In case you missed it....

•   Natasha Lyonne was back in the studio chatting with Rosie about a variety of topics.  They talked some about the holidays.  Natasha shared a story of her Jewish heritage and how her grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust.  They mentioned how much they enjoyed the play The Starry Messenger that they saw together starring Matthew Broderick and the fun time they had at the afterparty they went to.  Natasha talked of her performance in the play 2000 Years that she starred in in 2008 where she had to do a British accent for the first time.  And they talked for a while about how fame alters your perception of yourself and how Natasha, at 30 years old, is just now "getting footing on how to be in the world."  Natasha also talked of the constant yummy food temptations that they encountered during the play Love Loss and What I Wore that Rosie and Natasha starred in together.  Rosie thanked Natasha for coming and told her to come back to the show again soon.   

Natasha and Rosie

•  Rosie then interviewed her friend Marion whom she met at a Celebrity Detox book signing in 2007.  Marion, who's in her 80s, waited in line for 2 hours to meet Rosie with her daughter Amy.  Rosie took a break during the signing to look down the line of people waiting and she spotted Marion and scolded the book store staff for not letting her cut the line.  Rosie then brought Marion up to the front of the line and let her sit in her chair and rest and talked to her for a while.  Rosie also gave Marion and her daughter Amy tickets to the cocktail party at her art show at New World Stages in New York City for later that night.  Rosie and Marion have been close friends ever since! 

Watch the video of when they first met!

•  Rosie and Marion talked about life, children, marriage and family.  It was a wonderful interview. 

Amy, Marion and Ro
Rosie, Marion and her daughter Amy

•  Rosie then interviewed Ruby Gettinger from the Style Network.  Ruby once weighed 716 pounds but has lost almost 400 pounds!  Ruby and Rosie talked about battling weight and how Ruby doesn't remember the first 13 years of her life and how she is in therapy to try to remember.  Ruby and her therapist believe something traumatic must have happened to cause the memory loss.  Rosie mentioned her own abuse (although she was not specific) that she didn't remember until she was 28 years old.  They both shared stories of their own struggles with weight, night terrors, and going on a journey to search for the truth of their childhoods.  Ruby shared her story about when she was on the Oprah Winfrey show and walking the red carpet with Kathy Griffin!  And Rosie made Ruby promise she would never get back with her boyfriend that they highlighted in the show because "he wasn't good for her."  Rosie absolutely loves Ruby's show because it humanizes people who are overweight and their struggles with weight loss.  Pick up Ruby's memoir entitled "Ruby's Diary: Reflections on All I've Lost and Gained" on Amazon to learn more about Ruby, her life and her journey to lose weight. 

Watch Ruby discuss her weight loss on the Today Show with Natalie Morales!

• Rosie closed the show letting listeners know that they will be playing "highlights" until they are back live in the studio on January 4th, 2010.

Keep checking back because I will be updating with any Rosie Radio news I find or anything interesting out there that comes up.  Have a Happy Holiday everyone!!!  -Kelly


  1. Hey Kelly, thanks for posting this. I cannot afford to get the sirius nor the subscription. Please don't stop. I love this. It is awesome what you are doing. God will bless you. Hey did you notice that in the snake episode something about kelli bringing blake a snake or something like that? I wonder if they went back together. I can't figure it out. She may be living close by. Not sure. Thanks!
    I never see nothing posted when I write her on her blog. I told her yesterday it was my 50th bday and it was ignored. :(

  2. Kelly it was a great show today! Marion is just a doll! Natasha was fun to listen to and Ruby..Wow just so incredible her story!

    Goodluck with shopping and the Storm... Stay safe xoxo

  3. OH when Marion started crying, i started bawling. And Natasha is so freaking funny. Sometimes I can't tell the two of them apart when they talk. They're like sisters. Good show. Can't wait to read your take on it because you always notice stuff I missed. I missed it this morning. The crowds at the stores was horrible.

  4. I was so moved by the interview with Marion.

    I just read on rbloggers that Marion and Amy missed the airing.....is there a way to find out when it will be aired again Kelly?

  5. Ag, Sirius/XM replays over the weekend - both Saturday and Sunday at 8am, 2pm and 8pm. They don't list what they will replay when, but there are SIX time slots and FIVE shows a week, so you would HOPE that they replay everything.

    Also, Sirius/XM is going to replay shows from the last six weeks until the live shows resume in January. Since Friday's show, with Natasha, Marion and Ruby was so well received, I expect that they will replay that one. No idea when though!

    : ) P

  6. thanks Petra for that info

    Amy found out that Rosie's assistant will send her a taped copy of the show so that's great.