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•  Rosie and the studio talked about the show Hoarders that premiered last night on A&E.  Rosie and Jeannie described and then discussed last night's episode as well as played audio clips from the episode.  Jeannie talked about her own difficulty feeling compassion for the hoader because her mother is a hoarder and it was a very hard way to grow up.  Jeannie really related to the adult children on the show and their heartbreak because of their mother's inability to take responsibility.  They took several calls from hoarders and from children of hoarders describing their difficulties with the disease. 

•  Today is World's AIDS Day. Rosie discussed some recent statistics and how AIDS effects us today.  Each member of the studio told their own personal story about a loved one that died of the disease.  Rosie named Parker after her very good friend (who sadly died about a year and a half ago) who was afflicted with the AIDS virus. Rosie recommended the book Franny The Queen of Provincetown by John Preston to a caller.  To Chris Hoover, Google Pete's uncle, Anthony Cortino, Geran Millard, 2 very close friends of Deirdre's - today we honor you and your fiight.

•   Urijah Faber, Rosie's FAVORITE mixed marshall arts fighter (a.k.a. "the california kid") called into the studio to talk to Rosie.  Rosie and Urijah talked about how he got started in the business and she told him what a fantastic fighter he was (and also gave him style tips on his hair).  Rosie will be attending his fight on January 10th in Sacramento.  Rosie mentioned that she was hestitant to come watch him fight because she once got booed at a boxing match and Urijah said he is going to tell his fans to welcome her on his twitter.  Follow Urijah on Twitter HERE.  Urijah said maybe they could work out together when she was in town!   Rosie gave away a pair of tickets to the January 10th fight to a caller named Levon from Sacramento.   After the call, Jeannie called out Rosie on flirting with Urijah and found it reminicint of her infamous Tom Cruise crush.  They then went to break playing Levon by Elton John.  Learn more about Urijah and join his website/fanclub HERE!

• Okay, and then the studio got drunk.  Rosie made the members of the studio try the newest drink from Budweiser called Chelada.  Half the studio loved it and half the studio did not.  Then, on yesterday's show Janette said she could chug a beer in 3 seconds and Rosie didn't believe her so Rosie wanted to test Janette's beer drinking skills.  Janette chugged the beer in 9 seconds flat and Rosie was completely SHOCKED.  Rosie videotaped that moment of the show so watch for it on Rosie.com (coming soon.)    The whole studio basically got drunk and laughed for the remainder of the show, Rosie broke out in song from the musical Hello Dolly and also sang "Single Ladies."  Rosie and Janette expressed how thankful they were that they're not on The View anymore because they're having so much fun. 

• Rosie announced that Blake gets his corn snake today. Corn snakes are orange and white, grow between 4 and 6 feet long and they live 15-20 years.  Rosie seemed frightened by this idea.  Good luck with the snake O'Donnell family!  See a pic of Blake's corn snake HERE at rosie.com.

• Rosie closed the show as Lou played an old Budweiser jingle and announcing that "Artist of the Month" Imogen Heap is going to be live in the studio on Thursday (December 3rd).

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