10-29-10 - Halloween, Scare Tactics and a live performance by Alexa Ray Joel!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show announcing that everyone in the studio was dressed up for Halloween today!  Bobby was dressed as Henry the VIII (although Rosie said he looked like Hitler).  Janette was inspired by Rosie and dressed in Rosie's Exit To Eden outfit complete with tight leopard print stockings and Elvira hair.  She liked the corset because she said it made her look thin!  Pete dressed as a rabbit because it's the only costume he has.  He wears it twice a year, once for Halloween and once for Easter.  In fact, he was wearing that costume when he met his wife the first time.  Shoshana never went trick-or-treating for Halloween when she was a child but for the staff today she dressed as a hooker with pink stilettos.  She's always noticed that Halloween seems an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts.  Rosie was dressed as a Star Wars Pez dispenser.  Lou was dressed as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror (from the scene where he sings Sweet Transvestite).  Janette said the driver this morning looked at them like they were out of their minds but Janette made $20 on the way to the car this morning!   (wink wink)

Rosie wanted to discuss the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice.  She was quite excited by it and said she HAS to watch this season.  Pete read the cast who includes... David Cassidy, Dionne Warwick, Gary Busey, a playmate, John Rich (from Big and Rich), Jose Consequo, Latoya Jackson, Lil John, Lisa Rinna, Mark McGrath, Marlee Matlin, Meatloaf (Janette's favorite), Nene Leakes (from Real Housewives of Atlanta), Niki Taylor (the Supermodel), and Richard Hatch (former Survivor winner).  Pete said Richard has been banned from Survivor because he rubbed his naked body on another player and went to jail for tax evasion.  And the last contestant Pete listed was Star Jones!  Celebrity Apprentice started filming last week but won't be on television until March.  Rosie and Bobby watched part of the season when Joan and Melissa Rivers were on but Janette said she never watches.  She said she'll watch it for the radio show but she'll complain about having to do so. 

Bobby read from an article that said we're going to colonize Mars, as in the planet.  Rosie wanted to know why, in this day and age, we need to do this.  Bobby said that they're looking for billionaires to help fund the colonization of Mars.   Only, it's a one way trip!  Bobby explained that the cost to fly them there in fuel and in money is doable but they cannot carry enough fuel with them to get themselves home.  It's a 9 month trip!  Pete said if he could take his whole family he would do it!  He said he'd go in order to be a part of history in the making and it would be outstanding.  He said we need to keep expanding and colonizations of other planets are our future.   Janette pointed out that a lot of pioneers kick the bucket!  Bobby said that so many things are invented and discovered because of endeavors like these. Rosie would never want to do it unless it was like in the movie Cocoon where you get really old but never die.  Shoshana said the whole project sounded like a death sentence.  Rosie compared the thought to that show she called "horrible" entitled "The Colony."  Janette said she wouldn't go to other planets because there's so much more on this planet to discover.  Pete's traveled a lot and said he's done with Earth.  He doesn't think he would ever be chosen to go to discover a new planet because he doesn't have great skills.  He thinks they'll take doctors, scientists, physicists, farmers, etc.  He also doesn't think they're going to send families and he wouldn't go without his family.  Rosie, Bobby, Janette and Shoshana wouldn't go if they had the option.  Lou then broke in to the conversation with "Rocket Man" by Elton John!  "Mars ain't the type of place to raise a kid."  Rosie loved it and sang along.  She said anytime she hears Elton John she gets happy. 

There's a new sleep study out that says ideally we need 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep a night.  Any more or less sleep and you're not as likely to live as long.  Shoshana and Rosie like to get 10 hours of sleep a night.  Shoshana said she loves to sleep and even though people say if you sleep a lot it's a sign of depression, it's not true for her.  She just loves sleep.  But sometimes it's  a problem and she won't go to shows late at night or to a movie at night because she's sure to fall asleep.   Bobby only needs 4-5 hours of sleep a night during the week and likes to catch up on the weekend.  He's used to only 4-5 hours of sleep and has been doing it since college and when he's worked on Broadway.  Janette gets about 5.5 hours of sleep a night.  Pete, like Shoshana and Rosie, loves sleep and likes to get 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night.  But that pretty much never happens for him.

