•  Rosie and the studio talked about what they did yesterday.  Janette walked for 2 miles.  Go Janette!!  They also talked about beginning their weigh ins and weight loss program soon. 

•  They received a lot of negative feedback yesterday from listeners who were offended by the staff eating  while they were on air. 

•  Blake's black and white kingsnake went missing last night and slithered into the heating vent.  Rosie is pretty sure the kingsnake is "gone" (a.k.a. deceased).  Bobby told a funny story about once trying to find something stinky in Rosie's old apartment for her and Rosie called Janette a "mini hoarder."

•  Rosie apologized to listeners for saying the word "seizure" as a descriptor during yesterday's taping.  Apparently listeners were offended and she didn't mean to use it so flippantly however she wanted to make it clear she was NOT apologizing for offending Joe Lieberman.  She meant to offend HIM.  Google Pete has some Washington D.C. insider connections and he heard that Joe Lieberman is just acting as the fall guy on behalf of all the moderate democrats that silently don't support the health care bill but won't say it publicly.  They then took some callers to talk about how absurd our country's health care system is.  They went to commercial playing What Child Is This from the Vanessa Williams Christmas Album.

•  Rosie also talked about how she is "email impaired" and rarely writes anyone back.  Janette and Google Pete agreed.

•  Rosie talked some about how much she adores Lea Michele and the hit Fox T.V. show Glee which she called "the best show on T.V. in the last decade."  Rosie first saw Lea perform in Spring Awakening years ago.  She loves her rendition of Don't Rain on My Parade from the season finale.    They took some calls to talk about Glee and spoke about how the show allows parents to bond with their kids.    You can own "Glee: Volume 1- Road to Sectionals" on December 29th!  Click here to pre-order yourself a copy!!

                                 Watch Lea sing Don't Rain on My Parade!

•  Rosie then talked about how she and Chelsea, her 12 year old daughter, had a talk yesterday about how embarrassing it is to have her as a mother.  Chelsea said that sometimes Rosie "looks homeless" and it would be nice if she "brushed her hair and didn't always wear that thing on her head."  Rosie decided she's going to make some changes for Chelsea because she's embarrassed when Rosie comes to pick her up at school. 

•  Bobby talked about his background in costume design.  Read more about Bobby's spectacular resume HERE.  Bobby is also a performer and he sang Old Devil Moon from Finian's Rainbow and When You're Good To Mama from Chicago at Rosie's command/demand.  Great job Bobby!!!

•  Rosie then played a game with the audience where she played a song that a certain "celebrity friend" sent her and asked listeners to call into the studio to guess who it was.  After some guesses by callers it turned out it was  Fran Drescher's song "Eye for An Eye."  You can purchase the single HERE and all the proceeds go to Fran's charity Cancer Schmancer

               Listen to Eye for an Eye by Fran Drescher!

•  Cynthia Lester, the documentary filmaker from My Mother's Garden called into the studio to talk to Rosie about her film.  My Mother's Garden is about Cynthia's mother's hoarding and how she and her brothers were profoundly effected by her mother's illness.  Rosie and Cynthia talked about the filmmaking, what it was like for her as a child and what it is like for her now.  Watch My Mother's Garden in its entirety HERE.  Or see it on MSNBC Decemeber 31st at 5pm.  

•  Rosie mentioned plans for the show to have a full 2 hours dedicated to only phone calls from the listeners.  That sounds fun!

•  Google Pete surprised the studio by singing along to You Give A Little Love from Bugsy Malone complete with dance moves!  GO GOOGLE PETE!!!  Who knew?  Not us!

•  The studio staff then debated whether there is a racist component to the Tiger Woods scandal or not.  The studio was split on the issue with Deirdre and Bobby saying no, they did not think it has to do with his race but rather the story became such news because of Wood's "squeaky clean image" as well as the publics' "interest in watching our celebrities fail."  Janette and Rosie maintained the opposite point of view and thought the publics' fascination with the topic is partly racially related because Tiger is black and has a white wife.  They then took some calls on the topic. 

•  A listener called in and mentioned how fantastic it was when Rosie recently gave a paparazzi $20 told him to go get a drink and rethink his career choices.  If you haven't seen that clip, its very funny.   You can watch it HERE.  Gotta love it!

•  Rosie closed the show letting the listeners know that the amazingly talented Natasha Lyonne will be in the studio tomorrow.  Tune in if you can!

Rosie and Natasha

•  See a video of Rosie talking about Fran's charity event HERE!  See Rosie talk about Sirius, the holidays, Houston electing it's first gay mayor, and the future HERE.

Lastly, I would just like to take a moment to tell Shoshana how very sorry I am to hear about her grandfather.  xoxo


  1. Another awesome recap, Kelly! Thank you for all the extras!

    : ) P

  2. Well Kel - Today I actually attempted to call in.

    A girl at work is always asking me "When are you going to call in" and I keep telling her that I will when I have a reason. Today that changed.

    First with the name the celebrity song content... We knew immediately who it was and I started calling in and it was busy. After the first caller got it wrong the line started ringing and evenutally went dead. I kept trying and it rang again and my co-worker called and it rang and rang. The second person got the question wrong and I thought..hm... maybe... same with the third... then the fourth got it right.

    So later when they were talking about Tiger Woods I called and got through. I think it was Lou (or Google Pete) asked my name and where I was calling from and then asked what I had to say and I told him that I didn't think it was a race thing but only that he is a famous sports god and .... and he said sorry Chris, she is looking for people who agree with her.

    I told him no problem and we hung up.

    Now I think the reason he said that to me was because there were so many people not agreeing with her and she was looking for a caller with a different take.

    Keep up the good work Kel!

  3. yay- thank god for this bc i sooo didn't have time to listen today!

    very interesting about ro's take on tiger-- i TOTALLY do not see it as a race thing at all. maybe i'm naive? that never even entered my mind.

    thanks, kw. xo

  4. Thank you Kelly for , yet another, BLOG post! I love the way u add links and clips! Fantastic work! Very user friendly.

    Thanks Again, Carolyn
    aka Simp Ly Gourdjus on Facebook

  5. Chris, sorry you didn't get through! I would have peed my pants if I would have heard you on the radio! Please try again, I would love that!

    You're welcome guys. I just find that stuff while I'm googling the links for the blog and if its good, I put it up here. I'm glad you like them!