2-28-11 - Oscars Reviewed, Wisconsin Protests and Obama Frustration

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast complaining about the staff smoking this morning.  She said their smoking before the show starting was stinking up the studio and she didn't like it.  Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's Oscars.  Jeannie thought the Oscars were fun.  She and her family all got together and guessed who they thought the winners would be before the show began.  Shoshana and Pete thought co-host James Franco seemed stoned throughout the award ceremony.  Rosie didn't think he was stoned and thought that was his shtick.  Rosie thought Franco was adorable and said hosting an awards show is a thankless job.  Everyone seemed surprised by how Billy Crystal looked.  Rosie took some calls from listeners who didn't think Franco did a good job because he was either on drugs or had too flat of a personality to pull it off.  Everyone loved co-host Anne Hathaway though.  Kirk Douglas's presentation of the award made some staff members uncomfortable.  Rosie personally wasn't surprised by any of the winners but she was hoping Gasland would take home Best Documentary so it would get even more publicity. Rosie loves PS22 but wished they would have sang something other than Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   What Rosie loves about PS22 so much is that they typically sing hip-hop songs in an unconventional way and she thought they should have gone that direction instead of singing the song they chose which she felt was "manipulative."  Rosie thought Sandra Bullock looked fantastic and said she would be a great Oscar host.  The gross excess of the evening, the jewels and the dresses kind of bothered everyone. Rosie once wore expensive jewelry to an event and spoke of what it was like to be followed by security guards.  She said a friend of hers has a very expensive ring and doesn't even wear the ring, she wears a replica of it. 

Rosie kept interrupting the Oscar conversation saying that Jeannie seemed dazed and out of it.  Jeannie got really defensive (it was hilarious!) and said perhaps her weekend wasn't as easy as Rosie's and she shouldn't judge her if she seems out of it!  Turns out, Jeannie was at the hospital all weekend taking care of her mother who had to have surgery because she fell down the stairs.  She's the only one of her siblings in the area and had to take on all the care-taking of her mother.  She also spent the weekend making babysitting arrangements for her kids this week because her mom is their babysitter.  This all while Rosie was in Miami with Jackie basking in the sun! 

Going back to the Oscar discussion, they talked about what actors they left out of the segment where they remember what actors have died in the past year.  Rosie had a weird feeling that she might be in that montage someday.  Jeannie didn't really like Melissa Leo's acceptance speech.  She thought it seemed "actory" (aka phony).

Rosie read a tweet from her Twitter feed who told her they were worried she was being misled by the "work of fiction called Gasland."  Rosie responded over the air to this tweet and told the woman Gasland is not a work of fiction in any way, shape or form.  She said she totally disagrees with that woman.  And Janette mentioned that there was an article in THIS Saturday's New York Times acknowledging the hazards of hydrofracking.   

Rosie talked briefly about her flight back to New York yesterday and her conversation she had with Reverend Al Sharpton (who she said looks fantastic).  He was heading to Wisconsin and Rosie wondered why Obama isn't headed there too! She played a clip of Obama promising to picket with workers if their collective bargaining agreements are ever taken away. (see below)

I have to say, I voted for Obama too.  And when I saw this it made me sad.

Rosie wanted to know where Obama is and why he hasn't said or done more in support of Unions and the people of Wisconsin!  Rosie passionately called to Obama to LEAD and to speak out!  Janette stood by something her father used to rant about, that campaign promises mean nothing once a politician is elected.  Rosie was very disheartened by Obama. 

Rosie also played the audio of a YouTube video she saw over the weekend (see below).

Jeannie asked if it could really be that simple.  Pete said the solution would solve the immediate shortfall but said there's a future budgetary shortfall they would need to address.  To Rosie, the budgetary "crisis" seems manufactured.

Rosie and the staff also discussed the possible Federal Government shutdown and what that means to the average citizen.  I saw this on the news last week and thought it explained it well. 

Janette said without Unions ensuring workers' rights, we could end up like China where workers are only paid $2000-$3000 a year!  It also angers Rosie that the Unions are willing to meet the Governor's budgetary gaps by making concessions yet he still refuses to meet with them.  She said his refusal to work with them shows that it's not all about the money.  Rosie took a call from a listener who says politicians lie and they will do and say anything to get elected (in reference to Obama's promise to picket with Union workers).  Rosie said that's why we need to hold our elected officials responsible for their promises. 

Bobby spoke up in defense of the President.  He said we need to cut Obama some slack because we don't know what he's doing behind closed doors to work on our behalf.  He insisted that the President has spoken out against this issue and Rosie just hasn't seen it.  Bobby said the President has called Walker out and worked to get thousands of protesters in Madison and other state capitols. 

Rosie then took another call from a listener who said there's no Democrat or Republican anymore, we're living in a "corporate oligarchy."  Rosie told the caller to not lose all hope but she agreed that corporations have purchased political operatives in office now.

Rosie took a final call from a caller who said Obama is speaking out against Walker but said the press isn't covering it and that's why Rosie hasn't seen it.  He spoke with Rosie at length about how she must give the President a chance.  He also told Rosie that she's mis-using her power if she only rants about Obama.  He asked her to educate the fans who love her rather than rant about the President.  Rosie heard him but said she's very frustrated because she wants Obama to speak out against what's happening in Wisconsin on a greater level.  The caller kept referring to Rosie's "power" and her influence over her listeners and Rosie told him the position of power he perceives she has is vastly different from what is real.  They spoke about the time she was on The View and how the media went crazy when she criticized Trump.  He said he loved Rosie on The View and they discussed her relationship with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Rosie said she wanted to love purposefully and with intent.  He told her to do the same thing with President Obama!  He said when Rosie rants about Obama she implies he's not leading and he didn't want Rosie to forget all he's accomplished.  The caller said Obama is "leading like a MoFo!"  lol  Basically, in the end, the caller's point was the harshness of Rosie's tone is not the best way to effect and inspire change.  Rosie heard him, thanked him for his call and moved on.   

The staff then talked about the recent interviews Charlie Sheen has been doing.  Rosie said Sheen is obviously in serious trouble and either having a mental collapse or in the throws of addiction. She said it's kind of tragic watching him.  It struck Rosie how much Sheen is acting and talking like a 15 year-old boy when he refers to himself as "winning."  She said she saw such teenage bravado in his interviews.  They played a clip of Sheen's interview with radio host Alex Jones. 

Rosie took issue with Sheen mocking AA.  She said anyone she knows who's recovered from drugs has done it with AA.  So, while it might not be for him, it has validity for some people.  Rosie and the staff all felt compassion for Sheen and feel he needs help.  Mostly, even though Sheen claims he's sober, Rosie doesn't believe it and thinks he seems manic.  Rosie then took some calls from listeners.  One caller saw him on The Today Show this morning and was surprised at his comments and behavior.  She didn't like it how he kept referring to himself as "winning" and how he said people who go to rehab and fail are losers and trolls.  She was also put off that he thought "CBS should apologize to him while licking his feet."

Janette said getting a job like Sheen's on a successful series seems like the culmination of a dream and in that dream you expect you'll be happy ever after.  But she said the truth of what that success and money can do to a person is hard to realize.  Shoshana said Sheen sounds like a kid who got in trouble and is fighting back.  But she said if he's showing up and doing his job, he shouldn't necessarily get fired for what he does in his private life.  Rosie took a call from a listener who agreed with Shoshana.  And Janette actually agreed with that statement and said it's no one's business what she does in her own time.  Pete pointed out that lots of jobs have drug policies.

