2-23-11 - Deconstructing Yesterday's Show, Oprah, Glee and Ashley Fink

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast discussing her passionate conversation she had with Pete Dominick yesterday about what's happening in Wisconsin and how the media isn't giving it enough coverage.  Rosie said she wouldn't have thought twice about yesterday's conversation if Vivi hadn't had come into the studio after the show and asked her about it.  After the broadcast, Vivi came up to Rosie and asked her why she didn't just hang up on that man she was fighting with on the air?  Rosie explained to Vivi that she wasn't fighting, she was just talking loudly but Vivi didn't buy it.  Vivi said it sounded to her like Rosie was really angry and yelling at the man.  Rosie wanted to listen back to some of the audio from yesterday and see what she sounded like.  They played some and Rosie said she could barely listen to herself!  She wanted to know why no one in the studio warned her and told her to calm down a bit or take a deep breath.  Rosie said the scary part about yesterday was that she couldn't tell at the time she was even yelling.   She asked Bobby, who Rosie has known for years and said they're often on the same page about things, why he didn't tell her to calm down.   Bobby said he didn't think she was yelling, she was just being loud.  He said he's heard her yell before and that was just being loud.  Janette didn't say anything to Rosie about it at the time because she was enjoying the passionate conversation and thought it made for great radio.  At no time did she think Rosie was angry, she just thought she was impassioned.  Rosie said after she listened to the audio again, it reminded her of the time she was on The View and she wished someone in the studio would have told her to bring it down a little.  She said she's going to leave her Twitter feed open now during the show so she can get feedback from listeners now.  To see what listeners are writing in to Rosie search "@rosie" in the search field on Twitter or CLICK HERE  Rosie said her publicist Cindi Berger is really good at telling her when she needs to calm down.  Janette said she's done that with Rosie before but didn't see the need for it yesterday because we need passion on this topic.

She mentioned an interview Andrea Mitchell did with Donald Rumsfeld where she calls him out on all his lies.  Rosie got so frustrated watching Rumsfeld smile and feign ignorance.  Pete read some of Rumsfeld's statements from the interview and how he denies and deflects responsibility when he was Secretary of Defense for the Bush Administration. 

Rosie was also frustrated to see Anderson Cooper last night when he didn't make one mention of what is happening in Wisconsin.  She turned on Lawrence O'Donnell  and called him her "new boyfriend."  Rosie is quite annoyed that Rachel Maddow feels she can have a life and take a vacation (joke people) and said she really needed to hear her thought on what is happening!  She laughed and said she "needed her and she was not there for me."  She did enjoy Lawrence's show on MSNBC though and how he spent an entire hour talking about what is happening in Wisconsin.   She talked to Janette who has never seen Glenn Beck before about his inane program.  She compared Beck to a comedy sketch or skit and cannot believe that people actually buy his lies.   Every time Rosie mentions Beck or how we've lost the fourth estate of the media I think of the book 1984 and the phrase newspeak: the dumbing down of the American public to reinforce total dominance of the State.  They then played the audio of Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with Lena Taylor, a Senator from Wisconsin, about what is going on in her state.  Rosie also saw an ad she liked from the Firefighters Union in Wisconsin.  The Firefighters Union supported the Governor and despite the fact that they are exempt from his proposed budget cuts, they are standing in support of all Unions.  See the ad below....

Rosie then took several callers on the topic of Unions.  Most callers agreed with Rosie that we need to support Unions, but one caller called in to tell Rosie she did not agree with her.  This caller thought Unions act entitled and makes workers feel entitled to special treatment. Her husband works in a Union for a manufacturing plant and they are anti-Union. Rosie defended Unions to the caller and said Unions are the reason we have a 40 hour work-week, overtime, etc.  She said without Unions no one would be protecting the Middle Class.  She recommended the caller see Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, Made in Dagenham and Norma Rae.   She asked the caller who is going to hold corporations responsible if Unions don't.  The caller insisted that Unions once had a place in bargaining for workers rights, but there is no place for them in today's society.  Pete said with corporations financially supporting politicians and getting them elected, there are no guarantees that the protective measures Unions have worked so hard to ensure will remain in place.  He said we need Unions to ensure workers' rights.

Janette said the show yesterday was an eye-opener for her.  Rosie said we're just now seeing the affects of when President Regan ruined the fourth estate by allowing media to be corporately owned.  To her, it seems as though it's the end of Democracy.  And with a totally purchased electorate, and no Unions to speak for the Middle Class, she feels it could be horrific for everyone involved.   

