2-24-11 - Rosie Addresses Rumors and Reveals Her Oscar Predictions

In case you missed it...

Rosie was happy to report that she'll be in Miami this weekend!  She's actually there today because this show was pre-taped earlier in the week.  Rosie and the staff were discussing an article about a woman who attacked her roommate for eating her Thin Mints!  Everyone in the studio loves girl scout cookies though I'm not sure any of them would resort to violence to get some.  Rosie talked about her love of Samoas and wondered how many calories it is to eat an entire box?  Pete talked about how his daughter is a Daisy Scout, one of the youngest of the Girl Scout branches.  She alone sold 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!  Pete then described their sales plan where he stood out of the line of sight of the person at the door so that the customer was only dealing with his cutie-patootie daughter.  Pete was sure it helped sales when the person didn't see him.  Rosie, who was a Brownie when her mother was alive, remembered selling Girl Scout cookies and then wanting to eat them all when the order came in.  Deidre was never a Girl Scout but Shoshana was and Shoshana talked about the great life lessons you learn doing sales for Girl Scouts. 

Bobby talked about the latest problems facing the Broadway production of Spider-man.  It is now rumored that the show will not even officially open in time for the Tony Awards.  Rosie and Bobby both think the show's director, Julie Taymor, is a genius and they both have faith in her.  Rosie loved The Lion King on Broadway when she first saw it and thought it was incredibly innovative and unbelievable.  Bobby said he's had friends who loved Spider-man and friends who hated it.  He wanted to wait until it was out of previews but he thinks he might see it this weekend to make his own opinion.  He doesn't think it's fair for a Broadway show to be reviewed by critics before it's out of previews and technically finished.  Rosie said that because of the Internet, you can't keep the word on anything quiet these days.  She said it's changed the world and how we get information.

Rosie went on to talk about her own relationship with Tracy and the rumors that they've ended things.  She said her relationship with Tracy is just that, a relationship and it's a life in progress.  She said it's not public, it's her life and she doesn't feel the need to share every piece of her life with the world.  Rosie said the Internet has changed the way we expect and demand information today and has also been responsible for enormous changes in the world.  Rosie mentioned how Rachel Maddow was on Jay Leno last night talking about how Facebook affected the uprising in the Mideast.  Rachel thinks Americans attribute Facebook for the uprising but she said that's just something Americans hold on to when they're not familiar with a particular situation.  Pete discussed how the Mideast used Facebook as a network where they could upload pictures and videos.   

Rosie recalled three years ago when she and Kelli broke up and how none of it hit the media until it was over.  Bobby said a lot of people he knew/talked to were upset when they found out they didn't know about  Rosie's split until two years after they broke up.  Rosie said her life was in progress and there was no specific day when it ended, per se.  She said that's the same with now.  There's no announcement to make, it's just her life and she's living it.  She said any more information than that she's not willing to give.  Rosie said sometimes being a public person can be a pain.  She warned Tracy of this when they first started dating and a picture of the two of them was printed in the press.  Now Tracy's reading all the articles out there about their breakup and Rosie told her not to read them!  She told her to just live her life and not read all the rumors.   She said you can explain to a person about what it's going to feel like to "become famous" but until you've had it happen to you personally, it's really hard to know what it's going to be like.  She said eventually you have to let it (what all the media says) go and just live your life.

Rosie recalled the first time she read a review for her standup.  The reviewer said aside from her annoying habit of laughing at her own jokes, she was mildly funny.  Bobby's first bad reviewer said he "wouldn't wear those clothes on a bet!"  Rosie remembered when she was filming League of Their Own and she had made a comment about Madonna and Rosie was quoted in the newspaper!  She remembered thinking, "Since when does anyone care what I said?"  Rosie said when you become a public person everything you do becomes news.  That really happened for her when the TV show aired.  All the press about her was mostly nice in the beginning and then it all turned.  Rosie said when she was labeled the "Queen of Nice" on a Newsweek cover she held it up and said, "This is going to come back to bite me in the ass."  Rosie said  every wave hits the shore and that is the same for fame. She said no one can be heralded as this amazing, funny, kind, perfect person all the time.  Rosie said Tracy watches her Twitter feed and sees the evolution of people going from adoration to disgust with her in their own tweets to her.  She said they start telling her how much they love her.  Then they ask for her to follow them. Then they ask if she doesn't see them.  Then they ask if they're blocked.  And then they tell her how much they hate her and tell her how they're not following her anymore because she won't respond to them!  She said the evolution of fan to celebrity is right there in real time.  Rosie said that is what happens to you when you're famous, people expect something from you and when you don't deliver, they turn on you. 