Rosie then took a call from a listener who has battled bipolar disorder for most of her life.  She said the problem with bipolar disorder is you don't want to take the medication after a while.  She also struggled with alcohol addiction.  She said the manic state for her felt beautiful and like everything she said was right.  Then she would come back down and check her bank account and realize she spent thousands of dollars.  The caller feels for Charlie and feels like he is seriously ill and being exploited by the media.  Rosie spoke to the caller in length about her experience with being bipolar.  Rosie said she has a friend whose bipolar who (when she's in a manic state) doesn't stop talking and talks about everything.  Rosie said she has no concept that her actions are out of the ordinary.  With depression, Rosie knows when she's depressed.  She recommended the books An Unquiet Mind and Electroboy to the caller. The caller talked with Rosie about the pull she feels to want to go back to the manic state because the depression can get so bad at times and the mania just feels good.  She said she sometimes takes little things and blows them way out of proportion just to start a fight sometimes.  Rosie asked the caller how her kids respond to the differences in her mood.  The caller revealed she hasn't told her young sons about her bipolar and Rosie advised that she should - in a way the kids would understand.  She recommended she explain it like her brain needs certain medicines so that it works properly because it doesn't have certain things it needs to work right.  Lastly, when the caller revealed that she still struggles and has trouble dealing with the ups and downs of menopause, Rosie asked to get the caller's email.  Rosie told the caller she would email her some recommended books and some names of people she can talk to about getting her hormones and current medications checked.  Rosie thanked the caller for her phone call and assured her that millions of people live well with bipolar and so can she. 

James read from the game Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.  The player had to answer correctly.

Rosie: What type of consumer eats both plants and animals?  Rosie didn't know.  The answer was an omnivore.  0 points
Pete: A right angle is formed by two lines at what degrees? The answer was 90 and he got it correct. 1 point
Janette: Bull is to horns as deer is to.... The answer was "antlers" and she got it correct.  1 point
Jeannie: What are igneous rocks formed from?  She guessed coal but the answer was "magma or lava." 0 points
Shoshana: A scientist who study artifacts to learn about the past.  The answer was an Archaeologist but she didn't get it.  0 points.

Rosie: If it takes you 70 minutes to dress and get to work and you have to be at work at 9am, what time is the alarm set for?  The answer was 7:50am and she got it correct. 1 point
Pete: What part of a plant does photosynthesis occur?  He said "the leaf" which was correct for 1 point.
Janette: What is the amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution around the sun?  She guessed a day but it was a year.  0 points
Jeannie: Which of the following states are farther north?  Wyoming, Idaho or Utah?  The correct answer was Idaho but she guessed incorrectly.  0 points
Shoshana: The Suez Canal is located in which country?  She guessed Egypt which was correct. 1 point

Rosie: Lightning is what kind of electricity?  She said static which was correct. 1 point
Pete Which of the following instruments doesn't have a reed?  James named three instruments and he guessed the flute for the correct answer.  1 point
Janette: The metacarpal bones are from which part of the body?  She guessed the hand and was correct for 1 point.
Jeannie: In US currency, which is greatest amount? James named 3 amounts and Jeannie guessed incorrectly.  The correct answer was 600 billion.  0 points
Shoshana: In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle is called the _________?  The answer was the hypotenuse and she got it correct for 1 point. 

Rosie said she saw lots of baby dolphins while she was in Miami this weekend and they briefly discussed an article about some dolphins that saved a dog after he fell into a canal in Miami!  Rosie mentioned again how much she loves dolphins. 

Rosie closed the show.

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2-25-11 - Rosie Radio Replay

Today was a replay of a compilation of shows. 

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2-24-11 - Rosie Addresses Rumors and Reveals Her Oscar Predictions

In case you missed it...

Rosie was happy to report that she'll be in Miami this weekend!  She's actually there today because this show was pre-taped earlier in the week.  Rosie and the staff were discussing an article about a woman who attacked her roommate for eating her Thin Mints!  Everyone in the studio loves girl scout cookies though I'm not sure any of them would resort to violence to get some.  Rosie talked about her love of Samoas and wondered how many calories it is to eat an entire box?  Pete talked about how his daughter is a Daisy Scout, one of the youngest of the Girl Scout branches.  She alone sold 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!  Pete then described their sales plan where he stood out of the line of sight of the person at the door so that the customer was only dealing with his cutie-patootie daughter.  Pete was sure it helped sales when the person didn't see him.  Rosie, who was a Brownie when her mother was alive, remembered selling Girl Scout cookies and then wanting to eat them all when the order came in.  Deidre was never a Girl Scout but Shoshana was and Shoshana talked about the great life lessons you learn doing sales for Girl Scouts. 

Bobby talked about the latest problems facing the Broadway production of Spider-man.  It is now rumored that the show will not even officially open in time for the Tony Awards.  Rosie and Bobby both think the show's director, Julie Taymor, is a genius and they both have faith in her.  Rosie loved The Lion King on Broadway when she first saw it and thought it was incredibly innovative and unbelievable.  Bobby said he's had friends who loved Spider-man and friends who hated it.  He wanted to wait until it was out of previews but he thinks he might see it this weekend to make his own opinion.  He doesn't think it's fair for a Broadway show to be reviewed by critics before it's out of previews and technically finished.  Rosie said that because of the Internet, you can't keep the word on anything quiet these days.  She said it's changed the world and how we get information.

Rosie went on to talk about her own relationship with Tracy and the rumors that they've ended things.  She said her relationship with Tracy is just that, a relationship and it's a life in progress.  She said it's not public, it's her life and she doesn't feel the need to share every piece of her life with the world.  Rosie said the Internet has changed the way we expect and demand information today and has also been responsible for enormous changes in the world.  Rosie mentioned how Rachel Maddow was on Jay Leno last night talking about how Facebook affected the uprising in the Mideast.  Rachel thinks Americans attribute Facebook for the uprising but she said that's just something Americans hold on to when they're not familiar with a particular situation.  Pete discussed how the Mideast used Facebook as a network where they could upload pictures and videos.   

Rosie recalled three years ago when she and Kelli broke up and how none of it hit the media until it was over.  Bobby said a lot of people he knew/talked to were upset when they found out they didn't know about  Rosie's split until two years after they broke up.  Rosie said her life was in progress and there was no specific day when it ended, per se.  She said that's the same with now.  There's no announcement to make, it's just her life and she's living it.  She said any more information than that she's not willing to give.  Rosie said sometimes being a public person can be a pain.  She warned Tracy of this when they first started dating and a picture of the two of them was printed in the press.  Now Tracy's reading all the articles out there about their breakup and Rosie told her not to read them!  She told her to just live her life and not read all the rumors.   She said you can explain to a person about what it's going to feel like to "become famous" but until you've had it happen to you personally, it's really hard to know what it's going to be like.  She said eventually you have to let it (what all the media says) go and just live your life.

Rosie recalled the first time she read a review for her standup.  The reviewer said aside from her annoying habit of laughing at her own jokes, she was mildly funny.  Bobby's first bad reviewer said he "wouldn't wear those clothes on a bet!"  Rosie remembered when she was filming League of Their Own and she had made a comment about Madonna and Rosie was quoted in the newspaper!  She remembered thinking, "Since when does anyone care what I said?"  Rosie said when you become a public person everything you do becomes news.  That really happened for her when the TV show aired.  All the press about her was mostly nice in the beginning and then it all turned.  Rosie said when she was labeled the "Queen of Nice" on a Newsweek cover she held it up and said, "This is going to come back to bite me in the ass."  Rosie said  every wave hits the shore and that is the same for fame. She said no one can be heralded as this amazing, funny, kind, perfect person all the time.  Rosie said Tracy watches her Twitter feed and sees the evolution of people going from adoration to disgust with her in their own tweets to her.  She said they start telling her how much they love her.  Then they ask for her to follow them. Then they ask if she doesn't see them.  Then they ask if they're blocked.  And then they tell her how much they hate her and tell her how they're not following her anymore because she won't respond to them!  She said the evolution of fan to celebrity is right there in real time.  Rosie said that is what happens to you when you're famous, people expect something from you and when you don't deliver, they turn on you. 

