•  Rosie opened the show announcing that Ruby Dee was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award for her performance in the Lifetime movie America.  Rosie was thrilled!!! 

•   The studio was watching The Rachael Ray Show on mute during the taping of today's show so they were frequently mentioning the guests that Rachael was inteviewing including Buddy from the TLC show Cake Boss.  Rosie recommended listeners listen to the radio show and watch their TV on mute so they can see what they're talking about.  They also watch The View during the radio show which gives everyone in the studio "post traumatic stress disorder."   Rosie then played Lea Solanga's cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.  Rosie called Lea unbelievably talented.

Watch and Listen to Lea sing Poker Face.

•  Rosie talked about her night last night decorating her tree with the kids and listening to Vanessa Williams Christmas CD.  Janette and Rosie both spoke about how beautiful Vanessa is and what a wonderful parent she is.  Janette and Rosie also talked about whether or not they have ever trashed a hotel room and Janette confessed she has!  Not only has Janette trashed a hotel room but Janette confessed to having a very bad temper and once busted a bathroom stall door right off its hinges during a temper tantrum when they worked at NBC studios taping The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Janette also confessed that she doesn't like concerts "because of all the people" and told a story about going to a Hinder concert with her boyfriend Barry and hating it.  Deirdre was peeing her pants, she was laughing so hard and Rosie called Janette "very mentally unstable" and told her to be like that every day.  

•  Parker, Rosie's oldest son, told Rosie he liked her short haircut she once had. 

Remember Rosie with short hair?

•  Rosie then sang along with herself and Cher from her Christmas album A Rosie Christmas, to the song "Christmas (baby please come home)" complete with a fantastic Cher impersonation.  Listen to the song Rosie was singing along to HERE.  Rosie also did an impersonation of Tina Turner singing Better Be Good To Me.  It was very, very funny!   

•  Rosie loves Alicia Keys and she played a funny clip from the Steven Colbert Show when Alicia was singing and Steven came out and rapped to the song Empire State of Mind.  You can watch the clip they were talking about HERE.   And watch part 2 of the interview HERE.

•  Rosie talked about Blake who is still very sad about the snake that went missing.  Blake met with his tutor, Lois Heymann, yesterday and told her he's heart broken over the snake's disappearance.  Lois and Rosie wrote the book The Sound of Hope which is set to be released on April 27th, 2010.  You can pre-order yourself a copy on Amazon HERE.  Rosie recommended the book to not only parents of kids with Auditory Processing Disorder but also to parents of kids with any speech or language disability or delay. 

•  Andy Lassner, who was a producer for The Rosie O'Donnell Show from 1996-1999, emailed Deirdre during the show to let them know that it cost $1200 to fix the NBC bathroom stall door that Janette broke while working on the show.   

•  Rosie confessed a friend recently asked her if she had botox.  Janette admitted to having botox twice but she never did it again because she didn't see a difference.  Rosie talked about going to a "celebrity friend's" house for dinner and how they were talking about having botox like it was so common place. 

•  Rosie briefly spoke about her Rosie's Broadway Kids organization and the arts programs they provide lower income schools. 

•  Bobby brought Stroopwafels from Holland into the studio and admitted he's been to Holland 8 times!  Rosie loved them and was eating them during the show.   

•  Rosie talked about her detest for intense magnifying mirrors.  She has one and she called it "the death of her" and she wants to get rid of it.  Her friend Eric gave her "this shaving thing" that takes the stray hairs off her face and Vivi walked in to the room last night and she cut her face with it. 

•  That then lead Rosie to tell a story about when Leif Garrett was on The Rosie O'Donnell show in 2002.  Leif was newly sober and Rosie was having him on to talk about his sobriety.  She went to his dressing room to greet him before the show, as she did all the guests, and he just seemed "off."  Then not an hour later he walked onto the live television program with a fresh, huge, red burn on his face - a wound that was not there one hour before.  She concluded it was probably from burning himself from some sort of drug paraphernalia and realized quickly she couldn't talk about sobriety with him during the interview.   Rosie and Janette also talked about the time they had Farrah Fawcett on the show and she had white powder in her nostril during the interview.  Then they told the story about the time Danny DeVito came to The View drunk and the View wanted to pretend like it never happened.  You can watch that clip HERE.  Rosie talked about struggling to find your way through truth and authenticity when things like this happen on live T.V. 