Rosie then introduced Alexa Ray Joel who was in the studio!  Some may know Alexa because she is also Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter, but she has a new hit song on the radio entitled "Notice Me."   

Rosie feels as though she's watched Alexa grow up and cannot believe that she's 24 years old.  The last time she saw her was at the 2002 opening of her father's Broadway musical Moving Out.  At the time Alexa was mostly studying classical music. Rosie said Billy was so full of pride for her, he was telling everyone she was a better musician than he is.  Alexa doesn't like when he says that and said she'd be happy to just be in the same vicinity as him.   

Rosie asked Alexa what it's been like for her being raised with such famous parents.  Alexa said it's all she's ever known so she really doesn't have anything to compare it to.  She did say she doesn't try to compare talent with her father and her looks with her mother.  She tries to just be herself.  Rosie's children don't really enjoy that she's famous and cannot stand it when everyone says hello to her and wants to talk to her.  Alexa said fame is a little different for her now because people aren't just seeing her as Billy Joel's daughter.  Now she's starting to make a name for herself and develop her own identity.  Rosie told a story about Chelsea when she was only two years old.  People always recognized Rosie and her son Parker, because he was the first and they would say hello to both of them.  One time a Little League Game after not being seen, Chelsea looked up at her mom and said, "My name too?" after a fan acknowledged Parker and Rosie but not her.

Alexa studied classical piano her whole life which she said is a great foundation in music because you understand chords and get the musical language.  She sees and hears the classical influences in her father's music.  Alexa said her classical experience makes her a very melodic song writer.

Last December, Alexa had a very public heart-break that got very misconstrued in the media.  Rosie asked her about that time.  Alexa said she panicked when she lost her boyfriend and wound up in the hospital.  She assured everyone that she's okay now.  She doesn't like to talk about it anymore as much because it was difficult being seen as an expert in heartbreak related depression.  She doesn't want to come off as condescending when she talks to fans about heartbreak but there's no easy way to get over it.  Rosie agreed.  They both agreed that time helps.  Alexa realized she was defining herself by her ex-boyfriend and wasn't sure how to rebuild her world afterward.  Rosie assured her that there's a lot more love for her in the future!  Rosie was really glad Alexa was talking out about heartbreak because depression in kids is a serious thing.  Alexa said it was important for her to come out and talk about it because because there were many false stories about her hospitalization out in the press and she wanted people to know what it was really about for her not some inferiority complex she had about her parents.

Rosie told Alexa when she was 16 years old she used to drive around Huntington Long Island with her friends and look for Billy Joel (her father!). She said they stalked him and knew every word to every song he ever sang.  And the fact that he was a Long Island guy made him their hero.  Alexa has always looked up to Rosie and knows every line to League of Their Own!  Then Rosie and Alexa sang a few lines of the All-Girls American Baseball League song.  Rosie told Alexa she showed League of Their Own to her kids recently and they thought she was a teenager when she made it!  It was 20 years ago but she wasn't a teenager. 

Alexa said she would love to get into acting or even do a voice-over for an animated film.  Rosie was the voice for a monkey in the Disney film Tarzan!   

Alexa's latest single is entitled "Notice Me" and says she plans to come out with an album next year.  Rosie asked Alexa if she lets her dad listen to her songs and Alexa said she does only after she's fully done writing it.  When he heard "Notice Me" he started dancing and said, "It's a stone cold hit!"  Rosie asked if she would ever like to open for Billy and Alexa wasn't sure.  She said she would have to perform amazingly or she would get bombed in the press and she doesn't want people to think she's riding off his coattails.  Rosie said that was nonsense and said that all Billy Joel's fans would be happy to see her succeed and want her to do well.
Alexa Ray Joel's Notice Me

Alexa and her band sang "Notice Me" live in the studio!  Rosie loved it.  You can go to AlexaRayJoel.com for more information about Alexa and her music!  Or check her out on Facebook HERE

Shoshana had big news.  She is very upset over the fact that toilet paper rolls aren't going to have the cardboard tube inside them anymore.  Well, Bobby was the most upset because he needs these for arts and crafts!  Here's a link to the article on Scott's Tubeless technology.  Janette thinks it's a good thing because it's greener but no one could really believe how upset Bobby got over it.  He then listed off a 100 ways you could use them in crafts such as napkin rings, pop-up puppets, binoculars, telescopes, etc. He asked, "What's next?!  Popsicles without sticks?!"