Rosie said with her blog she at least got to select the questions and comments she would allow everyone to see but with Twitter it's all right there for everyone to read.  Rosie's blocked some people who were writing particularly rude comments to her too.  She said it's been interesting to see what happens when she responds to a non-celebrity and how that person feels as if they've been chosen by you and how others now respond to them. She said it's a strange exploration in study and fame in America.  And she's only been on Twitter for two weeks!  Deirdre said some famous people don't even do their own Twitters!  She said many celebrities hire people to do their tweeting and use it for mostly promotional purposes.  Bobby said he's sure his beloved Cher does her own tweeting though.  Shoshana said Joan Rivers was asked why the fans never see Joan tweeting on her reality television show and said that's proof it's not really her tweeting on her account.  Joan's response to that was fans don't see me flossing or going to the bathroom but she does that too. 

During this game the staff each read 3 statements.  Two statements were true and one was a lie.  They had to identify which statement was the lie.   

I was a certified junior SCUBA diver.
I am a certified food handler in 3 states.
I once sold newspapers for Reverend Moon. 
The lie was he is a certified food handler but for only TWO states. 

I failed my first driver's license test because I passed a school bus with its flashing lights on.
I stole sneakers from a department store.   
I killed a bird with a shotgun.
Everyone guessed the lie was that she stole and they were right!

I was once on the Bozo the Clown television show.
I'm really a brunette.
I was the member of the Jelly Belly Taste Club.
Almost everyone said the Bozo statement was a lie but she's actually not a brunette.   

I love Chilean sea bass.
I kissed a stranger on the street.
I went to the Eiffel tower.
The "kissed a stranger" statement was a lie.  Rosie has been to the Eiffel Tower and loves Chilean Sea Bass.

When I was a kid, I had a pet monkey.
I was an extra in a Jay-Z video.
I almost got caught in an avalanche.
The lie was she was in the Jay-Z video.   

I had a panic attack in a concentration camp.
I once broke a finger in a horse back riding accident.
I don't own a tie.
Bobby said he's never had a broken bone and never ridden a horse.  That was the lie.  

I once puked on Patrick Ewing in a movie theater.
I hate yams.
My first girlfriend cheated on me with both my brothers and another guy.
The Patrick Ewing comment was a lie!  That actually happened to his brother!

I was once scouted by an adult film agency.
I once broke my hand in bar fight.
I won $5000 in scratch off lottery.
The lie was that he broke his hand in a bar fight.

I was suspended in high school for a week.
I rarely talk to my parents.
I used to want to be a professional trumpet player.
The lie was that she doesn't talk to her parents.  She talks to them everyday! 

Before Rosie gave her Oscar predictions they discussed the Melissa Leo ad campaign.  Rosie said Melissa Leo took some beautiful photos of herself, all glammed up, to the point where she doesn't look anything like herself.  The ads are to get people to "consider" her for the Oscar.  Bobby thought the ads kind of sound like begging.  Rosie wondered why Melissa needed to even do the ads when she's winning every award she's getting nominated for.  Deirdre was surprised when she saw them and thought they seemed out of character.   Rosie thought the only reason she wouldn't win now are because of the ads and thought they were a little odd.

Rosie's then gave her Oscar predictions!

Best Actor:  Rosie thinks Colin Firth.
Best Supporting Actor: she said either Geoffrey Rush or Christian Bale.
Best Actress: Rosie said Annette Bening because of her body of work but maybe not this film in particular. 
Best Supporting Actress: Rosie said Melissa Leo.  Bobby thinks Amy Adams. 
Animated Feature: Toy Story 3
Art Direction: Rosie said Inception, Bobby thinks Alice in Wonderland.
Cinematography: Inception
Costume Design: Alice In Wonderland
Best Director: King's Speech
Documentary Feature: Rosie and the staff hope Gasland wins.
Makeup: The Wolfman
Original Song: Tangled but Rosie and Bobby thought it should have been Cher's song which wasn't nominated.
Visual Effects: Inception
Adapted Screenplay: Rosie said Social Network but Bobby thought 127 Hours

Rosie was happy Glee actress Ashley Fink tweeted her back and they made plans to do karaoke together! (see yesterday's blog post for their twitter conversation)  Rosie LOVES her. Rosie recently went to a karaoke bar with her friend Jennifer Hutt but said they arrived just as an office party was wrapping up.  The place wasn't very big and drunk people kept coming up to Rosie and telling her stories of how they used to watch her on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when they were 4!  Rosie did some very funny drunkard impersonations of people asking if they could buy her a drink.  She said her friend Jennifer sang a lot but she didn't.  She said she would sing with Ashley Fink though!  Bobby said they should go to Don't Tell Mama's Piano Bar and sing together!

Speaking of piano bars, remember this scene from League of Their Own with Rosie?  lol

During this section of the show each staff member remembered something they did when they were a kid that got them into trouble.  Deirdre shared a story about a time when she took her father's Lincoln Town Car out on the FDR when she was only 16 years old!  She didn't have a license yet and ended up getting into a fender-bender.  She said her father isn't much of a yeller and he didn't talk to her for a year after that episode.  When he was 16, Pete once climbed up onto the roof of a moving car and FELL OFF.  He got a concussion and was not allowed to go to any after school activities for a month.  Bobby didn't do anything really bad as a kid.  The worst thing he would do was rearrange furniture when his parents would leave the house.  So every time his parents would leave his mother would say, "And don't rearrange the furniture!"  So, one time, he decided to play softball in the house and threw a ball through a window!  His father was so pleased he was throwing a ball he didn't get punished for it. 
Shoshana was once joking around with a friend over Instant Messenger that they were stalking some girl who lived in Washington D.C.  At 3:00 in the morning the D.C. police called her parents!  Shoshana remembered being so annoyed that no one can take a joke!  Rosie couldn't think of time she really got into trouble.  She and her friends got into a rumble once but she never did anything bad.  She used to take money out of her father's wallet to sneak and see a Broadway show but never got caught doing it.  Lou said he was the "good twin" so he told a story about his twin brother.  On a senior trip to Ellis Island, Lou's brother carved their last name onto the list of people who went through Ellis Island!   He got detained along with his brother as the Senior class left the island and sang, "Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye." 

For this game Pete interviewed his daughter (who is 6) and their neighbor (who is 9) and asked them to describe a T.V. or movie.  The player had to guess the movie or show they were describing.  Pete played the actual audio of the kids describing the shows and if the player needed only one clue they would get 3 points, two clues they would get 2 points, and one clue they would get 1 point.

Jeannie: #1 "A lady teaching kids about the notes of music."  She guessed The Sound of Music and was correct! 3 points
Shoshana: #1 "A boxer who found a wife starts out on the street."  She guessed Rocky and was correct! 3 points
Rosie: #1 "A guy named Doc asks Marty to come down to a parking lot."  She guessed Back To the Future and was correct.  3 points
Deirdre: #1 "An alien that they think it a coyote and when they get home the kids were having a campfire go into the shed and there's an alien."  She guessed ET and was correct for 3 points!

Jeannie: #1 "The old magician with a staff fighting against a dragon taps the ground." #2 "He found a ring and has to get it to the guy."  #3 "a guy afraid of the giant spider."  She didn't know it was Lord of the Rings and got 0 points. 
Shoshana: #1 "They try to see things things are real, they have a door and it opens." #2 "One person has glasses and a white beard and is cool.  He's funny."  #3 " A blue team one that looks like boy in my class likes doing the myth too, two girls."  She guessed Myth Busters and was correct for 1 point.
Rosie: #1 "His family went on a boat but got caught by an Army with the gorillas, a baby when his family died.  She guessed Tarzan and was correct for 3 points.
Deirdre: #1 "The one that starts out has a dog named Coco and tell her that she's moving and she doesn't want to move and there's a Tornado."  She guessed the Wizard of Oz and was correct for 3 points.

