In case you missed it...

•  Today was Broadway Thursday with Bobby Pearce in the studio as well as Rosie's longtime friend Jackie.  The group talked about what they did last night.  Bobby stayed home and watched Glee which they discussed briefly but didn't go into too much detail because Rosie hadn't seen it yet since she and Deirdre went to go see Imogen Heap at Webster Hall in New York City last night. 

•  Jackie and Rosie took a trip down memory lane telling both funny and touching stories from their childhoods' and growing up together in Long Island, New York.  They talked about playing in the neighborhood, Christmases spent together and how they had to separate Rosie and Jackie in school because the pair were so close.  They also spoke about times they've spent together as adults like when Jackie appeared many times on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and the one uncomfortable time she went on The View.  The duo took calls from listeners who wanted to ask Jackie questions about Rosie and growing up with her.  One caller asked whether Jackie knew Rosie was gay growing up but she said did not.  It wasn't until college that Rosie and Jackie really talked about Rosie being gay, yet looking back now "it all makes sense to her."

Rosie and Jackie
(photo belongs to rosie.com)

•  They talked briefly about the Broadway musical Passing Strange which tells the story of a musician's adventures traveling from Los Angeles to Amsterdam and then finally returning home.  This is one of Rosie's favorite musicals ever.  Spike Lee has recently directed the movie version of this musical.  They went to commercial playing the song "Amsterdam," from the muscial, which you can listen to HERE

•  Rosie expressed her disappointment that the gay marriage bill failed to pass in New York yesterday.  Rosie's brother Daniel O'Donnell, the New York State Assemblyman who has been with his partner since he was 17 years old, was instrumental in introducing the bill and was also very saddened by this news.

Daniel O'Donnell

•  The show introduced a new segment entitled UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.  Up close and personal will highlight a member of the studio so the listeners can get to know them better and today's featured studio member was Lou the Board Operator.   Lou told stories of being a twin and how he and his twin used to fight all the time but now get along so great that they live together.  Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of Lou's story.

•  Rosie called Meredith Baxter yesterday to tell her how much she supports what she's doing and to tell her she would love to know her better. 

•  Imogen Heap called into the studio and talked with Rosie about the concert last night.  She and Rosie talked about how she writes her own music and was nomiated for two 2010 Grammy Awards for her album Ellipse.  She the full list of Grammy nominees that were announced yesterday HERE.  Rosie called her music "unique," "charming," and "fantastical." Rosie also enjoys her youtube channel where you get to see her creative process when she's creating her music.  Rosie absolutely loved the show last night.  They also talked about the cellist that played in last night's show and how Imogen uses a website where fans audition and compete to perform in concert with her.  See pics of Imogen from the concert HERE.  Lou played Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek and The Fire on two different commercial breaks.

•  Comedian and actor Jim Breuer, best known for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and role in the comedy Half-Baked will be on the show next Wednesday (12/9).  Breuer recently made a documentary entitled "More Than Me" about going on the road with his 85 year old father that Rosie called "heart-breakingly beautiful."  Read an interview with Jim Breuer about his documentary "More Than Me" HERE

•  One caller called in and asked Rosie to quickly list off her top 5 favorite musicals which were:
    (in no particular order)
   1. Billy Elliot
   2. Les Miserables
   3. Wicked
   4. Passing Strange
   5. Aida

(She then quickly followed up with about almost every musical ever performed and I couldn't write that fast)

•  Rosie said she is looking forward to seeing American Idiot (the musical) which features the music of Green Day produced by her friend Michael Mayer and headed to Broadway!  Watch a clip from the musical on youtube HERE.

•  Rosie revealed that she is currently "in the works" of turning her own memior Find Me into a one woman show on Broadway expected to be released sometime in the next 2 or 3 years!!!

•  Rosie closed the show announcing that Jackie will be back again tomorrow and playing the song Say Hey by Michael Franti.


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