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•  Rosie and the staff talked about their weekends but mostly Rosie talked about her own weekend in California where she stayed with Fran Drescher and performed at her Cancer Schmancer benefit at the Million Dollar Theater.  Rosie was watching Craig Ferguson who was on the Rachael Ray Show while they were on air today and she recommended his first book Between the Bridge and the River which is a fictional account of his life that Rosie called "brilliantly good."  Rosie also went out to California to work with Nancy Cooke De Herrara to learn transcendental meditation.  Rosie recommended Nancy's book All You Need Is Love which she just started reading.  While Rosie was out in L.A. she met and totally LOVED the young comedienne Charlyne Yi.  Rosie briefly mentioned she would be willing to sign on to more years (she has currently committed to 2 years) at Sirius because she's loving it so much which Howard told her she would!!  YAY!!  We love it too, Rosie! 

•  Rosie was delighted to report that she and Joyce Eliason got a 2010 Writer's Guild Award nomination for best longform adaptation for the lifetime movie America.  Janette, who has a "savant like ability for remembering dates" recalled the exact date it premiered last year (Feb.28th, 2009)  because her tivo didn't record it while she was away.  And because of that, Janette has never seen it!!!  (UM, you can buy it on Amazon Janette, here's a LINK!)  A caller called in to tell Janette she can also rent it at Blockbuster.  

•  Rosie then told some stories from the making of America which she made with friend and TV producer Larry Sanitsky who Rosie calls "genius."  Rosie and Larry also made Riding The Bus With My Sister and  they're about to do another movie together.  The movie America is about a foster kid and the therapist who loves the boy back to life just as Pat Maravel did for Rosie.  You can read Rosie's own words about Pat, the teacher who loved and saved her here on her old blog.  Rosie told the story about how they read almost 400 actors for the film and after unsuccessfully attempting to find the right actor for the movie she and Larry went to lunch.  At lunch, Rosie said she saw a boy walk into the restaurant and she knew that HE was the boy for the movie.  She asked him to audition and he ended up being perfect for the role.

•  Rosie congratulated Kanye West who's debut album College Dropout was just named the #1 Album of the Decade!  Rosie talked about how much she loves Kanye and his music and spoke about the tragic death of his mother who died 3 years ago of complications from plastic surgery.  Kanye wrote the song Hey Mama for his mom.  In 2005, Rosie discovered Kanye's genius and wrote a blog about him.  Read what she wrote on her 'old' blog HERE.  Rosie admires him tremendously despite the controversy when he crashed the stage during Taylor Swift's VMA speech.  When Rosie saw Kanye stand up after Katrina and say " George Bush doesn't care about black people" Rosie stood and cheered for him.  See video from the speech Rosie was talking about HERE.  Rosie said Kanye has "balls of steel and the heart of a lion."   Rosie radio played the following songs from Kanye West on today's show: Jesus WalksI'll Fly Away, All Falls Down and Work Out Plan.

Learn more about Kanye and his music on his website HERE.

Kanye West

•  Rosie then went on a tirade about Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Connecticut who's refusing to support the health care bill.  Rosie could not adequately explain how much she despises him.  Read more what he is doing HERE.  Rosie said he's receiving contributions from health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and threathening to derail the health care reform bill because of his own interests and his own corrupt agenda.  Rosie is encouraging her listeners to fax or call Lieberman's office and tell him to PASS the health care bill and to let Joe know that America needs health care reform.  Andrew Rubin, an expert on the business of heath care and host of HealthCare Connect on Sirius/XM, called in to discuss what Lieberman is doing and what America can do.   Andrew recommended listeners pick up the phone in every state and call their Senators and Representative offices and tell them to pass health care reform.  Rosie then took some calls on the topic and ended the discussion with a big "SHAME ON YOU JOE LIEBERMAN."

you can FAX JOE LIEBERMAN 202-224-9750
or go to http://www.senate.gov/ to call not only Lieberman's office but your own Senators and Representatives and demand health care reform NOW.

•  Jeannie and google Pete talked about their own health care issues with expensive copays and health care costs and then Rosie took callers who shared their own health care stories.

•  Rosie talked briefly about how she's excited for American Idol to start with Ellen as a cohost.  Rosie recently saw the documentary I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story about becoming an overnight sensation and Rosie now loves Simon Cowell for the responsibility and care he showed for what happened to Susan's life after she was catapulted to instant stardom. 

See a replay of I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story on the TV Guide Channel at these times:
     Thu, Dec 17 - 8:00 PM  and 11:00 PM
     Fri, Dec 18 - 8:00 PM
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•  Rosie was watching The View during today's show and commented on Whoopi's clothing choices which Janette saw as a "good sign" since Rosie never comments on people's clothing.  Rosie said its her friend Tanya who's been encouraging her to not always wear black.  Bobby (Pearce) always wears black because he is always working backstage somewhere and its easier than changing.  Rosie's only seen him not wearing black once and that was the day he got nominated for a Tony award. 

•   Jeannie talked about recently having to reveal to her 8 year old daughter that there is no Santa Claus.  Jeannie said it was devastating for her daughter to find out the truth and she cried herself to sleep and said Christmas was ruined.  They then took callers who shared their own Santa revealing stories. 

•  Rachael Ray called in to talk to Rosie about cooking and the holidays.  Both Rosie and Rachael have an aversion to thongs, don't ask me how they got on this topic though.  Rachael talked with Rosie about her non-profit organization Yum-O that has 3 initiatives: 1. to end hunger 2. to lower the diabetes rate and 3. to get kids to eat healthier.  100% of Rachael's proceeds from her books and other sales goes to her organization and Rosie then broke out in song about how much she loves Rachael Ray!  Janette confessed how nervous she was when she met Rachael at the Rosie Live Variety Show that Rosie and Janette did together in 2008.  Janette said she "couldn't even talk to her" and "literally made a fool of herself."  Janette doesn't typically meet the celebrities when she's working behind the scenes which many people find surprising. 

•  Rosie mentioned how Linda Dano is helping her redecorate her bedroom.  Deirdre was making fun of Google Pete because he's normally "half asleep" and today he's up and about because there's food in the studio for the Holiday Staff Party! 

•  Rosie closed the show pleading with listeners to contact their Senators and Representatives and demand health care reform.  She congratulated Kanye West and thanked Rachael Ray for calling in.


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