Jeannie: #1 "There's these pictures of Andy at the beginning when he was little and he's going to college one day."  She guessed Toy Story 3 and was correct for 3 points!
Shoshana: #1 "There's this old nice lady who likes doing mysteries like Scooby Doo. It sometimes wasn't them and it sometimes was them.  She goes to the houses and finds a diamond and solved it with a diamond."  She guessed Murder She Wrote and got it for 3 points! 
Rosie: #1 "There's a school and there's a group and they force against other people. One guy is calm and smooth and he went to a different school."  She guessed Glee and was correct for 3 points! 
Deirdre: #1 "There's this kid that doesn't want to move to Japan and he writes a note and he doesn't want to.  #2 "He doesn't want his mom to see his black eye so he wears sunglasses.  His mom told him to take off his glasses and he doesn't want to."  #3 "And then the guy taught him how to do karate, he was actually a plumber because the cold water wouldn't turn on."  She guessed Karate Kid for 1 point. 

Pete read and played the clues and the first player to guess it got the points.
#1 "I know you. I see you in the eyes of my dreams. You're in my dreams. I've seen you." 
#2 "Three fairies are nice, they all make a wish on the one baby.
#3 "When the prince kisses her she wakes up." 

Shoshana guessed Sleeping Beauty and got it correct. 

#1 "They're at this fancy place watching the news and this creepy thing scared away lots of the men.  Boys first.  The girls looked for clues and they were told in the newspaper, every 26 years this man turns back to himself. 
#2 "And then the girl went to the old grandmas house and Daphne was looking in the closet.

Rosie guessed Scooby Doo and got it correct.

#1 "This boy is very poor but he was the luckiest boy in the world."
#2 "He went and all the other children were being very naughty except for him. At the end he got a prize."
#3 "The girl turned into a big blueberry."

Rosie and Shoshana both guessed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the same time and it was a TIE! 

When all the points were added up ROSIE WON!!!!

Rosie loved the game and tried to remember a game like that she loved in the 80s.  Pete couldn't find it (at the time) but it was called Child's Play

a clip from Child's Play

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw

2-23-11 - Deconstructing Yesterday's Show, Oprah, Glee and Ashley Fink

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast discussing her passionate conversation she had with Pete Dominick yesterday about what's happening in Wisconsin and how the media isn't giving it enough coverage.  Rosie said she wouldn't have thought twice about yesterday's conversation if Vivi hadn't had come into the studio after the show and asked her about it.  After the broadcast, Vivi came up to Rosie and asked her why she didn't just hang up on that man she was fighting with on the air?  Rosie explained to Vivi that she wasn't fighting, she was just talking loudly but Vivi didn't buy it.  Vivi said it sounded to her like Rosie was really angry and yelling at the man.  Rosie wanted to listen back to some of the audio from yesterday and see what she sounded like.  They played some and Rosie said she could barely listen to herself!  She wanted to know why no one in the studio warned her and told her to calm down a bit or take a deep breath.  Rosie said the scary part about yesterday was that she couldn't tell at the time she was even yelling.   She asked Bobby, who Rosie has known for years and said they're often on the same page about things, why he didn't tell her to calm down.   Bobby said he didn't think she was yelling, she was just being loud.  He said he's heard her yell before and that was just being loud.  Janette didn't say anything to Rosie about it at the time because she was enjoying the passionate conversation and thought it made for great radio.  At no time did she think Rosie was angry, she just thought she was impassioned.  Rosie said after she listened to the audio again, it reminded her of the time she was on The View and she wished someone in the studio would have told her to bring it down a little.  She said she's going to leave her Twitter feed open now during the show so she can get feedback from listeners now.  To see what listeners are writing in to Rosie search "@rosie" in the search field on Twitter or CLICK HERE  Rosie said her publicist Cindi Berger is really good at telling her when she needs to calm down.  Janette said she's done that with Rosie before but didn't see the need for it yesterday because we need passion on this topic.

She mentioned an interview Andrea Mitchell did with Donald Rumsfeld where she calls him out on all his lies.  Rosie got so frustrated watching Rumsfeld smile and feign ignorance.  Pete read some of Rumsfeld's statements from the interview and how he denies and deflects responsibility when he was Secretary of Defense for the Bush Administration. 

Rosie was also frustrated to see Anderson Cooper last night when he didn't make one mention of what is happening in Wisconsin.  She turned on Lawrence O'Donnell  and called him her "new boyfriend."  Rosie is quite annoyed that Rachel Maddow feels she can have a life and take a vacation (joke people) and said she really needed to hear her thought on what is happening!  She laughed and said she "needed her and she was not there for me."  She did enjoy Lawrence's show on MSNBC though and how he spent an entire hour talking about what is happening in Wisconsin.   She talked to Janette who has never seen Glenn Beck before about his inane program.  She compared Beck to a comedy sketch or skit and cannot believe that people actually buy his lies.   Every time Rosie mentions Beck or how we've lost the fourth estate of the media I think of the book 1984 and the phrase newspeak: the dumbing down of the American public to reinforce total dominance of the State.  They then played the audio of Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with Lena Taylor, a Senator from Wisconsin, about what is going on in her state.  Rosie also saw an ad she liked from the Firefighters Union in Wisconsin.  The Firefighters Union supported the Governor and despite the fact that they are exempt from his proposed budget cuts, they are standing in support of all Unions.  See the ad below....

Rosie then took several callers on the topic of Unions.  Most callers agreed with Rosie that we need to support Unions, but one caller called in to tell Rosie she did not agree with her.  This caller thought Unions act entitled and makes workers feel entitled to special treatment. Her husband works in a Union for a manufacturing plant and they are anti-Union. Rosie defended Unions to the caller and said Unions are the reason we have a 40 hour work-week, overtime, etc.  She said without Unions no one would be protecting the Middle Class.  She recommended the caller see Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, Made in Dagenham and Norma Rae.   She asked the caller who is going to hold corporations responsible if Unions don't.  The caller insisted that Unions once had a place in bargaining for workers rights, but there is no place for them in today's society.  Pete said with corporations financially supporting politicians and getting them elected, there are no guarantees that the protective measures Unions have worked so hard to ensure will remain in place.  He said we need Unions to ensure workers' rights.

Janette said the show yesterday was an eye-opener for her.  Rosie said we're just now seeing the affects of when President Regan ruined the fourth estate by allowing media to be corporately owned.  To her, it seems as though it's the end of Democracy.  And with a totally purchased electorate, and no Unions to speak for the Middle Class, she feels it could be horrific for everyone involved.   

Did you miss the Rosie O'Donnell shout-out on yesterday's Glee?  CLICK HERE to see it!    Rosie was happy when she heard the Rosie cruise mention.  Bobby loved it too and he loved last night's episode.  He liked everything about it from the way it was shot, to the clever way they dealt with the subject matter.  He liked how they showed the problems that occur from drinking without seeming "preachy."  Rosie liked it too and said when you drink as an adult to celebrate, or deal with stress or sadness, your children are going to notice.  She liked how they brought that up in last night's episode too.  As for Rosie, she removed all alcohol in her house when her kids became teens.  She didn't want there to be any temptations for them to sneak it like she used to do from her parents.  The other night though she really wished she had a beer in the house!  lol  Deirdre also liked the subtle way they dealt with drinking in last night's Glee though she could see parents being upset about it.  Rosie took some calls on the topic.  One caller didn't want her kids to see it because she said she was the same way in high school and doesn't want her kids to be like her.  She was worried they would now ask her about it and she would have to lie to them.  Rosie asked her not to lie to her kids about her own experiences and said lying to them will only make them feel shame when it happens to them.  She advised the caller she should just explain to  her kids that she made some bad choices as a teen and hope they learn from her mistakes.  Rosie took another call from a listener who loves Glee and said it had sparked many great conversations with her and her 10 year old daughter.  For example, when one of the characters got pregnant and was kicked out of her house, her daughter asked her if she were to ever get pregnant if her mom would kick her out!  Rosie said that episode made her daughter ask her the same thing.  Rosie took a final call from a listener whose daughter is a theater major who keeps getting crushes on boys who are obviously going to grow up and be gay.  She really loved that storyline in last night's episode.  Rosie said her 8 year old daughter was frustrated watching last night's episode about the character struggling with his sexuality.  Vivi thought he was so obviously gay!