Rosie and her family went to Cold Stone Creamery recently and she ordered the child size.  She said it was the perfect size she needed.  It was 5 spoonfuls and you were done.  She said her kids don't need as much ice-cream as they serve in a regular order there.  Rosie got Coconut ice-cream with no mix ins, if you're wondering.  Janette only eats Tasti D-lite.  Vivi likes to taste all the ice-creams at Cold Stone so she can  have all the little spoons and bring them home. 

The day Rosie went to Cold Stone they went to see Secretariat, which she didn't like.  She then told a story about the time she went to a horse-race in LA.  Lou Levy invited her to go who she attributes to discovering her.  He came and saw her perform the first night she ever did standup comedy.  He gave her his card and told her she was going to be famous someday.   Years later she went with him and some of his friends to the racetrack and she won $186 which was so much money to her at the time.  He died before her show went on the air but he was amazingly kind to her and helped her get an agent.  Janette said you always remember the people along the way (to success) that help you.  She said sometimes it's not even what they do for you but by just believing in you they help you continue along your journey.

Rosie said that unemployment in Las Vegas, Nevada, is now 20%!  It makes sense to Janette because it's a city that depends on a lot of tourism and with the economy in the crapper, no one has discretionary spending.  Rosie said the foreclosures in the area are unreal.  She drives her boat when she's in Miami and passes by all these unfinished high-rises and wonders what they're going to do with all those unfinished construction projects.

Janette loves Vegas.  Rosie used to bring Parker as a baby but thinks it would make her sad to go there now.  She and Bobby used to take Parker to the casino with the amusement park inside.  Janette once stayed at the New York, New York hotel and asked for a quiet room and they put her right next to the roller coaster where she could hear all the screams from passengers!   Bobby loves the Venetian because it's so beautiful and Janette, who goes to Vegas a lot for boxing matches, loves The Wyn because they have the best beds and pillows.  Rosie once had Dean Martin's room at the Sands complete with her own entrance and a pool in back!  She also performed at Caesars Palace once when she was asked to fill in for George Burns on his 100th birthday.  That trip they put her in the Elvis suite and the room was 2 floors!  She said nothing makes you feel like you're in show business like when you're walking through the kitchen in Vegas on your way to backstage. 

There was a survey recently that found 51% of people would live in a Haunted House as long as it was rent free.  Rosie thinks that statistic surely has something to do with our home foreclosure crisis.  Bobby wanted to know how haunted would it be.  Would there be a random door shut every once in a while or would there be bloody hand-prints on the walls?  He needed clarification.   Janette said if you've really been in a real house that was haunted you would never say you'd live there.  Recently, before Janette sold the farm she grew up on, she and her sister went to pick up an old pick-up truck that was in a garage.  The door to the garage was boarded, the windows were closed/locked and covered and the garage door could only be opened from the inside.  So she and her sister were going to have to take apart the door to get inside.  When they got there the garage door was wide open!  The door, the only entry in, was still boarded up!  The only way someone could have opened those garage doors was from the INSIDE!  That day in the house where she grew up there was a chill in the air and she was sure there was a spirit present! 

Janette still has the truck even though she doesn't drive.  She keeps it because it reminds her of when she was a kid. Jeannie found this (and many of Janette's other stories of keeping things from her past) very odd and said her mother still has her father's car in her driveway since he died..... 6 years ago.  Jeannie called her a hoarder.  Janette admitted that she probably is a hoarder but as long as her things are nicely arranged and not negatively affecting her relationship with Barry, she thinks it's okay.  She did admit she would cry if it ever got a scratch on it, the car she never drives but refuses to give away.  Bobby told her she needs to go see someone.  The studio sat in silence after Janette's crazy talk.  Rosie felt like they would be enabling her if they didn't point out her craziness.   

Back to talk of the Haunted House, Jeannie feared her reaction would be to hit anyone who scared her.  Rosie showed Jeannie her favorite video of some kid punching out the person who scared him on YouTube.   Then Jeannie told Rosie about a video she's been passing around in her email.  See below.


Bobby said this video is from Scare Tactics on the SyFy channel!  He LOVES that show!  Rosie watched the video and thought the perpetrators should be arrested!!!! She was horrified and was equally horrified that Bobby and Jeannie were laughing so hysterically!  Rosie was sure they scarred this man for life!  Rosie thought that show should be illegal and said if anyone ever did this to her they'd be fired, or worse!  And she said she wants to do it to Jeannie and Bobby since they were laughing so hard.  She said they deserve it!  Jeannie said she could do it to her but be warned, she might get punched in the face!  

Then the staff started talking about what they would do if they knew an asteroid was heading towards Earth.  Janette said she would either eat or probably cry and have diarrhea.  Bobby thinks he would go sit on the beach and watch the ocean and wait to die.  Pete would spend time with family.  Then he would assess.  If the asteroid was going to hit land, this would cause clouds and earthquakes so he would tape off his apartment and try to get a ventilator.  If it was going to hit water this would cause a tidal wave so he would build a boat.  Janette recommended everyone read the book The Road by Cormack McCarthy.  If she were ever stranded on a desert island Janette said she would spend her last days with Bobby because although they might not have a lot of food the presentation would be fantastic!  Rosie wouldn't want to be on a desert island alone without anyone and just thinking about it gives her anxiety.   Rosie would pick Jeannie to be stuck on a desert island with because she said they'd go out laughing and they'd get so skinny! 

Pete asked a question where there's at least 7 correct answers.  For every answer they got right they got one point.   

1. Name one of the 7 animals that are zodiac symbols.  They all got one point.
2. Name one of the 6 letters on the right hand side of the top row of a standard keyboard. Janette and Jeannie got one point.
3. Name one of the world 7 fastest land animals.  Bobby was the only one who got a point. 
4. Name one of the 7 ingredients on a McDonald's Big Mac (except salt and pepper).  They all got points.
5. Name one of the 8 vegetables in V8.  They all got points except for Bobby. 
6. The Joy of Cooking Cookbook offers preparation advice for 9 different small game animals.  I'm not sure any of them go points for this.
7. Name one of the 7 movies that have won the most Oscars. Rosie was the only one to get a point.

Then Jeannie and Rosie were tied. It was time for sudden death.
8.  Name one of the 6 weapons in the game clue - rope, lead pipe, candlestick, wrench, knife, gun.  They got them all! 

Then it was time for double sudden death!
9.  In the song Night Train, James Brown calls out what cities on his journey from to Boston to Miami.
The cities included Atlanta, NY, Baltimore, Raleigh, DC, Philadelphia and Richmond.  Rosie was the winner! 

Rosie closed the show thanking for all the calls this week and hoping everyone has a fun weekend!

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Wow! What a relevant show - maybe not for some but for me because:

    1. I just had a conversation with a friend that while I'm too afraid to fly to Australia because I can't put faith in machinery for that long - I would totally go on a mission to Mars (even if it was one way)

    2. I have always been a huge Billy Joel fan and can't believe he has a grown daughter in the business (song is catchy!)

    3. I spend way too much time in the bathroom (reading) and can't believe they came out with toilet paper rolls without tubes. I also don't recycle them for some stupid reason (I recycle everything else!)

    3. I totally believe (even to this day) that the house I grew up in was haunted - but not in a bad way. Someone would tickle our toes if we left them out of the covers. Other odd things happened too.

    4. I think of asteroids (and other natural disasters often) and think if one were on it's way I would just enjoy the natural drama of it (somewhere quiet without panicked people).

    Call me weird. LOL

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly and crew!

  2. I want to see pictures of the staff in the costumes.

  3. I was unable to call on Friday as I had to get on a roof for work, really wanted to make a comment about the Mars colonization. Would you pass this to Rosie? I think the Mars colonization project should take the cast of the new Apprentice show mentioned and make them the test group. It could be a big brother type thing on the NASA channel where we could watch them 24/7. Just my two cents...

    Sending love from Alabama