2-28-11 - Oscars Reviewed, Wisconsin Protests and Obama Frustration

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast complaining about the staff smoking this morning.  She said their smoking before the show starting was stinking up the studio and she didn't like it.  Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's Oscars.  Jeannie thought the Oscars were fun.  She and her family all got together and guessed who they thought the winners would be before the show began.  Shoshana and Pete thought co-host James Franco seemed stoned throughout the award ceremony.  Rosie didn't think he was stoned and thought that was his shtick.  Rosie thought Franco was adorable and said hosting an awards show is a thankless job.  Everyone seemed surprised by how Billy Crystal looked.  Rosie took some calls from listeners who didn't think Franco did a good job because he was either on drugs or had too flat of a personality to pull it off.  Everyone loved co-host Anne Hathaway though.  Kirk Douglas's presentation of the award made some staff members uncomfortable.  Rosie personally wasn't surprised by any of the winners but she was hoping Gasland would take home Best Documentary so it would get even more publicity. Rosie loves PS22 but wished they would have sang something other than Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   What Rosie loves about PS22 so much is that they typically sing hip-hop songs in an unconventional way and she thought they should have gone that direction instead of singing the song they chose which she felt was "manipulative."  Rosie thought Sandra Bullock looked fantastic and said she would be a great Oscar host.  The gross excess of the evening, the jewels and the dresses kind of bothered everyone. Rosie once wore expensive jewelry to an event and spoke of what it was like to be followed by security guards.  She said a friend of hers has a very expensive ring and doesn't even wear the ring, she wears a replica of it. 

Rosie kept interrupting the Oscar conversation saying that Jeannie seemed dazed and out of it.  Jeannie got really defensive (it was hilarious!) and said perhaps her weekend wasn't as easy as Rosie's and she shouldn't judge her if she seems out of it!  Turns out, Jeannie was at the hospital all weekend taking care of her mother who had to have surgery because she fell down the stairs.  She's the only one of her siblings in the area and had to take on all the care-taking of her mother.  She also spent the weekend making babysitting arrangements for her kids this week because her mom is their babysitter.  This all while Rosie was in Miami with Jackie basking in the sun! 

Going back to the Oscar discussion, they talked about what actors they left out of the segment where they remember what actors have died in the past year.  Rosie had a weird feeling that she might be in that montage someday.  Jeannie didn't really like Melissa Leo's acceptance speech.  She thought it seemed "actory" (aka phony).

Rosie read a tweet from her Twitter feed who told her they were worried she was being misled by the "work of fiction called Gasland."  Rosie responded over the air to this tweet and told the woman Gasland is not a work of fiction in any way, shape or form.  She said she totally disagrees with that woman.  And Janette mentioned that there was an article in THIS Saturday's New York Times acknowledging the hazards of hydrofracking.   

Rosie talked briefly about her flight back to New York yesterday and her conversation she had with Reverend Al Sharpton (who she said looks fantastic).  He was heading to Wisconsin and Rosie wondered why Obama isn't headed there too! She played a clip of Obama promising to picket with workers if their collective bargaining agreements are ever taken away. (see below)

I have to say, I voted for Obama too.  And when I saw this it made me sad.

Rosie wanted to know where Obama is and why he hasn't said or done more in support of Unions and the people of Wisconsin!  Rosie passionately called to Obama to LEAD and to speak out!  Janette stood by something her father used to rant about, that campaign promises mean nothing once a politician is elected.  Rosie was very disheartened by Obama. 

Rosie also played the audio of a YouTube video she saw over the weekend (see below).

Jeannie asked if it could really be that simple.  Pete said the solution would solve the immediate shortfall but said there's a future budgetary shortfall they would need to address.  To Rosie, the budgetary "crisis" seems manufactured.

Rosie and the staff also discussed the possible Federal Government shutdown and what that means to the average citizen.  I saw this on the news last week and thought it explained it well. 

Janette said without Unions ensuring workers' rights, we could end up like China where workers are only paid $2000-$3000 a year!  It also angers Rosie that the Unions are willing to meet the Governor's budgetary gaps by making concessions yet he still refuses to meet with them.  She said his refusal to work with them shows that it's not all about the money.  Rosie took a call from a listener who says politicians lie and they will do and say anything to get elected (in reference to Obama's promise to picket with Union workers).  Rosie said that's why we need to hold our elected officials responsible for their promises. 

Bobby spoke up in defense of the President.  He said we need to cut Obama some slack because we don't know what he's doing behind closed doors to work on our behalf.  He insisted that the President has spoken out against this issue and Rosie just hasn't seen it.  Bobby said the President has called Walker out and worked to get thousands of protesters in Madison and other state capitols. 

