2-21-11 - SNOW DAY!

Snow day today Rosie Radio fans!  Come join us on Facebook though to share and read each other's Rosie stories.  :)

Have a good one!


  1. Hi Kelly..I was looking forward to Rosie talking about WDYTYA..A couple of months ago when she talked about going to another
    laahhhnnd..I said myself " it must be Canada and wouldn't it be funny if she came to Montreal"..Well sure enough she did I can't believe she was here! I always thought she spoke French so well in the past! It was a great show!


  2. I wish I had a Meeting Rosie story but not yet! Maybe some day...I can dream. :)

  3. Oh wow, I grew up in Montreal. And I can't even watch Who Do you Think You Are. :( Does anyone have another link where perhaps I can watch it? I would love to.

  4. Rosie I am a NABET Union employee who works for Disney at abc. I was listening to your heated discussion with Pete Dominick and I agree with the reforms that unions should make about the dead wood they carry. But you're right on point with the coverage of the Wisconsin issue trying to bust unions. People should read the massacre at Matewan to understand what is at stake. This country has been taken over by those with monetary and political power which in essence goes hand in hand. I believe that Egypt did serve as the spark that has awakened the people of Wisconsin. This spark should serve to wake up all Americans to the fact that the wealthy has had the Congress, judges, state officials, bought and paid for since the Federal Reserve was established. Which was way before Reagan broke the air traffic controllers union. Please continue your righteous crusade for those who have no voice and dispell all the crap that the right propagandist (FOX) are selling the American people.

  5. Dear Annonymous: Its popular today to attack Fox News for everything that you don't like being said. If you are a Wisconsin teacher you know the truth. You know that people are being bussed in by Obama's political machine. There are huge problems with unions. They are corrupt and out for their own monetary gain. Unions have a image proglem in this country. Taxpayers have a right to have a say in what their government does with their money. Why do you think the Tea Party was formed? It has been villified by the left to keep the dissenting voice of the people quiet. Do you really think that if there was accurate coverage of Tea Party issues that Obama would be re-elected? I give governors credit that are trying to serve the people of their state by making tough decisions.