•  Rosie began the show with UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Lou Part 2!  Lou has a degree in broadcasting but dropped out before finishing in order to be a bartender, which he hated.  He did that until one day a friend came into the bar and asked if he wanted to be on this new thing called "Sirius Radio."  He is now also the "sound effects guy" and producer for Sirius talk show host Jim Breuer (who also makes fun of him in a similar way as Rosie does).  Jim and his team call him an "alien" because they've never seen him eat, sleep or  go to the bathroom - just smoke cigarettes.  In his spare time, he's a HUGE fan of the band Pearl Jam and he's seen them perform over 60 times!  The next featured staff member will be a surprise but I think Rosie votes for Thom (pronounced THom)  to be the next one featured.

• Rosie and Jackie talked briefly about the progress Blake has made and his new found confidence while battling his Auditory Processing Disorder. Rosie also discussed the difficulites she's facing with Blake, who recently discovered that there is no tooth fairy.

Rosie and her lifelong sister-friends
Jackie (left), Rosie (center), Jeannie (right)

• Rosie recommended the website kidrobot.com where you can buy a "munny" which Rosie calls "the best arts and craft toy you can buy for $10."  Rosie herself has hundreds of munnys in her craft room. Rosie sells her decorated munnys and gives all the money to charity on etsy.com. Check them out and own one of Rosie's original pieces of art HERE!

•  Rosie then interviewed Nat and Lila, her new friends. Nat Freund was a survivor of Auschwitz and Rosie will be going to Shabbat dinner at their house tonight (Friday).  Rosie met the pair at her friend and publicist, Cindi Berger's daughter's Bat Mitzvah.  Nat has never told his story of survival from the Holocaust except for the interview he did for the Steven Spielberg's Shoah project.   Nat then told a heroing and touching story of survival and even talked about the anger he felt that the Jewish people didn't stand up and fight. Both Rosie and Nat talked about battling depression and thoughts of suicide when you live through a traumatic event in your lifetime. Nat also talked about his love story with his wife Lila.  Rosie ended the interview thanking Nat for sharing his story and saying how excited she was to go to their house for dinner.  Hopefully rosie.com will put up the interview up so that everyone who missed it can hear it. 

Rosie and her friend Nat Freund
(image belongs to rosie.com)

•   Rosie closed the show.


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    I don't know if Helene has a nickname per se except I've heard Rosie call her "Helenie-weenie" sometimes. But she is the "HE" in JaHeRo - the webisodes that Janette (the Executive Producer), Helene (the makeup/hair artist) and Ro made together during their time on the View.

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