In case you missed it...

• Rosie had a traumatic morning because Blake woke up this morning to find out his snake had died.  :(  It was very upsetting for Blake and also for Rosie to see him so heartbroken.  Listeners and the staff shared their own pet death stories.  A few listeners called in to share their opinions as to why they believe the snake died.   

• Rosie said she had a "magical" night at Nat and Lila's house last Friday.  Nat Freund is a survivor of Auschwitz and shared his story on last Friday's show.  She called the experience at dinner lovely and beautiful.
• Rosie then talked about Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who came to international public attention in April 2009, when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV show singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables.  Rosie talked about her rise to instant fame and what that must have been like for her.  They played the songs You'll See and Daydream Believer from her newest CD.  Rosie mentioned she really wants to have both Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert on the show.

• Rosie and the studio talked about when Whoopi Goldberg almost walked off the View last week when the View staff continued to talk on and on about the Tiger Woods cheating scandal.  Click HERE to see the clip they were talking about.  They also talked Portia de Rossi's appearance on The View last week and how elequent she sounded explaining the need for same-sex marriage legislation.  Click HERE to see that clip.

• Jeannie and Rosie are obsessed with the show Hoarders on A&E.  Jeannie finds the show very therapeutic, since her mom is a hoarder.  Jason (from Seattle), the son of Augustine, the hoarder from last week's episode, called in to the studio to talk with Rosie and Jeannie about what it was like for him to be on the show.  Jeannie saw many similarities between Jason and Jeannie's own brother in the way they deal with their mom.  Jeannie herself, really identified with his sister and she said she admired his ability to move on.  Jeannie admitted her biggest anxiety now is what's going to happen with all the stuff in the house when her mother passes away.  Janette talked briefly about her own father's hoarding too.  Watch the full episode they were talking about HERE.

•  Rosie then interviewed Ken Fisher who was in the studio.  Ken is the chairman of the Fisher House Foundation that provides humanitarian support to members United States Armed Forces and their families.  Fisher's late uncle Zachary Fisher started the Fisher House Program 19 years ago, after a need was brought to light for temporary housing of family members when servicemembers were hospitalized.  Fisher Houses provide comfortable temporary lodging for families when a military member or dependent requires specialized or extended medical care. To date, the program consists of 43 houses located near nine Veterans Affairs hospitals and 18 military installations across the country and at one United States military installations in Europe.  From these locations, Fisher House serves more than 10,000 military families per year. The Fisher House program plans to build 16 more lodging facilities to complete its nationwide support network.  Fisher House facilities enabled families to stay together while a loved one is undergoing long-term treatment.  Rosie also recommended the site anysoldier.com where you can send a package to a member of the Armed Forces.  Rosie called their organization "inspiring" and talked about how visiting the Fisher House has changed her forever. They then took calls from listeners who have benefitted from the Fisher House and their services to military families. 

•  Rosie closed the show briefly mentioning that they may be changing channels so that they are on the same channel on both Sirius and XM.  Look for that news soon! 


  1. I love that you have links to everything Ro talks about so if I haven't seen or heard it, I can! AWESOME!

    : ) P

  2. yes, love your blog and the links you provide. I hope you are able to continue to do this since I can't afford to get XM radio..thank you for thinking of others. happy holidays!

  3. Thank YOU both so much for reading and commenting! I had almost 350 hits yesterday alone (a first!). Its fun to know who some of those readers are. :) And I'm happy to provide the information for everyone. I hope Rosie and the Sirius people know I'm not trying to take anything away from the show, just add to it. Happy Holidays to you and your families too!

  4. thank u for doing this ...i cannot afford sirius radio ...and this enables me to stay connected to what is happening ...thank u so much...take care

  5. love the vintage Rosie clip you posted Kelly
    pre TROS
    doing her comedy act during the interview
    frigin hilarious
    success at that level hadn't changed her in that clip
    and who knew at that time that super stardom was on the horizon
    and here she is today still grounded

    and the Betty Rubble Flinstone laugh! LOL