10-28-10 - The Marie Claire Blog, Nuttage and the Fairy JobMother

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Rosie started the broadcast excited that there are only a few more days until Halloween!  Deirdre is thinking of going as Janet from Rocky Horror Picture show.  Janette said that wasn't a costume if she only went in a skirt and a sweater.  Pete had to remove his kids from the room during Glee's Rocky Horror episode because he didn't want them to go around repeating, "Dammit, Janet."  His middle daughter is repeating everything these days.  Rosie said her friend's son Ellis will repeat anything he hears these days too and has a very good vocabulary for a two-year old.  He's now learned to say "this sucks" from Blake.  After he says it his mom gives him a disapproving look and he says, "It's not the best option" for a word choice because that's what she always tells him.  Janette thinks she gets a tic whenever she's around little kids because she can't help but say the word fuck in front of them.  She gets nervous and just starts swearing.

A picture of  Pete's newborn baby is up on Rosie.com!  Pete said she's 4 pounds 10 oz right now but she's going to the doctor today to make sure she's gaining weight.  Rosie said with Parker, she wasn't allowed to have him at home if he was less than five pounds so she would constantly have to weigh him.  She desperately didn't want him to go back to the hospital so she and Bobby (who helped raise Parker) would weigh him with a wet diaper or just after he drank a full bottle.  Pete said Ellie (short for Eleanor) started at 6 pounds when she was born but was retaining a lot of water and that's why she's dropped to 4lbs 10 oz.  She's so tiny the newborn clothes are all too large for her!  But he said she's doing really well and is very alert.  Pete's two-year old loves to hold her and anytime Ellie would cry or squirm Irene wold bend down and kiss her on the forehead.  And Pete's oldest daughter is dying to give her a bottle. But last night, at 2am all three of his girls were crying.  His wife was probably crying too but the lights were off so he couldn't see her.  This story gave Brendan a panic attack whose wife is pregnant with their first baby.   Pete said today he feels like he can handle the chaos and lack of sleep that parenting brings better.  He compared it to doing triage and assessing which girl needed his attention the most and attending to one child at a time.  Because of the small quarters of their apartment, when the baby screams everyone hears it. 

Today on Oprah she will be interviewing the cast from The Sound of Music!  Rosie can hardly wait!  Rosie also enjoyed yesterday's Oprah with Jane Fonda.  Rosie loves her and really enjoyed her honesty in the interview.  Jane also talked about her thoughts on her own plastic surgery.  Jane vowed she would never get it and then eventually did.  Rosie wondered if she, who has also vowed to never get plastic surgery, would eventually cave in and get it.  Janette doesn't mind aging but she said she sometimes has to stop looking at her neck because it bothers her so much.  She said when her face starts to look like her neck all bets are off because she might have to get some plastic surgery.  She said she read the older you get the more invisible you become.  That makes you feel marginalized and people stop listening to you.  Pete's grandmother who was in a wheelchair felt like after a certain age everyone ignored her as if she didn't even exist. Deirdre has been contemplating plastic surgery because she's already not liking things she sees with age.   Rosie saw Holly Hunter recently and said she doesn't look the same as she once did but said she can't really judge anyone for doing it.

Jeannie has been emailing Rosie all morning about the Marie Claire article on the television show Mike and MollyHERE IS A DIRECT LINK TO THE BLOG ITSELF.   It's a blog entry by someone who works for Marie Claire and in it she stated she wrote the blog after her editor pointed her to a CNN article about Mike and Molly.    She's since apologized for the blog and said she regrets it and  it is because she's anorexic and struggled with weight issues in her own life.  Jeannie was FURIOUS and glad she wasn't on the show today because she surely would have gone off on the radio.  Janette was FURIOUS too.  Janette is fed up with skinny people getting to blame their food issues on an "eating disorder" when fat people can't claim the same ailment, they're just pigs.  Janette looked at a picture of the author and said she didn't think she looked anorexic and said she thinks she used the anorexia excuse just to get out of it.  Rosie wondered what this type of article does to fat people because this is every fat person's fear - that people look at them with such disgust.  Deirdre was shocked by the article.