Rosie spoke to the staff about last Friday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show where she interviewed a little boy dealing with rage issues and bipolar disorder.  Rosie thought it was an amazing episode and she thought the part when Oprah spoke to the boy alone was very moving.  Rosie Radio played the audio from the episode so the members of the staff and listeners at home could hear it.  Rosie loved how Oprah let the boy know that she too has to surround herself with white light to keep away negative forces.  Janette thought it was also profound and wondered if the boy, because of his extreme sensitivity, is seeing things we simply don't pick up on?  She said it can almost make you question what is reality.  Rosie agreed and thought the interview was moving and chilling.

She took several calls on the topic.  One caller has a daughter who's now a teenager who has suffered with rage issues since she was 6 years old.  The caller spoke to Rosie about her daughter and said she protected her until she could protect herself.  She said she chose to see her daughter as one of the Indigo Children rather than a child with a disability.  Rosie spoke to another caller who has a child with Asperger's Syndrome who suffered from rage episodes.  With medication and therapy, her daughter has been able to overcome her rage episodes and thrive.  She also believed in surrounding themselves with positive energy before they go out and finds that strategy very helpful. 

Rosie was frustrated that Ashley Fink, the actress that plays Lauren on Glee, now thinks Rosie doesn't like her!  Pete read the comments that Ashley is now making about what reportedly Rosie has said about her.  Rosie was so frustrated and Tweeted Ashley during the program to apologize (see below).  Rosie said she sees herself in Ashley Fink and she thinks she's a beautiful girl!  She's assuming that Ashley has a great singing voice and is waiting for her to have her "Susan Boyle moment."  Here's the Twitter conversation that followed...

Rosie said when she saw the video of Zach Walls speaking about his experience of being raised by gay moms, she also found a video of a woman speaking about her gay son.  Rosie thought the woman in the video was so cute and adorable, she wanted to have her on the show!  Here's the video...

Rosie then introduced Jeanne Argos onto the program!  Rosie told Jeanne how much she loved her video and they discussed her son and when she found out he was gay. Jeanne said when she saw Zach Walls' video  she wondered why others weren't coming forward in support of gay marriage.  She said all we ever hear about are those speaking out against it and she wanted to come out and speak for it.  Jeanne said her son took the video for her but the thoughts and opinions are hers.  Her video has now been seen over 250,000 times in just over a week!   

Rosie and Jeanne talked about her son being gay and how he came out to her.  Jeanne said after her son came out to her she first felt angry and hurt and as if she had done something wrong.  It took her about six months to get used to the idea but she's fully supported him ever since.  It wasn't easy for her husband to accept either but he too now fully supports their son.  Jeanne said if children are gay and they're free to say they're gay then parents have an obligation to stand up with them in support.  Rosie told Jeanne how great her video was and how she wished she was her mom and thanked her for coming on the show to share her story. 

Very briefly, Rosie mentioned the news-story that Lady Gaga is selling an exclusive edition of her 'Born This Way' album at Target in exchange for Target agreeing to donate money to LGBT charitable organizations and work to correct some of the mistakes they've made in the LGBT community in the past. Rosie liked the deal and said it speaks to the power of her popularity.

During this game, James named the supporting characters on television sitcoms and the player had to guess the sitcom.  If they could guess it with one clue they would get 3 points, with two clues they would get 2 points and with three clues they would get 1 point. 

Rosie: Uncle Leo.  She guessed Seinfeld for 3 points.
Pete: Principal Skinner. He guessed The Simpsons for 3 points.
Janette: Christopher Moltisanti.   She guessed The Sopranos for 3 points.
Bobby: Cousin Oliver, Sam the Butcher.  He guessed The Brady Bunch for 2 points. 
Shoshana: Aiden Shaw, John Mr. Big Presley.  She guessed Sex And the City for 2 points.

Rosie: Stretch Cunningham.  She guessed Happy Days but was wrong so she got 0 points.  It was All In the Family.   
Pete: Rosario Salazar, Jack McFarland, and Karen Walker.  He didn't know it was Will and Grace for 0 points.
Janette: Mrs. MGillicuddy, Ralph and Betty Ramsey, Ethel Mertz. She guessed Lucille Ball for 1 point.
Bobby: Joey Gladstone, Becky Donaldson and (missed it).  It was Full House but he didn't know it. 0 points
Shoshana: Stanley Zbornak, Salvatore Patrillo, and Rose Niland.  She guessed Golden Girls for 1 point. 

Rosie: Reverend Alden, Harriet and Nells Olsen.  She guessed Little House on the Prairie for 2 points.
Pete: Wilson Wilson Junior, Al Borland, and Brad, Randy and Mark Taylor.  He guessed Home Improvement for 1 point.
Janette: Clarence Lumpy Rutherford.  She guessed Leave It to Beaver for 3 points.
Bobby: Frank Defazio.  He guessed Laverne and Shirley for 3 points.
Shoshana: Natalie Green.  She guessed the Facts of Life for 3 points. 

JANETTE WON WITH 7 POINTS!  It was the second time she's EVER WON A GAME! 

Rosie said she's working hard to try and eat healthy lately.  She's walking more and watching what she eats.  She's a bit annoyed that things like raisins and almonds are considered cheating on her diet though.  She revealed she's weighing herself every day and Janette told her not to do that because she'll get frustrated and quit.  Bobby said he weighs himself every day to keep himself on track.  Rosie said she finds herself moving around on her digital scale to see if it comes up with another number.  Her friend Ruby does that too.  Then she stepped on it and it was reading kilograms and she thought she was getting to be anorexic!  Tracy helped her fix it. 
Rosie closed the show saying she's going to Miami this weekend and really looking forward to it.

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2-22-11 - Talking Wisconsin, the Middle East and Cuts in Early Intervention

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about how the snow feels never-ending in New York this year.  Jeannie had her family in the studio with her today and talked about the fun night she had with Lou on Saturday!  Jeannie, Lou, Lou's girlfriend Maral and Jeannie's husband Dan all went to a bar in New York City.  She said they had a "rip-roaring, pants-wetting good time." Jeannie's mother also broke her ankle this weekend after she slipped on the stairs and will need to have surgery.

Rosie asked the staff if they had seen the McGhee Sextuplets on Oprah yesterday.  She said this last year of the Oprah Winfrey Show is so moving it should be sponsored by Kleenex. 

Rosie wanted to MAKE IT CLEAR that she doesn't think Ashley Fink, the actress from Glee, is ugly.  She said she loves that show, it's a favorite of hers and she watches it with all her children!  What happened was, a heavy-set reporter interviewed her last week and asked her about the character on the show and the press has twisted her words.  Rosie told the reporter that every overweight person she knows has a severe reaction to the  story-line of the heavy character.  Rosie then quoted what Janette said and all the headlines read, "Rosie slams Glee!"  She said that's the OPPOSITE of what she said.  Janette agreed and said she was the one who made the comments about Glee, NOT Rosie.  Rosie adores Ryan Murphy, the show's creator and knows he has a direction for this character as he does with all his characters in his shows.  She said she feels very connected to Ashley Fink as an actress because they both struggle with their weight.   Janette was the one who thought the character could have been played by a prettier heavy person like an Adele or Brooke Elliot.  Rosie then talked briefly about how much she loves Adele's new album 21 and mentioned how she's breaking records.  Rosie said she was sick of being slammed for something Janette had said.  Janette, who was a very overweight teen, said everyone who watches the show and has had a weight issue brings their own neurosis to the analysis of it.  Janette said she was Lauren in school and she experienced her own anger issues when watching Glee.  She remembered never being noticed and a specific time she was sitting next to another girl who was heavy but prettier and a kid came up to them and said, "Well you're both fat but at least Sally is pretty."  Janette admitted she had trouble understanding this other reality where a kid like Puck would be interested in a girl like her.  Rosie and Janette both believe that Ashley Fink can probably sing very well and know that Ryan Murphy has something great in store for the character because he's a genius at what he does. 

