2-22-11 - Talking Wisconsin, the Middle East and Cuts in Early Intervention

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about how the snow feels never-ending in New York this year.  Jeannie had her family in the studio with her today and talked about the fun night she had with Lou on Saturday!  Jeannie, Lou, Lou's girlfriend Maral and Jeannie's husband Dan all went to a bar in New York City.  She said they had a "rip-roaring, pants-wetting good time." Jeannie's mother also broke her ankle this weekend after she slipped on the stairs and will need to have surgery.

Rosie asked the staff if they had seen the McGhee Sextuplets on Oprah yesterday.  She said this last year of the Oprah Winfrey Show is so moving it should be sponsored by Kleenex. 

Rosie wanted to MAKE IT CLEAR that she doesn't think Ashley Fink, the actress from Glee, is ugly.  She said she loves that show, it's a favorite of hers and she watches it with all her children!  What happened was, a heavy-set reporter interviewed her last week and asked her about the character on the show and the press has twisted her words.  Rosie told the reporter that every overweight person she knows has a severe reaction to the  story-line of the heavy character.  Rosie then quoted what Janette said and all the headlines read, "Rosie slams Glee!"  She said that's the OPPOSITE of what she said.  Janette agreed and said she was the one who made the comments about Glee, NOT Rosie.  Rosie adores Ryan Murphy, the show's creator and knows he has a direction for this character as he does with all his characters in his shows.  She said she feels very connected to Ashley Fink as an actress because they both struggle with their weight.   Janette was the one who thought the character could have been played by a prettier heavy person like an Adele or Brooke Elliot.  Rosie then talked briefly about how much she loves Adele's new album 21 and mentioned how she's breaking records.  Rosie said she was sick of being slammed for something Janette had said.  Janette, who was a very overweight teen, said everyone who watches the show and has had a weight issue brings their own neurosis to the analysis of it.  Janette said she was Lauren in school and she experienced her own anger issues when watching Glee.  She remembered never being noticed and a specific time she was sitting next to another girl who was heavy but prettier and a kid came up to them and said, "Well you're both fat but at least Sally is pretty."  Janette admitted she had trouble understanding this other reality where a kid like Puck would be interested in a girl like her.  Rosie and Janette both believe that Ashley Fink can probably sing very well and know that Ryan Murphy has something great in store for the character because he's a genius at what he does. 

Rosie talked very briefly about her interview with Joy Behar that aired last Thursday night.  She thought it was funny that Joy asked her if she's still gay at almost 50 years old.  She said there was a weird vibe in the beginning between Joy and herself but said she felt like it was edited well.  Rosie looked great on the program and she said Helene did her hair and makeup!  She also said Joy has great lighting on her show. 

Rosie tweeted while watching Who Do You Think You Are last week.  She said she couldn't get over the fact that she had such bad roots and needed a haircut.  She also said she looked like Buddy Hackett.  I just had to go look him up because I didn't know who that was and NO, SHE DOESN'T!  k...I'm calmer now.  She said she loved tweeting during the show and said it's her new favorite thing to do.  She's also enjoying her fake Twitter feud with Piers Morgan.  She assured fans the feud is jovial, entertaining, and has no negative feelings behind it.  Rosie said Piers is so full of himself that makes him endearing to her.  Rosie said she promised to do Piers' show if he stops asking every person he interviews "if they've ever been properly in love" or "if they could relive one moment what would it be."  Rosie said if he stops asking those questions she'll do his show in September before she goes to OWN. 

Rosie then wanted to talk about the enormity of what is going on in the Mideast and how it relates to what is happening in Wisconsin.  They talked about the many countries that are erupting now in protest including  Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen.  Rosie said she's frustrated with how Fox News provides biased coverage of what is happening in Wisconsin and said so are the protesters!  She played the audio of the clip below....