•  Rosie then took calls from listeners for a giveaway.  If you called in and told Rosie what your favorite craft was she would give you a $50 gift card to Michaels Craft Store.  She had 9 gift cards to give away and she ended up giving away 11, in true Rosie fashion. 

•  Rosie then welcomed actress Natasha Lyonne to the studio.  Rosie called Natasha "her new BFF, funny, adorable and quirky."  They talked some about her role in The Slums of Beverly Hills when she was just 18 years old. You can watch the trailer from The Slums of Beverly Hills on youtube HERE.  They also talked about Natasha's role in the movie But I'm A Cheerleader where she plays a straight laced teenager who's parents send her to anti-gay rehab camp.  Watch the trailer from that movie HERE.   Natasha was also in the movie American Pie.  Here's an old interview of Natasha talking about her time on American Pie.

Natasha on American Pie

Natasha is currently back at the Westside Theater performing in Love, Loss and What I Wore with a revolving cast of 5 women.  Tyne Daly, who starred in Love Loss and What I Wore with Rosie and Natasha, called in to talk with the girls.  They were Rosie's witnesses to Rosie's "Eileen Fisher debacle."  Rosie was really heartbroken over the whole Eileen Fisher episode because it was Tyne and Rosie who made Nora and Delia Ephron (the Love Loss playwrites) put the redemptive line in the play that stands up for Eileen Fisher's clothing!  Rosie has now given away all her Eileen Fisher clothes.  Tyne sang parts from the song Crayola Doesn't Make a Color For Your Eyes

Listen to the song Tyne sang.

Rosie mentioned that she will be going to see Tyne perform at The Kennedy Center as Maria Callas in the production of Master Class by Terrence McNally.  The show will run from March 25 - April 18, 2010.  Tyne talked some about her excitement over expecting her third grandbaby and Tyne told Natasha to "straighten out her life and get busy."  Rosie mentioned that she's going to teach everyone how to play Texas Hold'em at the first poker game in January.  Go Rosie!

•  Tyne then sang the song Balding Pudendum.  It was quite funny and embarrassing to listen to!

Rosie, Tyne, Samantha, Natasha and Katie in
Love Loss and What I Wore

•  Rosie closed the show letting us know that Natasha will also be back in the studio on tomorrow's show.  (which I am very happy about because I think she's the best guest Rosie has had on so far, just sayin)  :)

My favorite quote from today's show:

"Never say anything nice to Rosie [about what she's wearing] or she'll immediately take it off her back and give it to you." Tyne Daly.


  1. fantastic recap!! as you know I only caught the beginning & the last part of the show today. from what you wrote sounds like I missed some really funny stuff in the middle. I must catch the replay tonight!
    and Rosie singing tina turner made me think of the Jahero video when she sang better be good to me, that's my fave! SO funny!
    and Tyne's song had me literally laughing out loud. I tried finding it too.
    and not that my opinion matters... but I like Rosie with longer hair. :)

  2. Great recap kelly. I loved that pundendum song. It was so funny. I still have all my hair, even same color. Snort. But I am sure I will be singing that song one day. I tried to find it too. Guess it's too r-rated or maybe Tyne wrote it herself. You know, I sort of didn't want to like Natasha. But I loved her!!! She sounds just like Rosie, in fact a few times I couldn't tell whose voice was who. I loved the show and excited that she will be back tomorrow.

  3. I was on the phone and missed Natasha and what she had to say. Thanx again. xo

  4. so glad i was able to listen today! weird though bc i recorded it this am when it was live and i didn't hear rosie give away any michael's gift cards...hmmmm.

    and that balding pudendum song- i didn't hear it either during the ll&wiw show.

    it was fun to read your recap while listening! :)

  5. Great recap as always, Kelly! My guess is that "Balding Pudendum" song was either something that evolved and maybe wasn't in the show yet when you went or maybe Tyne just sang it in the dressing room!

    : ) P