Rosie talked very briefly about her interview with Joy Behar that aired last Thursday night.  She thought it was funny that Joy asked her if she's still gay at almost 50 years old.  She said there was a weird vibe in the beginning between Joy and herself but said she felt like it was edited well.  Rosie looked great on the program and she said Helene did her hair and makeup!  She also said Joy has great lighting on her show. 

Rosie tweeted while watching Who Do You Think You Are last week.  She said she couldn't get over the fact that she had such bad roots and needed a haircut.  She also said she looked like Buddy Hackett.  I just had to go look him up because I didn't know who that was and NO, SHE DOESN'T!  k...I'm calmer now.  She said she loved tweeting during the show and said it's her new favorite thing to do.  She's also enjoying her fake Twitter feud with Piers Morgan.  She assured fans the feud is jovial, entertaining, and has no negative feelings behind it.  Rosie said Piers is so full of himself that makes him endearing to her.  Rosie said she promised to do Piers' show if he stops asking every person he interviews "if they've ever been properly in love" or "if they could relive one moment what would it be."  Rosie said if he stops asking those questions she'll do his show in September before she goes to OWN. 

Rosie then wanted to talk about the enormity of what is going on in the Mideast and how it relates to what is happening in Wisconsin.  They talked about the many countries that are erupting now in protest including  Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen.  Rosie said she's frustrated with how Fox News provides biased coverage of what is happening in Wisconsin and said so are the protesters!  She played the audio of the clip below....

Fox Lies

Rosie thought the video was profound and said she loves it.  She is sick of Fox News lying and presenting their lies as facts.   Rosie took a caller who is disappointed at the Governor's budget amendment bill and that he's essentially dismissed collective bargaining rights to "balance the budget."  She felt his policies created the huge budget deficit in the first place!  Rosie took another caller who was a Union representative who is worried if his budget amendment passes there won't be any money left for any social causes in this country.  Rosie agreed and thought it was ironic that the Teabag protesters were there protesting on a Saturday.  She said the only reason they're allowed to be there on a Saturday and not out working is because UNIONS fought for the right to a 40-hour work week!  Rosie does take issue with Unions that support tenure for bad teachers.  However, she said to take away collective bargaining destroys the foundation of Democracy!  Janette said if what happens in Wisconsin passes other states like Ohio are considering the same thing.   Rosie took another caller who wanted to make the point that the Koch Brothers didn't put the Governor in office, the people did.  Rosie did not agree entirely with that argument because the Koch Brothers are such a huge donor for the Tea Party Movement.  Pete pointed out that the Governor barely won the majority vote.  Either way, Rosie said what's happening in Wisconsin is inspiring to her.  

Rosie then introduced Pete Dominick who hosts Stand Up with Pete Dominick on Sirius 110/XM 130 weekdays from 3-6pm.   Rosie started the interview by asking Pete, "Who is Governor Walker?"  Pete said Walker is a former County Executive in Wisconsin who supports the Tea Party Movement.  Pete said the Koch Brothers are huge contributors to Walker's campaign.  The Koch Brothers own Koch Energies and Consumer Products and a lot of what they produce needs oil.  Pete said they are "very anti anything that's pro-climate and pro-science."  They do not want rules and regulations that prevent them from being able to pollute and employ how they want.  Walker entered into his position with a financial surplus for the state.  Even though there was a projected budget shortfall, Walker made it worse because he cut taxes for the wealthiest citizens and the Corporations.  Taxes are revenue for the state and he didn't replace the revenue so he made the shortfall worse than it was.  Pete said the people paying for the problems of the state are not the ones who created the problem in the first place.  The people who created the problems are on Wall Street.  Pete said the one and only special interest that cares about Middle Class, 90% of Americans, are Unions. If Unions aren't spending money on political campaigns there won't be anyone advocating for the Middle Class. Pete said Unions make the Middle Class a stronger voice.  Pete also said if Unions no longer exist the Democratic party is finished and if this doesn't get worked out other states are next!  Rosie asked why the perception is that Unions are the bad guys nowadays?  Pete said it's because Unions have become an anecdote for everything that is wrong.  Everyone knows a story of a deal where a Union worker is getting paid more than they should, where they cannot be fired no matter how bad of an employee they are, etc.  And those negative anecdotes are dominating the conversation. 

Rosie felt in some cases, like in the Teachers Union, the Union can do harm.  Rosie expressed her frustration that we cannot fire horrible teachers because of the Unions.  Rosie loves teachers and was saved by a public school teacher but she does think Unions need to make some concessions.  Pete said it's really about politics not economics.  He said no one is advocating for teachers and what they need because there's no profit in public good.  He said politicians are owned by the special interests which cater to corporations. 

Rosie had a HUGE problem with the way our media is portraying governments of other countries as evil when OUR government has huge problems itself!  Pete agreed!  He said we should protest our government because it's not representing the majority of Americans. 

Rosie and Pete then got into a HEATED debate over whether or not our media is spending enough time highlighting what is happening in Wisconsin.  Rosie doesn't think it's getting much coverage on any of the networks and Pete completely disagreed.  They then got into a heated debate over what sells in newspapers.  Rosie is frustrated that the American media isn't spending more time on the problems of our nation and Pete said that's because it doesn't sell!  He said as long as news is for profit they will cover the stories that sells advertising. Rosie said we need to stop pointing to the "boogieman" again and again in other countries and focus on our own issues.  Pete said the boogieman sells and he asked Rosie why they don't have the New York Times in the checkout line at the grocery aisle.  He said because it's the glossy magazines that sell, not the news.

In the end Pete said if the Unions go away, no one will be advocating for the Middle Class. Rosie then yelled, "That's because FOX NEWS LIES and that channel is bullshit!"   Rosie was very frustrated that we don't have enough honest discussion about political issues anymore.  She said no media person has the weight or the power anymore and there's no freedom of the press.  Pete said that's partly because we have 1000 different choices for media and news today.  He said Americans need to turn off their TV's and radios and read the newspapers again. He said we're living in an atmosphere of 140 characters and people need to learn to read the whole story about what's going on.  Pete expressed his frustration that young Americans don't care about things affecting them.  Rosie said that's because Regan allowed the monopolization of the media and young people today don't see their voice as having any power! 

Pete recommended listeners listen to Sirius as a source for news because Sirius doesn't have to worry about ratings and sponsors.

Rosie was VERY fired up during this conversation.  She was yelling with passion!  Pete said he was so nervous afterward he was shaking.  I got all fired up listening too and needed to get up and pace around for a minute.  It was a passionate conversation.  Hope I did a good job recapping it for you all. 

Jeannie, who is a speech-language pathologist and works with kids under the age of 3 doing early intervention, had a topic she wanted to discuss.  She talked about the importance of early intervention and how the foundations of language learning are laid in the early years of life.  She referenced the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the cost benefit analysis that proves that early intervention is very cost effective.  Jeannie said she loves her job and mentioned a wonderful case she was working on recently that reminded her why she was called to do it.  She's been working with a preemie who was born at only 1.5 pounds between 5 and 6 months gestation.  This little girl is now 18 months old and not speaking at all.  Jeannie said after working with her for only a short time she's now learned to sign and imitate animal sounds!  This particular case reminded her how much she loves what she's doing. 

