James Capelonga

James Anthony Capelonga graduated from Fordham college in 2003 with a major in Communication and Media Studies.  He graduated from Monsignor Farrell High School in 1999.  He is currently a Co-Executive Producer for the Rosie Radio show at Sirius/XM.  James Anthony has been DJ’ing forever.  This internationally booked, dynamic performer has shown a tremendous affinity for music from an extremely young age, and has spent a better part of his life bringing it to the masses. James got his first big break working in radio- at the legendary dance station WKTU in New York City. Within weeks, at the young age of 21, he secured his own weekly mix show, a show that would go on to establish James’ name in the New York market and bring a consistent weekly audience of fans.

With a massive radio audience came a packed calendar of club appearances, as James would spend his weekends DJ’ing on NY’s largest dance floors.  Always looking to explore new crowds, James began a residency at NYC’s famed Stonewall in 2004 that introduced him to the world of the circuit crowd. He immediately fell in love with the crowds’ intensity and passion for the music. Knowing he had found his “home” with this crowd, James began establishing a reputation among promoters and clubgoers as a DJ known for intense peak hour sessions and testosterone driven hard beats.

James is an internationally booked name, having played high profile parties in Sao Paulo’s “Jungle Party”, Belo Horizonte’s “Gods Party” and Rio De Janeiro’s Leboy. He recently headlined the Karmabeat/Switch New Year’s Eve party in Mexico City. In the US- he continues to make regular appearances in Miami, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
James has been with his partner Jason for eight years. James doesn't have any kids yet but says he would like to one day.  James' mom is a fantastic Italian cook!  Rosie says she loves his "Kirk Douglas dimple."

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