Pete said he's been shouted at before.  Someone once yelled, "Move it, fatty!" to him on the street.  Bobby fights back when someone makes a comment to him about his weight.  Recently a woman on the street said to him "God, you're fat!" and he said back to her, "With those thighs, you're going to call me fat?"  And it wasn't even true.  She didn't have big thighs but he knows with women they're always self-conscious about their weight so he wanted to hit her where it hurt.   Janette immediately feels shame when someone comments on her weight so she can never comment back.

Rosie took several callers.  One caller used to judge fat people on their weight and now she's really fat.  She used to feel that fat people were lazy and watching them eat grossed her out.  Now she looks at people who are overweight and she thinks they must be under at lot of stress and feels compassion for them.  Rosie listened compassionately and thanked her for her honesty and for calling in.  She hoped the caller would find a meeting like Weight Watchers or Over-eaters Anonymous to help her work out her food issues.  One listener sees the article as nothing more than a form of bullying everyone with a weight problem.  One caller hates the way she looks so much because of her weight she called a friend and made her take down pictures they posted of her on Facebook from a wedding she attended.  One caller wished we would look at people for what they've accomplished in their lives rather than what's on the outside. 

Janette thinks the article should be considered hate speech.  She said there's an addiction side to food just as there is to alcohol or drugs yet we look at alcoholics with compassion and heavy people with disdain.  Rosie has never judged a heavy person at a restaurant but she will project her own feelings on them.  She thinks they must feel shame eating in public or trying to squeeze into an airline seat they are too big for.  But she said it's all projection on her part. 

One caller was crying and inspired by the show "Mike and Molly."  She said Molly inspires her because her character has the bravery to do things she cannot do or will not allow herself to do.  For example, the caller refuses to wear a bathing suit because she thinks someone will judge her based on her body instead of her heart and her soul.  Not too long ago Rosie used to swim with only a t-shirt and shorts on.  One day Vivi came to her and asked why she never wore a bathing suit.  Vivi was about two years old at the time.  She realized she was teaching her child to have shame about her body because she wasn't brave enough to wear a bathing suit.  From that day on she wears a bathing suit whenever she goes swimming and it's very freeing for her.  She said it's all about self-acceptance and encouraged the caller to love herself and now she will get there when she gets there.  She also said that other people aren't thinking about her weight as much as we think they are. 

A clip from Mike and Molly

Rosie reminded listeners that on November 5th she will host a night of female comics at Town Hall in New York City!  Rosie will host the event, perform and introduce Judy Gold, Wendy Liebman, Bonnie McFarlaneMaureen Langan and Adrienne Iapalucci.   CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!  Janette recently added Adrienne to the roster of comics that night because she recently saw her perform and thinks she's really funny and her delivery is great!  Deirdre said she does a bit about Paris Hilton that's hysterical.  Rosie is excited and can't wait!! 

Rosie and the staff wanted to give away tickets to the event so they invited listeners to call in and play a game.  Each caller heard a comedian perform a bit from their act and had to identify who the comic was. The first caller heard Jerry Seinfeld perform and she got it correct!  The next caller heard Ray Romano perform and she got it!  The third caller heard Adam Sandler perform and (after many hints from Rosie) she got it!  The last caller heard a clip of Eddie Murphy perform and she got it!  All callers won tickets to the show. 