The next day she got an urgent email about Governor Cuomo's budget proposals that will threaten early intervention services.  Jeannie said she's a contract for service professional and only paid when she works.  She's basically an independent contractor who hasn't received a cost of living increase in 7 years!  In April of 2010 in  her profession they took a 10% decrease in pay.  Now, this new budget proposes an additional 10% decrease!  That's a 20% decrease in a 12 month period!  Jeannie said no other state agency has been hit that hard.

Jeannie said this proposal may force her to leave her profession completely.  She is already working even harder to recoup the first 10% decrease and with no cost of living increase, it will be impossible for her to continue to do her job. 

Janette asked what they can do.  Jeannie said lots of emails are going around from people in her profession and she mentioned a website for children's therapy professionals that suggested writing letters in protest of the budget proposal.   Jeannie asked listeners if they're a parent, a therapist or have are a friend of a family whose benefited from early intervention services, to write a letter or make a phone call.  Jeannie said they live paycheck to paycheck and these proposed cuts will make it impossible for them to make ends meet.  

  • Rosie took one caller from a listener in Canada who was a child who benefited from early intervention service.  She was shocked at the proposed cuts and said she now works in the school system as an aide.  She said  they shouldn't take away the funding because the children really need it. 
  • Rosie took another call from a listener whose background is in special education.  She said you can drastically see the differences between children who get services early and those who don't.  She warned if we privatize our services only children that can get afford to pay for it out of pocket will get it. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who was blind and also benefited from early intervention. 
  • She took a call from a listener who said that early intervention saved her daughter.  Her daughter was  mildly Autistic and thanks to early intervention she has been basically cured from all the symptoms. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who said cutting services will do a great disservice to children that need services.  She said the children will be the ones to suffer in the long run. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who is a speech therapist by profession.  She said 2 of her 3 kids have qualified and needed speech therapy themselves.  Both her kids have been put on wait-lists of over 100 kids. 
Janette announced that she'll be hosting Living Today on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius 112/XM 157 from 2pm-4pm for the rest of this week!  She said she's going to be talking about things that are of interest to her.  She was very excited!  You can see a schedule of her week HERELove you, Janette!  Good luck and we're listening!! 

For tomorrow's show, Rosie said she wanted to discuss last Friday's Oprah Winfrey Show about a boy with bipolar disorder.   Rosie said she thought it was the most amazing show Oprah's ever done and said she can't wait to talk about it tomorrow.

Rosie reminded listeners to watch Glee tonight and closed the show.

Rosie posted this on her Twitter after today's show...

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2-21-11 - SNOW DAY!

Snow day today Rosie Radio fans!  Come join us on Facebook though to share and read each other's Rosie stories.  :)

Have a good one!

2-18-11 - Celebrity Crushes, Would You Rather and Room's Emma Donoghue

In case you missed it...

Firstly, don't forget Rosie's episode of Who Do You Think You Are? airs tonight on NBC at 8pm EST! 

Rosie and the staff chit-chatted for a while at the beginning of the broadcast about the beautiful weather the east coast is planning to have this weekend.  And Rosie said she may go to Miami this weekend since the kids will be at Kelli's.  Janette and Jeannie talked about leaks in their homes and water damage to their flooring.  And Vivi was in the studio with her cute little voice commenting every once in a while.  Rosie asked Vivi if she remembered the time they found mold in the walls of their Miami home and had to have them replaced.  She asked her if that was the grossest thing she ever saw and Vivi said it wasn't.  She said the grossest thing she ever saw was Mama Kelli's pool!  Apparently, the house Kelli owns has a pool and the previous owners never took care of it but kept it covered.  When they took the cover off the pool looked like sewer water!

Janette said it's been quite a year for her so far.  She's had to replace her floor and has had to replace her car because it was stolen out of the garage she kept it in.  Janette thanked the fabulous NYPD detectives who caught the person who stole her car but said she's still on the hook for replacing it.  Janette and her boyfriend Barry have ordered a new car that they should get in 6-8 weeks.    

Rosie and the staff discussed a recent Wall Street Journal article that states that your brain can only hold 147.8 friends at once.  Rosie wondered how they came up with that number and said she has a list of close friends she can count on two hands.  Janette agreed and said her list of close friends is very short too.  Pete said his wife has a lot of close friends.  Vivi shared and said she has only two close friends.  Rosie told her she is still young so there's plenty of time for more.  Then there was a brief mention of Facebook and the difference between online friends and friends in "real life."  Janette said she likes both her online relationships and her personal relationships.  Rosie talked about how she enjoys playing Scrabble on Pogo.com with strangers.

The staff then discussed an article about whether or not it's better to keep kids from bad news or to share it with them.  Rosie asked Vivi and used the 9/11 as an example and asked her if it was better to know or not.  Vivi said it wasn't too scary but that it's only too scary if there's a fire.  And Rosie asked Vivi if she still wants to be a bounty hunter when she grows up and she said she does.  Rosie said she thinks if the bad news is financial it would be better not to tell your kids.  Though she did say she's never been in that position before. This started a conversation about thunder and lightning and how you explain it to children when Pete revealed he was once hit by lightning!  He said he as walking his dog in a thunderstorm and lightning hit just in front of him.  He described it as the brightest light he ever saw and still remembers how his hairs on his arms stood on end from the electricity.  Rosie remembered reading on the Internet about someone who got hit by lightning three times and wondered if people send off different electrical signals.  Pete TOTALLY thought that was true and said there are certain people that can kill a computer because of the electricity they give off.  He also thinks certain areas in the house can affect a computer by the amount of electricity in that area.  Janette said her sister is like that and if her sister is in the room, no work will be getting done because the computer most likely will not work.

Amanda (the call screener) and the staff then discussed an article she read about the The Guide for an Apocalyptic New York for lawyers.  This month, "an official state legal manual was published in New York to serve as a guide for judges and lawyers who could face grim questions in another terrorist attack, a major radiological or chemical contamination or a widespread epidemic."  [source: New York Times]  Amanda said she's convinced she's going to need this information and that a man-made apocalyptic event will happen in the next 20 years. Janette recommended she read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. 

The staff also discussed an article they read that states that iPads may replace waiters at some restaurants.  Rosie wanted to know what everyone thought about this idea!  Everyone thought Janette, the original curmudgeon who has a tendency to be tough on restaurant staff, would love the idea.  But she wasn't so sure.  Janette said she would rather tell a human being about her specific needs.  Pete said that's because she has very specific tastes and said he'd never want to wait on her in a restaurant. Janette said she's sent things back because she just doesn't like the meal but swears she's not mean to the staff.  Her boyfriend Barry told her she gets a "tone" with wait staff however.  Deirdre and Bobby like the iPad idea.  Deirdre likes to relax when she's out with a friend at a restaurant and hates when the waiter comes over to them every five minutes asking them if they want to place their order.  She said with the iPad, she wouldn't have to stress over it.  Rosie wasn't sure because she hates when she's at a restaurant and everyone is looking at their phone or electronic device.  She thought it would be too similar to that.  The staff then shared some bad restaurant experiences and times when waiters pushed items at them that they didn't want or order.  Rosie once heard a story about Barbra Streisand that she went to a Chinese food restaurant and said she wanted "a little bit of everything" and they actually brought her "a little bit of everything!"  She's since asked Barbra if that story was true and Barbra says it isn't.  Rosie was excited to go to the new Tony Roma's near her but said it wasn't as great as she remembered it was.  She then remembered going to Sizzler's and Beefsteak Charlie's when she was younger and started to sing Those Were the Days with Janette.