Rosie then took another call from a listener who said there's no Democrat or Republican anymore, we're living in a "corporate oligarchy."  Rosie told the caller to not lose all hope but she agreed that corporations have purchased political operatives in office now.

Rosie took a final call from a caller who said Obama is speaking out against Walker but said the press isn't covering it and that's why Rosie hasn't seen it.  He spoke with Rosie at length about how she must give the President a chance.  He also told Rosie that she's mis-using her power if she only rants about Obama.  He asked her to educate the fans who love her rather than rant about the President.  Rosie heard him but said she's very frustrated because she wants Obama to speak out against what's happening in Wisconsin on a greater level.  The caller kept referring to Rosie's "power" and her influence over her listeners and Rosie told him the position of power he perceives she has is vastly different from what is real.  They spoke about the time she was on The View and how the media went crazy when she criticized Trump.  He said he loved Rosie on The View and they discussed her relationship with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Rosie said she wanted to love purposefully and with intent.  He told her to do the same thing with President Obama!  He said when Rosie rants about Obama she implies he's not leading and he didn't want Rosie to forget all he's accomplished.  The caller said Obama is "leading like a MoFo!"  lol  Basically, in the end, the caller's point was the harshness of Rosie's tone is not the best way to effect and inspire change.  Rosie heard him, thanked him for his call and moved on.   

The staff then talked about the recent interviews Charlie Sheen has been doing.  Rosie said Sheen is obviously in serious trouble and either having a mental collapse or in the throws of addiction. She said it's kind of tragic watching him.  It struck Rosie how much Sheen is acting and talking like a 15 year-old boy when he refers to himself as "winning."  She said she saw such teenage bravado in his interviews.  They played a clip of Sheen's interview with radio host Alex Jones. 

Rosie took issue with Sheen mocking AA.  She said anyone she knows who's recovered from drugs has done it with AA.  So, while it might not be for him, it has validity for some people.  Rosie and the staff all felt compassion for Sheen and feel he needs help.  Mostly, even though Sheen claims he's sober, Rosie doesn't believe it and thinks he seems manic.  Rosie then took some calls from listeners.  One caller saw him on The Today Show this morning and was surprised at his comments and behavior.  She didn't like it how he kept referring to himself as "winning" and how he said people who go to rehab and fail are losers and trolls.  She was also put off that he thought "CBS should apologize to him while licking his feet."

Janette said getting a job like Sheen's on a successful series seems like the culmination of a dream and in that dream you expect you'll be happy ever after.  But she said the truth of what that success and money can do to a person is hard to realize.  Shoshana said Sheen sounds like a kid who got in trouble and is fighting back.  But she said if he's showing up and doing his job, he shouldn't necessarily get fired for what he does in his private life.  Rosie took a call from a listener who agreed with Shoshana.  And Janette actually agreed with that statement and said it's no one's business what she does in her own time.  Pete pointed out that lots of jobs have drug policies.

Rosie then took a call from a listener who has battled bipolar disorder for most of her life.  She said the problem with bipolar disorder is you don't want to take the medication after a while.  She also struggled with alcohol addiction.  She said the manic state for her felt beautiful and like everything she said was right.  Then she would come back down and check her bank account and realize she spent thousands of dollars.  The caller feels for Charlie and feels like he is seriously ill and being exploited by the media.  Rosie spoke to the caller in length about her experience with being bipolar.  Rosie said she has a friend whose bipolar who (when she's in a manic state) doesn't stop talking and talks about everything.  Rosie said she has no concept that her actions are out of the ordinary.  With depression, Rosie knows when she's depressed.  She recommended the books An Unquiet Mind and Electroboy to the caller. The caller talked with Rosie about the pull she feels to want to go back to the manic state because the depression can get so bad at times and the mania just feels good.  She said she sometimes takes little things and blows them way out of proportion just to start a fight sometimes.  Rosie asked the caller how her kids respond to the differences in her mood.  The caller revealed she hasn't told her young sons about her bipolar and Rosie advised that she should - in a way the kids would understand.  She recommended she explain it like her brain needs certain medicines so that it works properly because it doesn't have certain things it needs to work right.  Lastly, when the caller revealed that she still struggles and has trouble dealing with the ups and downs of menopause, Rosie asked to get the caller's email.  Rosie told the caller she would email her some recommended books and some names of people she can talk to about getting her hormones and current medications checked.  Rosie thanked the caller for her phone call and assured her that millions of people live well with bipolar and so can she. 

James read from the game Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.  The player had to answer correctly.

Rosie: What type of consumer eats both plants and animals?  Rosie didn't know.  The answer was an omnivore.  0 points
Pete: A right angle is formed by two lines at what degrees? The answer was 90 and he got it correct. 1 point
Janette: Bull is to horns as deer is to.... The answer was "antlers" and she got it correct.  1 point
Jeannie: What are igneous rocks formed from?  She guessed coal but the answer was "magma or lava." 0 points
Shoshana: A scientist who study artifacts to learn about the past.  The answer was an Archaeologist but she didn't get it.  0 points.

Rosie: If it takes you 70 minutes to dress and get to work and you have to be at work at 9am, what time is the alarm set for?  The answer was 7:50am and she got it correct. 1 point
Pete: What part of a plant does photosynthesis occur?  He said "the leaf" which was correct for 1 point.
Janette: What is the amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution around the sun?  She guessed a day but it was a year.  0 points
Jeannie: Which of the following states are farther north?  Wyoming, Idaho or Utah?  The correct answer was Idaho but she guessed incorrectly.  0 points
Shoshana: The Suez Canal is located in which country?  She guessed Egypt which was correct. 1 point

Rosie: Lightning is what kind of electricity?  She said static which was correct. 1 point
Pete Which of the following instruments doesn't have a reed?  James named three instruments and he guessed the flute for the correct answer.  1 point
Janette: The metacarpal bones are from which part of the body?  She guessed the hand and was correct for 1 point.
Jeannie: In US currency, which is greatest amount? James named 3 amounts and Jeannie guessed incorrectly.  The correct answer was 600 billion.  0 points
Shoshana: In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle is called the _________?  The answer was the hypotenuse and she got it correct for 1 point. 

Rosie said she saw lots of baby dolphins while she was in Miami this weekend and they briefly discussed an article about some dolphins that saved a dog after he fell into a canal in Miami!  Rosie mentioned again how much she loves dolphins. 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. I know Rosie would like to see President Obama (who I voted for too, of course) walking the picket line but if he DID that, the whole issue would dissolve into "it being about Obama" and not about the bargaining rights of the unions being stripped. As much as I would like to see more from Obama, his hands are really tied. And, I am so happy to see all of the pro-union people standing up for themselves.

    I was also very disappointed that so few Dems joined me on election day. I really wished that Dems had not stayed home in November. We get the congress we elect, sadly.
    Thanks again Kelly. Great work and so on-time.
    Lisa in Indy

  2. Rosie.com lists "Conviction" as being a topic discussed today. What did Rosie say about the movie?

  3. Rosie if you read this, Obama's campaign got over $400 million in campaign contributions from unions. He can't afford to be against them, he will never get elected. The president of the AFL CIO is at the White House at least twice a week. (Look it up.) There is no party that is not corrupt. I agree that they will say anything to get elected. Wouldn't it be great to have a President that didn't care who he ticked off? It'll never happen. He just can't go to Wisconsin. He would lose the vote of many independents and some liberal republicans. I voted for McCain as a vote against Obama. I knew he would win, so I wanted to use my vote as a protest.

  4. Anon #1, Shoshana mentioned Conviction and how much she liked it/was surprised it didn't get nominated for more awards. They discussed how frustrating it was that the woman in the movie fought for years to get her brother out of prison and then he died 6 months after his release. Janette then mentioned the book The Killing Fields. I do not believe Rosie commented much on the movie Conviction. Also, someone on the staff briefly mentioned (I believe it was Janette) that she would rather watch real heroes receive awards than movie stars. I believe that is why Pete linked to the CNN Hero Awards. Hope that helps answer your question.

  5. Just want to say that the academy awards win the oscar for the most boring academy awards show I have ever seen in my life and I am a regular viewer. I feel so sorry for Anne Hathaway working her heart out while Franco stood around like a zombie stick. I hope she punched him out after the show for all the stress he put her through. She was much better than I thought she would be. I am declaring right now that I am never watching the Academy awards again as I firmly believe after this year the whole thing is fixed and the good movies and the best actors never win. It is all about who u are and not what u can do that garners the prize. Bogus,boring and a total waste of money in there hard times. Members of the academy should be ashamed of themselves for those movies and best actor-supporting actor choices.

  6. I think Pres. Obama's strength is his reserve. He lets situations play out in courts, in protests, and other ways that fix problems in a more permanent and non-partisan way. Many blamed him for the slow response to DADT but in the end it is getting fixed the right way. He didn't drop any bombs on the Middle East (yet) and they are resolving their issues in a way the countries can work with. I think he is doing a fantastic job. I do have to say that speech link was a bit contradictory but I agree with anonymous above that by staying out of it (for now) the issue remains a Wis. Gov. issue and not an Obama issue.

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  7. hi kelly and all,

    i loved this show and the emtionality of it, from rosie and jeannie's back-and-forth, to rosie's fury about obama's non-appearance in wisconsin. that conversation with the caller about that was great (radio) theatre - and i thought, wow, this guy has guts! i could see some points on both sides, but i loved him standing up for what he believes is rosie's role in these matters, as much as i loved her passionate defense of her own position.

    re: the (brief) conversation about 'conviction' - rosie said she didn't really like it that much, because it felt like a tv 'movie-of-the-week' that would be on lifetime (which is why shoshanna said she enjoyed it as those kinds of movies are her cup of tea).

    of interest, differences in media coverage regarding wisconsin:

    also, an article that sheds more light on details of the wisconsin protests, the efforts of some 'disabled' folks, and the politicians' attitudes:

    and finally, circulated on facebook, an illuminating commentary on the protests and their context:

    A unionized public employee, a Tea Party guy and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, looks at the tea party guy and says, "Watch out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie."


  8. Anyone whose position is dependent on the vote of the masses is likely to tip toe along the fence. The positive of this is that this will force the people's hand to stand up for themselves. It is my hope that in his lack of out spoken decension against what is taking place in Wisconsin, and what will probably take place in other states, will force the people to lead themselves, inform themselves. It is not the job of the media nor the president to create passionate information seeking Americans. This hardship is necessary, in my opinion, to cleanse us of our apathy and unite us in a true and honest pursuit of our better selves, communities, and country.

  9. I was very surprised and disappointed that Rosie and others said they were uncomfortable with Kirk Douglas' presentation on the Oscars. Barbara Walters said the same thing on her radio show later in the day. What do those kinds of comments say about how society views aging. Rosie, do you really want to send a message that people of a certain age should stay hidden away? Instead of broadcasting your discomfort wouldn't it be better to celebrate the fact that a 94 year old legend who has had a stroke seemed comfortable enough with himself to to come out and give it all he had. I was both entertained and inspired by his appearance. I'm afraid that yours and Ms. Walters were a sad commentary on how society views aging.

  10. Patty K, thanks for commenting. Rosie didn't really comment that she was uncomfortable with Kirk Douglas presenting from what I remember - that was other members of the staff. I only remember Rosie saying she didn't really enjoy the way his plastic surgery looked.

  11. Okay, then others' comments were a sad commentary.

  12. I am very disappointed in Rosie after hearing today's broadcast. I support Gov Walker in his conviction to repair my state, Wisconsin. Collective Bargaining has resulted in an average teacher salary of $56,500 (in Milwaukee), to become $100,005 (as reported in the Wall Street Journal). The issue isn't really about the teacher's union and the fairness of compensation or 10 year old statistics that show Wisconsin has superb student performances.

    Also reported in the Wall Street Journal, "Under the current collective-bargaining agreements, the school district pays the entire premium for medical and vision benefits, and over half the cost of dental coverage. These plans are extremely expensive. This is partly because of Wisconsin's unique arrangement under which the teachers union is the sponsor of the group health-insurance plans. Not surprisingly, benefits are generous. The district's contributions for health insurance of active employees total 38.8% of wages. For private-sector workers nationwide, the average is 10.7%"

    Most non-union American workers pay a portion of their own medical benifits.

    The issue is that with collective bargaining, compensations can spiral out of control, costing taxpayers a lot of money.

    This is a very large and powerful union, and is using it's power to mislead Americans. It's not about the students, it's not about the children, it's about powerful unions bargaining relentlessly year after year, costing Wisconsin taxpayers more and more in order to meet the powerful demands of collective bargaining. I cannot beleive Rosie adds to this very problem by asking for donations to support an already powerful group of people.

    Rosie, I am very disappointed.

  13. To the last Anonymous commenter:

    I am a union 'child'. Both of my parents served their employers for decades as union workers supporting our family of 7. Our idea of eating out was picking up a pizza on a Friday evening from the local pizza joint and eating it at home.

    We didn't have credit cards, but we had health insurance that thankfully saved our financial arse when my father had heart failure in '75.

    We had clean drinking water in our home because of union workers.

    We had a structural­ly sound foundation­s in our home because union workers followed the building codes.

    We had firefighte­rs and police to protect us from law breakers and accidents and sometimes ourselves.

    We had dedicated teachers in our schools that lived as our neighbors.

    We had clean and safe power to our homes that were inspected by electrical union members.

    Anyone that wants to strip the union men/women of their 'say' in their work conditions are ignoring our history and rooting for the corporatio­ns who believe profit is more valuable than humans.

    The unions have agreed to concessions but that WI Governor refuses to discuss the proposals and we refuse to give up our rights to negotiate in the future.

    We are union, we are proud, we will be heard.

    Lisa in Indy