Somehow this brought up the pumpkin decorating contest and Janette reminded listeners they had one more day to vote!  Bobby's got first place but second place is still up for grabs!  CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Then somehow a conversation on nuttage started. The other day on Glee they used the phrase nuttage and Janette's started using it.  Rosie said she once saw a famous actor's "nuttage" in a make-up trailer.  However, she wouldn't say who it was.   Then the ladies in the studio started to ask all the men in the studio if they ever have accidentally revealed their nuttage!  Teacher Bobby then explained why balls sometimes hang longer when they're warm and shrink up towards the body when they're cold.  He said it's all due to the Dartos muscle if they're too hot and too cold.  Brendan was laughing at Bobby's calm delivery of that definition.  Rosie was just happy she learned a new word for Scrabble.   

Eve Ensler recently wrote an article for Huffington Post about having cancer.  You can read it in its entirety HERE.  Rosie has always considered Eve a superhero.  She admires her for her work with women in Congo and how she's fighting against injustice.  Yet she always wondered how she survived being surrounded by all the darkness and injustice.  She read Eve's powerful piece from the Huffington Post entitled The Gift of Cancer.

After Rosie was finished reading, Janette called the speech unbelievable and let everyone know that it will be playing on Sirius radio this weekend if you want to hear it.  Rosie was so moved by the piece.  She admitted she was always intimidated by Eve's strength.  Rosie didn't think she could even handle reading the Vagina Monologues when Eve asked her to perform them.  She is so impressed by Eve that she would care so much about the women in Congo that she would devote her life to them.  Janette has been to Congo and although she has been many places around the world she said Congo is one of the most intense and scary places on the Earth.  She was only there for a week and said it took her longer to recover from that visit than any of the other humanitarian missions she's been on.

Rosie took a call from a listener who was crying after Rosie read the speech.   Rosie told listeners if they aren't familiar with her work she recommended people read her books: I Am an Emotional CreatureThe Vaginal Monologues and The Good Body, just to name a few.   Rosie said that 1 out of every 3 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys are sexually abused.   Janette wanted to remind listeners they can help too even if they can't travel to Congo the way she does.  Janette recommended the book In the Shadow of Freedom: A Heroic Journey to Liberation, Manhood and America by Tchicaya Missamou.  She said when you read that book you can fully understand what's going on in Congo and why Eve is so called to go there.   You can go to Eve's website VDay's City of Joy (which opens on Feb. 4th) to learn more.  Rosie said she would go to the opening if Eve wanted her to.  Rosie also said she has such admiration and respect for Eve and said not a lot of people can do what she does.  She ended the conversation by saying, "God bless you sister-friend, love you very much." 


Rosie then introduced Hayley Taylor from the Lifetime series Fairy Jobmother which premieres tonight at 11pm.  Rosie really enjoys the show and heard it's getting great reviews too.  Rosie said the show reminds her a little of the series Supernanny which she loves.   

Rosie asked Hayley how she got involved in this work and she explained she started off as a hairdresser and one day had to train some unemployed hairdressers.  During that experience she had an epiphany that she wanted to work with unemployed people for a living and help them find work and now she's been doing it for 18 years.  Hayley really cares when the people are struggling and even gets emotionally involved with the families.  She said the people she works with are often desperate and pinning all their hopes and dreams onto her visit.  She said the experience can be very emotional for her and she can be tough on the people she works with but she had a lot of compassion and empathy for them too.  She said unemployment is everywhere and there's a lot of stigma to being unemployed and therefore a lot of shame too.  She's trying to change that.  She said the biggest misconception is unemployed people are lazy.  She said they're not lazy and they want opportunities. 

In the show, Hayley goes into the home and works with the individual family.  She talks to them about how they feel about being unemployed and what they think they can achieve.  She said by the time she leaves there's a total emotional transformation. 

Rosie asked if she had any basic tips for job hunting.  Hayley said employment seekers need to first and foremost, get themselves out there and be seen.  She said it's not good just sitting at home sending out resumes.  There's a high demand for very few jobs so you need to introduce yourself, cold-call, knock on doors and speak to people.  Also she said to network with all your friends.  She said sometimes you may need to take something that pays less money but you should only do that if there's room for progression at the company.  