Rosie said with her blog she at least got to select the questions and comments she would allow everyone to see but with Twitter it's all right there for everyone to read.  Rosie's blocked some people who were writing particularly rude comments to her too.  She said it's been interesting to see what happens when she responds to a non-celebrity and how that person feels as if they've been chosen by you and how others now respond to them. She said it's a strange exploration in study and fame in America.  And she's only been on Twitter for two weeks!  Deirdre said some famous people don't even do their own Twitters!  She said many celebrities hire people to do their tweeting and use it for mostly promotional purposes.  Bobby said he's sure his beloved Cher does her own tweeting though.  Shoshana said Joan Rivers was asked why the fans never see Joan tweeting on her reality television show and said that's proof it's not really her tweeting on her account.  Joan's response to that was fans don't see me flossing or going to the bathroom but she does that too. 

During this game the staff each read 3 statements.  Two statements were true and one was a lie.  They had to identify which statement was the lie.   

I was a certified junior SCUBA diver.
I am a certified food handler in 3 states.
I once sold newspapers for Reverend Moon. 
The lie was he is a certified food handler but for only TWO states. 

I failed my first driver's license test because I passed a school bus with its flashing lights on.
I stole sneakers from a department store.   
I killed a bird with a shotgun.
Everyone guessed the lie was that she stole and they were right!

I was once on the Bozo the Clown television show.
I'm really a brunette.
I was the member of the Jelly Belly Taste Club.
Almost everyone said the Bozo statement was a lie but she's actually not a brunette.   

I love Chilean sea bass.
I kissed a stranger on the street.
I went to the Eiffel tower.
The "kissed a stranger" statement was a lie.  Rosie has been to the Eiffel Tower and loves Chilean Sea Bass.

When I was a kid, I had a pet monkey.
I was an extra in a Jay-Z video.
I almost got caught in an avalanche.
The lie was she was in the Jay-Z video.   

I had a panic attack in a concentration camp.
I once broke a finger in a horse back riding accident.
I don't own a tie.
Bobby said he's never had a broken bone and never ridden a horse.  That was the lie.  

I once puked on Patrick Ewing in a movie theater.
I hate yams.
My first girlfriend cheated on me with both my brothers and another guy.
The Patrick Ewing comment was a lie!  That actually happened to his brother!

I was once scouted by an adult film agency.
I once broke my hand in bar fight.
I won $5000 in scratch off lottery.
The lie was that he broke his hand in a bar fight.

I was suspended in high school for a week.
I rarely talk to my parents.
I used to want to be a professional trumpet player.
The lie was that she doesn't talk to her parents.  She talks to them everyday! 

Before Rosie gave her Oscar predictions they discussed the Melissa Leo ad campaign.  Rosie said Melissa Leo took some beautiful photos of herself, all glammed up, to the point where she doesn't look anything like herself.  The ads are to get people to "consider" her for the Oscar.  Bobby thought the ads kind of sound like begging.  Rosie wondered why Melissa needed to even do the ads when she's winning every award she's getting nominated for.  Deirdre was surprised when she saw them and thought they seemed out of character.   Rosie thought the only reason she wouldn't win now are because of the ads and thought they were a little odd.

Rosie's then gave her Oscar predictions!

Best Actor:  Rosie thinks Colin Firth.
Best Supporting Actor: she said either Geoffrey Rush or Christian Bale.
Best Actress: Rosie said Annette Bening because of her body of work but maybe not this film in particular. 
Best Supporting Actress: Rosie said Melissa Leo.  Bobby thinks Amy Adams. 
Animated Feature: Toy Story 3
Art Direction: Rosie said Inception, Bobby thinks Alice in Wonderland.
Cinematography: Inception
Costume Design: Alice In Wonderland
Best Director: King's Speech
Documentary Feature: Rosie and the staff hope Gasland wins.
Makeup: The Wolfman
Original Song: Tangled but Rosie and Bobby thought it should have been Cher's song which wasn't nominated.
Visual Effects: Inception
Adapted Screenplay: Rosie said Social Network but Bobby thought 127 Hours

Rosie was happy Glee actress Ashley Fink tweeted her back and they made plans to do karaoke together! (see yesterday's blog post for their twitter conversation)  Rosie LOVES her. Rosie recently went to a karaoke bar with her friend Jennifer Hutt but said they arrived just as an office party was wrapping up.  The place wasn't very big and drunk people kept coming up to Rosie and telling her stories of how they used to watch her on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when they were 4!  Rosie did some very funny drunkard impersonations of people asking if they could buy her a drink.  She said her friend Jennifer sang a lot but she didn't.  She said she would sing with Ashley Fink though!  Bobby said they should go to Don't Tell Mama's Piano Bar and sing together!