Rosie was excited that Adele, one of her favorite artists, has a new album  coming out soon!  She asked Deirdre if she could get an advanced copy and Deirdre said it's on the way.  Apparently, Rosie plays Rolling In the Deep every morning before the show lately.  She asked Lou to play it for the listeners at home.  You can pre-order Adele's album 21 which will be released on Tuesday! 

Adele: Rolling In the Deep

For this game, each staff member wrote down their first celebrity crush and the staff had to guess which crush belonged to which staff member.  Jeannie has mentioned a million times that her first crush was Donny Osmond so she chose another one for this game.   Janette read all the crushes and asked the staff members to pair them up with who they thought selected them.  The celebrities were: Olivia Newton John, Samantha Fox, Christina Ricci, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Peter Frampton, Pernell Roberts, David Cassidy, Prince and Kate Jackson

Rosie guessed Bobby's was Kate Jackson and he said it absolutely was! He said he used to watch her on Dark Shadows and had a huge crush on her.  Rosie said Kate is a lovely woman and talked about how she helped her with her adoption.   
Jeannie guessed Peter Frampton was Deirdre's but that wasn't correct! 
Bobby guessed Deirdre's was David Cassidy and that was correct!  Deirdre said she fell in love with him during The Partridge Family
After looking up who Pernell Roberts was Rosie guessed he was Janette's crush and that was correct!  Everyone laughed because no one knew who he was or thought he was attractive.   
Jeannie revealed her crush was Prince and that she had a huge poster of him in her room growing up. 
The staff guessed Amanda's was Mark-Paul.  Rosie told Amanda that Mark-Paul was Shoshana's celebrity crush too!   
Pete guessed Rosie's crush was  Peter Frampton and he was correct.  Rosie said she loved his picture on the cover of the album Peter Frampton Comes Alive
James revealed his crush was Samantha Fox and he played a song by her. He said he used to try to sneak into the back of a store where there was a topless poster of her hanging up! 
Lou's crush was Olivia Newton John especially in Grease where she comes out wearing her leather pants!  He liked that she was a sweet girl who was a little bad too! 
And Pete's crush was Christina Ricci.

The staff played this game where Janette gives them 2 choices and they have to pick which choice they'd rather do.

Janette asked would you rather...
...have the power to read minds or make anyone fall in love with you? Bobby and Pete said read minds. Rosie thought it would be exhausting to read everyone's minds so she chose love. Janette wouldn't want to read everyone's thoughts about her so she chose love too.
...have your significant other catch you reading your journal or have your significant catch you writing bad emails to your significant other's ex (while posing as you)? Everyone discussed it and thought the bad emails to your significant other's ex would be easier to recover from then getting caught reading your significant other's journal. Rosie said either way it's a breech of trust and it's hard to recover from. Rosie said she's read her significant other's journal and had hers read and both are traumatic.
...spend the rest of your life as 63 years old or 13 years old? Rosie said 63 immediately because she has teens right now and wouldn't want to relive the angst of the teen years. Pete said 13 (because he is 13).
...work on a political campaign for someone you hate or lose your right to vote forever? Rosie said neither and ask to hear some of Bobby's made up questions.

Bobby read some of his made up "would you rathers" for humorous purposes. He asked the staff if they'd rather....

...lose their arm or win a million dollars? It was a tough one but Rosie chose the million.
...be hit by a blue Volvo or a black Saab? After debating which car was softer they chose the Saab.
...eat fresh dog dirt or fresh brownie? After some debating they selected brownie.

Then it was back to Janette's. She asked if they'd rather

....as a writer rather lose your life's work or have someone steal your idea and make a fortune? Rosie and the all the others said steal their idea but Janette said she'd rather lose it and recreate it herself then see someone else make a fortune of her work. She said it would eat her alive seeing someone else make money off something she wrote.
...live completely alone for one year or never be alone for one minute for one year? Jeannie, Bobby and Rosie said never have a moment alone because they're never alone anyway. Pete and Janette chose alone for one year because they both need their alone time.
...rather have one long thick eyebrow across your forehead or a massive amount ear and eye hair that cannot be removed? Rosie said NEITHER! and wouldn't answer. She asked Bobby to ask a few more of his.

Bobby asked would you rather learn Chinese or eat Chinese? Everyone laughed.
Rosie asked if you'd rather have your toe nails pulled off one at a time by an angry man or have a sundae at Friendly's? Everyone laughed again. Bobby or Pete? asked if you'd rather have your arms ripped off by a bear or watch the movie Funny Girl? Rosie didn't that that question was funny at all! Pete said he needed more time to think about it.

During this game the player heard a song and they had to guess what musical it was from.

Rosie heard a song from Jersey Boys and guessed it! 1 point
Pete heard a song from Oliver and guessed it. 1 point
Janette heard a song from Les Mis and guessed it. 1 point
Jeannie heard a song from Chicago and guessed it. 1 point
Bobby heard a song from Annie and guessed it. 1 point

Rosie heard a song from Little Mermaid and guessed it. 1 point
Pete heard a song from The Sound of Music and guessed it. 1 point
Janette heard a song from Rent but didn't know it. 0 points
Jeannie heard a song from Gypsy but didn't know it. 0 points
Bobby heard a song from Phantom of the Opera and guessed it. 1 point

Rosie heard a song from My Fair Lady and guessed it. 1 point
Pete heard a song from Wicked and guessed it. 1 point
Janette heard a song from Jesus Christ Superstar but didn't know it. 0 points
Jeannie heard a song from West Side Story and guessed it. 1 point
Bobby heard a song from Guys and Dolls and guessed it. 1 point

Rosie heard a song from Evita and guessed it. 1 point
Pete heard a song from Sweet Charity but didn't know it. 0 points
Janette heard a song from Annie Get Your Gun and guessed it. 1 point
Jeannie heard a song from Mama Mia but she didn't guess it. 0 points
Bobby heard a song from Sweeney Todd and guessed it. 1 point

FINAL ROUND - Rosie and Bobby!
James played two 30 second medleys of 6 different songs each and Rosie and Bobby had to quickly identify as many shows as they could in 30 seconds. In the end, Rosie missed 5 and Bobby missed only 2! Rosie bowed to Bobby's Broadway greatness and BOBBY WON THE GAME!

Rosie then introduced Emma Donoghue, the author of Room,who was calling in to the show from Ireland.  Emma said Room is the  seventh novel she's written and definitely the one that's been most successful.  Rosie told Emma how much she loved the novel and how she read the entire book in only one day.  Rosie and Emma discussed the premise of the book and how it's about a young boy who's in a room with his mother but doesn't know why.  He knows nothing else about the world except the room he is in and his mother.  The boy's mother doesn't want him to know that he's been born into captivity and she's a sex slave. 

Emma said the book is really about the parent/child bond.  She said everybody's childhood is small and weird and then they grow up, move out and realize there's a whole big world out there.  She loosely based the book on some criminal cases in the news that were similar but said it's mostly fictional.  She wanted the book to be about the "best cased scenario" for this situation and about the love story between a mother and child and not a thriller. 

Emma said she hopes to have the book optioned into a movie but said she's looking for the perfect director for it.  She realizes with the wrong angle the book could be made too sentimental and or a thriller and she doesn't want that.  Rosie talked with Emma about specific moments in the book that she loved.  Emma said she wanted to show how life for the boy was not perfect before when he was in the room or after they escaped from the room as in real life.  

Rosie talked with Emma about how they're both gay moms!  Emma has been with her partner for 17 years and said the book relates to her life because strangers sometimes see her own family with two moms as peculiar or lacking and they know there's nothing lacking at all.  Emma and her partner have two children ages 7 and 3. 

Emma is currently writing another book based on a true story about a woman in 1870 who keeps getting arrested for cross dressing and then is shot to death.  Rosie thanked Emma for calling in and recommended the book Room to all the listeners at home.  Rosie said the book is "full of heart and soul and a beautiful metaphor for life."

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw