In case you missed it...

•  Rosie began today's program with a snake update: It turns out Blake's snake that died yesterday died because it regurgitated the mouse it was fed.  Kelli went out yesterday and got Blake a black and white kingsnake and Blake is adjusting to the new addition.  Rosie wants Blake to get a dog.  They took some callers about different dogs available for adoption. 

•  The staff talked about what they did last night and mentioned that today was the anniversary of the day that John Lennon was killed.  Each studio member shared their story as to where they were when they heard the news that John Lennon had died.  Rosie once lived in the Dakota apartment building where John was killed but felt she had to move because it was too depressing to live there.     

•  Thom (pron. THom), the "computer guy" on the Rosie Radio staff was on air to talk about the genesis of his name.  Thom decided to change the pronunciation of his name in 9th grade in order to differentiate himself from his 3 friends named Tom in high school.  All his friends and his significant other call him Thom. 

•  Rosie's mentioned how she's been watching old clips of herself on youtube from her standup days (when Jeannie says she "used to be funny."  :) 

Here's a "vintage" clip of Rosie's standup days!

•  The studio talked about Alexa Ray Joel's (Billy Joel's daughter) recent hospitalization due to an alleged suicide attempt.  Rosie wished she could call her up but she's only met her a few times.  The studio then talked about their own suicidal thoughts they have had during their lifetimes and people that they have known that they have lost to suicide.  Janette revealved she has battled suicidal thoughts since she was around 9 years old and Jeannie once took a bottle of asprin in high school as a cry for help from her parents.  Rosie never contemplated suicide (especially since she became a mother) but has mentioned how she used to harm herself which she talks about in her book Celebrity Detox.  The whole studio wished Alexa well and expressed their love for Billy Joel and his family. They went to two commercial breaks playing the songs My Life by Billy Joel and Stilletto by Billy Joel which Rosie happily sang along to.  They also took callers who lost loved ones to suicide.

•  Rosie then talked to a caller who was laid off from her job and whose husband also lost his job and faced with a medical crisis, her house entered into foreclosure.  Rosie's hope was to shed some light on the mortgage crisis that our country is facing and give a "face" to the numbers that we see every night on the news.  The caller spoke about her difficulty trying to work with her mortgage companies and coping with the realization and the stigma of losing their beloved family home.  They talked about predatory lending and the shady bank bailouts and then Rosie proceeded to give the caller pretty much everything they had in the studio and thanked her for sharing her story. 

•  Bill Engvall, one of Rosie's son Parker's favorite stand-up comedians, called into the studio to talk with Rosie.  Rosie and Bill did the Showtime special A Pair of Jokers together in 1989.  The pair talked about old times and their standup days.  See some of Bill Engvall's standup on youtube HERE.  Learn more about  Bill on his website HERE.

Jim Breuer will be on the show tomorrow to talk about working with Lou (Rosie's Board Op) and talk about the documentary More Than Me that he made about going on the road with his elderly father.  Tune in tomorrow to hear Jim's interview!

•  And be sure to tune in Thursday to hear Rosie's interview with Linda Dano!

Check out this vintage clip when Rosie was on Linda Dano's show Attitudes (way back when).

And see when Linda did The Rosie O'Donnell Show HERE and tune in for that interview this Thursday!

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  1. sounds like I missed another good show! I never saw that stand up clip, that was funny!
    and Rosie is still funny, just sayin.... :)
    When I miss a show, I always enjoy reading your recaps, thanks!

  2. All these clips are hilarious! The stand-up is awesome. And the talk show! Fax a menu? IMAGINE! This Attitudes show - I didn't know it was REAL! I used to see spoofs of it on SNL, but I never saw the original. Oh mylanta. Ro had that "here I am" entrance even back then. Priceless. Thank you SO much for putting those up!

    : ) P

  3. thanks so much for doing these recaps, kelly. you do such a great job.

  4. Petra!!! I was thinking the same thing! I mean I KNEW that SNL was spoofing a real show, I just had no idea!

    This was a great RoRadio day. Lived the convo between Rosie and Linda -- and NOW I know who she is!

    Kelly you are a blessing. Thank you again!
    GREAT recap blog ..very thorough. So glad you decided to do it, because you are doing it justice!