Speaking of piano bars, remember this scene from League of Their Own with Rosie?  lol

During this section of the show each staff member remembered something they did when they were a kid that got them into trouble.  Deirdre shared a story about a time when she took her father's Lincoln Town Car out on the FDR when she was only 16 years old!  She didn't have a license yet and ended up getting into a fender-bender.  She said her father isn't much of a yeller and he didn't talk to her for a year after that episode.  When he was 16, Pete once climbed up onto the roof of a moving car and FELL OFF.  He got a concussion and was not allowed to go to any after school activities for a month.  Bobby didn't do anything really bad as a kid.  The worst thing he would do was rearrange furniture when his parents would leave the house.  So every time his parents would leave his mother would say, "And don't rearrange the furniture!"  So, one time, he decided to play softball in the house and threw a ball through a window!  His father was so pleased he was throwing a ball he didn't get punished for it. 
Shoshana was once joking around with a friend over Instant Messenger that they were stalking some girl who lived in Washington D.C.  At 3:00 in the morning the D.C. police called her parents!  Shoshana remembered being so annoyed that no one can take a joke!  Rosie couldn't think of time she really got into trouble.  She and her friends got into a rumble once but she never did anything bad.  She used to take money out of her father's wallet to sneak and see a Broadway show but never got caught doing it.  Lou said he was the "good twin" so he told a story about his twin brother.  On a senior trip to Ellis Island, Lou's brother carved their last name onto the list of people who went through Ellis Island!   He got detained along with his brother as the Senior class left the island and sang, "Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye." 

For this game Pete interviewed his daughter (who is 6) and their neighbor (who is 9) and asked them to describe a T.V. or movie.  The player had to guess the movie or show they were describing.  Pete played the actual audio of the kids describing the shows and if the player needed only one clue they would get 3 points, two clues they would get 2 points, and one clue they would get 1 point.

Jeannie: #1 "A lady teaching kids about the notes of music."  She guessed The Sound of Music and was correct! 3 points
Shoshana: #1 "A boxer who found a wife starts out on the street."  She guessed Rocky and was correct! 3 points
Rosie: #1 "A guy named Doc asks Marty to come down to a parking lot."  She guessed Back To the Future and was correct.  3 points
Deirdre: #1 "An alien that they think it a coyote and when they get home the kids were having a campfire go into the shed and there's an alien."  She guessed ET and was correct for 3 points!

Jeannie: #1 "The old magician with a staff fighting against a dragon taps the ground." #2 "He found a ring and has to get it to the guy."  #3 "a guy afraid of the giant spider."  She didn't know it was Lord of the Rings and got 0 points. 
Shoshana: #1 "They try to see things things are real, they have a door and it opens." #2 "One person has glasses and a white beard and is cool.  He's funny."  #3 " A blue team one that looks like boy in my class likes doing the myth too, two girls."  She guessed Myth Busters and was correct for 1 point.
Rosie: #1 "His family went on a boat but got caught by an Army with the gorillas, a baby when his family died.  She guessed Tarzan and was correct for 3 points.
Deirdre: #1 "The one that starts out has a dog named Coco and tell her that she's moving and she doesn't want to move and there's a Tornado."  She guessed the Wizard of Oz and was correct for 3 points.

Jeannie: #1 "There's these pictures of Andy at the beginning when he was little and he's going to college one day."  She guessed Toy Story 3 and was correct for 3 points!
Shoshana: #1 "There's this old nice lady who likes doing mysteries like Scooby Doo. It sometimes wasn't them and it sometimes was them.  She goes to the houses and finds a diamond and solved it with a diamond."  She guessed Murder She Wrote and got it for 3 points! 
Rosie: #1 "There's a school and there's a group and they force against other people. One guy is calm and smooth and he went to a different school."  She guessed Glee and was correct for 3 points! 
Deirdre: #1 "There's this kid that doesn't want to move to Japan and he writes a note and he doesn't want to.  #2 "He doesn't want his mom to see his black eye so he wears sunglasses.  His mom told him to take off his glasses and he doesn't want to."  #3 "And then the guy taught him how to do karate, he was actually a plumber because the cold water wouldn't turn on."  She guessed Karate Kid for 1 point. 

Pete read and played the clues and the first player to guess it got the points.
#1 "I know you. I see you in the eyes of my dreams. You're in my dreams. I've seen you." 
#2 "Three fairies are nice, they all make a wish on the one baby.
#3 "When the prince kisses her she wakes up." 

Shoshana guessed Sleeping Beauty and got it correct. 

#1 "They're at this fancy place watching the news and this creepy thing scared away lots of the men.  Boys first.  The girls looked for clues and they were told in the newspaper, every 26 years this man turns back to himself. 
#2 "And then the girl went to the old grandmas house and Daphne was looking in the closet.

Rosie guessed Scooby Doo and got it correct.

#1 "This boy is very poor but he was the luckiest boy in the world."
#2 "He went and all the other children were being very naughty except for him. At the end he got a prize."
#3 "The girl turned into a big blueberry."

Rosie and Shoshana both guessed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the same time and it was a TIE! 

When all the points were added up ROSIE WON!!!!

Rosie loved the game and tried to remember a game like that she loved in the 80s.  Pete couldn't find it (at the time) but it was called Child's Play

a clip from Child's Play

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. The thing is, Rosie was the one that made her relationship with Tracy public. She hardly kept it private. Of course folks are wondering about the stories and why she rarely mentions her anymore because she use to go on and on and on about Tracy and their relationship for so long!

  2. Kelly,
    You're awesome. It's 4pm and you've posted the update. We love you and your pink ink.
    Lisa in Indy!

  3. I want to hear the circumstances surrounding James being scouted by the adult film company...

  4. Hi, Kelly.

    Seems like at the end of the show on 2/24, they mentioned "Friday," as if this were the Friday "taped" show. I know that Ro is in FL; so I thought that they may have used the Friday taped show for Thursday. I was wondering whether the 2/25 show will be a new taped show, or will it be a "the best of" show? Thanks..........

  5. hi kelly,
    as always, fantastic job. just a little note - it's "Geoffrey" Rush ...

    and did y'all see the letter from the 'gasland' director? here's one link to it:

    and on the topic of things we did when we were young (i won't even get into the deliquent teen years...) and also bringing in the girl scouts - i was a junior (after brownie) and i used to lie on some of the requirements for badges, just so i could get more of them. my sash was full of dozens, but i felt i could never have 'enough' (compensating for very low self-esteem). however, to be fair to my younger self, many of the requirements for badges were ridiculous and like they were from the sexist 1950s (sew a dress in two hours! kind of bs). here's hoping recent ones are more feminist-influenced!

    and rosie mentioned the prank call in which wisconsin governor scott walker thought he was speaking to one of the billionaire koch brothers and revealed that the budget isn't the motivation, but rather that he hopes that his state is just the first of many where the unions can be brought down. rosie's new boyfriend, lawrence o'donnell, covered this conversation in depth tonight (along with rachel maddow), so if the web site that undertook the prank call is down (it's here: http://www.buffalobeast.com/?p=5045), you could look for some clips from lawrence and rachel online, too. rosie's right - *very* revealing exchange!

    two final thoughts -
    confession: for months now i've been mesmerized by lawrence o'donnell's blue eyes (love his work on the show, too) - they put him in front of a blue background with a blue tie, and i'm just captivated...

    and i'll also admit - listening to some of the repeats during the plethora of snow days recently, i was struck by how much rosie used to mention tracy and thought...hmmm...it *has* been a while since she mentioned her. unlike so many of this blog's fans on facebook who've met rosie, i just have that false sense of intimacy with her in my head, and so i was pretty upset when i thought they might've broken up.

    i didn't bring it up here out of respect to them but i did google to try to find out, hoping that they were still together (only found unconfirmed speculation, in both directions). ironic rosie brought up this very issue today!

    so i'll just say in closing that i'm wishing y'all, rosie & tracy, everything wonderful and good, and for every obnoious twitter-er who gives you a hard time, you have a zillion fans who are, literally, cheering you on!

    love & light

  6. I have to disagreed with Rosie's statements about the internet changing how people expect private information. We were all invested in the relationship with Tracy because Rosie spoke about it ALL THE TIME! She needs to expect folks are now curious about what happened. Rosie made it public!