Did you miss the Rosie O'Donnell shout-out on yesterday's Glee?  CLICK HERE to see it!    Rosie was happy when she heard the Rosie cruise mention.  Bobby loved it too and he loved last night's episode.  He liked everything about it from the way it was shot, to the clever way they dealt with the subject matter.  He liked how they showed the problems that occur from drinking without seeming "preachy."  Rosie liked it too and said when you drink as an adult to celebrate, or deal with stress or sadness, your children are going to notice.  She liked how they brought that up in last night's episode too.  As for Rosie, she removed all alcohol in her house when her kids became teens.  She didn't want there to be any temptations for them to sneak it like she used to do from her parents.  The other night though she really wished she had a beer in the house!  lol  Deirdre also liked the subtle way they dealt with drinking in last night's Glee though she could see parents being upset about it.  Rosie took some calls on the topic.  One caller didn't want her kids to see it because she said she was the same way in high school and doesn't want her kids to be like her.  She was worried they would now ask her about it and she would have to lie to them.  Rosie asked her not to lie to her kids about her own experiences and said lying to them will only make them feel shame when it happens to them.  She advised the caller she should just explain to  her kids that she made some bad choices as a teen and hope they learn from her mistakes.  Rosie took another call from a listener who loves Glee and said it had sparked many great conversations with her and her 10 year old daughter.  For example, when one of the characters got pregnant and was kicked out of her house, her daughter asked her if she were to ever get pregnant if her mom would kick her out!  Rosie said that episode made her daughter ask her the same thing.  Rosie took a final call from a listener whose daughter is a theater major who keeps getting crushes on boys who are obviously going to grow up and be gay.  She really loved that storyline in last night's episode.  Rosie said her 8 year old daughter was frustrated watching last night's episode about the character struggling with his sexuality.  Vivi thought he was so obviously gay!

Rosie spoke to the staff about last Friday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show where she interviewed a little boy dealing with rage issues and bipolar disorder.  Rosie thought it was an amazing episode and she thought the part when Oprah spoke to the boy alone was very moving.  Rosie Radio played the audio from the episode so the members of the staff and listeners at home could hear it.  Rosie loved how Oprah let the boy know that she too has to surround herself with white light to keep away negative forces.  Janette thought it was also profound and wondered if the boy, because of his extreme sensitivity, is seeing things we simply don't pick up on?  She said it can almost make you question what is reality.  Rosie agreed and thought the interview was moving and chilling.

She took several calls on the topic.  One caller has a daughter who's now a teenager who has suffered with rage issues since she was 6 years old.  The caller spoke to Rosie about her daughter and said she protected her until she could protect herself.  She said she chose to see her daughter as one of the Indigo Children rather than a child with a disability.  Rosie spoke to another caller who has a child with Asperger's Syndrome who suffered from rage episodes.  With medication and therapy, her daughter has been able to overcome her rage episodes and thrive.  She also believed in surrounding themselves with positive energy before they go out and finds that strategy very helpful. 

Rosie was frustrated that Ashley Fink, the actress that plays Lauren on Glee, now thinks Rosie doesn't like her!  Pete read the comments that Ashley is now making about what reportedly Rosie has said about her.  Rosie was so frustrated and Tweeted Ashley during the program to apologize (see below).  Rosie said she sees herself in Ashley Fink and she thinks she's a beautiful girl!  She's assuming that Ashley has a great singing voice and is waiting for her to have her "Susan Boyle moment."  Here's the Twitter conversation that followed...

Rosie said when she saw the video of Zach Walls speaking about his experience of being raised by gay moms, she also found a video of a woman speaking about her gay son.  Rosie thought the woman in the video was so cute and adorable, she wanted to have her on the show!  Here's the video...

Rosie then introduced Jeanne Argos onto the program!  Rosie told Jeanne how much she loved her video and they discussed her son and when she found out he was gay. Jeanne said when she saw Zach Walls' video  she wondered why others weren't coming forward in support of gay marriage.  She said all we ever hear about are those speaking out against it and she wanted to come out and speak for it.  Jeanne said her son took the video for her but the thoughts and opinions are hers.  Her video has now been seen over 250,000 times in just over a week!   

Rosie and Jeanne talked about her son being gay and how he came out to her.  Jeanne said after her son came out to her she first felt angry and hurt and as if she had done something wrong.  It took her about six months to get used to the idea but she's fully supported him ever since.  It wasn't easy for her husband to accept either but he too now fully supports their son.  Jeanne said if children are gay and they're free to say they're gay then parents have an obligation to stand up with them in support.  Rosie told Jeanne how great her video was and how she wished she was her mom and thanked her for coming on the show to share her story. 

Very briefly, Rosie mentioned the news-story that Lady Gaga is selling an exclusive edition of her 'Born This Way' album at Target in exchange for Target agreeing to donate money to LGBT charitable organizations and work to correct some of the mistakes they've made in the LGBT community in the past. Rosie liked the deal and said it speaks to the power of her popularity.

During this game, James named the supporting characters on television sitcoms and the player had to guess the sitcom.  If they could guess it with one clue they would get 3 points, with two clues they would get 2 points and with three clues they would get 1 point. 

Rosie: Uncle Leo.  She guessed Seinfeld for 3 points.
Pete: Principal Skinner. He guessed The Simpsons for 3 points.
Janette: Christopher Moltisanti.   She guessed The Sopranos for 3 points.
Bobby: Cousin Oliver, Sam the Butcher.  He guessed The Brady Bunch for 2 points. 
Shoshana: Aiden Shaw, John Mr. Big Presley.  She guessed Sex And the City for 2 points.

Rosie: Stretch Cunningham.  She guessed Happy Days but was wrong so she got 0 points.  It was All In the Family.   
Pete: Rosario Salazar, Jack McFarland, and Karen Walker.  He didn't know it was Will and Grace for 0 points.
Janette: Mrs. MGillicuddy, Ralph and Betty Ramsey, Ethel Mertz. She guessed Lucille Ball for 1 point.
Bobby: Joey Gladstone, Becky Donaldson and (missed it).  It was Full House but he didn't know it. 0 points
Shoshana: Stanley Zbornak, Salvatore Patrillo, and Rose Niland.  She guessed Golden Girls for 1 point. 

Rosie: Reverend Alden, Harriet and Nells Olsen.  She guessed Little House on the Prairie for 2 points.
Pete: Wilson Wilson Junior, Al Borland, and Brad, Randy and Mark Taylor.  He guessed Home Improvement for 1 point.
Janette: Clarence Lumpy Rutherford.  She guessed Leave It to Beaver for 3 points.
Bobby: Frank Defazio.  He guessed Laverne and Shirley for 3 points.
Shoshana: Natalie Green.  She guessed the Facts of Life for 3 points. 

JANETTE WON WITH 7 POINTS!  It was the second time she's EVER WON A GAME! 

Rosie said she's working hard to try and eat healthy lately.  She's walking more and watching what she eats.  She's a bit annoyed that things like raisins and almonds are considered cheating on her diet though.  She revealed she's weighing herself every day and Janette told her not to do that because she'll get frustrated and quit.  Bobby said he weighs himself every day to keep himself on track.  Rosie said she finds herself moving around on her digital scale to see if it comes up with another number.  Her friend Ruby does that too.  Then she stepped on it and it was reading kilograms and she thought she was getting to be anorexic!  Tracy helped her fix it. 
Rosie closed the show saying she's going to Miami this weekend and really looking forward to it.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Gotta love twitter! Rosie reaching out directly to Ashley in order to clarify, apologize and spread the love perfectly communicated her good intentions (while the media was trying to set up a fight). Loving Ashley for seeing past the media BS and for being confident enough in herself to accept Ro's true intentions and offer friendship. Politicians could learn a few things from these strong women!

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. Love the PINK INK today, Kelly!

    : ) P

  3. When I get passionate about a subject like politics or gun control laws or in this case, supporting unions, I get loud too. I think some would say I'm yelling too! If it was yelling, then I'm going to say I love Rosie even more because we share that passion. I would normally shut off yelling also as one commenter stated on yesterday blog.

    In case you didn't know, they stopped the 'right to work' union busting bill in Indiana today and fired the Asst Attorney General that tweeted that live ammo should be used to shut up the union supporting liberals in WI. And Obama stated DOMA was unconstitutional. It was a beautiful day of democracy in the USA.

    Thanks for your hard work Kelly, I don't know how you do it everyday. Your update is always there by 4pm. Good work!

    Lisa in Indy

  4. Unions donated $400 million + to Obama's campaign. The president of the AFL CIO is at the White House twice a week minimum. Unions got him elected. Of course, he needs to protect them for his re-election. He would not have been president without them. There are two sides to most issues. Sometimes you need to take a step back.

  5. Nah, that wasn't yelling. Yes, you were raising your voice, but it was just you being passionate. I'm often hushed because I raise my voice whenever I'm upset or feel very passionate about something and I HATE IT! Some of us are just like that so deal with it!

    BTW, just saw your episode of Who do you think... Wow, very good. Why didn't you talk more about it? It was very sad to see how your ancestors lived in Ireland - I had never heard of "workhouses."

    ML in SoCal