Fox Lies

Rosie thought the video was profound and said she loves it.  She is sick of Fox News lying and presenting their lies as facts.   Rosie took a caller who is disappointed at the Governor's budget amendment bill and that he's essentially dismissed collective bargaining rights to "balance the budget."  She felt his policies created the huge budget deficit in the first place!  Rosie took another caller who was a Union representative who is worried if his budget amendment passes there won't be any money left for any social causes in this country.  Rosie agreed and thought it was ironic that the Teabag protesters were there protesting on a Saturday.  She said the only reason they're allowed to be there on a Saturday and not out working is because UNIONS fought for the right to a 40-hour work week!  Rosie does take issue with Unions that support tenure for bad teachers.  However, she said to take away collective bargaining destroys the foundation of Democracy!  Janette said if what happens in Wisconsin passes other states like Ohio are considering the same thing.   Rosie took another caller who wanted to make the point that the Koch Brothers didn't put the Governor in office, the people did.  Rosie did not agree entirely with that argument because the Koch Brothers are such a huge donor for the Tea Party Movement.  Pete pointed out that the Governor barely won the majority vote.  Either way, Rosie said what's happening in Wisconsin is inspiring to her.  

Rosie then introduced Pete Dominick who hosts Stand Up with Pete Dominick on Sirius 110/XM 130 weekdays from 3-6pm.   Rosie started the interview by asking Pete, "Who is Governor Walker?"  Pete said Walker is a former County Executive in Wisconsin who supports the Tea Party Movement.  Pete said the Koch Brothers are huge contributors to Walker's campaign.  The Koch Brothers own Koch Energies and Consumer Products and a lot of what they produce needs oil.  Pete said they are "very anti anything that's pro-climate and pro-science."  They do not want rules and regulations that prevent them from being able to pollute and employ how they want.  Walker entered into his position with a financial surplus for the state.  Even though there was a projected budget shortfall, Walker made it worse because he cut taxes for the wealthiest citizens and the Corporations.  Taxes are revenue for the state and he didn't replace the revenue so he made the shortfall worse than it was.  Pete said the people paying for the problems of the state are not the ones who created the problem in the first place.  The people who created the problems are on Wall Street.  Pete said the one and only special interest that cares about Middle Class, 90% of Americans, are Unions. If Unions aren't spending money on political campaigns there won't be anyone advocating for the Middle Class. Pete said Unions make the Middle Class a stronger voice.  Pete also said if Unions no longer exist the Democratic party is finished and if this doesn't get worked out other states are next!  Rosie asked why the perception is that Unions are the bad guys nowadays?  Pete said it's because Unions have become an anecdote for everything that is wrong.  Everyone knows a story of a deal where a Union worker is getting paid more than they should, where they cannot be fired no matter how bad of an employee they are, etc.  And those negative anecdotes are dominating the conversation. 

Rosie felt in some cases, like in the Teachers Union, the Union can do harm.  Rosie expressed her frustration that we cannot fire horrible teachers because of the Unions.  Rosie loves teachers and was saved by a public school teacher but she does think Unions need to make some concessions.  Pete said it's really about politics not economics.  He said no one is advocating for teachers and what they need because there's no profit in public good.  He said politicians are owned by the special interests which cater to corporations. 

Rosie had a HUGE problem with the way our media is portraying governments of other countries as evil when OUR government has huge problems itself!  Pete agreed!  He said we should protest our government because it's not representing the majority of Americans. 

Rosie and Pete then got into a HEATED debate over whether or not our media is spending enough time highlighting what is happening in Wisconsin.  Rosie doesn't think it's getting much coverage on any of the networks and Pete completely disagreed.  They then got into a heated debate over what sells in newspapers.  Rosie is frustrated that the American media isn't spending more time on the problems of our nation and Pete said that's because it doesn't sell!  He said as long as news is for profit they will cover the stories that sells advertising. Rosie said we need to stop pointing to the "boogieman" again and again in other countries and focus on our own issues.  Pete said the boogieman sells and he asked Rosie why they don't have the New York Times in the checkout line at the grocery aisle.  He said because it's the glossy magazines that sell, not the news.

In the end Pete said if the Unions go away, no one will be advocating for the Middle Class. Rosie then yelled, "That's because FOX NEWS LIES and that channel is bullshit!"   Rosie was very frustrated that we don't have enough honest discussion about political issues anymore.  She said no media person has the weight or the power anymore and there's no freedom of the press.  Pete said that's partly because we have 1000 different choices for media and news today.  He said Americans need to turn off their TV's and radios and read the newspapers again. He said we're living in an atmosphere of 140 characters and people need to learn to read the whole story about what's going on.  Pete expressed his frustration that young Americans don't care about things affecting them.  Rosie said that's because Regan allowed the monopolization of the media and young people today don't see their voice as having any power! 

Pete recommended listeners listen to Sirius as a source for news because Sirius doesn't have to worry about ratings and sponsors.

Rosie was VERY fired up during this conversation.  She was yelling with passion!  Pete said he was so nervous afterward he was shaking.  I got all fired up listening too and needed to get up and pace around for a minute.  It was a passionate conversation.  Hope I did a good job recapping it for you all. 

Jeannie, who is a speech-language pathologist and works with kids under the age of 3 doing early intervention, had a topic she wanted to discuss.  She talked about the importance of early intervention and how the foundations of language learning are laid in the early years of life.  She referenced the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the cost benefit analysis that proves that early intervention is very cost effective.  Jeannie said she loves her job and mentioned a wonderful case she was working on recently that reminded her why she was called to do it.  She's been working with a preemie who was born at only 1.5 pounds between 5 and 6 months gestation.  This little girl is now 18 months old and not speaking at all.  Jeannie said after working with her for only a short time she's now learned to sign and imitate animal sounds!  This particular case reminded her how much she loves what she's doing. 

The next day she got an urgent email about Governor Cuomo's budget proposals that will threaten early intervention services.  Jeannie said she's a contract for service professional and only paid when she works.  She's basically an independent contractor who hasn't received a cost of living increase in 7 years!  In April of 2010 in  her profession they took a 10% decrease in pay.  Now, this new budget proposes an additional 10% decrease!  That's a 20% decrease in a 12 month period!  Jeannie said no other state agency has been hit that hard.

Jeannie said this proposal may force her to leave her profession completely.  She is already working even harder to recoup the first 10% decrease and with no cost of living increase, it will be impossible for her to continue to do her job. 

Janette asked what they can do.  Jeannie said lots of emails are going around from people in her profession and she mentioned a website for children's therapy professionals that suggested writing letters in protest of the budget proposal.   Jeannie asked listeners if they're a parent, a therapist or have are a friend of a family whose benefited from early intervention services, to write a letter or make a phone call.  Jeannie said they live paycheck to paycheck and these proposed cuts will make it impossible for them to make ends meet.  

  • Rosie took one caller from a listener in Canada who was a child who benefited from early intervention service.  She was shocked at the proposed cuts and said she now works in the school system as an aide.  She said  they shouldn't take away the funding because the children really need it. 
  • Rosie took another call from a listener whose background is in special education.  She said you can drastically see the differences between children who get services early and those who don't.  She warned if we privatize our services only children that can get afford to pay for it out of pocket will get it. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who was blind and also benefited from early intervention. 
  • She took a call from a listener who said that early intervention saved her daughter.  Her daughter was  mildly Autistic and thanks to early intervention she has been basically cured from all the symptoms. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who said cutting services will do a great disservice to children that need services.  She said the children will be the ones to suffer in the long run. 
  • Rosie took a call from a listener who is a speech therapist by profession.  She said 2 of her 3 kids have qualified and needed speech therapy themselves.  Both her kids have been put on wait-lists of over 100 kids. 
Janette announced that she'll be hosting Living Today on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius 112/XM 157 from 2pm-4pm for the rest of this week!  She said she's going to be talking about things that are of interest to her.  She was very excited!  You can see a schedule of her week HERELove you, Janette!  Good luck and we're listening!! 

For tomorrow's show, Rosie said she wanted to discuss last Friday's Oprah Winfrey Show about a boy with bipolar disorder.   Rosie said she thought it was the most amazing show Oprah's ever done and said she can't wait to talk about it tomorrow.

Rosie reminded listeners to watch Glee tonight and closed the show.

Rosie posted this on her Twitter after today's show...

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Rosie really needs to stop believing the "Waiting for Superman" propaganda.

    Bad teachers CAN and ARE fired (whether unionized or not) if they are deficient at their jobs. The problem is that too many school administrators (who often make 2-3 times as much as the best paid teacher in a district) are bad at *their* jobs.

    One needs evidence of neglect or misconduct to fire a teacher, and principals refusing to gather that evidence to support a charge of misconduct is the main reason poor teachers remain.

    Most good teachers also often leave on their own after getting burned out in the 1st few grueling years. In other words, the cream often curdles before it rises; what remains are sometimes lazy curds.

    Also, how does one decide someone is a bad teacher? Sometimes teachers get rooms full of bad students (unless they reside in the fanasyland of Lake Woebegone).

  2. Good Recap Kelly despite not being able to type out the emotion of that conversation with Pete.

    Let me tell you, it FIRED ME UP! I read the news blogs all day everyday and I keep up with the MSNBC shows in the evening because they share my liberal voice. Rosie was indeed yelling today and I felt like she had overheard the coversation I had with my BFF just this morning!

    It was amazing to hear Rosie tick off the list of things that the Republicans are wanting to take away from the union folks in WI!!! Lower their pay, lower or remove their retirement benefits and MOST IMPORTANTLY remove collective bargaining, which is going to destroy the middle class is this country.

    OMG it was amazing how much Rosie and I agreed that the Media is NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. The news today shouldn't be about the Middle East or Eqypt, it should be about America being destroyed from within by the conservative Tea Party movement funded by the Koch Brothers. And Fox News is leading the way! Make them stop!

    I am two yrs older than Rosie and she's right about our youth not knowing the truth and not having a voice!

    And I agree, unions do need to concede. One of the reasons that bad teachers are kept on is that they do the bare minimum and you want to know why? Because they will lose their health care if they lose their jobs! This health care debate is barbaric toward people of the middle class and those that eventually get sick!

    There are many reasons why there is suddenly a war against unions and that is because of the tea party and their fox news watching mouth breathers that don't want social programs in this country. They don't want the middle class to rise up because if they did, a true revolution would begin (if it hasn't already) and not only will the government be shut down but every single company in this country would shut down if a NON-UNION strike occurred nationwide.

    The middle class has been asked to give up nearly everything they worked for and have been hurt so much in the past 30 yrs and they are FED UP! Even here in the state capital of Indiana the Democratic party members have fled to Illinois to demand that the unions not get busted! The average pay of a union worker is 51k! The middle class built this country and made it great. They need to be heard and addressed, politely and with respect, not discarded like when the corporations took our jobs to third world countries and treat those people like slaves. Michael Moore has been preaching this for years!

    Why is it that NO ONE on Wall Street but Bernie Maddoff are in Jail? I tell you why because the middle class was told to sit down and shut up. Didn't Cheney just say that recently? But now we're mad as hell because we have nothing left to give up. I voted for Obama but he has not stood behind the Middle Class with this rape of our bargaining rights in this country. Do we have to get up and shout? I think so!

    Okay...calm down...I'm sorry for this very long rant but I have been yelling inside for 8 days (WI) and Rosie spoke very loudly for me today. Thank you Rosie and thank you Kelly!

    Lisa in Indy.

  3. I just have to agree with "The Myth" (although the irony is not lost on me, lol). Unions are not the problem with the education system. The problem is with parents, students and legislatures that promote standardized testing-bad teachers is the very smallest problem with the system.

    My state is proposing massive budget cuts in education, massive lay-offs, unpaid furloughs, and 38 student classrooms (even in elementary!). It's a scary time to be a teacher, and I fear that all the hostility towards them is what will be the end of good teachers.

    People have this kind of delusional idea that teachers are living the life...paid summers, long vacations, basically babysitting. That's all completely untrue. I'm taking my first teaching class this semester, and the stories I've heard are just...kind of horrendous. I've heard stories about teachers having nervous breakdowns after working for only !one! year. Teachers work long hours @ the expense of their own family, they work through the weekend, they take summer jobs to supplement their meager income, they get shit from students and parents and school officials all while trying to teach to a mandated test instead of teach to educate.

    So what is the gain in becoming a teacher? To keep a job? I could become a radiologist with less schooling and get paid 4x as much, with less hours, and less hassle. The standard pay in texas for teachers starts at 27k and ends at 45k (and that's after 20 yrs of service). That's hardly money most dreams are made of. The one and only gain in becoming a teacher is the possibility of changing the life of a child-whatever other reasons some might have for becoming a teacher, they are in the minority. Logically speaking, it makes no sense that teachers become teachers because they can't get fired. Most people don't want to *stay* in a job where they're unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid. They usually only do that if they *have* to. When you get a college education, you don't generally *have* to do any one thing. You have options.

    You know, I....feel.. for Rosie O'Donnell. She seems like a fantastic person and her passion is intoxicating and contagious. But I feel she is not just a little wrong on this issue, but a lot wrong. To focus on bad teachers and the supposed inability to fire them as the main problem of the education system is..... just wrong. That is far from where we need to start when we think about how to fix public schools.

    I haven't watched these school lotto documentaries, so maybe there is stuff I need to see. But I would love to see a documentary following the lives of some teachers/counselors like KellyG, who serve children and their parents far past the specified requirements her job entails, who takes her job home with her every night probably @ the expense of a personal life, who is a walking encyclopedia of gvt organisations that can help the students and their parents in her inner city school district, who goes so far as to help fund and collect a monetary handout from other teachers in her school so they can pay the lightbill of a student living in a home without electricity-doing all this simply because she loves to do it. I would love to see a documentary like that.

    Maybe that's what it comes down to. Maybe we only see what we want to see.

    Times are different than when Ro's mentor was a teacher. Teachers were more appreciated, they weren't as overworked, their classrooms not as full, their pay not as bad, and their curricula not as mandated.

    And that ends my passionate response. Sorry. It just feels personal, because it's a goal I'm working towards achieving, while also questioning if it's wise.

  4. Thank you so much for bringing up the issue with the impending cuts to the early intervention program. This service is necessary to help our children and decrease the number of children who receive school based special education services. This program works. We have the data. This would be the only area that would have a decrease (not a raise, no pension, no vacation or health benefits) of 10% twice in a year. These are professionals who work extrememly hard and and grossly underpaid to begin with. Many agencies have gone out of business as well because of the 10% hit and increased paperwork. Our best providers are being forced out because they can't make ends meet...this will have a catasrophic impact on the program and our most needy citizens, the children who have no voice!

  5. To Katherine:
    I too, wanted to be a teacher and found out how much they got paid, how many hours they put in, how funds got cut by the gov't so they had to buy the classroom supplies themselves and yet, you must have a master's degree to teach.
    And I thought, WTF?
    Why would I EVER agree to that? Hence, I'm not a teacher. I don't know why anyone would be and the facts speak for themselves. You are set up to fail, no matter what you do.
    Good Luck Sister. I respect you for trying.
    Lisa in Indy.

  6. You know, I was discussing this with friends today.. is that all this public sector, private sector, union talk is just..like, how does Rosie call it? Like, deflection from the real issue, smoke and mirrors type stuff? I can't think of the catch phrase.

    Everyone is mad because they're scared. Because of layoffs, lost pensions, 401ks cut in half, demotions, paycuts, etc, etc. But everyone who is proposing budget cuts every which where but where their political affiliation is most invested is fine. They are all doing fine. It doesn't matter if you're tea party, liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent-because the government is doing great watching the masses become hysterical and blame each other rather than blaming high level politicians with the power to stop spending in military, to stop spending in year round campaigning, to stop spending per diem and outrageous expense accounts, to stop taking bribes and pay to play in order to get more pay and power, to stop spending on homeland security and *countless* other completely unnecessary and proven ineffective gvt organisations, to just stop doing everything for money. And etc, and etc, and etc.

    Essentially, they're probably laughing their asses off while the "regular" people are pointing their finger toward their neighbor.

  7. If the guy in the factory gets laid off because of budget cuts, why not the teacher? I don't get it. People all over the land are angry because they don't have any money. Maybe teachers have to realize they are not any better than that guy in the factory. Just saying......

  8. The woman who calls people "fox news mouth breathers" said in the same post that she watches MSNBC because it shares her liberal voice. Is that not the same thing? You can't have it both ways. People should be allowed to watch whatever they like without being put down by those who prefer another slant on the news. Just my opinion, but isn't that what makes freedom of speech and freedom of the press so fantastic?

  9. Unless we're talking about natural selection, no one is better than anyone and I'm not sure that anyone has used that as a point of argument, anon 1. But a teacher is going to teach the guy in the factory how to be there, or how to be somewhere else. Not to mention the fact that there aren't enough teachers in the first place, so laying more off and loading more work onto already overworked teachers isn't really the best or most efficient solution. All it will do is cause more problems. Just saying...

    FYI-they're not talking about the guy in the factory getting laid off because he's a shitty worker. They're talking about him being laid off b/cuz we're in a recession (yet we all know it's b/cuz greedy corporate heads don't wanna pay him) The argument against laying off teachers is that they suck. So...not the best comparison-especially considering one is public sector and one is private. Apples and orange.

    Anon 2-Fox news lies. There's a difference in watching something because it shares your views and watching something that spreads lies. It's actually what makes freedom of press so detrimental to the American public.

  10. What a ride today! Great show. I love Rosie's passion. In the discussion with Pete Dominick, she just needed to narrow the focus because the main issue was a complicated one, and it would have been helpful to stay closer to the main topic and let Pete explain how citizens can act in order to help. (I agree with her take on the news industry, but, as Pete was asking, for their limited airtime today, that issue needed to be parked so that they could focus on the main one.)

    Re Early Childhood intervention, this is an issue close to my heart as my son benefitted greatly from it and I've seen what can happen to kids who don't get the timely assistance. Hoping for the best for Jeanne and her peers.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  11. I was a nervous wreck and sent hyper and irritated emails and texts that I then had to go back and smooth over I was so torqued up. It was super passionate..you did a great job. Hard to capture, to be sure.

  12. Oh Katherine, The guy in the factory and the teacher are the same. Not talking about anyone sucking at their job. Economics dictates employment in the private sector and should in the public as well. That is why your opposition is upset. People in all fields are doing more work than ever before because the work force is reduced. Teachers are not above it all, even if they think they are. It does strike me funny that all the people that complain about Fox News must be watching it, because they seem to know a lot about the shows.

  13. To those that watch Fox News and are offended by my 'mouth breather' comment, maybe you need to READ your news instead of believing whatever it is that Fox broadcasts. The truth is that Fox News watchers are the least informed and most misinformed news watchers on the planet (because they are broadcast worldwide).


    They, in fact, do lie, deceive and make shit up. If you don't know that, then you are being lazy and Un-American in your search for the truth. Turn off that channel and get your news on-line and realize you are being used, abused and misled and then come back here and apologize for believing their lies. Because if you were truly American, you would have already turned them off and learned the truth without the need for guns to prove your point.

    My Mother always warned me that my mouth would get me in trouble which is kinda like Rosie. And if you listen to Rosie, then admit your curiosity in the truth because it will set you free. :-) And that's the sign of a true Patriot.


    I watch Rachel Maddow every night (if possible) and I'm proud to admit it. She is a Rhodes Scholar and earned a PhD whereas Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity are both college drop outs. Tell me honestly which you would prefer to believe? A person that has achieved a PhD or a drop out?

    Thanks for posting Kelly.
    G'night everyone.
    Lisa in Indy

  14. Rosie -- On behalf of the children who have no voice, the parents who may not realize they have a voice, and the providers of Early Intervention services across the state of New York, we say thank you for the attention you had given Early Intervention on your show today.
    There is much more to say and we would ask your listeners to sign our petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/WhatNYSEINeedsMrGovernor/
    and join our efforts at http://UnitedNYEIProviders.weebly.com to register and support out efforts.

    Leslie Grubler MA, CCC-SLP, TSHH
    Founding Director, UNYEIP
    United New York Early Intervention Providers (UNYEIP)
    FACEBOOK: United New York Early Intervention Providers
    PH: (347) 853 4241
    CELL: 917 355 5060
    FAX (718) 224 0103

  15. Sorry, one more response...the guy in the factory didn't have to go to college and get a master's degree to teach children, now did he?

    I respect all that work in factories because both of my parents worked in factories raising me. But neither of my parents had college degrees. They graduated from high school so therefore, they shouldn't make more than college grads no? But oftentimes, those factory workers in this country do make more and that's just messed up and unfair. If you must maintain your education to teach, then by Gawd, you should get paid more for that education and be compensated for the commitment it takes to get that degree and maintain it.
    Lisa in Indy

  16. All news has a slant and sometimes appears misleading. That includes fox, CNN, msnbc, hln, and the rest. Once someone disagrees with you though, they are anti-intellectual or just falling for lies? Rhetoric like that needs to stop on both sides, as healthy debate is good for our country.

  17. Wowser. Well, anyway. Great Recap as always Kelly. I can come here and see what I missed. I remember Mrs. Fowler in first grade who believed in me, a shy frightened little girl who didn't want to go to school. And then there was Miss Mary in Second grade who shut me in the classroom closet for crying. Lucky for me I had Mrs. Fowler again for sixth grade. She probably saved my life. Now Miss Mary should have never been a teacher. All I have to say.

  18. Regarding Early Intervention it always seems like the big issue remains the fact that the people making the decisions can not look at the big picture and the long term results but only the immediate impact. The truth is that in the long run early intervention saves money and is so valuable to a child's future school success and finally their contribution to society (or lack of burden on society). I work as a speech pathologist in an early intervention program and the progress children at this age can make is remarkable and greater than at any other time in life. I strongly believe that if we were to invest more (money and respect) into early education including high quality daycare, many of the school issues we are seeing would be greatly improved. We can not undervalue the development that occurs in all children in these early years. It would be in our best interest to harvest this natural period of growth to produce the best results possible. Sorry for rambling but this is an issue that always gets my juices flowing.

  19. hey kelly and other rosie fans,

    floved today's show! the intensity and passion were wonderful, as was the presentation of so much important - and often neglected - information and perspectives.

    rarely do i disagree with ro, but in regards to teachers & unions, i definitely have a different point-of-view. my mother was a teacher in an inner city high school for over 30 years - its own kind of war zone, for sure.

    and here's a useful critique of 'waiting for superman' from 'the nation':

    agree that the media did not (does not) cover things like protests at the RNC - even in 2008, regular activists (i'm talking greenpeace types of folks) were raided by the FBI the *day before* their planned protests (for which they had permits!), and they arrested folks, took their cameras, computers, etc. these kinds of things go on all the time, still (see the committee to stop fbi repression's web site, here: http://www.stopfbi.net/)

    loads of activism and resistance goes on all the time; as rosie alluded to, since the 1970s, the dominant culture learned: don't show the images, because - like the images of bodies from war - they inspire folks to resist oppression and exploitation.

    and now, a bit of a shift...off to watch dvr'd 'glee' in anticipation of the show's discussion of it tomorrow...

    in solidarity,

  20. Rosie,
    First I have to say that I absolutely loved you on Who do You Think You Are! You looked great and I loved seeing you.

    Secondly I HATE that you are leaving Sirius I listen to you all day long every day especially when you had Byron Katie in I love listening to Self Help stuff my favorite book is "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" I think you'd love this book a lot!

    Third, I had a tough time listening to you yell yesterday and I had to shut my Sirius off until I thought the yelling might be over, sorry but it was tough. But I still love you and wish you would stay on Sirius.

    Love love love you,

  21. Oh anon (whichever number) my opposition is upset because they're scared and they think if they have to endure "hard times" (while not being realistic about what hard times actually is), everyone should have to. That's not the way this world works, or ever has. Ask a millionaire.

    But what makes *me* upset is people like you who insert a position not mine to own. What teacher do you know that says or acts like they are "above it all". That's a insulting, ludicrous, and offensive statement, and a position maybe YOU feel, but isn't a position you should tack on to someone else-people being "better" than one another isn't anyone's position, afaik. What you're doing is strawmanning, a the only time people make strawman arguments is when they have no other argument of merit.

    And now I'm getting pissed off, so I'm gonna peace out of this "debate".

  22. Wow! I was busy with other things this week and didn't get a chance to read the blog. Glad I decided to get caught up! I was reading in reverse order so I knew before I started reading that this was a hot topic.

    I only have one comment on the topic - The Tea Party is trying to give us a "shut up and go to your room" attitude and I for one will not stand for it. I have a voice - I want to be heard. I live in a non-union state (FL) and can report that we have TERRIBLE wages with respect to the cost of living. We have no voice in FL - Corporations rule and scams run wild. I'm also not in total agreement with some unions but how else will we be heard?! Support the people of WI and the rest of the country and get these Tea Party people out of office! Vote them out in 2012!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  23. I have always been a big fan and I agree with most of what Rosie said expect for the part on teachers. I just want to inform Rosie that the President of the National Teacher's Unions, Randi Weingarten has worked with states on making concessions on streamlining the firing process of teachers, but that's not where a majority of the education problem lies. The states that don't have union protection don't have better education programs and schools. Schools that work with teachers and unions have the best scores. Unions and tenured teachers are not the problem. Do concessions need to be made? Yes and they are being made but bad teachers are not a bulk of the education problem.
    Furthermore, Waiting for Superman, is not accurately representing the problem. When they present Charter schools as the solution they are not saying that charter schools get to choose their students and parents. They might start as a lottery but then they expel students that test low, or are behavior problems, leading to a segregation of the student population; segregation by income and ability.