Rosie asked Hayley if she had any interview tips for employment seekers.  She said it's important to impress a future employer by looking as professional as possible.  She said to dress nicely, make direct eye contact and try not to fidget.  Hayley recommended asking the interviewer lots of questions about the job and the corporation too.  She said to also convey that you know the company well.   Lastly, she said it's so important to say thank you.  Emails are fine but if you don't have access to email there's nothing like a hand-written thank you note to keep them remembering you.  Rosie agreed!  When she was a standup she heard they were looking for VJs for MTV.  She spoke to the guy who was hiring and he said if she could get out to New York and audition for the job he would consider her.  She didn't get it but when she came home she sent the guy a hand-written thank you note for giving her a shot. Because of that note he sent her tape to VH1 and that's how she became a VH1 VJ!  That thank you note started her career in show-business!

Don't forget to check out Hayley Taylor tonight on Fairy JobMother on Lifetime at 11pm.  Rosie said she knows the show will be well-received because it's such a great show.  Rosie thanked Hayley for the interview and told her how much she enjoys her British accent. 

Today was a candy game in honor of Halloween.  When Rosie gives out candy, she buys the full-sized candy bars and the neighborhood kids have so much trouble picking which one they want it takes them forever!  She also gives out toys like Pez, Beannie Babies, spinning tops, and light-up toys.  During this game Brendan held the list of the 40 most popular Halloween candies.  Each player had to guess a candy on the list.  The more obscure the candy the more points you got.  For example, the most popular candy only yields 1 point.
Rosie: Tootsie Roll for 3 points.
Pete: Bit o'Honey (not on the list) for 0 points.
Janette: Snickers for 4 points.
Bobby: Candy Corn for 5 points.
caller: M&Ms for 10 points.
Deirdre: Reese's Pieces for 17 points.

Rosie: Kit Kat for 8 points
Pete: Milk Duds for 18 points
Janette: Good and Plenty (not on the list) for 0 points.
Bobby: Three Muskateers for 13 points.
caller: Dots for 26 points!
Deirdre: Milky Way for 9 points.

Rosie: Almond Joy for 25 points.
Pete: Mounds for 36 points!
Janette: Goobers for 31 points!
Bobby: Raisinettes for 20 points.
caller: Nerds for 21 points.
Deirdre: Bazooka (not on the list) for 0 points.

Rosie: Mary Jane (not on the list) for 0 points.
Pete: Twizzlers for 19 points.
Janette: Mike and Ikes for 33 points.
Bobby: Hershey's Kisses (not on the list) for 0 points.
caller: Sweet Tarts (not on the list) for 0 points.
Deirdre: PayDay (not on the list) for 0 points.

Rosie: Twix for 12 points
Pete: Skittles for 23 points
Janette: Jujy Fruits(not on the list) for 0 points.
Bobby: Butterfinger for 14 points.
caller: Pixie Sticks for 34 points!  She took the lead!  
Deirdre: Lemonheads(not on the list) for 0 points.

The caller won the game!  Brendan said the number one candy on the list was a Hershey Bar.  The caller won a ton of giftcards. Pete had been considering guessing Charleston Chew and if he had guessed that that would have given him 32 points!

Rosie closed the show both looking forward to Halloween and dreading all the candy that's going to be in her house this weekend. 

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  1. Thanks Kelly! Another great wrap-up.

    I couldn't agree more on sending a thank you note - even an email after a job interview. It's so simple and effective but I think most folks don't do it or forget to do it.

    Since the topic is jobs - I was wondering if I might put in a quick plug for my new free job site I'm trying to get started. It caters to people who enjoy working 2nd and 3rd shift (like I do). the site is at http://www.nightowlstaffing.com - I would really appreciate it.

    Again - thanks for keeping us up to date with Rosie!

  2. Loved today's show - typical and wonderful combination of humor, pathos, personal stories and social issues!

    And love, love, love the idea of Rosie going to the Congo for Eve E's opening - do it!

    thanks & love