and ate them all because they were free! 
Bobby told a story about a time he fell asleep on the Subway after getting mouth surgery.  He had had a sedative at the dentists and it made him so sleepy he fell completely to sleep on the ride home! 

Then the Rosie Radio staff played a quick game with Rosie.  They played 3 different tapes of snoring and she had to guess which snoring was Lou's.  The loudest one was the last one and she knew RIGHT AWAY it was Lou's!  

Before the show ended, Rosie got a text from Tanya (their friend/nanny) who had just taken Parker to the doctor and found out that he had strep throat.  The decision was made, Parker was NOT going on the ski trip.  

Rosie ended the show saying she feels crappy and like a curmudgeon today.  Bobby blamed jet-lag from Sundance. Rosie wasn't sure and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Michele Bachmann did not say how we got here from eight years of poor leadership, two wars without end, diminsihed Civil liberties. Its like she crawl out from under a rock just to complain about our current President. We all know that Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works started the Tea Party, grasroots, please. She like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle and Linda McMahon, they are just not right but funny. I especially like the clip of Bachmann saying that the founding fathers abolished slavery, wow, what a liar, not the first or last time that will happen. Does anyone with self-respect real believe her?

  2. I love that Rosie talks about her kids on the show, but I wish that the staff wouldn't gang up on Parker the way they did today and other times as well. I especially didn't like it how Pete suggested that Parker wasn't even sick when he said "well...I saw him yesterday" when Rosie said that she knew he was actually sick. It turns out that he has strep throat. I think he went too far. The poor boy already has to have his dirty laundry aired on radio, but then he has to deal with a bunch of people telling Rosie how to parent him. At least Bobby stuck up for him.

  3. To Montanna - I just finished writing my review of the State of the Union on my blog before I came here today. Your statement is exactly what I wrote about the Tea Party view of America! No concept of cause and effect. Overly simplistic views with no facts that are easy to get people to believe. It is very dangerous for this country!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale